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7 "Marion'
JVUce G. iDriWAs Jorn ln?Mar
iou County, Oregon, Jun ,25,
1866- Her .parents ; were' Isaac
Thomas' Dayt "bora InT Vayrie
OountyllJlnots,, October, 27, 1836
and iHarriet ,E. .Heriik. t Jorn .la
Oakland County, Michigan, ? Dec
ember 27, 1840. She .was .mar
ried ; to JaaacK. "Cook, February
23; 4887, .She died July i2.;i925;
aged 5 .years and 17 days. To
this pinion wo4 children .were .bora
Hugh T- Ctook. and .Jtuth .D. Cook,
now Mrs. TV.T.' Gentry. .She was
a member of the Baptist church'.
Funeral .services . were .held , in the
Marion .Presbyterian .church ion
July--13, conducted. by the RevJ J,
Y. Stewart. ..Interment was, at
Turner. '' "
Hazel Green
, The death -angel visited our
i community' last " week taking
l George Zeliniski. He leaves a
: wife Anna, son Donald, age 2,'
f parents Mr.- and 'Mrs.' Charles
i Zeliniski, Salem, seven J brothers,
Joe; Bert;1 Bliss, Charles, Jr.; Mar
' tin, Edward. Panl, ' four sisters,'
Mrs. Domogolla, Mrs. ! 'Andrew
Fielin, all of Salem; and 'Mrs
Celia Fielin of Portland. :' Funeral
was at the St. Joseph church, Sa-
v le in and interment in St. Barbara
cemterj'. ' 1 '
f ,'MIhh "Carrie Johnson of Seattle
is visiting her brother "Albert"
i Mr.'and Mrs. Dee C. S.,Stenver
i of Portland ' and Miss ; Kate Mc-
Caffery of Salem, were guesisot
t their; mother Mrs, EUaMeCaffejry
at a picnic at -Wood .Park, on the
i Fourth. , k-.f:Jy
: i'Rev. D,,n.-Peterson and wife
were Tlsitors r Sunday ' of Mrs.
Peterson's mother, Mrs. Martha
Wolf. ' ?
W. A. Dunigan ! and - Clayton
Cleisens AtteBded.theaational.CE
A r filter; 3
laod was run ; down and .quite . tThe .farmers .in (Sidney district
seriougly injured at the Intersel-1 are very thankful to J. D. .Turn-
uun bi me wauice noaa
Dallas highway by a car driven r By
Atex Ramanoff, of Independence.
The accident happened about 4
o'clock, on Saturday evening. -
iMisa Biker .received .serious
cuts i.i and bruises,, one knee being
hadly i lacerated. She was tehiov
ed to; the Deaconess hospital 'by
Dr. Downs and was resting easy
at. last, report. "
Mrs. Mary Lewis arrived home
from " Tillamook' Trlday -where
she "ha been visiting iher son E.
R. Lewis and family. s
' G.;B.,Parmeilter of Falls City
was a calelr in West Salein Sat
urday evening. ' -
Mellow Moon patJlllon was well
tterided last "Saturday 'evening
ihere: being,'an attendance' of ' 375
couples during the evening. I
The Riverside auto park is a
busy-place these warm days. r A
large' number- of tourists being
registered dally. Many are' seek
ing locations in this locality. V
'Oi S. Tucker; 'hardware dealer
vif -Empire, ' Alberta; - Canada; ar-
rived in-the park last week and Is
seeking a -new location.' '
W.' 1 H. Crow of Santiago. Cal.,
is making a -tour - of '- the North
west and will leave the -park in -a
few days for Yellowstone; r
Mr. and 'Mrs. C.' H. -Meyer and
daughter Delphine, who r have
spent the past two months in the
park will leave on Muly 17 for
Oklanwha ' City; where they expect
to locate. They 'willibe accompa
nied on the trip by Mr. and -Mrs
King. ' . . '.'J u J
Mrs. Carrie Ringoi accompanied
by "x her son Gienn and daughter
May and Mrs.- lda Stout -of New
idge for closing his saw mill for a
short time, as by so doing it -has
greatly relieved the .-scarcity .of
help in the harvest fields. Unless
the law is rigidly enforced con
cerning the cutting of Canadian
thistles, in a few years the -thistles
will take the whole valley and
then goodbye to the flax Industry.
The road supervisors should make
a careful search on -highways and
farmers, haying them all cut at
ohce as tby are ready to blow
North;HowelI .
: Stephen Rentt has recently pur
chased a cattle ranch in Douglas
county and will move some time
during the fall. 5 '
jDennia -Manning returns to
Roseburg, Douglas county, .Ore.,
after an absence. of fifty years, to
transact business." 'A ' wonderful
change has come to pass, from. a
village of A "half dozen houses, or
so to a prosperous Utile city ot
sereral thousand
North Howell extends a special
invitation to Statesman readers . to
take 'an. afternoon drive over .the
Silverton "highway " by ' Centra
Howell, north through North How
ell to Lake 'Labish center. 'The
scenery is grand. 'One of the moat
wonderful aay crops and .fields of
golden "grain that the Willamette
valley has ever prodoced
Mrs. J. G.- Whitman's daughter
and .husband ate-spending a few
berg1 left on,' Thprsday evening for days at the coast. Her. grandson
is staying wiin ner.
Wiona Lake. Irdiano. began a re-
V. rival tmeetfhg "Sdnday," f4nly,12
'9 - L . . . . . I
(. services eacn nignt this ; week .at
8 .o'clock.' vrtth Bpecial" ;. music by;
. Mrs. -Tnrley. Everybody cordially
. invited. Subject for Sunday, July
lfr'tTbo Woman Wbo Looked
. Back" , and "The Unpardonable
-Gene Parmenter is .home from
Salem',) where be attended, school
ana is a popular soloist. ,
v ' F. O. -Johnson and 'family, and
-sister ? Miss 4 Carrie Johnson i, of
Seattle, went to, Silverton Sunday1
T. A. Van Clave gave his berry
pickers a picnic at Spongs landing
, Sunday.' , : .-J' t :mm
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cordeln
( Underwood. Wash.; spent the
bek-nd with his sister Mrs
Rodolph Van' Cleve.
!Mrs: N. P. - Williamson and
father Louis Peterson and Willie
and Rosalie t Williamson. ; spent
SdndaV with, Airs WilUarason'a
r tece,f Mrs J .William iOregard of
. S41em.' ; ! '
' ) Mr.; and Mrs. Fred Haslibacher
. had a" picnie In their woods Sun
day. Mrs. Haslibacher father of
Oregon City, brother John Zerlin
skl and family Quinaby, and Mr.
and Mrs. Tausxers and family 'of
Salem -and a number of relatives
and friends enjoyed the good din
ner and games. ? r:
Mrs; Peter Woelke spent Sun
day with her parents at Oregon
City. ,Mrs. Woelke's mother, Mrs.
McCormlck was seriously hurt In
an auto wreck, the .Fourth. , ,
Mrs. Laffler returned to Port
land Thursday, after several days
Visit with her sister -Mrs. -- George
ZclnlskL - v..,:--
If Max Woods children are sick.
'Mrt. John Van Cleave was
3- tOTeftsantlv surprised Saturday
,ft",7. i"" I?
evening, that being her birthday.
Sle la 80 years of age. -Those pre
sent were her ; son '.T."A, 'Van
i i. Cleave and famHyV her grandsons
; Ralph nd -Arvin tyan Cleave and
five .greatrgrand-ebJldren, sister.
Mrs.-Matilda .Van Cleave. Mran4
: Mrs. MaMorris, Salem; .C,' A. Van
Cleave and ' family,, Mr. ,and v Mrs
, ,Cordter of -Underwood, Wh.T
Mr. and 'Mrs. James Luckey and
Rev. LeliajLuckey and. Mrs. Ralph
i Van Cleave attd Mrs. Alvia Van
.-Cleave. ' . '- ' ' " : -' '
Mr. and 1 Mrs. Wolf othaw
were Sunday visitors at : Mr,
ViiX Wolfs mothers; MArtha Wolf.
- ., i -
Auburn, Calif.,, on a business and
pleasure .trip. ' ; Mrs. .Rlngo and
Mrs! Stout are sisters of Mrs. W,
P. Lew is.
A baby boy - was --born on July
S.Uo 'Mr- and ?MrsJ James .Desera-
no of 'Branch, -Michigan. 'Mr. and
Mrs. Deserana are the parents of
the hoy who was drowned - at
West Salem about four. weeks- ago.
The child - has " been named Victor.
Lewis and -was born at the Lewis
auto park.
ed .artlst.rjimmle McBride. college 1
hoyspirant for Judy's hand, will
o ponrayea launrnily by James
Ptttetl'R'' :. j
rrDaddyLonglegfc- ,C aerer
grow Ktale in the affections of tb
public and producers say it will
never lessen .in :iu miraculous
Md rawing" .pwer. ,The- Ellison
White Service Is to h congratu
lated on its selection of thig class
ic for, the Chautauqua season play.
Bluebottle Fly:Breathes
4 , 1 -to Entertain' Scientists
. LONDON A large bluebottle
fly was the renter of attraction
recently at an -assembly of mem
bers of. the Royal Society, .who wit
nessed; the working of an -instrument
called the Shakespeare kath
arometer with which it was possi
bleo meaasre the Oys respira
tion. It is claimed that the katha
rometer '-can measure also .the
breathing of a plant, find the wa
ter vapor in the air and. detect
the most minute leakage of gas in
the envelopes of balloons and air-
snips Tests are v to .be .made to
determine its value in medical re
search; - -.-'- '
: Comfortably. accommodated in
glass- tube the. blue, bottle fly .was
brought to London from Cam
bridge. After being Inspected by
the' scientists, fresh air . was -. ad
mitted Into the . tube and . the in
sect was seen to take deep breaths.
much to the delight of the aud
ience, who realised that . the
breathing performance of the blue
bottle .fly would provide ample
Opportunity for the instrument to
show Its worth. At the same time.
ft-waa'announced.-Uie Btaleness.of
the atmosphere inside - the . tube
was also recorded by the device,
Mrs. C.: L. Hartley entertained
the ladies sewing club from Sa
lem Thursday. They quilted some
quilts for v3IrsJ Hartley; Before
leaving they, had ref reshmenta and
all reported having a fine time,
Tom Hampton and son are
helping J. O.'Farr tale hay. (Mr.! luck so far.
,James Duncan has a very nice
field of wheat ready to be cut
The beads are' quite large' and it
looks like it wtlf turn out pretty
well to the acre. Last year he had
good wheat on the same field.
- E. E.'Cochran helped -John Lea
kovar -put inhay Tuesday -after
noon. ' t -; -
J.'O. -Farr and son are going' to
have a nice lot of eheat and -vetch
hay for 1 the -winter -They 'have
grain to cut in a few days. - "
3The; grain, through: the, trJs
looking tine and the farmers are
bopingit "won't rain - until after
Tom Hampton and wife and
family went to the Fourth of July,
picnic at Jefferson; .
.There,wa a iall game Sunday
some place by tne Sidney team.
They have been having pretty good
in Stajton for a short time Wed-.
nesday.. . Mr. .Lotx states tbat ac-1
tltitlea at. the .mine, are, progress
ing nicely." ' ;
Charles S.. Clark,. editor of the;
Aumsville Star, in company with
Mrs. -Clark: and their three lnter-efctlng'-chlldren.
were visiting with
friends about town on Friday -eve
ning;- ' " '-'' :
Joseph H. Brewer, wife and son,'
Jack, were- here -Sunday -from -Til
lamook, guests- at the home of his
mother, 'Mrs. Allie Brewer. They
returned home in the evening.
taking their household effects, as
they are establishing a - home in
Tillamook. - i
I Mrs. 'Hester .Coates has moved
her household -goods to Albany
Where she -will make her horae
wih her son, Ted Coates, in the
future.?-" ' ' '
William Cornish left ' Monday
for Pendleton where he will Join
his .son, Andrew. Cornish, and. the
two will. leave shortly for an ex
tended trip through the east. They
will also spend some, time, in Can
ada where Mr. Cornish will visit!
brother whom he' has -not seen
for several years. ; - .
r fr. .and .Mrs. Darrel .Lake .of
Watsonville, Cal., ; are - here vlsit
ihg at the home of Miss Susan
Kearas. 'Mr. Lake is the son of
Mrs. Roxie Lake, whot spent the
winter here. . They will also visit
at the farm home of . William Lake
and Mrs. Del Harrington east. of
town. ...
Lester Barrows and bride, who
were married in Aumsville on Jajy
3, haye leased the Kearns prop
erty, on Second street and are-now
comfortably settled at housekeep
ing. -The newly weds are receiving
the congratulations of friends. -.
I 'Mr. -and Mrs. John Mlelki and
Joseph Fisher and .wife left Sun
day afternoon t for an extended
auto tour through. eastern Oregon.
TkI?!? i"118 b,?. abfenHQuban-Diggers.UncQver
"it iwoiweeH au ui reiura pi-i:. t rt.. n
the . southern, route via Klamath H ,nuiiU5 ,ui yyufie vMdf5
Falls and Crater lake.
' '11 ti a w a w . t si.
1 Jar. . Conkle. sales manarer for 1 !avawa rneiici. oi uuoa s
tJie, toti-LAtson. mining stock., waa 1 past are beIng natantly. brought
Bere several dava last wov vnrv. I so ugni urougn .expioraiion or
preparation. lor pew buildings
' ;ln Macea Park, .now near .the
center. of the, city, but years ago
same irom. the city walls,
workmen .uncovered .a , store, of
hand .grenades .and .war material
believed to have been buried
- - 'y-n i - - -
Ttep ;Fasisd Xecsary at ,Hrrn-
v.lanoj Trucks -Will IUu ' -
The river ;. boat Northwestern,
owned and operated by the Salem
Navigation company", and until re
cently engaged In carrying freight
between Portland and Salem,' will
resume operations this morning
It became-necessary t some time
ago r to . disewtinae . freight . carry
ingjon the river because, of low
mater, and since then it has been
feared would be impossible:
to resume traffic. on the, -rivet. this.
The Northwestern;
will leave
the .Portland dock this morning:
and make. it' way up tbe riter to
BrentaBO,;a place some 20 miles
oeiow zvateui, yi - atiuujuio hub
cargo will be transferred to trucks
ndTrbug"bt on" to Salem. by hlgh
way.- The boat will leave Port-
land, at 4 o'clock every morn lag
and will arrive at Brentano at
about iO o'clock. The tracks from
Breatano will arrive in Salem
some time in the early afternoon
and will be unloaded and then re
loaded .with - freight for Portland
and way points, -which it will take
to .Brentano -and transfer . to the
Northwestern. - In this way a dally
service will ba maintained between
Portland and salem ilt is lmpos
sible for the Tivej boat to make
its. way np the river above Bren:
tano. ';-';"-. '-- ..'''-''- -'-l
A-warehouse will be erected at
Brentano andl-freightl received
there for shipment either to Port
nd or. Salem. " The company will
handle not only merchandise,! but
wheat and other farm produca in
tended for Portland points. Ratea
in ,euect . telore ,tte ciaconuaa
tion of operations will be -main- .
talked, it, Is suted. n ,;!- Defeated -;r
n by. Salem Wildcats 2-1
, . Satem ' Wildcats' defeated the
Sunnyside nine in a hotly-eon test
ed U-inning game, at the Turner .
diamond Monday by a score of 2
to 1. .The game favored the Wild
cats throughout ' until Batallion.
Wildcat star batter, knocked out
his 12th. home run this aeaaoa and
won the game;. The winning-battery
was changed often.. Batallion.
Lanke, Gesner and Rollln pitched,
while Kade and Crabbe took turns '
behind the bat. The game was
featured by clever field work of ,
both, teams.
.'Wow T 5.J5
4 . fm
1 o iA
& A Ml
i . - ... -. . . . i .
I. V -I! 1 - "I- -
.MeDONALD.-:.; ; .11- the interest of. the company
While en route. here from Aums-,
ville Thursday mornlpg Mr. Con
kle's. car ;canght. fire on Ihe.high
way and. butj for, prompt action on
lis .liart would have gone jjp .in
flames." His .hand was sllzhtlv extinguishing the blaxe I hout the time of. the; ten years
' ' ' - ' r war in the '60's.
Repairs to the old Santa-Clara
POPUUR :PLAY iOFFERED pnvent. . completed in
Farr has quite .a .lot to bale and
he has some, sta W ,and , fa ,the,
' R. IT. Farr was baling hay for
Mr. C." L. Hartley last' Thursday.
His hay was vetch and very nice
W. .11. Scott helped J. ,W. Gil-
mote to tput in this crop of hay.
Mr. Glimore has two fine patches
of potatoes. They are nice and
clean and look fine. ; '
Ed Phillips and wife are camp
ed down on the Whiteman , place
and Ed is cutting white fir logs.
. ; John Leskovar. W). H. Scott and
.Mr. Bishop spent-the Fourth of
July In Portland with his folks.
His father operates - a hop yard
across from Sidney.
J..W. Mayo, cashier otthe First
National .bank of Stayton, has
been confined to his homo, for the,
past two weeks with an attack of
summer flu.
Haying is in full swing in this.
end of the valley, and owing tq
the moist weather . conditions of
Thyra' Cochran were Salem -visit the spring and -early summer, a
org Saturday on on business.
cTom c Hampton has . his fall
crop of grain cut. Mr. 'Hampton
will have alfalfa to cut for hay in
about two rweeks.
John - Harris was i a visitor 1 at
the Cochran farm. - i Thursday. He
says -he has some .very, fine alalke !
clover and he thinks he will
make hay ou t of It. Clover : : is j
.jMi.u-vA.JUAi'iHT! . .,
- t -. - . .-
"Daddy Longlegs," .dramatUa,
uon or Jean-Webster's famous
el which led to a catacomb in
which more than one hundred
ikeletons were discovered
' Near Majugua a farmer discov
ered -a lump -of wax in a -hollow
tra . - VI o jti f If fkisn..n .finiul
ook wnicn swept the country I Inside a revolver perfectly presenr
wun , a . usung wave of . popularity I ed. gold , mounted and carved. It
wnen ic,was written.. Is to he tbel was of a model tioDular in the
plajr pffering of the Chautauqua, I United States about 1865 and was
projgram. ' It ill be, given here this I of the obsolete calibre, cap -and
evening ronowmg tne junior flay 1 ball type.
uciuuuu program.
. . . . . ...
uia jime sxage. producers. Claim i Haa RiTrrii nid. fnr.m
tnat no piay has ever been pro- chardvhelpers to thin apples
aucea in America mat maxes sucn
lasting effect on a community as,
fDaddy ;Lpnglegs." On Us - first
appearance in San Francisco It is
alaimed that 84 adoptions of child-;
ren resulted from .the sympathy;
aroused through the plight of the
orphan, Judy.' 'Even though Judy
happily. escapes from!her. bondage
as" slavery In the drear-New Eng
land" "home," and . the sctory has
the happiest of endings, the. emo
tions .of the public are always last
ing, and the story does. good by
"carrying on."
"Daddy LoBglegs" will be. pro
duced here by.the EHas Day play
ers with .charming Donna ' Voor
hees in the role of Judy and Law
rence Johns as Jergais Pendleton
(rDaddy'.). Miss Prltchard, "Ahe;
happy go-between,' who 'brings,
about.all.the good luck Judy fin-
I r-; - .vnTH " .'- -WALLACE
' "S Today
tmX " a ' C a vSJ
. I I X . 7.-
ItassJa. i . Y
...... -r J i- S .
PARIS knew her as a .daring
dancer and favorite of many
men. .
JJmt In .Normandy she was
iut a -peasant girl in; love..
And Betty Is truly, wonderful
in both!
Her . very hesti picture, make
. no mistake about that!
getting uite a start in the. valley.
Saturday niaht It looked, like I clal success. A new cloak room
' 1 - - . - . I a. - A S .
we were going to nave a nice i was recently aaaea to me dumu
thunder shower, j Everything! In g which is an added convenience
would have enjoyed a drink very to patrons
' . ... U i ! .. . . I ... ..... . . .1 II.. I .1.
mueh. Every thing is very -ary - ir. ana Mrs. iiOH, .oi .me aai
and there are some very : large" Larson mine - in the - Black Eagle
cracks In the. groundln places.. district, and the camp cook were
particularly -heavy .crop is being
-The entertainment put on at the
Christian church Wednesday night
of last week by Mr. Shields, .the
Irish tenor, was exceptionally well
enjoyed by those who attended.
.The Stayton Community . , club
held another of. its interesting
dances at tha park .parilion on
-Saturday evening, which wa.a so-. Lally en Joys through beiAg .adopted
by her unknown and unseen bene
factor, will be in the hands'of Miss
Harriet Eells, who Is capable In
every 'way. Miss Jeanne Chandler
as Daddy'a .niece , and Judy's col-
iege room maUru a talented, vi
vacious and, thoroughly experienc'
." Mrs. Way Is f enjoying a visit
f rom-her sister-ot-Salam. .
' Mr. and Mrs. JohnCannoy and
Mr. andMrs. UcCarter were Sun
idav visitors at the Ellis Cannoy
Herman Bole had . his leg hurt
while working ; at , the mill Jast
"week. ' -J' "
' , A number of Rosedale people
have been attending the .camp
Meetings which are being' held at
'the fair, grounds." .
.' Lbganberry ; picking Is coming
;on fine. If weather conditions re
main favorable . during the coro
ling week It la likely that-most of
the berries will be picked. ,
w"irlf Sunday to recover
Mr. ' Swearlngren of Toledo,
. called at the W. P.? Lewis Home on
4 sunaay to recover - b c
f waa-stolen from his rhome in
f that'titv xne" day last week. The
! car was pleked pp hy Deputy
t: c,rff tmiah in (West Salem on
ot; Port-
t Miss Mildred Baker
i tit Mrs.iJIyrtle Baker
VA The Business Details l i ::: , 5.
-v-.i . upon this organization; for we leave v:;)jf " - fs f
V; . them entirely up to those we serve. Z'lCA x '' f's
'VA ' . ' The choice is left wholly to" them; t;jl . " lxv
' i " 'what they .want we see that they , Mj f"2c'
- RUl I .receive- , : ' . - - : L ' KJrlj. - :
w All can' call upon us with the i; ' ' j
. assurance that they will 'receive 1 7;g - '? m t
" the-best of service,-and that it will I'l - jVt-i . JL, - -
V-'' be within 'their means. t - iC5 - i D O '
. M . X - :. . i l ; r..L,U--i
1 VTA FTT7JFT7 ' PAnLOT! i 'I 51 TrZiK" ocf: '
. rZWTi V?r , :Ary U 111 ' 1 J
- tt. iujr urcniircsi v va ,vj - :
. L X -I'.A- N ' . :
-Vf U v
.pHE strongest 'pledge df friendship ;and -fair, dealing
;lcnown ;tb the early I.Norsemen Was .the : simple: act Vdf
one man placirig;hisihand,between the hands of another.
.Ruthless, .terrible and cruel as the Vikings were; no man
broke this pledge without forfeiting 'his honor and ' the
friendship of every true man. ' ; v '
v Today modern business foxms -friends on every corner
? df the world through thp pledge . of :T the printed .word.
: Advertisements are pledges made-especially 'For you . . .
' 'pledges' that advertised 1 foods' you 'buy rare, exactly as
, j V " , " . "" i - ; 'ii . -' ,. .'..',.. '
laiiiieu. ; -. j - - . 4 . . . -
' .' t. , ". .' I . T- . . -- - . , ' .
. No sane business .man1 jWoiild . advertise an unworthy
-product. '-Nothing coiild (bring ruin more quickly. For
when a product is advertised, it invites the criticism .of
.millions. or people, it musrmaKe gooa.its claims, or it
patronage of thousands. " :- , .',
-. !
" m 4
forfeits the patronag
.producLthatis.nQtvertisedrnaybe .wprthbuyin.
But it is little cnovp and jits merit 6r .unwortriihess .lies
hid in comparative security. ', Every, product ; you see.
. advertised must be worthy, r ; ;I t lis ; tested : daily y i thou
sands. It is .proved - in the pitiless.s glare - of '.publicity
pledged to you' in the adverjtising 'ColumnsTegUlaf ly.
.Read the advertisementeVto 'know . which goods are
-advertised. ; ' -' : - ! -V-." 1 i- I : ; , ' 7
An advertiser's pledge canlbe, redeemed; only
. ' ' , vi -i ';"'. ' '".!.
by -your, entire satisfaction v
5 .
i i
... - V.
:'4-' -.::...