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held in lunar
i -
i, Administration and Congress
May Clash When gues-i
tion Is Introduced ;
Ilagreemeftt Is Expected to Arise
When Inheritance and Sur
taxes pome:- Up For i '
Washington; July u -(By
Associated Press ). Another con
troversy between the 'administra
tion and congress on the method
of tax reduction Is impending.
As was the case last year, when
be Mellon plan was rejected, sur
i taxes will constitute the principal
lighting point, with the inheri
tance taxes as a new element in
. tbe disagreement,
President Coolidge has made
clear Hs-posltlon that there should
Commit'ee Appointed to Greet
Fellow Lodgement Due Here
at Three o'Clock
Local Elks will greet approxi
mately. CO cara of brother Elks
who will pass through' Salem on
their way to the lk.g convention
in Portland this afternoon. There
will he 25 cars loaded with Ba
kersfield Elks and 25 more loaded
with Elks from Yreka, and Cres
cent City. The visiting Elka will
remain in Salem 30 minutes.
The local lodge wlllvmeet the
visitors on the state bouse grounds
at 3 o'clock,- where loganberry
Juice will be served. There will
oe no aaqresses of welcome. Not
Entire Interests off Ladd &
Tilton House 1$ Sold to
US Nationa
Mustacfee, 4eby Hat, 'ane and
Baggy Pants May Be Imi-"-tated
By Others I
Entertainers Please Large Audi
ence La at Xlgbt; Next Xuiu
! beta Monday
LOS ANGELES, July 11 (By
The Associated PresaJ- Superior
Entire Pacific Coast Said
Flooded With Spurious
Stock by Three Men i
Combination Results lit
sets of 959,00O,(Kk);
f clal Circles Voice
PORTLAND; .Or.. $uy
Associated press.)
only Elks, but anyone who feels ton bank of Portland
interested in visitors cominr tolcial institution in
baiem, I invited to come to the
state house grounds, north ten-'
trance, to greet, the visitors.
The committee in charge , of ar
rangements for the day is as fol
lows: Ray Simeral, chairman;
Dave prager, Charlie Nolan and
C. E. Wilson. All Elks are re
quested to wear their lodge hats
Total A
be very substantial reduction In todlstlnguisb them from the pub
both of these taxes and adminis- He'
tratton leaders in congress have W. I. Needbam, exalted ruler,
indicated that his : program will has appointed the following on
have more cohesive support -from the reception ' committee: Chalr
their ranks than was apparent a man, Ray Simeral; Dr. R. E. Lee
year ago. i ; : Steiner, Frank Wrightman. F. W.
While agreeing some reduction Durbin. Sr., Mr. Henry W. Meyers,
in the surtax and Inheritance rates Dr. C. B. O'Neill, Harry Weidmer,
lis desirable, some jeaders at least Tom Kay, Harry Hawkins, C. E.
among the democratsand the re-lKnowlaiid, P. M. Gregory, Art
'publican insurgents who combined Wallace, Mike Rasmussen, Fred
to defeat the Mellon plan, are in- Delano, Dr. H. H. dinger, Charles
clined to the vjew that there are Archerd,. Homer H. Smith, E. W.
other, factors which should have Hazard, Dr. Roy Burton, Ralph
first attention! , 1" i Cooley, August Huckestein, E.
While they have as yet. had no Cooke ,Patton, Walter DeLong,
conferences for exchanges of views Dave .Drager, Lyman McDonald,
these leaders are giving, study to Frank Durbin, Jr., U. S. Page, E.
a proposal outlined recently by F. Slade and E. E. Wilson.
- - - m v w ak--v uavwfaww a .WU.;A-CL-.VE2 rz I Itl a V llll 1 I II f
Chairman Couen. of the ' P?f J fc ""J? Elks are requested , t . Trust com CbJ and debt ,Ituatlon. WIth
Senate tax lHVStgfkiVi tuiuuuucc ic ji'v.'"' ai iug bw uvuoc
forTi repeal of the nuisance taxes! grounds before 3. o'clock Sunday
and of the levies on small incomes, I afternoon and greet all Elk visit-
wit a a reavcuou ue ,"l
mieht be in the surtax rate.
I. iniMtinn no "are that the I MEDFORD. July 11 The
coming tight between the leglsla- Bakersfield, Cal.. caravan of
tive and Administrative branches, Elks, en route to the national
the lines are, not - going to be convention at Portland, passed
drawn as sharply " they were at tbrough Medford early, tonight.
ik K-rinninj?: ..- I many spenaisg tne mgat nere
her his final decision that Charles
Spencer Chaplin.' film comedian,
is uot entitled to the exclusive use
of the particular style of baggy
pants, wobbly cane, derby hat and
jiggling moustache which go to
make his screen makeup. I
The judge alsj ruled that
Charles Amador, whom Chaplin
11. (By J recently brought Into court, may
& Til- don such garments before the film
oldest finan-1 camera provided his pictures arc
the Pacific I not advertised under a name that 1
northwest and second oldest on I will lead tbe public to believe that
the Pacific coast, with assets ag-1 Chaplin's antics are being shown,
gregatinr: y25, 927,112, was soldi' Amador formerly appeared! un-
today to t!ie United States Nation-lder the screen name of Aplin,
al bank of Portland, the transfer! against which Chaplin obtained!
being effective at once. Ian injunction, which he sought to
This constituted ; the biggest! make permanent in the present
bank sale or merger ever consum-1 suit. - ' J
ni.i ted im-the northwest, it was Judge Hudner - several weeks
id. Announcement that the sale! ago rendered his first decision In
had been effected and transfer of Tlhe case, marking no definite
deposits of Ladd & Tilton made at I line at which Imitation of his pfc-
once, came as a surprise to finan-jture make j up might be stoppdl,
ciat circles of the city. Ibut giving Chaplin the privilege t
As a result of .the deal the Unit- bringing any alleged imitator into
ed States National has become the (court on contempt proceedings at
largest financial institution north any later date.
of San Fran risen anil went of Min
neapolis. Its combined deposits. I nnniinf-iF MPARQ Pf AflQ
. i : . , , . . ,. . , I ' " rpw
incuaiiiB i nose oi ooin insiuuiionsi i
at tne close or business today I CHIXESE SITUATION AXD
nmAmnn n n r m v n 1 C O 1 ! T
.uiuui-.-cu i ttjiv.uAiiuavcijr u,-i fOKEIGX DEBT IISTTSSKI
ni-AAA i I J '-
UVV.UVV. ! I 1
Only part of tbe assets of Ladd
& Tilden were taken over in the! (By fThe Associated Press)
Jl 1 T 1 .. 1 1 .1 1 1 . 1 .
umi. ae eaiie uuiuiusa, uviea, ue seclusion oi the 'Sum
claims and some of the securities I White House, President Coolid
of the bank remain and will be land Secretary v-allnrir -o-ont'i
liquidated -under direction of the I conference late today on 1 the
Monday Morning
:00 o'Clock
Junior Chautauqua.
- Afternoon
2:30 o'Clock-.
Costumed Impersonations
Roselth Knapp Breed (Bos
ton's noted entertainer.)
1 - Evening
:00 o'Clock'
"The Mikado" Sullivan's
Masterpiece, May Valentine
Tuesday morning
8 : OO o'Clock
Junior Chautauqua,
j Afternoon
2:. TO o'Clock '
Concert Charles Mitchell
Mixer Concert Trio,
j Evening
8:00 o'Clock
Prelude Charles Mitchell
Mixer Concert Trio.
Lecture "The Player In the
Shadow," Captain T. Dins
more Upton.
Alleged Eight Hundred
lkltar Fraud Attempted by
Oakland Business
Millions IVliered. In Christianity
and Evolution, Defease
Attorney States
Scopes Defense Will Attempt
to-Prove That no Conflict y
- Can Be Shown ' '
OAKLAND. Cal.. July 11 (By
The Associated Press) District
Attorney Earl warren announced
late today that Indictments would
be sought Monday against three
Oakland business men, backers of
an alleged $800,000,000 oil mer
ger swindle, who -are now1 under
arrest here. Those arreste
F. P. Davis, president
Reeves and C.- E. peaock. em
ployes of the National Patent egg
case company of Oakland.
State and county authorities
were investigating . evidence that
tbe trio had sold some' jlOO.OOO
worth of stock in the suspected
merger, operating under the name
now under
rested were
ent.' j E. P.
DAYTON, Tenn.. July 11. (By
Associated Press.) Clarence Har
row of counsel for John T. Scopes,
in a statement late today accused
the state's legal representative? In
the prosecution, of the Tennessee
evolution case of making an effort
to "run away from the facts." In
their fight1 to prevent the Intro
duction of expert testimony on
science and religion.
lie charged that "this effort" Is
"doubtless on account of their in
ability to get any scientific man
In the world to deny the facts that
prove the correctness of evolu
The Chicago lawyer, associated
with local attorneys who are de
fending the young Dayton biology
teacher, directed his attack par
ticularly against William Jennings
Bryan, assfsting the state In the
prosecution, who has held that
evolution and Christianity are ir
reconcilable. .
Prosequi Ion To Attack Evidence
Tending To. &how Harmony
Between Hjpothesi
; and Bible . .
of the Golett oil company
The two features of last night's
Ikn 1 .. rl T .LI - I
vuc iniuie uu i lie rruuieni 01 1 r, ,..
worm i-eace, ny -ur. ueorge u
Fallis. and a combined musical
Mexico. Police declared that this
amount of stock was disposed of
in the San Francisco Bay jdistrict
of the alleged
national propor
tions today with evidence) point
ing to scales In many of the larger
and impersonation feature by thel ... ,,,, t.,-,;,
7' . JU,f 1 I " J. u , r polis. Los Angeles. Portland, hnd
Pny- . I them was under Secretary of
The, explanation' of the sale, re-1 State Grew who had brought a
leased in a statement by E. B.J a mass of information as to late
MacNaugbton, vice president of I developments. On his return! late"
LAaa i. TUton, and active repre-i today from the Essex country
sentative of Charles Pratt & Com-1 press club's outing at Lake Atti-
pany New York, chief owners ofltash, the president found them
Ladd Tilton bank, was to the I awaiting him. They immediately
effect that the Pratt interests feel I began a discussion of department
A large audience welcomed thec'i
fact regarding the crowd was the
large percentage of high school
students and grade school stu
dent present. Both numbers
were wen received although they
DAYTON. Tenn., July It.
(By Astsoclaed Press.) Spokes
men for each side in he Scopes
evolution trial tonight gave out
statements on the result of their
legal conferences today in prepar
ation for the forensic battle oer
admissibility of scientific test nex
week. Court was adjourned last
night until Monday at the request
of defense counsel, while the lw-;
ers searched for ammunition la
their law books and the jurors
"Millions of the .ablest men In scattered to their home. Presiding
the world, including a large pro- Judge Raulston watched' with In
sertion of students of religion, are tertst the preparations in the conrt
both Christians and evolutionists.
Darrow asserted. And among
these are the ablest scientists of
the world."
Mr. Darrow declared that the
fact that any theory or scientific
room today Tor broadcasting the
trial starting next Monday.
The prosecution prepared to
resist vigorously an announced ef
fort by the defense to introduce.'
testimony that tbe theories of
view may be contrary to any re-1 evolution and the teachings of the
Additional arrests were 'expect
ed In the bay district at any time
as police began checking! up on
the extent of sales to residents in
northern California. Authorities
were of a.wldely divergent nature, , u , 1 l" ,
nn h0i .,0(L0. ,i ,, .v investors the organization was to
on being educational and the other
purely j entertaining,
At the outset of his lecture Dr
be a merger of virtually all j the
oil companies in California with
ligious idea furnished no right for
a state to prohibit it.
"If this were true." he said,
"then most of astronomy and ge
ology would fall."
Darrow's statement follows:
"There are two things necessarv
to crime uncfer the Tennessee stat
ute: One. teaching the theory of
creation contrary to the divine ac
count as recorded in Genesis;
two. teaching that man was evolv
ed from the lower form of animal
life- These are purely questions
of fact.
With one or two exceptions.
Fallis explained that he was not texcePtion i he Associated
bible are not In conflict. - spent
much of the day In the stndy of
the law.
It was no secret that the state,
will submit to the court that the
scientific testimony In the case
would be Irrelevant and Inadmls- .
sable. .
The defense, through Clarence
Darrow, announced yesterday that
it was the firm conviction of that
side of the case that such testi
mony would be entirely compet
ent and every effort, would be
made to get it into the recStd..
' In a statement this afternoon,'
William Jennings Bryan suggest-
an advocate of peace at any price
(Contiu4 on pace 3.)
Shell and Standard companies.
every juror in this case has stated
he knows little or nothing about led that if law lik that whtMi
evolution. Tne same thing could I furnishes the Issue in this case
ho Ka M ihnnt alrtinaf 4,m tViafl . . . . ..
' , w," ia '"' i witnesses from Tennessee prppos
prpblems. It was reported the
consultation would continue over INJURIES
The new congress convenes in I They wiU.merge -.witw-aouthem 1 " tCBr rt 6)
December and the tapublisan ' or-1 Oregon aud . Crecent ity. Cal.,
....... . in i y-i i T-. . ... I , .v.vuv.uu.
i"tioa wm "rJ JrLJrr" OFFICER'S" FIRE IS FATAL the week end
nearer approacn - r rrr, 1 Arriving shortly
worKing majoriv, u-- -v - - YOUXG MAN' DIES FOLLOW-1 1 rom hl home In St. Paul. Mr
m a numoer oi j i-Koiir, aiini ta.,..
' . ill I . ,,j . 1 mninn niYTW I
also sikhs that tne aemwcri . a. pBcuiLiiuiuuau vcuuk x- vi asouau
they arenpo far away to continue I al matters I i In the union. -As there are some ea to offer testimony their nree. -v
the Chinese" and debt funding! ICTAN US CAUSES DEATH FIGHTERS DECLARE BLAZE IX I thousand different religions and ence on the witness stand wonH '
after noon.1
TACOMA, July 11 Tetanus.
mirnnRa nf hid visit allliniiirh . lcauHAl br hnrn Yeoniv1 n uV
be less a unit on m h- tor ' w utv. vv- ' . ' . was confirmed his conferences ago when a can Pistol with which
thoT vrp ai mm nv vi kim a . jiiie ii Karaiivi .... .... i. . . .
lions ot jhmicj ' I T . . ,,"Tu I would hinge finally on China and ne was playing exploded prema-
the time of the enactment of the . , ; wounded when shot by police this . . turely. caused the death of Robert
last revenue measure. f ninnCDMIORil IO nCDJ nCT mormn5'. Lyncn, zi, or M)8 MK-rew brought with him Robert Blankenship, 9 year old
s ti.. ootnal amount of tax reduc-l MuDEKNISlVl IS UbrLAJvLU I Anseles. died In a hospital here -ri t.v I . 4. .
5 c v I ' . ; (rails, j- i- - whiiucmiiiii repuni iruui juuii u ut jur; aiiu mrs. nuutri xj.
tion which the administration rec-i ( . tonight. Lynch was saiu to nave Van A MacMurray. who has lust! Blankenship. of Olympia ' in
ommends will aepenu m ,c" CHURCH AFF1K3IS FAITH in I been caugnt stealing spare pansi..,. ,, .ot of pat- ,
large measure upon the actual and j ijj--. CKEATION BYXJOP I tr0m automobiles. He made? a erican minister. 4
aasn to get away irom iwo pairui- Secretary Kellogg stated
imen, wno opened ure wnen ne he wouid probably return
thousand different religions and ence on the witness sUnd woull
some 500 setts of Christians, arouse objection,
naturally there is some difference .The statement liren on a.
OLYMPIA, July 11. (By j As-1 of opinion as to the divine account terday by Attorney General Ste
sociated Press. )Although a for- as taught in the Bible. Iwftrt rpnPent. ihVi.w f (h.
est fire which has been sweeping! "More than one account Is given counsel for the stat M Ur
tnrougn operations oi tne rres-1 oi me creanon oi man in tne uioie
ton Mill company and the north-land these do not agree. Men have
debated a long
indicated treasury surplus.
m tha tnnk of I StA r ibK. JUiy 11.- iliBy ,iu
committees come to the tasK oi . vaca . T,',nttnnfl
.i tnT law. thevi Will I "0"v"'!"" "-r
HMUUK a 1 11.1 ml
have available a vast store of in
Am-1 Tacoma hospital last night.
I rra . . a .
ne injury was not consiaerea
failed to . halt at their command, j Washington tomorrow night.
taking a firm stand against .mod
nave - ernism. deploring the crime wave
formation gatnereo ny id- y?' i -.',- mAnl iQ. nh- abdomen
CUttit3 VU"-.-' v . rftMraViPA. irora orient A1 ut fSnfll
In its investigation, the senate 'J m.'','V. raZTZ
committee dealt exhaustively ! ,..,.,.,,,,,. MBf.r.B V-on-
nuch moot subjects as tar exempt . ti, ronven-
Liyncn was snoi in mv nau m i remained at wnite Court as a1
bullet took a course through his house guest while Mr. Grew visit
ed relatives nearby.
that I serious until late Thursday, when
to I the boy "was rushed to Tacoma
He for treatment. Specialists found
it impossible to check progress of
the disease. "The boy's parents
are well known in Olympia.
securities, capital gains and losses,
nndivided surpluses of corpora
tions and general law administra
tion. : 4v . .
CHICAGO. July 11 (By Asso
ciated press.) The Tennessee
evolution trial will be broadcast
to the outside world by WGN, the
radio station of the Chicago
Tribune. ! ' .
t Quinn Ryan, director of the sta
tion, will do the Announcing. The
tion closes with religious exer
cises tomorrow. A resolution was
previously .passed by the ministers
attending the convention' preced
ing the general gathering Affirm
ing faith in 'the direct creation
of man by God." and not fcy "eyq
lutlon,'' was modified by pie con
ference by the omission of refer
ence, to evolution. "The present
day general sentiment in religious
matters is subversive to te prin
ciples of faith set forth In the
Scriptures," another resolution
adopted by the general conference
declared. " '-
A declaration of faith embodied
in this resolution affirmef sincere
loyalty to the absolute necessity
of regeneration by faith in CJiri
and baptism by immersion as pre-
ourt room has been outfitted with
three microphones, one near the J requisite for. church membership.
w& bench and the others rac
es' defense and prosecution.
The broadcasting will be acco-
JlUaed by the remote control
ethod, the happenings being re
ared by telephone to Chicago and
ndibcasted there.
DENVER, July 11 -Pleas for
tirm nf the nation's elec
. .W.V "1 'SPEAK AT V!.:
, in a statement to the press the
Pennsylvania state executive de-
Pii-o ,.J-,i'.4i-.-lioiH that there was impenaiaa
Tnt u& ii m miRrnpnnmiDiLivH- i vw vM - . - .
outdoor services In Willson an attempt ? to, dismember tne
kthissean will be held this United States
litems o.-t r-in n address before the Denver
. president of Willamette Chamber of ?mmeJlt 'l
frsity. glT,nK the sermon, cated federal " W. ftj
Yalta. .- . . v .L.trio nower industry whicn ' is
s.r" wens win presiae wim c-"- .hail h
-min F. Klmber leading in imperative ao that there
r'Pinginc.. Special vocal num-luo.diacruw
eri u . I .ir. .9tt mill he prevented.
7 " ue T?n py wonaia - the coming
niie several instrumenUl e sum - -- Q
-ber8 har A session of congress an attack is to
tiwT1" ba P1 was con- copsejrvanon v-f : -fed- tnat
during tbe'iucceed int sum- meej he effort- He stated W
ften n.v- r " - . Li., .otinnai forests are too yaiu-
,,, , awusanas or people nave i mo ha tinkered
fended these Sunday service, in' able to the nation to be tinkered
6UH . T ) ( WR SAVtNG )
. a r r y j aat i
u. nwi w.ii,i..i . s.jvHiiSi'i 1 1 m
JijL-U-lJ-L- I ";J r. - .
west Lumber company about 30
miles east of Seattle is still burn
ing, the fire la believed to' be un
der control, state forest j super
visor George C. Joy announced
here tonight following his' return
from a trip .of inspection of, the
forest fire situation in King conn
ty and tbe northern part! of the
The fire Is burning in slashings
and the only loss reported su fur
is a small trest& belonging to the
Northwest Lumber company, j Ef
forts of the fire fighters harve been
devoted largely to protecting
equipment, railroads and camps
belonging to the two companies.
all of which have been saved.
The fire -which Is beWeved to
have beeu started by berry pick
ers, originated In slashings near
the Preston Mill company camp,
which was closed.' and then swept
into holdings of tbeNorthwest
Lumber company. Four ;Of the
five fires burning In eastern Jef
ferson county were reported under
control. Fire fighters had not yet
worked entirely around tbe filth
blaze afire at Johnson creek, 'Dis
trict Warden Robert Coombs re
time as to the
meaning of .much In the Bible, and
especially of the account of ere
ation, and yet a Tennessee Jury
that has given no attention to evo
lution is supposed to know first:
Bryan. "The trial la a bona fide '
case in which the state Is enforc
ing a law serious In Its purpose
and passed deliberately.
"The case will bo 'tried accord
ing to the rules of evidence with
the possibility vf appeal to higher
courts. If Improper evidence is
IIaJ .rK,0" i8V and?eco,nd- offered by-the defense, objection
what the Bible teaches with refer- . be madJ tQ R ,nd , dooJbt
ence to the creation of man: and
( Continue j oa par- 3.)
that the defense will object to any
testimony offered by. the prosecu
tion it It thinks that testimony
I improper. -
"Attorney General Stewart nan
pointed out that the statute which
is being enforced is perfectly clear
and free from ambiguttyv It for
bids the teaching of doctrine that
CHICAGO. July 11. (By Asso-fdenies the truth of the bible re-
ciated Press). Local showers late cord of man's creation, and. that
today brought slight relief from there may be no misunderstand-
the heat wave which embraced
practically all sections of tbe coun
try east of the Rockies and which
caused several deaths and pros
trations in the middle west.
In Chicago, where the mercury
jumped three degrees in half an
hour, a maximum of 93 was
reached at 4 o'clock. Lower tem
peratures followed a storm here.
At Minneapolis a temperature
of 94 caused two prostrations; St.
Louis and Kansas City thermome
ters recorded 94 degrees. Tem
(Conliau n par 6)
Yes, Let Us Have
In 1926
appeal will reach a large
number of Salem citizens tomor-
peratures ranging from 90 degrees I row OTer lne gnaturcs of seven
veteran cnauiauqua Boosters ana
guarantors, for a wider distribu
tion of 'he responsibility that
must be assumed to bring Chan-,
SEATTLE, J.uly 11. Extension
of the veterans' vocational train
ing law which- expires, next year
will be asked oi the next session
of congress. Gen. John H. Dunn,
commander in chief of the veter
ans of foreign wars of the United
States, predicted here tonight.
Dunn was on his way from Boston
to Portland," Or., for the grand
lodge convention of Elks next
week. . - i . 1
"It fsnt fair to the men jwho
have been lying In government
hospitals to allow their chance for
vocational training to expire! next
year." Dunn said. "Even if those
i disabled veterans who are) dis
charged this year were to ptart
learning la1 vocation now, they
could hardly be- raady for active
I work, ia the short time left."
for the day throughout Minnesota
and the Dakotas. Ellsworth, Minn.,
renort d 104.
Hail damaged crops near Pipe- vauqua oaca in in.
stone, Minn. .There were half a I Tbe plan suggested is manifest-
dozen heat prostrations in the My the right plan, i
Twin Cities and one at Duluth Chantauaua. as Ralem has en-
where the mercury reached 90. joyed it for more than twelve con
At Omaha It was 95, at noon. One secutive years, is a fine summer
death and three prostrations were diversion and big value for the
reported. "Ia Cincinnati, with a money.
temperature of 93. one death was rh.utanhiia l nw i nrnrr
attributed to the heat. I lw - mnA . ,,,., , .
i I every penorma nee, indicating in-i.
PLANE CRASHES; 2 HURT Salem people enjoy it arid wUl
gine trouble caused an airplane
operated by Frank Robbins, 22.
and his brother. George. 20. bath
of Burlington, to crash from a
height of' about ISO feet when
they attempted to matt a landtag
tat Avon about 20 mites south of
here, this afternoon. The broth-
' I t .V T 1 . l.
TAPftMA Jiitv 11. Funeral r" r uununura
services. wer. heK here this arter- dlT bruised but doctors expect
noon for Jacob- II . V-ndefbUt. 79. Doth to Th V
the last oX his generation of he wrecked. The brothers have been
famous New Tortr family. He was I -n '--uS passengers on
i the son of Captain John IL Van-1 Waure tugnta tor several tqontas
dexbllt who waa the brother of thel no uiey naa no passengers waay
late Commodore Vanderbilt,
when the accident occurred.
patronize it.
The local guarantors fell a few
dollars short of their goal this
year, but the fault was pot la the
Chautauqua nor the' people of
Salera. ' It went ever so.'stfcmc
last year that some of the ones
who assumed the in?cmsrbi!lty
for this , year's performance evi
dently rested on the idea that it
would net require the work of
previous years. Such thoughts
ar easily carried too far.
But' the fact remains that it U
rather too much' to expect 25 or
30 men , to assume without respite
so heavy responsibility when .y
distributing it more widely tLa-.
work will be so1 easy is to bf
pleasure If placed on the caler,csr
and remembered as a-til of finV
community service. '
: !
" Paric. - : - - .' - with. J . . , -