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sevei;ty-fiftii yeah ;
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Calendar for July Term of
Court Declared Heaviest
: : in Recent Years .
Work on ; New Court House Is I
Started; Business Houses
, -i Kow Operating
SANTA BARBARA. Cal.. July 3.
(By Associated Press.) Three
Governor Walter M. Pierce
Recounts 6!onoust History;
ui navjf.o I I luc .
J Double Holiday Draws City Dwell
ers to Resorts In Easy
' Motoring Rango '
Eight , Happy Couples Are Cele
brating Independence Day "
' With Matrimony .
tlon for a moment in Santa Bar-
Rising temperature has has-1 Apparently confirming the fact
tened decision of many Salem, peo-l that a number of Salem people are
pie as ta where the week-end will I to celebrate (he 'glorious Fourth
Ito?bed Turner Station fYedaes-
l day,MorninS; Sit. Angel Still;
Possessors Are Under '-.
1 The Marion county grand Jury,
In its July term of court, disposed
of. 11 cases yesterday, returning
1 -AithW , MBM .fii.Uoublingot county business In ten
a . ,cMnMKiiyears. " also was ordered that
bara today. With private enter-!
prise activity, in the business, dis
trict' the county ; supervisors in
their first formal session since the
quake hired William Mooser, San
Francisco architect to plan a
i.vvv.vv v ivui fc uuttw buu a
1200,000 county hospital. In mak
ing a general outline for the new
building plans, the supervisors or
dered that provision be made for a
Historic Battle of Santiago
Commemorated; lear Ad
,: mini J,f V. , Chase
' Makes Presentation'
be spend and hundreds were busy
Friday making nreparatlons for
excursions to " the" beaches and
mountains. ' Those' who" contem-
Dlated KoinK considerable dis
tances left yesterday while many
started out last ; night; ' spending
the night at some convenient place
along the way.
While. Salem is not celebrating,
there are attractions offered at
Stayton and Molalla, a three-day
roundup and rodeo being "in pro
gress. ' s An all-day program, ' f ea
turing athletic events and a ball
Gerieral Shakerup of Heads
of Institutions Looming
in Near Future
Attorneys Seeking to Suppress
IJvJdeiice'VnieVfcase V0
' Up for. Trial" ,'
length" of time, a record has been
Wet for the short time the Jury has
been in session. The calendar for
this ternv. is declared to be the
heaviest in years Trye bills re
turned included the following;
- C. C. Cpnley, a negro,' who is
declared to have held up Duncan
Lewis, Southern Pacific station
agent of Turner and robbed him
of Hi:: The robbery occurred on
Wednesday morning.! Martin Per
eshetian has been appointed - to
represent the defendant, who will
; t)lead on Monday. Bond has been
i fixed at $5,000,
Harry Bloch of Salem, Indicted
on i a charge ' of . possession, of a
still, i Bloch bond was placed at
George Miller of Valsetx, arrest
ed-on aurharge of , lewd cohabita
tion. Bond .fixed at 1500.
John Andrews, Lester Dixon
and Henry Johnson, arrested " as
operators of the huge still found
en April 28 on the Joe Walker
farm near Mt. Angel., The three
men were . Indicted by the grand
Jury on a charge of -possession qf
a still and bond of $3,000 "was
- fixed for each of them
the building be so planned as to
provide for ? extension upon the
block of property which is to be
the site. " ' f: !-' I
Along the main business street
of "the, city plate glass, men were
busy repairing display windows in
stores not otherwise' damaged and
"business as usual" was resumed
at a great number of stores.
Lines at all red cross cantons
were reduced to a minimum dur
ing all, hours of the day. The Sal
vation Army will doee its canton
, PORTLAND, Ore., July 3 (By
Associated Press.) The , historic
old battleship Oregon which lies
dismantled In the Willamette riv
er here wa a presented To ' the'state
of Oregon yesterday by the United game, will be staged at the' peni
States government to be used as tentiary, with William A.' Delzell,
a relic
The presentation was made by
Rear - Admiral j; V ChaseV com
mandant of the thirteenth naval
district at Bremerton Wash., who
represented Secretary of the Navy
Curtis D. Wilbur.' The ship was!
br entering the " matrimonial
field, "TJ." G.-Boyer. Marlon eoun
tr clerk, issued eight licenses yes;
terday,' establishing a record for
three months. Even Jane, the
month of "brides, failed to' exceed
this mark In any one day.
One' )adtore into the county
clerk's -office two minutes before
closing time. 'Good gosh; hare 1
got time to get a license. I've got
to get one! - I'm going to get mar
ried, and tomorrow is the only day
I can get ptl' I" . y ;---
He was then reminded that in
order to comply with the statutes.
private 'secretary' to. " Governor a witness of some. description. Vras
Pierce, making the principal, ad- needed.' Without waiting, to ques
dress. Other state Institutions are tlon the clerk's assertion,' the boy
providing entertainmept of a less! grabbed his intended brlt"e by the
pretentions nature.' ' ; hand, rushed out into the street.
Within easy motoring distance land hailed an acquaintance half
scenic way. dqwn the, next block.
Declaring that the warrant on
which hs farm .was searched was.
1 . - m tfl k mm. V
DUrini lw ill .uuMijuiii r ctl&rred with bossession of . Ue
largest still ever discovered in this
county, yesterday filed suit tor an
Legislature Prohibits Use of State j order directing the sheriff to re-
Ho Otbec Theory Vcrkr-,,:1
Coolidge Declares in ."
; biyfe'fsaryl Address '
Owned Vehicles for Private
Trips; Two Receive
'" ' Salary Increases"
Protests against the salary In
creases granted Dr. K. K. Lee
Stelner and Dr. II. D. McNary.
superintendents ot the local , and
eastern Oregon state hospitals, are
being received by the board of
control from heads of other in
stitutions and unless similar in
creases-are. granted there appar
ently .will be a general shakeup.
These demands .will be given-consideration
at an early date by the
board of control.
Rumors of the resignation of O,
L. Mclntyre, superintendent, and
Mrs. Mclntyre, matron, of . the
state deaf school have been cur
rent this 'week but no one seems
to know very much about the mat-
Mr. Mclntyre is attending a
are numerous parks and scenic way. qqwn ine, next diock., wun
accepted on behalf of the state by I places to spend the, day for those! these preliminaries disposed bf.
United States Senator Robert Ne-j who are not going away for the I the license was issued, and it is go
son Stanfleld. , :' .' I entire week-end. Mill City is ex-lng to be a glorious Fourth. -"'
'rhl-iadAT, hn iA.tntiAt. Rating a; large crowd while the Those obtaining licenses veater.
Creek fails, Champoeg park. Bre ! V" .'-T meeting of deaf school head. In
Vu . :r . tehbush springs: Wilboit. Spong. KT" Council Bluffs. Iowa, and Mrs. Mc
Many eaung nouses nave openeat ... . rMorU ar8 -llU .V J!T"r "Mlntyre is 111. It Is not known
pi Santiago m wnicn tne wegoni' , 'jr,,, , f ljes":r trw. " itmw-
played'such a conspicuous gjftjj SUyton; John
sue urcKUflHM Bycuucftiij W'UMiAiiw' U-.-.u- -artii -K-sI -aaaa, iii,u u Urv InrrMB rsT If frftm ?r-
lumcuji ucax ut oil cauia v a a w . it - - - -
empted from destruction at the ;Mn t, ulhar aner, mu Aaams street; Mors ,oniI moti.e, lt ls understood Bond was fixed at $3,000 each.
i VIf-11 a - I . I -
a. naiiace, mu Mrsitiaxei van l that there has been no friction I At the trial in Justice court
in temporarily repaired old quar
ters and others in new quarters or
tents. - : ::
Leaders In ) the reconstruction
work were'agreed that the city's
need for hand-to-mouth relief was
about ended and its need for larg
er and more - far-seeing aid- Just
Sections of -streets are being
continually closed while weakened
walls are torn down. Falling walls
make the keeping of telephone
connections most difficult. The
Washington arm? .conference, on
condition that it be used for ex
hibition purposes only.
" In an address, accepting the
battleship,! Governor Walter Mf
Pierce recounted the' brilliant his
tory Of the famed sbipJ'His adr
dress follows: '".
r as governor of this state I ac
cept the battleship , Oregon front
turn to him all property taken
from the farm' on April 28, when
the raid was made. The property
listed in the brief Is as' follows:'
"Certain - quantities' ot bottles.
Jugs and containers, as well as the
liquid contained therein, , as well
as 70 sacks of sugar, a certain
copper still, coils and. other cop
per apparatus, and boilers, and. a
Hudson, . 7-passenger touring car.
Walker's attorneys, .Walter
Crltchlow of Portland, and Guy
Smith of Salem, also ask an order
suppressing any of the described
property as evidence,- against
Walker, or in favor of the state
when the case comes to trial. The
reason advanced -for suppressing
the evidence is that the search was
made' without authority, under an
invalid warrant which was "Issued
illegally and was. ithout force or
effect." The. position taken . by
the defendant Is that no crime
was -committed in the presence of
the officers. ; . '
Lester Dixon, John Andrew, and
Henry Johnson, the three men ar
rested with Walker, were indicted
by the grand' Jury yesterday on a
charge of possession of a still.
Harmony, of Powers Maj lx C-
alned njy Through 3lut"'l .
" Covenants and for Tbjr
Sfuttaal SecarUy'
. antes
Newport ana me luiamooa Hoosen. both nf: RalAm- Wllonn w." .I.v . hir.iv.. a aaa --a
l.. v, . i i,. ,.mo( 1 ' i " i v(wen ioe ueai icjiuui peuuiti suu i inner mma uucu mo,vvw buu cu
beaches are attracting the great- uaner. set North cntntw Ll j l. t v I . ... .v
est crowds from' the ' Salem' dis
trict, with a few going to Seaside.
LAuner, -2K Nortn seventeenth, I the board bf control
and lone Olsen, -1543 North Six-1 Information first sought from
teHlth- T Sn V f!mnVo 1 QWni I J . - K .
PrV"er,f,in .ry Steenth; and Ethel C. Wycoff. that "tbere was nothing definite"
same address; . Julius Jorgensen; I pertaining to the resignation, but
and, Martha Iola Valentine, both
of Gervals.
i t
A license was also issued to N.
boxing program uader the aua-
pices of the American Legion. ' f
Only those who 'find it impos-l
sible to absent ; themselves " from I
the: city will, be found here today.
. Henry Albers, indicted for..the
' burglary if 'theWillamtteGTo
cery company, was ordered held,
with bond placed at $500. 1 i
James Raker, charged with as
sault, and battery with Intent to
kill, was Indicted, afid bail fixed
at $l,t)00 Raker Is declared to
have attacked John Anderson, 50,
an employe on Raker's farm. Both
live at'Broadactes. j v y'--:
! Pai;I McKay, charge, with for?
gery of a check for $45. Bond
was placed at $1,000. j ' '
' The not true bills Iwere returned
for Wilbur J. .Chapman, charged
.' with indecent exposure; s H; X.
Staples, arrested for failure to
provide for .his wife and Emll
Wilke, charged with possession of
Still. ; . l-j f: i ;,:( j
Report ot the 13 young , men
who are under investigation for
contributing 'to the delinquency of
' minors, will be made by the grand
.; Jury early next week, :. -;
city has been" promised 'electric j the United States and pledge thd J The state house, county and city I J. Miles, and ' Miss Anna Stolk. of
mr. Miies is con-
road operations at
They will be married
(Continsed from pw I) ' i day. today.
Paul Muno.1 arrested i for ,pos-sni jn residences tomgni ior me i kuciuiuoBi Vai. no-i otiices wui-De cwsea wnue a ma-i rouie s.
t. i ' k t m m. - k 4 - . - i -- r rn a a n i w i is irAnr' t nn via i . . . . x m t a
of a 'stHU'waa indJcted'byinrst time in most sections. Gas, v " if , c T" " I Joruy. of: tne business houses winjneciea wun
grand Jury ani ball. placedat 5 however, was not promised for a I vlJl Ui vt "auUt CUU1: have their doors ioeked during the! Woodburn.
week" It has been discovered to
day that the condition of the gas
mains -is worse than1 at first be
lieved. The city's water supply
continues unharmed. T Rebuilding
of one of the injured storage res
ervoirs needed only for fire pro
tection is well under way.
Street car service is promised
for some sections of the city tomorrow,:-."
v V''j::-1;
The Fourth of July celebration
will consist ot band concerts In the
city parks, speeches on patriotism
and on the city's future. Several
troops of Los Angeles entertainers
wiU'be here to furnish outdoor en
tertainment in the afternoon.
this was later changed to a denial
of any knowledge about the re
port. Just whq are making the
demands for Increased salaries
could not be learned yesterday. v
A few days ago the board ot
control raised the salaries of Dr.
Stelner and Dr. McNary from
$3300 to $4000 each In the case
of Dr. McNarT, who lives some
distance rrom the hospIUI atPen
dleton, the lioard waa advised that j KEStXTS fAV BE DlSArPOIXT-
tenced to' a year in the - county
Jail by Brazier C Small, Justice of
the peace.r . - Dixon Andrews and
Henry Johnson were each fined
$500 and sentenced to six months
in Jail. Walker Immediately filed
notice of -appeal, his attorneys at
the Justice court j trial' having
issned a blanket , challenge of all
state) testimony on! the grounds
that the -warrant on, which the
farm was searched was Illegal.
LL over the nation there will be cel-
BOSTON, July 5. (.By Asso
ciated J Press.) -Six! persons were
killed whenthe Pickwick club on
Beach street, a L night club and
. dancing', pjaice collapsed1 without
warning in the midst of a Fourth
ot July celebration early today.
1 1. 1 The Vobf and -three walls gave
tray. Fifteen people were taken
to a hospital; police' and firemen
were called! to rescue about 100
men and women. The building
was a five-story structure. k'
j Shortly after rescuers began
work two men and two women
wers taken' from the debris. It
was then estimated that 40 or 50
were still burled. 1 f'' 1
I The fifth, fourth and third
floors caved In in the center, leav
ing the corners ot the floors cling-.
Jnc to the stairways and hh is en
abled many to escape. The wreck
age crAshed down upon the sec
. ond floor where most of j the danc-
lag was in. progress. h
' A patrolman who had .been on
- the roof of the building said hat
; there was a nolse; like an earth-
quake and thatthreo wans and
then the roof went down. : He
: Icar cd to an adjacent building and
itoae his way .to the street. He
tald that there had been 125 men
and women dancing and drinking
in the place when the collapse
tame." ; -. i :: I i" h :
OMAHA. Neb., July 3. (By As
sociated Press.)' Nearly a tenth
of an inch of -Tain, 'with promise
of continued local showers tonight
and temperatures 10 degrees bet
low those bf yesterday when the
maximum was 101, brought relief
to Omaha today, from the , heat
wave which has encompassed the
Missouri' valley the past two days.
The highest temperature today
was .96, -
DES MOINES. Iowa, July 8-1
(By Associated JPress.) Cool
breeze$ and a Tain storm over the
southern half of. the state tonight
broke the heat wave which has
prevailed in Iowa for three days.
Temperatures today ranged; from
98 at Davenport to 90 In the north
central section. Several prostra
tions were reported here. The ar
rival of rai nehecked fears of a
corn,' crop damage due to heat and
wju m earner. -:--.-. - !
cultured iien and women bade, adieu to'
ebrated, as in other; years, on this the autocracy ot empire and with firm:
Fourth of July, the anniversary; iqta great faith in 'Goo! 'and determination to set up
woria event, ims aay were wm re ipr inemseives a goverprrient wnere tney
rtiw i rJ?yy& J n. feisty rtie I and worship according; to
our m i nds their own will and judgment they became
pioneers in e wilderness of America.
The early colonies were first pure democ
racies, then representative governmental
.units becoming' rnore and more, complex
ment of the witty eyery passing decade.' The colonies
rnore. than were established under authority of the
Mother country,: ' ' "
tty e great
est single
a chi eve-
it was necessary to use state owned
I machines tor private business, and
that he would; resign if he was
: forced to aupplr. his own trans
portation at his cumin t salary.
The 1925 legislature passed a law
prohibiting the use of state owned
automobiles for private business.
The demands were met by the
I board of control with the under-
, standing that the Iwd superin
tendents provide their own auto
mobiles for private business and
pleasure Jaunts. -
Denied the use ot the state ve
hicles, - and learning of the In
Associated Press.) Beginning at
daylight tomorrow America once
more, theoretically,' will be .mus
tering for war. The occasion will
be the. second test of national de
fense plans.
The war department and gene
ral staff were already pn a stimu
lated war footing tonight.' Head
ed by Major General John L.
Hines, chief of staff, and- with
General Pershing standing by to
creased pay envelopes, the other h08 T68U,H f tb,6 n!ne, mnt?a
nnrintfiH 't,' ., .-lwrk on muster plans since the
.four cen
turies of
f. the nation's.
historythe adoption of ;he Declaration
of Independence. It ii patriotic duty for
alT citizens ' of ? these lUnite r States to
pause for a brief period-ob this memor
able day and review the history jrf the
making of this political masterpiece.
It should be high privilege for all resid
ing under the protection of the Stars and
Stripes to recognize through assembly,
song and story the sacrifices and efforts
of those who, menaced with the severest
The spirit of " independence, developed
rapidly. - Poise,-progress and self direc
tion ' characterized early colonial life.
National unity 1 was r established among
the colonies in response to local neces
sities. . : . I . ' ; ; ''..."'.;.,,.
superintendents cannot see the
Justice, of the action unless their
, requests are heeded by the board
of control. - v
In the meantime the subject of
salary increases fonches a tender
place, and Just what U to be done
about the. matter is being given
a great amount of consideration
by the board of control. Resig
nations of some and the ouster of
others who bring upon themselves
i the displeasure of the' board was
preaicted at the State house Fri
The mother country's system qf . taxing
the colonies without granting them full
and; direct representation in her parlia
ment was met Withstubborn and success
ful resistance The voices of Patrick
Henry, James Otis, Franklin, JejKerson,
penalties meted out to traitors, risked and other independents,
their aU, even life itself, in this expression
of American freedom and independence.
:'' ! - '"-f 7
! SEATTLE, JuTOA pint of
moonshine in a pocket of each of
a dotcn suits hinging in the tailor
fng c- abllshment i of David Biie
lolz hers t?iay caused Buckholz's
srrcrt ty federal dry agents..; The
cfflc-. t$ dll'not eeSze the garments
tziruizg that ' ILa law -permits
confiscation only 'When the liquor
Carrier U use! fo traasportatigat
.PENDLETON. Or.. July 3. Joe
Frost, 45, foreman of the gas
plant of the Pacific Power & Light
company' in Pendleton, is dead
and two ether employe of ' the
company, Carl Brantley and Jack
Dykeson are in the hospital as a
result' of asphyxiation.
. Frost was overcome this after
noon after he had, gone down Into
the valve chamber at the plant to
do some repair work. - Ills two
lenow workmen were overcome
while trying to extricate Frost
from hlr position. T
BUplJ If ills .wpr.KEi;
VANCOUVER, Wash,, July 3.
John Wolf or A; 40, emrlsycd in
dissing a ditch for the Crown Wil
lamette 'Paper' company at Caiiia',
was killed. today when the bank
caved Int"coverips hir completely
We, now jiving under the benign in?
fluence of this document, owe it to our s
selves to increase through its study our
own appreciation of it. And, it is our .
duty and privilege as grown men and
women to' emphasize to the youth the
future 5 citizenship of this nation the
sacrifices and. Virtues of those who made
the Declaration of Independence so -vital
a force iri government. 1 ,
'Men and women who have accomplished,
things of historic value have been urged
forward 1 toward these accomplishments
by the ambitions or the ideals of some
hero. or heroine. And to study the lives,
and activities of the authors of the Dec
laration of Independence means -the
inculcation of a more, vital ( patriotism in
tho life of the student.
the state of the public mind as ready for
complete independence as early as in the
J - - . i . . c T .
year 1770. Itapiaiy cnangmg events i
hastened final action and thet first Con- (
gress on merican soil was called four
years late? with the result that a "Declar
ation of Colonial Rights,' was drawn up
op'posing "government without the con
sent of the governed."
The Revolutbn came on wjth, the bat
tles wof Lexington land Concord. The,
Patriots were encouraged by their suc
cesses in arms and on July 4, 1776, the
Declaration of Independence was adopted
by the Second Continental Congress.
'lesolved that these United Colonies-
s are and of a right ought to be free arid
Independent, was the foundation idea of
-, the beclaration., , ' -
And in the strength and glory of this
PORTLAND, Jaly 3-One
woman was Injured fatally and a
man and a boy were hurt, the man
perhaps fatally, here today wne
a street car crashed into .' their
- The dead: Mrs. Alice M. Dlven,
45. Portland, whose chest was
crushed and who died upon reach
ing the hospital.
The injured: Ralph M. Root. 55,
Huston. Wash., who suffered a
fractured skull, and Walter
I Bunde, 4, Portland, ' who sus
tained leg injuries,
first test, September 21, the whole
military establishment in Wash
ington was on duty and. in Immedi
ate communication with the ninth
corps area commander, on whom
the chief responsibility develops.
Tha the results may be disap
pointing, as regards the number
of one-day volunteers assembled
tomorrow to fill up skeleton re
serve, units, national guard regi
ments and the. . regulars to war
strength, is concerned, was admit
ted by many officers. . '
Last September approximately
l,50Q,ooo men turned out, -or
nearly 300,000 more 'than would
be needed In the first four months
of an actual way mobilization.
.Officials hare every reason to
believe, however, that the July 4
test will bring out facts of utmost
value since the next step before
the department is the -establishment
probably by law, of a per
manent system, tor. testing muster
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., July 3.
(By, the Associated Press.) Near
the. spot, where" George Washington
took; command of the cqniiaeLt'j
army, "President Coolidge "called
on the. nations of Europe today to
enter into mutual covenants fort-heir
mutual security, pled
thejnoral support of the' Ameri
can government if they do so. ;
( "While" our' own country shOul i
-refrain from ' ' making political
commlttmepts .where it does n-t
have political Interests, he de
clared, "such covenants would al
ways' have the moral support of
our government and could not fail
to have the commendation of the
public opinion" of the world.'
'Such a -course would be sure
to endow the '.nations with an
abundant material and spiritual
reward. On what 'other basis can
there be any encouragement tor a
disposition to attempt to"-finance
revival of Europe.
The president's address,'. deliv
ered en' historic Cambridge ; com
mon, was the feature of the cele
bration of the 150th anniversary
of the day' Washington assumed
command of the Continental
troops.' ' - ' " ..".-v
The' president, accompanied by
Mrs. :' Coolidge, ' motored froria
Swampscott. heading a parade and v
reviewing it." ; r " "
After tracing' Washington's fine
achievements ' and . praislBg1 l'i
character. ahd services, ; Ur. -Idge'
asserted the nation's i:r t
president had demonstrated l r ' '
arguments, and our . coi:r.'.ry 1
demonstrated -by-experience, tlat -more
progress can be made by
competition than "by"confi2c r
"To agree quickly with your
adversary always pays," he. added,
continuing: .'
I want to see America assume
a leadership among the nations
in the reliance upon the good,
faith of mankind. I do not see .
how civilization can expect perma-
nent progress on any other theory.
If the people of the old world are
mutually distrustful of each other
let them enter into mutual cove
nants for their mutual security.
and when such covenants have
been 5nade, lefthem be solemnly.
observed, no matter what the sac-,
rjflces. ; . . . -
They, have settled the far more
difficult problems of reparations. '
they are in process of funding all
their debts, to us; why. can't they,
agree -on permanent terms of peace
and re-establish international faith
and credit?,
If there be differences which -
cannot be adjusted at the moment.
If there be conditions which can
not be foreseen let'htrae be Te-
solved. Into--the future by the
methods of arbitration and. by the
forms of Judicial determination.
The world, has-tried war with
force and. has utterly Called. The
only hope of success lies In peace
and justice. No other - principle
conforms i to ' the teachings ot
Washington.; no other standard is
worthy of the spirit of America:
no other course makes - so much
promise for the r.e&enej-atltjn f
the world."
President-, and - Mrs-- Coolidge
were accompanied from "Samp-
U BAJipj. V1LL Kl'ilAlw-
meat today ot a sudden shift' in
vv- fV"" w" P?cca about the posslbUlty that John T
Scopes, ' principal In the case to
test .Tennessee's. - anti - evolution
law, may never facer trial at "Day
ton where" it' is scheduled far
Tuesday. 1 ' - " '
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0AC STUDENTS WSSIIG by Clarence ' Darrdw, associate
counsel for. Scopes, the case will
PORTLAND, Or.. July SO. Th
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on the leader of the street car and
carried along more than 1 5 feet.
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Early intha seventeenth century virile Americans. - '
CORVALt.IS;, Oft. July zUU-
j vona Peterson, Oreon Agricultural
college student, from Hood River.
and A. L. Holtgrave, Portland, are
believed to have been drowned in
the .-Willamette.-river near here
last night. , A canoe in which
friends said they had gone riding.
a foun4 today floating bottom
up. 4 The river waa searched but
uo Jrlcs c Jt9 ilc- was found.
be carried drecay to the. federal
courts either at Knoxville or. Chat
tanooga, through proeeedlass
seeking to restrain state enforce
ment of the. jaw. -This' action
would bring the law's- c.osstltu
tlonality before the federal courts
where It ls agreed by alt parties It
mnsfcvenfuatly To. " Dr. - ohn R.
Neal'of Knoxville, senior counsel,
has data on which to base appli
cation for' the' Injunction. Peti
tions-wlli be tilediionday-or
Tuesday of next week of a court
to be selected by Pr. Js'caU
tlon will open tomorrow nisht
1th an outdoor rally sr. i riblic'
patriotic service. Feature loa ths
program which will te-cjt-standing
peurth cf July erent ia
Portland, will be an &dJ,r- Vy
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vUh deU -aUs atoai a;
tj to arrive tomorrow.
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