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, Jrty-elih t Members of -the
-Mizprfb and Jason Lee Bible class
es mt for a homecom ills', nortr
9a , Friday eyening at4be church.,
Proram of music, games, and
f "ue-iire. evening -hit 1
enjoyable 6ae EKIhtrul refresh-1
DiBKwith th folfowinV In ohar f
Mrs. U s. VUfleet;.; Mrs. J. A. tte
Kalghln;; Mfs. ' -Albert Fuestman has bee
Airs. -RDberta. Mrs, C. A.
Giese.-and Mrs! J. ADtrnla6.'f
air. and Mrs. D Jnald Yong
havQ at their house '.gnest, Miss
MarsaTet Mahony ot. Jportland,
: and Mk Yntinr 'nf ortntnerl
fjfat fd inner.. honortarIIa Alajiony
virumt yicceuins iue coun
try Club dance. s
..... ' -
Miss Elizabeth. Ixr dY according
to repent letters, is now domiciled
at a pleasant cottage at Baguio in
he northern part' of the Philip
pine Islands i where she has been
Rince her return late In February
from India. yhe. return to Manila
was made by way of Borneo. Miss
Lord arid Mrs.- Lillian Seatbii of
Eugene who have wrftten glowr
ingly of. their Oriental travels have
with thm now Miss Lillian, -Auld.
also of Eugene. . Miss Aold 'going
directly to the Philippines from
Paris. The' tcrurisfs "plan'io re
main In Baguio during the hot
season probably rtill the first
of July.- Miss Lotd "has made Tio
plans concerning her return to
Salem. -' - . ?
.'' .. ; '-" ' -- V', ,ii J '. 4 I
Salem friends otyMr. and, Mrs.
Paul IL Brown (Naomi Whaleh )
are welcohiing thfem "hbme froni a
week's wedding trip. Mr. and
Mrs.; Bfawn hosey wedding oc
curred; a week. "ago.. .yesterday at
St: Joseph's Catholic church, with'
Reverend J. R. Back officiating,
ill- be at home after tomorow at
''the Court apartments. , -
Both Mr. and Mrs. Brown are
graduates of the University lt of
Montana. ... -. ;
.''' I
A prominent group" of Satem
I matrons .who, make, jip. ;the ..ner-J
sonnel of the -Thursday bridge
club were guesU" 6r"an YhloyabTe"
afternoon on Wednesday at the
home of Mrs. O, C. Locke. Spring
flowers were festive on the. tea
table and about the rooms. Mrs.
William Walton assisted the "hos
tess at the tea hour. The special
guests of the afternooon included
Mrs. G. W. De Beck of .Vancouver,
B. C. Mrs. W. H. Dancy, and Mrs.
E. L. Baker. ' j .':.
Club members in the. groap' in
eluded: Mrs. TV A. LItesley, Mrs.
Dan Fry, Jr.; Mrs. J: Shelley Saur
man,. Mrs. William Walton, Mrs.
John McNary,? Mrs. ; Frederick
Lamport, Mrs. Henry Meyers and
the hostess, Mrs. O. C. Locke.
The announcement of ' the -engagement
of MUs Bertha Vick, the
oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles H. Vick, to Mr. Roy F.
Jacobson. son of Mr. J.' J. Jacob
son of Minneapolis, Minnesota
was made in an Attractive manner
last evening at .8 'clock at the
home of Mrs. b! W. Vick, 1175
Belmont street, and is news that
will be of wide interest to a host
of Salem' friends. -s i .
The secret of the betrothal was
disclosed by means' of a telegrim
delivered opportunely at ' the '.door
and which Mrs, Vick read aloud
to .the delighted guests who had
asrembled f6r the occasion. The
house was 'festive for the affair
with a profusion of springtime's
loveliest flowers, apple blossoms,
etarry dogwood, 'tulips narcissi,
Tnd lillies of the Valley. The eve
ning was spent happily in adding
dajnty finishing touches to towels
for the hop'e-chest of the charm-
ing bride-elect. Clever contests
:. -4!"
Long Ago
the result.
is our belief that
restful chapel is
priate "place
, i it.
bear us
y m to
x- , 1
",.." Fclie
and musij preceded - a delectable-
Ute inicbjeon;.; j. :r2ZJZ,'
" Mis yfckr -who lg graduate of
the SalemHigh school. Is a former
student) of both Willamette j Uni-
verslty t and, ot the-Oregon Agri
cultural ; e,61Iege." Ar the - latter
jjdace 4he wai a-meraber ' of the
Sigma Kappa sorority and1 a ma
jor la jcommerce. She has -lived
a greater art of her life in Salem.
Miss yjckj, herself an accomplish
ed "pianistj is well known in Salem
.musical circles. She has gained
considerable prominence' as : ac
companists for the; Schubert Oc-
fof the past two jrears she
euipioyea ai v in a mnsic
., 'The (wedding is announced as
an event of -the early fall. Those
Invited j to (share the secret of the
evenih were: J
MisjOertrude Hartraan of Port
land,' Jtrs.j John Jordan of Albany,
Miss flfva! Rdberts, Mrs. George
Vickv'Ttjils iGladys Stevenson, Miss
Ruth Bedford. rUta. lans Chrlst
enson, Mrs. Charles iChristenson,
Mfss Fjthel Bollieri Miss Hannah
CChrisienfon, Mrs. A.'?J Vick,
Miss Hpllia Vick Miss BeftyjBed -
i1 u Aussjiiiiaa Amsier, ijiiss jyei-
la-Amslerj Miss Ruth -Reid, i Miss
Marjorie Brown, N Miss r Emna
Christebsdn, Mrs. tlmer Bosell,
Mrs. Charles H. Vick, Mrs. Vick,
Mrs. Sa'phie.Vick, Mrs. B. W. Vick8,
Mrs. Josephine1 Synder, .MrsJ Mel
vln Snyde. Mrs. Carl Snyder, Miss
Grace Fawk, Miss Myra Gleason.
Mrs. Willam Hamilton, Mrs. Geo.
C. WiR, (Mrs. -Beatrice Sh'elton.
Mrs. Oscar' Melgaard, Mrs. Reed
Rowlarid, j Mrs. Iawrence Imlah,
Mrs. Bergeson. Miss Bernice Kirk
wood, Miss . Jfazel Gilbert. , Miss
Jessie : Gibson, '-Miss ' Gertrude
Bar'kley, !Miss- Agnes DuRette,
Miss Mabel Hearn. sMrs. Hobert
Hedrlcic.-fMIss Mlnnetta- Mayers',
Miss ElvaElva Amsler. "Miss Mar
jorie Blake.
' The members of- the Capitol
bridge fclub were delightfully en
o'clock! bridge luncheon at - the
home hi frs. R. , E.f Lee Steiner,
with tijlfpis attractive on the table.
Special guests, for.' the ;afternoOnV
which nrai the last meeting of the
club fdr the year.-were Mrs.! Earl
C. Fljegel ahd Mrs4 Dan J, Fry,
Jr. ' Mrs. jFrank-DuTboin won. the
prlie-of he '.occasion, i - i - :
Club members in the group were
Mrs.T!.Ii. Baker,Mrs.' GeoT tl.
-BrowDf MfSv Joseph Baumgartaer,
Mrs. Frank W. Durbin, Mrs. W. H.
DancyJ Mrs. L.F,- GrUfith,! Mds.
O.-C. t1ceMrs."MIIton" L.hMey
ers; Mrs. Frank' MerIedtth, Mrs.
H. H. (Dlinger, Mrs. George Radg
ers,Mrs.W.Carlfon Smith.
;A summer garden indoors was
the ' backgrounds last Wednesday
for on of the most charming pre
nuptiaf showers of the spring sea
son ent Mrs. William . Hamilton
and Miss Grace Fawk entertained
'at--the! home of Mrs. Hamilton
honoring j Miss Gladys Stevenson
whose .marriage to ; Glenn Gregg
"will be ' an event, of 1 early I May.
Fragrant lilacs, deronicum, and
delphinium converted the rooms
into a! veritable garden with! the
Jate lUncbeon served at small tab
les about! the rooms, with the
china (of the service varying to
suit the pastel Colors of the table
linen, j -Miss Stevenson, who is
the second brideeleCt in the Schu
bert. ctette, Miss Bertha; Vick
having announced her engage
ment last evening, was made the
recfpfint j of many lovely : gifts
which were conveyed to ner in an
altogether; novel manner.
.tin-jlhe group present for the
miscellaneous shower were:
Miss Gladys Stevenson, I Mfs.
Cora. Swink, Miss Evelyn Steven
nos.. iMiis Gladya I Procter.! Miss
Anna jSfeVensbfi MIss Maim! Vic
Helene Gregg" Mrs j Naomi Wha
len BifoVn. Mrs. Ruth Swartz, Mrs
FTora Meadrlcic, Mrs. Jean Pea'rcy,
Miss Bertha -Vick,. Miss-Eva Rob
erts, Misi Ruth Bedford; Miss Hil
da Amsler, Miss RUth Reed, Miss
DenaJAmsler, Miss -Myra Gleason,
' ...... ..- it - U s leVA'-A-AI , .
the necessity f oV n beauttf al,; suit
able place in whicii to hold the last
services, and our present chapel is
- ,
our beautiful,
the1 most, appro-
irnaginable in which to
'IS '; ' At4 rv-
r IVJ " It lri)T it
noia me j-itiai bci .. '
pressed opinions of hundreds seem
out in
this belief.
Miss Saloome Christine Halvorson,
Miss Mollle Schwabbauer and .the
hostesses, Mrs. Hamilton and Miss
Fawk. : i
-r Miss.Zella Hop&tMi after. apoiuUJ
Ing"the Easter.seaaon at tierrhome
in Salem nas 'refnrned to Seattle
where she is a teat-her in the'grade
SChOOlM. - . t.' ... .-!.
The attractive home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Churchill. " 1776 Fir
street was the scene yesterday af
ternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock of one
of 'the season'e largest and most
beautifully appointed ,feas, when
Mrs. CTitirphill; and . Miss Marie
Churchill entertained. Two hun
dred invitations were issued for
the afternoon, bidfling 'guests from
bojth JPoVtland'aud'Salem
Little Miss Jane Florence Elton
dainty in apricot voile, opened the
door for the-uestfi: Miss Margaret
Cosper 'and Miss Maber"Robertson
assfsted the hostess in the receiv
ing. Tulips in the pastel shades
were used in charming profusion
F about the rooms, while sprays of
white lilacs banked the fire-place
and yellow tapers enhanced (the
soft tints of the nodding flowers
In the 'dining room the same
paatel 'shades wove a miracle of
hues. Yellow ca'ndles , were used
in silver sticks, white a gorgeous
French bouquet centered the tabfe,
lovely with its gleaming appoint
ments. ' ! : - !! :
'; Tresiding at the urns daring the
first hour were Mrs. John R. Rand
atid Mrs. Mollie Breck, while af, the
second - hour hospitalities were
graciously dispensed by Mrs. J. S.
Elton and Miss Louise Corbin. As
fiisUng in the dining room .were:
Mrs. Phil Tewmeyer," Miss Rovena
Eyre, Miss; Lorraine 'Pierce, Miss
Virginia Dorcas, Miss Margaret
Stblz, Miss": Edith Bragg, and Miss
Florence Jones. - - &&,
: "" . ' I I ' . jj -jf.l1j.!i
. Mr; and"' Mrs. Francis E. Neer
and daughter, Natalie, are spend
ing the' week-end at Newport.,
...A delightful affair of yesterday
afternooon; was ' the tea of the
American Asoclatjon of University
Women at; th'e Woman's : club
house, .honoring -'the senior- girls
of Willamette. University.;; !Loy-
aKieg,". Galsworthy's play, .! as
presented fby Professor Fergus
Re'ddie, proved--a fascinating pro
8ram. ............. ,J. "f-V:
Si: Pa til's .Guild will sponsor T a
rummagesal on Apr. 23-24-25 at
tne parish house. Those, having
donations, which will gladly' :- be
called for, are asked to call Mrs.
Rex Sanf6rd,f Phone 2060-R.
. i ' I :' V
Mrs. Ernest Thom was' hostess
on Wednesday at the Colonial
Dame Tea Shoppe at ah . attract
ively appointed 1 o'clock luncheon
Covers were -placed for 'eight. A
gilt basket of lavender lilacs cen
tered the table. . .
Loan Sharks of England
Facfc Effective Control
Customs Men of Manila
LONDON,' ! April 18 Money
lenders, who have hitherto charg
ed interest . ranging from 5 up
to several hundred per cent, are
In for a considerable reduction in
their gains if a bill Introduced Into
the House of Lords by Lord' Car
son becomes law. ' '' "
This proposes "that the rate of
Interest charged shall not exceed
lS"i'er cent: unless the v lender
proves a' higher charge is not. ex
cessive, and that the transaction
was fn all circumstances beneficial
to the borrower. . On loans mot
exceeding $100, interest is not tq
be more than.'. 1 0 per cent ; per
annum. :A11 loan documents must
specify tbe amount actually ad
vanced and the interest charged."
Wrhat this country. realljr"needa
for the benefit of everyDne is some
scheme to boost the price of wheat
and at the sanie time reduce" ths
price of :flour. J Boston Globe,
( ; t . I w.. ItasVm M U 9 -r m - - - if - '4 i 1
ia M - ,o, IJ!
f r t s1rH -!
' i
' - f v
F ' , .
- AsSsMssttsSgfc
L jVSalem students In thei U. of O. glee club,' which will appear-Thursday in
Salem, .are Mary West, second alto, and Pauline Knowlind, second soprano. Ilach
lias appeared in higtt school recitals in Nalenu- ! ". ;
James Icake Is student manager and will haro charge of the
Following is the personnel of the combined clubs: . j
First tenors: James j Rossi, Hoi lis ,t&reV'Ray-: Crites,j Frank
Adam. Thomas. McKenzie; jSecond tenors Roy Brj-son, Jack HIgh,
eiishire, Alan ;Christensen, Charles RJiotles, feRoy Stepljens, Ronald Krletzer.
'.i! CENTKAI-i South Nineteenth
Ferry streets. Harry W. Johnson;
minister. Sunday school, and. morning
wornhip at 10 a. m; Brief address by
th minister on "Tlie tieaaersmpt oi
Youth. 7 j, A cordial invitation is exten
ded' to all members of the Older Girls
conference ; who - have not made plans
to. attend other, cnurcnes. freacning
service Tat 7:30 p. m. Music byll the
chorus choir and sermons by the minis
ter on the theme: "Our. Faith In The
Church." Clirlstian Endeavor imeeting
in tlw Central annex at 6:30 p.! m.
J 'v lUNlTARIANs t
- Cottage aad Cherheketa Btreets. Rev.
Martin Fereshetlan, minister, j Church
school at -lp-a! m. - Graded iinstruc
tion. ' Class for adults in the study of
the' Gospel ;accoraing to Mark. ! Lec
ture; and discussion. Devotional ser
vices at -11 a. m. ; Patriot's daylThls
is the' 50th ; anniversary of the Battle
of lexington and Concord and: the
governors of various states including
our own, issued ; proclamations getting
aside; the day for special devotions and
celebration. ;i On this occasion th pul
pit of the church will be occupied by
one of th leading Jurists of the; state
of Oregon, Associate Justice John It.
Rand, of the ! supreme court, wua jrHl
deliver the message of the day.-!' Mrs.
M. FVresbetjan and Istrs. ChasfHiiston
will sing a duet, "The Ixrd I isjj My
Shepherd." This Is by request. Mrs.
V. A. Denton at the organ; Attention
Js called especially to the visit of the
English scholar ; and orator i the! r Rev.
Lawrence Redfcrn of Liverpool. I Eng
land, i Mr. Redfera will lecture in the
evening of "Wednesday, ! April j 23, at
8 o'clock; ?n the si Unitarian church.
His : subject wiU i be, "The Liberal
and ! the International Mlnd.f The
lecture Is free and alt are invited to
attend. : - Sal?m is fortunate ih having
such a distinguished visitor and we all
should show our appreciation.
U FIRST Liberty and Center streets.
W. ; C. Kantner, minister.'! Sunday
school at; 10 a. m., with classes: for
all ages under competent ; leadership.
A place and a wellcom for you. M.
D. McCaUlster, superintendent. sMdrn-i
ing worship; 11. a, nu Tfrla Ibetng
".Patriots'"! Day," the message of this
service , will f be on i "Two i Great Ele
ments of denuine Patriotism.'' Chris
tian Endeavor 6 ;30 p. m. . iiam Clarke,1
leader: 7":30 p. m. the, "Easter Muslc
itle," given last Sunday evening, will
be repeated. Those who Were present
last ; Sunday were greatly! : delighted
with the program,
for its, repetition.
Hence! the request
I In! recognition of
Patriots"? Day." tho program will in
clude some patriotic wings In which
the congregation will join and a patrio
tic firm wilt, be shown, j Prayer meet
ing, Thursday at 7 :34) p. m. ) Theme :
Father's Will."
FIRST-Center, and High streets. J.
J. Evans.' minister ; Miss Vivian Whls-
ler, ! church assistant : Miss Slattie
Mitchell, missionary. The evening will
be featured, by a. pantomime of j "The
Holy j City," by Mrs. Frank : Brown,
Miss Whisler giving the solo. Thi pas
tor will pleach both morning and eve
ning, t Several will be baptized during
the day, j The Bible school opens at
9:45 with Dr. Epley in charge. ) The
men of the church meet at the Bligh
theater .in the class for men of. the
community, taught by the pastor. Ths
young people's societies -meet, at
All programs of the day will be
ful and practical. j
- FIRST Corner ; of ! Liberty ! and
Chemeketa- streets. Sunday morning
services at' 11 o'clock, Sunday evening
At iflj i Subject K.'nt Hesson ! sermon :
Doctrine of Atonement." Two Sun
day school sessions, one at 9:30 fa. m.
and one at" IT a. a. - Wednesday eve
ning ! testimonial meeting at 9 o'clock.
Reading ' room 209 Masonic i Temple,
open ! every day except holidays and
eunaays irora 11:15 to 5:30 p. m.
All are cordially invited to our services
and to our reading roem.
ia4 North Church street 'XT X
Gillespie, f pastor. Sunday school . be
gins promptly 10 a. m. Mrs; Walter
Barkers. ; superintendent. We have
classes for all grades of scholars, and
tbe school is increasing In interest' and
also tin numbers.' Preaching . service
11, a. trU subject: iTbe, Power aad
Victory of the Early Church 1' Act
4:19-37. i Toung peoples services :5.
Leader. Miss Esther Hahn. Preaching
service with song and testimony) 7 :S0.
Singing class from 7 to 7 :30, Wed
nesday evening and prayer service be
gins promptly 7 :S0. . We cordially' In
vite all who can to attend the services.
-V:- - ; . FRIENDS. " - ;
" SOUTH SALEM Corner of Com
mercial and Washington streets. 1! Carl
. ana Aitnnte U.- Miller pastors 1 Sun
uy scnool. io a. ra, ; Dr. iCarl . E.
Miller, superintendent.. Our school is
well j organized and doing aj splendid
wora. woMiwp ii a,-mu Bermon mrb
jectTj Taith and Force- Christian
lZndeavor t;39 p. tn. ' Evening service
U:S0, " The Junior choir' whlca-was
V H:: ;;
" " -
i. -
lately started wilt sfns. , Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7 :30 p.- tn. Our meetings
are times of bleesine because of. the
presence of God in our midst, i
HIGiILAND--Corner of Highland
avenue and Church street. ' Edgar P,
Sims, pastor. Sunday services : Bible
school 10 a. m. Waiter-Stanton, sup
erintendent ; meetings for worship and
preaching at tl a. m. .and p. m.
C. E. at 7 p. tn. The Bible prophecy
class will n--t resume its work , until
the pastor is; able ; to carry the extra
work. , The mldweek prayer meeting
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.. All are
welcome to these services. We espe
cially Invite those, having n othep
church home.
- . I. B. S. A. " 1
Meetings are held eve"ry Sunday In
Derby building, corner of ' Court and
High streets. Bible study 10 to 12
a. m. Ezckiel's Temple-study 3p. m.
A -cordial invitation., is extended to all
Bible students to meet "With us..
North Winter and Jefferson - streets.
Take the North Commercial street car
to Jefferson avenue.- Thomas Ache
sori, pastor. Leroy Walker, assistant,
in charge of the Junior church; This
Is revival extension- week, following
to a splendid climax on last bunday
evening. Two special meetings have
been held, one on Tuesday and the
other on Thursday, with the interven
ing days used for interviews, i This
revival effort - will be continued over
the coming Lord's day, and splendid
results are anticipated. As during the
campaign the claims of Christ! upon
men's lives will be vigorously present
ed, the chorus will lead the singing,
backed by the church orchestra at the
evening hours, and the Rev. Miles, will
direct the song. service. . A very cor
dial Invitation Is extended to fhe public
to'- unite with us In the inorning and
evening meetings. At - the morning
hours 11 o'clock i the . pastor's theme
will be: "The Cost of sDiscipleshlp:"
In theievening. at 7:30 his theme will
be: "The Gate of Life." Other ser
vices -of the day; are as follows: 9:45
a., tn. School of religious education
with classes for all ages, manned by
a group of . consecrated teachers. The
echool Is wide awake and aggressive.
Jl a. m Rev. Walker preaches to the
Junior r church, down stairs. Toung
people up to 16- years of age Invited.
Toung people's hour 6;30 p.. ral when
the Wesley and Epworth Leagues will
meet ' in separate ; rooms down stairs
for devotional meetings. They
come strangers . to meet with
The Sacrament of "Baptism, .and in op
po'rttinlty to unite with the church will
be offered in both Junior and Senior
churches at the morning service. On
Tuesday evening 7:30 the Men's
brotherhood will entertain both ; mem
bers and friends of the church and
the new members will be the guests
of the evening. Thursday 7 :30 p. m.,
mid-week meeting, for Junior and Sen
ior churches.
of . North Winter and-Market streets.
Rev. Mortimer C 'Clarke, pastor. Sun
day school 9 :4 5 Dr. Frank S. Schutz,
superintendent. Classes for all sizes
and ages. . Preaching hours 11 a. m.,
and 7:45. p. m. Class meeting 12:15,
led by Mrs. Ida Garrett. Young
peoples meeting, 5 :30 Miss . Martha.
Jaquet, leader. Prayer and praise ser
vice at 7:30, led by the castor. Cot
tage prayer meeting each Wednesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock at th horns. of
Mrs. Caroline Jackson, 14(3 North
VJnter-street. Church prayer 'meeting
each Thursday evening 7 :30. The
pastor preaches on Sunday morning
od.s "Christian Priesthood." ' In the
evening there will be the usual evan
gelistic service with a warm hearted
message" by the pastor. All Will re
ceive a cordial welcome' o all of the
services and you will enjoy the splen
did spiritual atmosphere of this church.
... ..-.?.-.", , v ... . :. i l - - -
SCANDINAVIAN. Fifteenth and
Mission . streets. - Patrick Dahlin. "pas-J
tor. Sunday school 10 a. nru,; Gust.
Anderson, superintendent. No morning
service. Epworth League p. nx. con
ducted by Revi H. -C KuykendalL
Thursday 7:30, prayer meeting. Tou
are all cordially Invited to the services.
GLAD TIDINGS 143 Court street.
C. S. Johnson, pastor. Sunday school
Z p. m. Services at 3 and 7 :30 p. m.
Meetings, Tuesday. Thnrsday and Sat
urday evenings. - If you believe in the
old tune religion, come -and worship
with us. .There IS salvation for the
unsaved, baptism with Holy Ghost for
the believers and healing, for the sick.
Jesus Christ, A the same yesterday, to
day and forever. v Everybody welcome.
FIRST Fred C. s Taylor, - minister.
"The Lord's Song in a Strange Land."
will be the subject of the opening ser
mon of Rev.-Fred C Taylor's- pastorat
at First church on next Sunday morn -mg,
- The service will be In chargs ot
Dr. J. D' aicCormlck ef the KlaibaJl
it T -- v S - i - -
concert. ,
Juc, : Richard.
net Brack-
Bessie Andrews.
Schcool of Theology. Rev. Taylor will
be presented to the congregation by
Mr. R. C. Glover, the chairman of the
First, church pulpit committee who
were instrumental with Bishop W. O.
Shephard of Portland, and Rev. I.-H. :
Leech, sup?rintendent of the Salem
district, in bringing Mr. Taylor from
the Grace Methodist church in Sioux
City, Iowa, to. Oregon, j Special music
will be rendered by the chorus -hoir
under the direction of Prof. 1. W.
llobson. Tho discourse by Mr. Taylor
will be the "beginning ; of his- public
ministry in Salem. All members of
the Church . will have the privilege of
meeting Rev. and Mrs.: Taylor at the
close of the , morning, service., .The
Sunday school will hold its regular
session t the-9:4 5 hour. The Epworth
Leagues will . "hold. Itbeir devotional
services at 6:30, Sunday evening.
Rev. Fred O. Taylor will, have charge
of the evening .preaching service 'at
7:30 o'clock. Following the praise and
prayer service he will speak on the
subject, "Man's Best Friend."
- LESLIE South . Commercial : and
Myers- streets. H. F.'Pemberten, pas
tor. Tou are cordially invited to the
following services of this church. Sun
day school at 9 :45. E. A. Rhoten, sup
erintendent. Learn to know -the Bible.
t helps build Christians. The ! Ep
worth Leagues meet. at. 6:30. The In
termediate league in Leslie hall and
the Leslie league in the church. AH
young people are Invited to attend
these live meetings. . Morning worship
at 11 o'clock. Sermon subject "The
Meaning of Worship." Evening meet
ing at 7 :30. Subject "Unrealized Pos
sibilities of the Gospel." You "will en
joy .the chorus and the Gospel, preach-
like atmosphere, the happy greetings
and sincere purposes of this church.
Come with us and "make this s your
home church. Strangers and visitors
especially welcome. '
pastor. Services for Sunday, April 19,
will be as follows: Sunday school' at
10 o'clock, H. H. Grallap, supt.. classes
in German and English languages to
which you- are cordially Invited. -At
11 o'clock the district superintendent,
Rev. A. F. Cramer will bring the mes
sage in German following which the
Lord's Supper will be celebrated. , At
7 o'clock in the - evening. - Epworth
League, Lillian Rehfuss, ; leader, after
which the district superintendent win
preach In English.
FIRST Corner Twelfth and Mission
streets. Sunday school 19 a. m.i We
have efficient teachers, and classes for
all ages, W. W. Wells, superintendent.
Preaching ll"a. m., subject: "What Is
the Matter with the Church?" (Text
Zephanlah 1-12. Evening service.
Christian Endevor 6;30, topJc;!.My
Denomination, Its History and Princip
les," leader Rev. E. G. Paling, j The
young people are especially invited to
this service. Evangelistic service 1 7 :30,
subject : "I.iw and Grace," Text Rom.
5, '20-21. Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening 7:30, Mrs. Calvin HIday.1 class
leader. Teu are invited to attend any
orall of these services. , We teach and
preach, the whole Bible to be the word
of God; and His power unto""salvattoif.
No fanaticism or wild fire, you will be
made to feel at "heme. . Come, ' let us
go to the bouse of -the Lord, on this
His day. ' We will look for you. C.
W.- Tibbet, pastor. -
Corner Liberty and Marion
streets. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Ed Schunke,' superintendent. Bible
school 9:45.' Graded classes for -all
ages, everybody welcome. Morning
1 1 . ..t
A Suit or Plain
785 Hi-hlanfLAve.
1 Is .
y s - s-!
X -
A " V. i y
; ..--: .-i I .. . , i
Bases: Raleigh Greene, William, Kidwcll, , Robert Hunt, Anbrey Furry, . GeOrge
Wardner. j Baritones: Ted Larson. Leland Robe, Ward ltlce, Blair Alderman,
Vincent II ill, Charles Dawson.,' First sopranos: Ruth Akers, Elizabeth Nelson,
Mai-garet Huatt, Neva Service; Barbara Kdmunds, Clare Whit ton, Augusta ILaaitl
ton. Second sopranM:" Mfldrcd-i Herkeley, Marie Temple, Ruth Ha ytiJe, til (trert.
Welch, Pauline Knowland, sEsther Setters. First altos: Violet MUls, Margiret
.Mr A yeal. Charlotte Wlnnard, Harrlett-Roas. Elizabeth Kerr, Marion lhy. Second;
altos: Claudia Broders, Henrietta Wolf er, .Mary Went, Alberta Carson, Irella Fly,
i a - . " " - " -
worship 11. Anthem: "Stag Unto God"
Schnecker. - Offertory : -"Adagio," Tar-tinl,-Mis
Helea Selift. -' Junior story :
A Good investment. Sermon : The
Ird My.llwlper." Benediction. B-.Y.
P. I?. 8 :30. .Clara Johnson. leadVr.
All young people are cordially Invited.
Interm-Hllate IJ.. Y. p. U. at the same
hour. Evening .worship 7:30, Anthem:
Welcome, Sweet Grace." Macy. i Of
fertory : "Prtxe. Song," "Wagner, Miss
Helen Selig. Solo: tTum Thy Face
From My Sin." Pfeuger. Mrs. -; Earl
Pearcy. Sermon" by W, T Si-Spriggs.
Bent?diction. Today Is every-mertiber-(anvas
for local expenses and missions.
The Sr. B. Y: P. V: mill have' charge
of the mid-week prayer' meeting ' this
week. 'They, will holtl ' their, monthly
business moeting at :30 and at 7:30
will attend the service, in .a body. Come
nnd see what the, young people ' can
tk' The church tliat welcomes strang
Eighteenth streets. G, Koehler, pas
tor. Sunday scbool at 9 :30 . a. , m.
Divine ser-ice with sermon In German
at 10:30 a. in. Toung peoples meet
ing at 7 p. in. Topic; "My Church,
Its History and Development." t.Eve'
ning service in English at 7:45 p. m.
Bible study on Thursday at 7:30 p. in.
Bible school on Saturday from 9-13
a. m. You are heartily welcome. L-
ST. PAUL'S Church street at Che
meketa. Rev. H. D. Chambers, rector.
First Sunday after Easter. Holy
Eucharist at 7 :30 a. m. in the chapel.
Church school at 9:45. Students
please be present and bring back mite
boxes. Morning prayer- and sermon
by the rector at 11 a, m. The Easter
music will be repeated by the vested
choir. AH most cordially invited to
worship at" St. Paul a The Y. P. F.
meets in the parish house at 7 p. m,
Young people invited.
, FIRST C C. PoUngt minister. Ser
vices, Sunday- 11 a, m. and 7:45. p. m.
At' .the morning ser-ices. Rev. C. Jl.
Stauffacher, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
one of the general secretaries of the
.churclu..wni preach. This is the only
privilege our people will have to hear
this noted speaker. In the evening,
the pastor will speak on the "Program
of the Church." Bible school at :45,
With J. F. Ulrich as superintendent.
Junior church at 11 a. m. Senior C
E. society will meet at 6:35 p. m.
Midweek service. Thursday evening.
All are welcome at all the services.
A. M.Sermon : THE
PJ M. Sermon by Rev.
Solo: : "Turn Thy Face
Mrs. Earl Pearcy.
O'coat Cleaned and Pressed for 51 ,C0
with coupon Below f -'
Try Courtesy Service and Odorless - Cleaning:
Phone 218S
CHRMEKETA ST.--Seveoteeath and
Chemketa streets, j 'F. W. Larnnr,
pastor. Sermoo at ll a. m. .. Subject :
Tlie Church, and What Our Denomi
nation BellvejC:,. Sermon 7:30. Sub
ject : "The Seventh : Tear."" ; Sunday
school at 10-a.em. C R.ftrausbaugh
will "be ln" fiSarge; arslsted -by Elmer
Kurx. Jolta Oisen will lead the Evan
gelical Lea rue at ;30. Prayer ser
vices, Thursday evening.
Nineteenth and "Marlon streets.
Four great services.. Dr. H. Or tou
Wiley, ; president Northwest Nazarene
college, Nampa, Idaho ; Rev. E. J.
Lord, district -superintendent, 'and the
Narnpa -college quartet will be. in the
Nazarene church to hold four big ser
vices. . Saturday night at 7:30. Bunday
11 a. ro.. . Sunday afternoon 3 o'clock.
Closing service Sunday ' night 7:30.
Don t fan to hear the Gospel preachers
and singers. Sunday school . 9:45 a.
m. W. B. ' Hardy., superintendent.
Young peoples meeting-. 9:30 p. m.
Mis Hattie Meggers.' president. Wed
nesday evening 7 :30 prayer and praise
meeting. C. H. Hap kins, : minister.
BETHANY Cornei? of Capitot and
Marlon streets. Sunday 'school 10 a.
m. and German preaching Service VI
a. m.' No evening service. M.' Denny,
minister. . -
.7 FIRST Hold services every Sundas
evening In he W.O.W. hall. On Apr!
19. 7 :45 p. m.. Mr. M. J. XJndahl wH
give the result of his thirty-five year
of Investigation In Spiritualism.
FIRST Church street, between Che-"
meketa and. Center - streets. Ward
Willis Long, minister. 9 :30 . a. m.
Sunday school, II. E. Barrett, super
intendent. 11:30 morning worship.
Sermon, "Our Church. Its .Outlook,'
by the minister. Anthem "A Savleur
of the World." Goss. (:30 p.m. Young
People's societie. Sector, advance In
termediate and. intermediate." ' 7:30 p.
m. Sacred Musical. This is a combina
tion or the Good Friday and Easter
programs repeated at the. request of
many friends.. For complete announce
ment see elsewhere In this paper. '
When all nations ire conjpletelyl
converted to the worjd court Idea,
there will be little jieed of It.
New Britain Herald. ' ' :
Baptist Chui cI
Liberty and Jiarion Sts.
W. T. S. Spriggs, Portland.
From My Sin" Pfleuger.
' ' ' '
. . J.
This coupon and-one dollar entitles you
to one plain Sult or. O'coat cleated'and
pressed. This coupon rood for rionday.
April 20. only. -
t . - ' ".
(Extra charge for Cherrian Salts)