The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 22, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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?: 4 i
, V ' . - i 4 - - .
Thirty--Six (Visitors Register
Since Ground Opened on i
March 2
The Salem! auto park is in tip
top shape, and ready for the influx
of tourists. . Grounds and build
ings bare been cleared of the mess
that resulted from the winter stor
ing, paint has been applied to the
bare boards J the camp stoves t e-
the ground i placed in
A keen-eyed inspect
ing officer would hare to put his
stamp of. approval upon the shape
of the grounds at the present lime, I
-Since the opening date 36 auto-
mobiles have registered at the
grounds. Including those last
night. Some registered Tor more
than One sight, but on the whole
just for a tew hours. . The records
show that the cars have come prin
cipally from . Washington, Oregon
and California.
Ten cars, registered from Cali
fornia, nine from Oregon, four
from . Washington , and the other1
from Ohio, Iowa and Missouri.
Practically every building on the
camp grounds has been gone over
with paint, the grounds raked clear
of leaves, the debris taken from ar
ound the different corners. It Is
safe to say "that the camp Is in as
Cine shape as it ever has: been.
paired and
fine shape.
For Sale All Ages ' " ' f
Real aillk aoat, 4 to 6 Qts.
) Daily
Prices Reasonable ; ' f
Visitors Welcome
Kingwood, Saanen Goat Ranch
R: 2, Box 32A - -
-A m - - - Wi JML
i . ? Ti 1 1 11 nl it lt 1
i r -r.i I'll r w
Hee Windows
St udebaker Quality
Is a delight to the motorist who
-desires the most economical trans
portation. The Certified Public! they punished Dooley for stealing
Motor Car Market has some at-1 the second lime Trom his cell
Defendant in $14,000 Hold-
f up Manhandled by Forty
utner rnsoners
SEATTLE. March 21 J. M.
Dooley, one' of r four "defendants
convicted of participating , - in a
S 1 4,000' holdup of two messengers
of the Bon Marehe, a Seattle de
partment store, August5 8, Was se
verely beaten and manhandled, by
sixty prisoners In the King county
Jail here today. Y?r r ; -
.- When "officers quelled the - riot
la tank-No. 3 - the prisoners eaid
tractive bays in Light and Special
6 Studebakers. Call or phone for
a demonstration of one of these
guaranteed used cars. . - 3128
Ritas for Breakfast
tit 1 11
Have You Tried
Our Greasing Service
Our, Alemite high
pressure Equipment
forces lubricant to the
bearings at a pressure
of - 5000 lbs. forcing
dirt' and old grease out
and fresh grease in.
-t We use only genuine
Alemite lubricants.
Try our hi-speed ser
vice.'; V-'-:W.v:
275 S. Com'l St.
See Mike Panek and
Avoid a Panic" 1
Talking of Flax
Everybody's doing it now
Talking It In every part of. the
Willamette valley, and nearly
every community is planning on
having some kind of a part In the
industry, j '
- S ; ! U
This is the kind of a spirit that
mates. : i'- i-1-
A week a-go ; the prisoners
caught Dooley stealing and gave
him a reprimand at a 1 'kanfcaroo
court Sheriff Matt 4 Starwich
said.1 "Dooley became sullen and
refused to .associate with the men.
The prisoners appointed inen to
watch him.' When they found him
stealing a second time they gave
him a short trial and sentenced
him to a beating. The sentence
was carried out.
Dooley, Ed Fasick and Mrs. Es
ther Fasick were sentenced to
from 25 to 50 years In prison
February 28 and a fourth defend
ant, John Callahan, whs sentenced
to 20 to 50 yeare. The four are
is needed to Quickly. bring about
the - development that will mean (in the county Jail awaiting the f 11
the greatest Oregon Industry fori in of appeals,
all time. ;' - .-. : 1 1
a " ."w !,..-.- 5
Work is going right ahead on
the construction of the Miles
Linen company buildings, on the
RU-BON will heal every spot. Barbers
itch, army Itch, ring; worm. Tetter, ulcers,
old or new, poison ivy, iodine poisons,'
all dermstitee. nrevents blood Boison. R-
diotci dandruff, stops hair from falling
out-. i ou won. t oe bsia or tarn gray
necr ao young It you use KU-BOK, We
Bite orfered lor 13 years flOO if eon Id
be fottnd a case of ECZEMA that con Id
not be healed with RU-BON. Rn-Bon
Skine-Tone 1.00 a bottle. Ointment 50
cents a jar. Ailc your drag-fist. All
wholesale drug houses sell Ru-Boa. If
your druggist tries to sell you. a substi
tuto send direct to us, we ship prepaid
an vrocn ror ai.uu or more.
Kansas City, Mo.
Jl NjSfA'.L 'g&S
Icrry Drutf Store
115 South Commercial
Take Salts At Flrst..Sign.ot Blad-
der Irritation or Back
- ache.
Fairgrounds road- Everything is
to be in readiness for the machin
ery, when it arrives. The plan, as
most readers' know, it to begin
spinning about July 1st.
m V V
The Willamette valley . Is the
best place in the United States to
raise flax," declared D. M. Sanson,
linen manufacturer of Canada and
New; Yprk, in ' An addresa before
the members of the Eugene cham
ber of commerce-at luncheon yes
terday, said a dispatch with a Eu
gene date line in the Oregonian
of yesterday. What Mr, Sahyon
meant, of course, and . probably
said; was that the Wilamette val
ley is the best country in the
world for both the, production of
flax and Its manufacture into the
articles of commerce a combina
tion that; marks thie section as the
future greatest flax and linen cen
ter in the world; -' .
. . m U :
Mr. Sanson la to be the speaker
at the Monday noon luncheon of
the Salem Chamber of Commerce.
V V' V
Do not be surprised at any de
velopment that may come in the
flax and Mlnen industries. The
whole linen world la. now alive to
what we ' hare Jre in opportijni
ties, for big Operations.
The Englishmen are telling us
that the Americans are becoming
thefatteet of earth's humans.
Years' ago Uncle Sam 'and all Am
ericans' wVre shWnvas lean and
corpulent as John Bull ever. wa.
The reason ia that tho Americans
t a Deonle .are taking, on rat.
Many of the American tourists who
are overrunning . the European
capitals are endowed with double
chins. The English comment on
the fact that,, while our dough
boys were a hard and willowy lot
of muscular scrappers, the i pres
ent run of Americans' are fat ad
ott. Rich foods and much riding
in motor cars contribute to this
end. Rich Americans are even
forgetting how, to j walk," except
thee interested in the game of
golf. : . i. .
i - . : --
Wants Article Kepnblished
Editor Statesman: ,
In your Issue of the 15 th Inst.,
appears an article. Quotation and
editorial, which wd think should
reach the hand and engage the
attention of ' hundreds ' who will
probably-nerer see it In Its present
form:; --i i- - .- :- -
,W refer to the article under
the.; caption "The .Prevention .of
Crime,; oiv page seven, giving the
Words of Judge iFawtfett, ot New
York, tis published by the San Jose
i . " --..... . .
Portlanders HaveCharge of
Ceremonial and Class ;
A special degree ' team - or the
Royal Arch Masons, ; Portland
Lodge No. 5, held ceremonial at
the Masonic temple last! night for
the neophytes who: has assembled
here. Delegates ; from Dallas, In
dependence, Woodburn and Silver-
ton were present. . -
The Portland delegation arrived
in the city Saturday, afternoon, un
der the leadership ibf.. Arthur
Molesworth.y high priest; F. Pat
terson, past - high priest and head
of the state organization ; C. B
Woodworth, L.vT, Scott,, formerly
of Salem, and S. A. Woodworth
These men are : members of the
famous degree team which. con
f erred the -general chapter regreea
at' Albany some time ago.
W. C. WInSlow, local anorney,
is high priest of thee local organ
tional task . to'your jof f ice. .
Annreclaling . the . great power
for good that the daily press ex
Arts anil Ar-ntns fm tthia .
torial the rery best possible ap
peal to the public we make bold
to make this request for the bene
fit of our children, our neighbors
and friends. i .': ":
E. S. FOX..
Turner, Ore!, R.3.
March. 17, 1925
by Shirley ' Sharon
ttaihtitgi: Screen Fo r
The American men and women
must guard constantly against kid-
nev trouble because wa nftn Mt
too much rich food, i Our; blood Wiry creatures with naraiy a sur-
la filled with arid. hioh .. fciH-lPiua ounce or ties n. , wow, even
nevs strive to filter out: thev the European cartoonists have ta
weaken from nverwork. W(.m ken to upholstering Uncle Sam. and
sluggish, the eliminatiTA tiasiiaa I Ip some eases they make him as
clog and the result Is kidney trou
ble, bladder weakness and a gen
eral decline in health.
When your kidneys feel like
lumps of lead;" your back'hurts or
the urine, is cloudy, full of sedi
ment, or you are obliged "to seek
relief two or three times during
the night; if you suffer with sick
headache, or dizzy, nervous spells,
acid stomach, or it you have
rheumatism when the weather is
bad, begin drinking lots -of good
soft water i and get from your
pharmacist about four ounces of
Jad Salts. Take a tablespoonful
in a glass of ' water before break
fast for a few days 'and your kid
neya may then act fine. f
- This famous salts is made from
the acid of grapes and lemon juice
combined with lithia, and has been
used for years to help flush and
stimulate clogged kidneys so they
no longer are a source of Irrita
tion, thus often relieving bladder
disorders. .-, :
Jad Salts Is lnexpenslve; can not
injure, makes a delightful effer
vescent llthla-water drink and be
longs in every home, because no
body can ;make a mistake by hav
ing a good' kidney .flushing any
time. By all. means hare your
physician examine your kidneys at
least twice a year. Adv. '
ti"e iiahy
This new idea of l-abs bathing I 111 firn -nl strong. " T6e sec-
screcn answers nianv neHls. ,lt raa? tlort- shuiiid le hirsfed tofi-rthcr.
be made at home br takihir three r TltfiKM ksrsi n the inaWe bold all
wooden - frames, eafh fortr inches -fccd3.tIctim "-poirQcr, cotton,
Jtfgh niia twenty fuchw toe, and pane ohitiiWtit, i fresh elotnes," linen,
toverinjf thciu -on one s'de with -.h:tti
ailcloth. A nurser- dcsin for dec-
orntion may lie cut out of wall paper
and glued acres, the top of the sec
tions. The oilcloth should be glued
to -4 he 'frame and- the 1ack of the
screen , covered with cretonne in a
nuracry jdcslgn. f bis also can be
glued on each frame. If the best
quality liquid glue is used the screen
Fifst 8 ton Paxil : telk'$M AtfrdhUvb PtnA-er Place Card's
v I
' ,1
When pain comes, stop it.
Be ever ready to stop It
fqaickly, night or day. Don't
'suffer any pain which a mo
ment of rubbing can stop.
These Include pains allied
to rheumatism, to soreness,
to lameness, to chest colds.
They can bo stopped at once.
For 65 years they have been
stopped by rubbing with St.
i Jacobs Oil. . - ' . ?
' - As for curing the cause of
the trouble. Nature usually
'does that. ; But don't suffer
j while you wait. St. Jacobs
Oil causes counter, irritation.
(Then It draws the blood ,to
the surface to relieve conges
tion. In a minute or two
you feel that . the ,paia. has
. ebbed. You rejoice in relief.
- Perhaps there are other
ways. But this is the one
way that millions hare used
t have proved ' It t f or . 6 S
rears. Yon can rely on it.
Your druggist guarantees
it. Why take chances when
you know that nothing can
be better 7 :
, Don't wait, for. an emer
gency. It may mean a night
of .pain. , Have St.- Jacobs
Oil ever ready. Apply 1. as
soon as you feel a pain, or
a chest cold. Be .ready to
soothe it, to check it .at
once. There will never be
a better way. Go get it now
to be prepared when pain
comes. It may save to yon
and yours many unhappy!
hours. Adv.
xr. onA -bHaiiM liAcome an' un-
a1 J vuo
dertaker unless his patience is
weu oeT?iopea. ...
Labels on bottles and . clothes
on women are poor things to judge
by. . ".. ! - -V; y
Mercury, and followed by your
own editorial comments.
Ito-rether this Is one of the
most remarkable and praiseworthy
i articles we have ever .aeen. upon
thn nares of any of our .daily
journals as related to the appaling
increase of crime among the
young, and suggesting any form
of remedy or assistant corrective.
We discussed it, and wondered
if the editor would entertain a
suggestion to republish the entire
article on a supplement sheet, to
accomnan-r an early issue of the
Statesman, and. perhaps, issue a
larger number of the supplement-
than. reauired for accompanyment
of the Statesman, so that every
home lit the city and surrounding
country could receive A copy.
I think we can arrahge for the
distribution of copies of the sup
plement without any great addi-
t jtvtls," and a pin ..cushion for used
safety pin. A supply of fresh ones
hangs close by, Th; pockets .s re o(
oilcloth so tlier can be cleaned bf
-rponging. Nail "-porkets securely to
the frame, then turn over the top of
the oilcloth and glue It clown so tne
nails will be covered. Finish pock
ets bv turninr over usual hem width,
gluuig instead ef sewing. . ,
vliS'J.; Ifefnif plafe cards add .toj-rish Tottr onls. Cut small deslgr'
. rv or a ci'oer-tawe. ir tnjlout of wniJ paper ot cretoune .ear
re. jrrtty:tW! guest will take theja'j-lne them on the cards with the be.
-i-f mnl trei re lhm omoni theirlfJalit-r . linruid Hue. .You will hat
rmmtof. 1". jy a picre rof Bristol variety and chrra m yoOT place carr
- ira Cut il.i-Ao i icxes t:;c size roaff-ij n kac-leiL3 of oiija-ty.
Announces the Opening of the New tod -Dignified
: , Aplcal For Justice
Editor Statesman:
Some few. weeks ago an article
appeared in one of the Salem pa
pers headed "Junk Dealer Refuses
to Sell Scrap Iron Pile." This ar
ticle would lead the public t be
lieve that we were defying the
mandates of Salem's ' mayor and
City council, but such is not the
ease. I respect our mayor and our'
council and; their laws, but I want
to be treated just the same' as oth
er business men of Salem are treat
ed no better, no -worse. I and
my wife, have been in business in
Salem for three years at 320-326
N. Commercial street, and we have
found that Salem -was all for Sa
lem people, and we have always
been glad to be known as one of
them and for that reason we are
now asking space In your paper,
which has the welfare -of our city at
heart, to publish, this article. Since
we located here we have bought
from the state and from Salem
people, water pipe, sewer . pipe,
stoves furnaces, grates, and stored
the same in the rear of bur prop
erty, and I want to say right here
that the difference in this Iron
that I bought and new iron is that
this we have is second. hand iron;
that means practically the same
as the difference between an old
man and a young -man. There Is
no filth or smell at all.
Of course I am more than will
Ing to sell, the iron, but I have paid
my good money to the state of
Oregon for some of It, and to the
people of Salem for the balance,
and i would like to get back what
I am out, in cash, at the least for
it. ". v. ;:
Now then, We have always felt
like never troubling trouble till
trouble troubles us,' and when
trouble troubles us, we always
have to look for the reason, and
then try to find a way out of trotl
ble; so after receiving a notice
from the city officials' to move our
old iron, we took a stroll around
the pile, and after wishing it was
all hew iron, so we could have It
:i A
Can now be purchased on a fair and square -easy
The same reliable merchandise . that has ; been carried
the last fourteen years and
No Raise in Prices t
135 N. Liberty Street : Phone 67
fr- A
7 ("TX
1 ' -
uj j rcpt
ft u riA r
fn fn)
-- .
moved inside our salesroom, and
this wish did not come true, we
breathed as hard as we could and
we could not smell anything foul
or bad, so we put on our glasses,
and we could see second hand en
gines, water pipe, sewer pipe and
machinery which had heretofore
given good service to many, many
people in Salem; then we faced
about and took a squint at our
neighbors Joining on the rear, and
our hearts Just felt as if it were
true that ' there were unsightly
back yards In Salem on every
hand. Just then my glasses moved
to another back yard, ahd'oh. What
a sight I did see, property owned
and. in the control of he -elty of
Salem ! Why- if I wereh't a part
of Salemj I would, picture with In
digestion the feeling in my heart
for our city officials living in
glass houses and throwing stones.
After our dream was all over, and
we came to ourselves, we realized
that one man, a brother business
man of Saleta, who Is always pok
ing his head into others' business,
has caused us all this trouble.
I cvvntrjiar&cnxir cityrecj-iardm
I restaurants. . . .
It is a comfprtinf wtirrvweiUiar f?"
rep d C3dne inmtt intended -far
privwta Kft la tke ountty tbe seml
public Kft of dry roof rmawmnts. The
loag, dost ato used f cat Xth
same type of balUeas drea made of sCk
alpaca with the hL which Mlawa the
RussiaBdoamg.d printed rpdeC&e-
une can auo taae advantage of the two ;
Kdes of crepe satin by using the alay
side for tie dress and the duU f or the
The short tve lt
worn with both tl long sleeve and the
iMevdmdita-.: Jt
EV EkY Davenpon And Chair on our floor has been
, . : designed and made with a clear understanding of
, the requiremen:s"of modern Home interiors, j From 7
the quality of coverings to the depth of the cushions
and upholstery, from the life long strength 6f the
frame to the enduring and beautiful finish of every
suite and every, piece, we guarantee ybu will be one
hundred per cent.satisfied.
I' We have just received many new patterns and col
ors in the fabrics and many with new and ' novel de
signs or two-tone effects,
Beautiful Mohair Davenport,
your choice of covers and two
fpS' I"L $105.00
All Mohair Davenport Mahogany $174.00
Hand Blocked Mo- Cl OQ ft fl
h a i r Davenport, v 1 0J v If
special . . s
Baker steel cut velour Daven
port, choice six Cp .A ' CA
Hand Blocked Velour Davenport,
very -p?" , $1390.
Tapestry DaVenport (f1 CQ
very specialii.. vJl3U
Genuine' Lteather OtS
Davenport special (Ui
Genuine Spanish --Ot jOO )f'
Leather Davcnportv 1 U J v J
Full Morocco Lea- Cl IC fFfl
ther Davenport iplflD.UU
Where You , Can Always Do Better .
. t.
The HaU Chair Ton VVant
! A can back and seat Hill
Shair in mahegkhy flhlah in a
simple but sturdy design. A
type of chair rapidly ecQ thing
more popular. We have priced
these chairs at a Very I titer eat
ing figure .". . .f 22.SO
. - . Coxwell Chairs
These fine Coxwell Chairs
have double- Marshall 'spring
' . fcfiat cofistnjetion, genuine fna-
hogany arms and mahogany fin-'
, ish. base. -4 Upholstered in fine
grade mohair.r t
Wins Chairs, the Vogue
This. Wing Chair is Just as
comfortable, as it. Is goodloOk-'
Ing.-; The framework is mahog
any. ? The cane back and Ide
panels give a decided air of dis
tinction ... .$23.00
. For thosd who do not care to
"pay cash we have a convenient.
dignified plan of Deferred Pay
, tnents, .without interest.
1 S
, c.