The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 22, 1925, Page 20, Image 20

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    .' 'SUNDAY M0RNING3IARCH 22, 192t- '
I... "BAPTIST -v l.'
nnST Corner Liberty and Marlon
streets. Hev. : E WL Shanks, pastor.
Bible school 9 -At. Ed. Scbunke. su
perintendent. Classes for alt ages. Bv
rvtoJy; welcoma. Morning worship
3 L Prelude Entree- tor C Rosaeau.
Art-emi -Jubilate in B Flat Nevin.
Of-, nery "Allegro' Moderate in E Flat.
Vecal. solo: -Beyond the, Dawn"
Fa n dersoh,'. v lire. Ermine Bushnell
Fa - Junior story: "The By Tramp'
Eerjnon': - "Tfe Confession of Christ."
Pet lude : Sortie J, 1 Battraan. B.
T'. C. U. :S. Subject r "The Kmg
dora ; Without ATalla. Arthur Smlther.
leader. .Intermediate B. Y. P. U. :3Q.
All-people ol Junior High School age
are invited. Misses Vaadevort and
Kef milst, : advisers, v, Kveain worship
7:3p. Poetluder 'In Prayer J. Lr
man, Anthem : The Spirit of Our Fa
thers Shelley. Offertory : Sobs at the
Stars Rosenrrana Sermon: The.aCB
of Jesus. f FoaUude: "Aalen" J. I
Faitman. Mid-week prayer meeting
1 :30 Thursday evening". Everybody In
cited. Come t the "Church That Wel
comes Strang art." ;
JFJRST liberty and. Center St, W.
C. Kantner, minister. Sunday- School
at JO a. , m., classes for all ages. A
place and'- a- welcome for you. MVX..
McCallieter,, superintendent. Moraine
worship at 11' a. m. Sermon subject :
Th Well at the Gate of Bethlehem.?
Chtistian Endeavor at ;3v p. a. Eve
ning worship at 7:30 p. ml with' pro
gram - of .song; sermon, pictures. In
the ;song service everyone takes part.
The' brief - sermon will . have as its
theme: "The Mffht That Never Fails."
Th( picture 'will show us the region
made famoua by the ."Pllgjrinj ' Fth
era . Prayer meeting Thursday 1 :M
p.'m. rrh Xiord s Prayer" is the ba
sis f a-series of studtesNjrOLtai'e
aytlte ni.ont of the frwric of topics
will be "Our Father's 'ttQx?U .
, ' .
'CENTBAU Barry W. Johnson,
minister; -Sunday school aad morning
worship at It? a. m. Young Peoples
meeting at :3b p.. m. Final Review
of ; Jesus , Principles of Living. , 7 :J0
preaching, servke anthem ,"He ,Xead
eth, Me":' sung' by. the - chorus .choir.
Sermon: "A; Christian ; Interpretation
of pemocracy,.
; V : 'I -1 CHRISTIAN ' ) '
1 FIRST Center and High, streets.,
J.: ; J. . Evans, minister : Miae Vivian
WhltJen xhercb assistant : Mhs Hattle
Mitchell.' missienary. . The Ten.;Vir
glnt" will be given In pantomime at
ihat'opehlng-of the evening church ser
vjce. ;Tb sermon will be an
Interesting feature o fthe program.
The sermon wtll be founded upen , the
parable. Musical numbers during the
day's servlees Will be given under the
direction of Miss Whlsler, Dr. H .C.
Krley will, bare charge of the Bible
school period.4- The men's class, at -the
Bligh ' theater invites the men of the
classes to Join In their program at :45.
Prominent incidents record in the Old
Testament wilt be considered! by. the
Uacher, J. J. Evans. The young peo
ple of the church meet in tws groups
at t :30. The services of the day will
be- interesting, and spiritually helpfuL
COURT STREET Cor. Court and
N. 17th Sts.. R. L. Putnam, minister.
Bible school 9:45 a. m., Chris Kowitx.
superintendent , Music furnished by
Miss Turner's orchestra. Our aim. Is
an increased attendance each week
till Easter. Let's all . be boosters.
Friends not attending, any school are
invitee). A graded church school. Jun
ior following coram union service. Faith
OHraen superlateBdeet MoxnJns wor
ship 11 a. m. Sermon: "What If Tou
Should meet. Jesus in Salem T' Two
gospel teams visit the shut-ina 1a the
afternoon. Mrs. Grace Kowitx in
charge. Christian Endeavor societies
t :30. Senior and Intermediate meet at
same time. Evangelistic service T:St
Sermon : "Jesua and Nlcodemua. Mon
day 7 :3t all those helptns in the Pre
Easter campaign are expected: to meet
for final set-up- roeetlaf;. , Thursday is
Church Day. An interesting' program
X to, p. ins A hearty welcome is ac
corded alt whd worship with ms.
; ' i METHODIST - 4 - ; Y.
of . North Winter and Market streets.
Rev. Mortimer C. Clarke, pastor. Sun
day school at 1:45, Dr. Frank S.
Shuts, supC Classes for all sizes and
ages manned and consecrated teachers
who believe the Bible to be God's in
spired word.. Preaching hours 11 and
7 :5. CtaM meeting at ; 12 :45, Mrs,
Ida Garrett leader. Young people's
netiag at :3, Mfre. Miu-Uia. Jaouet,
leader. Prayer and praise aervtce at
T:31 led by the-, pastor- The . revival
services which have been in progress
In the church for three weeks will
eesne- to a, close with the service, Sun
day evenisg , The pastor and; people
hajMi rejoiced in the splesdid meetings
of the past weeks. The sermorm by Uie
evangelist have been of a high order
and have been splendidly received. He
will bring three messages on Sunday.
One in the nuproiog at 11, another at
3 o'clock and the closing message at
in the evening. In the afternoon fcta
subject will be "The Second Return of
Our Lord . to This Earth." Sunday will
be an all day meeting. Alt are re
ouested . to- bring1 a basket dinner . Hot
drrake w4H 4e served free. All are In
vited to tbe present and you will enjoy
the spJendkl spiritual ataioophere of
this church. . (
I. - mission '
-GXWO TIDINGS 34 1-2 Court St.
C. S. Johnson, pastor. - Sunday school
at 3 p. re. Services- at 3 and 7 :30
p. m. Meetings off Tuesday, Wednes
day and Saturday evenings.! We be-
llv In: tfiA rA tmA rAlIfi-fkn mil
preach the 'full GoepeV. The, Spifit Is
f church, and community not hx. other with us in singhur , prayer and testl-services.
mony. 1 We pray for the sick. . Many
ate being heated- ' Come, aad we will
pray with you. .. . .
' ;' NAZAREKB ' v-" -Nineteenth
and Marios streets. C H.
Hopkins, ntialster. Sunday . school
:4 a. m., W. B. Hardy5 sup t Morn
ing worship at 11 o'clock. Sermon by
the pastor. . Subject : "Kindness of
God." Young people's meeting - at
t ;3 p. m.. Miss Hat lie Meggers, presi
dent . Evening service at 1:30. Serrnoa
by Rev. Mary.L. H. Hopkins. Subject:
"Prayee Answered. Wednesday even
ing at T:3t prayer and praise service.
Everybody welcome.
BETHANY" Of . Capitol and, Marion
streets. Sunday school It a. m. and
German preaching service 11. a. ra. No
evening service. M. Denny, minister,
r SCANDINAVIAN Fifteenth t and
Mill - streets. Patrick Daulin. pastor.
Sunday school 10 a. m.. Gust. Ander
son., supt. Morning worship in, Swed
ish at 11 i. n. Ep worth League at t
p. m, and a social hour between 7 and
& p. m. Opening service at 8 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday at 7:30 p,
m. You are cordially invited to the
meetings. . .
FIRST Meeting this Sunday even
ing, March 32. at 7:30. ' Woodman
Hall Elks Building). Mr. F. W. Par-
ker will be the speaker. A cordial
invitation is extended to the public,
North Winter and Jefferson streets.
Thomas Ache son, pastor. Leroy- Waker,
assistant, in charge of the Junior
church. Beginning this Sunday evening
and continuing until April 12, this
church will be engaged in an active
intensive evangelistic campaign. Ser
vices "will be held twice on Sunday
and continued ; every evening; ot the
week (Saturday excepted) at 7:30
p. m. The public is cordially Invited
to share with us in these meetings,
They will be entirely in the control
of local leadership, and free from, the
extravagances and embarrassment that
sometimes afflict such evangelistic ef
forts. The gospel will, however, be
preached faithfully, and the aim is a
spiritual uplift for Christians, and a
chance for all who will to begin the
Christian life. At 11 a. m. in prepar
ation for the special meetings the Sac
rament of the Lord's Supper will be
observed. Sermon theme: "The-' Road
To The Passover Room"' by the pastor.
Rv. Waker wilt preach te the Junior
church down stairs at this hour. Young
people up to 16 years of age welcomed.
7:30 p. m. Revival services begin.
Orchestra music will add to the en
joyment of the song service. The new
song books will be used. Theme :"Mak
in A Spiritual Awakening Possible."
Pastor in charge. Strangers personal
ty greeted and made to feel at home.
The other services of the day are :
Sunday school r45 a. m. with classes
for all ages. Harry Carpenter' ta sup
erintendent, Young people's hour 6:30
p. m. when the Wesy and Epworth
Leagues meet in separate -rooms for
devotional meetings. The public has
standing .invitation to all of the
FIRST On Church street . between
Chemeketa and Center streets. Ward
WllUa Long; minister. ; t :30 a. m.
Sunday school. ' H. 3.1 Barrett, supt
Owr Sunday school: is advancing in a
nesst satisfactory manner. "Five Hun
dred By Easter is the slogan. Classes
and department, fee all ages and a
warm, welcome . te; all. 11:00 a. m..
Morning Worship, i Sermon "The Res
toration of Peter", by Rev.. Charles S.
Poling. The' quartet will , sing- " Oh
That I Had Wings Like A Dove."
6 :30 p. m.. Rally and mass' meeting of
Young People's Societies in the Senior
roora. Each , society will contribute a
mwial miuic number to the program
sod Mies Winona- R. Jewell, national
field secretary of the young peoples
branch of the W. C. T. U. wlU speak.
Miss Jewell come to us well recom
mended SfrM ta a. consecrated Chris
tian yonug woman and has a great
message of good- citizenship for the
vounz neonle. 7 :30 d. m.. Evening
worship. Congregation ' Gospel , song
service led by the large cnorus cnoir
under the direction of Mr. Poling, who
will also deliver . the message of the
eventner.-hut subject being "The Price
of a SouL The public is cordially in
vited to. this and all the Pre-Easter
services now being held in this church.
Cottace and Chemeketa streets. Rev.
Martin Fereshetian, minister. Church
school at 10 a. m. Graded instruction.
Miles H. McKey, supt. Devotional
services at 11 a. m. Subject of the
sermon, "The Greatest - Gift." Mrs.
M, Fereshetian, contralto soloist of the
enure will sing xne unna riownmn
by Clarke
FTRST Corner Tweltfth and Mis
sion streets. Sunday "school 10 a. m.
We have efficient' teachers and classes
for all ages. W, W. Wells, supt
Preaching 11 a. m. "by Mrs. Alice Dur
ham, evangelist who will open a re
vival ; campaign of old - time religion.
Mrs. Durham has had a wide experi
ence in misMion, rescue and evangelis
tic work. This will not be a theologic
al contest but she will bring the Gos
pel messages in simplicity and earn
estness . She will be assited by Miss
Teaa Peterson,' deaconess. Many spe
cial services will be announced later.
Services every evening at 7:30 with a
lively song service. We 'ask the co
operation, of all who believe the Bible
to be the word of God. Christian En
deavor 6:30 Sunday evening. Topic:
"What Can We Do te Win, Others to
Christ." Leader, Miss Alta Zinn. The
young people are especially invited to
this service, you are cordially invited
to any or all services- and will be made
to feel at home. Come and bring your
children. If yea can not bring them
they will be well cared for. All are
welcome. C. W. Tibbet pastor.
CASTLE Corner Nebraska, ave.
and Seventeenth street. Rev. Z. C.
Mower, pastor. Bible school 9:45 a.
tu. The 11 a. m. hour Is given to Miss
Jewwell of the W. C. T. U. Y. P. C. E.
session. Intermediate and Junior 6:30
p. m. All are cordially Invited to at
tend all these services.
1 -
I VVetern Aoto" opened its first store on
the Pacific Coast ' From tnis bumble be-,
srinninsr has grown the largest organiza
tion of its kind in the world, operatinsr 120
stores, located in the leading cities of nine'
western .states. x- - - ;
' The motorists xif the west were quick to realize the many, ad vantages at buying at Western Auto They were quick
q .sense une c ecu viiy or oom? Dwness wim ji awo xuaiAnvaco ixw uxa. aiscj cid 4uacv i apicwf,irc
1925 MARCH - 192.S
ird;T-sndab!e A?essoria: Sunnliea and Parts. They learned to look udoo the"Weatern Auto" salesmen and managers
i s thdr frienda men that they could trust men always ready and happy to serve in the full meaning of our slogan,
lr"2aviraid-Service X- . x o -; 5. VCJ- i-'.'-f
fLast year, five million individual sales were made in "Western Auto" stores. You will better understand the reasons
manager. ,
Safety Peda Pads
tuto's'vtremendous growth and the reasons why so many motorists have designated their "Western Auto"
Supply; Headquarters, if you will visit the store in your locality and make the "acquaintance of the store
"Klassy" Step Plates
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Pedal ade klve the .drWer 'perfect
2 rontroi-ef the brake l-eny emergency.
I -They areraade.of live btack Para rub-:.
f her and flt U makes or
1 ' care. Per pair- . . ...A .
Per set of a, fox reeds..... 95e
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1 as. s v
This Week's Special
Gemini? A.. Spark Plugs
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" 4Cy :-T .iTV N L , - J
Salcn Stcrc Court and Hish
Tor Your
Open Until
9 P. H.
Tabernacle Ferry street. The Mission
ary convention ha been going on in
fine spirit threughout the week. Speak
ers present are Rev., W. W, Newberry,
dean of the Simpson Bible school, Se
attle ; i Rev.?. Brickley, - Seattle ; Rev.
Morgan Windom Minn. Missionaries,
Rev. B. earner or incua, ana Miss
Alice Backlund of -India. These mis
sionaries are fresh from the field and
bring us interesting and helpful news.
Sunday afternoon preabcing service,
Dean Newberry will speak. Evangel
ist, Fredric J. Bett Will take part in
the service. Sunday evening- special
music and song, ooo of the visiting
brethren will speak. -. Sunday school
2 p. m. Classes for atL- Tuesday and
Friday evenings, speck i services 7:30.
1341 North Church street. J. J.
Gillespie, pastor. Sunday, school -10
a. m. Preahclng servkie J 11 a. m.
Subject: "Paul's inspired Record That
The End of Time Will Come at Christ's
Coming and the Son Will Then be
Subject to the Father. -Instead of
Reigrdns; on the Earth 1009 Tears"
Cor. IS :23-28. Young people's services
6:45. Song, testimony and preaching
service, 7 :30. Singing class 7 p. ra.
and the regular weekly prayer meeting
7 :30. Mrs. E. P. Mills, leader. A cor
dial invitation is given to the -public
to attend the services.
7 L B. & A. '
International Bible Students associa
tion. ; Meetings are lie Id every Sunday
in Derby Building, corner of Court and
High streets. Bible study 10 to 12
a. rru Ezekiel's Temple study 3 p. m.
At 8 p. m. there will be given a public
lecture entitled "God's Kingdom Has
Come." Millions now. living will never
die. What did Jesus mean when He
said : "My Kingdom is not of this
world"? How will man be reinstated
In God's favor? When did the king
dom begin to operate? Come and hear
these -perplexing questions answered.
pastor. Church is at corner of 13th
and Center streets. Sunday school
begins at 10 o'clock with classes in
German and English for young and
old. At 11 o clock the pastor will
speak on The. Relation of the Great
Tribulation to the Rapture." This
service is in German. At 7 o'clock
Epworth League meeting followed by
th regular evening service at which
time a discussion on . Revelations will
be taken up. This being the second
la the series. All evening services are
in the English language. Cottage
rt-ayer meeting- Wednesday, 7:43 at
ii. JA. Qrallap.
FIRST CHURCH Corner of Liberty
and Chemeketa streets. Sunday morn
ing services at 11 o'clock, Sunday even
ing at 8. Subject of lesson sermon
"Matter. Two Sunday school sessions,
one ut f :30 a. m. and one at 11:00
a. m. 'Wednesday evening testimonial
meeting at 8 o'clock. Reading room
209 Masonic Temple, open every day
except holidays and Sundays from
11:15 to 5:30 p. m. All are cordially
invited to our services and to our
reading room.
ST. PAUL'S Church street at Che
meketa. Rev. H. D. Chambers, rector.
"Fourth Sunday in Lent." Holy En
char tet at 7:30 a. m, in the chapel.
Chrurch school at 9:45. Morning
prayer, litany and sermon at 11 a. m.
This will be laymen's Sunday and the
service. will be taken by lay readers,
the rector preaching the sermon. Vest
ed choir under the direction of - Mrs.
Riddle. F. P. F. at I p. m. St. Paul's
extends a welcome to all.
FIRSTLlberty at Center, -C. C.
Poling, minister. Sunday morning will
be our lat communion service for this
conference year. A full attendance ot
the membership ia expected. The sub
ject of the pastor's sermon will be,
"Christ Revealing himself te the Dis
ciples in Breaking of Bread." No evening-
service a we are in the union
meetings held at the , Presbyterian
church. Church school at 9 :45. The
Junior church at 11 a. m. The Juniors
will unite in the communion services.
Senior Christian Endeavor at'C:15.
Meet promptly so all can attend the
meetings in the Presbyterian church at
7:30. All midweek services are called
off during this meeting. Great inter
est is being: manifested at present and
we expect to grow from day to day.
This and .Sunday. 29. wiU close .the
conference year, so a full attendance
Is desired. Welcome to all.
Eighteenth streets, G. Koeliler, pastor.
xnere will be Sunday .school at 9 :30
a. m. Divine service with sermon in
English at 10:30 a. m. The' pastor
will preach on our Savior's fourth word
from the cross. The- Luther' League
meets at 1, p. m. Topic; "What Can
We D Ta Win Others To Christ T'
Evening service, at 7:45 p. m. ' The
Sunday school teachers meet on Thurs
day at i :su p. m. .Bible school, on
(Saturday from 9 to 12 a. m. A. hearty
FIRST Corner, of State and Church
streets. Class meeting. 9:15 a. m.
George P. Litchfield, leader. Sunday
acnooi : s a. m. AU thought is be inn
turned toward Decision Day, which has
necn set apart for a Sunday of , the
Easter season. The morning worship
service at 11 o'clock will be in charee
of. Miss Mary E- Flndley, assisted by
representatives of the Junior Official
Board: Eloise White and Howard
Bergman. Junior ushers will also a
eist, . Indeed the entire service will be
suggestive of the Junior Church, whine
usually, meets in the - Annex, at the
same hour. The Juior 15 minute ser
mon will 'be "The Master's Smile.'
Later la the service .Miss Findley will
give a abort . summary ef "The Task
of Keligous Education at First Church.
The three chapters of the Epworth
League will meet at :30-in their re
specUve places. These services will be
followed by the evening: service of .wor
ship at 7:30. A welcome is extended
to all members and friends " of First
Chemeketa street. F, W. ' Launer,
pastor. Sermon at 11 a. m.-Subject
"Sinful Weepia.M At 7 :30 the subject
will be "Melody In The Heart" . Our
Sunday school at 10 a. m. We , welcome
every one to our school. A real in
terest is shawn to every ne. O. R.
Strausbaugh has charge of the school.
Evangelical League ' at :30. Miss
Clara Crowe will lead. The Bible
study is under the leadership of Miss
Beaulah Launer. - Prayer services Thurs
day evening. The stranger - Is made
welcome at these .services.
HIGHLAND Corner Higbbtad ave.
and Churcbi street. Edgar - P. . Sims,
PHStor. Sunday services: Bible school
at 10 km. Walter Stanton, supt. Meet
In gfor -worship at 11 a. m. Young
People's C. E-. :3 p. na. Evening
service 7 ;30 p. nt. Kpecial Meetings
will begin en Thursday .evening at
7 :10, with Paul B. Llndle.ef Urbana,
Ohio, as EvaageUst. Coma and enjoy
these meetings .with us. .
- LESUEar. South Cotamarcial and
Meyers streets. IL F. Pemberton, pas
tor, iou are cordially Invited to -ft
" .
UJs5 A J?' - r
' -VI it W J . - -- - - m
hJJm' r " IT. r
A ride in his' compact four-passenger
Hupmobile coupe will- make . it clear
-why it is to much 'used as an indi
vidual car. - y j - . -
Its color of blue or beige greatly en
hances its appearance.. And the Duco
finish retains that new car look indefi
nitely. Balloon tires are available at
alight extra cost as are natural wood or
disc steel wheels. .
The fourth seat is full-size, with thickly
padded spring cushions. Space behind
the driver's seat offers a convenient
place for parcels.
The capacious rear deck compartment
accommodates fuit cases, golf bags,
and so on. ; ... " '-. . ;
Most important of all, this car assures
you of the kind of behavior, the Ion
life and the daily service which have
brought thousands of the keenest motor
car j judges to the conviction that no
other car can possibly match the Hup
mobile in these qualities. ;-."'.
We urge you to let ua. demonstrate
thia handsome modeL A. phone call
will hiring one to your door and the
obligation wUl be entirely oa pur part.
tian character building the aims of
this school. Ton and your children
will find this hour worth while. All
young people welcome at the Epworth
League meetings at 4:30. The Inter
mediate League- meets in Leslie Hall
and the Ieslie Ieague in the church.
Live, interesting meetings. Morning
worship at 11 o'clock. . Sermon sub
ject: "A New Patch On An Old Gar
ment. Evening meeting at 7 :30. Sub
ject : "Going Out With the Tide." Come
and enjoy the Christian fellowship and
neighborly- atmosphere oflthis church.
Excellent music by the chorus choir,
plain Gospel preahclng and a home
like cheer will make you want to come
again. Make this your home church.
Visitors and strangers especially wel
come. . -. . .
' . . i
Ex-Convict From Oregon
Starts on New Sentence
20. Charles A. Stevens was. re
arrested as he emerged from, the .
federal penitentiary today -where8
he had served eight years for the
theft of mall pouches at Syracuse,
Kansas. .
He was charged with robbery of
the mails at Topeka, Kan, ;
Stevens had previously served
sentences for thefts in Kansas.
City, Sooth Dakota and Oregon.
Invest a litfle each week g
; for tKis stuiimers .vacation a car for fishing,
;--v-;-o--"..JS-i iy:'-: -for trips to . the.
country, for Sunday picnics. ; Small weekly payments out of
earnings will soon give you deHvery of a' car, i - ;
Under the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan you can start with
practically any amount you want, and make deposits of any
size you find most convenient. Almost before you realize
it you will have the car paid for. , ;
165,000 people have already purchased their Fords in this
way. Ask the nearest Authorized5 Ford Dealer to 'esplain
how they did it and how easUy you can do the same. See
him today rewrite us direct. , '
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