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Home and
Department of Education and Inspiration fox
Helen Harrington Downing, THredor Home
Calumet Baking Powder Co., Chicago,
are many who plan to en
tertain at some holiday time be
cause of the opportunities afford
ed for table decoration and color
arrangement. St. Patrick's day
offers ap. opportunity to gve the
happy 'springtime tone that is
needed to cheer one over the dis
mal days of March rains and
winds toward the sunny j balmy
days that are drawing near. Green
plant, shamrocks, i 'green crepe
paper trimmings, etc., against a
back-ground of white certainly as
sure? us that "spring is not far
" -If small -tables are to be used,
as for a card party or tea, have
two different arrangements for
decoration and then alternate the
tables. For one effect, f use jf!:.a
green and white checked gingham
table cloth, with paper napkins,
or gingham napkins" to match the
cloth. 1 Inexpensive glass j candle
holders may be purcnased at the
ten-cent stores and if place at
each corner of the I table with
green candles inserted therein will
start you on your, decorative way.
An inexpensive but attractive cen
terpiece, that was used at a
church social not long ago, was
a child's toy wagon painted green
and filled with Irish potatoes.
The alternating tables could be
covered "with small white cloths
. Perfect Digestion Means
: . a Clear Complexion
Always Produces Foods
That Are Easily Digested
We Have an Exception
ally Fine Lot of Meats for
Our Customers to! Select
i " -': " ' : ! ' - ; '. , j! ' ' I . I ; ; r;
From This Week!
Prices the Lowest
Quality Unexcelled
. n'hK, rv:;-:? ;v Y&-'H
i ' Orlrjlnators of Low Prices
- 1 ; . 4: 351 State : S trcct H "HA i 1y
Kitchen Suggestions
and scattered j here and there,
leaves of real j shamrock ' or cut
outs of bristol board or crepe
paper. The center-piece might be
a plant of real shamrocks. If care
fully arranged lone could use for
a centerpiece as many of the tiny
pots of shamrocks as there are
guests. Tie to each a green rib
bon and have the ribbons radiate
to each plate, f ;' There is found
a tiny metal pig tied . to the end
of the ribbon, or possibly a paper
potato basket f filled with green
candies. Afterwards, each , guset
may draw his little plant of sham
rocks from the center. ? ;
, If a card party is planned, or
any party -where partners :. must
be chosen, arrange sufficient slips
of paper containing-such combina
tions as "cornbeef and cabbage,"
"ham and eggs," , "bread and
milk," "Ice cream and cake," etc.
Then clip these in halves and dis
tribute to thej guests. Let them
match up their halves as someone
reads the correct combinations.
-If one bas time, a Cross-word
puzzle is interesting and in keep
ing with the j present . "craze."
Such a game will prove quite en-,
tertaining. The blocks in the puz
zle design may be painted or cray
oned in green. K . ,
The menu, of course, must be
just as Interesting and appropri
ate as the decorations. Salads,
the Housewife
1 V ' t '
green garnishes for salads, green
sandwich filling such as chopped
olive's and cream cheese or nuts,
stuffed green peppers, pistachio
Ice cream or cakes with pistachio
frosting, candy, mints, etc., all
offer Ideas tor "decorative"' re
freshments. SUNDAY-'- DIXXKRS AND SUP-
!-'. . pEits -' f I
Pineapple Mint Cocktail
Pressed Chicken Cream Potatoes
Buttered Green Beans i r
Lettuce Ealad French Dressing
I Chocolate Ice Cream ! .i
Apple 'Salad with Cream Dressing
Brown Bread and. Butter . Sand
.. " wlches i : . r -
Tea Devil's Food Cake
Cream of Celery Soup ;
; Roast Leg of Lamb Relish j"
Browned Potatoes Gravy; ?
Buttered Beets ;" I
Orange Bavarian Cream
Green Pepper Salad 0
Egg Sandwiches !
Lettuce Sandwiches I .
Strawberries and Cream
- Tea ' '
Vegetable Cocktail
Fish Mousse Creamed Potatoes
.Spinach mashed with Eggs
Apricot Ice Cream f Sponge Cake
Stuffed Tomato Salad
Graham-Bread and
Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Cake . Hot Chocofate I
Devil's Food Calce , '
2cups brown sugar ; i
cup shortening h :v
2 teaspoons (level) "baklnfe pbwder-
teaspoon soda t
2 squares bitter chocolate r.
1 teaspoon salt cup sour milk
2 cups pastry flour
2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla
' ' 1 cup hot water i . .
Sift together dry ingredients.
Add milk, melted shortening' and
drop In eggs. Mix well. Cook
chocolate and hot water' ; until
thick. .. Add to cake mixture with
flavoring. Put into three layer
pans and bake in a moderate oven
(375 degrees) for 25 minutes; In
loaf at 350 degrees for 45 min
utes. . 1 . - ; . ,
Fish Mousse j j
1 one-pound can salmon, tuna
or other fish (left-over fish may
be used) , ;
tablespoon salt ; i
; 1 tablespoon sugar
1 : teaspoon mustard '
cup scalded milk
1 " tablespoons melted butter
2 yolks of eggs, beaten fi ;
cup hot vinegar .' s
tablespoon granulated gela-'
tine ' '. , : -?
s 2 tablespoon cold water
Shred fish. Mix the dry Ingre
dients. Pour over,, gradually, the
scalded milk, and place in double
boiler, and cook 5 minutes. Then
add the melted butter, beaten
yolks, with a tablespoon of cold
water : and the hot vinegar. Stir
and cook a moment. Add the
granulated gelatine, softened in
two 1 tablespoons of cold water.
Stir until melted, add the fish,
land turn into small moulds t to
harden. s
. There is no doubt that the fash
ion of cooking in . casseroles has
come to stay in this country; and
it is hardly a matter of surprise
when the advantages of this form
of cookery are considered," The
sooner the casserole: utensil be
comes an indispensable part of oar
kitchen outfit, - the better for it
makes In every way for "economy
Jeconomy of materials, time and
labor. .. : ' J "'; '
These area - fey of the advan
tages of cooking in a casserole:
First The flavor of the' food
cooked is brought out when It is
prepared in a casserole. .
Second When vegetables- are
cooked in a casserole--and nearly
all vegetables are ? wonderfully
better when cooked by this method
a small amount of water. t in
many cases seasoned stock, should
be used. . '
Third Left-overs, salads ami
small entrees of all kinds, may
he served in a most - attractive
manner In ramequins or individual.
casseroles. ' " - ' , : -
Fourth, The cooking in casse-"
role dishes Is slow but thorough,
and all the nutritions elements in
the " "viands are preserved. The
cover must fit snugly to each uten4
sll to prevent too rapid escaping
of the aromas and flavors.: Some
times a strip of cloth, spread with
a soft paste of flour and water
or mashed potatoes, is pressed
over the joining of the casserole
and th cover, end the heat of
the oven finishes the sealing of
the dish. .When the dish is ready
to serve, the trlp of cloth, and
paste is, removed. - ,
i Fifth Because of the fact that
the food is cooked slowly and
evenly, lees fuel Is used and once
the materials have been started
cooking, they require little atten
tion. Sixth ' The cleanliness and
wholesoineness of a casserole
make it especially valuable in
preparing food for the invalid and
the convalescent, r
Seventh- Another advantage of
casserole cooking, especially in a
family where for some reason or
another, meals are irregular, is
that the dish can be kept waiting
for a considerable time without
losing its heat and without deteri
oration. Food can be left In a
casserole with perfect." safety as!
long ,as. desired -A l- : j
The next : time you,. ; have a
baked dish for ; your dinner, why
not utilize the heat of the oven
for . casserole ' dessert and
think" of the time, energy and
dish-washing you ; will save; ? or
why "not ' make " your next vege
table dinner, supper or luncheon,
one of casserole - dishes Bay
Curried Vegetables as the prin
cipal dish and then have a Cho
colate Rice Meringue or Bread
Pudding for your Casserole des
sert? We seldom think of scalloped
fruits, but scalloped apples, apri
cots, peaches, etc., make splendid
casserole dishes.
Ham and Potatoes en Casserole
(4 .Portions)
1 pound slice of ham about
two-third inch thick
4 new potatoes : ' ' -
1 cup flour
,12 cloves
2 tablespoon chopped parsley
' 2 tablespoon of flour . . l
Have a frying pan very hot.!
Add the ham and brown tho
roughly on both sides.. Add the'
water and let. boll for 1 minute J
Remove the ham. .. Stick ; the,:
cloves Into it and place .R Jn the
bottom of a casserole. Add pars
ley and paprika to the. water in
the pan and pour the liquid over
the meat. Cover nd bake in a
moderate oven for half an : hour.'
Roll the potatoes (which have
been washed and peeled) in the
flour, and add to - the casserole:
Baste with the liquid. Cover and
cook 94 of an hourt Serve in
the casserole. " ' . t .,
; Pork Chops en Casserole '
6 pork chops. 4 cup brown
6 sweet potatoes , sugar
1 to 2 cups milk. Salt and pepper
Place a layer of sweet potatoes;
sliced crosswise, in a greased
casserole, dust' with salt, pepper
and a little brown sugar; conti
nue the loyers until the casserole
is about two-thirds full. Heat
the milk and. pour it over the
potatoes; it should just cover
them. Place:, the pork chops on
top of the potatoes,- cover and
bake for; an hour, then remove
the. ,coverP and season with salt
and, pepper. , Leave tover off and
cook until; chops are tender and
browned on top. a. -
VVe are not vindicitive, but we
confess that our soul itches to hate
an umpire again.
Thinking of t
When you think of quality and
say "Artstyle," that's the same
as saying that nothing could be
more delicious.
The Artstyle . .1 1
Red Box
contains an assortment
and quality that is unriv
alled at the price. ; ,
Thirty-nine pieces. 1
Nineteen kinds, all gener
ously coated with incom
parable Artstyle Chocolate,
the finest coating that can
.be made. - Artstyle Choco
lates are designed to fit
' every taste; demand, occa
. sion or pockelbook.
The lied Box
I'c? pound
Perry Drui Storo
Iln Boatb Commercial 1
-4ALEU om:ao7
hrn Uh Wrfl Hrn team " leaving. soon ' - 710 .
Jobbing and Retail Show Ex
pansion; Buying Declared
to Be Only Fair
.NE WYORK, March 13. Brad
street's tomorrow will say: v
'.'A week of spring weather has
found reflection in a moderate
increase in jobbing and retail
trade and some expansion in build
ing operations and in buying of
construction materials, . Taken as
a whole, however,; spring buying
is hardly better than fair, and
caution still characterizes pur
chases. While "mail order and
chain store sales showed good ex
pansion in February, department
store trade as reported by the fed
eral reserve bank, shows a smaller
movement In that1 month than a
year ago, thus repeating the report
as to-' January trade. ' -In Febru
ary, as in '' June, ' trade "seems to
have been best in the northwest
and in the south west,? this latter.
by the way, despite continued jlry
weather in Texas "where rain is
needed to put the. soil in condi
tion for plowing, planting and
crop growth. This week's report
indicates the need of rain in Iowa
and in Louisiana."
Weekly bank clearings. $9,059,-
316,000. i
Selling Regardless of-Value
Brings i Heavy betback;
Rains Are Cause
CHICAGO, March 13 Immense
selling' regardless ' of ; ..value
swamped the wheat market today.
In the end wheat prices were down
as much as 15 c a bushel, chief
ly as a result of widespread rains
which destroyed all" immediate ;
likelihood of a crop shortage here.
The'" wheat market closed excited.
ffc to 15c net lower. May,
41.66 to $1.67. and July at
$1.49 to $1.49. with corn off
6 to 7c; oats showing 4c to
c decline, and provisions vary
ing from 35c setback to 5c ad
vance. -
(Rushes to sell wheat began as
soon as the market opened. The
fact that ; this is the traditional
time of year when crop complaints
are' numerous had been largely re
lied upon of late to stimulate buy
ing.' ; ;.; :';Y - -"" . .
It was with something akin' to
despair that friends of higher
prices saw reports this' morning
of rain from nearly the entire do
mestic winter wheat region, tell
ing of rains or show that Implied
excellent ;' growth conditions in
stead of curtailment of yield.
Liquidating sales' 6f corn and
oats were also of unusual volume
and came about chiefly as 4'result
Of the ' acute weakness - of wheat.
provisions gave way With grain.
A little learning is not nearly
so dangerous as a little movie
actress . ' " .-"
All people are useful, if only as
an audience to inspire the go-
getters. i
PORTLAND. March 13. Grain
futures: Wheat: Hard white BS.
Baart. March $1.75; April $1.70.
Soft whito March $1.68; April
$1.70. Western white March $1.68
April $1.70. Hard 'winter March
$1.68; April $1.70. Northern
spring March $1.68; April $1.70.
Western red March $1.65; April
$1.68. BBB hard white March
$1.60; April -$1.65.
Corn -EY' shipment, ! March,
$43; April $43, . ,
Mill run Standard March $29
50; April $30. - -
PORTLAND, March 13 Hay ;
Buying prices, valley timothy $20
22; do eastern Oregon $2224;
alfalfa $19 19.30;" clover $16;
oat hay nominal; cheat $1616.
50: oat and vetch $18.50 & 19;
straw $8.50 . per . ton. Selling
prices $3 a ton more.
PORTLAND, March 13. Port
land dairy exchange; Batter, ex
tras 45c; standards 43; prime
firsta 41 c; firsts 39c.
, Kggs Extras 32c; firsts 3 2c;
pullets 29c; current receipts 28c.
i-NB WYORK. March IS.- Evap
orated apples quiet; prunes irreg
ular; . apricots and . peaches .firm;
raishnr steady. . '
(Conttnad from pS D
north to Tacoma to meet the Col
lege of Puget Sound negative
'there ''April' 4. A CPS negative
team will be at Willamette the
same night to meet the local af
firmative making this a dual de
bate. ; " ' -''
The traveling team will arrive
in Salem on April 6 and will meet
the Lawrence college representa
tives from Appleton, Wis., here on
April 8. This debate will conclude
the Willamette season.
The trip will. cover a total of
3,500- miles on which Willamette
will debate on both sides of the
question. On the affirmative at
USC and against Lawrence college
here. They will uphold: the nega
tive in all other cases.
Six of the debates will be judg
ed. Five by the one expert judge
Dlan. one under the old 'three
judges system and one will be
open forum, v' ;'!""
. The question in all debates will
be, "Resolved; That congress by a
two-thirds vote should be allowed
to override the decisions of the
supreme court.; .
Housewife Able to Make Fine
Selection Today for
Sunday Dinner
Fresh asparagus," new" peas
rhubarb, " new potatoes, leaf let
tuce and many other fresh vege-
taDies are round in the grocery
stores today. They tare very tempt
ing and the family1 table has been
without such a "variety of fresh
vegetables for many months. Other
fresh vegetables such as spinach,
turnips and carrots are available,
of course. . Strawberries are on
the Portland market. They are
from. Florida and the Imperial
valley. . ' " -
'....: . A Suggestion - -
For luncheon cheese may be
attractively served if moulded in
the. shape of a carrot with a small
bunch of parsley for the top. Lay
the "carrot" on the side of the
salad plate. This adds color to
the table and is out of the ordi
nary. .- .. ;'. . :.;'.,-.
Hez Heck says: 'An insult from
a little fellow makes you a darn
sight madder than an insult from
a big un.
It is easy to beautify a lot. Just
plant trees and wait sixty years
Price (looted it wfcaleamla nd km
price rceiTd by fsnaert. No retail
price r rTn : - .
So. 1 Soft white wheat $1.56
Xo. 1 M(t red wiieat. C ..fl.53
Oats - -- -- -
Cheat hey
. $14
uat amy
Clorer hay. baled.. Si 5
Oat aad Tetch h-y - , t!6 50
Hogs, 100 200 cwt. ...$ l.t. 75
Hok, r 200-250 wt. i..- $13.50
Hojr. 250-300 ewt. . $13.25
Light aowa f 1 1.73
Top veal , , 10c
Prrssed tp1 .., 1 $e
Cowi 3($8e
Dressed pork ;... 15 16c
unM 14c
Hearjr bena : ; ; 18 (3 20c
Liht hens 13&17e
Creamerr-hotter 48 49c
Bnfterfat,- deliTered : 4e
Milk, per ewt. ; , .$2.20
Epga. ataadardi
Puiieta ,
We carry in stock over .115 leal blanks suited, to. most any buslntsa
transactions. We may have just the form you are locking for at a b!
raving as compared to made to crdsr f cms. - 'y-v.- ; ;-.
Some of the forms: Contract of Salc,TkRoad NoticsV f"Wfll fonas. Assi-n-ment
of .Mortgage, Mortgage forms, Quit Claim Deeds, Abstracts forW
Bill of Sale, Building Contract, Promissory "Kotes, Installment NctS
General Lease Power of Attorney, Prune -Books and Pads, Seal- Re-Celpl?r-FtC
T?ese forms carefully prepared for the courts and private
tetatoS loToJT bOBX 4 CCntS -piece, and ,
The Statesman Publishing Co.
, At Business Office, Grcd Flcr
We are now selling the choicest steer beef in-Sairt.
We sell this choice meat for 15. to. 20 percent less t&an
the others that handle this class of , meat.
Choice Steer
to Roast
FresHljr ndf ; ;
Hamburg 12 l-2c
Heavy Hens v . . . 35c
Pork to Roast. . . 20c
Pure Pork Sausage . 20c
We are now selling. Oleomargarine, Butter," JEjggs,
; Bread and Milk
McDowell Market
Where a Dollar Does its Duty "
Phone 1421. 173 S. Com'L
Open Until.8 P. M. Saturday Evening:
170 N. Commercial
Our Regular Prices
;r- " Of: -- .":" " ' "
;Breaa llb. loaf 13c; 2 for J:. :.i:;i..:.2oc
J3read'lJb. loaf 9c; 3 for . ...r... .25c 1
Cookies, 2 doz. for;..-:.:--.--..:.;.:.:, :l.25c '
Butter Horns, Apple Turnovers, 6 for ........25c
" Cakes all variety .1.:..;..1 5c up to' 50c
Doughnuts, Cinnamon R-olls, Tea Sticks and
Buns, Dozen . . ........ 20c
Pies ... -.;..-.10c and 25c 1
Hot Cross Buns, Dozen - . .;;L........20c
Milk Bread, French and Rye, 3 loaves ,.....25c
We Serve Coffee and Lunches.
Try Our Krauses Candies .
Give Your 1 925
,Fish4r's Chick Feed and ,
Milk Mash are ideal feeds
for raising strong, vigor
ous Chicks with the least.
: .possible loss and with the r
best possible results for
Tyonr pocketbook.
With Cod.LiTer Oil
. Tfeafc Am Lssal
15 c
Chicks a Chance
Fisher'B Chick SUrter K crfiS i
' . . ' 261 STATK STREET
' -1- Vv
V, .