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    the Oregon nTATEniiAN. salem, Oregon
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" Pea tar Serriee. Inc.
- CHAPTER 327. "
I stared with incredulous amaze
ment at Dr. Pettlt, as Claire Fos
ter's name came ; from , his thin
lips. There "was a curious slow
ness of intonation in Ms voice,. be
traying the bitterness which was
bis f award the .beautiful, breezy.
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young western girl to whom he
had been so devoted the summer
before.-:'" . .-" , -:- .
. "You must be mad," V said
firmly, although his accusation
against Dicky, absurd as it peemed
had set tiny hammer of memory
beating upon my brain, and I re
called incidents of the summer be
fore, trifling enough in themselves
but which, in the light of the phy
sician's startling assertion I pull
ed myself up short at this point
and finished ray answer unflinch
ingly. "If you are not, then your
statement is an insult both to Miss
Poster ; and i my husband."
- A slow tide of dark red rose in
his sallow cheeks, and his teeth
closed on his lower lip so strong
ly that I saw a fleck of crimson
upon it. That he wa making a
mighty effort to control his tem
per was patent, and despite the
disquiet which his . query .had
brought, I felt an unholy curiosity
to see whether he would succeed
or fail in his struggle, to master
his; emotion!
"You Presume Too Greatly."
"I am not mad ," he said
slowly at last. "But you are."
He stopped abruptly and went
on after an Instant more rapidly.
"You always have believed that
dastardly husband of yours, no
matter what evidence was brought
to you," he said. "If you had as
serted yourself years ago he might
not now be exercising1 hig damn
able fascinations upon a foolish
young girl, who "
I sprang to my-feet -again, my
patience at an end, and rushed
past the excited physician before
he could stop .me, pausing only
with my hand upon the doorknob.
"I will listen to this nonsense
no longer." I said, remorselessly
smothering a longing within me
! to hear him to an end. ' "You pre
sume too greatly. Dr. Pettit, even
upon your long friendship and as
sociation with us. There are
things which I permit no one to
say. and what you have Just inti
mated is one of them." '
"And let me add : something
else!" ! exclaimed. "Miss Poster
J is a thoroughly good and charming
girl,' and I like her, but she is no
shrinking wood side violet. She
is in no danger from the fascina
tions of any man unless ' she
chooses to be fascinated."
I fairly slammed the door be
hind me as Dr. Pettit, with frown
ing and distorted face, started to
ward me. - Then, utterly regardless
of my rudeness. I ran upstairs- to
my own ' room, and locked - the
door, leaving him to find his own
way out, or wait for Lillian to
usher him out, as he pleased. I
heard her quick footsteps outside
my door, and counted the progress
down the stairs. Then for several
minutes, while I lay prone upon
my bed trying to shut from my
mind the things Dr. Pettit had
said, there was silence.- ?
What Memory Brought.
The violent closing of the front
door brought me to a sitting po
sition, and I listened breathlessly
to Lillian's returning footsteps.
She halted for an Instant outside
my room and I knew that I had
but to whisper her name to bring
her ready sympathy and resource
fulness to me. But I had no doubt
that Dr. Pettit had told her what
he had just endeavored to relate
to me, and I felt that I could not
bear to face her possible knowl
edge of Dicky's derelictions until
I should have scourged my soul
to sanity and self-control. So I
lay motionless until I heard the
.closing of her door, and then I
let my tortured nerves have the
reliefer tears. I sobbed until I
was too exhausted to do anything
but sleep.
I i awakened the next morning
to find the sun streaming in my
windows. For a long moment I
lay vaguely wondering what it was
that was so oppressing my spirit.
Then the remembrance of Dr. Pet
tit's accusation, coupled with the
humiliating realization of Dicky's
long epistolary silence, swept over
me, and my spiritual battle of the
night before was on again.
Claire Foster, I mentally vSs
loned her as I had seen her the1
summer before slender, lithe,
dark, with lustrous black eyes,
brimming with merriment, with a
face which so narrowly escaped
beauty that most people would
credit her with the possession,
with high spirits, a sparkling wit,
and a dash of deviltry.
She was so essentially "mod
ern" in her ideas and behavior
that I was sure the little formality
of a man being a benedict would
matter no whit to her, it she were
9f .
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Funeral Services for Mrs.
Lucretian Ann Baker are
Held Thursday
served refreshments at the close
of the meeting. -- J..,
Charles Hall and wife a,re en
joying a new six cylinder sedan
of the latest model. They tried It
out Sunday In a trip to Salem.
Kenneth Thomas and wile left
(last week for Lost Angeles, j where
they will spend the holidays with
Funeral services for Mrs. Lu
cretia Ann Uaker, wife of John W.
Baker, past president of the Ore
gon Pioneer association, were held
in Portland yesterday. Mrs. Bak
er was the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.. Franklin Martin, pioneers of
1846. She wa3 born In Yamhill
county in 1850. . She married Mr.
Baker in 18C8. After living in
Yamhill county for several years
they moved to Cottage Grove and
still later to Portland, where they
lived for the last 14 years. Both
Mr. and Mrs. Baker have been ac
tive in the affairs of the Oregon
Pioneer association for many
' Mrs. Baker Is survived by sev
eral children, Clair B. Baker, gen
eral yardmaster for the South
en Pacific, of Salem; Mrs. Cora
Baker McFatland, of Los Angeles;
Walter L. Baker of Canby; Mrs.
Ruby Miles, Chester H. Baker and
Allen ? Bi Baker, and Ralph N.
Baker, of Los Angeles. Justice
Oeorge H. Burnett, of Salem, of
the supreme court, is an uncle.
A. 0.
of ab-
- .
Stayton people were thrown in
to a state of shocked surprise
Monday morning when liewa was
flashed about town that J. - C.
Arlnms cromlnent business
man of Stayton had dropped dead
at his place of business. Mr. Ad
nm who was about 55 years old.
came here from California in the
early spring and bougnt into tne
hardware business. His wife and
two daughters came this fall. Mr.
Adams was a quiet, enegertic bus
iness man and liked by bis asso
ciates. ,C. A. Beauchamp was a busi
ness viBitor In Albany Monday.
s. The first snow of the season
began falling Monday -morning
and continued until an inch or
more had covered the ground.
Mr. Willis- Powell, a rural mail
carrier ' from Crabtree, was here
Saturday -visiting his mother Mrs.
Mary ; Powell and his sister Mrs;
William Crabtree.
J. R. Gardener and wife drove
to Portland Friday for a week
end visit with their daughter, Mrs.
Carl Taylor.
' Mrs. Joseph Fisher is absent
frnm her 'duties at the Btore this
week, being confined to her home
with an attack of lumbago.
An enjoyable party was held at
the home of Mrs. Quillets on
Thursday evening of last - week.
Members of ' the high school stu
dent body formed the group en
joying the occasion.
Mrs. J. H. Missler was r hostess
Thursday afternoon to the East
ern Star club. An enjoyable and
profitable afternoon was passed
by! the members. The hostess
his parents, Mr. and Mrs
Thomas. Mr. Thomas is
driver for the Standard Oil
and has a 3 months leave
sence. They also expect to visit
in other parts of California while
absent. "j
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Luthy of
Salem were recent guests -;at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Miss
ler. For their pleasure. Mrs.
Missler entertained at. a Sunday
evening dinner party. Covers were
placed for Mr. and Mrs. Luthey,
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Gardner, Mr.
and Mrs. Gale Missler, Miss Luthy,
Miss Margaret Missler and the
host and hostess. 1 j
The first basketball game of
the season was played in the high
school gym Wednesday evening of
last week. Picked teams from the
student body formed the players.
One side dressed as coons and the
other as ' clowns, made It a very
interesting evening. 1 A I large
crowd gathered to witness the
eameJ The clowns lost to the
coons by -a small margin; .. The
players and a group of basketball
fans went to Independence Friday
night where a double header was
played. The boys score was 6 to
10 and the girls 7 to 9. 1 Both
games were won by the Indepen
dence ; olayers. One car load of
the i Stayton crowd missed! their
way enroute and landed in cor
vallis. : delaying tne game, i
Word has been received In
Stayton that the infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Thomas of
Marsh field Dassed away at a Port
land hospital last week. The child
was only a few months old ana
died during an operation The
Thomas, were former residents of
Stayton, and have many friends
here who sympathize with; them
in their loss
trial lasted nearly two weeks. The
first tiiai resulted in a "hung"
Upon receiving word of the ver
diat Will Moore, state fire mar
shal and insurance commissioner,
wired a message of congratula
tion to George Morey, deputy dis
trict attorney for , Multnoir.arj
county. expressing his pra?-- fr.r
the able manner in which i!. : )
was prosecuted. W. A. Mullen,
deputy fire marshal, was Jn Port
land as a witness for nearly 10
days, and has returned to Salem.
Coe Brothers are Found
' Guilty of Arson Charge
A 16ne drawn-out legal ! battle
ended In Portland yesterday .when
a Jury returned a 'verdict of
"guilty as charged" against the
Coe brothers, proprietors of the
St. Nicholas cafeteria, whc were
accused - of arson In connection
with a fire more than a year ago.
The jury received the case at 11
o'clock and returned their verdict
at 2 o'clock In the afternoon. The
attracted to him.
I had never thought that Dicky
was particularly impressed by her.
Indeed, 1 had hard him refer to
her once or twice In distinctly un
flattering terms. Could this atti
tude of his have been but a sub
terfuge? VI Jumped from my bed with a
sudden disgusted reaction at my
own mean suspicion. I would put
all thought of Dr. Pettifs words
from me, and await my husband's
own version -of his long silence.
(To be continued.)
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