The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 14, 1924, Page 9, Image 9

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Society; Better Homes
" Part Two Eight Pages !
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Going From 15,000 to 190,-
000 in Four Years, and
Still Growing Fast
C. N. Needham, manager of the
Salem Chtckeries. whose new of
fice at 262-264 North Cottage
street is soon to be ready for oc-
- 0 V
What's Christmas without
Mince or Pumpkin Pie?
Might as well leave out
Santa Clans and the Christ
mas Tree as leave out this
good ending to a good din
ner. We are going to pre
pare enough Mince and
Pumpkin Piea so that every
body can have their full
share. i
Mistland Bakery
Glen Gregg - t Carl Gregg
cupatlon, announces a remarkable
growth and expansion in his co
operative business since its organ
ization ia 1918. j
Shows Big Growth
In 1918; Mr. Needham and his
wife came to Salem from Fresno.
California, where they had been
engaged in chicken ranching. Af
ter, a. close survey of local and
state producing . and marketing
conditions. Mr. Needham decided
to establish a day-old chick busi
ness in Salem. The first year he
sold 15,000 chicks; the next year
25.000; the next year 100,000;
and last year over 190,000 day-old
chicks were shipped throughout
the northwest by the organization.
Mr. Needham ia very enthusiastic
about his work, and predicts an
other large increase in volume of
business for the coming year,
(J - Organization Unique'
The plan of operation of the or
ganization is unique in that Mr.
Needham does not operate any of
the incubators. There are 35 poul
trymen. all living within a few
miles of Salem, who are interested
in the- enterprise.? These poultry
men have their own incubators,
and have contracted to sell their
products to Mr. Needham, who in
Uurn sells them to the trade. Thus
it is possible fori the poultry men
to find a ready and fairly stable
market for their I chicks, and Mr.
Needham can devote his whole
time - to investigation of market
conditions and shipment of orders.
.. Shopments Go East and South
The chicks are usually shipped
to some customer within an hour
after they are received by Mr.
Needham, the supply very often
falling short of the demand. Ship
ments are made east as ar as
Montana, and south into Arizonfa.
The bulk of the shipments, how
ever, are to points in Oregon, Ida
ho. Washington. California and
Many Varieties Sold
Mr. Needham pays from 12 to
18 cents each for day-old chicks.
He sells White Leghorns at 1140
per thousand, and - Rhode Island
Reds, or Barred Plymouth Rocks
at $200 per thousand. Besides
the varieties mentioned, the orga
nization handles White Plymouth
Rocks. Anconas, Black Minorcas,
1 Mi
Useful and 1
for the Entire Family
What could be more useful than an
Attractive Fountain Pen A Sterling Silver or
a gold refilling lead pencil, a charming box of
stationery, or a Book. i ;
These are gifts desired by all both old arid
young men and women ' gifts that bring
genuine appreciation gifts that one can use
three hundred and sixty-five days in the year.
Commercial Book" Store
Superphosphate Fertilizer
7 We are now booking orders for the above fertil
izer for later delivery. Our price is the lowest ever
made in Salem on advance orders. Remember that
there is. 17 per cent Phosphoric Acid immediately
available and that it does not take years to act but
commences to act as soon as applied. Does not
injure your land but produces extra large crops of
grain, fruit, hay, etc. v j
See us before you place your order as we can save
you money. . j
- - . ..
D. A. White & Sons
Phone 160, 261 State St.
; Salem Oregon I
$50,000 1-aken in Holdup of
Dominion Bank; Bandits
May Cross Line
VANCOUVER. B. C; Dec. 13
An automobile used by seven or
eight robbers, who escaped with
approximately 150.000 after hold
fug up the Royal bank of Canada
at Nanaimo today, was found
near Boa Harbor, six miles from
Nanaimo". and " the thieves were
endeavoring to reach the Ameri-
and Buff , Orpingtons. Every
chick is from very carefully select
ed stock and is guaranteed to be
A-l grade. " : i
It is undoubtedly due to the
close cooperation between Mr.
Needham and the poultrymen. and
the exceptional service rendered
the customers, that the organiza
tion is able to boast of so rapid an
expansion. :
can shore in a speed boat, local
police were informed tonight.
Authorities said that the ban
dits used only one automobile to
make their escape. The machine
at Boat Harbor was near an ban
doned landing stage.
Police boats were despatched
from here to comb the waters of
the gulf of Georgia. Other1 speed
boats were sent from Nanaimo.
Victoria and "cities bordering the
American police have been noti
fied to watch for the men if they
s-ucceed in crossing the Interna
tional boundary line.
' The weather on the gulf was
reported as thick and misty with
rain falling at intervals. !
Masonic Resolution Hits
At Users of Liquors
1 "Resolved. That any man who
obtains by purchase or otherwise.
Intoxicating liquors or narcotic
drugs from au Illegal vendor of
the same, or in violation of the
laws of the United States, is here-
fby declared to be ineligible to be
received into a Masonic lodge un
der the Jurisdiction of the Grand
Lodge of Kentucky; and any Ken
tucky lodge knowingly electing
such a person, shall forfeit Its
"Resolved, That the Grand
Lodge of Kentucky hereby de
clares it to be a Masonic offense
for any Mason within its juris
diction to purchase or possess in
toxicating liquors, or narcotic
drugs, except in accordance with
the laws of the United States of
America. Any and all Masons
offending, shall be proceeded
fegalnst by this lodge." Resolu
tions adopted by the Grand Loidge
pf the State of Kentucky F. and
K. 31.. In session in Louisville,
(K-tober 23, 1024. j
1 DALLAS. ur Uec. 13. Dallas
is experiencing another mild "oil
boom'' but these "booms" have be
come so periodical that our citi
zens refuse to longer become ex
cited. During the past week five men.
who claim to representatives of the
"Honolulu Oil Company," of San
Francisco, have been operating in
this vicinity. Three of these men
have been scouting around secur
ing leases on as much land as pos
sible for the purposes of drilling
for oil. The other two claim to be
geologists and have been making
.examinations of the soil, rock for
mation, etC. j ' ; !
Well, the decay of good conver-
gives the pronoun "I" a
Defendants in Bank Holdup
Near Albany to Receive
Sentence Later
ALBANY, Ore., Dec. 13.- After
being, out for two hours and 25
minutes the. jury in the case of
the state against Clarence Boggie
and Lauren Neilson tonight re
turned a verdict of guilty as
charged against both, defendants.
Recommendations for leniency for
Neilson were included in the
jury's report. Boggie and Neilson
were indicted by the grand jury
for their implication with Clarence
Replogle and J. M. Sitter who had
confessed to the robbing of the
Shedd bank on November 30., The
charge was assault with a dan
gerous weapon with intent to. rob.
The annual election' of officers
of Carl B. Fen ton Post, American
Legion, was held last Friday night
and resulted as follows:
Commander J. Waldo Finn.
First Vice Commander S.- E.
Adjutant L. V. Woods.
Treasurer Earle Richardson.
Historian R. S Kreason.
Chaplain J. E. Youel.
Sergeant-at-arms Jack Hayes.
The auxiliary of Carl B. Fenton
post also electer officers at its
meeting Friday night. The offi
cers will be: President, Mrs. B. F.
Preston; first vice president Mrs.
John E. Youel; second vice presi
dent. Mrs. Edw. J. Himes; secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. J. N. Helger
son; chaplain. Mrs. Al Crowder;
sergeant-at-arms. Mrs. Homer
Brown; historian, Mrs. H. C. Eak
lln; executive committee, Mrs. Wi
jley Gardner, Mrs. Conrad Stafrln
jand Mrs. Laird Woods. Polk
-County Itemizer.
U. S. Grant was elected n resi
dent of Mt. Pisgah local of the
Farmers' Union at its annual meet
ing and election of officers held
last week. Mr. Grant will also be
the Mt Pisgah delegate to the
state convention of the organiza
tion in The Dalles December 16,
17 and 18.
L. I.Bursell was chosen ' vice
president. Mrs. W. M. Elllotl, secretary-treasurer,
T. J. Alalp, con
ductor. Geo. W. Curtis door keep
er, P. O. Powell chaplain, and Glen
Deliaven and A. G. Ram pell, ex
ecutive committee men.
Mr. Rempel will also be a dele
gate to the convention as he is a
member of the state . executive
committee. It is expected that
Polk county will send at least
eight men to the convention as
representative of the various locals
in the county. Seymour Jones of,
Salem is the first alternate for Mt.
Pisgah local and Mrs. Rempel sec
ond alternate Polk County Observer.
British Chemists Discover
New Powerful Germicida .
LONDON. Nov. c2. fAP)
Three English chemists claim to
have discovered a new group of
germicides of remarkable power.
So intense is their antiseptic ac
tion, it is declared, that they will
destroy bacteria In certain cases in
aB weak a form as one part in 20
millions. j
The new antiseptic group is a
complicated compound of the rare
element tellurium, and was dis
covered as a result of invesetiga
tions carried out in the University
of 'Birmingham.
Mufoury's Christmas
Thousands of Desirable and Practical Gifts
Shop Forenoons as Much as Possible--Afternoons are Crowded
i e , - jfi.iifl JIIJ
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$2.98 to $3.95 yd.
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Your Mailorders
receive careful attention.' "We pay. the postage
or express within a radius of a hundred miles.
; Satisfaction Guaranteed .
on every purchase or ycur money cheerfully re
J3TQfiroTU Pt&fZy
Salem Store
466 State SU
Portland Silk Shop
383 Alier St.
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