The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 21, 1924, Page 8, Image 8

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, . . .... ...... , 'J U. - " ,.l ' .vnarrii. ." a II I
ruck. Utilized to Transport
Curiosity on Tour of
5K ! Country
, ; : :( .
AUage Douglas fir og has been
onttfrted into a modern home,
HI. attAWAra. a
bath-room, who d" .
b?ary and f arnitura that makes a
nome' complete. A water, astern
been InsUlled, ! the i pressure
being obtained trom - a 25 i ggon
water tank nnderneath the truck
tr. Case, in ntI"'t,,JI
his unique home, j said ".
age of the log was estimated at
2100 years. At that estimate tie
tree from which this log was cat,
must have been growing 176 years
before the time of Christ, and as
1683 years old when Jamestovn
was first settled. J
The log was cut from the but
end 4 4 feet from J the ground an!
pointed upon a truck and Is on measured eight feet in diamete
pr- - ' ' -" ' ' - ' ' 11 1 - . . T "T . r v ijgYrr&-'
1 'i ! V
' s -f
: ' S ' j
Thirteen' months were consumed
in the construction of the home,
and its estimated .value is 16000
above the actual cost of the truck,
f A six months', hunt in the forest
was necessary before Case discov
ered the tree from which he cut
his home. 4 Expert lumbermen and
scalers said "that it was the most
perfectly formed tree that had
been cut rom the Pacific north
west forest.
The unique home will be on dis
play today, ' tonight and possibly
tomorrow night.
display at State and Liberty by C.
E. 'Case, the owner, i '
Thai log measures 22 feet in
length and eight feet in diameter,
is 1. flowed out and every modern
hot convenience installed. There
Is -kitchenette, a breakfast, nook,
and was 64 feet from .the top
where it measured seven feet and
seven inches in diameter.! Actual
measurements showed tiat the
tree was 14 ifeet in diameter at
the base. 275 to 300 feet! in
height, j
32 Cases On Docket;
Speeders In Majority
Thirty-tivo cases were filed with
the local f police court over the
week-end, 21 of them consisted of
speeding cases. The policy of the
Salem police in a more stringent
enforcement of the traffic laws
nsulted in Glen Seeley being as
sessed a $5 fine for speeding. Carl
Eaaty. Carl Shafer, M. O. Wilber,
5 E. Harper, G. N. Burke, II. E.
ller andj W. Bennett contributed
tie same amount. Finer Brourgh
ms fined ($10.
Eleven persons failed to appear
i court and bail was forfeited.
ch of the following left $5 with
idge Marten Poulsen: F. H.
Srint, J. II. Heath, S. A. Daugh
ty. A. G. Strorecker, J. B. Gils
rt. H. pick, S. O. Jones, Archie
upps, w; S. Bartell. and H. H.
ferry. A Peterson forfeited $ 1 0.
i R. Payne was fined 12.50 for
fi open cut-out, and Glen Miller
ras fined: $1 for driving without
i light, j
EM Il tS W
Some Folks Don't Care
But it's really not unreasonable to suppose that
nearly everybody prefers meat boight from, refrig
erator counters where sanitary conlituns reflect the
purity and wholesomeness of the kittt itsetf. The
I f cmnAn: vnu desire coniei only ! in well
fattened government mspected perfedy retrigeratea
prime meats -at Busick s. J
City - Council Will Permit
VFW to Place Housings
in Business District
Tuesday, Wednesday and f . !
Thursday we will feature a This depKmentj is well
.nM fAslr at nrice far known tche thousands of
below the actual value of a people of larion and Polk
steak of this kind! j j counties
STEAK, per lb. -L
This steak is from young
f At steer beef. U. S. In-
13c I Darigold j arge cans 25c
rat steer Deer, vo in- stalwhite 39c
spected, just call for Bus- Vnn-nJ
22 P. & C White
- -4 &
ick's Special Steak.
We want every one m
Salem to try our Luxury Vim Harlheat,
Brand Sausage, so we are At Jl
Bbingto e" Crown Hiwheat,
age three days this i week, D
n. ?er. lf;Act lv I Fisher'sid,
This price is 52C less than 49 lb. td
me reai vaiue ui uu ou-.
age; the price will be raised
after this introductory
of fen . r y "'' '
rr;n1 .-HAMS! :
Swift's Premium Hams,
i half or whole, lb.-.jJ..:31c
Cascade Hams. ' '. J :
rhalf or whole, lb. j. - :-Jc Fancy GfJd Pptatoes,
Hy unanimous vote' last . night
the city council1 granted permis
sion to the Veterans of Foreign
Wars to place housings in the bus
iness districts, . which will allow
the display of the? American flag
from in front of ! the business
' J ...
places. Other Willamette valley
cities hare the same arrangements
by which the streets are Uniformly
decorated with flags. The hous
ings are of metal and are to be
placed flush with the surface of
the sidewalk, 18 inches: from the
outer sidewalk line, and are to bp
regularly spaced. I
An ordinance regulating the con
struction of filling stations was
passed and a measure modifying
the sidewalk line) on the north
side of Lincoln, ; between Fair
mount and High streets, was also
acted upon. A bill . for defining
the term "peddler, ? prohibiting
peddling without a license in Sa
lem, and at the same time provid
ing for a penalty for : the violation
was read for the second time.
A vast quantity of routine busi
ness was handled. This consisted
chiefly of granting petitions for
street Improvements, sewer Im
provemcnts and other matters. A
petition of the school board of
District 24 for a fire hydrant at
the intersection of Capitol and D
streets was heard. Petitions were
accepted concerning the; construc
tion of a sewer from Oak to Shel
ton. A remonstrance against the
proposed Improvement of Wilber
from Commercial; to .Riverside
streets was accepted.
I Direct publication of notice of
assessment for the cost Of improv
ing South Twenty-first from State
to the Turner road .was authorized.
Other matters under this head di
rected the city engineer to serve
notice on E. Marion Kightllnger
to remove an old . barn in Jones'
! Discussion was centered around
the Improvement of the Union
street sewer, which was said to
have been a nuisance to the resi
dents. This matter was cleared
away when It was announced that
the materials had been ordered to
repair the defective sewer.
I The citizens' budget committee
will meet with the, city council in
special session Friday i night at
7:30 o'clock,
Mrs, Ros E. Moores, Born
: in Salem and Resident
Here All Her Life
Gold Me;
49 lb. t:
lEAD .
16 oz. IiBread. .5c
Gemnut IVgarine, lb. 27c
3 for ... 4 .: .. 75c
After a long illness, Mrs. Ross
It . A. A M '
r tL.. iioores aieu ai me iamuy nome,
minutes to seven last evening.
Monday, Oct. 20, 1924. I
She was born in Salem of pio
neer parents October 6, 1868, and
spent all her life In this city. Her
father, A. L.. Stinson, at one time
did the printing for the state of
Oregon, and the Stinson printing
office finally became The States
man job office, some of the type
frames he used still . being in
service. i s
Her maiden name was Mary
Stinson, and she was a member of
the Rebekahs and of the Silver
Bell Circle of Pythian Sisters.
Besides her hu&band, Ross iZ.
Moores, the printer, at ,122 North
Commercial street, .she leaves a
nephew, Logan Stinson of Marsh-
field; Mrs. C. F.yiUiams, a niece,
Portland, and a nephew, Asa
Prettyman, in California.
The funeral will be held at 10
o'clock tomorrow at the late resi
dence, and the interment will be
in the IOOF cemetery. I
1 Tender! delicious 1 S t e a k s
and ;j Roasts from young
beef. Gov e f n ih e n t : in
100 lbl ik.
nrpwhich is Dositive I ?"lfiCr, rhiM S5c
proof J that the beef you Cottage ese, lb. 20c
buy at'BusickVlsi whole- 5xUM
some; no need f ekr getting 7 ff I
meat from unhealthy ani- 50c Size ktant - j
maisdo not overlook this Ptum: .... .1. .. .45c
important feature of our 2f Sizeitin Pbstum,
iprvirp. T for..;;! ; 45c
W m W m . m mm - . T
. - ,
It's Your Guaran of Service
Ls Quality
P. H. D'Arcy Celebrates
Sixty-fifth Anniversary
of His Arrival in
Original resident of Lot 1, Block 1 and Ward ll sings pfo
neer ditty before. Chamber of Commerce. Came from
I Portland on October 20, 1859 I !
JUDGE P. II. D'ARCY, who claims Ib't t, Block 'l and Ward 1 as
his residence for the last 65 years, yesterday celebrated his arrival
, in the city on October ;20, 1859, . by appearing before; the Chamber
of Commerce, forum with a short talk bnjreminiscenses. By way of
showing that in spirit he is as young aa Tie was in the old days. Judge
D'Arcy sung several verses of a favorite pioneer , melody, "Sweet
Betsy from Pike." These) were heartily received, j
Sixty-five years ago Monday the f Alfred Holman,; editor of the San
T.". n . : T..1lnt 1 . . t
knew 70 years ago next Septem-
youthful Peter. D'Arcy arrived in
Salem in a downpour. The . trip
was made by stage, be said, and
it was necessary to change horses
at Oregon t City, Aurora and
Brooks. ' The! stage was due here
about 3 o'clock but it was after 7
o'clock before it arrved. j
One of his earliest recollections
of Salem was the July 4 address
of Col. E. D. Baker, who was elect
ed to the United States senate af
ter living here but seven months.
The address1 lasted tor two hours
and was given from beneath a
large tree that stood in a vacant
lot, the present location of the
Giese-Powei-s Furniture company
on Court. i
Prior to pomihg to Salem Judge
D'Arcy lived with his parents in
Portland for two years. He is
now making plans for a visit with
i r- 4 L :
ber. Incidentally, Mr. Holman Is
a nephew of Chief Justice Thomas
A. McBride, of the Oregon su
preme court, j . !'
Marion County Memorial
Aided by Silverton
SlLVERTO.V, Oct. 20. (Special
to The;Statesman.) At a meeting
of the Silverton Chamber of Com
merce held Friday night it was
f t
$ - i
Oven 17 Million Jars UscoYcarly
For All Cold. Troubles
voted that the chamber sponsor
the secuiring of the $500 which la
Sllvertorfs quota in the war me
morial beting; placed at Salem. ;
The Siryerton Lion's, club met
in conjuncrtion with the Chamber
of Commence for the purpose of
discussing 'tho placing of signs
advertising Silverton. The plan
was to place two huge signs coni
taining' paintings of Silverton with
the ; hills in the background, the
one sign to be placed between:
Oregon City and Woodburn and
the other to be placed south of
Salem. ' ' j
The Silverton'Chamber of Com
merce "voted to support the
milk fund campaign which is be-!
ing carried on at Silverton for the
benefit of under-nourished school
children. ' I " ' . : i
Ogden, ' Johnson, Portland at
torney, was in the" city yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Marshall rel
turned to Salem Iasti. Saturdaj
from an extended trip east. Parfc
pf the time they were in Nebraska.
ur. ana Mrs. ueorge iewis were
guests of the Phi Kappa Pi fra
ternity Sunday at a venison feast.
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Anything Any Place
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trouble and; other diseases
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