The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 19, 1924, Page 2, Image 2

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Los - Angeles , Gains Half-
Game in Standing; Port-
land Loses Again
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18. L03
Angeles gained half a game on
the league leading Seattle team
by winning both ends of a double
header with Vernon here today.
The scores were 3 to 1 and 8
to 5. 1
! First game ; R. II. E.
Vernon .. 1 6 1
Los Angeles ....... 1 . 3 6 0
J Ludolph and Whitney; . Payne
and Spencer. , '
I Second game i; R. H. E.
Vernon '." 5 12 1
Los Angeles ......... 8 ,9 0
I Pulton, Haycox, Carson! ' and
Hanna; Myers, ' Ramsay and Jen
kins. Sacramento 7-7; Salt Lake 3rO '
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 18. The
enators shoved a pair of rookiea
on the hill today and managed to
'come through with a twin-win
over the Bees, 7 to 3. and 7 to 6.
The second game was called at
the end of the eighth inning be
cause of darkness.
First game - ; 1 R, H. E.
Salt Lake ............ 3 6 2
Sacramento 7 10 1
Singleton and Peters; W. Can
field and Kohler.
Second game j R. II. E.
Salt Lake . ., . 6 111
Sacramento 7 13 1
(Called end eighth,' darkness.)
TMolcahy and Cook; Phillips and
Shea. j
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Frisco 10-13; Oakland 4-4
San Francisco won a double head
er from Oakland here today, tak
ing the first by J a score of 10 to
4 and the1 second 15 to
j First game
Oakland ......
San Francisco .
R. II. E.
.. 4 7 3
..10 15 2
Foster and Read; Mitchell and
Ritchie. j !
1 Second game ; ; R. II. E.
Oakland ...... i.. .... 14 13 3
San Francisco ........15 15 0
, (Called end eighth, darkness.)
Krause, Harris
Geary and Ritchie.
J- Seattle ; j rortlamj 3
' iPORTLAND, Oct. 18.--Seattle
annexed the fifth straight game of
the series with Portland,! winning
ti to 3 and further strengthening
her claim to the Pacific coast
championship, j
Score R. II. E.
Seattle - 1 6 11 i
Portland L .3 7 2
P. Jones and E. Baldwin; Gard
ner and Daly. j I
i 1
Harold Grange, Air American
Halfback, Is Sensation
al lllini Star
111., Oct. 18. (By Associated
Press.) A flashing red-haired
youngster running and! dodging
with the speed oi a deer, gave 67i
000 spectators jammed into the
new $1,700,000 Illinois memorial
stadium the thrill of their lives
today when Illinois ', vanquished
Michigan 39 to 14 in what prob
ably will be the outstanding game
of the 1924 gridiron season in the
west. i : I ' .
Harold "Red? Grange, Illinois
phenomonal all-American half
back who attained gridiron hon
ors of the nation last season was
the dynamo that furnished the
thrills. ; Grange doubled and re
doubled his football glory In the
most remarkable exhibition of run
ning, dodging and passing seen on
any gridiron in years with an ex
hibition that set the dumbfounded
spectators screaming with excite
ment, i 1
Basketball League Is
To Be Launched Monday
; - . . -.; ; r
Mpnday noon at The1 Spa the
City Commercial Basketball
league will meet for the .first time
to organize for the coming year.
A president and other officers are
to .be elected and j?lans worked
out for the guidance of the dif
ferent teams. . : '
Last year 17 teams were rep
resented In the: league, of which
the American legion was a very
strong one. Other organizations
were represented, such as Ladd &
Bush, Spaulding's and Anderson
& Brown. j
Indications are that the league
will not be as large for this year.
The unwieldy large number of
teams makes It very difficult to
manage. It is expected that about
eight teams will make the organi
zation for this year. Bob Board
man of the YMCA is in charge.
Brevity mar be the soul of wit.
but there Is nothing funny about
being short of sleep. M
M Gffl TO
For that New
V - - - I
Both Teams Use All Players
Before Contest Ended;
' Score Comes Early r
Starting with a touchdown from
the kickoff t the opening, of the
game, Willamette emerged from
four quarters on the gridiron Sat
urday with the big end of a 34
to 6 score over Linfield college
of McMinnville. With the excep
tion of the first tally, all scoring
was confined to the second canto.
Neither team threatened in the
second half, though a recovery by
Linfield after a punt' had been
blocked Ju the shade of its goal
posts possibly saved another
score. U
Fumbles on a dry field, almost
constant ! substitutions and num
erous calls for time out featured
the game. Both coaches threw
into the fray everything they had
except the bleachers and the band.
By the time the second quarter
was completed the Bearcats had a
new aggregation in the field while
Linfield was in the same fix, be
ing somewhat limited by the num
ber of second string players. Prior
to selecting his title for "A Com
edy of Errors," William Shakes
peare must have witnessed a sim
ilar exhibition, from which he re
ceived his inspiration. Nearly an
hour and a half was consumed in
completing the first half. '
In the i first quarter the Bear
cats scored on the. kickoff, as has
been previously chronicled, start
ing and ending the scoring, j The
ball was left in the possession of
Linfield ion the Bearcats' 2 yard
line, which was crossed on the
first play in the second quarter.
Fletcher gathered in a punt and
romped down the north side of
the field ! for about 60 yards' for
a touchdown. A heavy-footed kick
netted another tally when the
sphere went over the line. , Post
featured in a long run for an
other marker. By this time an
almost new team was on the field
and Cramer hit the line for the
fifth and final tally. An effort to
annex the extra unit failed.
Linfield booted the pigskin over
the goal line for the opening of
the third quarter. The ball was
kept somewhere in the middle of
the field during the remainder of
the period, which was featureless
The final canto ws a duplicate
of the third. )
For the opening of the contest
the two! teams presented the fol
lowing lineup::
. . Willamette linfield
Robertson ..... rel ? . . Wakeman
Stolzheise rtl.. .. Manning
Malstrom rgl. ... Owenby
Mclntyre . . . . . c... Ankcorn
Sherwood lsr. . .... Loree1
Hartley ltr Wlllert
Flndley f L .'.' .'. . .ler. . . . Erickson
Booth L'L Wilson
Post . i . . . . . .rhl. . . Nickelson
Isham ll....i.lhr...., Mullen
Schwienine .... I Elliott
Officials - Fitzerald, referee;
Hollis Huntington, umpire. J
Hertzog, head lineman.
Score! by quarters ;
i i
2 3 4
Linfield 1
I 7
27 0
5 10
I 0
workmanship. Step
Dizzy Stars Victors;
! Beat Dumb-Bells 18-6
'i Two groups of youthful football
players, most of whom are news
paper carriers, ihet on the high
bciiool gridiron Saturday morning.
The Dizzy Stars, captained by Win
ford Gieso- defeated the Eleven
Dumb-bells by tlie score, of 18 to
6. The victors have arranged for
another game to be played either
Friday or Saturday with the High
land -Stars. j ;
i All of the placers are between
12 and 15 years bid. ;
Score Ends Seventeen to
j Three on Dry Playing
Field at Portland
! PORTLAND, Or.. Oct. 18.
Outplayed In the first period by
the green team of Oregon Agrl
sultural college but turning the
tables for the rtest of the game
and getting the better breaks,
University of Southern Californ
ia's football eleven won from the
Aggies on Multnomah field here
today by a score of 17' to 3.
i The Aggies scored their only
points In the second Quarter on
a place kick from the 28 yard line
by Schulmerich. j
A few minutes later the Tro
jans Bwung their ieavy artillery
into action and, interspersing line
smashes with short passes, they
drove to within the five yard line.
Riddle finally plunging through
right guard on a criss-cross play
for the first touchdown. Hawkins
kicked goal. f "
1 The Californiahs added 10 more
points in the third period. Fol
lowing several exchanges of punts,
the Aggies got the ball near mid
field. They tried a forward pass
which Hobbs Adams, Trojan end,
Intercepted, and with a clear field
set sail for the goal line 68 yards
away He was tackled from be
hind , on the two-yard line and
thrown out of bounds.! With two
yards to go Earle, substituting
for Riddle, dife through right
center for the second (touchdown.
Hawkins again kicked goal.
Football Results
From AH Over U. S.
At Salem Willamette 34; Lin
field 6. 1- ;
At Portland USC 17; OAC 3.
At Palo Alto Stanford 28;
Oregon 13. ( 1
j At Seattle Washington 52;
Montana 7.
At Berkeley California 9;
Olympic Club 3;
; At New York Notre Dame 13;
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At Chicago Chicago 23; Indi
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At New Haven, i Conn. Dart
mouth 14; Yale 14. i A !
-At Princeton PTinceton 17;
Navy 14. . ;
At Cambridge ' Harvard 12;
Holy Crb3 6.
At Madison Minnesota 7; Wis
consin 7. t ' i
At Philadelphia i Pennsylvania
10; Columbia 7. : 'i.
At Ithica Rutgers 10; Cornell
0. '. - j . j I.. i
At Ames Missouri 7; Ames 0,
At Kvanston Purdue 7; North
western 3.
At Salt Lake City Arizona 7;
Utah 32. . T 1' ' '
At Lincoln Nebraska 33;. Col
gate 7. :
At Atlanta Georgia ' Tech 15;
Penn State 13. i i j
At Danville Center 42; Tran
sylvania 0. f J ' . 1
Northwestern Loses
, To Purdue By 7 to 3
EVANSTON. 111.. Oct. 18.
Eleven husky boilermakers, from
Purdue university aided by a flock
of stalwart reserves,! defeated
Northwestern university's eleven
here today. 7 to 3, by a game fight
under a torrid sun. ; All scoring
came in the final quarter.
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See.Saw Gridiron
'Ends With Final Score
, 'Standing: Seven All
MADISONi Wis.. Oct. 18. (By
The 1 Associated Press. ) With A
revamped and rejuvenated team,
Wisconsin fought Minnesota to a
tie -here today, the'final score be
ing to 7. While Wisconsin held
a clear , advantage over the vis
itors! in the first half, Minnesota
came back and swept the Badgers
off their feet; in the-last periods.
The Gophers threatened to score
oil three different occasions in the
last half. '; ': ! i j 1
:': j ! i Won' Ixtt
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