The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 19, 1924, Page 17, Image 17

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I Automotive Section y'j
' PartrThree Four Paces
t i r -
Several Sales Already Made
in MacDonalq's Auto
i Sales Contest ,
The MacDonald salesmanship
contest is progressing rapidly
Each day a few more students call
at the MacDonald Auto company
and sign up for the contest.
Several sales have been made
(during the past week giving sev
eral of the young salesmen a good
lead. However, this lead is not
so great but what it can be over
come by those entering the con
test late. Robert -Flourney re
ported late this ! Tteek and i is
working hard to place himself at
the head of the list. The com
plete list of entreea and their
standings will be published lated
In the week. j i
r - -
Used Car Corner Have Sold
Large Number to Those
Near Their Location
Vera Anderson of i the Used car
Corner opposite the Marion hotel
reports that the firm has sold a
total of 26 cars within the radius
of a block of their place of busi
ness. "Many people; who we have
sold cars to were so well pleased
that they told their friends about
vlb." ' ; Said Mr. Anderson. "A
satisfied customer iai the best ad
vertisement we can have. It 1 s
the 1 service that we give that
makes our business successful. :
Six out of the aboYe mentioned
26 cars were sold to employees of
banks, two to the United States
National j Bank .employees and
four to employees of Ladd & Bush.
"Bankers are good Judges of val
nes that's why they buy from us,''
added Mr. Anderson.:
The Used Car Corner have been
In business: here for about two
years and make a specialty ; of
nearly new Fords.
Popular' Car Awarded First
Choice of Space in' New
! ' York Auto Shop
.v . rrr-,--'" v"
I Spaces for the National Auto
mobile showsv In New, York and
Chicago were drawn by the manu
facturers on Thursday afternoon,
October 2, at the National Auto
mobile Chamber of Commerce of
fices, 366 Madison avenue, New
I The Bulck Motor ; company for
the seventh consecutive year was
awarded first choice of spade by
reason of the fact! that Bulck did
the largest volume of business In
dollars and cents during the past
year.; i :i 'f -..-I
"Winning of first place for, jthe
past seven ; years," says E. T.
Strong, general salas manager, "is
conclnslve evidence of the fact
that Bulck holds the position of
eadership ' In the minds of the
Save Time
Save Money
You Can Do it If You
j Ride a Bicycle
Get. in on bar
Pav n Inw d t
$10.00 Cash
The balance "on asy'
monthly Payments
Harry V. Scott
' The Cycle Man"
147 So. Com'I St.
general public If this were not
so, the public would not continue
to buy Buicks after year in such
quantities as to enable Buick to
continue to have first at the
shows." j
"Bulck has long been the stan
dard of comparison," says Strong,
"largely due to the constant ef
forts of Buick engineers who for
a period of over twenty years have
constantly improved Buick, adop
ting each year, all those advanced
features that are found desirable
and practical after exhaustive ex
periment. . It is the general opi
nion that the National shows this
year will be the most important
for the 'trade and public in the
history' of the I business.
"As this will be the Silver Ju
bilee of the industry more than
usual attention wil be paid to
beautiful decorations which will
help to make I the events memo
rable. J
j In New York the show will be
held from January . 2 to the 10
in ; the big armory . 1 where last
year's successful show was held.
. Additions to the Coliseum in
Chicago mean that the show this
time will be under one roof.
"Buick is fully aware of its res
ponsibility as a leader," says Mr.
Strong, "and will bend every ef
fort to continue to ' serve the
motoring public as it has In the
past and thus maintain Its present
enviable position in the industry."
Smith & Watkins Receive In
teresting Data on Test of
Stromberg Carburetor
Smith & Watkins, local Strom
berg carburetor dealers, have
Just received a communication
from the Bay City Lumber com
pany at Aberdeen, Washington,
giving the figures made on a test
of the Stromberg , carburetor
adopted to the Fordson tractor.
Every onie of tike
embodies all off the
Buaick ffambiiss. At the Inbw
prices you can afford to
-. -!V t - .! -'-I.'? ::' rv- v "I1'' I'! . .. - ' -iV. i'';-':T'!-- '- ': . ';!''"'' " ":-
' " .-' " " . ' - ' ' i' ''. '-L' "."i," ' I I !.-; ,!.,' ', '''' "'"' - - ' ? ' -j " 'k' " M- ''
When better Automobiles are built Buick will build them
City, Delivery Uses McClaren Autocrat Cords
4"" v ?
Dean Shomaker and his
The j proverbial "straw! ; that
broke the camel's back" may still
hold gpod away off in Asia, where
that prohibition animal is still in
active service for haulage i pro
blems.; (With the up-to-date mer
chant it is quite different.
The! automobile delivery car of
today ;i$ required to do a hard
day's iwbrk delivering goods by
day, while after store hours, the
same car may be called upon to
perform! the hard work which
would j fall to the lot of a whole
herd of camels on the basis of
load ratings 1 recognized by; the
carriers on the Sahara Desert.
Pictured here are two of the
cars operated by Dean Shomaker,
City pelivery company,: Salem.
Shomaker carries loads as depic
ted above, as a common occurance,
nd when he drove up to Smith
Watkins store, corner Court! and
High, recently, the two cars were
On a fifteen day test the Fordson
tractor With the regular Fordson
carburetor consumed 233 gallons
of gaspHne, or 15 gallons a; day.
During the same period the Ford
son etjuippjed wlia a Stromberg
carburetor consumed only 111
gallon j of gasoline or an average
of only j7 gallons per day,1 cut
ting the; gasoline expense to less
than one-half.
Stromberg Windshield Wiper i
An I electrically driven wind
alities that have made
two city delivery cars.
photographed by Jim and Bill who
wanted the picture to use as a
practical illustration of McClaren
Autocrat tire quality.
The front, wheels pictured are
carrying over a half ton each, and
rear ldad in samo proportion. The
tires are 32x4 McClaren Auto
crats; six ply hevy 1 duty. Two
complete sets of Autocrats were
put on these cars two years ago,
and both cars are still running on
the same rubber. The tires to
date have an average of over fif
teen thousand miles
Smith Watkins cite this as one
illustration only : f or McClaren
Autocrat cords!( are giving excep
tional mileage to the car user and
stage lines anJ the" quality that
placed them in the public favor
ever since Smith Watkins took the
line, years ago, remains unchan
ged In the product of the Mc
Claren Rubber company today.
shield wiper, manufactured by the
Stromberg Motor Devices company
Is now on display in the window
of Smith & Watkins,! corner Court
and High streets.
Radically different in principle
electrically driven from the
storage "j batterjr without carbure
tor interference rflependably con
tinuous and 'easily Installed, the
Stromberg windshield wiper rep
resents a decided improvement In
kWlndshield cleaning devices. .
ee lew
ti n
oens j
First Nine Month to Show
' Gain Over Same Period
. Last Year
Estimated production of cars
and trucks for September is 274,-
300, according to figures submit
ted to. the directors of the Na
tional . Automobile Chamber of
Commerce at their meeting in
New York, October 1. This total
was two per cent lower than the
output of 279,115 in August. The
production of September last year
was five per cent j: under August,
according to the NACC figures.
September's output is compared
with 327,542 carsf! and trucks In
the corresponding month of last
year.. " ; ) .;
Carload shipments, according to
the preliminary figures, amounted
to 262,876 during September. A
total of 28,670 cars were driven
away from the factories of mem
bers of the chamber during the
month and 7,130 cars were ship
ped by boat. Final shipping fig
ures are expected within the en
suing 10 days or two weeks.
Representative distributers and
dealers in all parts of the country
reporting sales and merchandising
conditions to the NACC , directors
said that the prospects for fall
business are much better than
they were at the same time last
year. Sales of passenger cars are
ahead of. last year at this time, it
was declared, and truck sales are
approximately even with those of
last year at this time. This condi
tion is especially true as regards
the sales of cars and trucks in the
farm districts. ; 1
' Time payment transactions are
more prevalent this year in pas
senger .car sales, the merchants
declared but they appear in about
the same proportion to the total
of truck sales. Establishment of
a large number of new bus lines
for urban and interurban service
In widespread parts of the coun
' 1 :
1 924
try since - last September has re
sulted In increased bus sales In
many sections, it was reported.
Following is the output ; of cars
and trucks ; for the past three
months together, with . the corre
sponding months! of last year:
' ! 1924 1923
July 262,876 328,105
August ....I. 279,115 345.303
September .274, 300 327,542
' 1 Estimated. 1 !
Certified Car Market
Has Dealers Backing
'Back of every j used automo
bile is the local dealer," says
Frfed Delano of The Salem Auto
mobile company, "and it is not
always easy to visualize him when
on Is looking over used cars in
tM various places where they are
sold."... .
"Sometimes the dealer, has
more to do with the suitability of
a car than the make of the car
yoti buy. Especially is this true
of cars whose owners exact an
unusual measure of performance.
','The degree of dealer responsi
bility for local satisfaction In used
car ownership is as important to
the car' owner as good materials
and careful workmanship in the
car. This firm stands 100 per cent
back of the Certified Public Mo
tor Car Market-' Our personality
as i well as that of our associate
dealers is merged into that mar
ket. There the biggest stock and
variety of reconditioned used cars
tn Ithe state, outside of Portland,
may be seen." t ; ' ;
f French Car Exports High
Approximately one-half of the
automobile production In France
is iold at export, according to ad
vices received this week from
Paris. Production In the first six
months of the current year, ac
cording to the most reliable fig
ures, was 22,304 as against 12,
261 in the same months of last
year. Total output for last year
byf French manufacturers was
about 28,261, against 14,011 for
all of 192?., Belgium, Great Bri
tain, Germany and-Spain are the
principal customers of French car
makers...' ' ,i. .!"'
All You People Who Have Been Asking for NEARLY NEW FORDS
1 7 rM .
You will find many bargains in nearly new; Fords.
Some canjhardly be toldf rom new. Remember we give
90 days free Service on alii Nearly New Fordswe sell
the same as is given on new cars.
Look over this list then come in and look over these cars
Coupe, has $150 worth of extras; Would cost
new $750; our price ...JJ... .....L.l........ J.
Touring car, cannot be told from new.......!...
Roadster L.l . . 1:..
Touring car v .
Touring car, in best of condition ...h:.: .....J ...
Touring car a dandy buy ,..-:i..L... r.
r ' Ninety days' free service on all above cars
Tburing .1.1. Ll J j ...
Touring . I ................ L....:..,. .. . ... l.vl ...... X...
Dort Touring.... .... ...L...... . . L J . J ...
Light Delivery Ford
l i . i i
: : -
5) M WJ
Corner Commercial
Opposite Marion Hotel
Display Position in New
York Auto Show Is Deciav
ed By Volume Sales
G. L. Newton, of the. Newton
Chevrolet company,! has just re
ceived word,, that the Chevrolet
cars have received second in the
drawing for j position in the jNew
York automobiles show which will
take place in1 New Tork city Janu
ary 2-12. The order for "drawing
for position i is based on ' volume
of sales. . The car with the largest
volume getting first choice, j The
' Motor overhauled, good
Cord tires, new top, some extras .
Motor overhauled ........
Good condition, looks &
Speedster .
i Opposite City Hall
.. Plume 1000
..:.........L... $
I I L ; If
and Ferry Streets
first five places are as follows:
Buick, first; Chevrolet, second;
Studebaker, third; Dodge, fourth,
andlOTcrland, fifth.
;. . MEN
.By R. N. MacDonald
There are thousands to tell you
it cannot be done.
There are thousands to prophesy
There are thousands to point out
. to (you one by one.
The dangers that wait to' assail
; you,
But just buckled In with a bit of
a grin, - .
Just take off your coat and go
'.' to it; -Just
start in. to sing as you tackle
the thing .
That "cannot be done" and you'll
do it.
i (From poem by Edgar A. Guest)
. ... 31 7S.C D
. $50.