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SiliOi i
Dirigible of United States
Navy Has j Repairs and
Other Preparations Com
pleted for F
Journey Up Coast From San
Diego Will Begin at 7:30
A. M. Tomorrow
1 At 10:30 tonight Hear Admiral
William Moffett of the naval
btamu of aeronautics, in eon
feren with I.iettenant com
mander JZachary! Landowne, de
rided that in view of unfavor
' able weather rlorts from the
northwest Pacific the trip of
the dirigible Shenandoah was
lMstponed until Wednesday at
7:30 a. m. The naval weather
chart received; from Major
Bowie tf the weather bureau at
Sau Francisco nhowed a heavy
storm hovering .( over Queen
Charlotte ' ttoand and points
.southward. ' ; : V -i'
! , : .i i ! i i.
.SAN DIEGO, Cal., Oct. 13.
: Re-fueled and retprovlsioned, gir
ders damaged in i landing here re
paired and fresh helium waiting
In tanks to be Injected into her
- gag bags, the navy dirigible Shen
andoah is swinging at her North
Island anchor mafet tonight ready
for the start at 2: 30 o'clock to
morrow morning j on her voyage
up the Pacific coast. -
All day. the clank of the hand
riveters' hammers in the ship's
silver, cigar-shapfcd body, working
on the strained girders, vied with
the exhaust of first one and then
' another of her sii-cylinder gas en
gines as each one was tnned up
ready for the cast-off. ;
Inspections Made !
' Lieutenant Commander Zachary
Lansdowne, commander of the
Shenandoah, was early on the
ground today supervising repairs,
while Rear Admiral William Mof
fett, "chief of the! naval bureau of
aeronautics, alsb inspected the
' work. " i ; ' i '
At the foot of the mooring mast
is a pile of steel helium contain
'ers, each carrying ; a" load of the
compressed gas ( This will be
taken on the last thing in the
morning before ;the ship sails on
its way northward.
Waiting- aboard for all hands,
from admiral to the lowest rat
ing seaman of the crew, are wool
and furlined flying suits and wool
lined Arctic boots for the upper
ir, ven over southern California,
carries j a penetrating chill. It
registered 35 degrees above: zero
In the air lane the night the Shen
andoah landed here.
j Heated by Electricity
Each f of the suits is "wired"
for connection !to electric plugs
fixe at Interval In the body of
the fehip. If the wearer feels cold
he tnay back up to the wall,
'plug in' and warm up
-Provisions taken on today con
sisted mainly of sandwiches,
wropped in oiled paper, and beans.
' In the forward gondola is the
tiniest of kitchenettes, and here
on a gasoline stove the beans are
warmed up and. occasional eggs
are fried. Everything else in the
food line except the coffee is cold
nnd, owing to the danger of fire
the stores of j gasoline aboard,
smoking is barred.
There are bunks for each offi
cer on (the ship! and one for each
member of the ; crew off duty.
i These (are arranged In groups of
four and are equipped with wool
lined sleeping bags.
CHICAGO, Oft. 14. Jewelry
valued at 1100,000 was stolen
early ) today by three armed ban
dits, who held up a group of men
. attending1 the convention of the
national poultry and egg associa
j tion on the ninth floor of a down
J town hotel and escaped after, bind
ing their victims.
OREGON: Rain; fresh to
strong south to southeast gales
along the coast.
! (Monday
Maximum temperature, C3.
Minimum temperature, 47.
River. 1.6; stationary.
Rainfall, .02. i
Atmosphere,! cloudy. ,'..!
Wind, south!
Both Old Parties Unite
Against Labor Party! in
(English Political Fight
Coalition Is Not Of ficial. Hut Is Plainly Seen in Many In
stances By Expert Observers of Conditions.
LON'DONi Oct. 13. (By The
Associated Press.)- Apprehension
of another j era of labor govern
ment has driven the older parties
to an accommodation that all ap
peals in the past have failed to ac
complish, namely, to the avoidance
as far as possible of three corner
ed contests giving parliamentary
seats to minority candidates. r
The headquarters of the conser
vative and liberal parties official
ly disavow jttaat any such accom
modation had been arranged and
assert that anything of the kind,
if it exists is the work of local
election organizations. Neverthe
less, clearly there is rood under
standing and this is seen in the un
ionist predictions, already enumer
ating the large number of labor
seats which are expected to be
captured in London and elsewhere
Governor Pierce Makes Ap
pointment to Succeed
Late Jurist
L. H. McHahan. an attorney of
Salem, was yesterday appointed by
Governor Pierce as circuit judge
for the Marion-Linn county judi
cial district to succeed the late
Judge George G. Bingham. Mc
Mahan took the oath of office yes
terday afternoon and will begin
his duties at the; court, house to
day. His work will be mainly in
the equity, division of the court.
McMahan has withdrawn as one
of the four republican candidates
for the legislature. His appoint
ment as judge and withdrawal
from the legislative ticket makes
it necessary for the Marion coun
ty republican central committee to
name a candidate to run in his
place. !
Under the law McMahan's ap
pointment ie only for the! period
until his successor 'is elected and
qualified by the election of next
month, and McMahan announces
that he will be a candidate for the
office. It will be necessary for a
judge to be elected by the writing
in of the names on the ballot, since
the secretary of state has already
certified the contents of the bal
lot for the county clerks of the
state. J j
McMahan was born at Auburn,
Baker county, in 186C, and as a
child came to the Willamette val
ley with ! his people, living at
Brownsville from 1867 to 1869,
coming to Salem in the latter
year. i - i , .
In 1888 McMahan founded the
Woodburn Independent, a news
paper that is still published. He
ran the paper until 1892, when
be came to Salem and started the
Daily and the Semi-Weekly Inde
pendent, which he published un
til 1894. j During 1895 and 189C
he ran an editorial publication
known as McMahan's Wasp.
When the Roosevelt Progres
sive party, known as the Bull
Moose party, developed in 1912,
McMahan lined up with that party.
He i was a member of the state
committee and was elected presi
dential elector.
McMahan was graduated from
the law j college of Willamette
university, and was admitted to
the bar in 1898. : He was a mem
ber of the legislative session of
T923. A few years ago he was an
Independent candidate for district
attorney against Max Gehlhar, but
was defeated. McMahan has
farmed quite extensively in Marion
county, at one time owning 1000
acres in the Mission bottom dis
trict. '';: - J j s
A large part of the grange and
organized labor as a unit backed
McMahan for the appointment as
judge. He was opposed ; by the
prohibition forces, who sought the
appointment of W. H. Trindle.
r- , , ,
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 13. Ed
"Strangler" Lewis, world's heavy
weight wrestling champion, again
successfully defended his title
against Joe "Toots' Mondt of Col
orado In ' a finish match here to
night. He won the third and de
ciding fall with a toe hold In 4
minutes and 19 seconds.
NOWATA, Okla.. Oct. 13. Joe
E. Yeats, former pastor of a
church at Alluwe, Okla., pleaded
not guilty to a charge of abduc
tion in district court here today.
His trial was set for Nov. 25. The
abduction charge grew out of his
elopement more than a month ago
with a 14-year-old girl. 1 ; -
by avoidance of triangular con
tests. ; '
i The first fruits of this under
standing appeared today in the
withdrawal of' the unionist candi
date at Paisley, leaving H. H. As
quith. the liberal leader, with a
straight fight against the labor
He line. Similarly in the Trades
ton district of Glasgow, the union
ist' candidate has withdrawn and
the liberal nominee has been left
to contest against Thomas Hender
son, the labor candidate.
Withdrawals of conservative or
liberal candidates have been ef
fected in other constituencies in
accordance with local exigencies,
and, should the process be continu
ed,: It will bring about a complete
change in election prospects, inak-
(Continuad n 2)
Brief Communications Ar
rive Shortly Before Mid
night Last Night
CHATHAM, Mass., Oct. 14 The
first direct message from the ZR
3 received at the station of the
Radio Corporation of America
here gave the; dirigible's position
as latitude 1 north, longitude 38
west at 1:20 a. m. eastern stand
ard time. The station had been
in communication with the dirig
ible since 1 o'clock when it began
sending messages to the trans
Atlantic filer. Communication
conditions were ideal, the local
operators reported. .
The message giving the position
of the dirigible was the first direct
communication from the ZR-3 ob
tained by the Chatham station.
It showed that the ship was about
940 miles wesf of Flores islands,
Azores, and directly on Its course."
Air Station. Lakehurst. N. J., Oct.
13. (By the AP.) "All is well
on board ship," was the -brief mes
sage passing between the ZR-3
and the scout cruiser Milwaukee,
which Lieut. T. G. W. Settle, offi
cer of communication, intercepted
here at 11:10 p. im., eastern stan
dard time. ;'':?
Only five words of a message
which probably was longer were
distinguishable here. , They were
in German 'and very faint:
"Alles wehl an board. Schiff."
Tuned in for a time on the wave
length of the ZR-3 the Chatham
station of the radio corporation
learned tonight the big airship
was proceeding with but three of
her four engines running as a re
sult of engine trouble. ,
Although all else was reported
well on board, her speed was cut
down in consequence of the : en
gine trouble. i i
Large Number of Persons
Listed for Calls Makes -'
Haste Necessary ' .
Plans to speed up the YMCA
campaign were outlined at a meet
ing of all team captains and gen
eral officers last night. The so
licitors are running across delays,
those approached wanting to put
off their subscriptions until later.
In view of, the large number of
persons who are listed for calls,
the committees will be unable to
make all of the visits in the time
limit unless the campaign is speed
ed up to a great extent: An offer
was received last niglft from
youngsters who take a keen inter
est In the YMCA to participate in
the drive. s I
i All pledges are made contingent
upon the entire $200,000 being
raised and in the event this goal
is not reached the pledges become
invalid. , Explanation of this con
sumes a great amount of time
when the routine Is repeated with
every call. . '
Members of the Kiwanis club
will be guests at the YMCA,
luncheon today and atendance
cards will be signed here instead
of at the regular luncheon -at the
Marion hotel. . ' ' . i I
. Immediate answer to all callers
is asked by the committee - in
charge of the drlte. T , "
Criticisms Made By Demo
cratic Candidate Regard
ing Administration Policies
are Answered ,
Opposes Submission on Do.
mestic Questions to In
ternational Group V
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 13.
(By AP.l: American sentiment
will not "tolerate' submission of
domestic ( questions "to the deter
mination of aify group of powers"
Secretary Hughes declared) here
tonight in a campaign address an
swering criticisms; by John W. Da
vis, democrat; presidential nom
inee, of administration foregn pol
icies.' : s.
Mr. Hughes slid not mention the
proposed league of nations proto
col by name but he laid stress up
on the question' of jurisdiction
over domestic tissues, which at the
behest of Japan, occupied as large
a place in 1th recent discussions
at Geneva. lie has not previous
ly referred to Jhe'Geneva develop
ments, directly or indirectly, In
any public address. , I
Refers p Davis Spech
"Recently,"! the secretary said,
"the question! has been discussed
of the appropriateness of investing
a group, of powers5 with the author
ity to deal with domestic question,
not, questions arising under treat
ies which pasties have limited
their rights iut with questions
within the competency of a nation
as to which U has not limited Its
rights. The Sentiment of this
country, I repeat, would not tol
erate the submission of such ques
tions which pertain to our own
(Continued on pg 5)
Defenders of Besieged City
Finally Beaten Back By
Invading Army
SHANGHAI, Oct. 13(By The As
sociated Presk)-4-General Chang
Yung-Ming, fommander in chief
of the troops, from Hupeh pro
vince, whd cooperated with the
victorious Kiangsu army in the
operations! against Chekiang ut
Hwangtu, West of here, took over
the Lungivha Yamen, former
Chekiang I headquarters at S
o'clock this morning.
Their defeated armies retreat
ing in confusion towards Shang
hai, General' Lungyung-Hsiang,
military gdvernor of Chekiang pro
vince, and his chief aide, Generul
Ho Feng-Lin defence commissioner
of Shanghai, loday announced that
they had sigried an armistice with
the Invading jKiangsu forces re
presenting the central government
of China, i . f
Cenerals Lu find Ho, who led
the defense forces fighting west
and south of Shanghai for the
past six weeks today sought refuge
in foreign concessions while a re
port was in circulation here that
they had I been bribed to betray
their leadersi i '
TOKIO, Ott. 13 Lu Yung-Hsi-ang
and Ho Feng-Ling, who today
surrendered -the; city of Shanghai
to the attacking forces of the
Chinese central I govrnment, have
fled from Shanghai and are on
their way tq Japan, the war of
fice Was informed today.
Chang, who arrived by train at
the north station with 1500 troops,
encircled the foreign settlement
on his way tb Lungwha. The sol
diers waved their banners, cheered
and fraternized With the Chekiang
soldiers with whom they had just
been fighting. ; The general re
treat 'of the dispersing Chekiang
armies continued without evidence
of disorder. j
The Chinese chamber of com
merce Is carrying out measures in
conjunction with Wen Shih-Tseng,
recently appointed commissioner
of foreign affairs for Shanghai by
the -Peking government for the
dispersal of the defeated troops. -
Wen Shih-Tseng and his etaff
are taking 'over the bureau of
foreign affairs. ;
' ' . i- .1 ; .;. ; ' : ; -'- " - - -:
''! ry f ' ' ' i ' 1 " ' ' r '"j ' ' ' ' ' '
; j I ( ! . ' -3 ' ' .'. j -BOB MEDIAN ' ,
Progressive Advocates Re
lief Along Lines of Mc-Nary-Haugen
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Oct. 13.
if . . .'
Appealing to the farmefrs of thet
west to support his Independent
candidacy for the presidency. Sen
ator Robert M. La Follette, in an
address here tonight outlined the
program for relief of agriculture,
which he would eponsor if elected.
The Wisconsin Senator declared
he would give support to the fol
lowing measures:
Emergency legislation embody
ing the principle of agricultural
equality which; he said underlies
both the McNary-Haugen andrthe
Norris-Sinclair bills. - ;
"Genuine, farmier representation
in the cabinet and on the federal
reserve and farm loan boards, the
tariff ; and ; Interstate commerce
committees and their govern
mental bodies." S
Repeal of the transportation
act of 1920 and Immediate freight
reductions to approximately pre
war levels on agricultural prod
ucts, livestock and upen materials
and implements required upon
American farms. ;
Revision of the federal reserve!
system "so as to remove its con
trol from the hands of private
monopoly and insure a voice iii
its management for Users of the
credit the farmers, merchants,1
manufacturers and ! employes on
an equal footing with the' bankers5
who sell the people's credit." :
Reduction in the price of;fer
tillzer by governmental develop-
ment of the Muscle Shoals project
and similar water, power resources
now under the control of the fed
eral government. . j
Sweeping . investigation within
the department of agriculture and
other executive departments "to!
locate and remove every employed
who owes his position to the ini
fluence of the packers,! the rail
roas and other privileged
groups." ' .!
. 1 h-' i t
Twenty Thousand Gallons of
of Gasoline Destroyed
Ten People Hurt f ;
DALLAS, Texas, Oct. 13. Ten
persons were injured, two serious
ly, and damage estimated at $10,
000 was caused this afternoon by
a fire which destroyed two tanks
of gasoline at the tank farm and
warehouse of the ! Clay Co. tiasof
line company. Approximately 20,
000" gallons of gasoline was def
stroyed, officials of the company
estimated.'- ; i . ' jS
The fire was the result of an
explosion .'probably . caused- by a
spark generated In a tank car or
in a storage tank' by a pump of
ficials said. ' '
Over Twelve Thousand Meters
. Is Attained By Callizo,
t. French Aviator
, PARISj Oct. 13. The world's
airplane altitude record of 11,145
meters 36,555 feety, made by the
French aviator, Zadi Lecointe, in
October, ; 1923, was J eclipsed 1 at
Villa Coublay on Friday by be
French aviator, Callizo, who 'set
the' mark at 12,066 meters. ;
Woodburn Man Likely to Be
Named as Legislative!
i Candidate I
Immediately upon the appoint
ment of L. II. McMahan yesterday
as .circuit judge and his with
drawal as one of the: four repub
lican candidates for i the legisla
ture, speculation developed as to
whom tne county republican cen
tral committee will nominate as a
candidate for the legislature; in
McMahan's place. Indications are
strong that the nominee will be F.
V. Settlemier of Woodburn, who
received the highest vote' of the
candidates who failed of nomina
tion iii the primary 'election iast
May. ! . j ' ' j ' '
The central committee will prob
ably meet a week from tomorrow
night to name, its candidate. : At
the same meeting it is very prob
able that the, committee will en
dorse a" candidate for circuit judge
to serve a six-year term. Judge
McMahan now holds the place by
appointment but thej appointment
is good only until January, or! un
til his" successor fa! elected -and
qualified ithroueh the medium of
the election next1 month.. McMa
han will be a candidate to succeed
himself. There are indications
that he J will have opposition. Few
names are being mentioned as pos
sible candidates, but j the name of
E. M.i Page is being mentioned
prominently. , f
The candidate will be elected
by the writing in of his name on
the ballot. ; , i
Judges McMahan's first official
duty was to go to Albany to ad
journ court at the Linn county
seat.1.- ! !- ' :'""!'
Salmon Hatchery at :
Mehama Gets Shipment
; MILL CITY, Oct. 13 The sec
ond shipment of salmon eggs from
the racks near Breitenbush ! was
made Friday, when approximately
2,000,000 eggs were shipped to the
hatchery at Mehama. Iti is plan
ned to handle approximately 4,
000,000. eggs at Mehama hatchery
this year, the .balance of the take
to bo shipped :to the hatchery at
IJooueville, where the first ship
ment went about a week ago.! The
eggs ' were delivered by Leroy
Ledgerwood, manager of the' Me
hama' hatchery.
Automobile Manufacturer
Withdraws His Bid for
Muscle Shoals
NEW YORK, Oct. 13 Henry
Ford has withdrawn his bid for
Muscle Shoals and, according - ta
an interview with him in. the cur
rent issue of Collier's Weekly, has
assumed a ' waiting attitude by
putting ' it up to the government
to make the next move If he is to
take any future action in the matter.-
v , :- i :.i . -.- -
The transaction, characterized
by Mr. Ford as "a simple affair of
business which should have been
decided by anyone within a week,"
he declared, "has become a compli
cated nolitical affair'-' and the bid
wis withdrawn because productive
business cannot wait on politics.
("Muscle Shoals" Mr. Ford is
quoted, "That is not a live issue
with us any! longer. More than
two years ago we made, the best
bid we knew how to make. No
definite action- has been; taken on
it. A simple' affair of business
which should have been decided
anyone within a week has be
come a complicated political af-
r. We are not in politics and
are! in business. We do not In
tend to be drawn into politics."
WASHINGTON, Oct. j 13 If
ileinry Ford has withdrawn his bid
forj Muscle shoals, as indicated by
an interview'" published) in Col
liers Weekly he has failed thus far
to advise officials in Washington,
of his decision.- ' ...
Neither the white house nor th?
war department, to which the bid
was originally submitted heard
anything that; would mean a
change in the status of the propos
al and none: of the congressional
leaders now in the capital has re
ceived any recent word from the
Detroit manufacturer.. -
Attention In : Washington was
attracted as much to the maga
zine's quotation of Ford's endorse
ment of President Coolidge's sug
gestion that an impartial commis
sion be appointed to dispose of
Muscel Shoals, as to the report of
the withdrawal of the Ford offer
The magazine story came as a
shock to supporters of Ford h of
fer. :'"': '- ' " '
DB TROIT; Oct. 13 Edsel S.
Ford, president of the Ford Motor
company and son of Henry Ford,
tonight confirmed an intervied in
the ' current , issue of Colliers'
Weekly to the: effect that Henry
Ford had withdrawn his bid for
Muscle Shoals.;- I
NEW YORK, Oct. 13. Mayor
John F. Hylahj in a leter to Pres
ident Coolidgo made public to
night asked! the president for an
official statement concerning 'the
Safeguards provided American in
vestor, in the $110,000,000: loan
to Germany to ' be subscribed to
morrow. The mayor said, that
"silence becomes sinister at ' such
a time as thia." - ' ''. -
Over $12,000 Netted Yester
day By YMCA Campaign
ersHicks' Army Wins
Honors for Day
More Than 2800 Prospect
Remain to Be Visited
By Canvassers'
More than one-half of the total
YMCA building fund is already
in sight, as shown by the figures
at Monday's get-togather dinner,
when $12,743 for the day and
$'02,687 was chalked up on the
Dinner was served to 12? of th
team workers, and to enough of
the general and special staff to
make it about 140 for the day.
Division M, under command of
Major T. M. Hicks, won many hon
ors for the day's work. The team
record for the mo3t money "col
lected, $1,190 by the VIck team:
the Knight of the Shoe Trail medal
for the largest number of sub
scriptions, and the largest total
Tor division collections, $3,022.
Division M, Major Hanson's army,
had the largest attendance for' the
day 35 hungry men.
Joe Nee, of .Willamette univers
ity, led the group singing, at i
also gave two of his own Harry
Lauder Scotch songs that were en
thusiastically encored. The sing
ing was especially good, the crowd
joining in with a royal good will.
"We've passed the peak of the
campaign," said Director Booth.
"But we're not yet reaching
enough people. With more than
3300 name cards out, we have
definite reports from only CC9.
Those who haven't yet besaa U
get deeply -Interested will hava ta
do it now,; and report on these bth
or 2,800 prospects. The money Ij
here for this great cause if we
can only- see the people and tell
them the story. We ought to
have 600 reports for Tuesday."
Chairman Livesley urged haste
in getting the campaign over, so
that if the rest of the city fall-3
down after a sincere trial it might
be possible to go to a few larger
prospects and urge them to finish
the job. " '
The executive committee re
ported $6,010 from eight pros
pects, the report falling a littla
behind the general array report cf
$6,733. The report was handed
in by Paul Wallace, vice chairman.
. Dinner Tor Monday consisted of
- (Continued on pag 8)
British Heir Given Enthusias
tic Reception at Every
Point in City
CHICAGO, Oct. 13 (By Asso
ciated Press Edward David
Windsor, heir to the British
throne, was Chicago's guest on a
private visit for 17 crowded hours
today. At every stopping place
the enthusiastic welcome of cheer
ing throngs turned the affair Into
a cordial public reception. Eager,
smiling mulitudes awaited the
royal visitor at every point of ad
vantage throughout his 70 mU?
auto tour. Lusty cheers and Lis
throated auto horns saluted him a;
every turn. In the wake of the
passage throughout the day thou
sands were left breathless by tli
depth of their enthusiasm. "My
word," said the prince to his host
during one of the day's brief stops.
"My word, but those Amerfran
are enthusiastic and vigorous."
He doTfed his hat and smiled grac
iously in response to evpry greet
ing. Chicago picked up the print o
enthusiastically at Lake Forest, a
suburb, soon after So'clock in tin;
morning, lie was the gufst of
Louis F. Swift, packer, lie was
whisked along the lake short' ar.l
through the ever growing thron: s
to the stock yards for an hour's in
spection tour and to the unWt-rbitv
of Chicago for a somewhat formal
reception byfcollege officera," city
officials and some two hundrt J ! -vited
representatives of th i
imunlty. After luncheon" in lii'
chinson commons the rartr
stopped" at the field ma J(.ata.