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    V Automotive Section
Part Three -Four Pages
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Will Produce More Than
$11,000 of Charcoal and
Chemical Product
I -: i :i ' I
DETROIT, M!h., Oct. 11. -Operations
hare : begun' at the huge
wood distillation plant of the Ford
Motor Company at Iron Mountain.
This great I plant, largest and
most complete of its kind and a
distinctly salvage development,
has a capacity of daily producing
charcoal j and chemical product
to the value of more than $11,000
on the present day prices. !,
It also constitutes the fifth unit
Sn the wood working Industry
which the company has coordin
ated under one head , at 'Iron
Mountain, including s 'everything
from raw materials to the finish
ed product and the reclamation
of wasteJ The five are, logging,
saw mills, dry kilns, body part
plant and wood distillation.
Under I the magic of modern
science, hardwood scraps and saw
dust from the Ford saw mills and
small, gnarled and otherwise use
less tree limbs , from the Ford
forests are now made to give up
a score of valuable products. From
a ton of such wood the Iron Monn
tain distillation plant reclaims:
135 pounds of acetate of lime
61 gallons of 82 per cent me
thyl alcohol I
10 pounds of charcoal
15 gallons of tar, heavy oils.
light oils and creosote ' !
600 cubic feet of fuel gas
The charcoal p. r es s e d into
briquettes; is suitable for. produc
ing the intensely hot fires requlr.
ed to purify high-grade Iron and
also Is being sold through Ford
commissaries as an exceptionally
clean and 1 economical f eul for
home use. 1
Tar recovered from the wood,
upon further distillation yields
pitch, wood creosote and flotation
oils all of which are used In the
Ford organization. The pitch Is
used for sealing batteries and In
sulating coils; the creosote as a
preservative ' for poles, posts and
railroad ties, and the flotation
ells for mining: purpose -In the
Ford mlnesr-
The group of by-products con
taining methyl alcohol and acid,
after being neutralized with lime,
go to stills where the alcohol Is
driven off. The lime, combining
with the ecetlc acid makes calci
um acetate and from this there
is produced ethyl acetate, great
quantities of
the Highland
which are used at
Park plant of the
company in
the manufacture of
leather cloth for automobile tops
and upholstery.
The methyl alcohol coming off
goes to the refinery nd emerges
as methyl actone and methyl al
cohol, useful as solvents or de
naturing ; agents. The remaining
oils and the gas are used as fuel.
Comprising; the giant wood. dis
tillation plant at Iron Mountain
are two niain buildings, each with
four six-story sections. The Car
bonization building, i where the
process starts, is 360 feet long and
SO feet wide,! and the Distillation
building, where. cbemcal products
are made, is 300 by 90 feet.
The buildings are furnished
with heat by a steam power plant,
a unique feature of which is a
horizontal smokestack ten feet in
diameter and j more than 200 feet
long, .which connects the two big
buildings furnishing, , heat - for
wood drying. j
Mechanical installation, driers,
retorts, condensers, stills, etc., are
the largest ever placed la a plant
of the kind. The Stafford process
of wood distillation which effects
the greatest measure of wood con
servation, is used, instead of the
old oven process. The latter re
quires good seized pieces of wood,
while the Stafford .-- process can
use anything of a cellulose struct
ure sawdust, shavings chips,
bark, corncobs, even nut shells -and
convert It into charcoal and
valuable by-products.
In every respect the Iron Moun
tain plant represents a high ex
ample of the extreme limits to
which the Ford Motor f Company
goes in its endeavor to effect ev
ery economy "and to contribute at
all times as large a measure as
possible to the conservation of
national resources. i
The demand
for cars- and
tracks this fall is expected to ex
ceed the same period in 1923.
September production' of motor
vehicles was 274,300. This, as
usual, was smaller than August,
being 2 under this year, as
compared with 6 per cent nnder
. last year. . I - . . j i -
Alphabetical list of exhibitors
at the Silver Jubilee shows is as
follows: . i . - ' :
Passenger ! cars; I Ambassador,
Apperson; Auburn," Buick Cadllac,
Case. Chandler, Chevrolet, Chrys-
Jer, Cleveland, Cole, Daris, Dodge,
: 1 ; ; ,- - .
;.,!' N . " '
" v
j ... , , jr . "--.. ,
1 111! W : S
V ' - v- i ;
-mum 7 T i Sv
: H ' ) : j
; fT j
The Western Auto Supply report that the demand for,
locking caps is growing daily. One of 'the accessory salesmen
Is pictured above, explaining to a fair motoring devotee, the
advantages of equipping her new Maxwell coupe with a lock
ing cap. ' ! . 1 ! ' !
du Pont, Durant Eleer; Essex,
Flint, Franklin, Gardner, Gray,
Haynes, Hudson,' Hupp, Jordan,
Kissel,' Lexington. Lincoln, Mc
Farlarn, Marmom Maxwell, Moon,
Nash, Oakland, Olds. Packard,
Paige, Peerless,- Pierce, Reo, Rick
enbacker, Rollin, Star.i Steam
Vehicle, Stearns, Studebaker,
Veile, Westcott, Wills Sainte
Claire, Willy-Overland.
Taxis: Checker, H. C. S., Pre
mier, Reo, Yellow. ,
New Model Sixty Greatly in
DemandLargest Sept. i
Company Has Had ' I
An increase in actual sales of
197 percent during the month of
September as compared with Aug
ust was announced today by the
Velie Motors Corporation of Mp
line, Illinois., The company also
announced ' that 'during the -30
days ending with September 30,
the dealer organization had been
increased by 42 contracts.
It was also stated that the com
pany would work overtime during
the month of October to meet the
demand for the new Model 60.
September also witnessed the
establiashment j of a new sales
record for the 'Velie company in
being the largest September the
company has ever known, with
the ! exception of - the war period
when government work was being
done exclusively. It was also the
7-li;-. o;i w-
hour non-stop run which started at noon Friday, October
3, and ended at 4 p. m. Tuesday, October 7.
The Valvoline oil thsjt was used in this Star car w iich
covered a distance of 1872 3-10 rhiles was in constant use
for the 100 hours. 1 I
Valvoline oil is a pure Pennsylvania oil and is no blended
as some of the ! oils on the market today. Valvoline Oils
and Greases are one f the oldest if not the oldest liibri
cants on the market today and the Valvoline Company
have always maintained quality.
Wei invite you to stop In our store and examine the oil that
was used in the 100r hour run and convince yourself of
the high standard of yalvoline Oil. i f 1 j
Rm-mfwr that
Greases at all times.
largest j month the company has
known this year, being 16 percent
greater! than April, the largest
sales nijonth for every automobile
company. j
Of the new sales contracts the
company has made in the; last
30 days, 14 are distributors in
some of the largest cities of the
country and 28 are dealers. Re
ports to the factory indicate that
within ;the next 60 days more
than 150. additional distributors
and dealer contracts will have
been made. I.
The ' company says : that the
closed I car sales ' on the ; new
Model 60 will run as high as 85
percent for the next year, and
orders Son hand are in . excess of
the factory production.'
Alaska Valley Celebrates I
Firist Decade of Farming
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Oct. 9.
(AP.)-j-The Susitna Valley is cele
brating): with an exhibition and
fair its first decade of agriculture.
In the 10 years since the launch
ing of the Alaska Railroad project
by the government, sufficient land
had . been brought under cultiva
tion tofassure a display -equal to
that of many northwestern states.
Following the usual history of
pioneering, the city dwellers grad
ually are acquiring partly develop
ed homesteads and acreage, and a
forward movement in agriculture
has resulted.
For the first time In the history
of Anchorage there was a sum
cient supply of local strawberries
this yeir to supply the demand for
fresh aid canned berries and Jams.
Experiments with timothy and al
falfa apparently have added a new,
field for the farmer.
neor! in the Star car
w raWv a full line of Valvoline Oils! and
5000 Cars PJaf ed in Hands
i of Owners During Montli
Oct. L6o;ks Good
Business throughout the coun
try ia on the upward trend if
the sale of Oldamoblles is any cri
terlon. During ihei month of Sep
teniber more Oldsrjiobile were sold
than, during any previous month
Lsince April this year, when prac
tically ii00O cars were placed in
the hands of owners, according to
figures announced) this week by
the Olds Motor works. Lansing,
Michigan. Orders! on hand indl
cute that October will show a still
higher record. I
A substantial increase in sales
is noted in the. agricultural dis
tricts,: an analysis! of September
Oldsmobile business shows, al
though a gain f U registered in
every section of the country, both
urban and rural. I iThisbetter
ment in th4 farming communities
reflects the improved financial
condition of the farmer.
During the moijth just ended
the factory shipped j to ' dealers
slightly under 600K) cars. Due to
the new manufacturing schedule
system employed; by Olds, this
represents about he ; number of
retail sales. This new manufac
turing and sales plan require ten
day reports froth dealers as to the
number of cars they have on hand.
together with estimates on future
business. In ths manner the
factory '; is enabled to regulate
shipments to dealers and prevent
them, from becoming overstocked
In fact shipments 'are kept in
line with retail sales
One of the outstanding features
of the present excellent business
situation is the geat demand for
closed cars which; exceeds that of
all previous years4 So great has
been this demand that the Olds
Motor Works for the tirst time In
its 27 years in business entirely
suspended production of open car
models for one; week recently sc
that it could put its full effortt
on he productionj of closed carr
(or1 the six days, jand thus In a
measure ease up the pressure
from dealers for the! big demand
from the public for this type Of
bodv. At the present time it is
taking every .closed job that can
be turned out by the Fisher Body
plant recently established on the
Olds property f
The recent introduction of a
five-passenger Coach is believed
to have materially; accelerated thlf
big demand for. closed cars. The
reception accorded the new coacb
has been even greater than anti
cipated, and at the present time
that run the 100
this model Is being sold as rapidly
as dealers can be supplied.
' The present six-cylinder Olds
mobile was introduced just exactl
ly one year ago and Is. the product
of a new policy under which the
Olds Motor Work concentrates: its
entire - resources and 1 efforts on
one chassis, with a complete line
of nine body styles. Mechanical
ly the car has been continued into
the' 1925 selling year: with only
such .changes as improvements
and developments in automotive
engineering have made edvisable.
The body lines, have been refined
in several Important particulars,
the most noticeable being a higher
hood and cowl with new and lat
est design nickeled radiator. All
bodies are finished in beautiful
satin lustre Duco. : j
During' the past 12 months
since the six-cylinder Oldsmobile
has been in production1 there have
v-;'j :
1 .' ' -
! 1
been shipped! and sold more than
48,000 cars, making the year the
best 12 month period in the his
tory of thei (company.
Skeleton of Mastodon
Found Under City Street
DKNVER, Oct. j 9 (AP.)
Eighteen feet below .the surface
of i street here recently a laborer
unearthed bones that were pro
nounced by scientists to have been
part of the skeleton of a masto
don. The teth and Jawbone were
intact. i !
J JJ. B. Piggins. director of. the
Colorado Museum of Natural His
tor, hazarded the guess that the
bones were1 about 2500 years old.
Mr.j FIggi ns said science never had
found a complete 'skeleton of a
matadon, but had pieced together
parts found, using the proportions
indfeated. ! ! ' .
Don't Flirt With
Fpl if- :
ht i I J
. -' Wear One and You'll be Pleased
Smith &
The Economy run put on by us from noon October 3 to
October 7 at4 p. m., the 100 HOUR NON STOP RUN,
was Very satisfactory to us from the fact that we did not
doctor up the car in any way. j
We run this car in the same condition that; we would put
it in when delivered to a customer, with the: exception that,
after the motor got warmed up we cut down the gas sup
ply tb 4 point that is called a lean mixture. 1
Jets in Carburetor were not changed, neither was light oil
put in the transmission and differential, I which would
materially increase the mileage. ' t ? J j
Coasting ; was not allowed, and the clutch was engaged
at all times. t
The fail belt was removed during the entire run,1 and at
times radiator was covered from one half to three ! fourths
in order to keep the motor warm. ;. ;
No trouble was experienced at any time during the run
this car did not have but
before It started on the run. ;
Number of miles run in the
Gallons gas consumed
Quarts lubricating oil
Quarts! water ...........
Number of. miles per gallon1
i . . .
1000 Miles Made in 1007
Minutes Including Stops
Gas, Tires and Oil
t Shattering all previous distance
endurance' records, aj stock Chrys
ler Six phaeton covered. 1000 miles
in 1007 minutes elapsed time j at
Ppoonn fo 1 trn t 1 'i' 1
Deducting the time consumed
necessary stops, such as for
food for
oil,' tire changes and
the driver.
the net run-
ning time was 87 tninutes, 10.8
Death or Injury
three hundred, fifty miles
1872 3-5
60 3-4
81 -
(Dor Today
seconds, an average speed of 6S
331 miles an hour.
' The distance, 22 miles longer
than the New York Central Rail
road's route from New York to
Chicago, was made in 5 hours and
21 minutes less running time than
the famous Twentieth Century
Limited 's scheduled time between
America's, two largest cities. It
was made in an hour and 20. min
utes . less than the famous train
has ever completed its shorter run.
DUBLIN. Oct. 9. In a recert
S -1 m . m
auureen camonn. ae-vaiera 8itfu
that the fund, for the assistance
of the dependents of prisoners put
in jail by the Free State had re
ceived $275,000 . from America
and. $125,000 from other sources.
At present, he said, the fund
has only $100.
- olcid