The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 07, 1924, Page 2, Image 2

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Man who escaped from Sing
sing , oyer a year ago was either
caught or one winter outside was
enough for him. j
The law says you can't make
homemade wine, but many citi
zens know it will turn to vinegar,
anyway. I ; !
Two In One
i TODAY, OCT. 7, 1:30 P. M.
H 1560 State Street
' '-' "" 1 : . , , , , ,
Zenith electric washing machine, almost new; Uni-
'versal 6-hole r&nge, coiled, nickle base, j white enamel
trimmed, like new; Universal heater, board j and pipe,
' like hew ; mahogany cane back davenport upholstered
! in blue velour, like new; mahogany floor lamp with silk
shade ; grey enamel bed room suite, including dresser,
vanity dresser and bed, spring and mattress; Ivory
child's wardrobe ; 3 steel beds with springs and mat
tresses; 54-inch fumed oak plank top extension table and
7 leather seated; dinners to match, extra good set; white
enamel dresser J fir dresser; White drop head sewing
machine ; 4 rugs 9x12 in Axminster and tapestry Brus
sels; 3 Congoleum rugs; set reducing recordi; electric
-plate; card table; oak hall rack; reed chair; oak rockers;
'antique walnut sewing cabinet ; ice box; kitchen table;
folding cot; square extension table; home, canned fruit,
fruit jars, axe, wash tubs, boiler, kitchen utensils, dishes,
"oroning board, and a lot of miscellaneous articles.
Terms cash. 1 1
PUBLIC ATTENTION: Everything advertised in
5this sale is just like new. t J
rIONE HICKERMAN - I Auctioneer,
I " -' - Owners, -f f, , Phone 511, Salem.
1 'Wobdry Buys Furniture for cash or sells on commission
. ' Another Real Good Piano and
Furniture Auction
TOMORROW, OCT. 8, 1:30 P. M.
1910 )Valler Street j
i Take S. 12th street car and : walk 5 blocks east.
, u--n : I ' - . ; :-
St. Regis upright piano, mahogany case, used only 6
months; waxed oak Duofold in craftsman leather with
mattress ; waxed oak extension table, 48-inch plank top,
like new; 6 waxed oak full box leather seated dinners;
waxed oak library table; 2 overstuffed craftsman leath
er rockers J 4 oak dresser; oak library lamp; Congoleum'
rug ; Axminster rug 9x12, and other rugs ; 8-day mantle
Clock; 3-4 bed, complete ; 2 two-inch post Simmon's beds
with springs and mattresses ; mahogany smoker's stand;
square oak extension table; kitchen maid white enamel
cabinet, like new; lawn mower ; range ; heater, board and
Pipe; pictures, jardaniers, wash tubs, fruit jars, boilers,
2-burner oil stove, oil heater, axe, ironing board, looking
glass, aluminum ware, - kitchen utensils, dishes, and
many other articles. Terms Cash. .' ' 1
Wait Is Dismissed at Seattle
for Breaking Trainng
Auctioneer, Phone 511,
Res. 1610 N. Summer St.
fWoodry Buys Furniture for cash or sells on commission
Old Lady Hard Luck appears to
be camping on the trail of the
Willamette Bearcats this season,
for another of the players has fall
en by the wayside. While in Seat
tle,' Waite. tf husky Bearcat player
who got into the game against
Oregon a , week ago Saturday,
broke training rules, and Was dis
missed from the squad last Satur
day by Coach Rathbun a few hours
prior to the game with the Uni
versity of Washington. He was
provided with a ticket and started
back to Salem.
Coach Kathbun informed a news
paper man last Thursday that he
was investigating information con
cerning the eligibility of one of
the players. Until he had all the
facts, he did not want to make a
statement, but went to hold a per
sonal interview with the : informants.
"When informed that a sub line
man used six minutes of the Ore
gon game, was possibly ineligible,
our staff immediately investigat
ed," said Rathbun. j "The young
man acknowledged that if two
years of college football played
while he was enrolled in the acad
emy counted, he would have play
ed'' the allotted time allowed under
our rules. - Due to : this develop
ment, two-of his friends decided
to withdraw, although their play
ing status was not involved in any
similar sense. They left for a non-
conference college.
"The fourth boy, Hemphill of
Berkley, presented satisfactory
evidence to college authorities
that he was needed at home.
When family affairs permit he ex
pects to return to Willamette.
"Irrespective of other , reports.
these are the actual facts as gath
ered by our staff, after Investiga
tion of all available data. The
lads were all bona fide students.
and only one was involved in the
eligibility question." ' ' .
first big ' interscholastic contest
with Albany is a tittle more than
two weeks in the Ifuture. Up un
til last night no Jwofd had been
received from either Oregon City
or Woodburn, with whom games
bad been requtstetl. f i . j
Beginning tonight . the high
school will get down to'scrimmage
practice in earnest, with particu
lar emphasis being placed upon
the defense. A tight scrimmage
was held Friday apd Saturday the
coach had the nien : out on the
field; "i ) I'
i Coffey and Harris joined the
line-up last nigh and with ' the
recent disturbance revolving a
round an alleged ' hazing episode
at the ; high school cleared up,
there seems to b title to worry
about regarding tie. men. Sever
al o the prominent football play
ers names were Included in the
list who voluntarily gave them
selves up for prosecution. Had
all these been expelled from
school, their loss vould have been
felt by the coach fand team.
Cubs of National League De
feated By Score of Five
i to Three t;
ers. Score
San Francisco . . .f.
Portland ..... . . .'.
Williams and Yellfe; Schroeder
and Daly. f
Jl. H. E.
3 8 0
5 10 3
CHICAGO, Pet. 6. The White
Sox remain : Chicago ; champions,
even if they did finish last in the
1924 American league race. Bowl
ing over the Cubs itodayj 5 to 3,,
the American league nine, led by
Johnny Evers, retained their city
title, re-won lastj year I from the
National leaguers after a lapse of
12 months. . ! ; 1 ' .
It was the sixth game of the se
ries, the Cubs having taken the
first and fifth combats ; solely; on
the pitching of G rover Alexander.
In all the other contests the Sox
pitching and attack were super
ior, i y I i
Hollls Thurston and Ted Lyons
hurled the Sox to victory today.
Thurston was swept aside in the
torrid .Cub attack in the seventh
Inning which fell a single run of
tying the score and Lyons came
on to wind up the affrayi Aldridge,
Elmer Jacobs, Tony Kaumann and
John ''Blake pitched for; the Cubs
but the National league club could
not catch the Sox, after they got
away to a four run lead in the
first three innings on Aldridge. :
i Score : ! R. II. E.
Cubs 3 10 0
White Sox I.... 5 8 2
I Aldridge, Jacobs, Kaufmann,
Blake and Hartnett;a'f hurston, Ly
onsfand Schalk. ' , j
A man .has started around the
world in a , 20-foot boat,' setting
Railf of course,, from 'our I2-mi!e
limit, t . i J
Angels 3; Seattle 1
Score I ; R. H. E.
Los Angeles . i ..... 3 9 2
Seattle ........ . . .. 1 7 5
; Payne and Spen)cer Fussell and
E. Baldwin. I 1
Oakland 1-C; SaU Lake 0-4
First game i i R. H. E.
Salt Lake . . ... . . . . 0 3 0
Oakland 1 8 1
O'Neill and "Peters i Boehler and
Read. (12 innlnfes.)
Second game I R. H. E.
Salt Lake . . I . . . ..47 0
Oakland ...4 c 11 0
Singleton, Perry and Cook; Fos
ter and Baker. j
on unb
TO I 1
Ran FrencUco
8attl .
Im An relet . .
Rait lka .
Sarramrnto ..
Huntington Anxious to Try
Out His Team on Some v
High School
In the coaching game if It is
not one thing it is another that
causes worry to the mentor and
brings forth premature gray hairs.
At present Coach Hollis Hunting
ton is "sitting pretty" with a
number of veterans and a host of
reserve material. But he can
find no high school upon which
to try-out his men. At least he
has not made connections and the
. Il.tM
Sl .
I . fl - . f .
individual Service-Nation -Wide Facilities
TELEPHONE service is csj
. sentially an individual serf,
vice. Each subscriber must be
dealt with as an individual. His
telephone instrument is a piece
of individual, personal equip
ment. ; But to coordinate this
instrument with a nation-wide
system requires supplementary
facilities in wholesale quantities.
In itself, this instrument rep
resents only a relatively small
investment. Its proportionate
share, however, in the total in
vestment in wire, poles, switch
boards, buildings and other plant
required to make Bell System
service universal in scope is an
hundred times its own value.
This investment per instru
ment is steadily increasing as
more and more equipment, con
stantly growing more complex,
is put into service at the pres
ent high prices of labor : and
Centralized manufacture and
years of continuous research have
enabled the Bell System in some
measure to meet this rising tide
of plant investment. The result
is that its service remains unri
valled not only in efficiency and
in extent but in economy from
the standpoint of cost to the
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company
- . - One Policy - One System Unlvers! Serrice ,
.! -
Won Ixst
..103 85
97 89
87 90
U 94
.i- 93
87 99
80 100
; - n
.5 IS
OILES or other rectal or colon
disorders may be responsible
for your general ill health, j
My, non-surgical treatment of these dis
orders has been taken by thousands of
men, women and children from all parts
of the West, my unprecedented success
enabling me to confidently GUARAN
TEE tocure your Piles or refund your fee.
Send today for my FREE
book on Rectal and Colon
disorders. Every sufferer
should have K.
1 .u..;
Little Difference Between
Pandidates Found; Big
1 Crowd Attends
Stock Consists of General
Statiunery; Fine Interior,
- . Decorations
Presidential candidates are fair
ly equally divided as favorites as
fargas a straw vote taken at the
first of the fall meetings of Capi
tol? Post No. 9, American legion
indicate. The 1 results obtained
last night gave Coolidge 39; Davis
Z2i and La Follette 27. The vote
wai taken upon request of John
M. VStoddard, of the Seattle Post
Intelligencer, which is conducting
a campaign through the ' north
west In line with other Hearst
publications throughout the na
tion. Mr. Stoddard is taking
these polls from all classes and
will visit as far south as Med-
ford, going to 1 Astoria and La
Grande before returning to his
office.. He Is an ex-service man
and issued an official invitation
to all former members of the 65th
coast artillery to attend the an
nual gathering and reunion in Se
attle October 25.
McCornack hall was packed last
night, with a special program of
fered. Clifford Brown reported
on; the national Legion convention
in St. Paul, with appropriate side
lights. Music was furnished I by
the; Cherrian quartette, with John
Charge, British veteran of the
World war who saw four years of
action, appearing In a bagpipe se
lection. Bill Hines headed a del
egation from the Dallas post who
made a social visit. Steamed clams
and clam tea were the refresh
ments. Two weeka from last night
the entertainment will be given
by; the American Legion auxiliary.
A resolution inviting the Salem
war Mothers to dedicate the sta
tue, "Over the Top to Victory,
located on the court house lawn,
on 'Armistice 'day instead of a prior
date, was unanimously approved
arid passed by the organization.
i Doors of the new" Atlas Book &.
Stationery store at .465 State were
ppened for business Monday, with
tl. S. Melson. and A. A. Gueffroy
as proprietors.
I All the latest type of equipment
adapted to a store of this kind
have been 1 installed and, accord
ing to several salesmen, the store
is one of the finest of its kind
west of Cincinnati. The wood
work is of hardwood and finished
in driftwood gray, the only finish
of its kind to be found In Salem.
The remainder of the. decorations
are In harmony with the wood
work. ; ;
The store carries a general sta
tionery line, with gifts that are
associated with this kind of a
stock. Three "booths along the
west side of the building are de-
siened to eive a better display of
the articles and books and to pro
vide place where a person may
look through a book without be
ine jostled by those passing along
the aisle. A small office Is lor
cated near the front entrance.
In addition to the complete line
of books and stationery supplies,
the typewriting and rubber stamp
nlant formerly located at 365
North Liberty, has been moved to
the rear of the building. This de
partment is under the direction of
Fred Alfred Williams. All sales,
repairs and rentals will be handled
from the new location. .
Miss Florence Cartwright Is In
charge of the book department of
the store.
Babe Ruth Is leading In home
runs again or rather yet, :
Willamette Valley
Transfer Co.
Fast Through Freight to All
Valley Points Daily. 1
Salem-Portland-Woodburn i
Corvallis- -Eugene - Jefferson
Dallas - Albany Monmouth
Independence - Monro
Springfield -
All jf his Week
.5 . . ;;
;r4 to-ir f
A Six-Daly Sale of America's
Most Popular Floor -
l ''; '" ' ; ' 1
i : i ' 1 - I I
1 ' . ".. 1 ; -. "i .;
New Goods
i They're all new goods, just re
ceived from the factory. All pop
ular patf erhs and sizes. Every rug ,
guranteed. .
' Your sure of satisfaction vith
every i purchase of Gold-Seal Con- .
goleum ! Art-Rugs in our big sale
Week Octbber 6th to 11th. If these
waterproof durable, easy j to clean,
and artistic; floor-coverings aren't sat
isfactory we'll refund your money !
Gold-Seal Congoleum Art-Rugs
6x9ft I Congoleum Art-Rug $ 8.50
Regularly Priced $9.95
7x9 ft. Congoleum Art-Rug $10.60
J: Regularly Priced $12.40
Q VQ f f '! Gold-Seal
7Jv7 l 1 Congoleum Art-Rug
!, . Regularly Priced $14.95
9xl0ft Congoleum Art-Rug $14.85
I I P Regularly Priced $17.50
9x12ft Congoleum Art-Rug $16.95
Regularly Priced $19.95 ;
p- i 1 i " i
Other sizes at ! attractive reductions A A
ranging down to the 18x36-inch Rugs iiC .
Gold-Seal Congoleum By-the-Yard
I Regularly Priced $1.00
Two Yards Wide .L. .... 84c per eq. yd.
Three Yards Wide .... 94c persq. yd.
Gold-Seal Congoleum Rug-Border;
24 inches wide . 59c per running yard
36 inches wide ..-....-69c per running yard
Regularly priced 70c and 80c '
trs -
fU... 0
n : isuy mem 01 jj
IBest Dealers Everywherejj 1
"Tested Cars'
At the present time we
have a group of cars which
represent remarkable val
ue,' for' sale at prices that
are unusually low. Condi
tions this season have been
unusual, and we have coma
into possession of cars that
ordinarily would not be in
the resale market.
Closed Cars
i . -"
1923 Willys Knight Sedan
Plenty of 01 IC
extras : OA w
1924 Oakland
Closure ....
1924 Overland Sedan, just
broken fOCO
1923 Ford, t-Door Sedan
with ' cncf
extras .. vUwU
1923 Chevrolet
1923 Star
Coupe . .
1922 Ford Sedan
early type ..........
i f Open Cars
1923 Star Touring, QO7C
new cords d i ID
1923 Ford Touring CQOA
Uke new ; ....vU
1923 Overland
Touring ...
1922 Maxwell
1920 Overland
Touring ....
I - - I
What kind of a car
do you want? What
ever it lg, we hare
it among our used
models. You will be
especially Interested
In the low prices.
Certified Public
. Motor Car
- Market ' ,
235 N. Church St.
Phone 8S3