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' 1 AtJDRKD BtTNdir
IVl. state librarian, will have
charge .today of the afternoon's
informing talkl when the Daugh
ters of the American Revolution
meet for their regular October
program. MrsJ Harry M. Styles,
780 North Summed steet, will be
the hostess., H :;!... . - j
,,,Mlss Marvin, 'with authority
baaed on considerable travel, will
take as her subject International
Relations. .The members of Che
meketa chapter are especially an
ticipating Miss Marvin's treatment
of the subject! .j
):. .U.y:
h , The Fairmount j Hill club met
aor . i aeiigoiiui aueruuoa di
bridge Thursday at the -home 1 of
.Mrs. Earl Pearcy. Attractive bou-
-used In a decorative manner abot
the rooms,, where two tables of the
cara diversion were in piay.
Quests of the club for the day
were: Mrs. Lutherj Wells of Spo
kane and Mrs. A. C. F. Perry. 4
Mrs. E. T. B. Hill won the af
ternoon's high score; the consola
tion award xoine
to Mrs. Luther
' 'A buffet luncheon was served
at the conclusion! r of the j after
noon. i I . ,: I.'
' Those present were Mrs. George
H. Grabenhorst, Mrs. E. T. B.
Hill. Mrs. E. J. 1 Huffman, Mrs.
Lester L. Laws. jMrs. Lawrence
Oberer. Mrs. II. K.! Stockwell. Mrs.
wfe; pay CASH FOR
Ctfcitdl Hairiware c
Furniture Co.
JJest Prices Paid
2S5 N. Con! SL Phone 34
J. C. Schur; Mrs. Luther "Wells,
Mrs. A. C.F.i Perry, and the hos
tess, Mrs. Earl Pearcy.
Mrs.-B. E. Carrier, who left the
first of September for the east In
company with . her niece, Mrs.
Charles Hays of Portland, is now
visiting with relatives in Brook
well, Pa. Mrs. Carrier will be a
guest of Miss Lucille Croctfett at
Syracuse, N.!Y. and of her nephew
Dr. Joseph Bell, an interne at the
Pennsylvania' -hospital in New
York, city, before returning home
the last part of the month.
The Piety , Hill club, one of the
most Interesting of Salem's social
groups, met! for the first autumn
meeting Thursday afternoon at
the home of ; Mrs. W. E. Kirk
with Mrs. E. T. Barnesand Mrs.
Kirk the hostesses. Mrs. Russell
Catlia was elected to succeed Mrs.
John H. Albert, retiring president,
the club having just the one of
fice. ' -w ' h1
The afternoons will be "devoted
to sewing for the Children's farm
home at Corvallis.,! ;
'Vivid zinnias, with bowls of
late roses were used attractively
In the rooms where a late after
noon luncheon was served. Mrs.
E. Ct Cross assisted the hostess.
Mrs. E.K. Benchley of Fuller
ton, Cal.. was a guest of the af
ternoon.., ; i . , ii "
i The matrons having membership
in the club- are:' Mrs. William
Brown, Mrs.' John H. Albert, Mrs.
R, P. Boise, Mrs. Russell Catlin.
Mrs. E. C. Cross, Mrs. E. Hartley,
Mrs. T. B." Kay,, Mrs. Ercel ' Kay,
Mrs. W. PJ Fowle, Mrs. W. p.
Kirk, Mrs. E. T. Barnes. Mrs. S.
P. Kimball, Mrs. C. I. Lewis, Mrs.
F. W. Spencer, Mrs. C. H. Rob
ertson, Mrs. E. C. Patton, Mrs.
H.-B. Thielsen. Mrs. J. T. Whit
tig and Mrs,.' C. K. Spanlding.
Miss Frances M.r Richards has
issued cards for what will be one
of the most attractive affairs of
the university season when on
1 1 and
V." See
Friday afternoon, - Oct. 10, she
will be at .-.home to all college
maids, from ,8:39 until 5:30
o'clock, at Lausanne hall. ' .
Mrs. Lnther Wells and daugh
ter Dorothy of Spokane were din
ner guests last evening of Mrg.
Earl Pearcy. j -
4 ,Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Fisher, Mr.
and Mrs. L. Gleason, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. J.
William Chambers, Mr. and Mrs.
P. M. Gregory and Dan Langen
berg were guests In Vancouver,
Wash., yesterday, attending the
Inter-city Rotary meeting. I
Yesterday the state officers, dis
trict ; deputies and grand regents
of the Catholic Daughters of Am
erica throughout Oregon opened
their meeting in Salem at the
Marion hotel, beginning at 10:301
a. m, Dr. Nicholson of the Cath4
olic National Welfare council will
be the principal speaker at the
business meeting today. Miss
Genevieve Ryan of Portland will !
preside as state regent of the or
ganization. On Sunday the Sa
lem Daughters will be hostesses
to the visitors at a 1:30 luncheon
in McCornack hall. At this meet
ing Dr. Nicholson and Miss Duffy,
a welfare worker for the city of
Portland, will speak to. the Sa
lem Daughters and visitors. The
state officers who will be present
are Miss Genevieve Ryan of Port
land. Mrs. F. X. Schaefers of Eu
gene, Mrs. J. J. Keber of Mt. An
gel, and Mrs. A. A. Mickel of Sa
lem. District deputies are Airs.
Joseph Tranzwa of Eugene, Miss
M. Augusta Pember of Portland
and Mrs. Keber of Mt. Angel.
Grand regents are Mrs. Pearl
McMannamna of Astoria, Mrs.
Marie ' Koenlg of Roseburg, Miss
Grace Hirschbuhl of Portland,
Mrs. Hazel Courtney of Wood burn.
Miss Anna Erwert of Mt. Angel,
and Mrs. Mickel of Salem. r
One of the motives Of the con
ference is to plan for a greater
Catholic Daughters of America or
ganization in Oregon, as the slo
gan ; of the national courts i Is:
"Two hundred thousand members
and 1,000 courts In 1924." i
Election of officers, and the
making of plans for a bazaar later
Jn the season, was the business In
hand at the meeting of St. Moni
cas Altar society this week. The
officers elected were: . President,
Mrs. Richard Dlbb; first vice pres
ident, Mrs. A. E. Huckestein; sec
ond vice president. Mrs. Thomas
McCalin; recording secretary. Mrs.
E. A. Pruitt: financial secretary,
Mrs. A. M, Lane; treasurer, Mrs.
Josephine Suing.
The year's managing committee
includes Mrs. Joseph Lebold,
chairman; Mrs. C. D. Thomas and
Miss M. Lebold. U
:..:, . r w
The Harvest Home "get togeth
er" and supper for all the mem
bers and friends of - St. Paul's
parish will be held on Monday eve
ning in the parish house at 6: SO
o'clock when the supper will be
served. - A musical program will
be rendered and the evening will
be spent in sociability. Strangers
are Invited and this Is an occasion
for all to get acquainted. ,
. i
- A group of Corvallla young peo
ple attending the young people's
gathering here held in connection
with the Congregational state
conference included Miss Ethel
Hollister, Miss Agnes Brightman,
Miss Mildred Newton, Harlow G.
Atwood, John Logan, Delmer M.
Goode, Albert S. Skldmore, Mr.
Fleming and Harold Merrill. ,
- ,
Dean and Mrs. George H.' Alden
will open their home this evening
at the dinner hour for all mem
bers of the Willamette university
faculty. The affair promises to
be particularly enjoyable.
Dr. Ralph D. Bisbee was a din
ner gueat yesterday evening at the
Kappa 1 Gamma Rho fraternity
house. Dr. Bisbee while here is
Social Calendar
Today O
i - -
itiin. ii vi ii i'-JFi nil Hv wi iniJi n linn nil ii it mi
i ' .1 . II I - M I II II lX JA I. Ill II II 1 II ii II IA MVv
11 lii' 1' il
uniigr the lat ear by buying their furniture, dishes,
autornohile pdrts, stoves and a list of other things a page
long, from us.
?P?Jct T,nat your wante may be, we can supply them
either new or Second hand, so give us a trial. ?
Follow the crowds to
Salvation Army Harvest Festi
val Sale and Thanksgiving. Hall
on State street'
Daughters oi the American Re
volution,5 Mrs. !H. ,M. Styles, 780
North Summer street, hostess.
M1ss Cornelia Marvin, speaker.
.Faculty dinner.' ' Dean and Mrs.
G. H. Alden, hosts. -Willamette
Shrine No. 2, guests
of Oregon Shrine No. 1, at recep
tion in Portland, i ,
Sunday '
Program by Woman's Mission
ary society, j Chemeketa Street
Evangelical church, 7:30 o'clock.
St. Paul's church Harvest Home
festival, miisicale at 11 a. m. '
, j Catholic Daughters of America,
luncheon McCornack hall, 1:S0
o'clock. . . I .
i Mondav
Woman's Republican Study club.
Mrs. John L. Rand. S95 Chemek
eta street, , hostess. Judge Me
Cammant speaker.
WCTU state convention, Corval-
Writers', club, : Miss Renska
Swart hostess. I ;
Monday Night ! Dancing club,
Derby hall. J S
Harvest ; Home "get together"
for St. Paul'sarish, Parish house,
o:ju p ciock. t i
Miss Nina McNary's Bible class.
YWCA parlors,: 6:0-7:30 p. in.
. ! , Tuesday
Grace Wood Jess In concert.
First .Christjan church. :
Progressive Dancing club, Der
by hall. f i
I " Friday
" Jason Lee church supper.
South Salem Friends Woman's
Missionary society. Mrs. Ethel
Miller; ,1620 South High street.
hostess. . f : . i
being entertained by Dr. J. Dj Mc
Cormick, Dr. E. C. Hickman and
Dr. Donald W. Riddle. He will
be a guest this evening of the
Sigma Tau fraternity.
4; Members of, the Writers' club
will meet next Mohday evening as
the guests of Miss Renska Swart
the meeting being announced for
Monday in orcjer to avoid conflict
with the anticipated Grace Wood
Jess concert fen Tuesday at the
First Christian church.
The Salvation Army will hold
Its annual Harvest7 Festival sale
and thanksgiving today at the hall
on State' street. Much " produce
will be placed; on! sale, with pro
ceeds to go toward Salyatibn Army
support. j; ' - ! ' i ' .
-,, The Salem Heights Progressive
Woman's club taet for an unusual
ly well-attended meeting at the
community house yesterday after
noon, the gathering being the first
nf th club Beason. The ladies
rnmnllmented !Mrt. B. E. Helkes
who is soon leaving the comm'un
lty to make h'er home In Dallas
with a handkerchief shower. "
Ronald Gloyer, attorney. Was
th neaker of the afternoon, deal
fng In an interesting manner with
legislative matters or current im
nortance. t . I v
Mrs. George Wenderoth and
Mlsa Chappelj of iCorvallis were
both speaker-guests for the aft
ernoon. Mrs. i Wenderoth, presi
dent of the Marion County Parent
Teachers' association, presenting
announcements relative to the
Comine convention. and ' Mies
Chappel speaking! in the interest
of the Smith-Hughes act, and the
organization of vocation classes
Autumn flowers, were, used in
the decorating. The hostesses of
the afternoon included: Mrs. Jen
nie Bartlett, Mrs.! Irene Burnslde
Mrs. Washburn, aftd the president
Mrs. Alice Edihundsen.
r ' - : I
Monday nfght from 6:30 to
7:30 Miss Nina ? McNary's first
class will be held at the Y. W. C
A. parlors. Misa McNary'e Bible
class has had several years of sue
cessful meetings and is anticipat
ing a very helpful series of lessone
for this winter. At the meetings
Monday evening the class will tie
clde upon the time of meeting, for
this year, and the course of les
soas to be studied. All young
women are cordially invited to
come ahd join the class, and take
part in the discussions which will
be of great interest to all.
Entertaining for Miss Esther
Parounagian i; and Mr. Ralph
Barnes, Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Frank
lin were hosts last evening at their
home. 1355 Ferry street, for an
enjoyable gathering of friends.
number of Interesting program
numbers were features of the
evening. if; ' 'J
Tribute Is Paid to
Father of Lumberman
SILVEUTCN, Ore., Oct. 3.
All was quiet, at the Silver Falls
Timber company - holdings at Sil
verton and at Westport Wednes
day afternoon while at Water
town. Wis., were read the fun
eral services qf Marshall J. Wood
ard, the father of M. C. Woodard
who is manager of the Silver
Falls Timber company holding at
Silverton. The elder. Mr. Wood
ard, although!; retired from active
business in the lumber world, was
until his death Saturday, a pro
minent stockholder. M. C. Wood
ard had but just 'returned to Sil
verton from Watertown, where he
had gone to celebrate his father
94th birthday, when he was not!
tied of his father's serious illness
He left at once,- this time accom
panted by Ills ; daughter ' Miss
Catherine Woodard, and reached
there while the elder Mr. Wood vrd
Adele GarrisMi'K ivew Pbaae of
Copyright by Newspaper Feature
. ' Service j
"-' ' - - f
Either Mother , Graham must
have slept' more soundly than us
ual or Katie's keyhole-stopping
under my' direction must have
been , especially; efficacious. At
any rate. Lillian's fear that; she
might smell the coffee and de-
cend upon us proved to be un-
f oundedj and the lunch which
Katie' served us was undisturbed.
The was, ho lingering around
the tea-jwagon, however, no ' hil
arity oyer the; coffee. Each of
our little ; group seemed to feel
the seriousness of the adventure
to which we were committed. And
after Katie had served us, and at
my -bidding had gone to her room'.
leaving the clearing up for .the
early morning before Mother Gra
nam should be astir,, we were
not long in following her example.
How the others fared, I do not
know, but it was daylight before
1 finally closed my eyes, only to
pass into. dreams so fantastic and
troubled that I was glad indeed
when I. was. awakened by my little
lad's tugging hands on my .shoul-
.1 i l. 1 1 1. 1 ' t n . 1. .1 ... ! t.
vci9 as lie iiimut-u iuiu acu wilu
me. ' . ', ! .
The question with which he a
wakened me, was, however, not
one to' bring much ease to my
mind. I With a grieved, insistent
voice he made his 1 bewildered.
sorrowful plea: 1 ! f . ;
"Mama! Where Daddy gone?
want him come back so-o
hia departure, for the wonderful
Adirondack camp to which he
ad been : invited biased me so
bat I lost sight of the fact that
ihe trip was in reality on business.
Although I knew he had gone for
h. discussion of drawings with the
camp owner, a noted author.
Mrhose next book Dicky was to
Illustrate, I felt, aggrievedly, that
fe was staying away purposely
jTrom his baby boy. i ,
I' Unt T rnnlrl rnt holrsv' anr
fit Dicky before, his adoring little
son. So I made my voice tender
instead of stern, and murmured
foftly: , ;
"Mother doesn't know, but it
will be soon Just as soon as
Daddy can possibly,' get way." 7
.Junior pouted adorably.
Junior is indifferent.
"Daddy ; bad mans to stay a-
way from pooner," he announced
"Make him turn' home, Mama." J ;
"I'll try," I promised, knowing
the futility of argument." Already
my little lad has a very: decided
will of his own.
I cuddled him. closer to me' as
I aswered liim gently:
"Daddy'H. be here Just as soon
as he can sweetheart." ;
"Wilt he come today?"
"No, not today.", j
"Tomorrow?" -j
"I'm afraid, not. dear." j
"Make him turn home.";'
"When will he come?" The
persistent little voice showed
signs Of breaking. j ' J
Hot., unreasoning i anger at
Dicky rose in my heartL The ran
cor I felt because of his silence-
I had received only one brief, un
satisfactory letter from him since
Junior considered this for a
minute. Then, evidently sensing
the hollowness of the promise, he
dug his fists into his eyes and be
gan to howl loudly , and whole
heartedly. ": J
"I want my Daddy! I want my
Daddy!" I .
"Hush, darling!". I took his
tiny hands In mine, and kissed
his tear-wet' ' .face. "Mother's
here, won't Mother do,?'.., ;
- , ''Don't want you ! with a burst
of baby temper., "I want my
daddy," and he renewed his
howls. ' ' '
I was afraid he would arouse
the house, and I tried a ruse
which never fails with Junior.
, VVery well," I said coldly, get
ting out of bed, "it Junior dpes'nt
want Mothier she! will have to go
away, too.'j i ; . "t .
He stopped open-mouthed, , in
the - middle of a' yell, scrambled
up, and jumped frantically for
me, clinging to me with arms and
legs. . "--v :: : .' ..- ;
"Don't go away, i Mama," he
pleaded. "Dooaer i l
"Margaret!" 1 raCi.
law's voice souhdei sternly -
the doorway. "I should t .1;
you would select some other tlr
to exhibit. your senseless Jeal-.:
of the baby's preference for Kiel
ard than when the darling ia crj
Ing his eyes out for his rather.
i She advanced toward me ar.
held out her . arms, with eyf
fixed pityingly upon Junior.
"Dantle's .baby come to Da:
zie," she crooned. "Danxie won
go away." . ' "
1 try very hardTnot to answ
my mother-in-law when she giT
way to her captious temper, e:
I was able to keep my lips ccz.
at her unjust accusation. But
would have been less than hue
had I not rejoiced fiercely V.
Junior spoke with superb lndiff.
"I don't want you. Go iway.
just want my mama, i
. (To Be Continued) .
SMBMSMsWMaMMsMsaMMMssssass i m " c anan mm w fin n atwr, ja,, i
- i4 : T - 'J ' ' i' , ",: ' - -' "' i. . .
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