The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 03, 1924, Page 5, Image 5

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AdventLst Irtnre
ll Wtnro nf unnpfsl Intoroat Will
be given at the Severitjh Day Ad
ventist church 'Saturday at 11:30
a. m. It is only 50 years since the
denomination sent . out its first
missionary, They j: believe that
when the message of the "Second
Coming of Christ and the call to
"Prepare to Meet 'Thy God" has
gone to all the world,, the "Gos
pel Age" will close. The ! subject
lor Saturday will be. Ms the Task
Almost Accomplished? What God
Is Doing to Cut" the Work Short
In Righteousness." i A special in
vitation to all who have ever taken
an Interest in the message. All j
are Invited.
Opening Dance at- ji
r Schindler hall Sat. n
gbt o4
A New Sijri-
I The board of education Is con-
.templating erecting anillumina
C tive sign on - the east ide of the
Parrish Junior high school, j This
is so that passengers on! the
Southern Pacific can not only see
the building but carii know the
name of it. , In the day time, of
course, the i passengers can see
everything, but at night It Is ne
cessary to have the -sign illumin
ated. . The plan ia td -have the
sign go off about lOo'clock at
night. This would be a - much
needed Improvement ; and a very
good advertisement for Salem. 1
Notice 't-
t's olf
tThe county clerk's office will be
open' from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
ot this week for the (registration
of voters. Registration closes on
Saturday, October 4, 1924, at five
o'clock p. m. U. G."Byer, county
clerk. ; ,: i 1 o4
i Dividends Taxed; !;' ' ' ;,'
1 Although banks I re exempt
i. from the state Income tax law,
there is nothing in the act,, nor
is there any rule of IaV to exempt
from the act dividends' paid by the
bank .to Its shareholders. This is
' the substance of an opinion writ-
ten by Attorney j General Van
Winkle In Teply to ail inquiry by
- the state income tax department.
Bay Yonr Heater Now -H.
L. Stiff Purnituire Co o2tf
f 'V; ,
Cannot Withdraw jk i - k
Attorney General Van Winkle
has written an opinion In reply to
Buys Furniture
Phcne Sill ;:
Dr. B. H. While
Osteopathy - Surgery
Electronic Diagnosis and Treat
ment (Dr. Abram'a method).
Office Phone 85 or 469-J
506 U. & Bank Bldg.
Te're AU
and now that we are located In
our new quarters at
w are In a position to give yon
till , better service on yonr
transfer and hauling work.
We Stm Handle Fuel
and have . several ! carloads o
coal due in a lew days. .Better
get! yonr order in early.
Phone 30
Larxner Transfer z
Storage Co
Oar autos "are all kept in prime condition
therefore are aosointeiy saie to anve.
We hire them either with or without driver, j -
PHONE 020 j Offioe mt Stage Terminal
Established 18C3 V
General Br.n?nng Bu:incs3
Cltlzs Ilcrra frcn 10 a. ra, lo S p. rL,
an Inquiry by J. A. Churchill, state
superintendent of schools, holding
that after a county has. adopted
the county unit system of school
administration it cannot withdraw
from it under any provision of law
now : existing. The legislature
might - provide J an amendment
whereby that power would be con
ferred, j
Alarm Clock J i
On sale at 99c this week only.
Tyler's drug store, 157 S. Com'l.
Get Building Permits
Building permits were issued
from the city recorder's office yes
terday to C. W. Nist for a dwell
ing at 2278 North Liberty street
to cost $1500, and to M. N. Balard
for a dwelling to cost $500 at
1697 Center. I
Some Particular Couple :
S ' Move Into this brand new strict
ly modern 4-room home, furnace,
fireplace, full cement basement,
hardwood floors, dutch kitchen;
paving and walks. On trim small
lot with fruit. See at 1654 South
High. Immediate possession. For
sale like rent. Becke & Hendricks.
U. S. Bk. Bldg. i ' o2tf
Birth Is Reported
Birth of a baby boy to Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Spalding of route 7, on
October 1 was reported yesterday
to Dr.VVilliam B. Mott, city health
officer, j . . s
Opening Dance at .
Schindler hall Sat. night.
Players Are -Disappointed
Though there were 16 handbau
players at the annual dinner at
the Spa last night, those attend
ing the banquet were disappointed
when it was learned that Law
rence T. Harris,! former justice of
the Oregon supreme court and
now of Eugene, was unable to at
tend. Plans for the coming; sea
son were discussed. .
Having Disposed of
My garage at 900 No. Commer
cial street. I will not be respon
sible for any bills contracted by
the' present owners. Chas. W.
Lanham. -: 1 o4
Med ford SlanJFlned
C, L. Brown! of Med ford has
been fined $10 and costs on each
of two charges under the state
electrical code, according to C. H.
Gram, state labor commissioner.
The first charge was wiring with
out a license, and the second, was.
wiring not according to the code.
He "was" found guilty on the first
and pleaded guilty to the second
charge. Brown .was a candidate
for the republican nomination for
public service commissioner in the
primaries of this year, but was de
feated by Edward Ostrander.
Extra Good Pocket Knives
At $1.39 i this week only. Ty
ler drug store, 157 S.-Com'l. o4
Rotarians to Make Trip :
Peaturine the Junior! Rotary
quartet, a party of about 20 Ro-
Bliss Beatrice Shelton
Teacher of Piano '
High school ! credits granted.
Studio, 345 f Marion. ( Phone
1299; Derby building,) 365.
95 Dva '
95 Monthly
O. U. Zckvood
S47 N. Com. 8U
, Fkon 866
j For '
Opes Evenings
Popular Priced
Tailored Suits $25 to 45
Men's and Young Men'a
for Hire j
tartans will attend the inter-city
meeting under -the auspices of the
Vancouver, Wash., club tonight,
consisting of Leonard Chad wick,
Harold Socolofsky, .Clifford Hul
sey and Charles Anderson, (has
been" drilled by Dan Langenbere, a
member of the Rotary club
local vocal instructor, will
present the special stunt for
Salem organization. Each of the
clubs will offer a stunt of seme
kind. Several of the Rotariins
yesterday notified Al Pierce that
they were taking their automobi les
and would have passengers. Th se
leaving this word were Dr. E. E.
Fisher, (2): W. M. Hamiltbn.
(2); J. W. Chambers, (4); Lion
Gleason, (2), and P. M. Gregory,
(2). R. O. Snelling and Al Plejrce
are also making the trip
Portable Study Lamps ,
Just the lamp for students. Spe
cially priced at Halek's Electric
Shop, 337 Court. 3
Book Agents Barred
Teachers' time Is too valuable
to be taken up by calls from book
agents who visit the schools dur
ing working hours and conse
quently a notice has been posted
In the office of the city,, school
superintendent calling attention to
the fact that agents must confine
their soliciting to certain hours.
Teachers in the grades may be in
terviewed before 8:30 o'clock in
the morning and after 3:30 o'clock
in the afternoon, and those in the
high and junior high schools prior
to the same time in the morning
and after 4 o'clock in the after
noon. Due to the fact that one
third of the books will -be changed
this' fall there is a large (delega
tion of book agents visiting the
schools. 1 -')"'
School Blotters Free
John J. Rottle.
Will Contest Sentence . -
"It's pretty awful" was the com
ment of Everett Hansard Thurs
day afternoon when he heard Po
lice Judge Marten Poulsen fine
him $100 for possession of intoxi
cating liquor and breaking , glass
on the street. After telling Jack
Kearns that he was being given
the benefit of the doubt,! but that
it was believed he was , equally
guilty with the others, and that
only evidence was lacking. Judge
Poulsen dismissed a similar case
against Kearns. E. Hansard and
Kearns were arrested along wih
Roy Miller and Zeno Hansard late
Saturday night. Miller received a
$500 fine and Zeno , Hansard a'
fine of $250 levied for possession
and transportation of liquor.
Hansard paid , his fine but his
brother, -Everett Hansard, and
Miller! are still In the city j jail.
Both are seeking the advice of a
lawyer- and from present inten
tions will appeal their cases.
Son Is Bo
Announcement was made last
night of the birth of a son to Mr
and Mrs. Robert Duncan of Silver-
ton. The mother and child are
staying at the Salem hospital
Announcing the Meeting " j
Of the American Veterans, 8 p.
m. tonight at the armory. 03
Property Attached -
The nronerty of Roy Graves has
been attached, according to pa
pers filed in circuit court yester
day. It is alleged that he owes
the sum of $3297.50 , to J. O.
Graves and Hilda Graves.
Hearings Come Today '. -;
No court was held yesterday, on
account of Judge Kelly going to
Albany to preside over naturaliza
PAGE Mrs. Opil Page died at ber
home three miles east of Salem
October 2, 1924, at the age of
22 years. She is survived by
her mother and father, Mr. and
Mrs. M. D. May field; widowder
E. .B. - Page; one sister. Miss
Minnie M. Mayfield, and three
brothers, Johnnie O, Calvin H,
and Aubra Mayfield, all of Sa
lem. Funeral announcements
later.- Webb funeral parlors in
charge of arrangements.
MILLER John A. Miller died at
a local hospital October 2, 1924,
at the age of 46 years. He is
survived by his widow. Myrtle
C. .MHler; one daughter. Miss
Jane A. Miller of Portland, and
one brother, Donald Miller of
I Muskegon, Mich. Funeral an
nouncements later. Webb Fun
eral parlors in charge of ar
Mrs. Belle Barker of Portland,
age 78 years, mother of E. D
Barker of Portland, J. P. Barker
of Ritzville, Wash., Mrs. Frankle
Yorkshire,. Funeral at IOOF cem
etery at 1:30 o'clock, Oct. 3.
Funeral services for Henry
Patrer, son of Mr. and Mrs." Julius
Patzer. 2736 Cherry avenue, will
be from the Terwilliger funeral
home today (Friday) at 10:30
a. m.. Rev. George Koehler offici
ating. Committal IOOF cemetery.
Csesualel Certtd
tion hearings there tie will re
turn to Salem and preside - over
court here today, when 14 cases
are scheduled to eopie up for nat
uralization. He is taking Judge
Bingham's place during the lat-
ter's illness. f
II, L. Stiff Furniture Co
Have a wonderful line of heat
ers on display. . ' o2tf
Buys Hotel Here!
G. ,'D. Buntin, former circula
tion manager forf the Eugene
Morning; Register, has bought the
Washington hotel in Salem. Mr.
Buntin has been a resident of Eu
gene fori several years. The
wasnmgton , hotel as locatea at
558; State street, j !
Trade in Your Old Heater
On a new one at Stiff's. o2tf
Deer Are Displayed
Two fine deer, shot; near Glen-
dale by E. G. Clark, of Salem,
are being displayed at the Cross
market window. I
Keep Warm Now f
Pay later at Stiff's.
No Speaker for; Lipns
Because William j"Bud.Kearns.
athletic director and physical edu
cation instructor of QAC-will be
unable to speak-at; the Lions club
luncheon today, no effort will be
made to obtain a substitute speak
er. Matters of interest to ; the
members will, be discussed with
music by the South Salem quar
tette. Kearns was to have spoken
on "Recreation,, the Hope of Am
erica." t ! . i " ,
Home of Universal 1
Ranges and stoves at Stiff's.
j, ! o2tf
Division LeadeVs Ieet
Division leaders and captains of
the various teams which will, take
part In the $200,000 YMCA build
Ing campaign October 8 to 16 met
at the YMCA building for lunch
Thursday noon td check up on
the progress being made in the
organization. When the organi
zation is completed there will be
more than 200 active workers in
the campaign. j
Guaranteed Watches
Specially priced at $1.19. Tyler's
drug store, ,157 S.' Com'l. o4
Has Big Sunflower
Though Kansas claims to be the
''sunflower state,"iT. G. Harris, of
1760 Waller, has; raised a plant
that he is willing to put up against
any of the Kansas products of a
like variety. The huge flower is
eight feet high; and has 28
blooms. The stalk is as thick as
a man's arm. I .
Small Investors i . I
Here's two houses for $3,000
and $500 will handle. They rent
readily for $35 month. Figure
your reutrn. Another brand new
leased for $40 month, price $4100
and $500 to handle, f Several gilt
edge first mortgages Salem homes,
7 per cent. Becke &-Hendricks,,
U. S. Bk. Bldg. r a2tf
Held to Grand Jury j
What started out to be a joy
ride was terminated at Woodburn
and as a result df later develop
ments, two men are being held in
the county jail in lieu of $1500
bail each on a charge of assault
to commit rape. They will appear
Special Saturday
All 15c Bread 1., IO9
Honey and Milk, Rye, and
Custard Cream Cake
With Vanilla
1 . -r; . -1 -1' -"" 1 : ". ; !..( ,
Bread Fresh From Our Sanitary
Electric Ovens at 10 a. m.
We carry a full line of Delicious
Pastries for the school children's
lunches. ' " i : .: :l -
- ! I; i r ' "W -r. ' vf
A Trial Will Convince You ,
Watch Our Window Cards and Save
before the next grand jury. The
men, Ed , Jackson and Fred E.
Norton, both of '' Portland, with
two young women from the, same
city, were jarrested in a Woodburn
hotel by Frank Covey, city mar
shal. With the party was some
liquor, to" which the men plead
guilty of ownership- They will
be sentenced on ' this charge to
day. According to the story told
in the justice court yesterday the
party was bound for Salem, but
turned oft at Woodburn, where
rooms were engaged. i j
No Trace of Countess-
Efforts to learn more regarding
an accident - in which Countess
Constance Graham and her hus
band. Sir Cyril Edgerton Graham,
of London and Paris, who are re
ported to have been injured In an
automobile accident about 15
miles north of Salem,', were un
availing yesterday. According to
an account in the Portland papers,
the party of five;escaped injury,
with the exception of the countess,
who was brought to Salem for
medical, attention. It was also
stated that the party returned to
San Francisco instead of proced
ing to , Portland, i the Columbia
River highway and thence to Seat
tle. -Their automobile was taken
to Portland , for repairs. It was
said. , None of the local hospitals
had any record of the distinguish
ed patient and no phrsician could
be found that had given medical
attention. Neither could i the
Southern Pacific furnish informa
tion ' that any one or all of the
party had purchased tickets. It is
believed that the accident may
have occurred' near. Oregon
and not Salem.
Marcel and Curl Last Longei
After- a Golden Glint Shampoo.
. ,..-;:) ... ,i 30
Walnut Deliveries Due j
Walnut deliveries are expected
to start about the middle of next
week, all deliveries and grading
for the Salem walnut local to be
handled at the Salem Fruit Union
plant with William Ray in charge.
The sales end for the 1924 crop
will he handled through the Dun
dee?, association, . which will act
as a general sales agency for all
walnut locals' in the valley with
each of Ihe locals grading its own
product. According to reports re
ceived, the exchange has sold all
of the nuts and has orders for
mora than those in prospect. This
vear the Salem association will use
the w special grading j machine
which was owned by the Oregon
Growers association. None of the
nuts are to be bleached.
Davis Gives Address in
7 Madison Square Garden
? tckw YORK. Oct. 2. John W
Davis, democratic presidential no
minee, sneaking an historic Maai
son Square Garden, where he was
nominated last summer, tonignt
was Riven a rousing demonstra
tion when he promised to take off
"his coat, i vest, tie and whatever
else was serviceable to help elect
'Al' Smith, governor of New York
state." Mr. Davis made the state
ment after thanking j Governor
Smith , for the promise; the latter
made at the national convention
that he would take off his coat
and vest and work for the election
of the. nominee. ' ; j :
i 25c L
'! : f :
Creatn Icing; I
Excitement at Capital ' City
Runs Almost to I the
Bursting Point j :A
thermometer of excitement in
Washington bubbled only, a few
degrees below the i bursting point
tonight. : The unexpected charges
of attempted bribery by two mem
bers ;bf the New York Giants add
ed more kindling tto an already
excited ' city, and the national
capital was prepared for almost
anything after passing through a
day in which rumor ran rife.
However, despite the hubbub.
arrangements were carried for
ward for the opening here Satur
day 'of the world ! series between
the Senators and the Giants.
Excitement in the city could not
have been more intense. To the
hews of the expulsion from the
National league of the two men
was I) coupled a statement from
President Dreyfuss of the Pitts
burgh Pirates that they were only
the go-betweens in the scandal,
and 'another statement from Presi
dent; Ban Johnson of the .-American
'league that lit! might be advis
able to call off the series.
j: . Storm Stadium
With this taking place thous
ands of Washingtonians stormed
In front of the gates at Griffith
stadium clamoring for seats and
the internal revenue bureau got
busy to suppress an epidemic of
ticket scalpers that was alleged to
have broken out in the downtown
section of the city. In all the city
apparently only two men retained
their composure Clark Griffith,
president, and "Bucky" Harris,
manager of the Senators. . At the
ball park this afternoon, the pair
was" as calm as If pennants were
won every day. j. Both expressed
regi-et that any bribery again had
developed among players In major
league baseball and declared that
Judge Landls should he compli
mented for the fearless manner In
r ; " : , : i
inard & (Mid have chartered the
refrigerated vessel, rSSBEERFIELB
saving 10c a box on steamship rate,
- ' i 'i-v"" : f-..""'' - -' : . ' i-J . "1k-vl-i - 1"--:' " " - r'- -
Maynard & Child, well-known export firm" of New York City, have
; secured all the refrigerated space on the S. S. Deerfield.- This modern
; . .' vessel will load at Portland about November. 1st for English and European
ports. This space is offered at the rate of eighty xents, which means a
saving of around 10 cents a box over quotations from other lines..
This saving will be passed on to the apple growers of Oregon and Wash
ington who consign Maynard & Child to sell their, product in the markets of
England and the Continent. - j .
Maynard & Child have been established in Boston and New York since
1890 and are thoroughly conservative and dependable. They have the very
finest connections both at home and abroad. I
on quality fruit.
Maynard & Child DO NOT SPEC
PLATE I The fruit is sold on
grower's account through reliable
channels. Substantial advances
will be made on good quality fruit.
All fruit must be wrapped and
packed under standard grading
rules as provided by the states of
The S. S. Deerfield has a capacity
of 150,000 boxes. With this un
usual offer, all available space will
soon be disposed of. Remember
that the cost of transportation is
deducted from the sale of the -fruit,:
Maynard & Child.
HT 1 P. -"UCU .
362 East Alder Street
Portland, Oregon.
I - I V -
Without obligation on
apples ior export, l expect
Number Boxes.
RFD... li... CITY....:
which he tackled the matter.
I Come From Far and Near
Throughout the day, baseball
fans from all parts of the country
began to pour into the city.. With
Judge Landls and President Hey
dler; already here, other officials
of the game were efi route to the
city,: and hotels were beginning to
feel the pressure of the incoming
crowd. . : i ';--:' .. i ' .-"
"I The -Giants arriyed tonight and
added all that was needed to make
Washington the center- of the
baseball world. They were hur
ried to the Wardman Park hotel,
which will he the team's head
quarters. . ' .-.:'; - - .'' ; :
:! The Washington ball club took
a snappy workout . in the after
noon. Manager ( Harris, with
much difficulty, cleared' severil
dozen, cameramen from the field
and the Senators; practiced for
nearly two hours, j The Washing
ton : pilot announced that he had
ordered his team in uniform for
a morning workout tomorrow so
that the field could be turned
over to the Giants in the after
noon. . , '. '
I Harris pronounced his team to
be in first class condition for the
series. He said the players were
confident of victory, but realized
that It would be the toughest fight
they ever were tip, against. '
I K. K. Kubli was here yesterday
from Portland. :
E. O. Immel, an attorney of Eu
gene, was in the city yesterday.
We have the sue you
, . want
Priced From
90c to $5.00
Commercial Book Store
"If It's for the Of flee ?
We Have It"
es aire kt Demamid
EsBglislh Msiirlset
Maynard & Child sell only on Vnrower's
account substantial advances made
Capacity limited Mail
so this
much I
' .1 ' (
my part, please send me more
to nave : .
Information Coupon
Number Boxes.
...... 1... STATE.
just a few;
blocks from yourj
office there is
Bureau where!
Cantilever shoesi
are. Keenly in
too! n Thisj
Cantilever busi-1
ness has been built up
on a respect-for-the-human-foot
Resulting iii a shos 'r
which respects the X
human foot. Comal
over this very week;
ancl try, on a pair J
you'll probably insist1 upon
wearing them, back to tho
orHce ; that's why we tay
i truthfully:
Cantilevers for
Comfort -Lover
State & Liberty Sts. ;
Oregon and Washington. Advances
made jonly on fruit that has been
inspected and approved by the
Clark Baker Company, Willamette
Valley representatives of Maynard
& Child. . Conditions on the export
market are such that very satisfac
tory prices will be obtained , by
growers. j
coupon NOW.
offer actually means that
additional money for ":the
fruit when sold. Mail the coupon
at once to Clark Baker Company,
or' telephone. The number ' is
information about shipping