The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 23, 1924, Page 3, Image 3

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Wheat Also : Goes Down at
Chicago Stock. Market; :
Oats Market Unsettled
CHICAGO. Aug. 22 Sharp new
setbacks in corn resulted today
. from a ' rush of selling due to
weather favorable for the grow
ing rp. The closing in the corn
.market ...was. nervous 1 v3-4c to
2 3-4c net lower. December $1.08
1-2 to $1.08 6-8, with wheat un
settled 3-4c to 1 3-8c down, Sep
tember 11.23 3-8 to .$1.25 1-2 and
December $1,30 .", 1-2 to $1.30 3-4.
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store1 waiting to be waited on by an insufficient amount
Of clerk help, -with the false idea of; saving money?
Again, NO ! The busy housewife knows only too well
her time is valuable. The tired working man knows too
the trial of his patience when a clerk .has to rush him
through his order, giving him no time to think or ques
tion, but he submits because he thinks he is saving a
little money. But is it so? Are you real sure you are
saving, and practicing real economy? -What is true
Economy? True Economy consist of Ja combination , of
low prices, Quality and prompt service
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! . 305 - i:
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flj ptosi's MM ee . vMo
Mjed Eatsa.. .;... ge
ic?3 Bason Sr . . ;. . 2Se
Bason gquaresSTj:!.:. USs
Oats 1 5-8c to 2 l-8c off and pro
yisions showing 5c to 20c decline.
The tenor of crop reports com
ing in was much more hopeful
than has been the rule of late, and
although the market scored num
erous rallies,.; none proved lasting.
Lowest prices of the day reported
just . before the close and were
about 12c under Monday's top
level.. . j
A big share of the corn selling
came from standing Instructions
to unload at definite limits in or
der to stop losses, the. weakness
of the market having necessitated
heavy calls for, margins- On the
other hand some - recent sellers
were reinstating their lines, assert
ing that the break in values had
gone far enough and that- six
weeks of good weather without
frost is needed' If the bulk of crop
U to mature- .
1 Wheat proved sresponsife to
corn weakness, although liberal
the Market.
UKLJ lbs. hr
Wheat !j s
ranteed li r
. p
export business gave prices num
erous transcient upturns. Big re4
ceipts of wheat however acted as
a weight on values, and so did
more favorable advices regarding
the Canadian crop outlook. Pros
pective increase of democratic
spring wheat marketings counted,
too, as a bearish factor. r ,!
Indications of a rapid increase
of stocks of oats tended to un
settle the oat market.
The provision- market sagged
with grain.
. ; ; : t
PORTLAND, Aug. 22. Grain
futures: Wheat, hard white, blue
stem and Baart Augiust, $1.35;
September, October $1.40; soft
white, August $1.34; Septem
ber $1.34; October $1.35; west
ern white, August, September, Oc
tober ; $1.33 ; hard winter Aug
ust, September, October $1.23;
northern spring, August, Septem
ber, October $1.25; western red,
August, $1.22; September, Oc
tober $1.24. . gfti
Oats, No. 2 white feed, Septem
ber, October $3; ditto gray, Sep
tember, October! $37. -'"r -j'
Millrun,.. September, October
' : : .it - :
PORTLiAND. Aug. 22. Hay. un
changed. '" ,
Receipts: Hay 127 tons; un
changed. NEW YORK, Aug. 22. Evap
orated apples nominal; ' prunes
firm; apricots and peaches', of
fers light.
NEW YORK, Aug. 22. Hops
London Reports Strange
Radio Messages arc Heard
LONDON) Aug. 23. (By the
Associated Press). -An attempt
by British t wireless experts to
"listen In" on Mars resulted in
strange : noises being heard - at 1
cJoxkhIiorBlng.-iTh6 sources
of the noises could not be ascer
tained by the experts. The j at
tempt was made on a 24 valve
(tube) set erected on a hill at
Dulwich. Representatives of the
Marconi company and of London
universities were present. ,
Tuning . in started at 12:30
o'clock a. m., and at 1 a. m., on a
30,000 meters radius, sounds were
heard which could not; be identi
fied as i coming from an earthly
station. . ; 4; f
The sounds were likened to
harsh dots, but they could not be
interpreted as "Morse code." The
noises continued on and off for
three minutes In groups of four
and live dots.
Prices quoted are wholesale and are
priees received by farm era. No retail
prices are iciTn. ,' .';.!
V. 3 wheat
No. S red wheat, tac)ML$ l.ZO & $1.24
Oat -4- -fiOe 64c
Cheat hay i Tw,, 13 j $13.
Oat hay
S14 15.
Clorer hay, baled ...tsrc4-j'j.ia fid
Ilors, top, 22V275, wt2 ..fT.T5
Hogs, top, 225-375, awt. .,...8.00
Hogs, top, 150-225, cwt.
Rough, heary p ..
j.f 8.00
..Its (fi 4e
..2b 0 4c
LilgUt sows
fop veal, dressed
2e 4e
-7o & 9c
Top limbs
SdHdz Iambs
rOD-VTBX i .
Heavy hens 17c
Light hens ..lle
Creamery batter 41e O 42o
Butterfat. deliTercd . ...8e
Standards ...26c
Pullets ..22e
Milk, per ewi.
Egg. selecU.
at 263 North Commercial street in the building formerly
occupied by the Rice Shoe Store. 'K? !
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painted, new modern fixtures have been in$talled so as to
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condition at right prices. '"' ' " j ' 1 '
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Some extra fine BABY BEEF. M
Also a complete I line of fresh and salt meats.
You are invited to visit our store the' .opening day
" Saturday, August 23
Hunt &, Schaller Meat Market
t w u..-i. i - rLYn u:.i: s k .y m : ;Tr cil, " iT-:
residential Nominee
Give Short Talks
On Vital Issues
WESTBROOK: Conn., Aug. 22.
Short; discussions of fundamen
tal issues will be. the policy fol
lowed by Charles G. Dawes, repub
lican vice presidential nominee, in
the speaking campaign that is ex
pected to take hjm into every sec
tion of jthe country.
Announcement of his, policy was
made by Mr. Dawes here today in
an informal address delivered' to
several (hundred residents of this
little shore town, before resuming
his trip to Maine where, : tomor
row at Augusta, he inaugurates
his speaking campaign.
The gathering here today was a
nonpartisan affair in which the
republican and democratic iseiect
men of the town joined- in wel
coming) Mr. Dawes.
Mr. bawes, remarking on Xthe
character of the" gathering, ' de
clared it was nonpartisan, how
ever, to talk about political speak
ing and then made his announce
ment as to his Intention to make
short speeches primarily on fun
damental issues,'
Co-tinaed from page 1)
millions of dollars possessed by
his ; clients' families had been a
positive handicap : to the defense.
He spoke too of the attitude of
local newspapers, which he charge
ed. i had inflamed public opinion
against Leopold and Loeb. "There
are times ' when ; poverty Is fortu
nate, and this is one of those
times.'l he said. "Wildly extrava
gant stories were published with
out basis of facts.' They. said this
was to be one of the efforts to
save the boys by the' use of
money , rt:-- . , , i -
" To Get Nominal Fees
Mr jDarrow denied that, pointr
Ing out that the experts called by
the defense were to receive fees
based upon their regular charges
for professional services, and that
he and his assistants had agreed
to take a a amount as the Chicago
Bar association ; thought proper.
. He declared that the state's
attorney was asking for a death
sentence in the' face of conditions
that riiade It contrary to preced
ent, and frankly admitted that the
defense had pleaded guilty be
cause jthey "were afraid to place
the case before a jury"
i, A ppreciate Responsibility
He said he and his assistants
fully realized the heavy responsi
bility they had placed on the judge
and added:
"If responsibility is divided by
12 it is easier to sway it. But
If these boys hang there can be
noJ division of responsibility. You
can' never explain . a Hanging by
saying that other courts overpow
ered you." ,f 1
s Hanging, he ' said, .would he
more. I cowardly and cold blooded
than ihe crime Itself. The killing
of Franks "was one of. the least
dastardly and pruel" he had . ever
known about, he said, and in
justification of this statement de
clared that the standard to be ap
plied here was the suffering of the
"Bobby Franks suffered very
little,' he said. "He was dead
within 15 minutes after entering
The Opening of a New and Up
the automobile. He may not have
known what happened." .
"Tho murder was not for mon
ey," he charged with scorn, em
phasized again by the shaking of
his, forefinger. " It was the sense
less act of immature and diseased
children, wandering around in the
dark, I whose lives we cannot thor
oughly understand."
Mysterious N. Y. Hold-Up;
$1 00,000 Taken at Noon
NEW YORK. Aug. 22. Police
tonight were trying to determine
how two robbers, after binding
two men with picture jvire and
gagging them escaped with dia
monds valued at $100,000 from
the ninth floor of the building at
1 70 Broadway, at "-" Maiden Lane,
during the noon hour today.
Alexander Feldenheimer, one
of the owners of the establish
ment! and Mark Wolin, a customer
were the victims of the holdup
men.f -.Wolin . managed to roll to
the wall of the room and press
against a button which communi
cated the alarm to an office next
door.! Within, two minutes every
elevator had been stopped and
everjf door in the, building was
guarded,; but a. : thorough search
failed to reveal -any suspicious
characters. ff V ;
Wblin was" the-.victim of a sim
ilar irobbery In ,1923 in which
$100,000 was taken.
Dedicate Section Pacific .
j Highway at Oregon Xity
OREGON CITY, Aug. 22. Of
ficials of .the city' and state and
members of .the highway commis
sion today dedicated the Canemah
Bluff section of the Pacific high
way Governor Walter M. Pierce,
Senator Charles L. McNary.- W. B.
Van ;Duser, chairman of the state
highway . commission; Roy A.
Klein, state highway engineer; C.
VV. Stinger, assistant general, pas
senger agent of the Southern Pa
cific; Frank -T. ; Young, resident
highway engineer' at Oregon City,
apd Mayor Anderson were' among
the speakers. .
L j - - ' ' ':
i ' i ' - - , -
?vA. sheroot is 'the root of all
evilj exclaimed the smoker as he
threw away a Pittsburg stogie.
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perfect as bread can be
baked that's Peerless bread.
It's made from the best flour,
is light, palatable, and di
gestible. The excellence of
our bread is known to hun
dreds of customers ,'
"Always a bit better". .
Peerless Bakery
:-. 170 N. Commercial
. 1 Phone 808
- totdate
Mysterious Signals Did Not
j Originate on Planet ; Mars
f VANCOUVER, B. C., Aug. 22.
Unusual signals heard by the
Point Grey wireless station here
and other British Columbia-radio
operators recently are not mys
terious messages; from Mars, Sup
erintendent E. .ft Haughton of the
dominion government wireless
service declared tonight in an ex
planatory statement.
j "The' signals reported to "be so
mysterious were merely those sent
from; United States radio beacons
on their new tonic train ' trans
mitters," . s a Id Superintendent
Haughton's statement. "Both
Swif tsure and Columbia river light
vessels have series dashes .as the
character and it is these signals
which were heard at Point Grey.
The Point Grey station may have
beard the main wave or a har
monic. The operators have mis
taken ordinary automatic signals."
First Steps Taken to
: Dawes Plan Effective
j. PARIS, Aug. 2Q. (By' the AP)
The first step toward actually
putting the . Dawes plan Into op
eration probably will be taken at
the cabinet meeting tomorrow
when there will be appointed some
of the various officials who will
represent France in the first plan
of organization or least members
of the committee of French ex
perts who will cooperate with the
Germans in - putting the final
touches to the plan for economic
evacuation of the Ruhr.
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