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Committee Selected to Direct
Picnic Is Held
Great Success
(Special .to
; number 6f
-arose at the
-fn Silverton
Tteeves post
ship drive to
Or., July 22.
The Statesman.) A;
Interesting questions;
legion meeting' held
last night by Delbert
No. 7. The member-
be put on In August
First in Salem i;
The Combination j
Cheney Console
And Federal
i . - t
i - : '
Every Evening
Between 7-11
; . A h .
All Static prac
tically elimin
ated 4 can't tell
whether phono
graph or: radio is
. ;i.'-:-,Hear ;..
Los Angeles
Programme '
Easy Terms
. :. - . .
Trade in your old
Peters & Kills
Piano House
510 Corrt ! Phone 441
r i
a ' " in ii i inn nun i iii i inn in mttr rt-'r m rnrtnir a , imn i m 11 ""Z&)
fciqjwiSfc in iiiiwwiwiwiini-aaiioiwwwwwii iw.j.miiiiiiii imim nwm HIT "hwMtoiMt :
Scene from "The Marriage Circle,'
ardny. ;
coming to the Oregon Sat-
was discussed and a committee of
five chosen to handle the work in
connection with the drive. The
Delbert Reevespo'st has php of the
largest memberships of any post
in the state ad has employed dif
ferent methods of gaining new
members in the drives conducted
other years. I j v I ,
A talk on- the National Guard
was given by jArchie Thomas who
asked all legion members to join
the guard if possible. Twelve men
signecLup for one year, j
Silverton isvery desirous of ob
taining an ?armory and good at
tendance at drill is said to be one
of. the things which will aid the
company in getting the building.
The name of Tucker Johnson
was drawn from the anti-box but
as he was not present the! money,
amounting to something pver $5
was left in the bos. I '
' A "hot dog and coffee fejed" was
enjoyed after; the business meet
ing. ; ; : 1
SILVERTON, Or.,; Julyj 22.
(Special to The Statesman.)
Much interest was shown: in the
legion picnic held July 20 on the
Abiqua grounds near Silverton.
The picnic was under the auspices
of the Delbert Reeves post No. 7
and was attended by many from
towns of Polk and Marion coun
ties. It is i reported that many
more would have been present had
it not been ! that it is vacation
time now. The Oregon City and
Salem drum, corps which had been
asked to come were unable to do
so as so many members were out
Of town. . , U : . . ' -. . ; .
Following lunch at noon swim
ming and horseshoe games were
the main sports. A $50 diamond
ring was given away during a con
test and was won by &: member
of the Salem ;post No. 9, '
No attempt , was made to give
an elaborate program or to hold
speeches as the affair was plan
ned as a social get-to-gether-have-a-good-time
picnic, and reports
from those who were there indi
cate that the object was attained.
A nomination isn't worth a
great deal if the poor thing is
harried Tagged before being de
livered, j! 1 :
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I' .... I . ;
Green or Brown
Ladies Linen i
Colored Borders
Special 15c
81x00 Sheets
j Blankets
! ,1st Quality
j Pair ... ;.
$2.29, $1.90
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Best Grade, $3.00, Medium
Quality,j $2.15 Girls, ?1'85
; Ladies' Blouses, $2.25, I
v). Girls, $1.65 j
40-iri. Pillow Tubing
Good Grade Yd. 35c
Linen; Toweling
Bleached or Unbleached
Special i '..
Yard 21c V
Ladies 75c
Union. Suits
Special at
Yard 19c
White Suiting -Special
Yard 25c
New; Val Lace
Tan or White
2 or 3 Rows Lace
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Yd. 69c, 75c, 85c
8-oz. 29-iri. jCanvass, 38c
10-oz. 36-in. Canvass, 50c
240 and 246 North Commercial St.
Repairs and Alterations j
Occupies School Board
, : ! -:
; Repairs, alterations and reno
vation of the city schools were
the chief items of business con
sidered at the school board meet
ing last night. Several important
matters were held up pending the
return of Superintendent George
V. Hug who is away on his va
cation. !" : ' '- , ' ' i
, L. J. Simeral, reporting for the
building committee, outlined in
detail work which various schools
needed to place them In repair for
the coming year. The boardivoted
to repaint ! woodwork and j reno
Vate the Grant school at a cost of
$30; the Highland school at a cbst
of $75; the Lincoln school at a
nominal cost; and -the Richmond
school at a nominal cost, j The
automatic bell system of Wash
ington school will be installed in
the senior high to replace the
apparatus there which is in poor
condition. , j i-
Holding that district attorneys
cannotjbe made defendants in civil
action.) the supreme court yester
day reversed its previous opinion
f in the rase!
of Homr I. Watts, ap
pellant!, from Umatilla county, vs.
Georgej Gerklng and others, de
fendants, a id R. I, Keater, district
attorndy. respondent. T.he opinion
was by! Justice Ilrdwn and affirm
ed Judge Gilbert Phelps. Dam
age. pf 5 30.000 were sought
against Keater.
Watls was arrested on a charge
of unlawful possession of intoxi
cating liqupr which he claimed to
have purchased prior to January
1, 191fi. He-was tried and ac
quitted on this charge In both
the justice, and circuit courts, and
then instigated damage action
against District Attorney Keater,
who he declares knew that Watt's
liquor was held lawfully and that
the arrest was maliciously made,
and th&t he had been charged with
a erime the district attorney knew
him to be Innocent.
The! circuit court sustained a
demurrer liled by Watts and he
then appealed to .the supreme
court . which reversed the action
of the lower court. The decision
today hy the majority of the su
preme icourjt reversed its previous
declsiohT fThe ' decision was re
versed! January 14, 1924. and
Watts eranted a rehearing March
1.1. The case wae re-argued at
Pendleton in May 6. The decis
ion today nolds in favor of the
defendant and the lower court.
Other decisions handed down
were as follows: 1
State of Oregon vs. Irwin Wake
field, appellant: appeal from Lake
county; appeal from conviction for
crime of adultery. Opinion by
Cqshow. Judge J. M.
reversed and case re-
Pacific University at I
The Parting of the Ways
PORTLAND, July 22. Wiliiam
G. Hare, attorney of Hilisboro,
and a member of the board of
trustees of Pacific university, said
over the long distance telephone
yesterday that he intended to fol
low the lead of W. J. McCready.
banker of Forest Grove, and re
sign from the board. ' V
This step will be taken as the
result of the disagreement that
has arisen over the proposed,,merg
er of the Interests of the Congre
gationalists and United Presby
terians In the institution.' The
resignation of several other mem
bers of the board was indicated. :
Senator Hare declared that he
favored the merger of control by
the two denominations because he
believed it to be in the interest of
the school. j j
5 "My one thought Is that the
school shall live." he said. "1
think that by the mereer Pacific
university could be kept alivk.
nut since Dr. Clement G. Clark
doesn't agree with me on this
question I want him to have la
board that will be in sympathy
with his Ideas, and so I am get
ting out. I want them toake
full responsibility for the conduct
of the" school after they have re
fused this proposition."
', While the merger has been held
up because of the request of th
Congregationalists for time in
Which to determine whether they
can finance the university them
selves, it was reported thatk$30,
f) 00 had tbeen pledged for current
expenses this year and some of the
members of the board felt the
Congregationalists could raise Just
as much money as the Presbyteri
ans have offered the school $1,-
000.000. eventually.
Dr. William C. Weir, president
of the university, yesterday offici
ally confirmed the announcement
that he would resign to -take the
presidency -of Rollins' college at
West Park. Fla., a summer resort,
and said that he would leave be
tween August 1 and 10 for-his
new post.
.j 1 ;
Two cooperative prune grow
ers associations filed articles of
incorporation here yesterday. Both
are non-profit 1 organizations.
Articles- of Incorporation were
filed as follows:
Pettit Feather & Bedding com
pany, Portland. $100,000. J. W.
Pettit. Margaritha Pettit and Gu
C. Moaer. ' , . i
Reliance Investment companv,
Portland. $25,000, E. E. Ileck
bart, L. K. McKown and Camil
la Simonsen. : :
Springbrook Cooperative Prune
Grower association, Springbrook,"
Yamhill county, Frank Carlisle
and others. - 1 ' , t
Sweet Home Cookie company.
Portland. $5000. , E. M. Fox.
Augusta V. Wehoffer and Fran
cis M. Fox. .. i ; )))
Woodard-Clarke TJrng company,
Portland. $5000. C. C. Stout.
George F. Brlce and - Edward J.
Brazell.. . . H
Polk Connty Cooperative, Prune
Growers. Dallas, t W. M. Elliott
and. other. . - x f j
Holds; Tli
at District Attorney
Be Made Defencf-
for Damages
D. H. Sphier vs. John Michael
et al, appellants; appeal from De
schutes comity; action for account
ing. Opinion by Justice Brown-)
Judge T. E. J. Duffy reversed. , -:
C. G. Palmberg vs. City , of As
toria, defendant and appellant;
appeal; from Clatsop county; action
to recover damages. Opinion by
Justice Burnett. Judge J. A. Ea-
kln reyersed.
Southern Oregon company vs.
W. W,. Kigbt and Robert Train,
co-partners doing business
Kight i& Train, appellants; appeal
from Coos
Judge John S. Coke
county; action to. re
cover damages. Opinion by Jus
tice Bean,
Petition for rehearing denied in
Vinson vs. Vinson and in Hudel-
son vsi Sandjers-Swafford company.
for lack of
other teases
Prune Men
cases were dismissed
prosecution and 35
placed on the - trial
Meet Bankers;
Held Last Night
No definite organization has yet
been pierfectfed by a local unit look
ing forward to affiliation with the
new Northwest- Prune exchange.
The committee In charge of the
organization met wlthj several Sa
lem bankers yesterday afternoon,
but evidently got nowhere.
Two meetings for the same pur
pose, that (of organization were
held last night, at Rosedale 'and
Marion. W
Mills and C
Hosedale an
Yamhill and
tem, at the
. L. Taylor, of Scotta
, A. Ratcliff spoke at
d Kenneth Miller, of
F. C. Ewing of Sa-
Marion meeting.
Vern Andirson, of the- Used Car
Corner!, corner of Commercial and
Ferry streets reports that pever
In the history of rls company
have they leen so low on cars.
They had made purchases that
they thought sufficient but were
entirely cleaned out last week
"The demand for the class of cars
we 1 handle, seems to be greater
than ever before,'! said Mr. Ander
son. "However, we will have
plenty; of cars soon now to supply
the wants of our i6tomers,
Growing G
ass in Man's Eye
by Doctor's Knife
GLOUCESTER,, England. July
1 S.-p-Insteadj of allowing the grass
to grow under hisi; feet, a farm la
borer (here flowed it to grow In
one of his eyes.
While working In the fields the
laborer got something in his eye
which; he was unable to remove
and as the result of increasing
pain, j visited a hospital. After
examination of the eye the sur
geone decided to make an Incision
and discovered a green blade of
grass an inch and a half long ly
ing between the tissues. ;
The grasa had: grown from a
seed which was also removed from
the eye. The operation waa de
clared successful in every pr-.lcu-iar.
i I :
Lewis Stone Comments
j On "The Stranger
"Any one could do ; H after
twenty-five .years, practice, said
Lewis Stone recently when ques
tioned about his remarkable suc
cess as one of the screen's1 leading
character actors In heavy rolea, his
characterization of Keith Darrant
in "The Stranger," in -particular.
Lewis Stone made his profes
sional debut in 1900 after serving
as sergeant 'in the Spanish-American
War, his first role on the stage
being that of a "heavy" in a com
edy with music- called "Side
tracked." His first appearance" in
New York City was in "The Great
White Diamond." i
Closing an engagement in "The
Brat" in 1H17, his first picture
was "Held by the Enemy" for
Paramount, Then he played lead
ing roles In "Rlver'jj End," "Pris
oner of Zenda.', "Trifling Worn
en." "You Can't Fool Your Wife
and "Scaramouche." tH
But to come back, it is true that
a person might possibly rise; to
such great heights as,, has Lewis
Stone during hia. rather -lengthy
career, but what about; their sue
cess while they are striving for
such honors? It is not as though
Mr. Stone had just sprung into
public-. favor, for he has been a
leading screen personality for
many years. " I
Mr. Stone, we are afraid you are
a bit too modest. But, at that, se
crets of success had best remain
secrets I '
fThe Stranger," in which Mr.
Stone is featured With Betty
Compson, Richard k Dfx and Tully
Marshall, wflrlje shown - at the
Oregon for 3 days .starting today.
There's a great supporting .cast.
- 7 ' :
Movie Star Gives Her ;
Ideas As to Kisses
; Since' kissing is a universal
language, and since Its application
to ;the movie action often looked
upon as another of those three
minute would-be ; love spasms,
Marie Preyost, ; the dainty film
star who j is playing one of the
leads in "The Marriage Circle,
took sufficient time -recently to
explain he ideas as to 3ust how
kissing affects people In various
walks of life: ' ! ' !
; Here Is what Marie says: "Fate
causes a baby to be kissed." r
I "A kiss is the very life of a
lover be it on or off the screen."
"A kiss is a part of a mother's
reward for her untiring effort."
"A kiss is labelled a crime in
or I out of the movies by reform
ers." , ' ;
'"To a sailor a kiss is merely a
fleeting memory.
"For authors a kiss is excellent
copy.".. ," . .'
f'For the jazz composers it is
poetry petsonified.' ;j ' ;
"And for the M. D.'s it's just a
little risk." : 4 1
The Marriage Circle" will be
the central, attraction ! for three
days at the .Oregon theater begin
nlng Saturday. In addition; to
Marie Prevost1, the cast consists of
Florence . Viddr, Monte Blue,
Harry Myers, Adolph Menjou and
Creighton Hale. ; !
MANILA. P. I.. June 18, Mat
rimony in the city of Manila is
safer than single blessedness,, ac
cording to the records of, the Phil
ippine Health service ifor 1923.
During last year & 159 unmarried
persons died in Manila of whom
30;34 were men and 2125 women,
whle 1313 marred men and 942
married women ' were among the
dead. Deaths among widows ex
ceeded those among widowers by
241. ' ' s. r i; t j
(Continued-from page 1)
mous; the question would then
arise as to whether the nations
voting in favor of sanctions would
take them, or whether they could
vamtxg or this baby - ;
5 s
Still, billboard people have a
sense ! of beauty or they couldn't
pick out . the best views - to ob-
struet. '
Whan h Democratic rauwniu
Convention began there were la
the I Nursery ana nnu
in i New York tweniy-nx fipecumi
mother who formed a club for
the purpose of naming the firBt oy
born after tne iremwniuB
lnee. The first twenty babies were,
gtrla, Tbe deadlock was broken
vrnen a son was born to Mrs. Ter
ence Rogers. The naming of the
;w wu delayed because at Uie
time the Madison Square Garden
delegates had beea aUUkbl tfl nam
For Picnic or ! Lunch-
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Rich in Vitamines
Delicious You'll Like It
Ask Your Grocer
Or Phone 954 Salem Baking Co., 439 Court St.
be held back by the nations which
had voted againet the taking of
Dawes' Helpers to AW.
A feature of Ambassador Kel
Iogg's plan is calling, in five or
the experts' who aided General
Dawes to work out his reparations
Parentier, of France; Dr. Alberto
scheme. They would likely be M.
Pirelli. Italy; Emil Franqui, Bel
gium; Sir Robert Kindereley, di
rector of the bank of England and
Owen D. Young.
An American financial authority
informed the correspondent of The
Associated Press tonight that the
only problem from the financiers'
viewpoint was that if any nation
voted In the reparations commis
sion for taking sanctions, it might
be difficult to restrain independent
action on the part of that nation,
and as long as this-was possible
the basis for credit waa not sound.
He expressed the opinion that the
difference wa not a serious one
and that a settlement would surely
be worked out from the 'Kellogg
plan within a week.
The long predicted shakeup In
Germany seems much nearer now
that Henry has sent over 20,000
Jits. '' ' ' ;
Blackberry Season at
r Silverton Near Close
i - -IS ! ;
SILVERTON,: Or.. Jujy 22.
The Silverton cannery Is still pack
ing ; loganberries and Himalaya
blackberries but the amounts re
ceived of both are small. It will
be only a short time until no more
will be taken as they are not first
class. Evergreen blackberries are
expected to be ripe In about three
weeks and It Is planned to pack
as many cans of the mas possible.
Pruhfs will be taken at the can
nery ialso but no pears or apples
Margaret Spangler Wins
i American Pacing Derby
:! I ; . : : -.
i KALAMAZOO. Mich., July 22.
Margaret Spangler won. the 123.
000 American pacing derby, here
today, coming In third first, and
second In three heats. Miss Bel
win won the first heat and -Baron
Worthy the third. Under the
rules the victory went to the horse
making this bast showing in the
three heats.
: And yet very few of the world's
great problems are solved by peo
ple -Who remember their algebra.
More Grass Fires Keep
; ; Silverton Firemen Busy
SILVERTON, Or., July 22.
(Special to The Statesman.) The
second of two grass fires in three
days occurred in Silverton thii
morning. A blaze which ; was
spreading rapidly was discovered
In some tall grass on Liberty hill
near the L. Adams residence, and
an alarm was turned in. The fira
department responded at once and
the flamesj were put out before
serious damage was done. f
; Sunday morning a small fire
occurred over the east hill in some
short grass beside the road.; :. ;
- ! YOUR
Capital Hardware C
Furniture Co. .
Best Prices Paid
285 N. Court St. Phcae SI7 ,
rf n n rj nfiaflfjfi
ri ri II l'Lbfi ITS . c 5?4ri i
mZM - " : r - 7 TT
4 .
Skaggs Clover Queen jIO
SkaggsjSc Bread temporarily dis
continued until further notice.
Large size
2 dozbn L.:.
'8 pounds
55 c
..: 25.
Medium size Libby's Pork 1 f
and Beans, each JL UC
flour :L
Advancing. Price up Thursday Del
Monte 1 dl 7 A
49-lbJ bag .:. pl . lt
Large size I 0l
3 for . lAZ
j 10c
Ruperts 9 oz. I I'J
jars .. .-..... JLfrC
6 for 5........-1.79C
No. 24 broken sliced ; AQl
pineapple, 2 cans ..............I TjQ
Star, Horseshoe and YtQ
Qimax 1 lb. plug j ..i OJC
Sweet, juicy watermelons
pound .---t.-..:-..-i..--..........
No. 2i tins with
puree, 2 for
T r
f ).
Made in Portland
13 bars ..j........ .1.....
49c 1
For punch, 3
bottles .1....
Advancing this week, 4 lb
95c n
CI f )
45c I
3'i lb..
wauujr 4.-....-.
CERTO , : ' 7)
For making jams and QC hi
jellies, 3 botes, ............U....: iuC j
10 . , -
cans .......... .J......
Case lot,
48 cans .
$4.29 I
i -
f .
You will find many? other, (helpful saving: prices, at all j
times in our stores and markets. ... " ,
Take a Ham on your vacation. Armour's Star Hani, the! ;j
jj , Ham What Am, lb;:..::..:..J..::.....::..::.i.:....i....,;....:.29c )