The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 06, 1924, Page 9, Image 9

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Part Two
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'Batteries Just Received
Joe Williams, Local
Wiliard Agent :
other great Improvement in
ge batteries was recently an
ced by one of the most con
st .producers of better bat-
in the industry. It Is, a
which -will reach the user
new a condition as when it
fhe factory for the serTlce
shelves or i the car man
lurers stock. I p
Jr many years it has been the
of all storage battery man
yrers to build a battery that
' J combine all that is de
d hi the ideal battery,
lij ideal battery would de
?, sufficient energy toturn
. )the stiffest motor "In the
ip. weather. The Insulation
een the plates ' would be ab
ieijr, uniform' In porosity and
last the life of plates. And
. kuch a battery would reach
uter without the loss of a mot
tro its possible life, proof ot
would lie in filling the bat
r )with electrolyte before the
: j At the customer." ' " v "v ""'
A part of the dream came true
ver&l years ago with the intror
ctlctn of Threaded Rubber In
litipn In Wiliard storage bat-
E7J the rest of the dream, and
a j idest J?art of it was that this
" battery could be formed and
iried out in such a way as
3.1 n the 'full charge.. This
'esirable for a number " of
s. As- insurance to the
J that the battery had not
a old on the service station
3 or in transit from the fac-
the consumer, and to pre
ielays due to charging be
eliverr were the chief rea
ar such a battery,
i battery comes to the user
le electroyte solution is ad
1st before the battery, is
it in service. Then and not
thin does the life of the
y begin. . "
?aded Rubber Insulation
Lhis possible. It is not neces
to keep Threaded Rubber
tlon wet to insure against
;d-for expansion or con
n as is the case with wood
tors. : .- I "
Williams, local Wiliard man
ceired' a shipment of these
iatteries, and claims that
re for superior to the old
M i --r-wtv Viv. -ri .yi-.i ioww.TiiTirwi rtvflnrnoriwitiv -waooossitirgiagut'ioii nionw qB-irtCiusiixri-.NWrtBSBirMi stiswssaiiiwvw.siflasfa
3 Procter & Gamble cora
aas in use today," said the
! expert, "several hundred
for -1
r )
, me
V1 Models JJ, f
for Boys I l Ai
, y J 7and GirUlVA j
s a great bicycle for the
Ids Stands the hard
ocks a youngster gives a
heel, because it is built
.lh the same careful xvork
zriship given to the com
rrfiiwihui line with
aster brake, and Federti J
" .
Ci yor boy or girl the
opportunity of staying nd
'pleying in the open to fully ,
enjoy the mildly invigorating
exercise these bicycles af
lord. :-' j X.C.iy
7 Court St.
He Says This Type, of Tire
Will 'Tend to Do Away
. With the Road Hog !
Joe Boyer, winner this" year of
the greatest speed and endurance
event in motordom the Indiana
polis 5 00-mile race, which has be
come the annual Decoration Day
attraction for the entire middle
west has selected the1 Chrysler
six roadster for his personal use.
He drove it, from Detroit to In
dianapolis before the race.
Ford cars . of the roadster type.
They are used In every part of the
pairs, store and miscellaneous
United States and! Canada and
under all sorts of conditions. The
average operating cost of these
cars for the first eleven mentha
of 1923 was 7.6 cents per mile, as
against 8.4 cents' per mile in 1922.
This ; Includes depreciation, tires,
gas and oil, replacement and re
pairs,, store and miscellaneous
Items. The initial cost of, the car
is written off in eighteen months.
Mr. Thompson's survey shows
the difference in operating cost
between good road and bad road
states, amounting In some cases to
2.8 cents a' mile. In California,
for instance, where the ' concrete
roads are always good for auto
traffic and where cars can be used
every day in the year, the average
cost of operation, he says includ
ing a heavy depreciation charge, is
6.4 cents per mile. ! f ; .
New Cable Lines to Connect
Alaskan Cities and Seattle
KETCHIKAN. Alaska, Jane 10.
(Mail.) With the completion of
a new cable between Seattle ana
Seward, Alaska, next fall by the
United . States army, ; Ketchikan
will bq one of the largest cableH
stations in the world, according
to officials handling the laying of
the line. , ' -" I
The first section of -the new
cable which links Seattle and
Ketchikan was finished May 31. by
the cableship Dellwood.i The Dell
wood then went to London to load
cable for a second section which
will connect Ketchikan, and
Seward. ''Another-new line is t.o
link Juneau, " Wrangell, and Pet
ersburg with this city. Ketchikan
will then be a: reiay: office for
four lines, two going into . south
eastern Alaska, one to Seward and
one to Seattle. All these cables
will be used commercially. V;
- The new cable will be- equipped
for duplex operation, enabling six
times .. as much traffic . to b
handled as on the old lino from
Seattle to Sitka. :
According to L. H. Kurtz
bpet Models in Most
Demand i
The 1924 Oldsmoblle is meet
ing with a highly favorable recep
tion lo European markets, J ac
cording to word just received from
L. H. Kurtz, advertising manager
of - the General Motors Export
company, who is making a three
month's business trip through; the
principal countries abroad. The
sport models are in most 'demand
by Europeans; he writes. t v
European buyers of automobiles
favor a car not to heavy, one that
has ' a small bore yet powerful
engine, and above all one that is
economical of gasoline, which is
far more costly abroad than t in
this -country.;- According to; Mr,
Kuttz, the Oldsmoblle is filling
these exacting requirements of the
Europeans." j-- '' ' . . i .
Education pnly Ansvver; , t
, To Problem of Insanity
Despite the
Britain there
June 18. (Mail.)
fact that in Great
is today; one insane
person in every .200,' contrasted
with one in evory 650 in 1870,
there is t no ! Justification for .the
theory, so often expressed, that a
process of racial degeneration 3
under way, in the 'dpinion otTT.
J. Lidbetter, of - the Eugenics
Education Society, expressed at
the recent Conference of the Na
tional Union I of the Professioal
and Industrial Blind of Great
Britain. ; j ( f '
Despite the Increase in the num
ber ot Insane, Mr. Lidbetter said.
herself was constantly
regain the normal
average, ven in the highly organ
ized and complex communities of
the present day. Those of weak
mentality, he said, attracted each
other, and eventually brought
about their own extinction in this
Discussing sterilisation, which
he said had been acclaimed as a
success in, some portions of. the
United States, the speaker assert
ed.. that it - did .not , serve its pur
pose altogether, because many in
sane' parents had first been par
ents, their insanity appearing
later. Although he suggested that
both sterilization and segregation
would prevent the birth of many
undesirables, he , advocated edu
cation, both of the Individual and
the public in general, as the final
solution of the problem.
: It. N. MacDonald of the Mac-
Donald Auto company, who rep
resents the Parkard car In Salem,
thinks a lot of the balloon tire-
He thinks the' balloon tire will
do away with the road hog.
- .How? -. : j.' i ;:' :j
He says the balloon . tire prevents
skidding; . that a car with balloon
tires can come up on the road af
ter turning out, without any dan
ger pfskiddiBg. v ,
Balloon tires, he saysv carry but
2 5 pounds of pressure to a six-Inch
tire, while a ; regular tire of the
same size carries 70 pounds pres
sure. .. i. 1 - I . .
Francisco Is a different creature.
She has adopted the ways of Amer
ican flappers, dress, bobbed hair
and independent ways. She has
shed hsr eastern obedience. She
marries;" whom and when she will,
and specifies the conditions under
which she will take a husband.
Furthermore her parents require
much larger settlements than do
the parents In China.
The Immigration law prohibits
the importation of brides 'from
China. The : American Chinese
thus Is forced to consider the
Chinesn girl i already, here.. She
is credited with having, expensive
tastes, j She expects, contrary to
the Immemorial customs of China,
a regular courtship, with trips to
the theater, dinners, bo'xes of
candy and Jewelry. She is no
chattel. . L . . ,
Biblical Scenes ReproducerJ
I In British Empire Exhibition
j LONDON, June 20 (Mail.)
The temple of Solomon, the taber
nacle and many of j the other
shrines of the Holy land familiar
to readers of the . Old Testament
re reproduced in miniature in the
Palestine exhibit at the British
Empire exhibition. One is shown
the holy of holes which the high
priest alone could enter, and then
but once a year for an annual sac
rifice. - The palace where Solomon
kept his queen and the apart
ments that sheltered ; his sumptu
ous assortment of wives and con
cubines are faithfully reproduced.
I The plain temple : which re
placed Solomon's magnificent
structure after its destruction and
also that of Herod, .built during
the lifetime ol Christ, upon j the
same spot, also ,are reproduced. '
One is shown the place where.
Christ was brought as a babe,
where lie went "about!.. Ills fa
ther's -business" and became lost
from His parents as a ybuth, and
also the part of, the tenple from
which He chased the money-lend
ers. ,
r T71 0 T T7 XT - -i o
(AP) The ; sombre hned wall
papers o prevalent In Germany r
are giving away to lighter shades.'
The change is not due -to artistic'
Reasons, however, but to the edu
cation of the .public to the fact
.hat light toned walls save gas
and electric bills.
Berlin Business Men Build
Huge Houseboat for Club
I BERLIN, July 6. (AP.) A
m onster J houseboat with sleeping
accommodations for 215 tired bus
iness men is neaflng completion
on the Havel near Berlin. This
modern J Noah's ark will be ,150
feet long by 21 leel wide, and will
oe propelled by gas motors.
The "Baldur' as this floating
tourists' ; hotel has1 been called by
Us owners, the Green Home So
ciety, is the largest ship with liv
ing accommodations afloat on in
land waters of Germany. The in
terior. Simple but dignified in
structure, is a ; spotless white.
Every cabin is provided with elec
tric light, flowing iSvater and two
bunks. : The eating facilities1 will
be; similar to those of a railway
dining car. :
: The central idea of the "Baldu
The : central ! . idea of the
"Baldur" experiment is that of
taking the members of the Green
Home Society, who are residents
ot . the t metropolis,- out of. Berlin
on : Saturday nights .and bringing
them tq one of the beautiful' spots
in the Mark of Brandenburg. The
"Baldur" is to be equipped -
cainoes and athletic paraphernalia.
Durability H :f
aiie :
W 1 Uf
; SAN FRANCISCO, July 4. The
new American immigration law,
with its provision excluding aliens
ineligible to citizenship, is having
quite an effect on Sak Francisco's
historic .Chinatown. The ortho
dox among the Chinese men are
just beginning to realize that they
will have to abandon the custom
of. sending to China after mar
riageable girls.- Consequently the
law is expected to make a radical
change In the domestlo situation
on upper Grant avenue and its
byways... . - j :-, .-m , --''j.
i The young Chinese has been in
the habit ot going back to China,
claiming a bride, to whom he often
had been betrothed .since child
hood, and bringing her back here.
This arrangement had several ad
vantages for the husband. ! The
marital settlement required . with,
his parents-iirfaw was much less
in China, usually not exceeding a
few hundred dollars., The. girl
had been raised to Oriental d&
Hiitv and followed him prepared
a xconf nnv Ki-irt of . home . he
" f '
might provide.
The Chinese girl raised in ban
New Low Prices on Fisk Tires
30x3 No. 96 Fabric i $ 6.55
30x3 Vz No. 96 Fabric 1. .. 7.50
30x3 Vz No. 96 Cord 1. 8.45
32x4 ' No. 96 Cord l:.-....... 14.80
30x3 Yt Fisk Premier Cord....? 9.95
32x3 Vi Fisk Premier Cord.... 143
31x4 Fisk Premier-Cord...: 15.C3
32x4 Fisk Premier CorrJ.. 170
I -4. .- . . , . ... , - '-I- 1 l . ), .:.-
N. W. Cor. Court and High St.
Phone 44
f ... .
Packard! Atathdirized i
aiid Sales Statioini
Now open at 560 Ferry street (between High and Church streets). T
' We warii every Packard owner to visit our Service Station. Wfi are here to
wAnilav VAii prvir no matter what it mav be. rrom a pleasant uood JLlay to a
IMIUVl J w w -w - j
complete overhauling:.
We will
welcome your visit at, any time.
Patkard Single Six-Five Passenger
!, Delivered in Salem i
f Straight Eight-Five Pajssenger . . . $4d60
"Only iPaohard con build 6 Pochard99
MaoDomald Auio Cbsini3)'ainiy
Temporary. Qff ice at Ira Jorgensen i - i
5 190 South High
i - Phone 675
Service Station!
560 Ferry; . 1
PHONE 203:
! t - hr ' 'jV1