The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 06, 1924, Page 5, Image 5

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R'v KIrkpatrirk to Leave ,
Kov. liliine E. Kirkpatrk'k will
preach hWs last sermon today at
the First Methodist church before
leaving onj his vacation. "The:
Kirkpatrjck family expect to take
a two or three weeks' camping
trip in eastern and southern Ore
gon, making the trip by automo
bile. They will jvisit the Oregon
caves and1 Crater lake on the trip.
Ilirths leHttel
Two birthsTeparted to theVity
health officer, aire as follows:
Ruth Barbara, to Mr. and Mrs.
Gustav Ostrin of 496 North Nine
teenth, at' the. Salem hospital on
July ;. and James Robert, to Mr.
and' Mrs. Harold D. Unt k, 157.
Oak. on June 30. Mr. ( fiick Is
a railroad clerk.
Osteopathy for Children
Dr. Marshall, 22S Oregon bldf?.
Give Swimming Xessons -
.One of the largest classes for
beginners who want to learn to
swim were in the YMCA pool Sat
urday morning, j Several of the
' boys' won beginners medals for
swimming the length, of the pool
.-three times.
Blames Stage Driver
Complaint that a stage driver
; operating Parker stage No. 3, had
crowded his machpe off the Dal
las road, has been made to the
police by Norman Chambers, 1911
.Front street. Chambers claims
; that the driver had a woman in
the front seat with him, though
there was no one else in the stage.
FayjYonr Irrigation Bill ! 1
Flat irrigation bills now due.
Ten i per cent discount if paid on
or before July 10. jlylO
Get Building Permits
Two building permits were is
sued from the city recorder's of
fice Saturday to ;Mrs. A. .Crawford
for a. dwelling. 426 North Twenty
fourth, to cost $2,000, and to G.
L. Ransom for a garage to cost
$500, at 229& South Summer.'!
Classes Discontinued ,'
Citizenship classes at the YMCA
have been discontinued until Sep
tember 1, When a new class will
be organized to' prepare foreign
147 1. Com'L. j Room 6.
I Boys Furniture
Phone 511
411 Oregon, Bldg. Phone 437
The Seavy Bell Insurance
I Agency .
General Insurance
"Billy" Bell
Just Returned !
.from the Electronic, Convention
at Kansas. City and have in
stalled, the latest equipment for
the diagnosis ! and . treatment of
disease (Dr. Abrama method ) ."
' Dr. P "T. irhite
i B06 V. H. Bank Uldg.
Salem, Ore jtn
Larmer Transfer & Storage
:o. will be located at 143
South i Liberty st. next ' to
3raber Bros. ' Plumbing Shop
itter July st. We would ap
preciate your patronage at our
iew;location more than ever. ;
- ' I
Larmer Transfer &
'- Storage Co.
' Phone 930
Established 1868
General Banking Businei
Office Honrs from 10 a. m. lo 3 p. inV
born '. for the naturalization court
to be held in October, it was an-
nounced Saturday
general secretary
by ! C. A. Kells,
of; the; YMCA.
who has charge of the class. fVith
13 of the 15 successful applicants
for citizepship' members of the last
class, this next class is expected
to be one of the largest in Its history.-
. . - , 4 '
Dr. Anne llrokkr. Osteopathic
j Physician, Phones 859, 469-J.
AV ' 1 I."
Cot Miilnlftlit Gasoline
i Because. of the unusual amount
of travel this week-end, the Stan
dard Oil company Is keeping its
service stations open from 4:30
o'clock in the morning until mid
night. Many of j those who are
spending their .vacation over the
Fourth are traveling at night
when it is cpo-1. j On account of
this the change in hours . was
made, "according to Fred Colfins,
assistant manager for the oil com
pahy here. i j
Baptists Meet Outdoors-
Regular church services at the
Baptist church will be held on the
lawn at the parsonage tonight,
weather permitting. The entire
service will be in charge of the
Baptist Brotherhood, with Rev.
Ernest Shanks, pastor, delivering
the sermon. All Sunday night
services this month and during
August will be in charge of the
Brotherhood. 1 "r
Osteopathy for (Jolt
Pr. Marshall, 228 Oregon bldg.
Receives Aeriajl Mail
5 The first mail to be .received in
Salem from New York via the new
air mail service -was received in
Salem Saturday
by the Drager
Fruit company
The letter was
postmarked at; 6:30 o'clock July
1, and was received here the night
of July -3. Because of no deliv
eries Friday it did not reach its
destination until j yesterday; morn
ing. It was sent by the fruit
company's ' eastern representative
and carried 24 cents in postage.
Fine Traffic Violato
Violators of the traffic laws
aDDeare'd in; the police court yes
terday and contributed. Fines of
$5 each were assessed M. v . Un
fer and Ellis Hurst for sneeding.
and to J. B. Sullivan for .having
no lights on his
truck, while, Joe
Beatty forfeited
speeding charge.
his 'bail on a
Lunches Served ; j f
Picnic lunches put up, box
lunches at all hours, Bake-Rite
Bakery.. i i ' J6
RishoD to Iresil
Bishop Eben S. Johnson Cape
town, Africa, will preside at the
Oregon conference in! Medford on
September 17. Mile j has been ' a
resident of Africa fpr eight, years
and in i his official; capacity has
traveled 22,000 miles in one year.
The newest) missionary field is in
the Congo.; according to. . Bishop
Johnson1 who says that cannibal
ism is u..der the bai of the govr
eminent and no longer officially
permitted. One of their churches
wa3 built by 40 men serving;trms
of Imprisonment j for cannibalism.
Two Grass Fires , u
Two grass fires called out the
fire department, Saturday. The
first was from j outside the city
limits south of Salem, in the
morning, , and the second from
Fourteenth ; and p , About 2:30
o'clock in the afternoon. This
fire broke out Immediately; after
S. C. STONE, M.D. j
General Office PractV j
Cancers Treated J -f '
Office, Tyler's Drag Stor
157 S. Commercial Street
Cars for hire without drivers.
PHONE 2020
Day and Night Service
Popular Priced
Tailored Suits $25 to $45
Men's and Young Men's
Promotes Good Health '
Cottage Cheese j
H One-Third Creani
H. E. RIDEOUT, Proprietor
a train had passed, and is be
lieved tp hava "been ; caused by
some onlo tossing out a cigarette
from th train. The alarm was
turned Jn from the playground.
Union Services Today
. The first of the; union church
services ) will be held at Wiljson
park this afternoon, with a patri
otic program. John L. Brady will
be the principal speaker. The
band frpm the boys' training
school will give a sacred concert
prior to the services
The WreckinK of th
Demarest- tabernacle is almost
complete. Anyone .wishing a bar
gain in lumber call and get "prices.
Inspect Astoria Guard I i
Company G. 186th infantry, at
Asttoria.J was given an official in
spection Friday by. Adiutant. Gen
eral George A. White and Major
A. W. cjlarey of fthe regulaf army.
The inspection" was to determine
the eligibility of the company to
receive federal recognition.
st Class Meets '
of the
pnnual out-of-doors party
omarco class of the First
1st church will be held- on
night at the home of Mr.
and Mrs
. E. B. Millard, 2011 South
D street
Gets Blood Poison ' r i
William Baker, who is employ
ed at the Hansen sash and door
plant, 3 suffering Trom blood
poisoning o caused iby" running a
sliver beneath a finger nail on his
left hand.
Mrs. Handfan Dies '
Mrs. j Margaret Handlan of Sil
verton died at 11 o'clock July 4,
at her jhome. She is survived by
her father, Thomas Harris, and a
sister, Mrs. Fred Price, both of
Eugene;, j Funeral .arrangements
will bel announced later with the
arrival of Mrs. Price from Eugene.
She has other i survivors in Port
land and Spokane. :
Osteopkthy, the Original j !
And! genuine spinal treatment.
jr. Marshall, 228 Oregon bldg..
Judge i Job ns Coming !
Judge Charles A. Johns and wife
are expected in Salem Monday.
Judge Johns, formerly was an as
sociate! justice of be Oregon su
premejcourt, resigning that office
to ; become a member of the su
preme; court of the Philippine
islands', which position he now
holds. I lie was a delegate to the
national Republican convention
f rolm ihe '. islands. He was - the
Fourth of July orator at Dallas.
Requisition Honored
A requisition , from- Governor
Hart pf Washington for the ex
tradition of Harry Carpenter, ud
der airest at Grants Pass, . was
honored yesterday by Governor
Pierce! Carpenter is wanted in
Seattle on a statutory .charge.
Xew. Modern Horn
Oaks, ; six rooms on one f loor
full cement basement, furnace,, ldry, hardwood, cement
walks paving. , See at 1026 North
Summer. Becke & Hendricks,- Uj
S. bank bldg. ! j6
i -i: ;
Is Quite III . f. i-l
William II. Turner, theautomo
bile man, with O. J. Wilson, is
seriously' HI at his home, 837
South Twelfth street. .j
Against the I .aw
It 13 not permissible under the
Oregqn laws' for surety companies
to issue blanket bonds to bail out
ofj pr
son persons who are found
of violating state traffic
says an opinion of Attorney
General Van Winkle, in reply to
art ortker by Will Moore, state iri-
SMITH At big late home near
Zeifa. Ore., July 4th. 1924. John
Smith, age 65 years. Survived
byjll children, Bert Smith, Sa
lem; Mrs. Grace j Eby, ; Mrs.
Marie O'Donnel, Oregon City;
Jssie. Effie.: Elsie, Zella, AJ
ma. Verna, Vernon and Ronald
of jZena, two sisters, Mrs. Ella
Wttham, Mrs. Lena Early of
jHobd liver. Ore. Funeral will
be I from the Zena church Sun
day at 3 o'clock. Arrangements
are in charge of the Terwllliger
'funeral home. ! . I . ".;
Salem iHortuarp
! t
..- ran 166 - I I ;;
amnlut Werk ModsraU MiHv
Kert EmlwlMH
01 g. Oawek -Pfcmo lit f
- KTaequaled BrTle4
surance commissioner.- A certain
surety company haB sought to
issue such; bonds, according ("to
Are Xot Eligibl
: In reply to an inquiry by J. A.
Churchill, state superintendent of
Kihool.s, Attorney General Van
Winkle has writfcm an opinion
holding that persons,- graduated
from Oregon colleges prior to 19l!o
are not eligible to be county school
superintendents unless tiey hold
state certiicates authorizing them
to teach any grade in the public
schools. IT is held that prior to
1910 there were no standard col
leges in Oregon. I; ;
AccidentipVmnler 033
A total of 633 industrial cas
ualties were reported ?to the state
Industrial accident commission for
the week ending July 3, none be
ing fatal. Of the total number
reported 351 were subject to the
provisions.' of the workmen's com
pensation act, 79 were, from firms
and corporations that havei Re
jected the act, and three were from
public utility f corporations not
subject to the act. t ,
' i , .; - j " '
Saturday Is; Quiet
Little business was transacted
at the county clerk's office Sat-r
urday other than routine affairs.
This was due greatly toj the fact
that there are many attorneys out
of the city for I the short! vacation'
period. The only new legal busi
ness filed yesterday was a proof7 of
Enroll Monday- :
' t In the Capital Business College
for some practical studies. New
claps in shorthand. In session all
summer. Truly, a bueihes educa
tion pays. . ;- j6
Appraisers Xamel ; '
ii N. E. Manock, Zend Schwab and
Li. I. Snyder! have been named ap
praisers of the estate of Lawrence 1
Schwartz by! County Judge W. H.
Downing.1- . ;
VitMl Account FileI ! '
Final account of the estate of
Frank L. Ansbourne has been filed
in the circuit court by H. C. .Ma
guren, administrator. . f
-j A
City Is Healthy : f J
r Xo new contagious diseases were
reported during the week to the
office of the city health officer.
Dr. Willianij B. Mott. This is the
first week in several months that
there has not been a single ase
reported. ;;.!; i
$1300 Investment ;
, 2360 Trade, new 4-room house
Will return you 12 to 20 per cent.
Becke & Hendricks, U; S. bank
bldg. '4---;;;-. - ;--r.:.,:4"'-' . 3S
Assumes Business Name
Jessie H, iLammers Is the sole
owner of .Milady's Shop, 517
Court street, according j to an as
sumed business name filed with
the county : clerk. J
Offices Are Locked f
Many offices in the business dis
trict, were; locked Saturday,; the
occupants having either failed to
return from "the Fourth j or else
having departed to spend the re
mainder of the week out of town.
Attorney Is Speechless
After being almost speechless
for the last few days,' Robin D.
Day. local, attorney, is again gain
ing control ! of his vocal organs.
Mr. Day underwent an operation
for the removal of hfs tonsils last
Wednesday. :
Resume Eight-Hour Shift
The regular eight-hour shift
will be resumed by the C. K
Spaulding Logging company plant
here Monday, it was announced
yesterday by Oliver Myers, mana
ger. The plant has been closed
while extensive repairs have been
made. Th number of men will
remain as usual.
Files on, Dani-- ; I
:i The , federal government has
filed with Rhea Luper. state en
gineer, the. data relative to the
construction of the proposed Mc
Kay dam in Umatilla county. The
dam will be 100 feet high. 163V
feet long at the top. and will cost
an estimated $2,500,000. It is
part of the' Umatilla project.
First Class , Oak Wood
i For a few days. Fred E. Wells,
280 S. Church. Phone 1542. j6
Sande Rides "Winner
U Earl Sande, Salem boy who is
one of the foremost jockeys In the
w-orld, riding Mrs. William K.
Vanderbilt's Sarazen, making his
second start as a 3-year-old, won
the historic Carter handicap at
Aqueduct ' Friday, ! '- according to
word received here. There was a
field of seven starters. The time
for the seven furlongs was 1:23-3-5,
and the stake had an added
value of $4,000.
, -:
Fined for Drunkenness-i-!
After changing his mind and
pleading guilty to a charge of be
ing drunk aftec making up his
mind to contest the charge, Wes
ley Berry whs fined $10 In the
police court Saturday. Berry was
arrested on Liberty street late
Friday afternoon by Officer Ol-'
son arid spent the night in the
city jail. J ' T
Mm. Junk's China
Nelson & Hunt drug store. J6
Council Meets Slonday . Ih
; Monday night will prove ffnlet
council meeting-, 'judging from
present indications, ' it was ' ' an-
?! EB
A Branfh Summer School Is now 'being
roBUucUsd in Purtland. Or., daring June,
July and AoRut by the Urgent. lit
mon widely known institute in the world
for the iruring of Stammering, Stuttering
ud all;perh imperfection. AUdres
Northwest School for Stammerer,
809 Sovereign Hotel, ForUand. Or. L
nouncf d yesterday by Ray . L,
Smith J city attorney.. 'There is
nothing of particular to come be
fore the city- "fathers" ut this
time unless something develops
over the week-end. !
Easterhers Arriving '
Automobile bearing- eastern
license! plates are beginning to be
seen ii the city. Saturday-ma-
from Massachusetts, Min-
Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Xe-
braskai and North Dakota were to
be seen on the streets.-. At the.
Salem,! auto camp an Iowa man
stopped for lunch. He told Super
mtendent Albert. that he was seek
ing a location in the west, but
was going on north bfore he
made tup his mind as to a perma
nent home. He J indicated that he
would; return to some point in
the valley. '
Get Marriage L.icnse
M. I A. Puckett, a horse collar
make?, and Marie Stevens, both of
Wood barn, were granted a mar
riage Ijlicense Saturday. ,
1 ' l " ' - '
Pattoii Home Entered : - .
Projwlers entered his home some
time Friday , night, but evidently.
did not find what they were look
ing for, as nothing was missing,
it was reported to the police yes
terdayby E, Cooke Patton, 883
Court. 1 - v
, . i .; : -
Tom Wiilitt of Chico. Cal.. will
leave todiy after .visiting oyer the
Fourth, with his brother, S. M.
Wiilitt. .. C; 1 '
Miss Edith E. Burch, stenog
rapher at the city hall, spent Sat
urday attending the last 'of the
threefday celebration at Dallas.: .
Al Murdt and family are spend
ing the' week-end at Silver Creek
falls. Mr. Murdt is assistant jcity
recorder. ' .
Vernon, erry and Garlan Simp
son left yesterday for Newport
where they will remain this week.
George Oliver, a recent gradu
ate from jWiliamette university,
has acceptfccTa' position as college
YMCA secretary at the University
of Idaho. . i i '
Mr. and! Mrs. B. C. Miles and,
party hav: arrived in Cherbourg,
France, according to word 'receiv
ed, here. ; ' ' . ' - . !
Walter Barber, former deputy
sheriff, was In the city yesterday
from Portend. He is now an
automobile salesman.
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Stock; have
returned from Bend.
: Miss Alice Welch has returned
from1 Los Angeles where she has
been; attending the Los Angeles
librarian school ; dnring the last
year " : . " ' '
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Hardcastle
and son, jand Mr. and 'Mrs, Frank
O. j pieckenridg will leave today
for Foley springs where they wjni
spend the next 10 days on a camp
ing trip. Mrl . Hardcastle is with
the Roth grocery, and Mr. Breck
en ridge with the-industrial acci
dent; commission.
Miss Adelaide Lake, former Sa
lem i newspaper woman now with
the Oregonian, was in the city
Saturday to : spend the day with
her mother.; ;; ..J-
Special. Music Program ;
j For Methodists Today
A special musical program will
feature the morning serVtces 16
day at the First Methodis ; church.
The following special ; numbers
will be rendered: ,;;
: Te Deum, :. Salter, choiif chorus ;
Rock of Ages, Dudley Buck, male
quartet; In His Hands, vocal duet.
Miss LaRaut and R. D. Barton. !
OW there is a Corona
FOUR with the ttand-
ard single-shift keyboard.
And it has other new fea
tures all of which are not
found on any other
writer. Phone us
for a
i wiih Standard Keyboard
Commercial Bopk
Salem, Oregon
"If It's far the office we
'; -
- . have It'
Sleeveless Shirt Found at
Eugene to Be Compared
With Sleeve Here
;''.'.'. ; ' i ': 4 --
. Comparison of a sleeve found
in thecell of W. A. Anderson, one
of three convicts who escaped
from the prison. brickyard Thurs
days night, with a sleeveless hirt
round at Eugene in an effort to
establish connections between the
convict and the robbery of a Eu
gene tore, will be made as soon
as the shirt arrives it was said
Nast night 1 by Warden A. M.
J)alrymple, I who has requested
that the shirt be ; Torwarded to
Salem. The shirt was discarded
in the Green-Merrill : flothing
store, which lost a complete' out-C
fit of clothing. A few dollars was
also stolenfromhe cash register.
Additional clues leading the of
ficers to believe tha the jconviets
were responsible for the ! Eugene
robbery was the, report that an
Overland automobile had been
stolen from that. city. t
Little credence is given: here to
the theory that Burns and Ander
son were responsible for (he rob
bery of the Hauser Brothers sport
ing goods store Thursday nightr
It was pointed out yesterday that
Burns, who was sentenced' to serve
15 years from Marion county, was
familiar to all the j police and
sheriff's officers, besides . being
known by others in Salem. Be
cause of this is was thought un
likely that he would risk: capture
by remaining in this vicjnity.
J. S. Murray, chief clerk at the
prison, and finger print; expert,
after comparing finger prints ob
tained at Hauser Brothers with
those of the missing convicts, an
nounced' yesterday ' that they did
not tally. Three clear prints were
found from which the comparison
could N be made.. Photographs of
thg; fHager prints are being made
to enable Mr. Murray toj make a!
more accurate comparison.
Holstein-Freisian Men
KHold Picnic on July 17
Members of the Marion county
Holstein-Freisian Breeders associ
ation will hold their annual picnic
Thursday, July 17, at. the Frank
Durbin stock farm, about two
miles and a half east of Salem on
the; Turner rad. A feature of the
picnic win be a stock judging con
test by calf club members from
Marion and Polk counties. There
are; 96 members of calf j clubs in
the two counties. ! I!; j
Mr. Myers, northwest field man
forthe associatin, and Mif. Cooper,
editor pf the Calf Clubj Journal,
published by the association, will
be the principal speakers.
Officers of the association are H.
.1 ,..
V 1
Cherry-City Cleaners
W. Cooley of Jefferson, president;
Eugene Finlay of Jefferson, secre
tary; Ernest ' Werner, Sijvprtbn.
vie .president, and C. .1. Burning,
Silverton, A. B. Thurston, Mac-leay;
A. W. Kline and Frank A. Durbfn.
directors. PiT i - : '
Yet but not still : ;
SI v
Torn and tired, the unterrified
stay on. ' ' j , , - ' ...; .;
Flax pulling! machines here:
supposed to be reedy for delivery
tom6rrowr L j ' ' ,
;- ;.' 'V . -
Salem barter says an old timer
ia one Who fan . remember when
the? democratic convention con
vened. . ;
"T V V.:
Same tonsorjal artist" says a republic-
is a place where a few cuss
words can make a man famous. '
-- -T vi : :
And same t. a. says one fear
both parties! feel of a wet plank is
that; it would bo responsible; for
too many lame ducks. U -
.-j- ' V " .;' Vi
. And he also says that' although
the Rip Van Winkle in New York
trying to pick J a loser dozed right
through and missed the Fourth of
July, they woke up long , enbugli
to remember, the fourth cammand
ment, but he opines that they will
not be wideenough awake to keep
it holy. , , - h - ; ' :
.; ; ; .l
Also he say, from some of the
language reported from the New
York Eabel. the thought is sug
gested to him that perhaps Charles
G. ITawes got Into the wrong camp.
v- -.-".--.
And he thinks that perhaps the
hicks from the hinterland were
awed and. charmed by the' signs
of Bowery culture they saw and
heard.- ':.; - 7- . V
- "- - . - - V
Woodburn 'Is beating Salen to
tt,. In the matter 'o a pickle fac
tory. Tally one for Woodburn!
lmm .
If you do not see the Alaskan
picture today, it may be a cold day
when you have a chance tp see it
again. And it, is the great es and
pnly picture pf its kind ever made.
This is courtesy week. Re
member" that: you are a gentle
man or a; lady. I , .
lalem, Oregtm ,r :
Sulphite, and Manila Wrappings, also Butchers Wrau-
plpgsj Adding 3Iachini Paper, Greaseproof, Glassina.
Drug Ikind, Tissue. Screenings and Specialtlca,
i I ... . r v- -
: : ' -- - . i ' , - .
'Oil wfur to
for the Opening
l,r. ...:.- i
Of A
New, Modern and Completely
equipped Dry Cleaning Plant to
be openek at 231 N. High St.
617 or about July the 15th. I
Men's and Ladies' Suits
guaranteed ODORLESS.
Ladies' dresses cleaned.
cleaned I and blocked.
Rugs cleaned.
1 v. All kinds of pleating
C. F. DO ANE, Proprietor
Dr. Mendelsohn
Eyesight Specialist,
" i f
ff you are in need of optical
service or advice of any kind
come in and see meM am al
ways pleased to be of service to
you. , j I
) My prices are very reason
able for .the matreiala and
services given.
satisfaction in yery respect. If
glasses do not give satisfaction,
they will be changed free for
a period of onfe year. Phone
723.. 210-11
Bank Building:
United States
Dr. Mendelsohn
i Correct this sentence: "Don't
leave us fso soonj," he said, -when
his wife's mother was about to
end her visit. "You've only been
here three, short months and it
seem like more than a
j; No man is bos$
in his own home
"ntil the fam
UjKtakesf a: vacklion.
Niew Method Removes
Wrinkles in t5 Minutes
. A TeriUble- wonier-workpr for rin
and Ubby fri is m simple, harm
less 'appliration nde , hy mixing a,
spoonful of powdered tarkroot with
spoonful of lemon Juice. Xot only doea
1 quickly smooth ,fut t ho wrinkle and
ase lines befor rint. . v.
it has a stimulating influence upon th
weakened and relaxed underlying tissues.
The mixture is tspreud over theface with,
the fingertips, and in less than fiftea
minute the, mirror shows that 'most
marvelous transformation has taken place.
When the is washed off th
average face actually looks ten or fifteen
years younger. , . ,
The result are far better than tho
obtainable from tbj? most expert mas
8?ng and the o Is less than tbre
.cents a treatment 1 Powdered tarkrooc
can he obtained froni any druggist. Adr.
cleaned and