The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 06, 1924, Page 14, Image 14

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i- J' Niii Yl . l-l-uil I
r love motion at all things growing,-
,v . andyet' free. . .. j,
-The. leaves ami jrrasw together flowing, ,,
" A verdant yea.
The wind .anion? jibs, free-tops blowing
Loves them tike me, .
And stoops to bear, them whisper in their going
f ... JAll rustllngly; . j ,.
Dearly familiar, yet, beyond niy knowing,--
A mystery; . ' '"' ; :'
Rooted, yet like strange ships, sails blowing,
' - Set out toward sea. j '
a 'Fourth "of July host at one
of-the most delightfully entertain
ing of the week's affairs. Four-
; tee n yetmg -friends were his guests
at' dinner at the home of; Miss
Sally Bush Q Friday evening with
the table arranged out of doors
tinder the trees near the tennis
I J -ft-
Vi I . Sunday,. July S . .
Red Raspberry Cocktail Chicken a la'Retne
i f . 'or Consomme' au .Cele.rl f
Fresh Vegetable Salad, Thousand Jsland
... ." ' ; .. i . or ' i
Palm Beach Salad, Whipped Cream
.! . ' Choice of '"'
GraySBefle Special Steak a la Minute
Grilled y Squab Chicken a la Maryland
Chicken Fricassee with Fresh Peas en Cases
. Roast Leg of Midget Lamb, Mint Sauce
Baked Young. -Chicken, Celery Dressing
Prime Ribs of Eastern Steer au Jus
i ' Creamed ' Cauliflower ' .
New Potatoes Rissole , ; Snowflake Potatoes
- '. , - : Dessert ' i . ' i .
Pie. .Cake ' Gray "Belle French Pastry
Cantaloupe Watermelon r Fresh Apricot Sundae
Ice Cream Sherbet Berries and Cream
Tea Coffee Milk -: Iced Tea
A la -Carte
-i i , . i i "" i' ... . . . ' . 1 1
Just at the time when linens and voiles do their, utmost
to lend to the comfort of milady Sve are going to discount
prices to clean up
be of service to the purchaser. s ' 1
Phone 108 i
j ; ;
court. After the ,7:30 dinner, the
gronp assembled for an evening
of fireworks, with multi-colored
rockets and Roman candles trans
forming the night.
y ?-;. ; -j ";':".:,::.r, :.;-; ;
, Miss Alice Welch arrived home
the latter part of the week from
Los Angeles where she bag been
' .i
i 1
1 TW7
Linens and Voiles'
these summer dresses
f : ' : :
XVTierc it pays to "Pay As You Go.'
attf tiding library school. ,. She will
vi&ilj in Salem until .August,' at
which t ime she , will go to "Port '
land ; to accept a position , In the
Portland library. Mias Welch Ja
a graduate of Willamette univers
ity with the class of 1921. She
has had a year of introductory ex
perience in the work at the state
library. : - - !
T ' ;.j . " ' t'i
. wedding of particular inter
est to a large number of Salem
friends was that performed at 8
o'clock Monday evening at the
East Side Baptist church when
Mark Skiff. Jr., took as his bride
Miss Thelma Dykes of Portland.
The impressive ritual was read by
Reverend W. B. Hlnson. pas
of the church with which Mr.
ff has his membership. Only
immediate relatives were in at
tendance.: , '
The bride, a dark-haired girl,
or lovely personality, striking in
her1 charm, is a graduate of the
Oregon Agricultural college with
thejclass of 1921. She is the only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D.
Dykes. Her vocational aptitude
is in domestic science, she having
.taught her major subjects, since
her graduation, in the Portland
hight schools. M
Mr. Skiff is the son of Dr. and
MrdJ Mark S. Skiff, Sr. A gradu-
of the Salem high school, he
for the pact three years been
connected - with the Dental college
Jn Portland. . He will receive his
degree in 1925. Mr. Skiff be
longs to the Psl Omega dental fra
ternity. Mr. Skiff, Jr., is also an
overseas man, having seen a year's
outstanding . service abroad . with
the CSth coast artillery corps. He
was. fnrther connected' with the
war-time radio work in the field
of gome of the largest battles
fought. - ; 7
. Mr. and Mrs. Skiff, Jr., left
early Tuesday ' morning for a
month's honeymoon. They will
visit the Yellowstone National
park, ' continuing their trip to
Lake .Louise in the Canadian
Rockies. . They plan to return to
Salem the first of August to join
Dr. and Mrs.' Mark Skiff. Sr, for
a month at Breitenbush springs, j
After September 1, Mr. and
Mrs. Skiff, Jr., will be at home
right when they'll
Guests; for -the Alden - Abell
wedding,! one of the outstanding
social event s oif the Reason, which
will take place at 8:30 o'clock
Wednesday evening, will arrive at
the home of Dean and Mrs.' George
H. Alden; early in the week, from
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seat
tle, Portland and Sherwood.V ;
, Today to groom, fdr llllam
Henry AbelL,, w.pi corae from Los
Angejes,. accompanied by Mr. Rob
ert chuyler; "Vafl Rensselaer. Arriving-,
also', today, -will be Mrs.
VJola S, page, Miss Mary E. Page,
anjl .Ml9s : Oertrude ; West from
Seattle.,. . ; ,v ir; ;a -.
it Oq' Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Richardson of .Sherwood, Mr.
Donald .Parker, and Or,, and Mrs.
Prince Page of Portland are ex
pected Mr. ; Parker who ,is sec
ond Tioliniat 4n the Portland sym
phony orchestra, with. Mlsa Bruce
Putnam, also tot Portland, will
play the ; wedding marches.
On, Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. lAbell jot , San Francisco
will come; for the 'ceremony.
! M ! ..!-'. ;' ' - V '
Mr. and Mrs, J. J. Roberts and
daughters, Helen and; Mildred, are
enjoying the week-end at Rhodo
dendron ; lodge.; 1
' , ' ..
The Salem. -delegation to the,
annual YWCA: college conference!
at Seabcck on; Puget sound ar-j
rived home last night after ten
outstanding days. ; Miss Mariad
Wyman, Miss Jenelle Vandevortj
and Miss Faith Priday attendee
the conference from here.
j j ; - ."
I Mr. and: Mrs. Frank W. Durbii .
are expected home ; from Yellow
stone National park the middle o'.
the wejeic; They are making thu
trip by motor, having left last
month. i -;.
t Interesting word received from
Mr. and ; Mrs. II. C. Miles, sent
their fourth day on the water, wa?
received; by Mr. and Mrs. C. . A.
Kells late in the week.; Mr. and
Mrs. Miles are accompanied by
their daughter. Miss Eva Miles,
who is a delegate to the interna
tional London Frjends . conference ;
in . England. This ; same confer
ence was attended by Mrs. Kells
four years ago. In New York th j
Miles were joined by, their daugh
ter, Mrs.. Lyra Dann, and herJiusp
band. The .party, planning to
spend three months abroad, land
ed at Cherbourg on Friday morn
ingj Passage, was : taken on
"Olympic," Mr. Miles writing pa
ticularly of the crowded conditio)
of the boat. - 4
While the Miles family will visit
in various European parts proba
bly "as interesting a visit as any
will be that in Ireland when they
will go to the former home of
Mrs. Kells.
Judge' and Mrs. Henry J. Bean
are spending the week-end at
Newport. '
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Edwin Socolofsky, born (on
June 23, has received the name of
Sonia Marie. Mr." and Mrs. Socol
ofsky were very popular as stud
ents at Willamette university." Mr.
Socolofsky Is. a graduate of the
class of 1921. Mra. Socolofsky
before her marriage, t was Miss
Veona Belle Williams. X
Mrs. Robert R. Board man ten
tertained at two of the week's
most charming luncheons on Wed
nesday and 'fnnrsday. Nasturlams
and gladlolii formed colorful cen
terpieces, v Covers at each lunch
eon were placed for eight with
the guests of honor each time the
motherland sister of Mrs. Bord
man, Mrs. T. S. Bovell . and ; liss
Mabel E. Bovell. of Burlington,
Iowa, j The afternoons: were de
lightfully occupied with conversa
tion relating to Miss Bovell'a (mis
sionary experiences In China, Miss
Bovell ianding in Seattle a rapnth
ago on her first furlough, -JMre.
Bovell has ,been a guest of
Boardman 1 for the -past
months. Mrs. . Bovell: and
Bovell j plan to leave for
home In Iowa the middle of July.
;' .;i . -;r..- ' . .
The' Yomarco class will
their picnic on Tuesday at the E.
B. Millard home at 2011 D street.
Mrs. rtawley, MrsJ ,White,
Mrs. Illckerson are In charge.
ThoJmn will- join the club for
picnic dinner.
IMrs. iH. N. Aldrich Of Portland
ia the bouse guest of her sister,
Mrs. Cj J. Bright. 3irr and Mrs.
Aldrichi came to Salem S for! the
wedding of their niece. Miss Ber
nlce Bright, one of the most at
tractive of all the June brides, to
Mr. Rkibard Slater, the son of Irs.
Josie Stewart, a week .ago. yester
day, the bride's uncle, Mr. Aldrich.
giving her , away. ? ;- Mrs. ; Aldrich
and two daughters, Helen ;jaaid
Lola, remained for a week's visit.
; r . j x . : (;
i Mr, and. Mrs. Herbert Hauser
and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith
have chosen . Newport for their
beach vacation.
i- . ..
Newport hag attracted a number
of Salem people for .the .week-end.
Among those going from here are
Mr. and Mrs. Karl U. Anderson
and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lain
son. - i 1
Officers for the Jason Lee Ladies
Aid society .were elected Wednes
day as -follows;. President,. Mrs.
L. H. .Roberts; vice president, Mrs.
Emma E. RoberU; secretary, Mrs
Bert Waller, mn& treasurer, Mr
Miss Ruth Fuson and Miss jriol
die Gibson returned the last of the
week from a; motor (rip to Cali
fornia, Crater Lake, Klamath Falls
and other southern points.
' . ' .;'
i . Mrg James Teed has as her in
foresting house guest during the
rm of the film "The Chethahcos"
at the Grand theater Miss Glady.H
Johnston, the . star jand heroine
appearing in person in the picture.
Miss Johnston and Mrs. Teed were
girlhood chums, both being very
musical. ' 1 ! 1; i
. . :. ,r . ! . j
it Mr. and Mrs. Francis Newberry,
after.'aj large number or farewell
cpmpliments on the part of their
many friends who are sorry to
have; them go will leave thin morn
ing for Santa Rosa, Cal. Mrs. B.
p. Darby will take them. -by motor
as far as Grenada. . i
i ; i Mr. and Mrs. William - Brown,
accompanied by their small grand
sons Chandler and j Werner, left
yesterday morning for Seal Rocks
where they will occupy their love
ly summer home.
, A group spending the Fourth of
July, at Neskowin included: Mr.
and ; Mrs. C.' T. Mclntlre, Mrs,
Grace . Thompson and daughter.
Fay Louiee, Mrs. Hapry Rowe and
daughter, Kathyrn; jMrs, Alsa N.
David and two daughters, Jean
Frances and Ann Joyce of Atlanta,
Qeorgla; and Floyd Mclntlre. Mr.
Mclntlre joined the! group from
Portland. - .
i ! .
, Mr. and Mrs, and-; Mrs, E. B.
Daughterty aqd .family .are spend
ing the, week-end at the coast. Mr.
Daughterty is superintendent of
mails at the local post office., .
. . '
Mr. and Mrs." S. B. Gillette and
MrsJ J. A. Bishop plan to return
tomorrow from" thejr" beach-vaca
tion at Newport. (
Dr.' and Mrs. Frank E. Brown
are expected to arrive home. to
morrow from a tenLday ncrthern
tripi.t j. - ' 'j: ''.' -y, - '' .:
'' v- J' K'-'' ' r:''l a.'' !-
With the Ladies Aid of the
First .Evangelical church meeting
so close to the Fourth of. July
holidays,; the meeting on Wednes
day 'at the, church was attended
by. only a small group., The time
was spent with quilting. The so
ciety .will continual -its meetings
throughout the summer, meeting
again on the first Wednesday in
Mrs. C. J. Bright has taken a
summer. apartment at 1444 Center
street. Her many friends wiH be
glad to find her at the H. C: Wyatt
address'. .. ;? ' I -,-
Dr. and ., Mrs. William H. Lytle
are ; Newport guests at the R. M.
Hofer cottage' for the-week-end.'
-j !;';;;-' ; -: y
Hri and -MrB. Mason Bishop and
Mr. , and iMrs. Clifford Elgin are
spending the day atjCascadia. They
motored np yesterday afternoon.
. . :t-!.,...f 'v.'.:-':.. .-C
A , large group of local people
attended the ; Presbyterian Fourth
of July ipicnic" Friday in Albany,
motoring: down for the day. Among
those, participating; in the varied
affairs of the. occasion were Rev.
and Mrs. Ward WlUUs Long and
little daughter Lois! Evangeline;
Mr.! and Mrs. C. A. Kells and fam
ily, Mrs. R. M. T. Hester and son,
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Adams and fam
ily,! Or, and Mrs. Altman, Mr. and
Mrai p. P. Bishop, bean and Mrs.
George H. Alden, Mrs. Hogg. Miss
Hogg; Mr. and Mrsi Filslnger and
family, Jred Erlxon, Dr. and. Mrs.
F. -G. Franklin and Howard Zin
seri Vs' ; - :.. ; -i-. ' '. V '
;i:'. j.1;: ;'-v.; ".i.V
.The July -picnic' of the Salem
OAC club will be held at the Geo.
Weeks landing on the evening of
Thursday., July 10. Everyone is
asked to come ready for .swim
ming; ' " I
Mrs. Florence Hawes of' Marsh?
field; who has been a house guest
at the H. H. Vandevort home the
past week, will return -to her home
tomorrow. I Mrs..
Hawes was
of the Flinch
among the guests
club, the members' of which en
Cocmtess Sued by Two Husbands at Same Time;
, ITYeaV Old Girl Is
t Countess Maxlne von Vlardigan
and - Mr. Hflenl Hamburi? are
providing .unusual caae. for lh
Ztrott ourtm. TJm oauntesa (at
rihO..,marrld- ur times, l to
g sued by. two of hr .huabaads'
Xer- diwrce. each chaj-stng pi&naxy.
Zlrmt ambors fat;t't obtained.
a drvorcs . from her ' flnt huabfcnd.
i-- xi t 4 lt
III " ' sw . i I KJ"- I ;
V- "' -I ''
" -- i -- m JLfl ; 'wsemtm.'mtK '
- '-Mriirtfii-ii;iih-iiT-Jtf-'l-tliirr',''riiwiii Vrr iiriiftiaiiii'niiiMmriirfiirriiiT-riiTitrtt
Joyed the Fourth of Jq.Iy at Tay
lor's grove.
IT .
. J ' ' .
Mr. I and rs. Harry Xliles and
son Richard, and Mr. and Mrs.. F.
Dawsofi from Hoquiam, Wash.,
were fourth of July guests .of
friend. in Salem. I i
; , , ;-J"... v - r S-
Mrs E. Worraly of Chio, Cal.,
arrive last night to; be the house
guest :of -Mrs F.- P. Talklngton.
394 North Church slreet.1 i
: ' t, , J . -; - : -: : : -:S ,"',
Mrs Ada' Strong. Mrs.! George
F. Rodgers, Mrs. William Boot and
Mrs. Joseph Baumgartner have
been spending the Fourthsof July
week-end in camp at Taylor's
grove, i a Love Mehama. .
. Mlsa Margaret Alden and. Miss
Bruce fPutnam arrived home yes
terday! from a delightful week at
the beach, Miss Alden going as
the guest of Miss Putnam, -i "
;. - , I ;.!:.!; i"
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry W.- Meyers
are expected home from j Seattle
Thursday of this week. ,i .!-
I '- ! :
Mr. and Mrs. L. IL Suter and
Mr. arid Mrs. E. M. Palmer will
leave Tuesday for the middle west
ern states. Mr. and 'Mrs. Suter
will make tb? .extended trip by"
inotor,stopping In Montana brief
ly andjvisiting later at the home
of Mrs. Snter's .sister in North' Da
kota. ; fThey are also anticipating
a. visits to Tellowstone : national
park, .arriving hack in Salem in
September. While Mrs. ' Palmer
with tie children will drive, j Mr.
Palmer? will accompany his car of
stock to the new Montana .ranch,
of whih he has recently become
owner.I -
v Among the out of town guests
fprthef Fourth of .July peason were
Mrs. A B. Setteriand and daughter
of Matiton, Wash., who visited at
the home of Mrs. Setterland's
mother, Mrs. G. G. Green.
I . - ;, ;, ;
The I Woman's Foreign and the :
Womb's Home Missionary . socie
ties of the First Methodist church
will meet together on' Wednesday
afternoon on the lawn at the home
of Mrs. M. C.;Findley, 225 North
Twentieth street.
j: j.. i. . ... :
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parmen
ter and Mr. a.nd Mrs. Mark ,S. Skiff
Srw spent the Fourth at Cascadia,
motoring up for the day. 1
- , ,;--;;;,. :.!;. ;.I:eJ- h'i :'.;:
, Judge and Mrs. John I. Rand
wereguests in Portland yesterday
for the wedding of Miss Joan
Hyde, to Robert .Hinenxan of Se
attle, the ceremony taking place
at the home of Mrs. William Li cht
ner. The . bride, the attractive
daughter of Judge . Charles Hyde
of Baker, Or., is a niece of Judge
and Mrs. Rand. i ; !
: ;f V:-.-. !;S I '
Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Kozer, ac
companied by Carl Gabrielson, will
leajre tomorrow for Salt Lake City.
The return trip will be made
through California. ! i 1
y 'y. ' i -
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hopson have
as their, guest their daughter. Miss
Zella ilopson. : Miss Ilopson is an
instructor In the Seattle jpuhlic
schools. i :. "
The June 20 Issuejof the Ore
gon Magazine, Salem's distinctive
publication edited by Murray
Wade., features a number X)f Sa
lem authors including Albert Rich
ard Wetjen. Rnth Mae Lawrence
and Marjorie Mellinger.
Mr. Wetjen is interestingly writ
ten of in a column "Of and About
Oregon Writera", his 1 picture in
characteristic pose appearing with
the article."',. Something is told of
the remarkable success this young
author, who, born .In London in
1900, has achieved in the field of
commercial fiction writing..!
. A review of Mary Carolyn Da-
vies new book, "The Skyline
Trail," by Mr. Wetjen, is Included
In this issue of the Oregon Maga
zine, f , -j ;' i . T .
, A quatrain, '. by Edna Garfield,
called i 'ChlW.-Voioes,, emphasizes
in this number a pretty sentiment.
Articles hy both Miss Marjorie
Mellinger and Miss Ruth Mae Law
rence are antlcipatedj for later
issues. Miss Mellinger, whose
specialty Is the Indian; folk legend,
.will diverge a little for the com-
Seeldng Her Second Divorce
Louis von! Hofman. some time ago.
declaring ( that she . realised. they
were both too young tobe marriel
and -charging nao-pport. x
was but fiJaen SVfmonhs ago
he married Joba.liaibbiu-s., . -dja
her present cutt ba ,ciuu-gea aX?
artloa and non-support.
.... i . ;
Special Sunday Dinner $1.00
Service from 12 p. m. to 8 p. m. ?
Fresh, Shrimp Cocktail :
Chicken Prlntannere
York Cut Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Baked Individual
Fried Half Spring Chicken with Country Gravy
Baked Young Chicken with Celery Dressing
Prime Ribs of Beef au Jus
-: - j - I ' ' - '
- !: Creamed New Potatoes
Pineapple Salad with Whipped Cream ;
, Choice of
Pie, Cake, PnddingJ
Coffee. !
log year and write for the Oregon
Magazine along the line of -Indian
research Miss 'Lawrence, a: suc
cessful contributor fo a 'grbup of
the eastern sports magazines, will
write during the year success stor
ies concerning different growers in
the valley. ? ,
- The pictoral beauty of Mrs. W.
P. Lord's inspirational garden at
796 Sooth High : street, is repro
duced In . an effective .manner in
the July number of "House and
Garden." with an -entire page given
to photographa of various sections
of the grounds. The page is
headed. with the words "Two Sea
sons Jn a Western Garden;" and
the sub-title,! "The Garden of Mrs.
William P. Lord." 1 -
Many Salem friends remember
the .garde with distinct pleasure
as it appeared late in June when
both Mrs. Lord and Miss lord
graciously conducted all who
called about the lovely grounds.
Bricks Brought Bishbfi ...
Jnto Prohibition Fold
LONDON,' July . AP.)
Brickbats! were the chief cause or
the conversion to teetotajlism of
the Bishop of London, this pre
late said recently at a public gath
ering. j" j
"I was led to become a teetotal
ler in a fit of youthful enthusiasm
4 0 years ; ago,' the J bishop de
clared, 'because 'J saw brickbats
being hurled at women trying to
hold, a temperance meeting in a
town I will not name. .When l
taw that these devoted people had
the whole of the publicans in the
place; heaving bricks at them, I
said to myself that a cause that
wanted backing up "with brickbats
was not the; cause for me.' I have
been a teetotaller ever since," and
I am glad of it." -I -I ..
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