The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 06, 1924, Page 10, Image 10

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at leaders'. Jiowever, are ) being
backed as dark horses, and among
them are Carlos Manuel de Cea
pedea, secretary of state; Gover
nor j Alberto Barrearas, of Ha
vana province, and Governor Ro
berto Mendez Panate of Pinar
He Will Spend Some Time in
Making a Special Study
of Packard Car
.A. J. Feilen Is going to be with
the MacDonaid Auto company
here,' at 560 Perry street, in
charge of the 6ervice department.
Mr. Feilen has had many years
of experience In the automobile
business.' ' He was field mechanic
for Vick, BrosJ on Fordson' tractors
when they had that agency two or
three years ago.' ,
He will spend two or three
weeks in the serrice department
jot the Packard people at Portland,
making a special study of Pack
ard 'cars -and he will know erery
single thing that goes Into such
cars, and what they are all for.
Motors Breed Class
Jealousy Says Sumner
(By Mall)
LONDON. June 17. In the
nnininn nf Lord Sumner the safe-
ty rator and artificial silk are two
. of the most striking inyentions of
the present ' day. Speaking at a
ISflence Guild dinner. Lord
".The safety razor has exposed
the face of man and artifical silk
" has revealed the legs of women,
Of the motorcar, I doubt If any in
Tentlon has done more to sow, to
water, and to ripen a feeling .of
t Jealousy between classes."
Kozer Shows Proceeds of
State Tax on Gasoline
The state tax on gasoline and
distillate collected on sales made
during the month of May, 1924,
r amounted to $238,768.38. ac
cording to a statement compiled
by Secretary of State Sam A.
Taxes were remitted on 7.679,
024 gallons of gasoline and 335,
904 gallons of distillate. Of the
total collected the sum of $78,
469.78 resulted from the opera
tion of the original law imposing
a tax of 1 cent per gallon on gas
oline and cent per gallon on
distillate, while $160,298.60 was
returned under! the additional tax
law providing for a uniform rate
of 2 cents per gallon on all kinds
of motor vehicle fuels. .
L ; The May; sales' . of gasoline
represent an Increase of approximately-15
per cent over the sales
made daring' the preceding month,
i3 til late sales having . declined
: about $5 per cent. . : ?j
To date the motor vehicle fuels
' tai measures' have brought to the
'This is a Public Market
therefore appraisals on
all automobiles are FREE
.;- - ! f. - '' i
This is , a service estab
' lished by this market to
stabilize priceson used cars.
If some one approaches you,
about buyinga used. car It is
probably because the owner
won't accept our price and
wants too much for his ma
chine. Bring it to us and
we will tell : you Its true
value, and remember there
Is no charge for this serv
ice. 1921Stude. Light Six
; Touring ...,...$695
1920 Cher. Baby Grand
Sedan' ..400
1923 Overland Touring,
5000 miles .u. ,450
1923 Dodge Coupe . . . 885
1920Stude. Sedan .... 895
1922 Overland Tour... 340
Nm hrtitaU to bar
uiod cr when inch
models wo offer ore
Tollable. Via kro oomo
extraordinary , bargains
that yott should inspect
immediately. . i
855 X. Chorea
t Phono 885
A gyratory crusher- used in the
of stone us they come from the quarry
like this. .
state treasury ! the total sum of
5,951,570.50. j
Of the amount; collected under
the law of 1921 there has been re
turned up to June 30, 1924, the
sum of $158,527.94 to operators
of . farm tractors, motor boats.
commercial cleaning establish
ments, etc., pursuant to that pro
vision authorizing refunds of
taxes on such motor vehicle fuels
as are used i for purposes ; other
than in the operation of motor ve
hicles upon the public highways.
Motor vehicle fuels taxes are
credited to the state highway fund,
becoming available : for expendi
ture in the construction and
maintenance of Btate highways. ;
'Pay As You are Paid"
Jewelersi Known All Uver
Coast, j To Open :
Burnett Brothers- "Pay as You
Are Paid" "Jewelers will shortly
open their sixth store In the City
of Salem. Under the terms of a
ten year lease signed recently with
the owner of the Klinger block in
State street the, store formerly oc
cupied by the Electric bakery will
be ' remodelled and transformed
into a veritable' palace; of dia
monds. !
"We were attracted to Salem.
said Mr. Burnett, 'by the beauty
and the stability of your city. We
believe that the town1 will grow
and that added , industries will
greatly enhance its prosperity. We
feel that there: is ample room for
us to be of service to the people
of the Willamette valley and We
have no doubt' that' the : business
will be highly successful from the
opening day. (Atf? least we shall
endeavor to deserve to be!" ,
The Burnett; Brothers -eight in
number a r e i n o w operating
stores in San Francisco, Portland.
Seattle, Chehalis, Tacoma and
KVerett. The volume of business
done is considerably over a mil
lion a year and is one . of the
largest in volume' in - the United
States If not in the world.- The
policy of the concern wa3 recently
changed a broad and liberal
credit : policy i being lnagurated.
Just as people buy motors, houses
and books on easy monthly pay
ments so now one may buy dia
monds and watches and silver, and
as a consequence people who have
always wanted to have the lux
uries are now enabled to get them
and to pay for them in a way that
makes no great inroads on the
weekly or the monthly pay chack
The opening of the Burnett
jewelry store in thia city will be
celebrated in royal fashion and in
a memorable way. Full details of
the event will be printed in. this
newspaper. ' The remodelling of
the old bakery is how in progress
and fixtures and equipment cost
ing approximately ten i thousand
dolars are in the making. ; -
"We want the Salem store to be
one of the most attractive in thisup to be a boy.
Big Volume Does It!
. ! a. !." VIF'll t ' .1 : 1
3ii tnai
Soy Uttk Amsoror
Tm OMl
You e1 buy a Willard
! """" Battery a low as $
Automobile Kletftrical Work
; : of All
531 Court St.
rpment mills. The huge pJece
are first crushed in a machine
city of fine stores,' and we shall
spate no expense to make it an
institution i of which everybody
may well be proud", said Mr.
Burnett yesterday, j It is expected
tha the opening will be ani
nounced in about two weeks. '
Two'; Per! Cent Dividend Just
Announced By Ricken-:
backer Motor Co.
Rickenbacker Motor -company
announces another quarterly di
vidend of 2 per cent. This is
forj the second quarter of 1924, Is
payable uly 15th to all share
holders of record as of June 30th.
f This is the seventh dividend
paid from earnings by this young
concern, me loiai ; 10 a ate ana in
cluding this onej being 17 per
cent. .' '!.'' - '.' ' -U.
,The executives are optimistic
regarding the outlook and confi
dently expect a pronounced revival
of business in f the Immediate f u-
turK :! ;! i ' n-
ln fact", says Mr. Everltt, "our
demand kept up long after other
makers began to feel the slump
that set in in April.
Stil more remarkable is the
fact that, o Pall lines Of- business
thi automobile industry seems to
be least affected by these tempor
ary depressions. :,
f'Just as soon as commerce gen
erally picks up rbuildlng opera
tions resumes and general mer
chandise ' begins to move the
result is quickly reflected In de
mand for motor cars.
yWe look for a splendid sum
mer and fall business and are mak
ing greater plans than ever for
i?5." ; ; :
Indian Who Had Historic
I 1 Mission in Alaska Dies
tOUJLAS, Alaska, June 11.
(Mail.) Dick Morgan, an Indian
who -died recently, was a historic
character of Alaska, it was re
called by the Rev. A. P. Kashevar
of i, of Juneau. - ' . ; -
if organ, whom the United
States naval authorities had em
ployed as a policeman nearly 50
years ago, was sent with a mes
sage! from Captain L. A. Beerdslee
to! settle differences that I had
arisen between the Kockwontahn
and Ganaadi tribes north of Sitka.
Morgan informed the chiefs of the
warring factions that they were to
prjeserve order and to permltjthe
white men to go through the
Yukon passes. ! t:
: Morgan returned February 12,
1880, with word to Captain
Beerdslee that the! Indian factions
woud renHrtn peaceful, and that the
white men could enter the country
without fear. - As a result of this
parley the Chilkat country was
opened to miners.!
I A boy usually: grows up to be
a man while a man usually grows
wiuaraute largest
battery maker can pro-
Try- uiv lunvab: jiiibcu
reliable j battery on the
market today? j
Phone 198
Political Activity! Due to Pres-
. dential Year, Is Not
I Felt-
"Desnitft the fact ihut thU h
presidential year, reports -from
Gardner dealers and distributors
throughout the country indicate1 a
continued brisk demand for cars,"
says Russell E. Gardner, Jr., pres
ident of The Gardner Motor co..
Inc., of -St. Louis. ;
"Today, the average person is
fully awake toHhe fact that life is
Just as sweet in a presidential year
as any others Freed from chronic
pessimism' that formerly was pre
valent on the eve of the selection
of a new national leader, he .is no
longer content with a mere exis
tence, with food and shelter ajone.
lie welcomes the automobile ;aa a
means of transportation tot the
open country, for short huf ting
and fishing trips on which he can
take his family or a few congenial
friends and as the vehicle which
brings hfa wife freedom from the
four walls of a house.
5 "As far - as Gardner is con
cerned, we are working on full
schedule trying to keep pace' with
the demand that this attitude on
the parj of the car-buying public
has creaked. Though our produc
tion schedule for 1924 is the
largest .in ,our history, we have
been pushed to the limit to keep
up with the orders Gardner deal
ers in all sections of the country
are sending in. We look' for a
further acceleration In sales dur
ing July; August and September."
HAVANA, ; June 22 Cuba's
national political f conventions to
rominate presidential candidates
will be held later than ever this
year, for while they usually are
over befortf May 1, Indications
now are that the first one will
not meet until some time -in July.
A president, vice-president and
half of Congress are to be elected
November 1. '
-r President ', Alfredo Zayas was
elected In 1920 by a combination
of the! Conservative, party with
his popular party, and, interest to
day centers ; largely in whether
he will seek : re-election and who
will be the candidate of the Lib
eral party, normally the strongest
one. President Zayas has repeat
edly stated that he will seek re
election only, if drafted, but if
newspapers' of various shades of
political belief are to be credited,
opposition to re-election never was
so strong throughout the island.
General Gerardo Machado.'ia.
yer, is shown by the provincial
conventions to be the outstanding
candidate for the Liberal nomi
nation.; Half a dozen other Liber-
No "Chewing Up
: C-T-C Cords
If you've ever driven over tirc
eating crushed rock and moun
tain roads, you will doubly appre
ciate the ' especially toughened
tread on these great over-size
C-T-G hand-built low inflation
cords. : .; " . '
C-T-Cs were designed by some of the
oldest and best-known tire experts in
America to particularly withstand the
more severe motoring conditions of
the West ,"; . . - :.
Better materials are used throughout;
the sidewalU and carcass are heavier
and; stronger; the output is limited .
Eurposely to Insure more perfect i,
and-workmansbip and more rigid in- ;
spection. The result is better i all ;
round tire satisfaction. , :
TVn la aJo C-T-C ka4-ont BoJ
Iom tiro for oztroM lov laIatioa.'
wkkk fUa mmj HnoiN vbool mm timu
C-T-C ToJooo mU mimmf
' tolen Automobile Co.
Valley Motor Co.
Ira Jorjcenson
Vick Bros.
Colombia Tire Corporation
1 Factory Branch, 477 Court St
' Marion Automobile Co.
del Rio.
The fight in -the
Liberal party
seems to be delaying its national
convention and the! other parties
are waiting on it; j
Little activity has been shown
publicly for any one in the Con
servative party, whose outstand
ing leader is former ; President
Mario G. Menocal, the man who
was largely instrumental, in mak
ing Zayas president. ' Friends of
General Menocal. have, mentioned
his name from timfe to time, but
thus far no "real icampaign has
been waged in .hia behalf. Santi
ago: Verdeja, representative In
congress from' Matanzas, has had
some backing for the Conservative
nomination, .'ind has announced
that he was receptive, but General
Menocal has not made his posi
tion plain. r---""i I .'""" '.".'.'
The Popular .party leaders have
announced that Zayas is the only
man their party will consider as
Its candidate, and; are known to
bo working for reconstruction of
the ! "Liga Naclonal" as the Con
seryative-Popular Combination of
.1920 was called.
Blackfoot Indians to Have
Bible Printed in Own Lingo
SASKATOON, Sask.. July 5.t
Blackfoot Indians' in Canada will
have the first Bible ever written
in their, language, in fact the first
book - of any .kind, when Canpn
H. V. G. Stocken, for many years
missionary : to the - tribe In the
Canadian ' prairies, completes the
work at his home in Victoria, B.C.
Canon Stocken is printing the
Blackfoot Scriptures on a small
press built for the; purpose. He
originated the language charac
ters, which are syllabic and resem
ble i shorthand. He startedwith
72 characters, but hasr reduced
them 'to 40. They are so easy to
master that some members of the
tribe ' learned to write in a few
evenings. These Indians soon be
gan to write letterai to each other
and to Canon Stocken. Silas Wolf
Collar, an old brave, helped the
missionary in his task.
Germans Should Learn
How to Oil Motor Cars
BERLIN. June 19. (Mail.)
Airplane pilots flying over, Berlin
have so often called attention to
the fact that the German metropo
lis Is screened from view by a
cloud of soot, that the newspapers
of the capital are taking up a
campaign torrid the city of the
smoke nuisance. f
t One of the chief contributors
to the clouds of .smoke 19 the Ger
man i automobile, it M plaimed.
Auto science is not the property
of large masses of people as j in
America, and only a few even of
the chauffeurs know how to pil
their machines'. Then, too, they
use an inferior gasoline. The re
sult is a pestiferous emission from
the exhaust pipes. .1
if" I 'J
m m s
1 1 1 i i m
iaooot uj cmmm. I I vj I i US I'll! F
A b-
A ;lr Ia AND
KeMy -
I'.'. : ' " : : I '-' '
; ' " 1 - : i
Marion Autom
Son SuonooDonec?
You can, literally, get "recreation be
Mmade overM again, when your physical
6elf is! rested, your energy and; your
strength conserved by the use of this
Ford Runabout. ' - '
Simplicity and good taste are embodied
in the j lines and appointments of this
popular car. Uninterrupted use is in
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Ford service, j Better get your :
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