The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 20, 1924, Page 5, Image 5

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. . lllrths Are Renoriwl .
Lewis Warner, Jr., la tho name
given to a baby boy born to Mr.
and Mrs. L. W. Hampton, . who
'live about five miles north of Sa
lem, on June J. 7. Dorothy is the
name of a daughter born to Mr.
and Mrs. Reuben" E.': Becker, liv-
" tag-east of the city, on June 15.
' Other births reported were Anna-
- belle Lee, to Mr. and Mrs. Anion
Tooley, five miles south of Salem,
on June 10, and William, to Mr.
and Mrs Thomas J. McKnight of
Brooks, on June 10.
Thri Elk Temple ,
Bonds will be ready for delivery
to subscribers at the Salem banks
Saturday, June 21. After that
date accrued interest will be
charged. J21
Get Marriage license ;
Two marriage licenses were
Issued from the county clerk's of
fice Thursday, to Harry William
Kroner, a papermaker, and Gladys
Deolson,, a student, both living at
140 Myers street, and to Harry
Holroyd. postoff ice clerk' at Cor
vallis and Mildred Wright, a music
teacher living on route 3.
Leave' for.Trlp- ? 'TV "
Mr. and Mrs. C N. Needham of
the Salem chickeries, have closed
.their baby chick shipping business
for tho season and this morning
left for a business and ' pleasure
teur of western Washington in
"theiFautbmbbile." They will go as
, far north as Vancouver and Vic
toria, B. C. ' ' ' ' "
Specia Sale .
' Ob alt stamped goods at the
Elite this week, 329 Oregon bldg.
Reckless Driving Charged
... On a charge of reckless driving
C.,Chikos was fined $25 In the
justice court .Thursday. He was
arrested by State Traffic Officer
Tools Arc Stole:
Some tools and the - padlock
from his garage were stolen some
time. Wednesday .night, according
to a report : made to the police
yesterday by J.. F. Latham, 532
North. Church. '.. . ;
Bicycle Rider Hit
Though" he was struck by an
automobile while riding his bicy
cle, at Liberty and Center, VIctor
Carlson was not injured, according
to a report made at the police
station by. Mary-E,,- Warner of
route 5.. , , V' ' : '.
Quitting Basinets ' ' . :
has applied to the "public 'service
.commission for authority to aban
don the utility.. -
Thl Elks Temple - . t ' ;
- Bonds will "be ready for delivery
to subscribers at the Salem, banks
Saturday, June 21. After that
, dale, accrued: Interest . will be
-charged. ' , . .' '"; y-" V J21
'Appraisers Are Named - ;
HenryMall, Milo Kelsey arid
- - John Alguire of Woodburn ;have
'.been named appraisers of the es
. tale of Elizabeth Wiggin by Judge
. W; H. -Downing. Charles H. Wig
s . gin Is administrator of the estate
.Want $ 180OLoan J.J , V . v
on city property. Socolofsky, 970.
Traffic Report In--, '
-VA' total of 2060 accidents-were
reported by traffic, of fleers, of the
-.State for the month of 'May. ae
cording to the monthly report of
-.T'A. Raffety," chief sta?ei traffic
Inspector, ' to Secretary of State
, Kozer. , The amount of delinquent
' "4 ., , Hi , .
. ' MRS. JIOTEIt ;
147 N. Com'L Room 0.
Phcne 511' : M
411 Oregon Bldg.- Pbona 457
The Seary BcH Insurance
Agency . "
General Insuraiiea - : "
Just Returned
from the Electronic Convention
U Kansaa City and have in
stalled the latest equipment for
the diagnosis and treatment of
disease (Dr. Abrams' method).
' Dr. B. If. White
BOO IT. S. Bank Bldg.
! Salem, Oregon
Established 18C3
General Prj Buzzazzs
Cttlzs Uz73 frcn
fees which ' members of the de
partment causod to be mailed In
covering operators licenses, chauf
feurs' licenses, transfers and dupli
cate license plates was $5390.75,
and fines imposed, by courts
brought in $4182, making a total
of $9572.75. ; .-
Bonds Are; Bought
State Treasurer Myers yester
day invested $34,500 of the funds
of the state soldier bonus depart
ment in bonds. The following in
vestments j were made:, $20,000
Klamath county bonds", to bear
4.90 per cents $22,000 pal em
school district bonds. 4.66; $5,000
Morrow county bonds. 4.90; $2,
500 St. Helens water bonds. 5.25;
$5,000 Oregon highway, 4.50.
Building Permit Issued - r
One building permit was Issued
by the . city recorder Thursday.
This was to E. R. Scott jfor a
small dwelling at 2495 Lee street,
to cost $300. . ,i
Woman Seeks Divorce "
Cruel and : Inhuman treatment
is charged; in a divorce complaint
filed in circuit court Thursday by
Uucinda Horn against Gottfreid
Horn. , The couple were married
June 1, 1920. in Portland and
each have children by a former
marriage whom are' now self-supporting.
Mrs. Horn alleges that
she filed for a divorce last No
vember, but after her husband
had promised to treat her better.
had left for California where they
planned to spend the winter. She
could not stand the treatment ac
corded her and returned to Salem
to file the complaint, she declares.
Padrkk Duo Today-
Deputy Sheriff Sam Burkhart
is expected to arrive In Salem to
day with George Pad rick, who is
wanted here for obtaining money
under- false pretenses. Padrick
victimized local merchants to the
extent of several hundred dollars.
He was arrested Jn San Francisco.
The Finch Shop
? Hats regularly priced from $10
up on sale at $5. These hats are
below. actual cost and represent
wonderful values. 115 High St.
' : a V J22
Takes Crowder's Place
- H. S. Poisal, an old time Salem
resident. Is now information and
publicity man at the Salem auto
camp grounds. He takes the place
of Rev.' H. S. Crowder, who came
to Salem several months ago, but
resigned the place to accept a call
from Wyoming. Mr. Poisal bas
been engaged - in business and
farming her for many years and
will'be alKi "tdglve flrst-hind'ln-formation-
upon all points of in
terest and ' conditions 'throughout
Marion county.
Mlnnesotans to Picnic -
Have you ' lived In Minnesota?
You are asked to attend a brief
meeting of Minnesotans to beheld
at the building usually,, Occupied
by the Christian church at the
fairgrounds:. Saturday; June 21,
Immediately fter the . Sunday
school picnic .dinner, to .arrange!
for the annua; Minncsoja .picnic,
Mklseason Clearance--- V . I
Sale of Millinery at the French
Shop, lla High St. ' J22
Mrs. Lord , Restlnic Easy
The condition , of , Mrs. W. P.
Lord, l who .submitted to a major
bpWrati&iI.6n Wednesday, was fav
orable late last-night. She was
resting easy. But her nurse re
ported that she could ; not see
.visitors for a week. - She Is at the
Salem hospital.
Maior Dusenbury Graduates-
James ' Dusenbury, who . was a
resident of this city for four years
and on duty with the national
euard and who left last October to
attend school t Fortress Monroe.
writes Salem, frienda thai he has
Cars for hire without drlv
PHONE 2020
Day and Night Service
i Popular Priced
Tailored Suits $23 to $43
Men's and Younfr Bfens
t - r
rromotes Good-Healtli ;
Cottage Cheese
One-Third Cream
U. E. RIDEOUT, Proprietor
10 s. m. lo 3 p. eL
Just graduated from the advanced
class of the United States coast ar
tillery school and received his B.S.
diploma from the University of
South Carolina. Major Dusenbury
is now on his way to Fort Casey,
Wash., to camp with the Oregon
national guard coast artillery. He
will no doubt be seen in Salem
soon. .
Dance, DuBois' Dance L
Derby hall every Saturday. J20
Odd Fellows Celebrate
Odd Fellows of Linn. Benton
and Marion counties will hold a
big tri-county celebration at San
tiam park, Jefferson, on vJuly
Fourth. It Is expected that many
hundreds of Odd Fellows, families
and friends will be present to par
ticipate Jn the festivities of the
day. The committee on arrange
ments, consisting of representa
tives from each county, f has out
lined an interesting , program of
music, addresses and features. A
big parade will be staged in the
morning. The committee in charge
is desirous that every Odd Fellow
In this section regardless of where
he holds membership, will bring
his family and spend the day at
the picnic. . t
C. E. Ingalls, editor of the Cor-
vallis Gazette-Times, was in the
city yesterday shaking hands with
the old familiar faces. - .
,C. Burleson of McMinnville .was
a Rotarian guest at the weekly
luncheon of the Salem Rotary club
Wednesday. , -. V '
Mayor Percy A. Yoong of Al
bany was a business visitor in the
city yesterday and aguest of the
Rotary club at the regular lunch
con." : " " ' !"
Guy O. Smith, local attorney.
spent Thursday in Portland ; on
business. ;
Mrs. Mary L. Fulkerson. county
school superintendent, was called-
to Monmouth yesterday to attend
the funeral services of a relative
of the family.1 . s
More School Districts :
Fife Annual Reports
Additional reports of the annual
school board meetings in the coun
ty have been filed with the county
school superintendent's office, as
follows: . 1 v" ' i
Arbor. GrOve Rose If. Yergen,
chairman; John "Bbrhorst, retir
ing: A. H. Rehm, director: Frank
G. Kuensting re-elected clerk.
Evergreen F;' D.KnIght chair
man ;01e Overluund.' tetlring and
director; Ella J. 'Knight, clerk.
re-elected. ' " '' ! ' i
Manning C. A. Hoover, chair
man ; R. G. McKay, ratiring. and
director; : -Ward . Manning, clerk;
L. A. JonesJ retiring. j ;
Oak Grove--Ai W. King, chair
man; F. I. Carter, retiring and di
rector; Joseph A. Robel, re-elected
clerk, y : ' ; , -
i; Fairfield E.; B.- Smith, chair
man;-: John Imlah retiring; F. W.
Manning, director; F.- Ralph Du
Rette, re-elected clerk; ; -
Silver Cliff J. H. Brewer chair
man; H. J. Eggleston retiring; K.
R. Warnock director; Est elle Mul
key, re-elected clerk. :
Pratum A. L. Bowen, chair
man; A. W. Powell, retiring: Geo.
Kleen, director; Claud Ramsden
re-elected clerk. C - ,-
Grassy Pond W.&Pfaf finger.
chairman; W. H. Bonney, retiring;
J. W. Richmond, director; Mrs.
Claud Norton, re-elected clerk. .
- St. Louis Joseph Rubens.
chairman; John F. Manning, re
tiring and director; Marie Fersch
weiler, re-elected clerk. -
Harmony G. O. White, chair
man; Henry Annen, retiring and
directior; . Volna J. White, re
elected clerk.1 - V
Scotta Mills C. J. Thomas,
chairman; ,G. P., Geiger, retiring;
Ellis Nicholson director; Walter
Geren, re-elected clerk.
Stayton A. D. Gardner, chair
man; II. A. Beauchamp, retiring
and director;' W. H. Hobson, re
elected clerk.
. Shaw George J. Amort, chair
man; G. I. Putnam, retiring; C.
L. McAllister, director; Robert S.
Claxton. re-elected clerk. V
Oakdale Elwin Carter, chair
man; Elizabeth Taylor, retiring
and directory E. A. Taylor, re
elected clerk.,; ! v
, Howell Afchie Kimsey; chair
man; A. Pr Kirsch. retiring; Geo.
Salem iHortuat
ruxzxAi. sxaxoTou ,
Sfflelamt Wsrk Moduato Ttitm
Cxpert rnitialMwrt a;,;
SOI 8. Ckudk-nM UI '
If 9 M. ESifc Tknm U9
First Photo of Major Margin After, His Return, .
Fbllowinj Alaskan Crash of World Flight Plane
ft j !V ' -I . , r V- i , : &
Major Freflerick I Martin, com-
mandcr of tho squadron of four
U.,& Army plann that left Call-,1
fornia on V flight around; thoi
world, wai gr-tel by a crowc
ifter leaving- , the f Cathf rtne - D.J
vhich brouffht him from ' l'ort;
, . Ui.
Willert,- director; C. W. Steward,
re-elected clerk. - - ... ' '',
Perkins Arthur GIrod,"chalr
man; Addison Page, retiring and
director; W; A. Mumper, re-elected
clerk. i: - . ' ; ' i
Abaqua Theodore Philips,
chairman; S. K. Funrue, retiring;
P, L. Lacey, director; W. L. tun
agan, clerk; Sherley Brown retir
ing. - A-' .
All directors selected are. for a
term of three years. , ! , -j
; 'i
Record Attendance Marks
Conference; Resolution
ravors.Miss King
r- i ii 1 1
A a
Friends, yearly jmeeting", after
a six days' session, closed. Wednes
day. A record has been made tin
attendance r.and interest." fTtye
various departments of the churqh
have reported advance' steps wich J
have been very gratlfye.-QJ,el
meeting. . -To be noticedespecjallx
Is the work i'of the EXangepstlf
and Church extensioncboaards.' An
urgent call comes from the Rev,
Isabelle Clarke, missionary to the
Indians on the Klamath Falls res-J
ervation. "Money was raised for,
this work which includes a sum
mer'' campaign of tent meetings.
Samuel -Clinton, a -native preacher
to the Modocs,'is Interested in, this
work. - .N.'. 'r' '
Following -the freport - of the
peace committee two orations were
given, "The," Greatest of. These- Is
Love," by' Hubert Armstrong,
and "It Must Not Happen Again;"
by Helen Hester. -
A resolution '.was Introduced- Iy;
Levi T. : Pennington, president of
Pacific college, which the meeting
unanimously accepted.
"Information has come to ths
yearly; meeting.; that;Mary King
one of our. members,, has been d,
nied citizenship in '.the . United
States because of her adherence' to
what we believe to be the ChrfTWomeas for r Home 'Missions -took
tlan - principles of peace and her
statement-that she could not con
scientiously bear arms ana take
human life. . r
"We wish first of all to express
. Maria ;Gregorievna, who claims
he is one of the five children of
Jtasputin. famous evil genius of
the late Czarina of Russia, escaped
from Siberia and arrived recently
in the French capital. She Say
ahe lived with her father in Pet--rograd
and that every week- h
;took her to see the Czarina, Sh
tells of terrible experiences aftet
(Rasputin's death when shs and hei
jbrothers and. sisters . were ' imprts
oned before being sent to Siberia,
'She Is a talented girl and a good
dancer' and hopes to obtain iA t
Igagement on the stag la Paris. ,
is HV
: l. Uv :
Z;f nijuvj ii ""- . . 4 :
Moller, . Alaska, to Uellingham.;
Wash. ; With ; him waa Sergeant
Alva LfciHarvpy; his mechanic, who
was Major -Martin when . their
planec.ccahoJ , into a" mountain In
a 'log. '. It n'as ten fay before
they -resaehed civilization. C
to this Friend our sincere ap
preciation of ..her. fidelity 'to those
principles, which Friends have so
long held, and our sympathy in
whatever loss sbe'may sustain by
reason of this fidelity. V
"We desire to express our pro
test against . the action of the Uni
ted States' court which denied cit
izenship to this Friend, and to in
sist that there are other and bet
ter ways. of defending the Consti
tution ..and the government than
by war, with all that it Involves of
hatred, moral' detioration and
other' spiritual evils. . :
"We request our peace commit
tee otl seek. in eery proper and
Friendly way to have this action
of 'thVcourt changed and Mary
King admitted to citizenship, feel
ing as we do that to bar one from
citizenship because of peace prin
ciples Is an injustice not only to
Friends, . but.' to many others of
the very best Christian citizens of
the United States."
Vancouver; b. c, June 17.
-Japan Is overstocked with lum
ber, according to H: R. MacMillan,
. largo' lumber exporter of British
Columbia who has returned from
tho. Far East.
,1 was .jji , Japan.. Tokio
was consuming 2,000,000- feet : of
lumber; dally," said Mr. ,MacMil
land,.' r "Lumber prices have drop
ped owing to banka and importers
holding large quantities of high-
TJrIeed"ttacerial.", . . iJ
Seasonal Supervision Move
...ment Gets Under Way ar
" ;v. Meeting of Women .
BIftkf a -movement to create
a board ito. supervisethe welfare of
tejisnal employees, on the -west
coast similar to that conducted on
the east -coast by the Council o
place . at the library Tuesday
afternoon, when, representatives
from nearly all the local 'churches
met with Miss Louise Shields of
Portland, secretary of the state
commission on seasonal . employ
ment and a well-known welfare
.Proposal to survey the Salem
district for the purpose, df ascer
taining -:' the number -' employed,
physical- and educational . condi
tions, and what individual grow
ers and employers are - doing to
provide" for the welfare of their
. Extra Special :
. Our Regular 20c Cookies
Two Dozen for 25c
.i I -v . "
Almond slices,. Fruit slices, Lemon, Sugar, Ginger,
" and. Oatmeal Cookies.
:i ?. .' Y ' t . ' ;. . - - . - -. '-
-'...:.. ' . '
-. .'. ': t . . . v
. -t. . ..... '! i ... ; ' 1. ... . '" .
';. Mcd!e! Balsery
' " . 121 S. COMMERCIAL "
Eat Honey and Milk Bread Genuine French Pastry
employed during Trust .:and hpp
picking and the start on one .ceil-'
ter. this year received the endorse
ment, of, C-. II, :.CJram. state labor
commissioner, , though .he was un
able to attend the, meeting in per
son. Efforts' will, be made, to pro
vide for the expense of an execu
tive secretary, pn full time, to
supervise the work among this
class of employes. It was pointed
out at the meeting that the work
should be conducted on a small
scale at first and a committee was
appointed: to select the .center
around which the activities will
concentrate. v v; E ,
, Miss Shields explained in detail
the work being' done along this
line throughout the state and em
phasized the needs of this district,
where thousands are employed in
seasonal 'occupations. - It was
through the influence of Miss
Shileds that the Horst ranch tried
out- the plan : last year with the
result tat it will be put in.opera
toin again thjs year on a larger
scale. Three. -full-time ..salaried
workers will be employed this fall.
According to the manager of the
ranch, a full week's time was
saved, by keeping all those em
ployed on the ranch until the end
of the season.- -
C. A. Kells.' general secretary, of
the Salem YMCA, spoke briefly. ,
' An indeterminate " sentence is
any one written by the late Henry
James. ' " : . x: :
; -
Cheery cherry days.
;;;;:;'V::.' . . V .
They had an inch - of rain np
Mehama way on Tuesday; after
noon and night. - That Santiam
country seems to be favored in
many ways. . , , . ,
a Th,e, retting of last year's crop
of flax is going on at the state flax
planL.j A batch was taken off yes
terday, and ' nother' will come off
today. The capacity of the tanks,
new and old, is about 60 tons a
week. Working to the limit, this
will not take care "of the whole of
last year's crop before the fall
rains; to say nothing of the crop
now growing; . r - ;
.. . V . . v
There are fields of flax now
about ready to pull. , Col. Bar
tram has written that the pullers
will be here as agreed, by July
10. - But that will ' not be early
enough for some of the growers.
An attempt is being made to get
a line on the shipment of pullers,
and have It traced. Perhaps more
may: be learned about this today.
: , -
' The. .Slogan .editor . did not ad-
tIbo any nns in , plant more ; hepf .
He' advised any one putting out a
e-wTirtobiffsuTefto- knowl what
he is going to do about making
sure, a market for this product.
. Dq wn. lelow Canby. on the Pa
cific highway, a big field, of pota
toes was being planted on Wednes
day. It belongs to Mr. Brown, the
potato king down , that way. He
Capital Hardware &
Furniture Co. -
Best Prices Paid '
285 N. Cora,l St. Phone 347
' t
k4 f
'Charles Jones in - "The Circus
Cowboy"! at the .Liberty today.
has other fields' jof potatoes near
by, 'that are in the blossom, and
look fine. But he is surely
gambling on the fall rains, to be
putting pqt more potatoes now.
The ground is fn 'sDlendid' condi
tion, however, ' and he evidently
thinks it (is a good, gamble.
The people in the southwestern
portion of Salem are insisting up
on a drainage district. It is the
only i way to make sure : Qf the'
proper -distribution of the flood
waters la the rain, season. -
Btir Than m Mut(n( f Utter
i I
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