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    rf - T ' ' "
Clrcalatloa' for ' the Oregon
EUtssa&a for the month of March,
Dally and Sunday .'. r. .
-Sunday Only:
i . ., ? .
r-'-r psici: nvn cz:::
"1 r w
v uj ;
Predchers, Merchants, Law
. yers, Doctors, Capitalists
Turn into. Very Capable
pir;:jEfi is served by
.Sermon cn Samson "and De
. . lilah 'Scheduled for To-
night at Armory
:" ' Thirty-f iTe men repsonded" to
Wednesday morning's call for rol
. nnteer carpenters and helpers for
i the b!s new tabernacle on the Wil
; lamette' campus. - There - were
preachers, store-keepers, lawyers,
doctors, capitalists, and just plain
I men whose hearts andn hands are
; Jn the right place.
I Dinner was serred by the wo
men at noon for 52 workers. ; .
' More men dropped in during the
; day, for a shorter period of ser
, Tice ttan a fall day, until at 2:30
i there were 63 TOlunteers on the
Job. Because of the large num
ber, and the prompt delirery . of
material, an exceptional first day
work was done,- insuring the easy
completion , of the 'structure this
week if nothing interferes with the
labor supply,;;. : v -
At least 100 men will be re
paired this morning,-to carry on
" the work so auspiciously begun
yesterday Another -100 will-be
asked for ion Friday, and a number
at present undetermined for Sat
urday. L'.zuzx will be served
each noon, tzl a substantial
luncheon during mid-afternoon.
, i. vTha luunms, is located, in the
, grov on .tie ca,mpus, near the
Twtllta. 6'reet . frcat, t where the
'Hay. day ' titTiUzi' hare always
; . beea held. As Hay. day comes
, : this year durisi the time the meet
: lags are ctin la trosress, the stu
: s dents , will have to find another
t spot on the campus for their fes-tlviLka,-
thbagh the - - tabernacle
would be a wonderful boon in case
of a rainyMay day.
t It was announced last night
ithat the Salem band had Toted
'unanimously to giTe'a. bifid coff
; cert at the tabernacle, tsar ting at
. 2:30 Sunday afternoon, J" This will
jbe their first concert appearance
, for the year, at: J should. be. a tre-
mendous attraction ' . , , , .'
Speaking last ni,sht from the
; platform, Walter. Vluslow,, chalr-
. man of the finance committee, said
? that he had called 20 raea by tel-
ephone on the- natter of raising
' the funds for tie tabernacle, and
he had not a single turn-down .in
praising 240 for tils, purpose.
There will be $2,94 3 to raise for
5 the total budgeU.besides-tha mon
ey already raised, this total esti
mate covering the cost "Df the new
tabernacle and all the original es
timates. ' ;
I ''Saciiaad'rlllahVfis fo be
,the eTsr.-el'tjs them,tpr tonight.
'Mrs..DeEiaren"has the gift, ot ,the
i gods la .human understanding.
, She ha3 if id- a wide -experieSce- tn
'Tery;walk of Jive, Knd.-.abe las
,the conrie ad thegpdly.nnder-
standia to .draw, a powerful ,les
;80n from every'' phase of, human
ity, its Wcalaeijes and strengths.
The a.-ctLncceBt tof - this tail
should pack the house, for the
t gifted speaker will hare a story
that thrills and; tarna. .1..
- "Is. God In the World?" was
the theme for last night's address.
The speaker pointed out that there
"are three "worlds." The first is
the physical earth, God's beauti
ful green and ' gold and pleasant
earth, with Its sparkling waters
: nd Its fragrant fruits and its
majestic mountains. This is God's
jTery own, the product of his lore
and care. -
The second is mankind, human
ity with all Its weaknesses and
failures, but the race for whom
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OREGON -Fair Wednesday,
cooler - east portion ; fresh
northwesterly winds; -
local weather
.aximuni temperature, 57.
-.'iiuia (eniperature, 4'. '
'lrer, 2.4; falling.
teas. -
At-; z r r iere. T5art1-w oim .
Wind, north.
mm -of
mm m
: BEND, Ore., , April 23. The bodies, of " Dewey Morris
Edward Nichols and Roy Wilson,1 three trappers missing
since about January 15, were found early tonight in Little
Lava lake, near here, by deputy sheriffs," who dragged the
lake, according to a telephone message received here tonight.
All three men had been shot through the head.
Deputy Sheriffs Adams, Logan, and Innis found .the
bodies. The ice on the lake
permit dragging. Before the ice broke, the officers who had
been conducting the search for the missing, men for. the last
three weeks, located a hole which had been cut in the icet
Beside this hole was found what appeared to be human hairs.
When the ice inelted the lake was dragged at this place and
the bodies found. ; ; :
. The three men. had been trapping in the vicinity of the
lake during the winter.. ... -,-, - , i
HELD ioequii
California Official Says Sa.
Jem Has Wot OneTenth !
Needed Force
Salem has not one-tenth the nec
essary - fire fighting equipment o
one-tenth the proper number ot
men needed to combat a fire of
any consequence that " might get
started in the city. Jay Stevens,
state tire marshal for California,
told the Rotary club at its WedT
nesday luncheon. He predicted,
that something .big is. in store fo
the city along this line, but just
when he was not able to say. He
said. It was bound to come sooner
or later. ' 1
"Salem is not where It should ,be
by any means," Mr. Stevens said,
"The fires at Astoria and Berkeley
were Inevitable. There la always
ft lull just before, the storm' ,
"In speaking of the Berkeley fire
Mr. Stevens said . that a peculiar
ccmbination of atmospherc condi
tions placed It beyond human con
trol and -only, a breeze from thl
opposite direction. . characterized
as an act of God, prevented the
entire city from being destroyed. ,
"If SaTem bar ar dlsastromr ire
yon men of the Rotary club are to
blameV the speaker said. "Yoij
Claim to be a service club. I do
cot criticize for I do not know he
work you are doing, but there la a
vast difference, between a service
club and (a luncheon club. The
future ofthe country can be cpn
trolled by dabs of this nature, J
. Static electricity presents a pro
blem to fire fighters, Mr. Stevenj
sa'd, and Jt in almost Impossible to
t 11. .where a. conflagration may' be
started, by this, force. Fire pre
vention, means the removal of
things that may cause, a fire while
fire protection means protection
against conflagration. ' .
"Human. life is more. important
than property," he said in closing.
Fire prevention means the sal
vage of. human lives.'' , V; ;
Mr. Stevens was Introduced by
WlU Moore', state fire marshal and
insurance: a pommissioner.
pointed, out that In. Oregon the an
nual loss,i8 $10,006,000 some
thing that can; never be restored.
Fire, prevention' work Is a great
work, he sakk ; Harry Hutton,
Ctiet of the, Salem fire depart
ment, was a special guest of the
EEUfiifiifS SCHOOL i :
Officers1 Chosen for Coming
YearPennington of Pa
cific Is Speaker -
PORTLAND. April 23 The
convention of Oregon Sunday
school, officers ,and teachers , held
In Pqrfland for the las tiree days
under. th Auspices, of, the .Oregon
council - 0t religions education,
closed tonight with an address. by
DrLevi Pennington president- of
Pacific; .college. Installation;, iof
oiiicerq, eieciea earner m tne aay,
was a part of" the closing service.
A. r. Bosserman of Portland was
elected' pYesrdent; "and other offi
cers elected are: Miss J. JJdwards,
Tillamoow.-first ' vice president;
Stewart Odell, 1 Roseburg, second
vice president ; James Cotbellsbn,
Pendleton, third . vice . president;
Charles J. Barnard of . Portland
rasrn ;
broke up sufficiently today to
Disinfecting Stations at
Denio and .: McDermitt ;
Factories Complain
Governor Pierce ; today, further
extended the Oregon quarantine
against the possible entry of foot
and month disease from California
by ordering disinfecting stations
established at Denio and MeDer?
mitt on the southeastern Oregon
boundry. Because of the blocking
of east bound traffic on the Art-zona-California
line It is said the
traffic Is routing 'north through
the Jordan valley of Oregon and
eastward through Idaho. j
' The governor today received a
telegram from lumber companies
and box factories at Klamath
Falls,- declarfn g ' that the embargd
against California frnifs is work
ing a tremendous hardship on the
lumber and box concerns that fur
nish box materials for California
fruit concerns. The telegram stat
ed that the box factories will be
compelled to ahut down if the em
bargo continues. They . nrge . that
the state allow the government
full charge over the quarantine!.
The message was signed by the
Sprague River Lumber company,
Shaw Betram Lumber company!.
Algoma Lumber company, PelicaiL
Bay Lumber company, Ewauna
Box company, Klamath Lumber &
Box company. Lakes Box com
pany and the Lamm Lumber com
pany. : I : !
- r J
Many Witnesses Examined
By Committee; No Start- '
ling Developments
"; PbRTLAND Aprii: 23. - Al
though a ' number of witnesses
were examined today in the gov
ernor's prooe of Muitnoman coun
ty and Portland city affairs, no
startling developments: were re
ported by those who came out ot
the committee room.
At a meeting of the Salem
Shrine club last ' night at the
Chamber of Commerce If was de
cided that in view of the fact that
the Morton Circus company, which
was to furnish the performances,
is reported baT-bound off the har
bor of Coos bay and will be unable
to keep Its Salem engagement, to
declare the circus off and to hold
a dance instead, date later to be
announced. All circus tickets
Issued or sold will be' honored for
admission to dances and refresh
ments, and. one -Ford car will be
given away as a souvenirj
A committee consisting of Wil
liam Bell, chairman f President Al
ton D. Hurley. Hal D. Pat ton, F.
B. Halik, Phil r Eiker nd Z. 'J.
Riggs wa appointed by the meet
ing to make all arrangement! for
this dance, to that everybody will
be satisfied with the result.
The Morton circus was supposed
mm clots is
Vote on Measure Is 67 to; 17
Hope ': Expressed , That
President' Will Approve
Present Form
Democrats Call it "Gold
Brick" and Promise Ef
forts for Veterans
' ' 1 - ';,
WASHINGTON, April 23. The
senftte, following In the footsteps
of the house, passed .the soldiers
bonus insurance bill today
majority sufficient to carry
it yret
a presidential veto. The vote was
67 to 17. . - Xr: i . '. f .
. .President Coolidge has declared
against a bonus, but proponents pf
this particular kind of adjusted
compensation legislation are hope
ful that it will meet .with his ap
proval. .Before the bill eaches
him, however.: it must, go to, con
ference for adjustment of minor
differences with the house. -Assured
by -Republican leaders
that they would vote to over ride a
veto of this bill but would support
a veto of a cash bonus measure
the senate resisted all ef forti to
add a "cash option. ; " -
? V Cash Option Rejecte! v
The test on this question, came
with the rejection, 47 to 38, of an
amendment by Senator; Copelnd,
Democrat. New , York, which
would have left with the former
service men the choice of full cash
payments or the insurance certifi
cates provided for in both the sen
ate and house bills.
Many Democratic senators who
voted for the measure In Us pres
ent form denounced it as a "miser
able makeshift" and a "gold brick',
and formal notice was given that at
some future time efforts would be
made to amend it so as to enable
the veterans to get cash. s ; ?.
, On 'the final vote on the bill,
nine Democrats and eight Repub
licans opposed it, while 33 Repub
licans, 32 Democrats and the two
farmer labor senators supported
It. .
School Board Chooses Prin
cipal for New Junior
, . High Scho.ol
" Prof. Henry Durham, a mem
ber of the Salem Bchool system for
the last 10 years, has been selected
as the new principal of. the Parrisb
junior high school, now under con
struction. Other selections that
have been : made by 'the, school
board are Prof. E. A. Miller, pres
ent principal of the Grant junior
high school, principal of the
Washington and Grant schools and
Prof. J. C. Nelson, principal of the
high school, who was re-elected on
a monthly basis.
Tun it Ti?m m nM F?r
to have opened an engagement In
Marshfleld Tuesday, but the ves
sel transporting the circus from
Eureka to Marshfleld has been un
able for two days to enter Coos
Bay harbor, and therefore . the
circus engagement : In Marshfleld
had to be extended till next Wed
nesday or Thursday to fulfill the
contract between the Morton cir
cus and the Coos Bay Shrine club,
according to : several wire . com
munications from Bob Morton to
his representative ' working here
with- the Salem Shrine club. The
advance sale In Marshfleld for the
circus there has been very heavy
and therefore It would have been
a matter of impossibility for the
circus to curtail; its 'engagement
there. The committee in charge
of the dance will do all in its pow
er to make this affair a success,
so everybody that has bought cir
cus tickets will have a good time
Leading Lady in Navy Dread
naught Plot Discovered on
Board Arizona
LOS. ANGELES,: April 23. Dis
covery of a girl stowaway aboard
the - dreadnaught, Arizona atBal
boa, April . 1 2, was but the prema
ture unveiling of a motion picture
publicity plot, according . to Rear
Admiral W. V. Pratt, chief of the
fourth-division,' battle fleet, who
announced tonight that a - rigid
search of all ships in his command
had failed to reveal any additional
bobbed hair sailors. : ; '
' ' Madelynne Blair', 22, the girl in
the case,' concealed herself aboard
the. Arizona while the vessel was
In. New York harbor, the admiral
believes. In" the hope of voyaging
to Hollywood not only free of ex-
pttfse, but sure "of abundant pub
licity for her film debut.
You Will Scarcely Know. Ye
LiDeny -1 neater wnen
You Go There Again
Tou will scarcely know Ye Lib
erty, theater when you go there
again. It is being made over. . A
new pipe organ is' being installed.
It will all be ready for the public
again tomorrow, night.. Ye . Lib
erty has been closed since a week
ago last Sunday, In order to al
low the improvements to be made
and the new pipe organ to be in
stalled. The old organ was ship
ped away, to a Portland moving
picture house. i
The new pipe, organ' is a won
der. It is run by electricity. II
responds to the touch of the hands
and feet of the player like a living
thing. It will do almost any thing
but talk. It has traps and chimes
and a - xylophone, and orchestra
bells and a clocKerspiel, and a
bass drum and cymbals, and a
castanet and a Chinese block, and
a tamborine ; and a kettle drum,
and clash cymbals in fact, it will
Imitate .practically every ' known
musical instrument that was ever
used by man, from the sackbut
and the hewgag and harp of the
ancients down to the latest things
devised for the production of a
concord of sweet sounds. . , j
The new .organ came across the
country .lately, directed to Salem,
and It made up a car load. It
has literally a whole room full of
pipes. Not figuratively. Literally.
A room full. " , ' ' . , , !
It is a Smith, unit pipe ( organ.
It Is being installed by the Reed
French 'Piano company, of Port
land. It comes from the Smith
Organ company of Chicago. It is
called the unified electric pipe or
gan, the latest thing out in pipe
organs; controlled entirely, .by
electricity. ; W. ' Woehne is here
setting it up and adjusting it; he
comes from Portland. He expects
to be through today. . But you will
want to hear it, not read about it.
H. C. McDonald, the organist at
the Oregon theater, will give an
opening concert on the new, organ
tomorrow evening, beginning at 8.
And the whole Liberty theater
will look like new when you see
It next. . F. Ray Felker of Salem
assisted by J. A. Springer of Port
land, has been doing the. decorat
ing. It looks fine to the reporter;
but his artistic "education was
neglected, and . his natural talent
was likely, not great In that line,
any way. ; So he cannot describe
the scheme of the new .'decoration
plan with any degree of satisfac
tion to the reader. Ariy.-way, you
will want to see it. : Likely you
will want to see it again; many
times " It seems pleasing and rest
ful jto, the eye, and. In every way
harmonious. The colors do not
seem to scream at . one another,
as they would Bay In ; Berlin ' or
Milwaukee, or Aurora.
. G. B. Guthrie, the man . who
pays the bills, Is proud of the Lib
erty as it "r. will appear tomorrow
evening and thereafter; " proud ot
all 'his Salem force of employees,
who are Teal . gentlemen and la
dies. But -Mr. Guthrie is a good
deal poorer In" purse for the im
provements at Ye Liberty.' How-f
ever, he will not mind that. If the
Salem public appreciates the new
show house and the new organ.
Mr. Guthrie likes to make money;
like the rest of us. But he is not
In the theater ' business for that
alone. He likes to think that' there
is something better than the al
mighty dollar. In the satisfaction
of good and appreciated service.
Police Looking : for ; Father
i Who Has Been Estranged
From Family Mystery
Remains Unraveled
Slayer Believed tot Have Been
Insane 6r Degenerate Per
son Who' Was Stranger
PORTLAND. Or' AoMl 23. Af
Iter 24 hours Of. effort" to unravel
the mystery or the slaying of Mar
tha Gratke. 15. In her mother's
home, here yesterday, the police
tonight said "they were . without
tangible clues to the Identity of
the slayer,' other thafa those, given
by neighbors who ' had seen ' a
roughly dressed man ' enter the
Gratke yard at about the time the
murder was committed. '
' The girl was apparently attack-
tfC arid alnfn tVia nnlloo . ootl '
some insane or degenerate -persdn
who was a stranger' to the neigh
borhood. They were Still search
ing for George-Gratke. the slrl's
father who has recently been' es
tranged from his family," but they
said evidence did not point to him
as the possible slayer.
Inadequate Substitute Serv.
ice and Unduly High,
Fares Among Reasons
If the" Southern Pacific . com
pany, pending action by. the pulj
Hc service commission that will
give It . legal authority to make
changes, fails to provide transpor
tation service on Its Willamette
valley lines that is as good as that
before It removed its trains, the
company probably will be liable
for damages to the traveling pub
lic. This was the opinion express
ed yesterday at the service com
mission of flees.
.' Petitions Sent Back t
The company yesterday sabmit-
ted to the commission petitions to
file new tariffs on less than statu
tory notice, and the - commission
immediately ., sent them back on
grounds .that they failed to pro
vide adequate service, . while In
some ..Instances the fares that
would be charged over the stage
lines would be higher than has
been charged by . rail.
The commission's , letter to the
company says i part: " .
" we are returning herewith
your petitions for special permis
sion to publish on less than statu
tory notice, certain rates contain
ed in your circulars for joint ar
rangements with auto stage lines
between Dallas, Salem and Silver-
ton In connection with the Parker
Auto Stage line; between Browns
ville and Halsey in connection
with the Guldner Stage line; and
between McMinnville and Sheri
dan or Wlllamlna In . connection
with, the ' McMinnville-TllIamook
Stage lie. -; : .' r
"These requests for special per
mission cannot be granted author
izing you to place in effect on less
than statutory notice, the rates
and services outlined therein for
various reasons, , . . i
EUGENE, Ore , April 23. The
campaign among the students of
the University of Oregon to raise
$200,000 for the erection of a stu
dent union building Officially
opened today.
SANTIAGO; Chile. April 23.
(By Associated Press.) The Chil
ean cabinet resigned today after a
vote of lack of confidence In the
senate, a majority opposing Presi
dent Alessandri.
SPARTA; Tenn. Xprii ' 2
Hugh Lowrey. federal ' revenue
agent,- was shot and . almost - in
stantly ' killed at - Derosset, near
nere tnia aiternoon, ;
P sKted
Little Girl Leaps From Upper
Story Window While Home
-in Flames
: EUGENE, ,Or., April 23. Paul
ine, 5-year-old daughter of ilr.
and Mrs. Elton Pollett of Marcola;
was badly injured early
when she was compelled to leaD
from an upper story window of
tne family residence which was in
names.,.. ( .. . . t .. . .... ; :
Mrs..PoIletteand her four child
ren were -trapped on the upper
floor when the.flre broke out be
low j and all j were , compelled ; to
jump to the ground from an up
per window. The fire was caused
by an oil lamp explosion. The
house. was destroyed- ... i
n oar six days
McNary for U. S. Senator
Club in Salem Rolls Up
Members in a Hurry;. ;
At 5 o'clock last evening, after
it had been organized and in work
ing, order for only six davs. the
Salent..McNary for .United States
senator club - passed .the' 1,000
marfc In membership,, with over
half a hundred to the eood: total
1045.: . .. . ,,.
' There was a meeting - of - the
executive committee last: ntcht tn
check" up on the work and "plan
ior.tne extension of It. The fol
lowing members ' were present:
George .r. ,Rodgers, v Clif. Brown,
Louis Lachmund. Dr. T.C Smith,
E. M. Crolsan and W. T Stolz. I
Nearby towns" are calling for
plans for organization, br letter
and phone and by word of month.
apeaKers . win go to , the grange
meeting at Macleay tomorrow ve-
nmg, i i nere is a great show of
interest all over this section. ,: j
; Plans are . going forward for
rapid . organization -of . the clnh
work Isr-Polk, Linn. Bentoirend
Tamhill. Albany, Corvallis. Le
banon, Sclo;; Brownsville, McMInn
vUle Newberg, Independence and
Aionmouth are to be organized at
once., ; , . t , t ,
Plans are being perfected to
still further widen, the club; cam
paign, with the help of active Mc-
ary - supporters In the places
named, and others. - ; :
.Contestants from ' Clackamas.
Multnomah, Washington and Yam-
nill counties in the national ora
torical - contest . will .comDete for
championship honors of that zone
at the Willamette university audi
torium Friday evening, at 7:20
o'clock.. The debaters came to Sa
lem for the purpose of determining
Ia whniM . K A V. n n M .
ing the district, made , up of the
four counties above named, shall
be given. . '. .
At a zone contest held in Oregon
City, last Friday evening one of
the judges misinterpreted the In
structions a8 to marking his bal
lot. Disregarding the result of
this ballot left three of the con
testants tied for first place. In
order to have the result decided in
a' thoroughly Impartial manner, a
decision was reached Wednesday
afternoon . to hare a rehearing In
Salem, before judges living outside
the counties Interested.
.Multnomah county will be rep
resented In the contest by Betty
Clark of the Riverdale school;
Clackamas county, by Jack Hemp
stead ' of West Linn ; Washington
county by Frank Bouthiller of For
est Grove; Yamhill county by Jas.
Havnear of IcMinnvIlle. Each
contestant will be accompanied by
an enthusiastic bunch of support
ers from the student body of their
respective schools.
Contestants will be limited to 12
minutes each. - :".
The Oregon Statesman HaroIJ Lloyd'I.Iatir.cs
Saturday (April 2Cth).10 A.
This coupon and 10c will admit any child 12 yearaf
. of age or under; to the, Liberty Theatre Saturday
morning. 10 a m. to" see : 7 "
Harold-Lloyd's - -pf-pT -
Latest' and Greatest ; ; JTilX. jlLi UJ-L 1L
Any Child not' hollini Cc;jch".;ni 1 .3 clizx:
; .- ' full adnilscicn price ZZz
Lib li.iix.
J. G.; LTcrchant. i:irr.t:5
Take Preliminary
Extent to -Vh!:h Ct'L
Extend Aid Exn!r,::J I
I Definite action toward tLa
tion of the. drainage jrcl! -the
southeast portion cf tLj
and' the tributary territory -taken
last night when J. C. :
chant was appointd chiirr
a .committee to corner
committee from tta , city r
and the state board of czr.'
the purpose of proceeJij
necessary steps for a pre!"
survey of the district' In. q
and the matter. of finances.
-. Mr. Merchant will make :
lection of the other .two tr
of the committee, one c '.
is to be a city property ow -the
other ; from , outslda 11. 3 c
Umits. r ; v
. V : r 3Iany;Are."Ti-4'. zr.l
Nearly 5 0 property own::
present In addition" to re; i.
tlves of! the board cf c: : r
city council and hca:!s cf r
stitutlons . which lia -vr: :'
territory. Mayor. J, B. C:
sided as chaiman cf tta r
. Discussion, eerier: i .arc,
variety . of tUzs, zryl- t . f
whether Mill creek was tla c
or. result of the ti.-'i water;
the trouble can ta lie.::.:.: T. ;. .
wa'tersLed: near Turner; tl ?
pioneers ' w La . " c c r. z It::. : t , l
ditch; - the' heausattj it I... , ..
back water from tie V,:i! ;:
the Santlam and the owncu
mills benefited by fix w.-...
Steps necessary to tW fcrr
of a' drainage district wera
lined by Robert Siiipson. far,
assisUnt state engineer. T
steps are as foljows, he eaiJ:
Steps Are O-tll : .1
Circulation of a petitlcn t';
by a majority of owners of :
within the proposed district, !
ing 50 per cent or more cf
total acreage; presentation c! ?
petition to the' county tr-::
hearing; the district organize '.
found advisable; an election c
board of supervisors to fcavo r
power to employ . ensirccn
drainage plans, and tlie errr.
of the county. .commissioners.
praisers are -then named to
termine the damages and t :
to individual, property ovrzzr?,
then a general levy or tori
to cover the expenses. An i
nate plan Is for the lanl o
themselves to incorporate a- !
ceed along this line;
State Authority LLnitcI
It was explained by a
zer, secretary of "state, tLat t
board of control can only r-y t
tain proportion of the ei-cs ?-
a preliminary survey and t: t
costs could only be char; :! i
against' the state InstUutio. j
far as they are affected. .
It was decided that the c
mittee, of which llr. IlercL--1
chairman, will confer with l
others as soon as poesibla ar I V
another meeting similar ta t
one held last night will t3 1
Wednesday nlht, I.Iay 7.
appeal to nunnr
ifornia's plight because cf the f
and mouth disease and.
goes of western states against i
ducts of her soil will be place 1 '
fore President Coolidsa.
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