The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 01, 1924, Page 8, Image 8

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Candidates for High Pplitlcal
Office are On. Record
. for Ballot v
N. J. Sinnott, representative in
congress from the second Oregon
district, yesterday filed with the
secretary of state his declaration
as a candidate for renomination
by the republican party. His
home is at The Dalles. -Chairman
public lands committee, rank
ing member irrigation committee.
member house steering: commit
tee" is hi -slogan, Mr. Sinnott's
platform says: '
' "If nominated and elected, ' I
"will, during my term of office, ad
vocate and support;' safeguarding
the fruits of the toil of the farmer
and stockman , and the exchange
value of his products bjy prompt
enactment of the McNary-lIaugen
bill and kindred legislation for
agricultural - relief; effective and
through selection and restriction
of immigration as embodied in thje
Johnson immigration bill; Presi
dent Coolidge's recommendation
for a .separate- department and a
place in th cabinet for educa
tion; child labor amendment; pro
tection and utilization of national
forests with reasonable grazing
fees; adjusted compensation for
ex-service men; development of
our water powers; additional re
clamation projects; immediate and
permanent tax reduction.
'. "Represent Oregon and the na
tion in a Toig, patriotic, two-fisted
manner" is the slogan of George
It. Baker of Portland will usct. Jn
his campaign for the republican
Capital Hardware
& Furniture Co
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nomination for United States
senator. .X ills, statement -was filed
yesterday with Secretary of State
Kozer. Mr. Baker's platform fol
lows: ..!-;, " . ' '
"If nominated and elected, I will
during my term of .office, stand
for protection and advancement of
American ideals, principles and in
stitutions; administration of na
tional affairs in a clean, business
like, patriotic manner; promotion
of improvements and appropria
tions due Oregon from 'the federal
government; upbuilding of ship
ping, trade relations and new for
eign markets; adjusted compensa
tion for ex-service men; all neces
sary protective tariffs for protec
tion, of oar own industries; re
striction of immigration; national
department of free public education;-
development of Oregon re
sources by private and federal aid ;
upholding of all issues based upon
moral and ! industrial progress and
betterment."- , i
Others who filed yesterday were:
Henry S- Westbrook, Portland;
for; republican nomination for jus
tice of the supreme court. Slogan,
"Preserve the home from unlawful
search; upheld jury verdicts;' op
pose non-suits; award Justice."
ntiier thinss covered in his
platform arei "Favor liberal con
struction of workmen's compensa
tion act for injured workman and
family? oppose delays in judicial
nroeedure:' permit no mati to go
above the law; resolve every doubt
in favor of the poor, unlearned.
helulessand poverty-stricken; give
the Jew and Gentile, Catholic and
Protestant rich and poor, black
and white. 'equal justice; stand on
every question four-st(uare to
Bvery wind that , blows." '
George. S.' Sizoinore-, Hums, for
democratic nomInatio?i Tor district
attorney of Harney county.
it A Herrher Dillard. for re
publican nomination for represen
tative In the legislature from
Douglas county, fourth represen
tative district.
, Walter 11. Jones. Eugene, for
republican 'nomination lor district
attorney for L-ane county. :
Gus C. Moser, Portland, for re
publican nomination for state sen
ator fronf the 13th senatorial dis
trict; comprising Multnomah fcpunr
ty. ' j . ' -
J. M.'Ezell, Klamath Palls, for
republican? nomination for repre
sentative in the legislature from
the 21st representative district,
comprising Crook, Deschutes, Jef
fers6n& Klamath and Lake coun
ties. ;
It. J. Kirk wood, Portland, for
the Republican nomination for re
presentative in the legislature
from' Multnomah county.
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-f T,V-
- - - , ... .
: at the
I . -n. .
v . II
The following articles of incor
poration were filed yesterday with
the state corporation department:
Stage Terminal & llofel com
pany, Salem ; incorporators W. W.
Chad wick. Richard Shepard. R.
W. Lemon, J. L. S. Sneed; capital.
$25,000. , ; ". :
Alert Transfer & Stprage com
pany, Portland; incorporators, P.
L.. Wilkinson. Edith , Wilkinson
Ruth M. Wilkinson, capital, $50r
000. ; -. i .
Oregon Bond & Mortgage com
pany, Portland; Incorporators, Ex
ile Uurkitt. .Neely E. Burkitt. G.
D. Morgan; capital $10,000. i
- Oil Products Sales company,
Portland ;-; incorporators, Oscar
Gorham, N. W. Diamond, B. A
Whisman; capital, $5000,
Vinkley Creamery company,
Corvallis: Incorporators, H. L.
Winkley, M. II. Bauer, E. E. Wil
son, capital. $40,000.
A permit to operate in Oregon
was issued to Russell & Co., an
Ohio corporation capitalized at
$1,000,000. ti. E. Dickens of
Portland Is attorney-in-fact l for
Oregon. " ;
California Accused of Send
ing Deadly Fruit Disease
Into Oregon Orchards
. ,: Present '
9 .1
Adapted From - S : ,
"In The Bishop's Carriage
"Itching Palms"
4 - I
EUGENE, Or., March 31. The
root knot nematode, said to be one
of the worst crop pests in exist
ence, is gaining a foothold In the
Willamette .valley, according to C.
E. Stewart, county fruit Inspector,
who yesterday took the matter up
with the Lane county court, asking
that steps be taken to prevent its
The inspector declared that the
insects are being brought into
Lane county in shipments of car
rots from Los Angeles which have
been sent to Portland and shipped
from there! to Eugene and In ship
ments of clematis and fruit trees.
He said that the nematode had
gained a foothold in the bottom
lands in some counties north of
Lane and that the authorities at
Oregon Agricultural college have
taken steps to combat Its ravages.
California Suffering
'It is killing pastures in some
parts of California," said the In
spector, "besides destroying Vari
ous kinds of crops. It Is a menace
that should be guarded against
and the only thing to do is to fight
it and fight It hard." ;
Inspector Stewart has. recently
ordered destroyed a shipment of
infected carrots and has taken the
matter up with the state authori
ties to obtain their cooperation to
prevent the spread of the pest but
complains that he is not receiving
the cooperation that he has ex
pected from that source.'
' Karwig Warning Given . ,
The local inspectors has been
very active in the past in detecting
the presence of other pests In this
section of the state and through
his .efforts has been unable to con
trol them or eradicate them alto
gether.; He has . recently, given
warning regarding the appearance
of the earwig but says that few
people 'in the county have ( paid
much attention to it. He declares
that this insect may be expected
to appear this spring and summer
In greater numbers than 'ever and
that a' great deal of damage to
vegetables, flowers and. fruits can
be looked for if steps are not taken
to fight the encroachments of the
bugs. . , , ..
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Author of The Fool
Popular With JAU
As a result of the , widespread
effect of Channing Pollock's play,
The Fool," which ran a year In
New TorkTand six months In Bos
ton and Chicago and which - will
have- its local presentation at the
Grand theater. Mr. Pollock was
called on during the play's enor
mously successful New York run
to make hundreds of speeches be
fore widely varied organizations,
including schools, universities and
churches. In response to this de
mand for his services, three times
he had to cancel sailings for Eng
land. J
The request for speeches by the
well-known playwright are signi
ficant from two angles: first, they
indicate strikingly the vitality of
the theme of "The Fool" and its
treatment, and secondly, the genu
ineness' ' Qf-Channing Polkck's
sense of the opportunity these re.
quests offer "to express his belief,
not only In his play but IA the fact
that good plays do succeed. In an
attempt to keep up with these re
quests, Mr. Pollock has j had to
make as many as five speeches in
a single day. ' . .
" Mr. Pollock's experiences In this
connection have consisted of . all
sorts of curious things for" a play
wright such as taking over, reli
gious services in Jewish, syna
gogues, speaking from a box in
the theater to 'a congregation that
had made up a theater I party to
see "The Fool," and . addressing
people interested in the Behal
cause. East Indian- natives, and
the League of Political Education.
At a Catholic Actors' Guild meet
ing, he not only spoke but wrote
precepts la the prayer-books.
It is further significant that the
author of a play which pleads the
brotherhood of man has been the
guest of i honor at organizations
of Jews and Gentiles, Catholics
and Protestants in the JSast and :'
the West. The author of "Tl
Fool" has been Introduced !
rabbis and by jriests, by soc!
workers and by . newspaper f
men. ; ,
' J l i ' 'V I 1.-' v
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