The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 21, 1924, Page 5, Image 5

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Stated communication of
.Pacific lodge No. 50 Fri
day evening, March 21.
I Prof. Dunn of U. of O. to
give interesting talk on "Origin of
Masonry." - m21
Jodjt lArcy to 8peak
Judge Peter II. D'Arcy, Salem
: . pioneer, will speak at Mt. Angel
college tonight. He will have as
his subject, "Lincoln, His Life and
Achievements In the Cause of Lib-
erty." Judge D'Arcy has given
several talks upon this subject In
the Salem district during tho last
few weeks. ,
New Lighting Flxtu
Get our prices and save money.
Salem Electric Co. P. S. Barton,
prop.. Masonic Temple. Phone
1200. m9tf
v k ' : ;
Mr. Powell Is Speakers
Mrs. C E., Powell, wife of Dr.
. C. E. Powell of Kimball College
. of Theology, will speak at the
Auburn schoolhouse at 8 o'clock
tonight. Refreshments will be
served by the. Auburn Missionary
society. Both Dr. Powell and Mrs.
Powell spent a number of years in
.India where they were engaged In
missionary work before coming to
fialem. '
Boaght, Bold and Exchanged.
; pO N.Cbml St, Phone 402
t r W Pay. Cask-
': In ' Italian Prune Trees. Good
i Prices on Walnuts, Seedling Cher.
' fcr Trees, 8c to 15c. General Nur
sry Stock, Sales Yard and Office.
Hi Perry St,.
' A. J. Mathla, Prop.
Pfflce Phone 100. Y Res. 1140M
Wm. Neimeyer
; Druggist -
In Business For Your
Health ,
175 N. Coml. Phone 167
111 Oregon Bldg. Telephone 457
the Seavey -i- Bell Insurance
. , Agency
General Insurance .
Billyh BeU - Frank Wagar
(Formerly Dr. Schenka).
I 1 - 219 S. C6tUg St. r '
rnoNE- ,'it82
' . " v OSTEOPATH!. : .
.The Original and Genuine Spln
, ll Adjustment Treatment. Skill
ful, Palnleta1 1 Adjustment that
-get results. ( '
Oateopatble Physlclaa and
, Snrseoa . -
. K2S Oregoa Bldg. h Balem
DR. B. H. WHITE 7;
. ,7 Osteopathic v
: Physician and Suregons
The onlj physicians in Salem
using Dr. Abram's method of
Electronic Diagnosis and
, . i Treatment. ' y- i - 7
; 506 U. SJ NaH feank Bldg.'
1 7 . " Salem -7 ;
Dr. Harris I. Folk
and 'Dr.' Paul G.
Stapran, 148f
State St, Salem,
Oregon, are Chiro
practic" doctors. ;
: The Abrams 'method of
Electronic .- Diagnosis' and
Treatment is not taught
Chiropractic doctors by Dr,
Abrams or any of hia , col
leges. These doctors, at 1484
State street, have removed
the words Abrams Method
from their sign, but Instead
use the B; R. A. on their
sign and advertisement. This
Is misleading and has caused
persons to start treatment
"with them, thinking , they
were receiving the Teal
Abrams treatment. The let
ters B. n.-A.,- with periods
after them, stands for Elecw
tronic Reactions of Abrams.
While these doctors, who use
the Imitation machine, use
the B.- R. A., -without the
periods, thl Is misleading
and has caused persona to be
misled and to take their
treatment, Tor - facts ad-
dress , A 1 :'; , ' . ' t-s ;
- dr. B, h. wnrrB
5 r.
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7 ': :
General Banfnng Busincia
Office Hours front
Gladioli Bulbs
C. P. Brelthaupt, Florist, 123 N.
. Choice mixed 35 cents dozen, 3
dozen for $1.00 while they last.
Liberty St. - m22
Prison Population Grows.
Three more prisoners were re
ceived at the state prison yester
day, all from Deschutes county.
These were Loyal Messner, one
year for larceny; George Holmes,
two years for forgery, and Joseph
E. Berry, two years for assault
with intent to commit rape. This
brings the total prison population
to 429 Inmates, the highest point
since last June, according to War
den A. M. Dalrymple. With courts
in session, there are no prospects
of the enrollment dropping;
The Best Film Developing
And printing done in Salem Is
at the Capital Drug Store. ml8tf
Four Lettermen Available
Four of last year's baseball team
who won letters at the Salem high
school will form the nucleus of the
team this year, according to Coach
Hollis Huntington. There are
about 40 men out for the team
this season. Febry, a freshman
from the McKInley Junior high
Bchool, is expected to be a heavy
contender for the pitcher's po
sition. Several of the candidates
are southpaws.
For Good Work
.And quick service ' bring your
films to the Capital Drug Store.
Convict Due Bark Today
W. D. Hackney, guard at the
state prison who was sent to Mis
souri to bring back Ed Zellers,
Portland holdup man who escaped
from the penitentiary about a year
ago. Is expected to return to Salem
today or , tomorrow with his pris
oner. Zellers was picked up at
Kansas City, Mo., a short time
Home Talent Play
"A Family Affair," Liberty hall.
March 21, 8 o'clock; 35 and 20
cents. School benefit. m21
Vagrant Is Jailed
Thirty days in the county Jail
was the sentence imposed upon
Clifford Nadon when he appeared
before P. J.' Kuntz, justice of the
peace. Nadon was arrested Wed
nesday by Officer Olson and
charged-with vagrancy. .
Special Dance at Dreamland-
Thursday night. Introducing
Holman's Serenade rs. BQltej mvL"
sic.;- Don't miss this. Ladies free.
max . - :
Students Leave Saturday-
Eight members of the Willam
ette university YMCA class will
leave tomorrow morning for a
week's trip, taking them as far
north as Everett, Wash YMCA
methods of eight different associ
ations will be studied. Six mem-
Promotea Good Health
- ' One-Third Cream
n. K. HIDEOUT, Proprietor
Is Dr. B. S. White
THE Liar of Salem? '
rhis he himself will answer In
three weeks to citizens of Sa
lem .publicly.
Are the impish attacks of Dr.
Bo S. White on the ERA or
E. R. A. Clinic, 1484 State St.,
and. on its staff warranted or
are they the result of mad
ness? Watch for an announcement
of date and place of discussion
nn the above.
-7 At the FolIowinR Price
" For a Few Days:
$14.50 Per Ton
Wood for Id-inch from $6.00
. to f 10.00 Per Cord
Larmer Transfer Co.
409 State St.
Phone 030
10 a. m. to 3 p. nir -
bers of Oregon Agricultural cabi
net, with their own transportation,
will arrive tonight and be enter
tained here. These will accom
pany the local party on the trip.
C. A. Kells, executive secretary of
the YMCA, will have charge. L.
It. Law has offered his time and
machine for the trip, as has Dr.
Frank E. Brown, who, while un
able to spare the time, has do
nated his automobile. Students
making the trip are George Oliver,
Loyal Warner, George Atchison,
John Tsi, Cornelius Bateson, Sin
forosa Padilla, Albert Guyer and
Dwlght Findley. The boys will
be accompanied by Julian Bur
roughs as far as Portland.
Dojc Show Next Week
The Portland dog show, to be
held March 26-28, inclusive, is
arousing a great amount of inter
est with Salem dog fanciers and
several of these are making ar
rangements to take in at least one
day of the show.
Company F
Something" new, something dif
ferent. Syncopatin fools of fun, at
armory Friday night, March 21.
Bible Class Program Announced
While there are one or two spe
cial numbers that are not yet
ready to announce, the program
for the John Evans Bible class
Sunday morning at the Bligh
theater is ready, according to an
announcement made yesterday by
O. J. Hull. Mrs. Hallie Parrish
Hinges will sing "Wonderful Moth
er of Mine," in addition to other
selections. All members of the
executive committee will be on the
platform and have charge of the
program. These will be introduc
ed in their official capacities.
Dinner Wi
At Hamilton's.
Cain Eseapes
A. L. Cain, 47 years old, escaped
from the state hospital for the in
sane Wednesday night by getting
out of a second-story window. He
was committed from Multnomah
county in 1922.
Card Tables
$4 values, special $3.48. At
Hamilton's. m21
Hearing Date Set
Attorneys in the case of the state
ex rel Johnson against Circuit
Judge T. E. J. Duffy of Bend had
decided on April 25 as a date for
hearing the case in the supreme
court. It is a mandamus action
to compel Judge Duffy to appoint
another judge to hear certain liti
gation, an affidavit of prejudice
having been filed against Duffy.
Splint Baskets
Extra fine quality, at Hamil
ton's. m21
Capital Increased
Notice of an increase in cap!
tal from $250,000 to $1,000,000
was filed with the state corpora
tion department yesterday by the
Clackamas County Savings & Loan
association. Supplementary ar
tides were filed by Jackson-Bisch-off,
Inc., of Portland, changing the
name to Carl H. Jackson & Son,
Clearance Sale
On lamp shades at to off.
Hamilton's. m21
Auto Park Discussed-
Discussion of the Salem auto
mobile park occupied members of
the Marion-Polk County Realty as
sociation at the regular luncheon
Thursday when the speaker sched
uled for the meeting was unable
to be present. How best to make
the ground interesting for the
tourist aside from the grounds
themselves was the keynote of the
meeting. The association voted to
erect a board on the grounds an
nounclng the location of the vari
ous churches of the city and the
hour for worship.
Kiss Me Again
That beautiful record of Mabel
Garrison's now being featured at
Moore's Music House, piano sales
representative Sherman, Clay &
Co., 409-415 Court. m21
Open Mail Bida Today-
Bids for the carrying of the
United States mail between the
postoffice and the Southern Pa
cific station will be opened today
Under the terms of the contract
the mail must be carried in a ve-
talent iWortuarp
rorxmnai. dlxeotou
rata lest
IftiiW Wrk ModwaM
Milnz Funeral
- Director
Expert Embalnerl
hide that can be securely locked.
and the mall protected from the
weather at all times.
Votir Baby-
Is nerhans the most beautiful
one in town, and may draw down
a valuable prize in our babv con
test. Registar the little fellow now
and watch announcements for the
opening of this event. Parker-
Shrode Studio.
Hurdy-Gurdy Bines
Victor record and sheet music
at Moore's Music House, piano
sales representative Sherman, Clay
Co., 409-415 Court. m21
Woman Minister to Speak
The Rev. Mrs. Mina C. Budlong,
field secretary for the women's
alliance of the Unitarian churches,
will Bpeak at the womans' alliance
meeting this afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Roy Burton, near
the corner of Church and Union.
Rev. Mrs. Budlong is making her
annual tour of the United States
and Canada and is now on her way
back to Boston.
Come in and Hea
Today's releases on Victor rec
ords. Moore's Music Mouse,, piano
sales representative Sherman, Clay.
& Co., 409-415 Court. m21
Longview Boosters Here
Several prominent Longview,
Wash., men stopped in Salem for
a short time yesterday on their
way home from the Lions club
meeting In Eugene Wednesday
night. All were members of the
club and were unanimous in their
decision that Salem was a live
place. The amount of building
also made an impression upon the
visitors, a majority of whom were
through this part of the state for
the first time. The party Included
Mayor A. L. Gibbs, H. W. Jack
son, chief of police; H. H. Clark,
chief of the fire department, who
traveled in a large, bright red fire
department car labeled "chief";
G. M. Hafenbrak, secretary of the
chamber of commerce; Leith Ab
bott, western advertising repre
sentative of the Long-Bell com
pany; C. C. Humber, superinten
dent of transportation; Rev. E. H.
Gebert and George Fellers.
Music Itaring Dinner-
Tonight at the Gray Belle. M.
Carmenti Metropole orchestra from
Bismarck Gardens, Chicago. Will
play later at the armory for Com
pany F dance. m21
Music During Dinner-
Tonight at the Gray Belle. M.
Carmenti Metropole orchestra from
Bismarck Gardens, Chicago. Will
play later at the armory for Com
pany F dance. m21
Klwanis Club Flags Here-
H t
Two beautiful silk flags, recent
ly ordered by the Klwanis club,
were received yesterday by N. D.
Elliott, secretary of the club.
These are 4 by 6 feet in dimen
sions, and are the Stars and Stripes
and the flag of the Dominion of
Canada. The flags will be placed
in a prominent place during the
Kiwanis club luncheons at the Ma
rion hotel every Tuesday noon, and
will be available for other worthy
Watch Announcements
This issue and Sundays Park
er's big "Baby" event. m21
Concert Nets Fine Profit ,
Incomplete returns from re
ceipts of the musical program
given at the First Methodist
church Wednesday' night, under
the auspices of the Woman's auxil
iary of the YMCA, indicate that
the auxiliary will clear more than
$125. All of this money will be
used for equipment and other
things needed in carrying on the
boys' work at the YMCA. Mrs.
John H. Harbison was chairman
of the committee in charge of hte
Begin Now
To register your baby. We want
the name, age and address of every
kiddie in town under six years of
age. Parker-Shrode Studio. m21
Merton Hart, manager of the L.
C. Smith Typewriter Co., is in
Salem for a few days on business
in the interests of his company.
C. E. Gray, of Eugene, is a
Salem business visitor.
Violators Are Fined
For riding his bicycle after dark
without a light D. H. Findley. 225
North Twentieth, was fined $5 in
police court Thursday. A similar
charge against Victor Reiseck,
2280 Fairgrounds road, was dis
missed, as was a charge of speed
ing against Kelley M. Walp.
Wanted, Experienced Marceller
At 245 X. High, Marinello Shop.
Girls Are in Demand-
Numerous calls for girls to work
in private homes are being recelv
ed by Mrs. Myra Shank, police
matron. Thursday afternoon Mrs
Shank had places for three girls,
all of which were in splendid
homes, but had no girls for the
places. The callers were referred
to the YWCA, which also seeks
to find employment for girls.
Cars Washed and Polished 1
Day & Zosel, Quackenbush's old
staud, 294 X. Commercial. m22
Virginia Causes Trouble
Virginia, the pet deer at the
state prison, ' is in disgrace and
has been banished to the chicken
yard where she has her own quar
ters Instead of occupying a certain
King Haakon and Quscn Maud, Winter Sports
Enthusiasts Like Their Subjects, Enjoy Skiing
Norway's sovereigns are shown
here at Kongssaeteren, a noted
printer resort, where ideal weather
rendered conditions perfect for the
place, on the carpet in Warden A.
M. Dalrymple's office, now occu
pied by Peter, the official canine
mascot of the Institution.' Charles
Johnson, inmate Who has charge
of the prison grounds, found it
impossible to cultivate choice
plants as long as Virginia would
nibble at the tender young shoots
as fast as they appeared. In view
of his protests, the transfer was
ordered. She will be returned
later in the season after sW can
no longer seriously damage the
shrubbery and flowers. Daily sbj
is taken out for a stroll by some
of the men, and she remains as
great a pet as ever.
Metropole Jaza Orchestra
M. Carmeati and his famous
Metropole Jazz orchestra late from
the Bismarck Gardens, Chicago,
presenting new musical and com
edy features, will be at the armory
under auspices of Company F,
Friday night, March 21. m21
School Painted
Mrs., .Mary Fulkerson visited the
Battle Creek school this week and
reports that it has been painted
and the appearance much im
Licences Issued
Marriage licences were .issued
this week to Ivan J. McDonald
and Adis B. Achley, both of Silver
ton, and to Henry Roth of Silver
ton and Verna Loganbill of Salem.
Divorce Suits Filed
Two divorce suits were filed in
the circuit court yesterday. W. B.
Fondren seeks a divorce from
Wiida Fondren charging cruel
treatment and desertion is charged
by Aletha Thompson again An
drew Thompson. Philip Holden
filed an answer to the complaint
of Emily Holden.
Bond Filed
Arthur H. Moore yesterday ifled
his bond as administrator for the
estate of Max Freibert.
Early Action on School
For Boys Pierce Promise
Action by the state board of
control in the selection of a new
site for the boys' training school
in the near future is promised by
Governor Pierce.
"Just as soon as I get onto my
feet again and am able to travel
around a little we are going to
make a selection of a site for that
institution. That school is going
to be built this summer," Gover
nor Pierce asserted Wednesday.
Friday, Saturday,
1 lb. Box
j Candy
68 c
various sports. King Haakon la
at the left. Queen Maud is the
third daughter of tha late Kins
Edward of England.
The board of control has been
deadlocked in its selection of a new
site for the school with the gov
ernor, secretary of state and state
treasurer each holding out for a
different location.
Whether Jefferson Myers, the
newly appointed state treasurer,
will Join forces with Governor
Pierce on the West tract, east of
Salem, or whether the board will
compromise on some location other
than one of the three which have
been under consideration hereto
fore could not be learned.
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Miller motor
ed to Albany yesterday to attend
a luncheon of the Kiwanis club.
Dr. Miller was unable to attend
the luncheon here Tuesday, so he
made the trip to keep up the at
tendance record.
Herbert J. Roome, one of the
new officers of the Eugene Lions
club, stopped ia Salem yesterday
for a few minutes while on his way
to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Clark of Mc-
Minnville were recent Salem visi
Miss Letha Driscoll has return
ed to the city after several months
spent in visiting relatives in south
ern Oregon.
E. S. Schumacker of Corvallis
was a recent caller in the city.
Arthur J. Hile, manager of local
theaters, spent Thursday in Port
land on business.
Thomas Larkin of Eugene is In
the city for a few days.
Among Waterloo peoDle in Sa
lem yesterday were William Simon,
A. x. Simon, Edna Simon and Mrs.
Sylvia Simon.
We started out recently to make a thorough check of
all the little folks now residing in the City, and found
that we had tackled an unusually difficult task.
that perhaps there were at least twenty-five Babies in
the vicinity of Salem, when one of our friends took
isiiue with us. He claimed that there were over three
hundred Babies now within the City limits, and really
we couldn't believe it.
Two p. m. sharp
Located two miles south of Salem on the Riverside drive road,
or better known as the Slough road, in Marlon county, on.paved
road. . - ,., v im.ti
Consisting of
COWS cows cows
t Black Jersey row, 8 years old,
milking 4 gallons now.
1 Brown Jersey cow, 0. years
fold, milking 41 gallons
now. v
1 Brindle Jersey cow, 6 years
old, milking 4 gallons now.
1 Mottled Jersey cow, 5 years
"'- old, milking 4 gallons now.
1 Red Jersew cow, 5 years old,
milking 4 gallons now.
PRIZE WIXXERS A chance to purchase a herd boar at your
own price. Pedigree and transfers given purchasers on day of
sale.' .T"--."'- '
1 No. 0 Blizzard ensilage cutter.
I .Tractor belt, about lOO feet
by 6 inches. .
1 Small feed cutter, hand or
Platform Swales.
Chat tarn fanning mill 'with
bagger attachment.
Half track Studebaker wagon
Seven-foot Deerlng binder
with tongue truck.
Five-foot Champion mower.
Ten-foot Peering hay rake.
Fourteen double disc Monitor
No. 2513 Oliver chilled plow.
Twelve-inch John Deere steel
Single shovel plow.
Seventeen-tooth spring tooth
Expert Live Stock, Furniture and Real Estate
...... ii;?4r.-.
Mrs. James F. Thompson, dau
ghter of the" late Congressman
from Missouri, Is looming . up as
a possible successor to the late
Representative Henry Garland
Dupre. ' She haa been taking an
active interest in politics and it is
believed that she will be persuaded
to become a candidate in a special
election to be held in April to
fill the vacancy caused by Dupre's
death. i
l .
inn uim VS,
At any rate we arc going to make one more effort to obtain, as
nearly as possible, a complete listing of all the Kiddies in town and
solicit the cooperation of every Mother to assist us in this. Watch
this space in Sunday's issue of this paper for announcement of our .
methods of obtaining the largest Baby registration ever compiled
in Salem. There will be some prizes, and maybe your Baby .will -win.
1 Brown Jersey cow, 3 years
old, milking 3 gaUons now."
1 Yellow' Jersey cow,"" 4 "yeara'' )
' old,, will freshen soon.
All the above cows tnbercalar . M
tested, fine condition and all
A Xo. 1 dairy cows with good .
teats and adders, and . If yon
want dairy cows, don't overlook"
this herd.
1 Sixty-tooth P. & O. harrow,.
1 Two-horse Catta way disc
harrow." v ' A
1 Good steel horn stock sad'1
1 Silo, 8x30. . ...
1 Flat rack. .,, ..'
1 Wood saw outfit. ,. ' ' '
1 lli -horse' Newway engine.
73 Bushels spring seed oats. t
Baled straw. v
Loose hay. , :.
No. 12 DeLaval cream,.
A lot of good sacks.
10O Laying hens. ' " '
1 Small circular saw with
"; shafting. .
; S Jointers...,
Horse collars, hoes, shov
els, scoops, tools . and
, - many other articles. : , -
"I'm simply crazy about this.
place," said the lunatic as be
pulled out a handful of hair and
butted his head on the wall or tne
asylum. ' '
We'd like to know who Invented
that fool saying that It takes two
to make a quarrel. s
for rent. Choice location.
Room 14 by 30 feet, brick
building:. See T. G. Bligh. .
Popular Priced
Men's and Young Men's
Tailored Suite $35 to 915
D. H. Mosher . a
. Tailor. -
a n a sood
average of
OffiM ana Hospital "
yokaioa and Seen4 fttmt, -Wast
Salaa. ...
"' -
.' . . -i 4 1
-j t