The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 16, 1924, Page 7, Image 7

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These photoirraphs were made' at
"Clover Field, Los Angeles, Cal.,
irom whlcn the proposed globe en
circling flight will be- started - this
Propose Stamp Tax to Re
place Tax on Capital
'. Gains if Needed
Elimination of capital gains de
rived from, the aale of real estate
from,; the income tax measures is
being sought by the National as
sociation of Real Estate boards,
according to telegrams received
this week by John H. Scott, presi
dent ' of the Marion-Polk County
Realty association from H. U. Nel
son, executive secretary ot the na
tional association and giving sup
port to the movement was passed
at the Thursday luncheon of the
local association and telegrams to
this effect sent to Chicago and to
United States Senator Stanfleld,
of the senate finance committee. .. .
:' It was pointed ; out by the real
tors that already, there are two
normal graduated federal Income
taxes and - one , surtax and unless
the capital gains tax was eliminat
ed on top of the other. This would
hinder property purchased for In
erican Music
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' - ' "'.
ivaicsKa isary, wcii
Known Traveler,, Rec-
ognues Primitive
Strains on Broad-
, Valeska H. Bart, .adventurer
": Into strange places, brings back
Xrom Haiti a - weird tale of tho
pritfn of jaz .Vk'-v'Vv
cot on the trail of primitive
Jazs when by accident .1 ,.Teard
jthe torn torn , beat at ' a voodoo
ceremony and I don't think t hayo
. tver experienced anything' so in
toxicating,' -Miss Baryirelttcs. ;m
' "The rhythm btgaa very slow
1 t and I could actually feel its
'. tempo raising my blood tpats .to
tt 1 1 " Mii.iMBWWBWMiWwiMMiMii mmnm jm i mil lira aniwai j&&4WKiiasiKXl
vv , , ... ; ; 3!
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') r ': llx -.J . 'L lift I
? NT
spring. Plane ' No. 1, In which
Major F. Ii. Martin will fly from
Clover Field, Is being Inspected by
vestment being readily sold.
The messages, from national as
sociation, headquarters, in Chicago
and signed by H. U. Nelson, execu
tive secretary, were as follows:
"There is possibility of eli
minating tax on capital gains .
in new federal revenue act.
Senator Smoot, chairman and
other members of the senate
finance committee, as well as
treasury department favor it.
Please wire Senator Stanfield
urging his support pointing
out the present "law restricts
sale of real property held by
present owners previous to
March 1, 1923 and encourage
subterfuge' and evasion. Tax
committee of National assoc
iation recommends substitu
tion of stamp tax on real es
tate sales If necessary to make
up loss in revenue."
The second message read:
"Tax committee will not
advocate any increase in
stamp tax on real estate
transactions and Is trying
only to obtain elimination
of capital gains front income
tax. Please wire Senator
Stanfield of senate finance
committee to support our re
quest." What we really need, apparent
ly, is a flivving wage.
Goes Back
Voodoo Chants
4f ' ' I
, . '. " : , : i
a point of Pennine intoxication.
When finally limp and spent I
got back to the everyday world.
I realized that our so-called jazz,
is a -modified form of this Carib '
nxis c Even in it present vari
ty almost anybody will admit ,
that it is somewhat intoxicating. :
"Recently I heard Paul White
man pktyinj? 'Mamma Loves Pai .
pa at the. iZiegfeld Follies. It
reminded me a- great deal of the)
too, vtom r rnQlodies.; -. It had all '
the' uncivilized appeal of native
music, for indeed 1. could close ' .
wyjexcsVand, picture myself on a'
lonely Haitian road hearing the:
native chant to the torn toms. j ;
"As dance music I should think '
It weald bo most" exhilarating is
and as a peptant, equal to ' any j ,'
I c,. pi-Volstead days,
Lieutenants Lowell H. Smith (left)
and Erik H. Nelson. Major Mar
tin Is shown In the insert.
linois Real Estate Board
Uses Radio to Give
Good Instructions
Here are some kinks In present
income tax laws applying particul
any io reai estate, mey were
broadcast this week to members of
the National Association of Real
Estate Boards by the Oak Park
Illinois, Real Estate Board. As
summarized by Archibald Harris,
counsellor on accounting and tax
ation to the Chicago Real Estate
Board the Illinois Bankers Assoc
iation, the Indiana Bankers Assoc
iation and the Tennessee Bankers
Association, they are:
Where property is bought for
renting purposes a depreciation
will be df "ncted on it each year,
even thou6u It Is not actually rent
ed. Of course depreciation may
not be taken on a house bought
solely for a residence of the own
er. Where property is bought for
sale at a profit, depreciation must
be taken for each year, whether
it is takeajluring each year or at
the time the sale is actually made.
llll A. 1 . -
in an installment saie, wnere
the cash consideration received, at
the time of the sale is less than
25 of the sale price, further pay
ments to be received over a' period
of years, the profit should be re
ported not in total at the date of
sale but in installments when pay
ment is made by purchaser, each
portion reported being equal to the
same proportion of the total pro-
tit to be earned as the installment
paid is to the selling price.
To avoid difficulty in allocating
profit on subdivisions a value
should be set up at the time o pur
chase on each fraction of property
bought. '
MANCE A romance of early Oregon, in
which the principles were the poet,
Joaquin Miller, and Minnie Dyer,
also an Oregon writer, was related
recently by Professor John B.
Horner to his Oregon history class
es at the Oregon Agricultural col
lege. "Joaquin Miller was first known
in literary circles as Giles Gaston,
and Minnie Dyer as Minnie Myr
tle said Professor Horner.
"They were contributors to the
Eugene Review of which Miller
was manager. In response to an
editorial request, she gave him her
name and address. An invitation
to her home was accepted.
"Along the trail to the Dyer
home the poet saw a boy chopping
wood in a Coquille forest. The
boy was attracted by the rugged
face of the rider, made more com
manding by a ready weapon strap
ped to his side, and by a daunt
less, dare-devil expression. The
boy was Dinger Hermann, who la
ter became congressman from Ore
gon, anUnited States land com
missioner at wasnington.
"Upon arriving at Port Orford
late Thursday afternoon, the poet,
mounted on his charger and co3
turned in frontier garb, met Miss
Dyer for; the first time. To her
he was graceful. To him she was
beautiful. .Cupid, therefore, plied
bis art easily.
"Sunday .morning a shy young
Judge made one of his regular
calls. He was met at the door by
Miss Minnie and her new friend.
Upon introducing her two suitors
to each other, she disappeared.
Whereupon Mr. Miller said, 'Judge
I'll have a word with you, sir. Miss
Minnie and Tare to be married in
a Jew moments, and you are to
have, the honor of -performing the
ceremony. .
"Marrying another fellow to
one's own best girl was a legal
procedure with ,which the timid
Judge was unfamiliar. But as
judge performed the ceremony,
which was as awkwardly done as
it was embarrassing to himself.
"The three-day courtship of Joa
quin Miller with his gifted Minnie
Myrtle was followed by the cus
tomary honeymoon. Later there
was a long storm which it seemed
as if a thousand fond hopes would
be shipwrecked. But one day, in
after years, the storm ceased. The
sky was again serene. It seemed
more beautiful than ever, for a
reconcilation had finally been .af
fected. They were happy in each
other once more, and beneath the
sky stood the poet waiving a last
farewell to his bride of the sea, as
she was sailing out across the
bar." Roseburg News-Review.
We Have Reduced
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An outfit of pleasing ym- lfcMf j t ..' . . ' . .;
metry 24 inch oblong seal- Vi- if l
loped with shjrred J y I I ' V".T b,on ,hd
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pold embroidered bnding i A T4""? bdea, l2
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doubled 6 inch frame over -f' FT baadinr with two rows
hemstitched curtain. Beau- V Li fiSL ..w-k A, i- T' j
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Floor Lamps
SILK and New
Parchment SHADES
This Great Lamp Special
'MADISON. Wis.) March 15.
Increment or increase in city land
values as a whole has been low In
recent years in comparison with
what is generally regarded as a
fair return on invetsments, accord
ing to preliminary results of a sur
vey of changes in city land values
now being made by the Institute
for Research in Land Economics
and the Research Council of the
National Transportation Insti
tute. This general conclusion does not
1 hold true for all parcels of land in
X aV. Without V
Lamp Display In
cities, according to Prof. Arthur
J. Mertzke of the University of
Wisconsin, conducting the survey,
as marked exceptions have been
discovered in almost every city In
cluded in the survey.
"As a result of the general ten
dency, it does not follow that the
purchasing of land for productive
purposes is necessarily unprofita
ble or should be discouraged,"
Professor Mertzke asserts.
Twenty-five of the larger cities
of the country and 35 in Wiscon
sin will be included in the com
pleted survey. The cities are clas
sified for study purpose in groups
headed declining, stationary,
slowly growing normally growing,
the Price on all of Our
H Interest H
rapidly growing and very rapidly
The purpose of the survey is to
discover the relationship between
population growth and land values.
It is intended for use ot tax ex
perts, realtors, railway corpora
tions and similar organizations.
Several Deals are Reported
By Moisan & Uirich Agency
Several good sales are reported
for the week from the Moisan &
Uirich real estate firm.
A. J. Barham has sold his six
room cottage on D street to I. N.
Howe for $3500;. Mr. McKenzie
has purchased the Nob Hill grocery
Our Windows
on South Commercial from. H..D.
Moses. The stock ot groceries was
sold to C. E. Reeves for. $1600.
The new five-room bungalow 'on.
North Capital .telonging to John
and Myrtle Williamson has been
sold to Mrs. J. D. Navin for a con
sideration of $4200. Eight lota
in Progressive' addition were'trans
ferred from Mr. Harris to John
and Myrtle Williamson. " ,
By Ma
PRAGUE, Feb. 24. Dr. Jarmfc
Ha Vessela recently was granted j
the privilege of sitting as a Judge
after passing a rigid examination
by a board of Jurists. She is the
first woman thus honored by the
new republic of Czechoslovakia.
Davenport and
soon as bo regained his poise the