The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 16, 1924, Page 5, Image 5

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Famous Scotch Acts
Feature at Bligh
Famous Scotch acts are feature
today at Bligh theater.
' Tht Balmoral Kilties present an
act that cannot help but please the
most fastidious audience. They
cab sing, dance and play Instru
ments with much artistry and
there is always the breath of Old
Scotland permeating the atmos
phere, c ' .. '
" Original Willie Twist: A panto
xnimlst of the highest type pre
i sents a comedy acrobatic act chock
f full of laughs and thrills. 1 His
act is full of comedy and his line
of work aside from being amusing
to the children is also entertain
ing to the grownups. His feature
trick is a table rock and fall.
, which has the audience sitting and
gasping for breath
Murray and Harris This inter
esting duo presents a comedy sing
log and talking skit. They are
both rapid-fire talkers of the new
school and hare their ovfti original
ideas of putting over comedy and
it is evident that their way is per
fectly all right as their act is al
ways in demand where laughs are
.required. . .
actor can do best Fox found it
when he cast Mix to star in this
In "North -of Hudson Bay" Mix
plays the role of a young mining
engineer prospector who has taken
up a placer gold claim in the' Hud
son Bay territory. The factor of
the post, who is the judge and the
jury according to the law of the
northern country, had murdered
the prospector's brother and fas
tened the guilt upon the partner
of the murdered man. The part
ner is condemned to the "Journey
of Death," four hundred miles
through the snow covered forests
to the border with only one day's
supply of food. Dane unwittingly
feeds the condemned man and, ac
cording to the law of the north,
is sentenced to a similar fate.
At the Oregon
The Fool" Coming ,
Soon to Grand
Channlng Pollock's play "The
Fool," that has created such a
profound sensation in our Ameri
can theater comes to the Grand
for one night, only, Wednesday,
April 2.
No i more human and Tirile
drama has -reached i the American
stage than "The Fool" an that
there is a vast public awaiting
plays of a high moral character
is shown by the nightly attendance
wherever the play is being shown.
Mr. Pollock has created an absorb-
; lug v1 iuu yeujueu u wuii cur-
' i 1 m J
icLflri Ton Ban Known iram rniia-
i hood you' may even recognize.
! yourself in the group.
The really fine thing about "The
j Fool" is that it stretches a beck
oning linger, in tne creaatn or us
j strong appeal, toj the nontheater
: goer as well as to the hardened
patron and you feel its powerful
i influence for good long after you
j leave the theater. . It is It two fist
I ed drama red-blooded drama
4 that drives straight from , the
shoulder and there is, not a mo
i ment during the four acts you are
j not enjoying its unforgettable
j message that comes straight across
j the footlights. , u,
1 The Selwyns, who are the pro-
Hurorfl havo rati (ho n! a v with
j an ; unusually well balanced cast
that includes Mitchell Harris, Hel-
i An Tft law CaoKprtnlr t-TAnw TTfl11
j Harry D, Southard, Marion Has
: lup, Brandon Evans, Clayton Frye,
; Eve Kohl, Margaret Pitt, Madeline
Hartford, John Burkell, Edwin
j Redding, Florence Ronette Smith,
'James G. Morton, Frederick James
i Ned Seabrook, Geraldine Trevor,
Martin Malloy and Edwin Ardell
North of Hudson Bay
j j Coming to Grand
V Another of those thrilling stor
ies of the far north, a tale of
romance, hardship and double-
fisted justice . is coming to the
'.Grand theater during the week.
It Is "North of Hudson Bay," a
William Fox production, starring
Tom Mix, and 'if ever "a producer
struck upon the one thing that an
: , -
Last Times Today at the
Grand I
i ft I
''Aw .J:
Marion "DavTes
m Cosmopolitan's Production of
DistrtluttJ ly
Bert Lvtell
Blanche Sweet
in'ie Meanest
Man in the. World.
Coming to the Oregon Tuesday
World's Meanest Man
at Oregon Tuesday
Bert Lytell as "The Meanest
Man in the World" may be hard
for the average film fan to ima
gine, but he, nevertheless, carries
the title role in film of that name
which comes to the Oregon thea
ter for two days opening Tuesday.
Blanche Sweet and Bryant Wash
burne head the supporting cast in
the production.
The story, which is an adaption
of the famous stage play in which
George M. Cohan personally ap
peared in New York city, deals
with the business activities of a
young lawyer who simply cannot
succeed because he is too kind
hearted. He is finally told by his
best friend to be mean to look
everybody straight in the eye and
say no.
How the attorney begins this
new method of business and how
he finds himself unable to live up
to the title of "the meanest man
in the world" provides some re
markable situations and finally,
when he is sent to a small town
in New York to foreclose a note
long overdue, he finds he can
never succeed if he must use
harsh tactics.
Blanche Sweet makes her re
turn to the silver sheet in thi3
picture, and critics who have seen
her portrayal claim she never ap
peared to better advantage than
in the rcle of Jane Hudson. Bry
ant Washburn also has an excel
lent portrayal In the role of Ned
Stevens, the friend of the young
YAKIMA, March 15. Yakima
received the trophy today awarded
by the International Apple hip
pers' association for the best city
apple week celebration in 1923 in
cities of less than 100,000 in the
United States. It is a tall silver
vase appropriately engraved.
In the olden times when satan
lost the kingdom and was hurled
to hell, from morn to noon he fell;
from noon to dewey eve, and at
the setting of the sun descended
upon Agean isle.
Last .Sunday evening there was
staged in the southern part af
Marion county a terrific combat,
a combat that would have done
credit to the toreador of Mexico
and the best bull that ever en
tered the arena. It was a niighty
fight between man and animal.
For 20 minuter the man saved his
life, expecting to lose it momen
tarily by holding the bull by the
ring in his nose and one horn.
There were perilous moments
when the hull, with terrific force
would work his head in an effort
to doisembowel the man, and so
close did 'the horn come that the
clothes were torn off, and a. naked
body was protected only by the
strength born of emergency.
The bull put one knee.on the
man's chest and, acting almost hu
man, was about to let down his
whole weight, which would have
been fatal in an instant. In some
way,! the man knows not how," he
wiggled out and the -bull came
down on the ground.
The battle was net over.'but the
man had scored his first advan
tage. Thereafter every effort
showed intelligence gaining over
brute force. Although the v bull
was on top, the man, hy smaii,
movements finally worked his body
from' under the bull, and held the
bull's head solid to the ground un
til both were exhausted. They
could not endure much longer. It
was then the bull stepped back, or
the first time showing any relax
ation of his determination to kill
hte antagonist. The man made the
most of it. He put his head to
work and began to shove the bull
back. Another minute and the
man's strength; would, have been
gone, but gathering himself for one
final effort, he pulled his body to
the front, pushed the bull back
and was on his feet. The bull was
on his knees. The battle was over.
The bull gave up, and the breath
less man realized for the first time
the perilous situation in which he
was placed. He shoved the bull
over on one side. The maji knew
he was fighting for his life, but he
fought without thinking of his
peril; he fought for his life as an
animal would fight, and he won
because, in addition to his actual
strength, he used his intelligence.
The bull had only brute force; in
that they were matched. , Brain
won over brawn because brain di
rected the man's strength, and not
an ounce of it was wasted.
For 20 minutes the fight raged,
for 20 minutes the man held the
bull at bay, until finally intelli
gence won and he dragged himself
inch by inch from under the in
furiated creature and stood a con
queror. This fight occurred near
Jefferson last' Sunday evening.
James Sharp was the man and a
Jersey bull was the animal.
SpottedTeeth Bleached White
A recommendation of the Demo
cratic national committee that the
number of delegates at large . to
the national convention be doubled
and half of them be women, can
not be followed In Oregon, accord
ing to an opinion written by At
torney General Van Winkle today
on inquiry by Sam A. Kozer, sec
retary of state. This was a pro
posal by the Democratic national
committee to give adequate repre
sentation to women, and It was
proposed that each delegate have
half a vote.
While the proposal Is not quite
clear in the minds of Oregon of
ficials, it would apparently have
the effect of increasing the Oregon
delegation from 10 to 14.
The attorney general held that
such recommendation is too indefi
nite and uncertain to authorize
the secretary of state to act upon
i. since no authority is vested In
that office to decide upon such
substitution, and no other reso
lution or order of the national
Democratic committee has been re
ceived authorizing the same.
It was further held that since
the constitution and statutes of
Oregon provide that in all elections
authorized by the constitution, un
less otherwise provided by law.
the person or persons receiving the
highest number of votes shall be
elected, it would be possible foH
eight men or eight women to re
ceive the highest number of votes
for delegates at large to the Dem
ocratic national convention, thus
r .'.wiv.W'vv,
Quick Safe Way
To whiten dull, yellowish, Uined teeth
U j on need aojr da U brush tK with
few'-, drop f of mild hrmlei liquid
then e Bpecial pacte and watch"
tain disappear. Tfei new method U
ratled Btecchodent . Combination. Tho
liquid aoftcni the tin the paste not "
only fently retnorei them, bat prevents
formation of new stains. Perfected by(
promineut dentist. : F.i.e for removing
Itreen stains from children's teeth.. No ,
effect on enamel its mild ingredients ar .
intended to act only on snrf ace : stains. ' '
To avoid disappointment, bewara of cheap
l quid imitations. Alway insist on Bleach'
odeot Combination, the ' safe treatment. -S.nall
cent, at all rood dealers, such aa -DanM.
J. Fry, Perry's Uror Store. The
Central Pharmacy, Worth ft Gray, Millars.' ;
defeating the purpose of thepro
posed change.
Therefore, the secretary of state
should be governed by the defi
nite allotment mentioned in the
call for a Democratic national con
vention, i.e., two delegates and
two alternates for each represen
tative in congress, the former to
be elected by the state at large
and the latter in the respective
congressional districts.
; ,
light housekeeping rooms, $18.
700 N. High.: ml6"
land China sow with 8 -pigs
from registered Poland boar for
$30. cash or bankable note,'
Phone 254 or 622. ml
Balmoral Kilties
5 People 5
Scotch Singing, Dancing, Music ;
Murray & Harris Willie Twist .
The Pair Behind A Master
The Fun Of Thrill
Other Features Too
211 P. M.
HCflK7 IIm Tiro h-LSMEh-i
i i s v i i a r r a r 9 .a a m 1 m wm aaiaH ii
One of the Season's
Best Offerings
Continuous 2-11 p. m.
( ;
Shootin' straight, at your funny bone !
A Wonderful Photoplay
that's what you'll say about this great drama of the
days when America was young.
AdultsA. ..
Childs .. ..
Loses .
Adults ........ .. ..
Last Times Today
X4'yWy 3 knew about , ' l'kZggi .
MS didn't put him
HOWw'y TftE in j
fN the table a deck of cards.
By it every dollar he owned
to bet that the crook couldn't
pick the Deuce of Spades. That
card was in his own pocket and
he thought the crook didn't
know. But
NOTHER new role for Ray
as the Joker who played the
deuce and captured a Queen.
Adapted from Charles Van
Loan's great yarn of the Old
West. Directed by Charles Ray.
Mary Roberts
Special Music Uy
n' 1
Logcs .. .