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No Bloodhounds-
i Authorities from Clackamaa
county yesterday asked the state
penitentiary for bloodhounds to
assist In the hunt for a robber
who committed a hold-up in Orel
gon City Friday night. The prison,
however, has no bloodhounds and
has not for a number of years.
Several shots were fired at the
robber by Oregon City officers,
and it is believed he was wounded.
Blood was found.
lr. Anne Brekke
Osteopathic Physician. Surgeon.
Phone 859, 4 6 9-J. m-16
The Pageant
At the First Congregational
church tonight promises to be a
wonderful affair. You will miss
something if you fail to see it.
Made Too Much Noise
Because he drove his machine
In the city with the cutout open,
James W. Riley, of Corvallis, was
fined $5 in the police court yes
terday. Get Your Films
And have them developed at
erty street. mit
Boaght, Sold and Exchanged
(20 N. Com! BU Phone 492
We Pay C
lii Italian Prune Trees. Good
Prices oa Walnuts, Seedling Cher-
tT Trees, 8c to lftc. General Hur
ler Stock, Sales Yard ana uiuce,
H Ferry St.
A. J. Mathla, Prop.
I Dfflce Phone 199. Re. 1140M
Wm. Neimeyer
' Druggist
la Business For Your
75 N. Cornl. Phoag 167
111 Oregon RJdg. Telephone 457
The Searey Bell Insurance
General Inrannce
PBiUjr Bell Frank Wagar
, (Formerly Dr. Schenki),
249 8. Cottage iBt.
PHONE - - 1182
The Original and Genuine Spin
al Adlnstmsnt Treatment.' Skill
fnl. Painless . Adjustment that
gets results. -
dr. l. a Marshall .
Osteopathia Physician and
3S Oregon Bldg.
i Osteopathic
Physician and Suregons
The only physicians in Salem
using Dr. Abram's method of
Electronic ' Diagnosis and
506 vi S. Natl Bank Bldg,
Dr. Harris I. Folk""
and Dr. Paul G.
Stapran, 1484
State St., Salem,
Oregon, are Chiro
practic doctors.
The Abrams method ot
Electronic Diagnosis' and
Treatment la not taught
Chiropractic doctors by Dr.
Abrams or any of his col
leges. These doctors, at 1484
State . street, have removed
the words Abrams Method
from their sign, but Instead
use the E. R. A. on their
sign and advertisement. This
la misleading and has caused
persons to start treatment
with them, thinking they
were receiving the real
Abrams treatment. The let
ters E. R. A., with periods
"after them, stands for Elec
tronic "Reactions ot Abrams.
While these doctors, who use
the imitation machine, use
the E. R. A., without the
periods; . this is misleading
and has caused persona to be
misled and to take their
treatment. For facts ad
dress ......
r EtablisKea J 69
Of fico ffouii from J 0 & nlS ? p. m
Will Celebrate
Eagle Point, Jackson county,
will stage a big celebration about
April 1 on the occasion of com
pleting the Eagle Point irrigation
project. The project will be com
pleted at a cost of about $330,000,
which is below the preliminary es
timate of $346,620. The project
covers 6,000 irrigable acres.
Of Special Interest to Ladies
The French Shop's advertise
ment on the society page of this
issue holds a special interest for the
ladies. ml 6
Another Opportunity
To get a room size Axminster
rug at practically wholesale price.
Hamilton's. mlS
Slowly Recovering
Charles P. Talent of Medford,
state traffic officer, who met with
painful injuriees when his motor
cycle left the highway near Rock
Point, and dashed in to Rogue
river, a distance of 30 feet below,
is but slowly recovering at Sacred
Heart hospital at Medford. Mr.
Talent is a brother to the late J.
T. Talent of Salem.
Nice Jersey Calf
$5.00 buys her. Second house
n of Valley Packing Co. on Pa
cific highway. ml6
Film Shop
For high gloss prints- Red
Cross Pharmacy. m!8
Japanese Dinner Tuesday
The YWCA will give a benefit
dinner Tuesday night between
5:30 and 7 o'clock. Mrs. George
O. Brown, chairman of the YWCA
social committee, Is in charge of
the affair, the money realized
goes to ward the Oregn quota of
the national YWCA fund for re
building the YWCA in Japan
which was destroyed during the
liberty Loganberry Juice
At all the leading groceries, 20c
a bottle. J. E. Crothere. m!6
Ralph Baron Dies
Ralph Bacon, 575 Court street,
who was Injured the first of the
week when his coupe was struck
by an Oregon Electric train at Tal
bot, 10 miles this side of Albany,
died at St. Mary's hospital in Al
bany Saturday morning, according
to word received here yesterday.
Bacon suffered two skull frac
tures and a pierced lung, but In
spite of his injuries, physicians be
lieved be had an even chance to
General Office Practice
Cancers Treated
Office, Tyler's Drug Store
157 8. Commercial Street
Promote Good Health .
One-Third Cream
H. E. HIDEOUT, Proprietor
Is Dr. B. S. White
THE Liar of Salem?
This he himself will answer in
three weeks to citizens ot Sa
lem publicly.
Are the impish attacks' of Dr.
B. S. White on the ERA or
E. R. A. Clinic, 1484 State St.,
and on Us staff warranted or
are they the result of mad
ness? Watch for an announcement
of date and place of discussion
on the above.
At the Following Price
For a Few Days:
514.50 Per Ton
Wood for 16-Inch from $6.00
to $10.00 Per Cord
Larmer Transfer Co.
469 State St.
Phone 030
recover. Mr. Bacon, who was well
known here, was a traveling sales
man, representing the Crescent
Manufacturing company of Seat
tle. The automobile was demol
ished in the accident and Bacon
knocked about 50 feet.
Conn Sa.xoDhon
E flat alto, Conn saxophone and
case, a real buy for $80. A-l con
dition. Stiff Furniture Co. ml6
For Sale, Cheap
One Oliver chilled plow, 12-in.;
1 John DfPro nlnw 1 4-Jn nln I
whiffletree and neckyoke. See J.
H. Lauterman. Hotel Areo. ml6
Will Raise Fish
Trouthome, Incorporated, is the
name of . new tlrm at Mrhftid I
which will be devoted to the com-
mercial nronacation of tmnt. The
capitalization is $10,000 and the I
incorporators are William Hadley,
W. C. Bradley and Dan E.
Cranberry Corners
Tuesday evening.
Mild Treatment
Dr. Redmond, Chiropractor, 328
Oregon Building, telephone 1638.
Printers Meet in Corvallis
Several automobile loads
Salem printers drove to Corvallis
last nieht to attend the regular
meeting of the Ben Franklin club
of the Willamette valley.
The Pageant
"The Great Refusal and the
Glorious Triumph," at the First
Congregational church tonight.
16-inch Block Wood
Three large loads for $15.00,
Quick delivery. Fred E. Wells.
Phone 1542. m-16.
Will Present Pageant
Fiftv ieonle will narticiDate in
the naeeant "The Great Refusal
and the Glorious Triumph." which
will be presented at the First Con-
SAVAGE At the residence, Port
land, March 14, Lulu Good
. rich Savage, wife of Roy M. Sav
age, mother of little Melva Bell
Savage, sister of Mrs. C. F. Pat-
ton of Salem, Mrs. Clair Simer
at of Portland, Mrs. Ora Jory
and Glen Goodrich of Stockton,
Cal. Funeral services will be
held Monday, March 17, at
1:30 p. m. from the Rigdon
mortuary, concluding service
City View cemetery, the Rev.
J. .T Fvnns nffiHaHnir I
NEMYRE In this city, March
15, Mrs. Emma Nemyre, age
69 years, wife of Henry Nemyre 1
of Salem, mother of Walter M.
Nemyre ot Salem, Victor A. and
Denver D. Nemyre and Mrs. I
Lena Logan Hays of Portland;
sister of William P. Caster of
New York. Funeral services
will be held Monday, March 17,
at 10 a. -m. from the Rigdon
mortuary, interment Lee Mis-
sion cemetery.
ARMSTRONG In this city
March 14, Geo. W. Armstrong.
age 70 years, brother of W. H.
Armstrong. Funeral services
will be held Monday. March A 7.
at 3 p. m. from the Rigdon mor-
tuary, Interment City View
MATTHIESEN Peter Matthiesen
died at a local hospital March
15. 1S24. at the age of 60
years. His remains went for-
ward to Portland today for in-
ferment The Wnhh Funeral
parlors in charge of arrange
LAURANCE Mrs. Fern Laurance
died at a local hospital March ticularly regarding contagious di
15 at the age of 22 years. She seases, is to be noticed in the
is survived by her husband. R. report of the week compiled by
T. Laurance. and one son. Rob-
ert of Portland. The body will
be shipped to Haines, Ore.,
from Webb's Funeral parlors.
Funeral Notice
Funeral services for the late
Mrs. Susan E. Walton, wife of
Geo. W. Walton, will be held
Tuesday, March 18, at 10 o'clock
a. m. from the Rigdon mortuary.
the Rev. B. Kirkpatrick officiat
ing, concluding service Lee Mis
sion cemetery.
talent iltortuarp
nns 1IM
nmmm Work Moderate rnaea
1 Dirtctori
Expert Embahurl
grega.tional church at 7:30 o'clock
tonight. The pageant depicts' the
life and customs of the people of
India. Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Powell
have charge of the pageant, which
wlu De Presented in native cos
tume, iieiore coming to the Kim
ball College of Theology, Dr. and
Mrs. Powell spent many years in
India as missionaries.
Build the Manument
Buy a ticket for "Cranberry
Corners," and help the soldiers'
monument rund.
Special Interest to Ladies
The French Shop's advertlse-
ment on the society page of this
issue holds a special interest for me
ladles. mlb
War Veterans Meet
.Members or tne baiem camp or
the United Spanish war veterans
8ent a socIaI evening at the
Armory laat night, in addition to
a sood program a dinner was also
served. Several musical numbers
were Slven
Modern Apartment
And furnished room for rent.
920 Mill. Phone 2090M. ml6
Rugs! Rugs! Rugs!
Now 1s the time to get a good
Axminster rug at a big saving.
Hamilton's. ml8
Hansen Addresses Class
W. E. Hansen, Salem abstractor,
had charge of the YMCA class in
citizenship last night. The class
has been reorganized since (the
"graduation" of about a dcen
who were recently admittedl to
citizenship. History and govern
ment of the United States are em
Want a Monument?
Of course; a soldiers' monument
on the court house grounds. Then
buy a ticket to "Cranberry Cor
ners." Attention, Golfers
Bishops has Just received a big
shipment of imported golf hose;
the very latest and best to be
Priced from $2 to $7.50.
Better stop in tomorrow and e?
Gladioli Bulbs
Choice mixed 35 cents dozen, 3
dozen for $1.00 while they last.
C. F. Breithaupt, Florist, 123 N.
Liberty St. m22
Accident Victims Improving'
Both of the victims of the acci
dent on the Pacific highway Mon
day, when five Salem people were
more or less injured, are recover
Ing and are expected to be able to
leave the hospital in a week or 10
days. Mrs. Janet wauer, momer
of Mrs. Z. T. Rlggs, was tne leasi
iniured of the two. The other vic
tim was S. V..Junor, goir mstruc
tor at the iinnee country ciuo,
For Sale
Ivory wicker baby buggy, like
new. Call at 294 S. Cottage street
Sunday, or evenings. ml 6
I Baseball Under Way
Sounds resembling an uprising
issued from the interior of the
state prison grounds yesterday as
the convicts began spring training
I in preparation to getting a base
ball team in shape for the season.
Jacob Hornsberger, recently elect
ed captain of the Yeoman lodge
team, has Issued a call for candl-
dates to practise. Waldo Weller,
captain of the baseball team last
year, win De manager mis ebuu
The team was rated as one ot the
I best in the Independent league last
1 Chicken Dinnre
And Apron sale at central
churcn itn ana rerry, lut-Buajr
evening, March 18, 50c and oc
Health Conditions Improved-
General improvement in the
health conditions of the city, par-
Dr. William B. Mott, city health
officer. During the week there
were 11 cases of measles, three of
diptheria and one of typhoid feer
reported to his office
For Sale
New Singer sewing machine, re
frigerator, mason jars. 1553 State
Must Sell Piano
. I am leaving the Oregon theatre
and Salem the 22nd, must dispose
of my new Monarch piano. Terms,
but cash is desired. Chaa. W.
Hawley, Jr., 1553 State street.
Grange Has Fine Meeting
Salem Grange met at Labor hall
yesterday with about 60 members
in attendance. Seymour Jones,
new president or tne uregon
Growers Cooperative Prune asso
ciation, spoke briefly upon the
purposes of the organization and
Oregon Pulp and Paper Co.
Salem, Oregon
Sulphite, and Manila Wrappings, also Butchers Wrap
pings, Adding Blachine Paper. Greaseproof, Glassine.
Drug Bond, Tissue, Screenings and Specialties,
will speak at greater length upon
the subject at the meeting of Po
mona Grange next month. Mrs.
E. F. Shafer, assisted by Otto
Paulus, showed some colored pho
tographic slides of life and scenes
in New Zealand. Mrs. Chaffey,
of Brush College, gave two whistl
ing selections.
Of Special Interest to Ladies
The French Shop's advertise
ment on the society page of this
issue holds a special interest for the
ladies. mi 6
The Film Shop
Will give one 5x7 enlargement
of the capitol, with one or more
films sold Sat. Red Cross Phar
macy. ml8.
Double-header Monday
Two speakers will divide the
time generally allotted one man
at the Monday luncheon of the
Chamber of Commerce. N. B.
Pier, field secretary of the Oregon
Chamber of Commerce, will tell
of the things being done by that
organization,, not only to bring
people to Oregon but to keep the
desirable people here. T. B. Kay,
one of the directors of the Ore
gon Chamber of Commerce, will
go into details, telling of the value
to Salem of a real live state Cham
ber of Commerce. As this will be
St. Patrick's day, there will be
fitting decorations on the tables.
Axminster Rugs
9x12 greatly reduced.
ml8 ton's.
The Film Shop-
Has moved from the Masonic
Temple to the Red Cross Phar
macy. ml8
General White to SpeaTt
General George A. White, com
mander of the Oregon national
guard, will be the speaker at the
Kiwanis club luncheon Tuesday
noon. Billed as "Perfesser Solo-
st, famous Eyetilian song bird,"
it is evident from the notices be-
ng sent out by N. D. Ellott, secre
tary, that there will be some
music. In order to teach the clirb
the tune and words of a new
booster song, "Salem," Ed Chas-
taln and Steve Willet, of the Lions
club, will be special guests.
Attention, Golfers
Bishops has just received a big
shipment of imported golf hose;
the very latest and best to be
found. Priced from $2 to S7.50.
Better stop in tomorrow and see
them. mlG
Laugh and Grow Fat
At "Cranberry Corners" play
Tuesday evening, at the Grand
For the War Mothers fund for the
soldiers' monument.
Club Continues Growth
With three new members of the
Chamber of Commerce, that orga
nization is maintaining a steady
growth. Those who will be intro
duced at the Monday luncheon, are
A. R. Rankin, special agent for
the Standard Oil company with
offices at 421 Court; Otto F,
Zwicker, proprietor of the Salem
No. S wkeit
No. 8 red wket, Mektd
45a O 481
Cheat hey
Oit key
.sia ft fii
.913 & $U
Clorer hay, baled
-9 IS (ft 914
Prices anoted are wholeiala and art
prices received by fannere. No ratal
prices are firen-
Creamery butter 51c 52e
Butterfat delivered SOe
Milk, per cwt - 92.10
Eggs, selects 18e
Standards 16e
Pullets 14c
Heavy ken...- Its
Medium and light hens -14
Hor. top, 150-125 lgi., cwt 9T.50
Hogt, top, 225-375, cwt 97.00
Hors. toD. 275-800. ewt 96.50
Light sows, ewt 95.00
Rough heavy 04o Q 05a
Tod VesL dressed 09e
Cows 02 V. & 04
Top lambs
of long time
and good
average o f
Office and Hospital A
Johnson and Second Street,
West Salem.
Fruit Trees
Our season is drawing nearer
to a close. We have some fine
Italian Prune trees and Mazzard
Cherry Seedlings left at prices that
would amaze you.
Sales Yard and Office opposite the
O. E. Depot at Cherry City Hotel.
Office Phone 1758. Res. 10F4.
Would trade fruit trees for
Scion Wood
Mothers Entertained
At Delightful Recital
Laura Grant Churchill on Thurs
day afternoon presented a number
of her piano pupils in a splendid
afternoon recital for the pleasure
of the mothers. The group did
very excellent work, and their
numbers won much approval. The
program follows:
Carl Koelling
Willamette Blakeslee
Mrs. Churchill
Woodland Chimes
Wakefield Snikh
Song at Sunset . .Wallace Johnson
Marion Shaw
Valse Danuse .... Walter E. Miles
Loretta Varley
The Pixies Drill March
A. L. Brown
Creighton Jones
The Shepherd's Evening Song. .
J. M. Baldwin
The Buzzing Bumble Bee
Lucy Klein
The Merry Farmer Schuman
O Sole Mio. . . .Eduard Bi Catua
Rosalie Jones
Children's Waltz Kohler
Richard Cooley
Puppet Dance.
Roberta Barley
Grand Valse Concert Mattel
Mary McElroy
Golden Rod March .
Edward Reade
William Blakeslie
The Robin's Call.. Leo Freedman
Ellen Power
American Legion March
Henri Lavalle
Kenneth Klein
Serenade Schubert
Valse Chromatique Leschetisky
Marie Harold
Fluff Rug works. Thirteenth and
Wilbur, and Carle Bohlburg, con
tractor, residing at 2395 South
Dullois' Dance Wed. Mar. 19
Derby hall. Orioles playing, all
welcome. ml 6
Another Auto Stolen
Police were notified yesterday
to be on the lookout for an auto
mobile that had been stolen in
Albany. This is the second ma
chine to be reported stolen in the
last two days from that cityr
Concert and Dance
The Ladies' Columbian orches
tra, of Portland, twenty-six musi
cians under the auspices of the
United Artisans, will give a sym
phony concert and dance in the
armory Wednesday evening, March
19. The orchestra has been orga
nized for several years and has
the distinction of having played in
twenty-three states. The concert
will begin promptly at S o'clock
and there will be dancing frpm
9:15 until 12. Balcony for the
concert 35 cents, main floor with
privilege of dancing 55 cents. mltJ
Our Clothes come from a fellow who has those "Boys
Ideas." He knows that you want plenty of 'pep' in the
patterns, plenty of sport ideas in the models and all the
wearing qualities it is possible to put into a suit of clothes.
Listen Fellows-Cut This Add Out
Bring your mother and come in soon. Baseball season
is just about here.
Clotfiing and Woqlen Mills Store, Inc
Preferred Stock 8 Per Cent
Salem's paper mill, payable
monthly. Hawkins & Roberts.
Speeder is Fined
Joseph P. Tompkins, of Port
land, was fined $10 for speeding
when he appeared in the justice
court Saturday. The arrest was
made by O. O. Nichols, state traffic
Nu Bone Corsets
Mrs. G. H. Littlefield will corset
you in your home, 1030 Chem.
Tel. 1539. m-16.
Of Special Interest to Ladles
The French Shop's advertise
ment on the society page of this
issue holds a special interest for the
ladies. ml 6
Garden Planting Completed
All of the early garden vege
tables have- been planted at the
boys' training school, according to
L. M- Gilbert, superintendent, who
BURNING poor coal Is
like burning paper dol
lar bills. Tou spend a lot
of money and get no heat.
But when you invest your
money in coal ot the high
est quality such' as we are
offering you are Indeed
saving money and getting
big result.
"Our coal Is all coal"
Broadway at Hood
PHONB 1855
Salem, Ore.
Were money fir 1 OT.f-'
you:jn;gooa:coal ,v V : -
db-J4 - -
Just to Make a Booster Friend of
you, we're giving
a Baseball and Bat
with every boy's suit at $10.00 or
more, and with any suit of less
than $10.00 your choice of either.
.4 -
Fits Eyes. Correctly";
For over one-third of a century: Dr
Mendelsohn has been fitting glasses. He
absolutely guarantees' satisfaction and
you will find his prices very reasonable
considering the work he does and' the
materials used. v
Dr. Mendelsohn DOES NOT BELONG
His offices are on the second floor of
v the United States Bank Building.
Telephone 723 for Appointments.
was m the city Saturday alter--noon.
Every advantage offered '
by the favorable weather has been.,
accepted by the boys.-"There, are;
more boys. In the school than at.
any time since Mr. Gilbert became
superintendent of the institution V
Baby Chicks
For sale. Flake's Petland, 273
State. ml 6
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Aryan Kelton Returns
to Salem
a RYAN KELTON, , the dlstin
J guished Psycho-analyst, writ
er and .psychologist, has returned
to Salem and ' Is opening ' another .
class tn Psychology. Kelton when '
he was here a few weeks ago mad V
many local friends, people have ,
spoken so well ot him that a num
ber have asked him to conduct ,
more classes. ' He drew a crowd of
five hundred people at the Armory
the first night - he lectured there. ';
Kelton expects to remain here for
sometime until he finishes a new
book he is writing. ' "
He is stopping at the Bligh
hotel, those who are desirous of "
private Psycho-analyst and indi
vidual instruction in Psychology c
can see him any day except Sun ,
day from 1:00 to 8:00 P. M Adi.