The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 16, 1924, Page 19, Image 19

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Make Your Car Look
Its Best This Spring
"Tom and Stan" Can
For the past nine months the
firm of Wolgamott and Ostrander,
known to all their friends as "Tom
and Stan," have been repairing
Fords and heavier cars at 219
State Street.
Both boys worked together with
the Valley Motor Company, in fact
Tom Wolgamott was employed for
eight years by the Valley people,
then both went to the firm of Har
bison and Cleveland. At the time
that Harbison and Cleveland affili
ated with the Parker service the
present firm was established.
The serviceing of the Willa
mette Valley Fords is the principal
work carried on by the-firm, they
are accredited as an Authorized
Ford Service Station.- Likewise
the Str'omberg Carburetor people
have designated them as an offi
cial Stromberg Station.
out or water t oget in. So I say
wait till you get here and let these
fellows tell you how you will save
money and squeaks by letting
them do a topping job on your car.
I suppose you have got a good
map, but one of The Grease Spot
boys told me today that by the
first of April (this is not a joke)
they! will have some dandy iew
maps of this state, and on one side
is a street map of the city of Fort
land. If you do not get here soon
I will try and get one for you, but
1 suppose they will go pretty fast
to the people who have vork done
at The Grease Spot.
So long, Joe, we are all well and
hope you are the same.
Your loving cousin,
7p Grease Spot Serves
Salem, Ore., March, 1924,
Dear Cousin Joe:
I was mighty glad to get your
letter the other day and learn that
you would soon be on your way to
the west. I
Helen and the kiddies were
tickled pink when they knew you
. would bring the whole family and
we want you to make us a good
long visit, i
Even If you were not 'able to
get the new buss the, old one is
O.K. and you want to arrange it
so you can get the-work you ask
about done -here. Yes, the boys
at The Grease Spot will fix up
either the new car or your old one
Just as you want it., They sure
have the equipment too to do the
work-and when you ,have your
crank; case drained it is done in
abort order and if the old oil looks
aa if the case is preity full of dirt
ttey will flush it' out before put-
ting in the fresh supply of oil. The
best part -of it is they do not
charge, you for the work either,
you lust pay for the oil. You bet-
Mar give the car a good greasing
liere or rather let these boys do it
Of course, if you have the new car
it will be equipped- with alemites
. but even if you bring the old one
and hae not had tbe grease cups
changed to alemite fittiugs, they
will give you a good job. They
get all the soft oil cups on the
greasing job too and never charge
you extra for it nor do they charge:
yon extra to get. the bearings in
the front wheels as some places do
you know. To tell-fou the truth.
Joe. you sret the.wholfi car creased
except the crank case, transmis
sion aiid differential for a song.
By the time you get here, if you
fcave the new. car, it will be time
to have the old grease flushed out
of the transmission and differen
tial and have new put in. You
ought, to see the dandy job they
didoa pay car.
f Never again am; I going ot get
I down and wallow in the dirt as I
nsed to and have Helen bawl me
oat for getting so much grease
and dirt on my clothes, when I can
just drive down to The Grease
Spot and leave the car and when
I get ready to go home the car is
ready too, and after supper can
take the family for a ride and not
have to work all evening.
Well, I. suppose you are busy
getting the duffel ready for the
start and we will sure be glad to
see you.
Oh, gee, I most forgot to tell
you not to have anything done to
your springs till you get here. The
I Grease Spot boys can sure fix them
up with, penetrating oil so they
. will not squeek bat you Bhould see
t the job they did for me. , Took the
springs' clear out of the car,
I cleaned them and packed them In
new grkphlte grease then put the
i leaves - together and taped the
whole business with friction tape
1 and gave that a coat of paint Say,
I am fixed v for, a whole year, no
more squeaky springs on my car,
- for no chance for grease to - get
"Mike" Repairs Cars
Starting & short time ago as an
auto wrecking house, conducted as
a side line to his regular business,
Mike Steinbock has built up one of
the largest supply depots for used
parts to be found in the city at
the present time. In addition to
used parts a complete line of ac
cessories, tires, greases and oils,
and used cars i to be found here.
Three expert mechanics are kept
busy repairing cars in the com
plete repair shop located at 245
Center Street.
Radio by J. Williams
Is something that is being
studied a great deal today by a
great many people and it is some
thing that offers a great tield for
study, and while I do not offer
myself as absolute authority on
Radio, I do believe the results ob
tained from the average Radio
could be improved most wonderful
by a little more care in construc
tion . For instance, have your
aerial carried to your instrument
with aa few bends and turns as
possible, have absolutely no bends
if possible, and while there are al
most no such a thing as insulating
Radio frequency there can bo a
good deal of car taken along that
line, such as using glass insulators
instead of porcelin or none at all.
as some are. Using spac is the
best of all for insulation. For in
s'anco, I believe in coming in with
the aerial one would come through
a3 large a space as possible from
the walls of the house through a
large piece of glass. While the
glass itself will not insulate Radio
frequencies it will help by keeping
the wire fro mthe walls of the
house, which is detrimental to per
feet Radio operation.
j Some people will say a loop
aerial is all right. It is, in so far
as it goes to make up a perfect
operating Radio Set,- but that is
like a lot of other things. For in
stance the dry batteries work on
the Radio but the Wlllard Re
chargeable aBtteries give much
better results; can be recharged
from time to time and will last
almost indefinitely, thereby mak
ing the service much better and
the price much less in the long
run. It would be wise to consult
some radio expert when contem
plating constructing a -set. I do
not niean for any one to consult
myself for I am not an expert by
any means but there are a lot of
people here who do understand
Radio construction most thorough
ly. While I am interested in the
bale of Wlllard Rechargeable B &
A Batteries I believe practically all
expert Radio men will tell you the
tame as I how that you will get
far better results by using the
right kind of batteries that will
deliver a steady and constant vol-
re Is much that could be
said on Radio and much that has
not yet been said, but the fact that
so many of our best broadcasting
stations today are adopting the
better battery policy only helps
substantiate my contention regard
ing the very vital end of the prob
lem which is the batteries.
Duco Paint Week
Next week ba3 been advertised
by the Oakland factory aaaj Oak-
and dealers as Paint demonstra
tion week for the Duco finish with
which Oakland cars are finished.
In order to show the motoring
public the quality of the paint
used on the new True Blue Oak
land, Vick Brothers are asking ail
those who are interested in paint
to come to their salesroom any
day this week and see for them
selves some remarkable tests that
prove the lasting qualities of the
new Duco finish.
Among these tests are the mud
and dust tests. Both the mud
and dust are rubbed off without
scratching the finish. Acid or
ammonia can be poured on with
out injuring the finish. Another
test is the boiling water test which
does no damage, everal other
tests haye been provided for which
will be a surprise to those who see
Vick Brothers are using this
same method of painting in their
modern paint shop, everal first
class jobs have been turned out
with this finish and all who con
template repainting their cars are
invited to call at Vick Brothers
and see these tes'B.
Among the cars finished with
this finish is the Vick Brothers
Service Car which is painted red
on one side and green on the
other which makes it loud enough
to satisfy anyone.
Easy Running Bicycles Are a Pleasure to
Hull's Tops Please
For the past twenty-five years.
O. J. Hull, owner and manager of
the top shop at 256 State street,
has been actively identified with
the growth and progress of the
city of Salem. For two years Mr.
IIu'l was physical director at the
Y.M.C.A. where he did umch to
build up the physical and spiritual
well-being of the boys under his
charge. Even since severing his
conneciton with the physical de
partment of the local organization
lie has been a leader in ail ath
letics, volley ball being his partic
ular hobby.
Mr. Hull is also a leader in the
furthering of the work of the
Bible school class being conducted
at a local theatre, and is actively
assisting in the development of
Kppley Boys' Chorus.
In 1919, Mr. Hull engaged in
the auto top business in the Y.M.
C.A. building in the location now
occupied by Mr. Bliss, later he
moved into the location on Chem
eketa street that is at present oc
cupied by the Salem Automotive
About three years ago, Mr. Hull
disposed of his holdings here and
went to Long Beach, California,
where he engaged in .the trim
mingand top business, also he be
came interested in the develop
ment of the hardwood (industry in
Mexico. aJnuary 1, he returned
to alem and purchased the busi
ness conducted by W. E. Grunert.
Mr. Hull is very enthusiastic
about the future of the top busi
ness in Salem and as soon as he
can secure the equipment intends
to specialize in glass inclosures
and stationary tops, as he made a
special study of this phase cf the
top business he is probably better
equipped to put out a satisfactory
job than any other man in the
Bill j
Farmer Is Pioneer
Thirty-nine years ago, Ray L.
Farmer, now manager and princi
pal owner of the store which bears
his name, became actively associ
ated with what was then and for
20 years thereafter R. M. Wade &
Ck. At that time Messrs. George
J.'Pearce, Ray L. Farmer and Lot
L. Pearce purchased tho store
from R. M. Wade & Co., and for
several years operated it under the
name, Wade, Pearce & Co. This
fir mname gave way in 1912 when
Mi;. Farmer purchased the stock to
what i3 now the most efficiently
conducted hardware business in
the state, Ray L. Farmer Co.
When he purchased the stock,
Mr. Farmer's first aim was to
make it the largest, most compre
hensive hardware business in Ore
gon outside of Portland. In this
endeavor he has more than out
done himself, as people who have
traveled over the state will con
cede. One of the first steps was
to departmentize the stock and the
store now has 12 departments,
each under expert superision with
the stocks kept right up to the
minute a tall times. Another of
Mr. Farmer's first steps was to
add three new departments, auto
mobile accessories, paints and oils
and electrical specialties; the busi
nes done in these particular de
partments each year is a compli
ment to his foresight.
When one talks of carrying "a
comnleta line of hardware," he
takes in a lot of territory, as a
glance at the shelves of the Ray L.
Farmer Hardware Co. will con
vince tho most skeptical. It is no
small job to buy, especially at the
right price, for all its departments
and to keep this stock as compre
hensive as possible all the time.
tl is very rarely that one man
stays in business in one location
for the length of time Mr. Farmer
has; and if he did not have the
complete confidence of the major
ity of people in Salem and its im
mediate vicinity it could not be
done. But instead of losing cus
tomers, as so many do, this big
whole-souled concern is gaining
them every day. This fact cer
tainly speaks volumes for the con
fidence people have in the firm's
ability to buy and sell at the
right price and its judgment as to
quality of the poods purchased.
One other thing that has been ac
complished in the last few years
is the fortunate connections that
have been made with different fac
tories, and the firm now makes
the large majority of its purchases
direct, thereby effecting quite a
saving over the jobber's price.
This saving is given to the public
in the shape of more liberal
prices on the good sthey buy.
Mr; Farmer and his three sons,
Ivan, Lloyd and Clifford, are gen
uine, dyed-in-the-wool boosters for
Salem and Willamette valley. Why
shouldn't they be? Mr. Farmer
has spent forty-five fears of his
life here. The boys were all born,
raised and educated here. They
all own homes here, and they have
the complete confidence of their
patrons. This is no doubt the
great reason why the Ray L. Far
mer Hardware Co. has grown and
xepanded, and will continue to
grow and expand, and will always
be one of the real business land
marks of th eWillamette valley.
Mr. Farmer attributes his sac- j
cess in this venture to hard and
consistent work toward a specified j
objective, honest and efficient
handling of his patrons, and cor
rectly applied advertising meth
, r-r-i ;v i' rSJf'
- I y -i C: -4 itk tiiP . i
Q. Do balloon tires cut down
road clearance?
A. In practically every case
balloon tires allow for the sam
amount of clearance as the high
pressure tires which they replace.
This is shown by comparing stand
ing diameters of the particular siz
es in question.
Q. , What causes the difference
in price between balloon tires and
high pressure tires?
A. Generally the balloon tire
has more material than the high
pressure tire it replaces, however
the chief difference is due to vol-
me. Recent price announcement i
is an indication of effect of voluma
on price.
Q. Would It be necessary to
change wheel alignment la tront
wheels in putting on balloon tires?
Is there greater toe-in?
A. We recommend the use of
the same wheel, alignment ag with
high pressure tires; the toe-in
should be about 5-16 inched.
Q. Does it drag? j
A. This can Best be determined j
by coasting. It will be found that
cars coast more freely with balloon
tires than with high pressure tires.
Q. Is acceleration as fast? ,
A. Our most authoriatlve testes
show that on 7.30 tires thei accel
eratiou was almost Identical with
that of 33x5 high pressure tires.
Those people, who have changed
over their cars, find also that it
does not affect the pick-up of their
Q. How do you explain the fact
that tires do not puncture with
more surface on the ground?
A, Balloon tires, being less
taut and having very low pressure
behind their treads and sldewalls,
do not strike sharp objects hard
enough to force them into th
tread or through the tire.
Q. Vhat effect do you think
balloon tires will nave on tne ten
dency toward 4 wheel brakes?
A. This is problematical .
We know that balloon tires with
two wheel brakes improve the con
trol of the car as compared with
high pressure tires. There is ho
engineering data available show
ing a comparison between ,foux
wheel brakes and balloon tires.
However, people who have driven
both, report that the balloon tires
do improve tho braking effect of
the car.
Q. What is the average in-
creaso in gas consumption?
A. There is no increase in fuel
consumption. As a matter of fact.
mileage per gallon is increased
over high pressure tires. Thero is
practically no carcass friction in
balloon tires, while Ihero, i3
great deal in high pressure tires.
It is no doubt true that larger
tread contact increases tread fric
tion, but not to an excessive de
gree, so that, as. a whole, fuel
consumption is less. . This is also
influenced by tho fact that there
is no fuel lost through slippage in
the spinning of wheels balloon
tires an not off the ground con
tinually like high pressure tires,
and the power applied by themo'
tor to the wheels Is not lost. Uni
formity of speed over rough spots
also aids.
A view of the back yard of the Salem postoffice. taken some years ago, before the annex was constructed.
- and showing the rural route carriers ready to start on their rounds; also before the day of the almost universal
use of the automobile.
Every man vrho'ever handled a.n
automobile ba3 warmly comment-
Ddd be Broth BR5
So universal is tho car's reputation:
for long life, that exceptional
mileage records no longer excite
Touring Cars that were built by
Dodge Brothers during the first
year of their existence as motor
car manufacturers, are still in
activo daily service.,
The Price Is
$805 f. o. b. Detroit $1073 delivered
474 S. Commercial. Phone 423
Has Raised the Standard of
Dealing to it's Present, Degree of Safety
1 . No inflated values or anxiety to sell a new car influenced
the tagging of the used cars we offer for sale.
2. Every car has been appraised from the unbiased viewpoint
of a disinterested party who knows the real value of used auto
mobiles. i 3. All cars are put in good mechanical condition, so they are
really worth the money asked for them.
If you wish to purchase a new car, our appraisal service is
here for your convenience, and a warehouse receipt for he
amount appraised will be accepted as part payment by most of
the Salem dealers. v . , .
1920 Chevrolet touring, overhauled, new paint $200
1922 Chevrolet touring, driven only a little. Original paint
is still bright, well equipped with extras $375
1 920 Ford touring, entirely reconditioned $200
I 922 Ford Coupe, just back from the shop $350
1 923 Overland touring, used very little $500
1 923 Dodge touring with many extras $770
If you buy from u you will invest in
Dependable Service
Half Block North of Postof ffice
ed, on, the manner In which his
switch key perversely Insisted on
prppentlng its wrong fact to the
lock. Even to a sober man, the av
erage switch keyhole is elusive, at
the best Here is a suggestion that
may help; Wita lhe,.naU tile
from your knife (If you have noth
ing better) cut a score mark on ta
top of the handle end of the key
Thereafter instinctively you will
feel with your thumb for the scor
place and will be saved much min
or irritation. ,t
A permit to operate in Oregon
was fsssueJ to the C"" Stage
company of Camas, Wash, The
capital Is $50,000 and John F. Lo- ,
Can of Portland la attorney-in-fact
lor Oregon. ' " ? ' JSS,"
-. K