The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 16, 1924, Page 11, Image 11

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Are you planning on rebuilding your old home? Are you in need of
good plumbing and fixtures? Are you in iieed of electric supplies and
fixtures? Are you planning to install a pipe; or Pipeless furnace? Or are
you paying rent and want to save that money? 1
Call on me and I will be glad to help you. My aim is to give the people
the very best for the money.
Last year I builded 22 new homes and every one is satisfactory to the
owner. My homes are not complete until they are satisfactory to the
owners. There is no job too small or too large.
I will be glad to give you my price and save you money, j .
1420 N. FIFTH ST PHONE 133 7-J
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g or bpnng umes the Desire to Build and Beautify Homes.
, --- i, -v-1.7 .. . .
it to Make Salem the Most Beautiful and Attractive City in the
Home You Live In?
The movement to
hit on a 100 basis of
iiea accounts In' vart
increase in property
town, the .bureau is
late. The figure as
d are not aubject to
however. , . They are
ach .state of .actual
And they Btiow- frre-
these taxes', 'resting
l estate in each cpm-
Increased more than
as has property Yftlu
past ten years.'
man, woman and
United States there
an average tax taid
property" amounting!
the official figures
includes' taxee levied
pvernments, counties,
Tillages, school dla-
pge districts', anir au
vsons havng the pow
xes. " These taxes 60
ht ot which are borne
nunity by real estate,
tai tor the nation1 of
WO. In 1912 the aVer-
general -tax levy per
13.91., and the total
d States' was $1,341,-
'age rate per cv
Analogy Drawn By Realtor
Between Lommunity and
t Human Being
We were taught In school that
uuman being attains his full phy-
tical growth at' the age ot 21. I
wrong Impression
believe that a
was created in the minds of many
on account of their teaching. Many
ot us have, stopped growing not
only physically but mentally and
spiritually at the age of 21
doubt very much that we quit
flowing, even physically at that
gel If we grow not only taller,
w surely grow stouter or thinner.
There is no standstill In nature.
It fa given, to the human being to
take advantage of this natural
taw I ,
It we make the growth, change
In deTOlonment in a certain Air-
uation for all civiC'-iion, we I11 advance and make
the states down4hajp7pgTess, but if we do not direct
ra $1.94 in 1912 ttrltjs growth in given channels, we
2. , U will get nowhere and have more
or less confuison, dissatisfaction
and disorder.
Let me give an example. Take
an orchard. Take care of one-half
prune, cultivate it attend to it with
the object in mind of raising a big
fine specimen ot fruit. Let the
other half grow for itself, unat
tended,- uncared. Can you ima
gine how these two orchards will
look when they are at the age ot
fruit bearing?
Luther Burbank, has shown us
very clearly what can be obtained
by directing the natural growth in
Now let us apply this same law
of growth to our community. Let
us. direct our natural growth into
correct channels. Progress, devel
opment, harmony, and happiness
will prevail.
Very few people seem to know
and understand these laws and
therefore we have so much confu
sion, worry and dissatisfaction.
There is plenty for all of us, if
we have growth in a certain direc
tion. It takes men of. vision, who
can direct this growth into the
correct channels. .
Salem, the Willamette valley,
Oregon, can never come into their
own until we know -in what direc
tion we want to grow. A certain
program must be worked out and
we must know what our aim and
purpose is. We need leaders, men
ot vision.
W .11' t !A ' 1 " 1. m cnmAfllinff
laiiy tnillK ui cxome paying uivcsuucuw biuviui6
Uf they only tz$r how simply they, too, could accumulate
zation to. work for
Dividends that have
been paid promptly
and regularly on
time not those
merely 5 promised
are the kind you
Read a little story by
a married woman
who awoke to the
fact that she and her
husband were not
progressing, but only
continuing. Her
pr o b 1 e m was the
same as your prob
lem. How did she
solve it?
w II Wi ;
i " ) T"J, . . . , - .
nd in the coupon neeiTo copy of our new
oklct, The AVoinan i toe Case." lo It now.
r. :
he Womatt-' I
4 m
Investment Department r " "
iFcrtland Railway, Light and
4 ; H Power Co.
- i J!JH : 237 North Liberty. Street .
S 1 ' Jfi r" r Salem, Oregori
More Than Million Dollars
Worth of Property s Car
ied by Bureau
More than $1,000,000 worth of
city and farm properties are be
ing carried by 172 listings Jn the
multiple listing bureau of the Ma
rion-Polk County Realty associa
tion, according to Miss Martha
Leavenworth, executive secretary
During the last week 22 listings
were mailed to the members of the
bureau, representing a total of
$205,600 worth of property. Of
this amount $163,400 was for
farm or suburban properties and
the remainder, $42,200 for city
Permits Total $86,050 for
Month with Half-million
Since January 1
Nearly $500,000 worth ot build
ing is under way or has been com
pleted since the first ot the year,
according to Marten Poulsen, city
recorder. February was the heavi
est month, when permits repre
senting $275,450 were issued with
S112.245 in January. Permits for
$86,050 have been issued so far
this month, when $48,350 were
issued for the week ending March
15 and $37,700-the previous weejt.
One business block was started
this week, when F. N. Derby re
ceived a permit for $15,000 for
the erection of a modern store
house and cold storage plant at
545 Trade. The remainder of the
permits were for residence proper
ties and alterations and repairs
Building Sites Demanded
by Future Home Builders
Building sites are in good de
mand and many homes are being
planned for construction this
spring and summer.
Sales are reported for the week
by the Childs & Bechtel agency as
Lot on South Twelfth to Tim T.
Palmer and a lot on Twenty-.fifth
to John Baer. A suburban two
acre tract east of the city limits
was sold to Charles E. Earls. All
of the purchasers plan the erection
of a dwelling in the near future.
Better Home Week
Will Be Observed
Better Homes week will be ob
sferved in Salem in accordance
with national plans during the
week of May 11 and 18. Three
homes will be obtained, all' of
them brand new and representa
tive of the $2500, $3500 and
$600Q classes on the average. Each
of these will be completely fur
nished by local firms with the lat
est designs equipment and fur
nishings. Each room, such as the
kitchen, living, dining, bed and
bath room will have the most up-to-the-minute
contrivances and
suggestion. No advertising will
be allowed in any of the homes
and each will be in charge of a
temporary resident who will act
in the capacity of hostess.
Each home will be equipped
wun lurnisnings suitable to a
home of its class. The artistic
side asr well as the practical side
will be given attention and the
finished product will be a criteri
on of how a home of this class
should appear. Speakers will be
in the home and will explain any
thing that might create a ques
tion and will seek to answer any
questions that might be asked re
garding decorations, proportions,
use of appliances and other things.
Sunday, May 12, ministers of
Your Materials are Your Boss
Pick a Good One!
You don't decide how much your maintenance and de
preciation bills will be Your materials do that.
MILESTONE Tile will save you 88r of the money you
would spend on ordinary construction for maintenance
and depreciation. If your judgment demands the econ
omy of high quality rather than the extravagances of
less permanent materials, we invite your inquiry. Our
Phone is 180.
Concrete Products and Building
Oregon Gravel Company
1405 N. Front.
Phone 180
Salem's Newest Real Estate Firm
of acreage and city property, at real bargains.
Read these over.
Sixty-seven acres of good land, seven-room house
in fair condition; good granary and other out
buildings; one good team 'of horses and harness;
one cow ; chickens and farm machinery. One and
a quarter miles from small town ; good high school
and church. Think of it. All for $3600; $1300
down, balance at 5, long terms.
Moisan & Ulrich
122 N. Commercial
Phone 1354
the city will be requested to de
vote the sermon to a general top'c
ol the advantages of a good home
and the meaning of home life to
the community and society. The
Monday luncheon of the. Chamber
of Commerce, May 13, will be de
voted, to some phase of the "bet
ter homes" movement. Tuesday
the Kiwanis club will take up the
question, with a similar program
for the Rotary club on Wednes
day. The Marion-Polk County
Realty, association will continue
the idea Thursday and the Lions
cjub on Friday.
All of the leading clubs' and
civic organisations in the city have
been asked to name a representa
tive to help work out plans and
to form a general committee. Mrs.
Winnie Pettyjohn, Salem realty
dealer, is chairman of the corn
mi teee and is directing the ob
servance of "better homes" week
in Salem.
Total assessed valuation for the
United States of afll property sub
ject to general property taxes was
$124,616,675,000 in 1922, an av
erage for each person of $1,146.16.
In 1912 this total was $69,452,
936,000. This represents an av
erage for each person of $715.48.
Dr. A. B. Starbuck, Eugene
Hayter, P. W. Campbell, II. G.
Campbell, and several others were
in Portland Wednesday attending
the meeting of growers, distribu
tors and bankers interested in the
prune industry of Oregon. Sev
eral separate meetings were held
of the different groups represent
ed, all of which went on record as
favoring the plan outlined to re
organize the Oregon Growers' as
sociation into the Oregon Cooper
ative Prune Growers' association
that will handle the Oregon crop
of prunes and market it to the
Lest advantage. District meetings
will be held to sign up growers
to the plan, the first of which is
being held at Yamhill today.
The meeting for the Dallas dis
trict will be held at the court
house in this city next Wednesday,
March 19th. Everyone is urged
to attend this meeting and a move
ment is being started to close the
business houses during its ses
sions, a it is recognized the future
success of the prune industry is
vital to the prosperity of every
community where the fruit is
grown. Polk County Itemizer.
We Deliver Promptly
Whether you! need a few boards or enough
lumber to build a house you will find. that our
truck will deliver to your address without delay.
Estimates Gladly Given
We will be glad to aid you in estimating the
amount of building material you will need.
This service is at your disposal whether you
buy from us or not.
J. W. Gopeland Yards
WEST SALEM Telephone 576
Yards in West $alem, Albany, Lents, Hubbard,
, Yamhill, Hillsboro. .
When we can sell you a home that will insure you a
place to live in your old age for a small down payment'
and at terms that are in most cases cheaper than the
rent you would pay for a like place. ' " '
room bungalows, basements, fireplaces, etc Best of
construction entirely built in. Immediate possession.
?500 down, then like rent.
SOME ELDERLY COUPLE We have quick sale "on
small apartment house tfiat will give you nice home
and $100 monthly. $1,000 will handle, balance 6 and Vs !
per cent. Immediate possession.
FOR RENT Three apartments, one house, ?20 to $C0,
immediate possession all.
Becke & Hendricks
U. S. Bank Building.
For one week only I will sell 40 acres of newry grubbed land, t
with buildings, 3 miles from Salem, near pavement, for $6,500;
$3,000 cash, remainder on very easy terms, 25 acres plowed
ready 'to seed. Spring and well water. Splendid Bolt V Gdod
dairy, hog and berry ranch. - f
Another 50 acres 5 miles out, near pavement; 10 acres plowed
ready to seed. Good fences, and asture; 3 acres timber, $3,750;
$1,000 cash, remainder easy terms. ' .
60 acres 8 miles out; 2,500 cords' wood timber; creek and 5
spring; $4,000; $1,000 cash, take wood for remainder on ground f
or in Salem. J
85 acres, fair farm buildings, spring and creek all year; 20
acres cultivated! 1,000 cords wood timber. School on place;
2 miles to paved road, 8 miles to Salem, $5,000; $1,000 cash; !
will take wood cut on place for remainder. Will give contract ;
to load 500 cords' now cut.
Should one prefer to purchase land without ;the timber, the
price will be much less. If the above terms don't suit come up )
and talk it over. The prices are very low.
JOHN H. SCOTT, 208 Oregon Building. i
IS The Statesman delivered to your.home?:
No home is complete without this paper at the
breakfast table. '
Monthly Installment Loan
on desirably located modern dwellings
Following is an example of 6 $1000.00 Loan for f
142 Months.
Pay- Prin- Intre- Total Pay- Prin- Intre- TJotal:;
ment cipal est Payment ment cipal est Payment
$1000.00 $916.00 i
1st 7.00 $5.00 $12.00 13th 7.00 $4.58 ?1UB8
993.00 ' 909.00
2nd 7.00 4.97 t 11.97 14th 7.00 4.55 11.55
986.00 902.00 ' ? ' V-
3rd 7.00 4.93 11.93 15th 7.00 4.51 I 11.51'
979.00 895.00 1
4th 7.00 4.90 11.90 16th 7.00 4.48 f; 11.48
972.00 888.00 ..
5th 7.00 4. 86 11.86 17th 7.00 ' 4.44 11.44
965.00 881.00
6th 7.00 4.83 11.83 18th 7.00 4.41 11.41
958.00 874.00
7th 7.00 4.79 11.79 19th 7.00 4.37 11.37
951.00 867.00 'I
Sth 7.00 4.76 11.76 20th 7.00 4.34 11.34
944.00 860.00
9th 7.00 4.72 11.72 21st 7.00 4.20 11.30
937.00 833.00
10th 7.00 4.69 11.69 22nd 7.00 4.27 11.27
930.00 846.00
11th 7.00 4.63 11.63 23rd 7.00 4,23 11.23
923.00 839.00
12th 7.00 4.62 11.62 24th 7.00 4.20 11.20
And so on your interest decreasing every month to the final
Privilege given the borrower to: pay $100 . or any multiple on
any monthly payment date, or to pay entire balance due with
out any bonus.
The net cost to you on this1 loan Is lower than any monthly pay
ment loan plan, of any other company in this territory,
We also have 5-year semi-annual interest payment loans.
Hawkins & Roberts
205 Oregon Building