The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 15, 1924, Page 3, Image 3

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A Page Giving
Every Saturday Morning T,
It will save you money on your
table supply.
A guide for buying Groceries,
Meats and Food Supplies.
I! It It" Iff I I , i. I I I If 1 Ml I ! I I I .1 I-'-V I M M - - W
Advance in Prune Market
Is Announced From East
Advancement of 1 ent a pound
on tho New York Bpot market for
Oregon .-prunes of the 40-50 size
ami offers of 7 V cents a pound
are uow being made according to
advices received Friday by the
Oregon Growers' Cooperative as
sociation". The activity of chain
Htorcs has absorbed the surplus
prunes on the market, it was stat
ed In a telegram- received from
It. C. PauluB, general manager,
now in the east. .' The New York
market stood at 6 V cents earlier
in the week, but Thursday night
Jumped a cent. Few prunes Were
being delivered at that price.
The price set on the New York
market Is equivalent to 6 U cents
at Portland, f.o.b and customers
have been notified of the subse
quent advance. Further advances
are anticipated soon.
Only 4,500,000 pounds of prunes
aro now in the hand3 of the asso
ciation, it was stated at associa
tion headquarters here Friday.
m -it
First asparagus tips and out of
doors rhubarb from California
were offered on the local markets
Friday. Tne tips were being sold
at 20 cents a pound. Brussels
mprouts were available at a similar
figure. These are, of a poorer
quality to those being sold during
th winter.
Ko. 3 wkMt
No. S .rd whf at, lacked
C'hMt hy
ut Bar
45e $ 48
Clorrr aay, baled
.913 0 tU
..S12 (d tl
rncM quol.a ar wooieiala and art
pries rcivr4 , fcy faraara. No rsUl
pries ar fiy.ft- .
Craamrrrr battar ... . ,--51e ' 52e
Buttitrfat delivered ....50e
Milk, per cwt $2.10
Egza, scircu.. . 18e
standards i.;.. lots
PuJleU ....... lie
Hy itts- -i.. n.. ., lo
Medium and light kena , 14
Ifon, P,'19V-55S cwti-.-il7.50
IlOfS, top, 223-173, ' f -7 nil
Hoes, top. 375-SOO. CVt S6.5D
Ijight aowa, . , $3.00
Rough keary Oie Q 05
Top Vaal, dreaaed . - Ode
Cowi , 02 a 04
Top laaba
"and please don't buy any
other kind but Peerless aft
er this. We've tried other
'kinds but we always come
.hark to Peerless loaf we
.'have never found its equal
Itl quality or flavor. It's
'like the best Home made."
"Always bit better."
'Peerless Bakery
!. I 170 N. Commercial
' i Phono 308
The Paper which carries the
most advertising in Amer
ica is a morning paper.
The Los Angeles Times
The paper which leads in ad
vertising in America's first
city is a morning paper.
The New York Times
The paper which leads in
advertising in America's sec
ond city is a morning paper
The Chicago Tribune
The paper which carries
the most advertising in the
South is a morning ' paper.
The Times-Picayune
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Ae most advertising in Or
egon is a morning paper.
The Morning Oregonian
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the most advertising in Sa
lem is a morning paper.
The Oregon Statesman
11.21- 1-8 to $1.28 1-S; good to
choice, $1.17 1-S to $1.20 1-8;
ordinary to good, $ 1-S to
$1.17 1-8; May, $1.12 1-S; July,
$l.lo 5-S; September $1.13 1-8.
IK'KXOS AIRES, March 11.
Opening: Wheat unchanged;
March, '95 1-lc; May, 5)7 l-4c.
LIVERPOOL, March 11. Close:
Wheat, 3-Sd to 5-Sd- higher:
March, 'J 3 1-ld; May, Ns 11
July, Ss 10 3-8d; October Ss
9 3-4 d.
PORTLAND, Ore., March 14.
drain futures: Wheat, bluestem,
laart, soft white, western white,
March, April, 9Sc; hard winter,
northern spring. March, April.
9 1c; western red, March, April
Out of Door Varieties Take
Place of Hot House
Grown Kinds
The first week or the leuten
season brings with it an appre
ciable increase in the' demand for
fish of various kinds. Salmon
and halibut is selling at 30 tints
a pound.
Rhubarb other than hot house
variety made its appearance on
the local market yesterday and is
selling at two bunches for 25 cents
which is a considerable reduction.
The quality is good and the stalks
of splendid length and good col
or. California asparagus tips are
now available on the market and
are of exceptionally good Quality.
Salem Men Among Those
Chosen for Officers in
New Organization
PORTLAND, Ore., March 14.
Reorganization of the prune grow
ers of the state into a new, cen
tralized body, which was favored
by bankers, businessmen and
fruit men in Portland Wednesday,
received the unqualified approval
of growers of the Willamette val
ley at a meting held at Yamhill.
Ore., today. The meeting was at
tended by Portland businessmen
and by growers from all parts of
western Oregon.
Officers of the now stat asso
ciation named today were Seymour
Jones, Salem, president; George
Zimmerman, Yamhill, vice presi
dent; W. I Staley, Saleni, secre
tary treasurer; directors, George
Neuner, Jr., Roseburg; R. W.
Hinkley, Roseburg; Charles A.
Park, Salem; H. S. Duty, Dallas;
W. - M. Elliott, Dallas; Oscar
In Bulk
13c per lb.
( , Bring Your Empty Pails
In No. lO's $1.30; No 5's 65c; No. 3's 40c
J Our Own Make
Haynes, Yamhill, and Edwin Al
len, Forest Grove.
The association will take charge
of plants of the old organization
which are needed, according to M.
J. Newhouse, manager, who ex
plained the provisions of the
agreement. The contracts will be
continuous and will provide with
drawal privileges for 15 days each
NEW YORK, March 14. Eva
porated apples, firm; prunes, fair
demand; apricots, firmer; choice
11 l-2c; extra choice 17c; peaches
steady; raisins firm.
Wheat: Cash No. 1 northern
$1.12 1-8 to $1.17 1-8; No.l dark on
northern spring, x-holce to ' fancy, the Strong."
Popular and Effective Meet
' ing at First Baptist Church
Last Night
Young people's night at the Hap
tist revival proved to be a popular
and effective meeting. The center
and front of the church was com
pletely filled with young folk who
joined heartily in the singing. Old
favorites were called for and sung.
The trombone solo by Mr. Tebow,
who played "Ninety and Nine"
while Mrs. Tebow accompanied on
the piano, was especially enjoyed.
After the solo the audience joined
in singing the last verse:
All through the mouutains, thun
der riven,
And up from the rocky steep,
There rose a cry to the gates of
"Rejoice, I have found my
And the angels echoed around the
"Rejoice, for the Lord brings back
His own."
The sermon by Dr. Trawin was
on the: rich young ruler who came
to Jesus asking what he should do
to inherit eternal, life. He came
running, the record says, and knelt
before Jesus; but when Jesus told
him what he was to do, to let go of
that which was really his master,
his property, he arose and went
away sorrowful, for he had great
"Anything," said Dr. Trawin,
"that keeps us is our master. No
matter whether riches, or pleasure,
or ambition for self, that which
controls us masters us. This young
man called Jesus master, but fn
reality his riches mastered him.
He lost his great opportunity in
his great refusal."
At the close of the sermon a
number came forward to accept
Christ and an after-meeting for
prayer "was held. There will be
no meeting this evening. Dr. Tra
win will preach both morning and
evening tomorrow. In the evening
his subject will be "Has Man Be
come the Weaker Vessel?" In the
afternoon at 4 o'clock there will
be a young people's rally, to which
all the young people of the city
are invited, and Dr. Shanks, tho
pastor, will address the meeting
tho subject, "Wrestlers With
fJguirar cured breakfast bacon i 20c
Medium Weight ic
Sliced . - 25c
Pure Pork Sausage, No Water, No Cereal
I Special for Today
Pork to Roast 12y2c Fresh Side 14c
Pork Chops 15c
McDoweB Market
v : ' Where a Dollar Does its l)uty
nioNB 1421... : '.""'nas.'comT.
Open. Until 8.1V M. Saturday Evenings.
WO T M ' S
"Quality Grocers"
MorrelFs Hams
Grown and packed in the heart of the Corn Belt of
South Dakota, medium size, lean and sweet.
9 to 12 pounds, 28c lb.
Heinz 57 Varieties
Come in and sample the Baked Beans, Spaghetti, Kraut,
Pickles, Relish, Onions, Tomato Soups. Special prices
on assortments.
6 Cans Medium Baked Beans 95c
Sapphire Flour
The real Montana Hard Wheat, a little higher per suck
than ordinary flour but the extra loaves of flaky white
bread you get from a sack more than makes up the dif
ference in cost.
$2.00 per sack
Crown Flour
100 Barrels of Flour at
$1.50 per sack
(Delivered with other goods only.)
Now is a good time to put up your eggs in Water Glass.
About 15 dozen eggs can be placed in a four gallon stone
jar with one quart of water glass diluted in eight quarts
of water.
Eggs, 20c per dozen
Water Glass, 35c quart
For Saturday, a full line of those delicious Angel. Sun
shine, Mocha, Nut, Cocoanut, Prune, Chocolate and Jelly
Roll. ' French Pastry in a variety of shapes and sizes.
, Phones 8S5. 1886, 1887. Npcjwrge t orjvcry
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"After a conference with the
director of the bureau of investi
gation a circular letter was sent
out to all special agents through
out the country instructing them
to keep a careful lookout for such
violations and alsp with a view
to securing evidence of a conspir
acy. A copy of this circular letter
is enclosed- Under date of Febru
ary 9, lt22, the United States
attorney at Philadelphia called the
department's attention to certain
circumstances in connection with
the circular latter and he was
directed to make a thorough in
vestigation and to prosecute vigor
ously any person found guilty of
transporting the Dempsey-Carpen-tier
film. As it had at that time
been brought to the attention of
the department that the courts
were imposing only a fine which
apparently was having no deter- en defendants."
rent effect, the department con
cluded that it wouy be necessary
for the courts to impose a more
drastic punishment, that there
should be a sentence of imprison
ment. The act prescribes a fine
of not to exceed $1,000 or iiupris-.
on men t. not to exceed one year,
or both.
In the letter to the United
States attorney at Philadelphia he
was therefore required in the
event an indictment was return
ed in his district and the defend
ant proposed to enter a plea of
guilty to immediately inform the
department so that it might del
egate someone to appear specially
for it Subsequently, upon receipt
oE advice as to when the case
would be called an attorney from
the department was directed to
appear before the court and call
its attention to the repeated viola
tion of the law and the need "Of a
prison sentence to secure proper
respect for it.
' The court was told that the
department believed the offenses
were the result of a prearranged
plan to defy the film statute, and
that the payment of a fine did not
seem to deter further violations
whenever a field seemed to offer
good financial returns.
The case was that of Joe CJrif
fis the court fined the defendant
As opportunity has offered from
time to time the department has
in communications to the United
Spates attorney In various parts of
the country as its files show, em
phasized its attitude regarding the
vigorous prosecution or cases oi
this character. There has been an
extended investigation as to the
substantive offense and a conspir
acy in some instances is still in
progress with respect to not only
the Dempsey-Carpentier film but
as to the Willard-Dempsey, the
Dempsey-Gibbons and the Demp-t
sey-Pirpo films. According to a
wire of the 5th instant from Spe
cial Agent "Wheeler. Los Angeles,
Cal., a conspiracy indictment has
been returned there involving sev-
Japanese Breakfast Is
Silverton Social Event
SILHERTON. Or., March 14.
(Special to The Statesman)
A very pretty social affair of the
week was that of the Japanese
breakfast given at Dream Cottage
Friday nrorning by .Mrs. T. E. Pres
ton. The cottage was converted
into an oriental home by means
of wisteria, Japanese cherry blos
soms, Japanese lanterns, parasols
and myriads of butterflies. Daffo
dils and Oregon grape were used
to carry out the cheerful effect.
The guests were met by Mrs. T.
E. Geer, and Miss Nellie Moser in
Japanese costumes and by Mrs. D.
H. Dedrick wearing a Mandarin
gown which Merlin Conrad
brought from China some time
ago. Mrs. Gladwyn Hamre assist
ed with the serving. Mrs. Hamre
was also wearing a Japanese cos
tume. Rice and tea formed part
of the menu.
Mrs- J- A. Rennet was honor
guest, the occasion being her birth
day. She received a handkerchief
shower from those present. Other
guests included Mrs. ii. Good, Mrs.
F. Rahn. Mrs. S. A. Gayl, Mrs. D.
Geiser, Mrs. E- Oder, Mrs. John
Wolford, Mrs. Dora Whitney, Mrs.
A. ISeiison, Mrs. E. Lytic. Mrs.
W. Gordon. Mrs. 1. Steward, Mrs.
E. Young, Mrs- Albert Webb, Mrs.
J. Oliphant. Mrs. W. Harvey, Mrs.
D. Shield, Mrs. A. Dickman. Mrs.
W. Eagon, Mrs. C. D- Goss, Mrs,
C. Henson, Mrs. H. Scott. Mrs'.
Merriweather, Mrs. C. Andrews.
(Continued from page 1) v.
of this than we do. They require
a certain amount for each bottle
and we get just the profits over
that price."
Oyler corroborated Smith's tes
timony throughout.
Counsel for tbe Royal Mail line
indicated their defense would be
that the liquor and narcotics were
smuggled and sold without the
knowledge of themselves, the
ship's master, Captain .Walter P.
Warner, or other responsible of
Confections, Soft Drinks, School
Supplies All are priced right at
the :
Little Lady Store
12th and Center ' '
If You Are Interested in
Reducing Your Living
You Should
Come to Damon's
You get the Best Groceries and Fresh Meats
and pay the smallest prices.
7 Bars White Wonder
Soap . . . . . 25c
Lima Beans, pound lie
2 Lbs. Choice Dried
Peaches .... 25c
3 Cans Qnarga Country
Gentleman Corn . 50c
2 Quarts Sauer Kraut 25c
Nice Medium Bacon 17c
No. 5 Pail Lard, Net
Weight 4 lbs.
tlanv Link SUO U. of ItaUy
Itoa.sts Siiiisiige J'.oilin ltref lU'vt
or Polk 2 Lbs. to Ru at Roasts
18 c 35c 8c 18c
Hahy Salt Salmon I Shoulder of Rally
IWvf 1 Ll. j Prk Prfvf
Steak For j Whole Stew
25c 55c 13c 15c
Wc have Rone lo considerable expense in fixing up a
bulchcr shop for your convenience. The butcher told
me to say to you 'folks: To just forget to go down town
today and come over and get your meat from him. In
our grocery department wc have the fastest clerks in
the business. Park in front of Damon's today and let us
load up your car with good groceries and meats.
Wc Pay 17c
Cash for Eggs
Wc Pay 17c
Cash for Eggs
899 N. Commercial Street
Just Received 100 Barrels
& uu uu
Which We Are Going
to Sell for
Per TV V
..... . 'w ...
Limit 1 Barrel to a Customer
Frank L. Lehman
175 South Commercial -rt- -
Order by
Phone 305
Prompt ;
CORN-Tender. sweet brand RAISINS-Seedcd Silver bar
2 25c; 4 48c brand. Good and whole-
"2 some
MACARONI Skinner's. pkgS. for 25c
Buy three and save money.
3 - 23c ROLLED OATS - Nutty
Flavor. Large pkg.
PINEAPPLE Hillsdale No. ony 25c -
2 size. ; -'
1 tin 25c; 2 - 48c NUT-MAKG AIUNE Gem
SYRUP StaylcyVcoto 3 lbs, for 75c
2vf lbsyr23c- 5 lbs ";-Bordcn'S and Car
62 IDS. tOCt U IDS nation
42c; 10 lbs. 79c can 10c
SARDINIIS-Portola brand TOMATOE-P remium
in mustard or tomato "rand. No. 2V size
sauce. Large 15 oz tins. 3 tins 40c
3 - 42c
Look Here!
PEACHES Curfew brand Cm-TEE-Premmm brand
' Delicious; try them. No. Superior, Steel Cut Va-2'-
size cuum. Packed;
1 tin 25c; 3 - 69c 1 lb. tin 45c
Tommy Tucker brand a TRY OUR .
real value that cannot be mLK COFFEE-P. Uleud
beat for the money. No. 3 lbs. 1.00
2 12 size "v; - ' " - --; : .
1 tin 20c; 3 - 55c Fresh Vegetables
r-J -