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215 South Commercial St, Salem, Oregon
K. J.'HradrirU
Job L. Brady
frank Jaakeski -
' Tka Associated Prfii It exclusively entitled to the nee for publication of all
diapatehee credited to it or not otherwise credited in tale paper aod alao Ua
Jocal aewa published herein.
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Hew Tork. 141-145
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(fortUnd Office. 33C Wertester BldfU Phot. 6637 BEoadway, 0. . Willlane, Up.)
Bnslae Office
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. - v Jab Department
Entered at the Poatoffiee in Salem,
' A Salem real estate man (excuse h, please; realtor) Avas
quoted in The Statesman of a few days ago as saying his line
of business is picking up, and with predicting that this will be
the best year ever in the real estate business here
And events are likely t prove him a good prophet, for
ttere is sure to be a great influx of automobile tourists, with the
advance guard beginning to arrive very soon; and the advertis
. ing campaign of the railroads is sure to direct a stream of immi
grants to the Pacific Northwest to Montana, Idaho, Washing
ton and Oregon ; and did you realize that "The Covered "Wagon"
screen being shown to millions is bound to have a great influence
- in directing favorable attention to Oregon?
Then, speaking for Salem and the Salem district in particu
lar, the idea is being put over more and more widely that we
have the cheapest lands in the world, in a well settled country
with all the advantages of a progressive community ; the cheap
. 'estwhen potential values are considered when it is known
;what may be done here in tree and bush fruits; in walnuts and
filberts and flax and mint and dairying and poultry raising
and swine breeding, and bees and celery and a long line of other
things coming from or on or under the soil, plus our showers
: and sunshine. This idea,.tried and made sure beyond peradven
ture, will bring us more and more new people, more and more
factories; more and more business, all contributing to substan
tial city building--
H V So the time may come, before long, when Salem realtors
.. will be driven to adopt a wrinkle being tried out at Los An-
i geles ' I
The business of selling subdivisions on the cafeteria plan,
which is working wonderfully well down there, where they
have nothing.' to" offer but sand dunes and sunshine. The lots
I are all numbered and staked out . and maps and price tags arc
mounted bit each, lot. The purchaser looks over the tract at his
'leisure, and when he finds what he wants lie mails the price tag
and his first payment to the realtors in charge. The business is
! completed with the title company.
'Another telling adventure in the land game down there is
' that of buying and selling tracts through a popular syndicate.
Some; promoter will obtain an option on desirable acreage and
theii admit the "public into a syndicate for the purpose of de
: Tveloping, platting and marketing the same. The big profits are
4 supposed to be on this end of the business and in this way any
- speculator is admitted to the extent of his venture. Each mem
ber of the syndicate has a personal interest in the disposal of the
(tract and may hook up with a lot or two on his own account.
" There are frequent innovations in the realty industry
And they are' all found at their best in Los Angeles.
' i The cafeteria plan explains
f Mrs., W. IV Lord of Salem recently reported she began to sec
when site arrived within thirty miles of Los Angeles on the
automobile tour which ishe is taking down there; .she said in
her letter printed in The Statesman that she also saw lively
1 iigns of business being done in these lots.
;;;.I3ut the joke is often on the man who refuses to buy down
t there, He may turn away from a sand dune lot thirty miles
j, out being offered at. $2500 to happen along a couple of years
later to see the price marked up to $2500 a front foot.
; How long this thing can be kept up no one knows. It has
;l been predicted sixteen thousand million times in the past forty
j years that the limit had been
on now with greater momentum and volume than at any former
timeand: every man in Los Angeles will tell you their town
' is gpingjto be the biggest city in the world ; and most of them
have kidded themselves into believing it.
esvr-trwj .-r
j j The vote on the Mellon surtax
amendment was wrong.' It was
: i wrong because the country be
,( lleves it can progress faster, if the
rich men are not hit so hard., The
,. temptation for hiding money in
U tax-free securities Is'tOobfg. It
t must be lessened, so as to give a
' square deal to every taxpayer in
-America. - '
-'" Oregon is. suffering because of
j tbla-dUcrimination, and Oregon
has reached the' time when it must
t have the influence and have access
u to the pocfeetbooka oC Its riph
' men. It is true that this condition
was brought about by tht react lon
' ary republicans, who Initiated on
'' scuttling the ship rath?. ; aan do
business with-other republicans.
r This sort of business will not do:
-j it is not statesmanship, and it is
the worst kind of politics. It is
' ; safe to say that the Mellon plan
must have some amendments. lie
t; put tho surtax at 23. per cent.
, The progressives were willing to
'l leave it at 37 '4 per cent, but be
,, cause the reactionaries would not
' treat with fellow republicans., we
. find it left at 14 per cent. This
is not relief enough to bring the
money out ot itsjlace of hiding
and get it In the channels of bust-
peas.1 ;
Excessive wartime taxes arc a
, drag on western progress. They
( Induce capitalists to put their
ii wealth into non-risk, lax-exempt
bonds rather than engage in' con
' structlve enterprises that always
have bocn and always will bo in
separable from hazard. That is
thr main reason why tho Inland
; Empiro was so slow to recover
Iom tho war. Men of large nieansi
experience and ability havo not
l been ; hunting over the west iu
, soa rcU ot big undertakings.
1; ! " livery western mcniber of con-
cress who contributed to the de-
cat of the .Mellon schedule votcdthal the opposition waa paying $10
- Editor
Maaager Job Dept.
Wt 36th St.; Chicago, Marquette Bulld-
S3 Circulation Office
13-10S Society Editor
Or ton, aa second-case matter.
partly the "lots for sale? signs
reached. But the thing is going
against the interests ot .his con
stituents and the welfare of west
ern communities. He voted to
clnb capital away from the fields
of western opportunity. '
How could it be otherwise?
If the opposition schedule should
prevail, the government will go on
ta&lng 6 per cent on incomes ex
ceeding $8,000, plus surtaxes run
ning np to 44 per cent on incomes
above 192,000 a maximum of 50
per cent.
The individual, under that ex
action, would take all the risk and
bear all the loss if the venture
were unsuccessful, but the govern
ment would claim half the profits
it it turned out to be profitable.
Senator Wheeler of Montana
making the charge of crookedness
concerning Daugherty, said that if
Daugherty did not get any money
he is a fool. If that is the stan
aara ot this senator, be has no
business being in bis high place
If it is not his standard he is
aeiiDerate, malicious, venomous
partisan who wants to destroy
rather than help anything. This
investigation has become so ma
licious that It is losing its effect
Ivenrss. It was right to get Fall
but now simply because McAdoo
was caught in the net, we find the
democrats making irresponsible
charges for the purpose of preju
dicing the public. Already there
Is a reaction: already the repub
licans are holding up their head
and appreciating that tho unfair
ness of the investigation is its own
best answer.
The Montana senator's point of
view is reminiscent of early-day
political corruption In that state
It Is on a level with the leading
editorial in a Uutto newspaper in
the state capital campaign of 20
years ago. It dealt witn a rumor
a vote, by appealing to the roters
not to sell themselves at that cheap
"We have dependable informa
tion," in erfect, it said, "that the
opposition is paying some voters
as high aa $50. Hoys, don't let
them buy you for $10. Get your
That low point of view would be
condemned as severely in Montana
today as in any other stats of the
union. A newspaper heralding it
would be censured by a host of
decent-minded men and women.
In the coarse opinion that, if
Attorney General Daugherty did
not get the "boodle," he was a big
ger fool than the American people
had taken him for, the Montana
senator speaks neither for the
American people nor the people of
It has been apparent that wild
game is on the road to speedy ex
termination unless something is
done about it. It is good news
that the sportsmen are going to
take the matter up. They are ask
ing for a cut in the bag limit and
shortening of the open season
for fish and game. It is believed
that all the sporting clubs in the
state will unite and help boost this
along. It has been our contention.
always, that the ambition of the
hunter was to bag the limit, and if
that limit were lessened he would
be just as well satisfied. The hunt
ers and fishers are not bad men;
thev are good men. They stay
within the law, and the shorter
season with less bag will satisfy
them, and they will cooperate for
the preservation of wild life. For
tunately, when dealing with the
hunters and fishermen we are
dealing with high class men who
ran appreciate the importance of
The Oregon Statesman is not
taking much stock in the recall.
It has come to discredit the whole
business and to be out of patience
with the law, it is used so much
as a club by disgruntled politic
However, if there is to be a re
call, the state should be combed
to find the best man for governor.
Stanley Myers, prosecutor for
Multnomah county, is being men
tioned for this place. He is a big
man with wide experience, and
would make a creditable candi
date. In. addition to this he is an
old football player and under
stands when to buck the center.
when to make a fake play or when
to leave his fortune to a forward
pass. We have always believed
that football training is fine po
litical training.
It is good news that the chain
stores are going to take up prunes.
The statement given out here tells
the whole story, and it is not a
happy one. Prunes that have been
selling for five and six cents a
pound here have sold for 30 and
33 cents in the east. There is not
this difference in transportation
and handling costs. It means that
middlemen all along the line have
been taking their toll, the price at
the end of the journey is too high
and the expectant consumer re
fuses to purchase. It was given
out that the prunes will be sold
three pounds foF23 cents. It will
mean a new food for the nation,
a food that Is wholesome, cheap.
and fills the measure completely
It means, also, that the producers
can have some chance for their
white alleys.
John Barton Payne is In a deli
cate position. He is the head of
the lied Cross and a candidate for
the nomination for presidency. It
is one of the cardinal principles of
the Red Cross that politics must
not enter in. When Henry Allen
was candidate for governor of Kan
sas, out of delicacy, he never wrote
a letter, never said a word during
the campaign, even after he was
nominated. Mr. Payne ought to
retire. He must not bring the
Red Cross Into the muck of pell
tics. ' -
A man in Hillsboro is under ar
rest for refusing to give the name
of a man from whom he bought
booze. Until we punish both sides,
until we recognize a conspiracy
to violate the law, prohibition can
not be successfully enforced.
Thero cannot be an illegal sale
without both parties being law
violators. There must be a con
spiracy to violate the law even
ahead of the violation.
The tomb of Tut is to be opened
after all. Mr. Carter, who petu
lantly locked it up, has had his
lock, sawed 'off and again the pub
lic can get iuside. However, Tut
is not such a great curiosity, lie
baa only, been there 3300 years.
Eggs have been discovered In
South Dakota that are 30,000,000
years old.
England has a labor premier,
and his troubles have started early.
He finds himself with a dock laboy
strike on his hands. He has lost
his radicalness, and now sees mat
ters through the eyes of a British
statesman, but he is unable to set
tle the strike.
lrat irulli" of last tlire" decaden.
Hold ui-sKrngrr of truth.
Your words huvt- breu to wie mcu aids
An inspiration to our youtli. j
When prohibition was in tn ed
Of friendK both staum li and trm-.
You did supply th nob'n-M T' d
A victory catne because of you.
"You ran not prcsx a rro of gold
t'pon the l.iboti r's brow,"
Wan like thi prophecies of old
And stands fulfill. -d e'en now.
' "Elect your senators by vote,
Kroiu li'irislatun s take the right,"
And quickly in our law we wrote
The mandate of prophetic light.
When wives and mothers tried to (tain
The right withheld by Ihoughtlms men
Your rinsing words h Iped them obtain
The vote long sought with voice and
To nil eood causes your aid has come
You've b. en a blessing many years,
lltited by somi. you've stricken dumb
1( your bold stand, unmoved by
But friend and brother we love you most
For a herdity divine
You have upheld against the host
Of those who would Cod's word
God's word is true and it shall stand
When thoughts of men have passed
'"E'en thine own image, by thine own
Thou niadcst us, let none say nay."
Thrice we denied you princely sway.
With Henry Clay you'll be conttnt.
Because like hira we h' ar you say,
I'd rather be right than president.
I). K. I.uthy.
Adcle Garrison's Sevr Fhase of
Copyright 1921, by Newspaper
Feature Service, Inc.
Lillian walked to the library
door, slipped the catch, to insure
no one interrupting us, came back
to the fireplace,' and looked down
at the back log and sticks laid
ready for lighting if any one wish
ed a fire.
I'm afraid Jerry Ticer won't
be as efficient a fireman as Jim,"
she said contemplatively, and I
promptly took the cue. I
"There is no use saving this as
a souvenir," I observed. "And
I'm a bit chilly after our little
outing, aren't you? Let's have
one fire on Jim."
"I couldn't help hinting,' she
said with a little moue. "My feet
arc cold, figuratively and literally,
and I can think better if I look at
a blaze.'
"A blaze it shall be then," "I
said applying a match to the care
fully-laid fire, and in a minute or
two the flames were leaping
around the back log, and Lillian,
chin cupped in palms how many
times I had seen her thus -was
gazing into the blaze with inscrut
able eyes.
I drew my own chair close be
side her, leaned my head against
its comfortable back and gazed
with half-shut eyes at the leaping
"It's a pity to wake you." With
a start I became conscious of Lil
lian's hand jogging my shoulder,
of her eyes, merry, yet compas
sionate, looking down at me.
"I'm sorry," I stammered,
"No apologies needed or ac
cepted," she said, "but it's nearly
time for the moonlight revellers
to return, and I want to spiel a
few before they arrive.'
'I am all ears." I said, wasting
no more time in excuses.
"In the first place." she began
slowly, "I don't mind telling you
That Can De
Made to f"
in any decorative scheme
are to be bought from us
because we make :t our
business" to study all of
the possible needs of peo
ple who believe iu tho
value of flowers. Just
gve our collection an in
vestigation. "Say it with flowers"
1270 X. Liberty. Ilione S03J
Discomfort and -Annoyance
Often In 24 Hours
Asthma, Hay Fever and Catarrh
are responsible for much misery
and failing health. If you are
a sufferer from wheezing, sneez
ing, difficult breathing, hawking,
raising phlegm, etc., to prove that
you can stop these troubles quick
ly and ' easily with the pleasant,
scientific Florence Formula, I will
send you a $1 bottle postpaid and
free of charge or obligation, f it
satisfies, tell your friends and pay
me only One Dollar, otherwise the
loss is mine. Merely send your
name today for this liberal tree
introductory offer-Hgood only for
10 days. F. SHEARER, 9701 Coca
Cola BIdg,, Kansa9 City, Mo.-y
that not iu years has anybody set
my plans so awry as that driver
did tonight 'when he crashed into
that bicycle. I had counted a good
deal on hearing the conversation
between Katie and that myster
ious cyclist. Of course, he had
frightened the eye-teeth out of her
head. She was afraid to do the
slightest thing. against his orders,
but what gets me is how he got
such a hold over her, She's fligh
ty hut not in that direction."
"How to Find Out."
I. felt her eyes upon me, and
tried my best to keep a iker face.
I had a theory as to Katie's ac
tions, which I did not feel I could
share with Lillian without betray
ing a confidence- of my little
maid's, made to ine long ago. Lil
lian waited for a long minute be
fore Kpeaking again.
"It Involves a confidence, I see,"
she said understandijigly. and I
realized that my poker face had
been a dismal fizzle, that by my
confusion I had confirmed Lillian
in some theory which she had
made before she spoke to me.
I made no answer indeed, there
was nothing for me to say, and
she went on:
"Can you tell me this?" she
asked, "Is there anything to be
gotten out ot Katie? Can I find
out anything of the conversations
she had with that fellow?"
I shook my head.
"She "swore her a swear,' " I
said with a wry smile, and it evH
dently was a most impressive oath,
for she is frightened to death by
the fear of breaking it."
"I thought that would be it,"
she commented, then more brisk
ly: "Didn't Mother Graham write
that Katie seemed to be hunting
all over the house for something?"
"Yet nothing of value has dis
appeared?" "I-Im." She stared into the
fire again for a long minute
then threw out her hands with
sudden decision.
"If that fellow lives I must
have him watched like a hawk,"
she said. "If he dies, which I'm
afraid he'll do, the world will be
rid of a despicable rascal, and Ka
tie's mind will be at ease, but I
shall have lost a most valuable
and necessary link in the chain.
But how to find out about him
these first few days? Depend up
on it, there'll be careful, quiet in
quiries made for him. There are
people back of that lad."
"Thanks Be to Allah!"
"Would Dr. Pettit?' I began ten
tatively. She looked at me oddly, and
then struck the palm of one
hand with the fist of the other, a
familiar gesture to me. She al
ways uses it when she is exasper
ated with herself.
"I'm getting positively senile.
Madge," she said. "I never
thought of him. He did us good
service once, and although he is
such an awful ass, I imagine he
can find out what I wish until I
have k chance to do something
else. Let me see. There's no use
doing anything tonight, for that
Apply it to Any Rupture, Old or
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.lust put it on the rupture and tl muscles
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gether M that t!i opening clone natur
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Name. ,... ir..
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The Boys and Girls Statesman
To Do
We are very excited today, for
we have an engagement ,to inter
view Rin-tin-tin, the Wonder Dog
of the Movies! He conies in,
shakes hands with us in a business-like
manner that seems to
say, "Clad to know you, cout. I
can tell my story in a very few
minutes. Being interviewed is a
regular thing with us pic'ure folk,
you know." Rin-tin-tin can't
really write his story, but if he did
it, it would read something like
"I was born during the heavy
fighting of the St. Mihiel drive in
a German Red Cross ' hospital.
My mother and, father were ser
Gap'n Zyb
The drawing; explains very
clearly how the microscope is
made I think, so I am going to
MICA "a -tara-i.
v or-
tellprou some of the things it will
do. First of all, it will magnify an
object 64 times. That means that
you will be able to see the little
yeast plants very clearly with it.
: Take a bit of yeast aal mix it
with a little sugared water and
then look at the mixture through
this microscope. At first you will
have some difficulty adjusting
light conditions.
The ideal way to use this micro
scope to take whatever you are
examining and put it on a bit of
glass. If you can make your ex
amination under an electric lisht
which you can switch from side
to side easily so as to chanse the
light, so much the better.
One very interesting thills; for
you to examine is a fly's wing.
cap'.n; zyb.
man is either dead by now or un
conscious under some emergency
operation. That was a fearful
blow he got. But the first thing
in the morning he must be looked
after. Will you run me into town
before breakfast in the morning?
I want to be sure to catch Dr.
Pettit before lie got3 out on his
early rounds."
"You know I am at. your ser-
Saturday '
Afternoons - - - - 75c
Maurinc I Scale Lcc
Art Studio
No. 12, lira j man BIdg.
February CI, Thursday Kolary Rirth
dar party and ladies' ci;bt. Marion ho
tel February 2", 27 Tuesday and Wedne
day Lions Club Minatrel show. Grand
March 1, Saturday Pioneer ttoutidop,
Marion counlv and Sa'vm Pioneer... YMCA
March 13.' 14 and 15 Htata lntwt
aeholaratie hank "t ball towroaoiant, WU
lamMta (Tmnifinm
March i4 and l-", Friday and Kalur
dayMarion comity Sunday school branrk
of religious education meets at Stayton
April 1T. Saturday Medication of
atatna "Tli Circuit Ilider," ia atat
bo. (founds.
May 16,. Friday Printry Uctioa U
June 10, Tuesday Ttepubllran aatioa
l roootioa meets ia Cleveland.
Juna 34. Tuesday Democratic attioa
aJ eaalioa aiaaca la btw Yaik.
HHIIll 4-on ttmnanaaiSJSJMMi
"""""""""Edited by John M. Miller.
Copyright, 1033, Associated Editors. ' '
I wi. w, r a Storv . I
' ,
f ' lft
Biggest Little Paper nl e o
Kin. I in. I in, th hamOUS UOK v
vice dogs at the hospital. When
I was only three days old. our dug
out was struck, anJ all the people
in it killed. My mother and father
perished, too, but somehow, by a
miracle, my five sisters and broth
ers and I were not harmed." At
this point, a tear fell from Rin-tiu-tin's
"Before long, an Allied airplane
belonging to the United States av
lation corps landed. I snarled at
the three men that spied us In the
bile of ruins. But when they
picked us up in their plane and
took us to the American lines, J
began to like them, for the Amerl
cans were very kind to us, and
vice in everything," J said quietly-
"I know that you're a dear!"
she said warmly, tapping my cheek
an odd little caress of hers. "And,
thanks be to Allah! 1 hear Dicky's
car. The moongazers have return
ed, and you can get to bed."
(To Be Continued)
Mandates Sent Down in
Hecker and Evans Cases
Arthur S. Benson, clerk of the
supreme court, on Saturday sent
to the lower courts of Clackamas
and Wasco counties respectively,
the mandates in the case of Rus
sell, Hecker and Ave Evans, who
will be returned to the lower
courts to be resentenced to pay
the death penalty for murder.
Hecker was convicted and sent
enced to hang for the murder of
Frank Bowker, a Portland musi
cian. The crime was committed
on the highway in Clackamas
county. Evans was convicted and
sentenced to hang for the murder
of James Doran of McMinnville.
The crime was committed in Was
co county. Execution in both
cases was automatically stayed
when appeal was taken to the su
preme court. Several months ago
the supreme court handed down
opinions sustaining the . lower
, Willamette Valley
Transfer Co.
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Valley Points Dally.
Oorrallls Eugene - Jefferaxm
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There Is Big Money
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purebred Chickens. Here Is
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be given FREE to ambitious
people. Send name and ad
dress to Purebred Chicken
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Journal, Salem. Oregon,
Dept. A, and full informa
tion will be mailed.
Ford Given
I is (
ia !
i as
a I it
7'h 'iKure-s reriresent corrsapond
In letter tn th alphabet. Kt.
ur, i f, A. 2 ? B. and . . Vh
w-k lrui7v ,hr worda
What are the wnrda?
T?. wWoen oirt.
All can nhare in the. eay-f.u,
prirea. Mend the three word- on
aheet f paper, neatlr written
with your nam and atMreaa. -First
prl. 1924 FORD TOTTRIvn
CAR. HeMdea thl aplendid f?2
prte we are rolnr to tlv, wav
thirty-nine other prUaa "WF
Bead Tonr Anwar Aet QaJeklr
809 . Commercial
the doushboy who adopted me for
hi8 special pet gnaieu v
kit with .me. After tne war, w
came to America, but while wo
were in Kow York, w e ere P laced
under quarantine, and little Mn-
ette, my favorite sww.. (w
double pneumonia and died."
Rin-tin-tin s ""
estinff one. He has bis nails. man
icured, not because be is Tain, but
him in climbing and
jumping over obstructions that are
placed, berore mm in i
When It is too cold for Rln-tln-tin's
overcoat, be has a heavy top
coat that he puts on. and for a
rainy day, a regular slicker. ; ,
"I do not as a rule tHscubs my
business affairs, but the public
seems to want to know about my
salary." said Rin-tin-tin. "I am
signed witn the Warner Brothers
Studio of Holiywooa, wmuruu.
for five years, receiving $500 a
week, for fifty-two-weeks a year,
plus 20 per cent additional for all
rictures distributed. I have been
making a tour of some of the
cities where my latest picture has
been shown." t i
The beautiful dog, about thej
size of a large wolf, with his gor
geous coat of a sable color, is con
sidered a wonderful dog actor. He
has won many championships, in-r
eluding the world's record in the
scaling high. jump. "
When we thank him for his in
teresting story and turn to go, the
glittering eyes of this wonder dog
smile at us in friendliness. He
rolls tbem,.then he reaches up and
kisses us! I doubt if any human
movie actor could have done It
better! " ;.
Cherro Dakers 08's "
Cherro Patent 49s
Cherro- Patent Jt'm ... - .
Cherro Patent 10's
Economy llaker's 98's . :
Oak Blend 49's , -
Economy Family 49's
Perfection Family 40's
Perfection Family Si's
Cherro Pastry 10's
Cherro Wholewheat 08's ' 1
Cherro Wholewheat 40's 1
Cherro Wholewheat 10's " - -Cherro
Graham OS's . -
Cherro Graham 49's
Cherro Graham 24's
Cherro Graham 10s
Cherro Wheatola 10's
Cherro Wheatola, Cartons,'
Cherro Pancake 10's, i
Cherro Pancake Cartons 2 lbs.
Cherro Rolled Oats 10's
Cherro Rolled Oats, Cartons
3 Ibs.
Cherro Egg Mash, 100 lbs.
Cherro Egg Builder, 100 lbs.
Cherro Developing Slash lOO
pounds. . . v
Cherro Chick Mash, 100 lbs.
Cherro Chick Mash, 23 lbs.
Cherro Scratch Feed, lOO lbs.
Cherro Growing Scratch, lOO
Cherro Chirk Feed, lOO lbs.
Cherro Chick Feed, -255 lbs
Capital Scratch Feed, 100 lbs,
, Capital Developing Mash, lOO
Capital Egg Slash, 100 lbs.
ioo ibs:
Cherro Molasses Feed. 100
pounds . i
Cherro Hog Chow, 1 lOO lbs.
Canital Mit f
; L1c,IKKRO od.
- And
l'An.XTEED ,
Cherry City
Milling) Co.
nDiniiMJ L :
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