The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 24, 1924, Page 11, Image 11

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r,h Ll,fy ul Marion. Rrv K. II.
f . " MrI worhhip ll:uo. Sub-
T ft SuU-'-: "A hcart-tu-lleart
HU mi Aristocrat." Tho Uit.l
fotiTj-nn at a. ui. The
t Peoples' terrice at 6:U0 p. iu. Spe
' ""hip n.rwirn, on Thursday and
rrtUaj- cTruiugs w:tn .rinon by the i-
Ccfcta tad' JUgfc tire is. J. J1. Ilvans.
; MiinuifT Mt flattie Mitchell. mi.,iuii
ry. r.vrrjruian'a rlie. at the Hltifh then
ui. . 1 s'ly numbered 135 and we
Htuk ler luurc Sunday illuming at :I3.
. Uur rtjirUr arhoul at the i-liurcli metis
i U tU uaual way In eUsie and drpurt
"Th1? " 9:4- "IV Church ou Trial"
wm be the uiurniiiK fet'ruiuii Uapic Quar
to t music and helpful nervice. "The War
?f 'iraBoe" will r the evening tcpiJ.
Ir. r.pley and hia juvenile chorus, with
special number by the Young l'eople. will
i- ,,. .rEraui. Christian En
r,,, itoriety uiit-tn at 6:0
uiunbcr attend thU aervioe.
Corner Sorth Seventeenth and Court
street. II. Putnam, miuistoi- Chorch
achool 0 : 1., a. ui. Chria Kowiu. suocr
lutendrnt. Our aim i 275. Kpsial mu-c.-
y J? Tufer' orchettra Kvanee
laW -Teddy 1 Lea vitt and Claude Necly
j e eriees of the
"" Jlorning eruton: "r'iTe Choice".
J he special eaujelitii: work of the Leav
itt fcoul inning 'team will be present
ly. Intermediate Christian Kndearor o:13
l. n. Menior KndeaTor 0:30. Evangelis
tic 117.11. 7 ;3U. JScrinun: ' Like A Alau
Like tiod." Services every night- durinz
the weok. Monday. "Tin. Last Will and
tiwwanrni tit I'htiat," Taeaday.
I ",tjr MI-. "The Church ot the
Sew Testament." Thursday. 'The Uood
LonfessHiB."- Friday. "The Koutrn of
t??" ' wt',di'. "Prepare to Meet Thy
oaxl. Xo siroujin- and more iearlcaa
prcacluns was ver done in Salem. Come
hear this UOWerful V. mm.- m.n nrAilnin
uins subject: "llirittt ' Mauiftstatioiin of
love." The llilik- school will cunvcue at
:4. with .1. K. L'lrich in charge. Tin
senior and junior Kndravor societi'-s will
meet at t:3t p m. Ihe Midweek ser
vices will be conducted in the prayer room
Thursday evening at 1 1'M. The month
of March is the last month of the con
ference year and this month is st apart
as "Win One" month and the last week
of the mouth Kraugiilistis service will b"
held each eveniiiic. It is' hopfd that all
the members will b prcsi nt tliritiiKtiout
th entire month at all the k rvn . A
harty welcome to all. The atteudauee at
til" liiMc school is increasing and the in
ti rest irroH-iiij; constantly. t
Chcmikcta street. F. W. I. miner, pas
tor. .Sermon ut 11 a. 111., subject "The
Lovi- of tiod." Sunday school at 111 a.
111. lldward Zinn. lead'-r The pastor
will preach at Auburn at :::u. The Re
vival ine tilths are still iu progress with a
growing interest. A number have been
Church night service oa ThuraOay evttilns.
beginning with Pot luck supper at C:M.
Special feature 7:10. Study classes 7:30.
Dcvotioual service 8:13. Iucreasiug num
tiers are enjoying this service. Let us
count on you this week.
Corner North Winter and Jeffcrsou
streets. Thomas Achcson, pastor. . I.e
Roy Walker, assistant,' in charge of the
;hinicr church. Take the North Commer
cial street car to Jefferson aveune. Two
fcervices of real interest will he held
at both miiruini; and evening hours. At
11 a. in. Iir. Migley, an outsanding lead
er of the denomination, and a man with
a strong message lor this day will be
present and will speak. lr. (.iilliert.
district superintendent, has made possible
the coming of Dr. Hieley. lie sure and
hear him. In the evening at 7 : :! p. m.
"The Parable of The Ten Virgins" will
be dramatized by members of the Junior
church. The pastor will speak on the
parable of the Virgins. Special music
nd a stood time is assured. Other ser
vices of ihe day that will bo full of in-
Uerest are: Sunday school at !:!. a. m.
with three separate departments function
ing. A fine opportunity for Kible study
is offered in classes for all ages. The
Knw-orth leacue meets for devotional meet
iug down stairs at 0:00 p. 111. Yuunj
peopl" and especially strangers are as
sured of a hearty welcome. Testimony
ami nraise service at 7 l. in.-, with
Brother Joseph Barber in charge. Pub
lie cordially invited to all of the ser
vices. Mid-week devotional and study
ueriod for loth Junior and Senior
churches. Good time assured.
CUiUtiau tuderor ,0:ut). Ladies aid
Wednesday atterooou. 1 rayerinccting
Thursday freuio.g 7:Uo. You are cordial
ly invited to worship with us. Come and
briug your friends.
K-v. Martin 1'crcshctian. minister.
Services ore held in the Women's club
building. Cottage and Cuiti-r streets
'hurrh school at 10:00 a. m Graded in
struction. Class for adults conaucteu u
the minister. Devotional servloes at II
a. m. Subject of the sermon. "The Me-'
nace of Mt-diocraty." Mrs. M r'creshe
tiou will sing "Come Ye Messed," by
Scott Mrs. W. A. Denton at the piano.
the gofcpel.
South Nincternth Ktrept. Harry W. John
auu, niinister Sunday School and morn
ma worship at 10:0i a. m. Yonug Ico-
meeting at 8:30 p. in. Mid-winter
romert program at 7:0 p. m. Proces
sional. Invocation. "I will Lift Up Mine
tyes, ( Gabriel ), Chorus choir. "Oh.
J-ord. R member Me," (Cliwlea Roma).
Mtn. tiuy Newgent. "Oh Word of God.
Incarnate." Ira B. "Wilson l Chnn.s. ehnir
l"X Uttle While' (WoUe), Mm. Harry
Zclsdorf. Mrs. Ldgar Dauherty. ''Lova
i Xvcr ralletli," (AVIlson) Mai- chorua.
J "The Lord is Kin(t (Carrie I
; Adams), Chorus choir. Duet by Myra
! and Anna "Gleason. "TJlessed Are the
r in Spirit. ' (Anne Campbell SUrke)
Uonald Craven. ; "A Song ot Trnat."
(Ira . Wilson) Chorus choir Violin
culo, by Leonard Chadwick. ' 'Now - the
ly is OvtT," (Wildcrtuere) Chorus
Liberty and Canter streets. W. C. Kant
ler, minister Sanday school at 10 a. ni.
'.Borne ery interesting classes invite your
presence and membership. They are nn
ler abfe load'erohip. M. t. McCallister,
superintendent. F. K. Neer. assistant su
perintendent. Miss Cora r'alkintfire, su
perintendent primary department. Morn
tnz worship at 11 a.' m. Sermon sub
ject, "They Who Hanor God." 6:30 p.
"i-, Youns Peoples' meeting. 7 :30 p. in.,
A "Peoples' Service" with songs, brief
; address and pictures. Snbject of address.
"The Tilings thut fortify a Maa." The
motion picture "'Halifax the Gun-Uiiarded
City. It tbrpicts the beautiful and his
torical feature of this city. Prayer meet
iny Thursday. 7s30 p. in Topic "Christ
nd All Men." j Song leader. T. S. Mac-kenxae.
Sixteenth' and A streets. 11. W. tiross,
pastor Thire will be regular Sunday ser
vices iu the German language at 7::t0
p. in. School (Knslish meets at J:W a.
111. A the Oregon district of the Walther
league nit ets 011 Saturday aud Sunday for
iu s Miii iiunnal convention the regular
Sunday service will be held at 10:30
a. m. AH strangers aud visitors are cor
dially invited to attend our Suuday school
and regular services.
Commercial and Washington, Carl K.
land Minnie ii. Miller, puslors Sunday
school 10 ii. 111. Ir. Carl K. Miller, su
perintendent. Our school is the largest
False it has ever be-n since the church has
been built. ve expest every member of
the tliurrh lo be present next Sbnday.
Clases for all ages and splendid tealhors
for every ulass. Worship at H a. in.
Sermon suhjtrt. 'ltining the Black
Horse." Kverting service 7:30 p. m.
Pioneer boys meet Monday 7 p. in. in
basement of church. Prayer meeting
Thursday. 7 ::' p. m. Y ou will fiud a
warm welcome to our meetings.
Highland avenue and N. Church streets,
I. C. and Ida J. Lee. ministers IMble
school at 10 a. 111. Walter Stanton su
perintendent. Preaching at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. 111. Prayer meeting on Thursday
at 7:30 p. m. The public is cordially
invited tu all our services.
mm ci it
pud snow
St. Paul's Kpusctrpal church, rorner of
rhurea. and Chemekrta street. Rev. U. 1.
Chamber, reetor On aceoont of the ill
ness f trte pastor ther will be no ser
vice la the chapel at 7:3o a. as. Kev
J. i. Hattoti Will ofiteiate- at the 11
'clock arrvice. The chnrch artaool will
meet at 9:13 aim iu the Parish Woasc.
The TPS will met in the Parish tnrate
at 7 o'clock. AH young people in
Center and Mberty str-ei. c. C. Pol
! .iiur. urniMer. rSnaday the 31th last
, regular praaehitag services at 1 1 a. aa. and
' 7:30 p. na.. by the pastor. Sabject ( the
warning: "A Woman's Memorial." Eve-
- Christ Kvangoliral Lutheran. State and
Kighteenth streets, G. Koeiiler, pastor.
Iivine, service with sermon in German
at 10:30 a. m. The pastor Mill speak
on "The Autobiography of the Greatest
Christian." Young Peoples' Meeting at
t;30 p. 111. Topic. "One-Half The World
Larks the Gospel: What Shall We Do
About It!" Kvcuins service in English,
siibiect 'How to Make Marriage a Sue-.
cess. Jlia-wecK niccunx 1 nursuay l
7:30 p. ui. Bible school on Saturday
conducted by the pastor. Come and wor
ship with us.
Kpiscopal church. North Thirteenth
and Center streets. Geo. S. Boeder, min
ister Sunday school 10 a. ni. A. G.
Carl, superintendent. Sermon in the Ger
man language It a. m.. nd iu tlie cye
ninx he services are conducted in the
English language. Mission study class
7 p. m., subject. "The Youth and Ke-li-ion."
You will find a cordial welcome.
Tllaine K. Kirkpatrick, minister. Corner
State and Church streets We hold an old
fashioned Methodist class meeting every
Snndav morning at :13, in the northwest
corner room downstairs. Yen are invited.
Sunday school 9:43 a. m. H. V. Shanks,
superintendent. Morning worship- 11
'clock. This is the church of good mu
sic. The choir, under the direction of
Prof. K. W. Hobson, will sing "Sun of
My Soul." hv Slater. Olisa Mildred Ma
ple and Mr. K. D. Barton will ring "The
Lord is My Light." by Matthews. Prof.
T. S. Roberts will be at th organ. Ser
mon wiU be by the pastor on thu sub
ject. "Ignorance; Crime or Misforrunef"
Three chapters of the Kpworth league
will apt at i:30 p. m. in fheir respec
tive places. Kveuing service 7 :30 o'clock.
Korntra by the pastor on the subject,
"The Keynote Message of Hosea." be
ing a continuation of the series on the
great books of the Bible and their stgui
iicauce for today. The Male choms will
sing, "KocV of Ages," by Dudley Buck.
South Comineruial and Myers streets
n V. I'emberton. uastor. We invite you
Sunday as follows: Sunday school at :4.
to attend the services of this church on
K A Khoten. suucrintendeiit. A Bible
...h,..,l with Ubrli iileals. You will 1 njoy
i,;u lt..ii. in siiiflvinsr tlie 000k. .r.u-
worth leasue at 0:S. Young p.ople
nf smith Salem esneciallv invited. Ihis
s live hour with not a dull minute
Vtnrnini' wnrshio nt 11 o'clock. Scr-
..i.ieei - "Tim Hible in World Ser
vice." Kvening meeting at 7:30. This
hour will be of unusual value. 'Hie choir.
under the direction ut .Mrs. v . nun
rttl furnish most of the evening program
The music will be unusually fine. The
.. chim-i ; "The Power of llurnil-
itv." We cordially invite you to attend
all these meetings. Gospel preaching,
fi.-istian fellnwshh). hclnful associations,
I......... vintvinir home- like atmosphere
iiar,i - - .
1 L.irlv friendliness mark tins
church. You will want to come again. We
will be glad to greet you on Sunday.
HVmwI Willis Long, minister 1:43 a.
,., Sundav school. Mr. 11. K. Barrett
.....erintenrlent. It :00 a. m , morning wor
ship. Sermon "Which Cost Me Nothing
1... .i, The nnartette will sill
'ti. f.t- of God." Jones; and V. S
Barton will sing "I. Jesus Have Sent
Mv Anaels." Byron Arnold will be at
tl,o ..r-nn G:30 u. 111., Christian f.ntieav
' .,:..c ti,i sieninr soeietv is havin
a studv in Stewardship and the class will
be led' this eveuing by ( has. Nunu. Ihe
advance intermediate society will be led
bv Genevieve Mulkey and the interme
diate bv Laura Vaton. 7:30 p. in., popu
lar evening service. Special music, con
-resational singiug and sermon. Alter
Long Time." by the miniver. Monday.
7-30 p. m. the ConovcT chapterf of West
minster guild will meet at the home of
Mrs H C. Wvatt. 1444 Center flreet.
Mrs' Wvatt will be assisted by Mrs Ward
WUlis Ing and Mrs. K. M. T. Hester
as hostesses Tuesday. 7:4j p. m. taw
Willamette chapter of Westminster guild
will meet at the home of IM,Min"h1
Itlirir. 873 Marion stre t. Miss Blair .ll
We assisted bv Miss Clara Healy. cdnes
dav 4 00 p. "tii. the Wallace Westminster
circle will meet with Mrs. W. W. Long at
the Mance for a special business
Thursday, the Kast division of the Ladies
aid soeietv invites all ladies of the ton-
".l friends to Htteud a silver
Tea which will be given Thursday 3 to
3-30 p. m.. at the new home of Dr. anil
Mrs II J Cbments, 3fi0 S. rourte-nth
't.1i 1.1 Mid-week devotions
and Stewardship class Large attendance
and growing interest. The pulbic is cor
dially invited to attend this class Satur-
yday. '2:30 p. m. Starling i.igm ntara.
program in ine nmrru
Corner Twelfth and Misison streets
Sunday school 10 . in. Classes fur H
aes. Preaching 11 a. m. Subject.
"Preparation for Service." F.vening scr
vice Christian Endeavor 6:30. subject
' 'One-half of the World Lacks the Gos
pel; What Shall We To About It!
Loader Mrs. Nettie Tibbet. PreaehinS
7:30. Subject. "Come Sec a Man.
are invited to alt of these services. C. Vt .
Tibbet, pastor.
Holiness meeting 11 a. 111 A meeting
for the saints with full salvation preach-
ng. Company met Hug (Sunday seliool)
lasses for all ag'-s. 2 p. in. A fine time
with the children. Come and bring tluiii.
YPL, ":13. A joung peoples meetms
that will be enjoyed by all that come.
Ba'tle for souls H o'clock, an old Sal
vation army meeting with th old tune
nr.. .. - (itioil siii'rin a nd music. Ser
mon subject "I'nnotieed Things that Inf
ract from a Spiritual Life. lunsign ..
M. Ilolbrook will give some experiences
from th other sid- of life. Meetings
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during
the week." Ensign and Mrs. A. M. llol-
brook, officers in charge.
Corner Fifth and Gaines: X. C. J f"
sou, pastor aanoaiu seuooi ui f.' ...
, preaching at 11:30 by tne pasior.
Young Peoples met ting at l'- m-
I'raver meeting Wednesday at 7:30. Last
sl-l.i.,.ili 11 were added bv baiXTisin. Peo-
plt are finding this to be a church whore
the Bible is supreme. The subject for
Sunday at 7:30 wjll be, "A Court in Ses
sion. Judge, Attorney ana .niry vn a rr
t." This is a wond-rful lecture snow
ing just how our cases are handled in
heaven. It is., the privilege of cery one
ii. know 111 advance just wuai ine t-
dict will be in his or her cae. loii s
fail to hear it. Ilring your lricnus. inert
will be no lecture March But the
tb of March the pastor will fur a ie;
ture on "What Will Become of Turkey .
0. B. Gingrich Tells Some of
the Strong joints of Lat
, est Car to Appear
very few yards, brought the car lLf;CTRCITY MAY
to. a stop.
Another noticeable feature was j
the lack of throw from one side j
of the car to the other while'
roundiug curves. Of course it was
dark before we returned to th"
auditorium and in order to Rvt an
other good look at the car we went
inside. This time it waa not so
easy to Ret a close-up of the car.
It Is; not exaggerating when 1
say that literally hundreds were
seeking an opportunity to pet a
look at the Chrysler cars. We took
our turn and gradually worked to
the front when again we observed
One ob the bis surprises ot Ihe
Portland automobile show was the
showing of the new Chrysler linejalniost witn dazzlilIS Speaor th
Imperial Sedan silhouetted against
beautiful scenery in the back
ground which, of course, added to
Corner of Capitol aud -Marion streets.
Sundav school 1 a. m.. ami Oniian
preaching mtvicc 11 a. ui. No evcnin;
oervice. M. Penny, pastor
Fifteenth and Mill streets, llavid (. .
Ilassel. pastor Sunday liiorninfc- service
11 o'clock and Sunday seliool 1'J. (iust.
Anderson, superintendent. Epworth lea sue
7:15, with a fellowship hour from 0 to
7." The cveniua aervict. o'clock. On
Tuesday evenins the girls' club will meet
w ith M ink Ko Heiue. Prajer met tine
and Bible study Thursday evenins at 8
o'clock. We cordially invite you to these
Tabernacle, Ferry street, near Church
f,.stors 11. E. Cassweli anil -Mrs.
Caswell. 423 X. Winter street Sunday
school opens at '.' p. m. Mr. It. M . Sco
bee. superintendent. Suuday afternoon.
3 o'clock preachins service. Subject, "The
Mormon in the House of Simon." Eve
ning, evangelistic service, subject "Grace
Enoiieh."' Tuesday evcnin 7:30 Prayi r
and Praise Friday evening 7:3U HHtle
study. Saturday evening 7:30 Vouug 1'to
ples' service.
'orrter of Market and N. Winter street
Kev. Mortimer C. Clarke, pastor. Sun
day school at !i:". Ir. Frank S. HhitU
superintendent. Classen for all sizes and
ases Preachins hours 1 1 to 7:1".. Class
meeting 12:13. A. 1. Gillette, leader.
Youti'4 Peoples' ineetiiis at 0::tO. Maxinc
R-ed. leadT. The Fundamentals llible
class Tuesday at 7:15. We have six
denominations represented in our class.
If you are not engaged in a systematic
study of Cod's Word, come and spend
n Imiir's reverent ntudy with us. Prayer
meeting every Thursday evenins at i :3u.
In the absenee of the pastor, in Portland.
Rev Cvrus Cook will preach at 11 o'clock
and Rev. W. X. Coffee in th evening.
You will rereive a cordial welcome at
these services.
Castle Chapel, corner of Seventeenth
street and Nebraska avenue. George
Chapman, pastor. Sunday school 10 a m.
C. P. Wells, superintendent. There is a
class for vou, come. Morning worship 11
a. m. Christian endeavor, 0:30. Junior
pttt.t. nnsPEL MISSION
At 13 South Commercial street Ralph
I). rJullock. pastor. Kesidenee. 'J51 Mis
sion street. Services Sunday. '1 p. iu and
7:30 p. m. Tuesday, 'lTuirsday and Sat
urday nights at 7 :). "Stand Ye in
the Wavs and See ami Ask for the Paths
Where is the Good Way and Walk There
in. and Ye Shall Find Rest for our
Souls." Jer. (i AH.
At 313A Court street. C. S. Johnson,
pastor Sunday school at 1 p. m. Services
at and 7:30 p. m. Announcement of
uext week services will be made Sunday.
Special meetings have bet n in progress
for the past four weeks. The attendance
and interest have been good. Many have
been blessed and the work has been
strengthened. You are invited to come
and worship with us. We believe in the
full gospel. Everybody invited.
If You Buy a
Nearly New
At 13 to North Church street. .T. J.
Gillespie, pastor Sunday school 10 a. m.
Mrs. Walter Barkus. superintendent. Our
KiiiiHav school is a live wire in regard to
thinzs' spiritual, and we Have classes to
suit all grades of scholars, aud every one
has the privilege of taking a part in the
Sundav school Preaching service 11
ni. Subject: "The Straight Gate, and the
Rrurl Wv " Mutt 7:13-'J3. loung I'eo
nles" services I:I5. and testimony and
trreaehinr service 7:30. Prayer meeting
with K. S. liross, 151K1 Highland avenue.
Tuesday evenins. "::: and prayer meet
ins at' the chattel Wednesday evening
7:30. Charles Peters, leader. Come ex
pecting to take a part in the- services
of automobiles, according to Oscar
U. Gingrich, manager and proprie
tor of the Gingrich Motor & Tire
Mr. Gingrich had the following
to say when interviewed by a rep
resentative of The Statesman: "V.
C. Rush, one of our salesmen, and
myself went to Portland Friday of
the week of the auto show antici
pating nothing unusual, inasmuch
as we have always taken in the
Portland show and off course ex
pected to see many new and beau
tiful cars as usual. - We went to
the show because we considered it
more or less a matter of necessary
routine in the conduct of our bus
iness, as well as the automobile
industry as a whole.
TV'e arrived at the auditorium
late in the afternoon and proceed
ed to take in all cars on the main
floor. Vc were In no particular
hurry to get to the Covey Motor
Car company's booth, where a full
line of Chrysler cars was display
ed. It being the dinner hour we
had an excellent opportunity to get
a good view at all models, due to
the absence of onlookers at this
hour. Needless to say that Ave had
the surprise of our lives. Mr. Hush
being more or less of the nervous
temperament, circled one Chrisler
after another, then doubled back
and tried to call my attention to
a multitude of things until I fin
ally suggested that we had better
get our dinner aud v come back
again, and In the meantime get
a demonstration in the car. After
dinner one af the accommodating
salesmen of the Covey Motor com
pany gave us a ride in the stan
dard model touring car. He took
us tiut on Washington Heights and
circled the heights to the top. The
outstanding feature of our trip In
the top was tlie tremendous toner
manifested and the ease wit ft
which the little car responded to
every movement of the driver. At
one time the driver idled the car
on one of the steepest grades and
when we rather expected hint to
shift to second ho opened, by a
slight movement of nts toot, a re
serve power jet and the car picked
up speed, and in but a very few
yards was traveling at 30 miles an
hour. It was at this particular
time that I suggested that the new
era of the gasoline engines hud
arrived, inasmuch as I was thor
oughly convinced that a steam en
gine could do no better and prob
ably not as well under similar con
Our driver, on descending the
heights thought he would give us
a thrill, when traveling at a speed
of 43 miles he suddenly applied
the hydraulic service brakes char
acteristic of the Chrysler cars and
within what seemed to us but a
the beautiful setting.
The extremely low appearance
of the car with big tires, and the j
sturdy small wheels with heavy
spokes add to the exterior attract
iveness of the car. At tlie first
glance one would think that the
car lacks' clearance, but close ex
amination discloses the fact much
to your surprise that it has just as
much clearance as any automobile.
An unusually attractive instrument
board with indirect lighting adds
wonderfully to interior design. Af
ter very close inspection and the
most scrutinizing observation we
have come to the conclusion that
the car Is years in advance of the
best automobile engineering and
AXClIOKAGEv Alaska. Jan. 25
The use of electricity, generated
from coal slack in the uub-bitu-minus
mines of the Mealy fields. Is
one of the plans under considera
tion as a means of uncovering the
estimated $200,000,000 in placet
gold believed to lie in the gravels
of the Tanana valley around Fair
banks, Chatanika and adjacent
The proposal is being Investi
gated by Professor Charles K.
Bunnell, president of the Fair
bunks agricultural college and
school of mines. Experts have ex
pressed the opinion that electricity
will solve a problem that has been
With the exhaustion of the
shallow ground in the Tanana val
ley, placer operations have been
confined to hydraulic, dredge and
shaft work, entailing heavy ex
pense and many hazards in pros
pecting. To sink shafts requires
a thawing outfit and high-priced
fuel, even with mines near by.
In frozen creek beds there is no
trouble from water and pumping
Is obviated. Yet in bther places
it often happens that "live' water
is encountered just w hen the pros
pector is ready for sampling, and
elaborate pumping operations are
when necessary, would W reduced
greatly in cost by tho use st an
electric pump. - I
If electricity is employed. It will
be transmitted a distance, Of ap
proximately J10 mlles to Fair
banks and , distributed -"over an
area of 50 square miles. , j. h "
Lack of capital has retarded tho
development; or this region. - 1
held that the cheapness' of the
electricity would remove this Ob
stable." , j. - '
One mine operator of the dis
trict reported that last year:, he
took out more than $100,000, but
made a profit of only $2,000, ow
ing to the overhead cost,
With seemingly Inexhaustible
coal Tields supplying fuel for; win
ter generation, and the ,- released
water power of sumuver producing
electricity during the open months
it is predicted that the next dtcadu
will see electricity supplantfiig all
other power in Alaska and', sup
plying the medium through ;yhlch
the mining of precious metal,
especially gold, will become a con
servative commercial . venture In
stead of a with attendant
hazards. . - '
There is one nice thing about
plain walking. You don't have to
cool your heels for two hours wait
ing for others to tee off.
If you raise your kids to put
rtouired. Electrical thawing is their trust in riches, it's a -good
said to be feasible, while pumping idea to put your riches in trqst.
r n fv K7?xwi
The Smooth Pall
We clo liot handle worn out cars that hav been turned in on
jaew ones, kut buy for cash nearly new Fords from people who
: need tlie money.
1923'Tbrt. Totiririg, cannot tell from
Tiew; save $100.10 .$150
! ATI lully equipped; has high radiator
and cowl.
1023 "Ford Itoads'tcr $100
1923 Ford Sedan, 4 door, save $215;
Cannot be told from new.
1922 Ford Sedan, 4 door, cannot tell
from new ...$600
1923 Ford Coupe, has double Ilassler;
the best of condition ..... .$475
1922 Ford Touring, has 1-mart top; a
, real buy i ... $315
1917 Ford Touring, a real good service
Itble car, with '24 license .y...L.$85.00
1921 Maxwell Roadster, has cord tires
all-around; also '24 license $190,
1919 Oakland Touring car $160
1918 Studebaker that will positively be
sold to the highest bidder, has wire
wheels and sport tep; a car that will
give a whole lot of good service.
1916 Dodge Touring, has good rubber;
also '24 license $130
1921 Nash Touring; a car that will sell
for $1,000 in the summer; now..$675
'18 Chevrolet in good shape $60
'18 Chevrolet, 24 license $65
'19 Chevrolet, dandy shape $75
A Ford, would make dandy delivery ;
has '24 license $55.00
1 M3
Licence i Evfefcy Nearly iNew Ford
f erry and Commercial
Opens Sundays
II.. . . , .,.:. -... w, - ,i -. - .
Many Fordson owners and pros
pective owners took advantage of
the tractor school held at the Val
ley Motor company, local Ford
dealer. Friday. Feb. 22.
Dunns: the day the time was
devoted entirely to the demonstra
tlon of the latest equipment for
the Ford truck and the Tordson
tractor. Of special interest was
the Fordson fitted with an Ersted
Hyster, capable of moving houses
pulling stumps, running a conrrac
tor's elevator, driving piling, and
many other operations too numer
ous to mention. A truck fitted with
an automatic "rocker dump body
was of great -interest to the build
er and contractor.
Every year since Henry Ford
has manufactured his tractor ho
has put on a caravan showing the
manv Uses of the Fordson tractor.
In 1918 when the Fordson tractor
was completed, he advised the
public that it was built to plow
with. Since that time different
agricultural and industrial manu
facturers have perfected tools to
work with the Fordson. so that It
has made the Fordsou a diversified
power unit for 12 months on the
farm and used in the city in many
C. W. Harrison of the Oliver
Chilled Plow company. Portland.
was present to explain the differ
ent agricultural implements which
Is used with the Fordson on the
Russ Jolliffc. manager of the
Northwest Appliance. Inc., Port
land, explained the many uses of
the Fordson tractor In the Indus
trial field. C. K. Allison of the
service department. Ford Motor
company, Portland, explained sim!
answered questions covering the
Ignition and lubricating system of
the Fordson. F. II. Orr, of the
Fordson tractor department, Ford
Motor company, Portland, explain
ed the mechanism of the Fordson
in detail and how the different
parts are made at the factory.
In the evening at the Marion ho
tel a large number of people wit
nessed the Ford motion pictures
entitled "Tlie Ford Age." Hun
dreds of the most interesting parts
of the Ford plant were shown, in
cluding the manufacturing of the
motors, making of the glass, and
the much talked-of progressive as
sembly. The Highland Park plant
now employing 60,000 men proved
a very interesting feature.
of Silent Power
You will find it hard to believe that there are not more
than four cylinders under the hood of the good Maxwell
Club Coupe. With its floating engine mounting, there is
no vibration just the smooth, steady pull of power.
If you have imagined that a persistent rumble is charac
teristic of ail closed cars, ride in this Maxwell model
and note the difference. Thousands of profefssiohal
men, business men and busy women find ft ideal as a
handy unit of transportation and daily enjoy its comfort.
": Ni" - J'
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May Desire Regarding
Find out what they
look like and how
t he y a r e c on-structed.
Willthey f H your
car and would you
be benefited by us
irrg them.
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