The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 23, 1924, Page 8, Image 8

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r .ATfinnAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 2I, 10215 "I, 1
-1 rkftaa io
, Vlcdtfns .for', the tbrco" vhlla
mctle' university Ideal sororitleH
took" place , last' ; nig t ; at - f I ve
o'clock; following a neasoif of for
mal ' rushing' which . included one
ropcii date; for each house. v The
Ucta' Chla were hostesses on Tues
' day . evening; . the Alpha' Phi
'AlphaA, Wednesday, and the Delta
,VV girls on Thursday. Eacti' af
talr was-' In 'the form ef a dinner
party, ;with various' and novel
.Ideas cdrHed'1 out: The5 pledging
rosdjts are as folioW'sV '
' Drlta Phf: Mlllcent King. Wal
la' Valla r Mildred Jones. Port-
Second Annual 1
"Februaiy 26-27
Tickets $1.6o. No T&c
Beitefit iWy. Sdouts ,
,t IfawnratloM' ai'Theutrvf
lutad; Sadie Jo' Iteed. Portland;
Edna LedMter. Alieel; Kathryn
Kirk. Oregon City; Noma Terrill.
Kcnnewkk; Olive" Tomllnson,
Marshall ; "Town; IoVa; Mildred
Toralinson; .Lois - Chapin. Heeds
port; Helene Story. Reedsport;
Mildred - McKlllican, West Linn;
Eugenia Baker. Aberdeen-; Gladys
Flesher, Mountain Home, Idaho;
drace . Louise Dowen, Kirkland,
Washington: Bertha Green, Grants
Pass andlLetha Miller, Klamath
i Beta Chi: Kathryn Ro'ssman,
Portland; Cleo Weddle, Stayton;
Remoh Tryor, Grants Pass; Esther
King, Metzner; Esther Hollings
worth. Portland; Mildred Herwig,
Portland; Lorna Lovett, Portland;
Helen Richolson, Centraiia; Mar
garet. Itaught. Centraiia, and Viola
Carrier, Centraiia.
Alpha Phi Alpha: Beatrice
Bauer, Portland; Elizabeth Silver,
Newberg; Eugenia'Savage, Salem;
Elaine Clowcr, Haines; Volena
JenkH. Albany; Helen Moore, Sa
lem? Ethel Marks, Roseburg. and
Lillie Christopherson, Roseburg.
The Leisure Hour club for its
February meeting met at the home
of Mrs. Charles A. Park for a
pleasorably spent afternoon. Spe
cial guests for the hours of con
versation and needlework' were:,
Mrs. A. J. Waller and Oda Chap
man. Mrs. Milton Meyers and
Mrs." Eugenia Cllllnghara will be
Opens Saturday
'i.u ourvixcar LiiDcriy
. New Spring line of Sports and Pat
tern - itats. We will . be pleased to
show you the new shapes and materials.
1 Nuboac Corsets,: College Ctrl Corsets, Corsellcts. Wraparounds
ana, Guaranteed Hose.
the next hostesses, the club meet
ing at the home of" Mrs. Meyers.
Club members :,wlu were present
Include': Mrs. John'McCourt, Mrs.
john' Scott; i Mrs.' Willis Moor.-.
Mrs.2 George Pierce,. Mrs. E. C.
Small. Mrs. W. H. Steusloff, Mrs.
Milton' Meyers," Mrst Dan J. Fry.
Mrs.' George Brown, Mrs. M. N.
Chapman,' Mrs. Lot L. Pearce, Mrs.
I Eugenia Gillingham, Mrs? Charles
Wcller, Mrs. H. J. Clements, Mrs.
Altco H, Dodtf.'Mrs. George Bing
ham, Mrs.' Elizabeth Lamb', and
the hostess, Mrs. Parks,
Complimenting General and Mrs.
George A. White at a 3 2 -cover din
ner In Corvallis, Col. . and Mrs.
George Moser were hosts. The oc
casion was the 19th wedding an
niversary! of the honor guests.
Decorations were in the effective
patriotic motif. Four tables were
spread, the guests including
among their number, President
and Mrs. W. J. Kerr. Attendance
of the annual military ball by the
dinner party guests gave the eve
ning a gala finish.
An assembly of 450 children
heard Governor Walter M. Pierce
on; Friday morning at 9 o'clock at
Garfield school. Governor Pierce
spoke in a valuable way to the
children concerning "George Wash
ington and Our Flag."
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Pollock have
as their guests over the week-eud
their daughter. Miss Helen Pol
lock of the University of Oregon,
and her college Triend, Mi3 An
nette Heckman of Medford.
The members of the Alpha Chi
Omega alumni association are
meeting: this eveuing with Mrs.
Catl T. Pope on Belmont street.
The Salem Heights Community
club is planning the presentation
of a four-act comedy drama on
Tuesday and Wednesday of next
week. The play Is entitled "Kran
berry Corners."
The members of the WU men's
glee club were guests of the Elks
at their. last meeting.' Tht club
I gave the following numbers: "Jol
ly Students," (Mendenhall), "Hea
ven, Heaven," (Burleigh), "The
Old Road," (Andrews, and "Who
i Swallowed Jonah,.') Lloyd Waltz
I gave a Negro reading and Joe Nee
Tsarig tw.o Scotch numbers, "I
Dont Want to Get up in the Morn
Ing" and "I love a Lassie."
There is much of interest in con
nection with the MacDowell club
The club was organized in appre
ciation of Edward MacDowell who
.'.J'ood' Goods Cost You Less
V Per Month"
- 1
A'spcdal fcature inlhcAisle of
Tirmcfrrdo Trifles is th'd pricing
of eighty4 stone bracelets at (ipc. ,
Ordinanlyyour pay $1.00 for !
th'csej sometimes more,'" our1 :
pnee rof i lop&y (Satu rIay ) is
Gpc. and you havcchOIcc o'f
a' vidq rangt; ,o.f colors.
A special buy in hair nets
prompts us to give a real specia'.
One' that will pay you to investi
gate. Usually 10c each or
$1.00 dozen- Today (Saturday)
you may have choice Of black;
medium, light and dark
br;own auburn and blonde
at G 9 c per d o z c n.
Thescard 'made of soft 'quality
nainsook muslin gencrously
madc, stamped with the jncwest ;
Royal Soclety designs, i A typi-
cal Koyal Society bargain.
98c 1 '
J Stamped
18x30-iri. finished towel stamped
ready .tp embroider. Made of
Boot Mills absorbent toweling.
Hem and lace' finished ends.
This towel is especially fea
tured by Royal Society as
February value giving.
.The Abe
-.. i Specials are Eiantpka
ef Bright Spols ; tor k .
Found Here ThW: Weiir'-
died 14 years ago after at! exced
Ingly interesting musical career.
He began composing while very
young, giving to the musical world
sonatos, concertos, and songs. He
is remenbered, too, for the colony
he founded, a retreat for artists,
sculptors, poets and musicians.
This was one of his two great lift
alms -the other was to seek the
establishment of an American na
tional school of music. The Mac
Dowell association is incorporated
in the name of the aims that the
man who composed the well
known piano number, "The Shad
ow Song" himself lived for.
The Salem MacDowell club 13
presenting a wide variety of pleas
ing numbers for an open program
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock in
the First Methodist church. While
there is no admission, a silver of
fering will be taken. Professor
T. S. Roberts will be at the organ.
Miss Dorothy Pearce at the piano,
and the club quartette will sing.
Mrs. Ada Miller Harris, soprano,
will appear, and Miss Eva Clare
Love will give violin selections.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vassall en
joyed as their guests on Thurs
day Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ames who
are motoring from Seattle to Cal
ifornia. Franklin II. Launer aul Profes
sor E. W. Hobson were joint hosts
in recital last night at Professor
La uner's studio. Invitations for
the occasion were extended to the
members of the Willamette Uni
versity faculty and to the board
of trustees! A beautiful-toned
Chickering grand piano from the
Johnson piano house was in use
throughout the evening. In hi3
vocal numbers. Professor Hobson
was accompanied by his daughter.
Miss Jean Hobson: He sang as a
duet, with Miss Kathleen La Raut.
Mendelsohn's "Autumn Song."
Professor Launer's piano numbers
were chosen, for the main part,
from Chopin and Liszt.
Miss Joy Turner entertained a
group of her younger piano aud
violin pupils last Saturday night
at her home. After an interesting
pTogram had been given, musical
games were played and later re
freshments were served, which
were in keeping with Washing
ton's birthday.
Spring flowers were used In
decorating the rooms. Miss Tur
ner will entertain her older stud
ents within a few days. '
The following pupils were pres
ent: Cleo' Seeley, Donald Sieg
mnnd, Billy Pero, Marjorie Wiin
dcr, LaVerne Hornyer, Rhea Mae
Huber, Robert Xeedham, Margaret
Eddy, Ralph Savage, Verna Wood,
Charles Murphy. Ila Huber, Geo.
Stoner, Oral Violette, Louise Hor
ton, Kenneth Rickman, Joan Ev
ans. Eldon Riddle, Helen Rick
man, Percy Riddle, Bernicc Pey
rie. Nan .Taylor, Maybelle Wun
der, Wilma Taylor. Verio White,
Lorene Burbankand Dorothy Co
vey. A concert program will be the
tomorrow night event at the Cen
tral Congregational church on
South 19th street. A series of
splendfd numbers have been pre
pared under the able direction of
Alvin Meade. A chorus of ?5
voices will sing. The program,
taking place of the regular church
service, will start at 7:30. The
following are the choral selections
for the evening:
"I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes"
"O Lord Remember Me," solo. .
Mrs. Guy Newgent
"Oh Word of God Incarnate"
"A Little While," duet Wolfe
Mr. Harry Zclsdort and
, Mrs. Edgar Daugherty
."tjeve Never Faileth"
Male Chorus
"The Lord is King,"........
Vocal Duet. ...... f
Anne and Mura Gleason
"Ulessed Are the Poor in Spirit"
Ronald Craven
"A Song of Trust"
Violin Selection
Leonard Chad wick
"Now' the Day is Over"
Five hundred was the diversion
When a group of friends came to
gether Wednesday evening as the
guests of Mrs. Dabsy M el n tyre.
The house was particularly fes
tive with spring flowers. Four
tables were in play throughout the
evening. High score was won by
Mr. C. W. Elgin, low score going
to Mrs. C. W. Elgin. Following
award, ef prizes, the hostess, as
sisted by Mrs. F. M. Haberman
served a light . lunch. Music and
conversation continued during the
evening, which was a pleasant one
for: Mr. and Mrs. Mason Bishop,
Mr. and Mrs. F. M: Haberluth,
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Elgin, Mr.
and Mrs. V'. Swanson. Mr. and Mrs.
C.W. King. Mr. anda Mrs. E.L.
Gray. Mr. L. S. Mclntyre. Miss
Ruth Wllkc. Miss Anna Mclntyre
and the hostess.
Miss Edna Gilbert, teacher of
Spanish and mathematics in Van
couver, arrived, in Salem Friday"
morning for a Washington's birth-1
day visit with friend.
." ' . , '
"Mr. jnd Mrs. A. 11. Hudelstm.
who'lite at ftla South 12th street
celebrated on' Thursday afternoon
In honorof anioccasloit'thaf few
couples are privileged to; observe,;
DONT SUFFER! Immediate
relief is possible with this"
SIMPLE HOME treatment
Glc-o-nis is tealing, soothing,
SURE! Salislaction Guaranteed.
Perry's Drug Store
115 South i1ommlrcia, St.
versary. The guests of honor
were pleasantly remembered with
gifts and flowers, a little purse
of gold coming from a daughter
in Marshfleld. - Friends present
for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Race, Mr. R. 'Jt. Ryan, Mr.
C. W; Falkner. Mr. and Mrs.
BlackCrby. Mrs. Austin, a sister
of Mrs. Hudleson, from , Wood
burn, and Mr. Hudleson,- a son,
from Idaho. .
A special meeting .of Chapter G
of the PEO sisterhood is called for
this afternoon at 2:30, at the
home of Mrs. P. J. Kuntz, 797 N.
Winter street. The meeting is
called for the purpose f inspec
tion. Mrs. Blanche Zollinger,
state president, of Portland, and
Mrs. Maude E. Kent, state organ
izer, of Corvallis, will be the inspector-guests
of the .occasion.
Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Zollinger will
meet with the AD chapter of the
sisterhood in the evening.
Mrs. Louis Sestak of Stayton
was a -special guest of I hi; Chap
ter G of the PEO sisterhood
Thursday -ternoon. A social time
followed the short business ses
sion. .Mrs. J. 11. Jemiison left Friday
morning for Corvallis to spend the
week-end with her sister, Mrs. W.
B. Finnay.
A Salem group of young people
from local churches spending the
week-end in Silverton are Hollis
Vick. Ruth Hewitt, Cleo Weddle.
Mildred MrKilllcum, Esther Allen,
Merwin Stolzlieis;. Paul Itoeder,
Henry Hartley and Leslie Frew-ing.
The Faculty Women's club,
meeting at the home of Mrs. F. G.
Franklin, with Mrs. C. L. Sher
man assistant hostess. Thursday,
was characterized by a delightful
informality, extending throughout
ie afternoon. The program was
. Sioux falls, s. d Feb. 19.
In the opening speech of his
South Dakota tour here tonight.
Senator Hiram W. Johnson of
M 1
1 ' V
I N i,
V " ' ' JrJ
.... MWTj
Presidential Candidate
California padf particular atten
tion to the plight of the farmers
and declared that the government
should come to their assistance.
The best way in which the gov
ernment could give this assistance,
the senator told his audience, is
through the McXary-HauKCti bill.
"When we recall," he said,
"that primarily the government it
self is responsible, when we re
member the frenzied appeals, to
farmers to plant more wheat and
their generous' and patriotic re
sponse; when the consequences of
deflation are borne in mind, not
only would wc individually ren
der the assistance required, but
we would have the government
itself seek to remedy a part of its
(Paid adv. by-Hiram W. John-son-for-President
Campaign, F. B.
Neuhausen. Mgr.)
we pay cash run
Capital Hardware
& Furnilurd Co,
ifCTl Prlcei Paid
jMN. Oonfl BU, - Phone MT
a, matter of" spontaneously Inter
esting conversation based on the
group of authentic pictures Misd
Frances. M.. Richards had accumu
lated in Europe last eunimer on
her trip with Miss Helen Pearce.
The hostess, Mrs. Franklin, during
the afternoon played a particu
larly well chosen group of Vic
trola numbers. Delicious refresh
ments were served at the close of
the afternoon. Members of the
club who were present for tho
meeting were: Miss Heleft Pearce,
Miss Frances M. Richards, Miss
Helen Hanna, Mrs. Guy Itathbun,
Mrs. G. Ebseu, Mrs. Horace Vil
liston. Mrs. E. C. Richards, Mrs.
Florian Von Eschen, Mrs. W. E.
Kirk, Mrs. M. E. Peck, Mrs. G. 11.
Alden, Mrs. F. M. Ericksou, Mrs.
S. B. LaUghlin, Mrs. Carl Gregg
Doney, Mrs. T. S. Roberts, and the
hostesses, Mrs. Franklin and Mrs.
At the next meetihg of the club,
which is an event of every third
Thursday. Mrs. T. S. Roberts and
Mrs. F. Hobson -will be joint host:
Evangelist Attracts Many
To Court Street Christian
The Evangelist services at the
Court Street Christian church are
attracting larger numbers each
night. Evangelist Teddy Leavitt
is a man of the Book. For several
evenings this week he has held his
audiences gripped with the truth
as he explained a large chart and
unfolded the Word of God to the
people. He is a rapid speaker and
bold in his attack of sin and tho
teachings of men that obscure the
truth ot the gospel of Christ. At
the same time he shows the love of
God for the sinner. He docs not
twist scripture to suit his own
fancy but rather seeks for the
true way of salvation. The Bible
is made the basis of authority.
Persons in the audience are ask
ed to read the passages and ask
any question they desire.
The evangelist quo:ea 150 ref
erences from the Old Testament
last night in his message on
"Christ in Prophecy." As he did
so the audience was asked to take
every reference and look them up
for themselves when they got
home. In this manner the spirit
of convictioW is felt throughout
the audience each night.
1 The meetings will continue each
night for another week. On Sat
urday, and;. Sunday ,hia- singer,
Claude Ncely; a student of Eugene
Bible university, assists hinf. Dur
ing the week the pastor, R. L. Put
nant' leads in song. ' u
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Religion and Our Country
Of all the dispositions and habits which lead5 to" political f
prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable sup
ports. In vain would that man "claim the tribute of patrio
tism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of
human happiness. And let us with caution indulge the
supposition that morality can be maintained without reli
gion. Whatever may be conceded to trlk .influence of
refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason
and experience forbids us to expect that national' morality;
can prevail in exclusion of relisrious Drincmle!;
iligious principle.
nirtf ii fix rirtw
KIK1 11
Will Link AboVe Sentiments in Great-
Sunday Morning, Bliglr Theafi-e
9:45 to 10:45
Keprcsentativcs of G. A. Spanish War .Veteran's and' American Eceion
Will Be On the -Platform;
A Brief Word of Patriotism by 'GEORGE -GRIFFITH-
'The Star Spangled Banner,)
Worth Going Miles to Hear and See
The Beginning of the Gospel'
i Bible Lesson by J. J. EVANS, Teacher of the Qass
Popular Songs... Keiijrious. Hymns Grtat Singing
Quartet of Brass Instruments
135 Last Sunday 200 This Time
Come on men! The dpportunity fe awis
k .
... t
5 i