The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 03, 1924, Page 13, Image 13

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Will Also Visit Harley David-
son Factory at Milwau-
- kee, Wisconsin j
Anticipate No Let Up During Head of Star Motor Co. of
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Coming Season
California Has Had
Varied Experience
Harry W. Scott, local' Harley
Datldson motorcycle and bicycle
dealer, accompanied by Mrs
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parea rwun 39,190 pruuuveu num
Aueustl 1921. to January 1, 1923
Durant Motors, Inc., ot New
York reports a total production
for 1323 of 176,068 Durant built
cars and trucks corn-
east' on a three weeks' business
end pleasure trip. They will at
tend: the National Cycle show at
Chicago, February 4 to 9, also the
Harley-Davidson dealers' gather-
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The Star Motor Co., of Califor
nia has made rapid strides since
it was organized appromixately
18 months ago.
At its head is Norman De Vaux
The output for 1923 included lone of the genuine pioneers of the
about 4.000 hew Flint cars which automobile Industry a factor of
are Just1 being brought into pro- national reputation in the past 15
duction wt the huge Flint plant in years one of the many men who
Michigan.. In California this new grew up with the bicycle industry
product of W. C. Durant's made and launched into the automotive
a splendid showing during Decern- world when motor cars first came
fcer, being credited with a nice into occasional use,
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numoer ot saies. ,nom an mui-i De Vaux has been identified
caiiuuo, ciwuiu6 ""' with the sale of automobiles on
clals, this new six win set up an
enviable, recor-d during the next
few months to come. At the Los
Angeles and Oakland automobile
tbows the Flint was given a warm
welcome, being one of a number
the Pacific Coast since 1905. In
those trying days of the "Horse
less Carriage." when motoring
was still reckoned as a fad which
would die out just as the sport
of the bicycling did, De Vaux was
A. tl .t11.kl "
or new cars 10 enusr we associated with W. C. Durant as a
field. The plant at lpicnigan al-
I though only in operation a little
over a month, is working at full
blast, according to W. E. Holler,
vice president and general man
ager of that institution, and no
let ud can be seen at any time
during the coming months.
t ins at Chicago the sixth of Febru
i ary. Then they will visit the
I Harley-Davidson factory at Mil
f wankee. Wisconsin, afterwards
making a short visit with rela
!'!! ! rotiirntnr hv the WIT Cf
f California stopping at Los An-
i reles. Ban : Jose. San Franclsdo
H nd other points. I. , I
T Mr. Scott expects to have many
; thlngal of Interest in store Iqr the J pi0T
- tocal cyclist when he returns, ai-
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The Valley. Motor company,
local Ford dealer, has added two
more .salesmen, to their sales
force. Their new building is now
open to the public snd all are
invited to make Inspection of the
new plant.
V. C. Rush, who for the past
year has been connected with the
Valley Motor company as sales
man, has recently left their em-
factory Buick representative.
In 1907 he took the Northern
California agency for the Auburn
automobile and disposed of this
car in what was considered "large
quantities" All over the northern
end, of the state.
Later be was oiiered and ac
cepted the Reo franchise for the
territory from the Tehachapis to
the Oregon line. His success with
Reos was as great as it had been
with Aubu'rn.
In 1908, W. C. Durant was
forced out of General Motors Co.
control. Almost immediately Dur
ant started the manufacture of
what he called the "Little" car,
named after his former general
manager at the "Buick factory.
Production of the Little was car
ried on in the Whiting Motor Car
Co., plant at Flint, Mich. When
Durant attained vaolume output
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SaiiHSilS' ' n n ! mi 11 '
A quarter century of Oldsmobile development
though this Is paritally a pleasure J ger and better than ever before! he offered the Little franchise in
trip he expects ta keep his ears and motorcycle men irom every-itne racinc uoasi lernrory 10 ue
tnd eyes open for any new ideas where are expected to atiena. Mr. 1 vaux. mis car, me recoras
1 f lhat he can find, The National Scott is one or a lew 10 auenajsnow, iaier grew uno tne unevro
1 Cycle show is expected to) be big-" from the-Pacific coast', ' let.
The New Oldsmobile 42 Horse
K'vW'-Pbv'Six-" '
This five-passenger touring car of 110-inch wheel base and weighing 2300
pounds, road weight,' embodies the finest engineering principles that have
been developed in this country and Europe during the past few years.
Its 42-horsepower, six-cylinder motor has been the keen admiration of men
v., ooHHv fnUnwTthP! evolution of internal combustion engineering.
Here is the smooth flowing power of multiple, eylinder effort, together with
hii?h ecohomy of fuel and lubricant. ' Not only that the new Model 3Q Olds-
suspension; but more especiaUy can it be accounted for by a nicety of balance
which obtains throughout the entire car. r ;
When the "490" Chevrolet was
Introduced. De Vaux startled the
motoring public of California by
flashing the news in double page
advertisements, a practice un
known at that time. Its popu
larity was instantaneous.
In 1915, Chevrolet sales had
grown large enough to warrant a
factory on the Pacific coast. De
Vaux, R. C. Durant, then the sou
thern California Chevrolet dis
tributor, and W. C. Durant merged
their interests with the resulting
establishment of a branch factory
in Oakland.
To this trio of men Oakland
owes much In now being known
as "The Detroit of the Pacific"
for it was the action on their part
in selecting Oakland as the site
for their factory which has since
broueht to this city many allied
manufacturing plants.
De Vaux remained as president
of the Chevrolet Motor Co., of Cal
ifornia until June, 1922, when he
resigned to head the Star Motor
Co., of California. R. H. Mulch,
who had been his sales manager
at the Chevrolet factory, quit at
the same time. Forrest Arnold
now sales manager of the Star Mo
tor Co., also with the Chevrolet
forces at that time, joined the
first named pair of officials soon
With remarkable construction
celerity, the Star executive office
building and warehouses in Oak
land were completed and produc
tion of Star cars was under way
in October, 1922. In each suc
ceeding month the output was in
creased, dealers were added with
marvelous rapidity, sales territor
ies were extended and an air of
permanency pervaded the Pacific
coast atmosphere in so far as Star
cars were concerned, much sooner
than was usually accorded stand
ard makes of motor vehicles fol
lowing their presentation to the
buying public.
The most recent stride forward
made by the company was the an-n
nouncement of new models on No
vember 4th. To state in cold
print that they created a furore
is to utter the truth, though the
expression is commonplace. The
1924 Star cars attracted as wide
spread interest as did the origin
al showing of tho first Star mod
They met with approval in
measure best testified by a sales
increase in California alone, dur
ing November, of 97' per cent
while in December the samo state
shows 33 per cent increase in sales
in the face of rather heavy losses
by competitive lines.
Within the last month, three of
the largest dealers on the Pacific
coast have relinquished old estab
lished and similarly priced, lines
and have taken on representation
of the line in their respective territories.
The outlook for 1924 is a bright
one lor star cars in an pom is
along the Pacific coast, as it also
is throughout the United States.
month. The firm are buying
pretty heavy now and expect to
have plenty of cars for the spring
Mathematician Says Resistance is
137 Pounds at 30 Miles
Firm Starts- Sale Yesterday!
With Every (Jar lagged, :
- No buessing to it
The sale of 26 cars during the
first month of the year is a very
good indication that the automo
bile business will be good during
the coming year, according to Mr.
Vern Anderson of the Used Car
Corner,. Mr. Anderson is not
claiming thi8 to be a banner
month by a long ways but he does
claim that it is very good for
January. J. E. Anderson, the
other member of the firm, is now
on a buying trip in the south and
expects to buy many cars before
The resistance that the top of a
touring car offers when it is up is
a subject of considerable contro
versy among owners. It is claim
ed that an owner of a oar by low
ering the top while traveling at an
average of 20 miles an hour les
sens the pressure resistance by
157 pounds, or about the weight
of the average person. Transulate
this poundage into ice, and you
have sufficient to freeze six gal
lons of ice cream enough for a
"We need the room, and we're
going to have the room regardless
of the price we have to take for
our used cars," is the way that J.
H. Madcn, sales manager for the
F. W. Pettyjohn Motor Co., ac
counted for the seemingly impos-'
sible low prices that they have
on their used cars, during the pro-
ress of their "Red Tag Sale."
Since taking over the agency for
the Oldsmobile cars a short week
ago Mr. Maden has unloaded two
carloads of the popular cars and
they are practically all solcLat the
present time. However several
carloads are in transit and as
storage facilities are limited it was
decided to give the public an op
portunity to buy late-model used
cars at 5 practically their own fig
-' Mr. Maden has found that the
policy followed by his company
of charging no brokerage, not re
quiring the purchaser to insure th
car, and ot furnishing a 1924 11
cense with each car has been re
sponsible for the sale of many
The Pettyjohn company has
been in business In Salem for
about two Tears' and in that time
have been identified with every
progressive movement that has
been advanced in this community,
and the fact to which the public
has appreciated this is shown by
the record of sales for last year.
Frank Pettyjohn, president of
Xow Heads Chevrolet Sales
C. . Dawson has succeeded
Colin Campbell, formerly General
Sales f Manager, Chevrolet Motor
company, who . recently resigned.
Mr. Dawson war formerly .As
sistant General Sales; Manager of
the company, having been actively ,
associated with the Chevrolet 'or
ganization since , Jnly; 1912, when
he began as a retail salesman in
Detroit. Later he 'served as whole
sale representative;, wholesale 'su
pervisor of 12 states; Manager of
the Detroit Chevrolet Retail Store; -Zone
Sales Manager at Flint Mich
igan, and Assistant General Sales
Manager at Detroit, He Is . wen
qualified, for the heavy responsi
bility of directing the sales of the
second largest producer in the au
tomobile field. . . t
W. H. Lucke of Canby, Or., has
purchased two 3-ton Moreland
motor tracks through' Vick Bros.,
local dealers. Mr. Lucke will use
lawn party of 140 people or to the company is a resident ot &u- one oi mese iruc.n i ,wr uuuB
make 5230 two inch cubes for verton where he has a large auto- produce and the other for haul-
returning the latter part of the cooling ice water.
mobile business.
ing lumber.
- i
Read This
Windshield on the Roadster and Touring car arc the slanting two-piece type,
fitted -eloLjly-iwith rubber strip. Tops are clear vision .type, beautifully tail
ored, with four string; bowif to retain the true shape indefinitely,- Storm cur
. tains open with doors. ' : ;
The prices of the New Oldsmobile Six, P. O. 13. Lansing, Michigan, are as
follows: Lock on transmission reduces insurance 20.
t . . v i.
It: r .
I "ill
i ;
Itoadster ..
Sport Touring
...... 883.00
2-Passenger Coupe
4- Passcnger Coupe
5- Passcngcr Sedan .....
..... ...... 00
Tax extra
- -:
F. ;W PETTYJOHN CO., Dealers
' V ' . i 219 N. Commercial Street, SALEM, OREGON
W. K. and J. II. McALVIN
Oneral Auto-Top and
Upholstering Work '
But if you do, let the FACTS SOAK IN, for only facts are dealt with.
If you are the owner of a car how much time does a mechanic consume in in
stalling a new rear axle. If you own a STAR not over TWENTY minutes is requir
ed to remove either axle, and the same to replace it.
Let This "SOAK IN"
If the CLUTCH in your car needs to be removed to have it relined. or make
needed adjustments, how much time does the mechanic consume?. Twenty minutes
I will remove the clutch in a STAR, and replace in the same length of time. .
' Let This "SOAK IN" - 1
When the transmission in your car has to be removed, for needed repairs, how
long does it take a mechanic to remove it Less than twenty minutes is required on
the STAR.
i " " Let This "SOAK IN1
When the gears in the rear end of your car need adjusting how long, how long
does it take a mechanic to do the work. Remember in the Star not over twenty-five
minutes is required.
f " Let This "SOAK IN"
You, Mr. Owner, pay the repair bills, so dont crab at the mechanic when he
works on your car and the labor bill runs high, for he is not to blame, pldce the
blame where it belongs, on the manufacturer.
Let This "SOAK IN
i The above "FACTS" can not be denied, and the fellow that is paying big labor
bills, and crabbing at the firm or mechanic, has no one to criticize but himself, for
buying a car that is so made, that to get at the different units, that must receive at-.-;
i tention, requires hours and hours of labor to get into the units and out again " .
Let This "SOAK IN"
There is an old adage which runs like this: "He who dances must pay the fid-
and there are a lot of car owners, today, that are Paying the fiddler for over-
Let This "SOAK IN"
Marion County
Pplk County
F. G. Delano
Formerly with Woods Auto Top
545 Charch SU
'Salem, Or