The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 26, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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X To Teachers Convention: '
j Mr. and Mm. F. P. Cooper o(
" .Arago, Coos county, are In the city
ott their way to Portland to at
end the convention oT the State
"Teachers assoclatloa. T They teach
3n the high school at'Arago. They
are accompanied "by ther dangh
er. Miss Margaret - Cooper, and
are guests at the home ot Mr. and
Mrs. Sv A. Stone, 373 Leslie street.
3Iany Towns, llaro. Tree--'
..Salem was joot the only, city In
io wmameiie yaiiej to ooast
of an electric lighted Christmas
tree; for the holiday season, for
several ot the smaller towns be
tween here and Portland also had
Iruge decorated erergreens. Amity,
HcMInnvilIe. 'Dayton and several
others had good-slxsd trees . at
prominent ' -Intersections. . These
were lighted n a few instances all
sight, but others were more eco
nomical of the electricity and tarn
ed oat the lights a little after mld
. sight. . . V
192-1 Calendar Free . 'i
Homer H. Smith -Ins. Agency,
over MUlera), W;. d23tf
Italn Mixed wiu Boowv ,.
'M ; futile ' of fort to snow was
.made early Christmas morning
nd again Christmas night' While
. the, flakes ..were noticeable, they
failed to materialize in anything
.resembling a, real , snow.' " . The
thermometer was lower last night
than at any time daring the past
few' days. .'V
Slay or CelseV Lions Speak
' ' "What We an Do fdr Salem In
1924" will be the subject of an
kddress 'before the Salem Lions
club at' ther regular, luneheon at
the Marion hotel Friday. ., noon.
Frank Struble, local -. .architect.
will preside as chatrmaa. of the
day.'. - - ;. v v.
liospital Patient iiarapes - : '
Ed Weber, 25, escaped from the
Cottage Farm : shortly . . after 8
o'clock Tuesday morning, and had
not been taken : late last night.
Weber, ; In Tlew of recent threats
against another man-at" th a farm.
Is believed to be a desperate char
acter. ' He Is a Bohemian, dark
complected with dark hair' and
brown eyes. He Is about 5 feet
6 inches tall-; and weighs 138
pounds. ".'Weber, was 'received t
the ' state hospital from Multno
mah county .and Is believed to be
n his way to Portland as he has
friends 'and relatives in the vicin
ity I East Seventy-seventh:' and
Clickatat streets. . . ., r
Lelgi Coming Here O-; , . , ;
-Walter Leui, wbo' in the
St. Mary'e hospital at Albany fol
lowing an automobile accident Sat
nrday night, ts expected -to- be able
to .be , brought-, to" Salem. In about
10 days. Four, ligaments In one
leg were severed by a piece. ot
broken glass.' -.He' will. be, at his
Equitable' Barrings A
-r '.. lrtlad,,Oreeo,. .
Larry O. .Keener. EepTeeentatfre,
fOl llasonio Eld . . Phone lfcVl
1S Omcos Banftaa-
Its Bcarey, t Bc3 Instrrance
'' ; ; Actacjv.'; '; 'i,.' (
' ' Geaeral Xninraaee - ;
. ( Formerly Dr. Sehen ka
't l'..y:'iBA9 8. Cottage 'fu- ,
fXIONE 1182
, .
! J . 63Te6patut .
. - The Original 'aad Genulna Spin
al Adjustment Treatment.' Skill
full, Painless .Adjustment that
gets resalta.
- CsitczMAo VhjtisiXM aa4 -:.
C23 -Ortsoa Zlis. ' . ' Ealeau
I . ." " ' "" I
I fat u. a. jratssaai ssax xsscntg
irxaas tsa , - m. nM
a Ort;nj taysiutaa aaa
S Baclsseis XMscBotU aa4 1
P " V EstablTshed 1863 'v
General Dnlzinz Business -
. - , . ...(.-. .
Offica Hours Frcn 10 A. IL to 3 P, 1,
1 . Announrins the Opening of Our
Neat'Door to Oyster Loaf Cafe in New Adolph ft Waters
DoIUInff. Corner Court and liberty 8ta.
We will hare on display Innumerable plants suitable for
Christmas lfts. Among them being such old faTo rites as:
Cyclamen, Poinsettas, Ilubber rianta, ' Heather " Ferna Polled
Plants of all kinds
-: We will also be glad to hare you call at oar Greenhouses.
1 57 J N. Liberty. -' T
- A. D. SMITH "
sister's- home, -2708 Lee, after be
ing returned to Salem.
At Marnny's J ' -.
Poinsettas, begonias, cyclamens,
Jerusalem cherries, - palms - and
terns. 211 Miller St. Phone 916.
A -
Automoble Damaged V
. F. A: Elliott, state forester, re
ported 'to the" police t yesterday
that while - his automobile was
parked in front ot. his. residence
at 1530 State; street, an automo
bile ' bearing; license number
130161 ran into the rear of It,
and that botbr cars were " dam
agea. . ..
Collision Reported?
CD. Bo wen of Sllverton turn
ed in a report to the -police yes
terday to the effect that he figur
ed in a collision at Fourteenth and
Court streets..: While he was go
ing north on Fourteenth he Col
lided with a i car bearing license
number 141364 that was - going
west on Center street, 'Both cars
were considerably damaged.
Fender Smashed
The fender of an automobile be
longing to ! N.; F.. Corgea, 1375
North Summer street, was damag
ed yesterday when another auto
mobile bearing license number
42445 backed; into it at 1375
North Summer street, according
to Mr. Corgea's report to the po
lice department. -
'- Orange v Persian cat.
174 9 W. - Beward.
Kngene Jlan In Accident
- Thomas H. Spooner, who gave
his address as the Osburn hotel.
Eugene, reported to police head
quarters yesterday that while he
was driving In his automobile
north on Capitol street he was ap
proached by another - car going
east on D . street. In "order to
avoid a collision- Spooner says he
swerved from i the street and hit
the curblne. . The other drirer
proved to be J. Clark, and he
also turned In a report of the mis
han at headquarters. The left
rear wheel" ot Spooner's car was
damaged. ' . . ,
Two are Damaged J
Two automobiles were damaged
slightly yesterday, according to a
report at the police, station, An a
collision at : the intersection of
Center and Church streets. A
O. LaRant of Vancouver was driv-
Ing east on. Center when He was
hit by a car bearing license num
ber,"t f-viu-.
Special Hmircottb8' 1
At Marlnello Beauty Parlors,
5c 2 45. N. High. . . d2
Bis Muffler Found ;
A comfortable big wool muffler
Is on display at the police station.
Capitol! ' Hardware
& Furniture Co.
Best Prices Paid
285 fi. Coml St. ' Phone 047
Royal Ann : Cherry Trees
Big redaction on all cherry and
prune stock. , Sales yard and of
fice at Cherry City Hotel, 130 S.
High. - : ' - .
Office Phone 1758 Res. 10F4
The ERA Clinic
' Diagnosis and Treatment of
- - -.. Disease' by the - v
Abram's (E. i R. A.) Method
Children Clinic Dally
;: Consultation Frco, t J
Dr. Harrison I. Folk,
Dr. Paul G. Stapran
Hour -10 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Cor. 13th and State (1484 State)
awaiting a claim from Its owner.
It was found on North Commer
cial street Monday night by Off!
cer Branson.
Offering for Il-Uof
The Christmas offering taken at
the Center street Methodist Epis
copal church for the starring in
nocent cnuaren in central Europe
ana which will be sent to the
board ot foreign missions in New
York, totaled 102. In January
an offering for the Japan stricken
people will be taken:
- Those who are interested in the
learning of practical automotive
work, which can be had in Salem
at 173 8. Liberty street, under the
supervision of II. H. Harris who
is In charge of the state automo
tive school which is held at above
address on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1924,
may come' in and get full Infor
mation for both men and women.
Classes for women are held on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classes
for men are held on Fridays and
Mondays. II. H. Harris. d28
Entertainment Announced '
The Oregon Statesman automo
bile contestants and their friends
are .giving an entertainment and
social evening at 7:30 o'clock
Thursday evening, December 27,
at Auburn hall, route No. 6, Sa
lem, (half a mile east of the state
hospital). The public is cordially
invited to come and .have a good
time. General ' admission 50
cents. Free ante service from the
Statesman ; office from 7 to 8 : 30
HAZARD, Ky., Dec. 25, Four
men are dead, another is fatally
wounded while a sixth is In a ser
ious condition In a hospital here as
a result of three shooting affrays
u FCXERAlsi r:b:
Funeral serviced for the late
Mrs. Ruby Ilazlett Riches, who
died In this city December 22, will
be held from the residence, 1 M
miles southeast of Turner, to
day at 1:30 p. m. Interment will
be had In Twin Oak cemetery at
Turner. Direction; Rlgdon & Son.
Funeral ' services for the late
George W. Eof f, pioneer of 1 8 4 8,
will take place today at 2 p. m.
from the Rigdon mortuary, the
Rer. F. W. Launer officlaing, con
cluding service at Mt. Crest Abbey
mausoleum. ;
' v . ;';;dhjd '. i'i
SCHINKEL At the residence, De
' - cember 25.;Leona JMa.rie. Schin
. kel, age 21, years, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred II. Schlnkel.
sister of Mrs. , E. V. Anderson
of West Linn, Or., and Miss Sa
die Schlnkel of this city. An
nouncement of funeral will be
made later : from .the . Rigdon
mortuary. V
WALL- Jo this city, December 24,
John W. Wall,- age 52 years.
The remains were forwarded to
Portland from the Rigdon mor
tuary for funeral services and
interment;. . i . . ' '
THOMPSON Sarah Ann Thorn p
eon. age 88 -years died at the
home of her daughter at 404
South High street. - She is sur
vived by her daughter,: Mrs.
John Kirk of Salem, Mrs. James
Elliott ot Detroit, Mich.. Mrs.
W. C. Casselman of Chester
Tllle. Ontario, v ' Canada ; ! Mrs.
. . Frank Brown of Portland, and
-. Mrs.. Jennie Proebste; and three
sons, Thomas, Samuel Thomp
son of Pendleton, and Herbert
of California. - Remains were
shipped to Pendleton where
they will be Interred. Webb Fa
neral parlors in charge of arrangements.-'
KLUNICK Mrs. Bertha -Klunlck
died at. her residence,. 1468
Chemeketa street, Dec. 24, at
the age of 80 years. She is
survived by her daughter, Mrs.
McElroy of Salem and one son,
Albert Klunlck of ' Portland.
The Webb Funeral parlors are
In charge of arrangements.' Fu
neral announcements later.
GREIG Eliza Grelg age 64 died
at Corvallis, Dec. 22. She is
survived by her widower James
Greig. two, sons, David ot. Sa
lem, and Arthur of Kings Val
ley, Or.: four daughters,v Mrs,
Violet Norton, Mrs. Edith Ay
ers, Mrs. Faustina Dunn and
Mrs.. Malcolm, all. of Kings
Valley. . Funeral , services will
be held -at the Webb Funeral
parlors Thursday, "Dec. 27 at
2 o'clock, with Rer. Hickman
In charge. Interment will be In
City .View . cemetery. '. I - - "v:
WebJi & Clough
Rigdon & Son't
Employees' of the Salem Of
fice Had uleared the
. Decks By Noon.
The employees of the - Salem
postof flee did wonderful work In
handling the holiday mail, outgo
ing as well as incoming. Of
course the -outgoing mall .was kept
cleared away all the time, regular
day and night forces working on
It (and isome of the : boys Jetting
their time lop over into the hours
of both day and .night workers)
and the substitutes and extra men
and women doing their best.
Every piece . of ' Incoming- mall
was cleared away and out of -the
building by noon; and all of it de
liveredor supposed to be;, though
it Is not certain that some mem
bers of the force on delivery' work
did not lap over a little after that
hOUr h ; k : 'V ' . ;.x
Orders had been given .ty the
higher-ups that all work should' be
finished by 12 -o'clock." in order
that - the -hard-worked - forces - - all
over the United States might hare
a chance to enjoy theirs Christmas
dinners with, their families. This
is the first year, or at least the
first one for a long time, that, such
orders have been given. The pri
vilege must have been enjoyed by
many . thousands of faithful . em
ployees of the department all over
the United States. It was certain
ly appreciated by . the Salem' em
ployees. ; -;: . , . . - ' J
One collection of mail was made
yesterday morning in the down
town district. How much mall do
you suppose the boys found in the
mail boxes? They found six let
ters and two postal, cards!
So the hammering for sending
Christmas mail early certainly
took."- , If - It took as well
throughout the country as It did
in Salem, Uncertainly deserves to
go down in history as a most sue
cessful working out of a propa
ganda campaign in the interest of
the public and of this most im
portant service of Uncle Sam. t .
Ed Wy n n Treats - Salem
Theater doers to Some
thing Different
It was something new in Salem.
A real stiff breeze, blown in from
the, outside world an airy 'noth
ing, yet one ot the most entertain
ing plays ever presented here.
Ed Wynn is different : '
The Perfect Fool" was a dif
ferent play than ever before seen
but the more interesting on ac
count. Ed Wynn is a show in him
self and a mighty good one. "W;
Probably the best single act was
Grafted Walnut Trees
ZUlUa Phums Bdace4 "
General Knrwry Stock
gales Taxd sad Office, 644 rerry 81.
A. J. BIATH1S. Prop.
Orflce Phone 100. Res. 1140SL
I'lione 130SW
. . .i.ii i '.111 .hi.i..- .
: zr
- i'7 !
?: ft??
.- w : a
A The , . (1
Li I Man's VI
R(J Store : Sdjk
1 Thai Sella fej
VL For Less rV
the Japanese f. rlo. The next was
the three! worst acrobats' but the
quartet of ; girl singers -was so
fetching that it pleased .the and
lence more than any other num
"The Perfect Fool" had a good
house which was richly deserved.
From the raising of the curtain
to the going down of the same, it
was round after round of high
gradehlgh class tun. There was
not ft bad line in It The kind of
a play, that makes you feel good
after: yon leave the theater.
Ed . Wynn la , a great actor.
Unique in his conception and or
iginal in his Interpretations. . He
gave Salem a great show last
nIghf.-'--i-cV !.-' v-j -. V
. v, -. , -r. t
'. i (Continued from page 1)
Engineer Pike and Mate Warder
were rescued by ships in the vicin
ity when the Tyee dashed onto the
rocks. The master . of the Tyee
whose name was not received here
was one of the four lost..
Previous, records for velocity of
wind at Tacoma, 48 miles an hour
in 1907, and at Seattle, 64 miles an
hour, December -17, 1912 and No
vember 13, 1914. ,
PORTLAND, ' Or., Dec. 25.--
HoIIday suspension ' of business
prevented the full effect of the
storm -Monday- night "from being
felt in Portland and vicinity today.
Wires were down to some points
north and toward the coast, and
rail service" near the coast was' in
terrupted : by storm damage; !
Wind 31 miles an hour which
pelted a heavy rain: swept Port
land at the . height of the - storm
shortly after 11 o'clock last night,
but It soon subsided, the storm
here being an offshot of the severe
blow at sea. The wind reached
a maximum velocity of 72 mles
and hour at. North Head at the
mouth of the' Columbia river last
night, but at 5 a ra, had dropped
to 48 miles an hour. '
Storm warnings hoisted late
yesterday were kept np today.
Vessels . In, the harbor at As
toria were reported jostled about
severely at the peak of the storm,
with some minor damage.'
Traffic AccldentsTatai
For Two Californians
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 25. Two
men were dead and a man' a wo
man believed dying as the result
of the traffic accidents in and near
Los Anzeles today. F. M. Bran-
ton, 52, was killed and his wife
probably fatally injured when an
automobile driven by Mrs. Edna
feledsoe, 20, struck them as. they
were on their way to pay a Christ
mas visit.
Mrs. Bledsoe was jailed on sus
picion of manslaughter. L. L.
Boswell, 22, was killed in a col
lision between his automobile and
a street car and Jack II. Brown,
28, who was riding with him re
ceived injnries from which sur
geons tonight said he would die.
Children Dead After
Eating of Fireworks
PENSACOLA, Fla., Dec. 23.
James Burleson, 13 months old.
and Ida Bellevann, 18 months are
dead as a result of , eating fire
works known as "dancing devils",
The children' Picked np the objects
that in color resemble chocolate
candy and chewed on them, caus
ing the fireworks to explode. They
were badly, wounded and bled to
death In a short while.' .
Wiflacsfte Valley
Fast Through Freight to All
Valley Points Daily.
Corvallis Eugene - Jefferson
Dallas Albany-Monmonth
Independence - Monroe .
Next Christmas
You enjoyed this
Christmas because your
eyesight was jfood.
Will you be able to see
the dawn of the next
.Christmas day?
Better have your eyes
examined lest they fail ;
, Oregon's Largest
.Optical Xnatltutlon
Phone 239 for AppotnU
" xuenta, -.
, Salem Oregon .
Special Significance Placed
on Each of Seven Days
in Movement
Thrift week, designated as. the
national observance of the anni
versary of the birth Of . Benjamin
Franklin will be held beginning
Thursday, January 17. The move
ment is an economic one based on
the principle that thrift Is a funda
mental of success, prosperity ; and
happiness. ; it Is fostered , by the
YMCA and endorsed by 4 7 of the
leading' industrial, religious and
educational - organizations J of the
country. Committees have already
met at the YMCA and outlined for
the observance of the movement In
Salem. "...
Each of the seven days has a
special ' significance; according to
national plans. The -first day,
Thursday, is known as thrift day.
with Friday -as budget day. Sat
urday is designated as pay bills
Help Us iacate the Store
Buy What You Want at About V2 Pric
' Fixtures'are all for sale. Mirrors, tables, counters, chairs, etc. Here are a fer
prices: . v
S2-inch Dress Ginghams' j
Yard . ......
A . - a 1 t
27-inah Dress Ginghams.
. Yard
36-inch Percales
- Yard .
Good Quality . Children's Black
1 Quality. Children's Black - Ladies winter weight-Union C1 1 P
Ribbed Hose, Pair ...U....lOC ' Suits, Suit ..::.i...0lelt
Ladies'. Kid Gloves,
Pair 1.
36-inch Silk Poplins, all colors,
. a -
TKa srrow in this pic- '
ture pc!trs to the
'. Ungar Building scrof ,
the street from the
; Orcgonian Building.
''It is next totKe Scliing ;
FVuitding and within
t half a clock frana :
. Meier, nd FTnk. , .
Woolworth .store can
be seen in the distance.
2nd Floor N. W. Bank
- . . ,-....
fbrtland -Seattle ,
flayt and, share woth
ers 4ay .f Lif oll'sut!an'4e; day,' copies
Monday1 ,sndi3 f olleWed-,bjrown
your, pwskhomeJajraWeAneaaay.
the last day of thrift week, is
known as make a will day. - ,
Two. Women Die After .
Drinking Poison Booze
MBW YORK, Dec , 25. rTbree
persons, two,of them women, more
than 60 year's old, were dead, two
were in a,'crlllcal condition and
more than a score of others are in
hospitals tonight'1 las a' result .of
drinking poisonous . Christmas
liquor." Some of-the -victims were
In a serious condition-- -
. Hf.-t.t -J.
: . .r . f
V0) ,
... jr
' .40-inch all silk Georgette t pfY
'f: ,' Crepe, all colors, Yard 0 vi J
40-inch Crepe De Chine, all n
- - colors, Yard v
t- -
Xadies light weight CA , 7(
. Union Suits ...i OJC and j C
?J1? 33c,2Gci3Sz
Men's heavy
Commercial and Court Sts.
. Ungar: :
AVe arc "offering first mortgage
leasehold at 7 eerial gold bonds
pf the Ungar Building. '
Pronounced by experts the best
of its kind located in the very
heart of the best retail district ot
Portland, across .from .the Ore
eonian Building-r within half a .
block of Meier and Frank's
We recommend it to the most
conservative investors., " Send
your name and address for cirr
culac giving full information.
: Name.
- - i -
San Francisco
Oakland f Los
:Too Late
for Schaef er's Coys!i
Syrup to help you unless
you actually have passed
into the last stages cf
V '...- 4 '
135 N. Coro'L Phone 107
blue Chambray
... JtJ w
. - . . ;
i (
.,, . . . ...7 (.'. :
' " ' . ' : ,"'"' I
' k
Tclsphone fcfaia 4195
Angeles Chiczzo