The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 18, 1923, Page 8, Image 8

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:c aift that will delight
; i:e iear o( every :
(Continued-from page 1)" v
thing. ' Show them; bow to make
tha :plesand stay with " the city
selected.- -When UxU market' has
teen opened, move to-another com
munity.' If you have the money,
courage And nerer let up you can
mate a profit: ;- x '
Must Be Hnlilitened
"Loganberry; growers In Oregon,
"Washington and Calif ornla must
either be organized, and organlx-
c 1 right, and hare men In the east
.who ;undertand conditions and
are acquainted or else the, grow
ers had better go home-nt? Up
tieir Tinea..- - They have 4 been;
eanplng the, fruit in the ; east
without the least, Idea At wbat Jw
existing conditions are, any facta
concerning the xnarketa and it la
nx.. wonder they are not getting
any price if or their product." .
.' Some of. the experiences of bak
ers with growers associations were
relatfed by the speaker, who attend
ed the National Pie ilakers asso-
c!ition 'cdnTentlon while: In the
c-st. The sentiment here ' was
rauch against the associations as
a result .ot prerlana :' experiences'
with Such. Raisin'gTOwers. It was
said, had-urged: their product up-;
C3 the bakers, quoting a low price
on raisins, with the result that,
raisin pies came In demand. The
fruit. was contracted at 14 cents a
pound, but after a short time the!
growers notified, the "pie men thai
it ey: had a "short"" crop and rais
ed the price, as they were able to
Clrzose ct the1 raisins to bootleg-'
Z'-"s: at 21 cents a pound. JThe
sang experience was had with;
cherry growers and pineapple
growers. ; ; ,
v Caution Is Needed 'v
"If I were a cannef I would not,
can. a single can other ; than' the
ones for which 'I had a market.
Canned loganberries lose their col
or and. llaror and do not make
good pies, it is difficult to get a
large consumption, of packs of ber
ries In cans. ., There IS , a certain
market for a : certain, amount' of
dried loganberries, but this WUi not
take care of the entire crop. 'Lo
ganberries, packed in five-gallon
cans, weighing about ' S5.' pounds
and frozen, can. be sold, in the east
for seven to seyen and one-halt
cents a pound at small f profit.
This will brin g . about 2 1-2 cents
a pound to the grower. Barreled
berries are not good for plea' as
the fruit Is crushed. In freezing
the berries, care: should be taken
not to hare them too ripe." '
;;One Baker Usee Them 5
-"One baker in an eastern city is
using 12 carloads of 'frozen bar
ries annually, the. speaker found,
out. The berries are sent east -at
a cost of. $1.2 1 for .freight, with
50 additional for, icing . charges.
In making his pie he Jises about
75 per cent loganberries to 2 5-per
cent blackberries, both of trhlch
are frozen tratu Not to exceed
8000.. tons, pie' bakers, can- take
care of .this much through , jthe
east, and will purchase them' at a
price that will yield a fair profit.
The small growers, . owning be
tween 20 and SO acres, cannot af
ford to hare his crop' frozen and
market it through an , extensive
selling agency, - . -
Mr. .Haynes ,? .'not satisfied
with the representation or logan
berry growers at the luncheon
Monday, and irter spending three
months, in studying the situation
in various eastern points, believes
thaf-tbe results-of Ms- study
should' be siren to Vs many logan
berry growers as he can possibly
reach. The meeting promises to
be one of the most Important in
the history of the Industry. '
- ;
; , 3IOXEY.., . .
Send this ad and ten cents to
Foley & Co., 2835 Sheffield, .Ave..
Chicago, III., writing your' name
and; address clearly.' You will re
ceive a 10 cent bottle of FOLEY'S
tor coughs, colds and. hoarseness.
also f free' - sample' packages -' of
FOLEY'S ' PILLS a "diuretic stim
ulant for the kidneys and FOLEY
tsipatioo and Biliousness. These
wonderful remedies hare : helped
millions of people.'. Try ; them!
Sold everywhere Adr. ,
. Loganberry , growers, organizer
Make it air tight, and 100 per
cent stronr. and tbe i loganberry
industry wLf keep going and grow
ing. ...v t i. . ... ...
If that la not done, the industry
will be sicker than it Is now, be
fore it Is any better. And there
Is no time to lose. Now is the ac
cepted time; right now.
Coll . Bertram ..Interested in
flax growing and manufacturing in
Canada; and In the company mak
ing" the . only successful flax pull
ing machine. in. the world, is com
ing back-to.: Oregon, and he says
i T.a in, -
. i
F ycu v;i!l x.iitz ind about:,'
your ccndltxcnI.will send
cit my T llillustritedbpok
lies end other redtol troubles
blch YC1X should know.
also exp!zlr3 itsf noa-'suisical
"tr.r.t r.h!cKt T.-icutpain or-rJ.-
cure.yxur TJ?-or fee refuctdoi.- -
1 aS Ltts hnndredaof.
t?ri3trpaUeta, both
xaca mnd wma, whe
t : u to sir tLl ;
Prices Fcr-:
...... .. .. . ...V ' . ,f --. .
Ercnt r-J-Cer-le- ts Czi
- :,.-.::.Cc:-3ty EriJ.TsC".
Locahb'erry Growers to
mzt Talk From Haynes
Desirous. !of '.speaking directly
to; loganberry growers and Others
not members, of the. exchange but
wbo-are- highly- interested ' itii the
future of the industry, H. H. Hay-
nes. president of the. Haines-Fos
ter Baking -company of Portland
and Salem, will be in Salem Thurs
day afternoon.: Tl:e meeting wil
be held at the auditorium of the
Chamber of Cotamerce and': wilt
begin at U 20 o'clock. Mr. Hay-
nes made thesearrangiements af
ter speaking at the Chamber, of
Commerce forum luncheon yesterday.-
' - .
Just Received. 4
', Seven Cars of . Utah and
Phcne Us fcr. Prices
We Guarantee Oar Coal -,t
Lamer Transfer Go
463 State SL Phone 930
: ; New Shades
Novelty Gauntlet Chamohcttcs
$1,75 m$2M
V.. ... ... -.' .-T- i rrrtM ir m I w-J-V
.. - . - , j
p-'t ' '.
Fmat and Lact Price
Choose cfrorrt.- an: as
sortment of seventy
five dresses, -riLatest
; Styles, PeQialfty,
Materials are Canton
crepe; flat cf epesaf-;
- ins, poiret twills, etci
Forjner values to
$24.50. '
Special' S9.S5
-Tcr Gala Cocntere,rShow Cases
Tstlcs, Cash Hejister Etc
ha. expects lb 'seebTegott soon one
or the" outstanding countries ; of
the'worldTlnTthe Hsnofacturing 6t
Unen.' From :' such -a man, : that
sounds encouxsging. '-i
.r"The idea of uniform street tree
planting Is taking in Salem. ! ! Sev
eral districts are beginning to or
ganize' tor concerted action along
this' line.-. It is a great Idea. ,
- s y ' ' ;
n Blackberries is the Slogan sub
ject for Thursday's Statesman. Al
ready some good matter - is in
hand." If you can Help the Slogan
editor, please r do so, today or to
morrow. ;
' S S' V ' " :
.. - w " "
II. H. Haynes showed in nis talk
yesterday before the Salem Cham
ber " of Commerce; that loganber
ries may be -made to help black
berries. ' They go together, 1 with
the-" largest" user in the world - of
loganberries for making pies. . '
. . . " .. . . -.i- ' ;
. Getting along fine and fast now,
in putting the buildings in shape,
at the ' penitentiary ' for the "state
flax plant machinery.'1 Did excep-
tionally weir last" week. There i(
not an. idle man in the penitent)
ary now -and they .will all be
busier . than bees after the flax
plant gets to going under , full
steam.' - - ' ' . ' "
. .If he reminds you- that Ford's
stockholders got rich-, test as-i
sured the stock he is offering Isn't
worth a whoop. ,V5 "T :' .
PRU03EH!( ..
IS Fr,li3TKfEB
Guards 5 Stop Antoni " Sasso
Before He Is Able to
, ' Negotiate Walls
..Antoni Sasso who'was sent to
the state penitentiary from- Mult-i
nomah county- toT do up to 1 15
years for assault - and . robbery
while armed with a dangerous
weapon, made an attempt to es
?Peil Sunday morning by taking
advantage of foggy weather.' The
attempt was frustrated by 'guards.
Sasso works, in the' dining room
as a waiter. With' the other pris
oners who serre as waiters he was
released from his cell at o'clock
Sunday- morning to - wait on" the'
breakf ait "tables.; instead of going
to! the. dining room Sasso. wen to
the basement where he-unlocked a'
barred" doorwith -a" keyyha had
made and which easily 'beif the
Ykle lock;.,. Through this? dOorv he
enteredrwjjat tat: formerly the!
boiler iroohCbut that is now. used
as a' storage, roont. -f ptu.fjodsup-f
plies. t'Tromthls room" an ordin
ary, wood-door nd unbarred " win
dows open ' intdl the rear' p'rison
breaking one of the windows, but
the wall was yet between him and
freedom. t t '!
C- Nichols, a guard heard the
glass break and begah to Investi
gate. Ross Blankenship, - another
guard, saw gasso as he .was disappearing-'
around- a 1 corner of the
building and told Nichols ..who
caught; nlm without difficulty. 5
Sasso disposed ' of the key he
usedV . and; the , prison authorities
have not yet found it. 5
, Before coming to the peniten
tiary. Sasso worked as a truck driv
er. He held up " and V robbed
Adolph Julian.' .proprietor Jot the
Hawthorne restaurant, 404 Haw
thorne aveaue,and took. $54 in
money. He has no previous pris
on record. Sasso is 24 years old.
Burglaries Continue, - 5
- Headquarters Reports
L y Burglaries,; tl various parts of
the town continue to worry - the
policy oepajrtment and are becom
ing almost, nightly ' occurrences
Though the places entered " are
widely: separated and nothing of
much value' .jaken,- the department
does not know-where to place the
bianie. Somcr of , the" work; lap
pears' to. be that' of amateurs or
boys, while in r'other . Instances it
has; a more finished appearance. ' '
I The,. Wtest i to join the list o
.burglarized' house-owners, over the
week-end. were ''-Henry Gachtra, 525
North Fourteenth, who ;..reported
his home ' entered ' between 7:30
.yard.. ; Sasso gqf into the yard by land 8 o'clock . Sunday nighty and
4.30 in a purse stolen. Entrance
was made by the front door and
M J. Crowley, 1564 Chemeketa,
exit through the basement. Mrs
and O. A. Noyes. 1195 Marlon, re
ported ' their homes ransacked but
nothing missing. " " E. Kroeplln,
rmerUe Aew treataieftr step
tf'sim ' er rietfrta la any
Vefyrwirit Wfi j?lm4 mi
nitiiisn.'i eura rrC4.'
t: awe ft-a t.yT;-Aa
ntle TrUmmi,mHrft Orf.rermJ
i I j '; iter -Hrri - XX Alien L-ife):
1S16 x North Commercial,
plained to the police yr
that his' shoe repair sign ha
appeared daring the ni!-t.
;.'Ec2tPjr!:jr:i r
- of clistinction Jand neatneca is -Bcln;
built at the corner of .Twe$tcncl -.Lc ''
V&TOts-n of architecture vrill
say it is fascinating- "..
The"iVDrk is being; done with care ar.d Ecrcp-!r-3
economy .v .
-7-.:-ItaFctfst plus 4 sL'ht laarsih-ij tifr;:- ct t "
f-.iV wilt be sold part cash ncr.thlx. t-!"- t
v i ir: . -- rf-i m w- : t -iskr
.A. PT" . . . rr r.". r -' r
The Chrisirias Spirit in the Hbihle
Is Best Exemplified by
. : : .." - i ' -. . .... .. .
--"' V - ' - ' ' " - -
V" 4 ' --. - - -r .
- Fine furniture, the IancJ that you and everyhody else! lilies to have, is the only kind v-o cell
our customers, No shoddy shortlived affairs, but substantially built lifetime furnituro alvays
ready to give home service. . t , . J ; v; ; ; :
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Pyrex Sets "
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ek l
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o ' pi
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r -
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jt i -