The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 18, 1923, Page 2, Image 2

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Here, There and Everywhere
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Raising ttl6 Faniliy fluaggys good musjcas wen as any gnei " ; ' ' ' "; ' ' ''
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Portland and Seattle Get
Pick of New Players for.
Coast League
: SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. r 17.
With the opening of the playing
season bringing- the test - of the
diamond on the other side of win
ter, baseball fans of . the Pacific
northwest hare raised a chorns of
rejoicing the burden being that
the southern clabs of the Pacific
coast league fared less well than
their northern foes In lining up
players In Chicago last week.
: Clark Pettenger, reputed a live
ly- shortstop who was obtained by
Salt Lake City team . when it re
linquished Paul Strand, champion
hitter of the league, is cited as a
leading instance. Hopes are held
out for the performances of Tony
Lazzerd, from- the Three Eye
league; Hensel Hulvey, from the
Carolinas and J. II. O'Neil; Shrere
port." La.,' who were obtained with
Pettinger. . ' " w - '
Portland, the Doosters favorite
has made acquisitions in .Distel,
shortstop from the Texas league;
Query, a young catcher from Sioux
City. Iowa. Hugh Bedient. former!
Hed, Sox pitcher who ; has been
with Toledo and Demaree. , f r
But the deal most frequently
heard acclaimed as one that has
strengthened the north In compar-
Tcsllnn tho tobacco
for LUCKY, - STRIKE -czzlz
a fcrtuno but it
caves tho flavors ,
. NbW is the time to have the
car painted for Tall and Win
ter use IIEHS la the place to
hare it done. k--; -..
" Superb - workmanship plus
defined, . aristocratic, distine
tire color schemes and the fin
est quality - painta and " Tar
nishes insure - genuinely satis
factory work.
219 State. Corner Front.
v-::.:"' PHONE 037
At Which Time the Public is Invited
ison; to the south is the one that
brought Cliff Brady to Seattle.
Northern ; writers declare that
southern clubs were so busy fight
ing the battle of William H. Mc
Carthy, whom the minor leaguel
arbitration board refused to seat
as president of the coast league,
that they to some extent neglected
their own interests.
Bobby O'Dell, Jockey,
Says Sande Best of, All
Bobby Odell, a jockey who is
well known on the Central v cir
cuit, comprising Kansas, Colorado,
Benrasha, Oklahoma ' end Texas,
landed In Salem yesterday frem
Canada where he has been . for
several months, end left again last
night by automobile with a friend
for Ashland, 4he first lap" of a
trip to Tia Juana where he hopes
to ride again soon.- Odell says he
never . has ridden in a race with
Earl Sande, but he is well ac
quainted with the world's premier
jockey and says he ia the cleverest
and sqnarest jockey he ever met.
"Sande Is different from most
of the jockeys," aays Oden. "As
soon ' as the race is over, he is
away, and , doesn't : hang . around
with the other - boys, and doesn't
have anything to do with their
gay parties. - If he can't ride
square. , he' won't , ride, that's all
there Is to it. He wins it he can,
and if he sees 'a hole as "big as
your hat, he is going to try to go
through it. He always looks his
horse over before a race and if
he doesn't! like the way he is
rubbed down, Sande rubs him
down himself."
Odell last saw Sande at the big
derby at "Lexington, Ky., - where
Sande rode Zev to victory. Odell
is a native of Indiana. He has
ridden such well known racers as
Evelyn Thaw, Unconcerned. Way
, Behind and others. , He rides at
102 pounds, but just now weighs
115. In Canada recently he ias
kicked by t a horse and received
some fractured ribs that may make
it difficult for him to get back
into the racing game for awhile.
Besides racing he . has followed
carnivals and circuses es a con
tortionist, i He started as a news
boy, and says he has gone .back to
It several times. '
"I landed An Salem with 3 cents
In my pocket," said Odell. "I hope
to get back on my feet pretty
soon." fi : l jv . -r ...
349 N. Commercial. Phone 959
New Models Will
Arrive Dec. 20th
Look Over the New Models :
Bill Hunt, Salem, vs. Eddie
Richards, Portland, heavyweights,
six rounds. i';
; Willie Murphy, Salem, vs. Bud
Taylor, Portland, lightweights, six
rounds. .
: Brick Buchanan, Independence,
vs. : Jim Robinson. , McMinnviUe,
welterweights, four rounds. - "
Shorty : Fargo, Salem, vs. Kid
Smith. Corvallis, lightweights four
Fox Twlnsi. Independence, gnat
weights, four rounds. .
Shorty Fargo of Salem and. Kid
Smith . of Corvallia will mix for
four, rounds In the curtain, raiser
and ' as ' both are ambitious : to
break into the boxing game . it
should be a lively match.
are lightweights.
' Bud Stengel of Portland will
referee. ; , . . ' ,
Matchmaker Harry Hansen of
the Portland boxing' commission
has requested that seats be re
served for himself and three
members of the Portland commis
sion. : iv-j,:..
After trotting over the land
scape for many miles, knocking
the stuff in out of wo punching
bags and more or less crippling up
several of the local boys who of
fered to lend a hand out of civic
pride, Big Bill Hunt, Salem's su
perdreadnaught In the squared cir
cle, is confident that he will gather
in the posies tonight - when , he
meets up with Eddie Richards, a
heavyweight slugger from Port
land. ''.
Matchmaker . Burris announces
that he has made everything ready
for the big go at the armory, and
that if either : of i the heavies
breaks a ropeor pulls down a ring
post, some somebody in that ring
is going to get terribly walloped.
From a close-up of these two hefty
gents, they seem to be in very good
condition. ; Of late they have been
"knocking our Bill around" con
siderably, but on this festive oc
casion. William . has decided that
someone else has got5 to drop and
that if Mr. Richards feels he is en-
to Call and
' ' ' 1
titled to more than four rounds in
good condition he must show the
folks something he never showed
before in the way of defending
himself. ' v -
!, Just to give the fans a little ex
citement in the way of some fast
going, there has been included on
the car a six-round affair between
Willie Murphy of Salem, and Bud
Taylor of Portland. These lads
are lightweights, and the dope
sheet shows both of them are fast,
foxy and gritty to the nth degree.
While looking about for a pair
of likelies to fill out the card from
the standpoint of. the fan who en
joys seeing plenty of rough going.
Matchmaker Burris ran onto Brick
Buchanan, of Independence,' and
Jim Robinson, of McMinnviUe,
both welterweights. While ; the
fighting pedigree of these out-of-town
boxers might ' be a ' trifle
short, past performances . advise
one that Brick and Jim really
crave to knock somebody out when
they show up in the ring. Witb
this in mind, together with the
f act-that arrangements have been.
made whereby a return match is
guaranteed and winner to take alii
the berries the four rounds they
are scneauiea 10 go looigui suouia
be chock full of pep and ginger. It
Is reported here that Independence
will be over in a . crowd . to back
Brick.' with everything from pants
to galluses, and that ' Jim Robin
son will bring along a number of
admirers from his home at Mc
Mlnnville. - - . ,!.-.-
, In addition to a curtain .raiser
of four rounds, the Pox twins, the
spicey little chaps from Indepen
dence, will entertain the big folks
for four rounds. .
Boxing May Be Recognized
By University of Idaho
s MOSCOW. Idaho, Dec. 17. The
possibility of boxing being recog
nized as in intercollegiate sport at
the University of Idaho Is seen
here with the Graduate Manager
Albert Knudson to schedule a
series of matches , with neighbor
ing Pacific coast conference In
stitutions. ' . ; ;v-.
A decided stimulus of interest
toward the sport is being mani
fested, according to Robert Fer
ris, the newly acquired trainer and
boxing instructor - in the athletic
department nearly 100 men hav
ing signified their intention of
taking it np.
Mid-Winter Racing Is
Arranged at Grants Pass
GRANTS PASS, Or., Dec. 17.
A mid-winter horse racing carni
val will be staged in Grants Pass
on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thurs
day, December 25, 26 and 27, un
der the auspices of the Josephine
county fair association. There are
to be at least 30 head of horses
brought here for the events listed
under the three day meet. -
Special Train Arranged
For Football Rooters
SEATTLE, Dec. 17. Washing
ton rooters going to Pasadena to
attend the . United States naval
academy.Unlversity 'of Washing
ton football game New Tears day
will be able to travel on a special
train as welt as by boat It was an
nounced here today. The Union
Pacific railway will send a special
car, to Los Angeles at a special
round trip fare.
Washington State Now
Without Football Head
PULLMAN,' Wash., Dec. 17.
No action has. been taken by the
WSC football men toward selec
tion of a new captain to supplant
Joe Burks, declared ineligible at
the northwest conference meeting
in Portland last week, it was an-
captain 'for the '1924 season but
adopt the university of Idaho sys
tem of choosing a leader for each
game . prevailed among followers
of the school's athletic activities.
PORTLAND, Dec. 17. A
wrestling bout between Mike
Yokel of Salt Lake City and Ted
Thye of Portland has I been ar
ranged here for Wednesday night.
- J ; :
With the changeable : weather
which we have at this season of
the ; year coughs and colds are
very prevalent. Be prepared for
them. Have a bottle of FOLEY'S
handy, and with the first sign of
a cough or could take a dose and
prevent a serious ailment. FO
POUND has been the standard
family cough remedy for over 35
years, bringing prompt relief and
when once used you . will never
be without It. Sold everywhere.
Adv. ,:-
Hi tyay Have Something to
IQcm Ahnirr o I man Mill !
f SaV AbOLlt a Linen Mill
Here When He Amves
Colonel W. B. Bartram writes
to a Salem friend from his home
in Ottawa, Canada, that he will
come to Oregon shortly after the
first of January. 5
f Salem' people Interested in! the
Industry, an! others, will remem
ber Colonel Bartram as the man
who brought the Canadian flax
pulling machine to this district,
and 'remained tilt it was demon
strated to be a complete success.
Colonel Bartram is connected
with concerns in Canada, that
grow f lax on ' a large scale, and
also own and operate a large spin
ning and weaving plant. ; j
He is convinced of the highly
advantageous position of the .Wil
lamette "valley, and especially o(
the Salem district, for the devel
opment of a spinning and weav
ing plant -a linen mill for the
making of the . finer, grades of
goods, and he has been making in
vestigations along , this line. He
had an idea when he left Salem of
perhaps interesting a group of
Canadian and New York capita
lists In such a project here..
How far along he has been able
to brlcg this project, he does not
say in his letter; but he does say
this: "I hope to see the state
Does Your Ford
Start Hard
Are Your Lights
The Ford Magneto Does
; Become Weak
We have installed a won
derful machine for test
ing and recharging the
Ford Magneto. It can be
done at a small cost.
... : CHARGE
of Oregon soon, one of the out
standing, countries In the world
In the manufacturing of linen.'
Special Effort for Grpwers
Being Made By Associa.
tion Officers
Every effort Is. being made by
checks mailed before Christmas,
and the entire accounting force at
the association offices is working
hard toward this end. it was stat
ed yesterday by W. I. Staley, sec
retary. The petite 1922 prune
pool has been entirely closed nad
the Italian pool practically closed.
- Growers who participate in the
petite pool received the following
This Store Gift Headquarters For
in the
A. M.
5 If
, - Sure to Please Any Man
Lisle 40c Pair ' Pure Silk
Cordovan, grey and
Norelty Cashmere' 73c Pair
Ribbed, in the popular two
color combinations.
Silk and Wool $ 1.50 Pair
Extra fine quality in camel,
' , ' brown and grey v
prices' per pound:
30-40 .........
...... ..0778
....... .0551
.... . i
4 0-50 .
60-70 ......
70-80 ......
100-120 . . ..
120 and over
Splits .....
Mouldy. .V.
.i.i 0351
. . . .
. ...0251
As the Italian pool has not been
entirely closed, and a fraction of
a cent a pound is due because of
some of the fruit still in the hands
of eastern brokers and that some
of the prunes, that have been de
livered but not paid for. the pool
will probably, run as follows:
2 0-3 0 -i ........... .1502
30-40 ........... . ...0902
40-45 .-.0802
35-45 .0802
40-50 .....0702
30-55 ....... ..0602
CLOTHING The only kind
4 75c. St. St3. S1.SO Pair
Black, nary, cordovan, grey
and castor
Silk and Wool fJ.OO pair
All the good ones In the two
tone color combinations
Clocked Cashmere $1.2.5
Brown with green, caramel
with tan and brown with, tan
clocks. ; , '
All r :zea 9'i u ll J
, ..0232
. .0252
100-120 ...
120 and over
Splits . . . . . .
Red . ... .
Burned .'. .
No. 2 . . . . .
SAN ANTONIO, Texas. Dec. 17.
Airplanes serving under Presi
dent Obregon, Bombarded t-3
town of Esperania with litUa
damage.' -
Tililio'c Auto
Wrecking Hcui3
TIaa moved to lar-sr
-ters .on . Center .Lt .ce-r
Bridge. - - '--
'' We sell used parts frc;j
50 to 80 Per Cent
Anto Hc-iiir j
. , Gcaranteed VTcrli.
Men and Boys
we sell
in tlis
ToMake tho
"Boys" Christinas
Choose GifU to Wear and
You'll have money to spare.
- -. . . .
i Sweaters
: . .-. , r
All kinds, pull over heavy
knit and coat style $4 to
Blouses and Shirts
"Kaynel" the best for boys
and others, sizes 6 to 15
years, f l.OO to $225.
Gloves 50c to 1.30
Leather and Woolen Knit,
gauntlet and wrist length.
- Boys Bathrobes
He'll like one of these
good, heavy material $5.00
to $7.50; sizes 8 to 16 years.
Ties 30c and 73c
Hundreds of knit and cut
silk in a big rariety.
. A Bishop
Suit or Overcoat .
;" Would Be
A Jewel
. That It ; is. each Buckle ,
rests on a . background of
' richly colored satin. Each
belt is hand-tailored from
genuine leather, black,
brown and grey. A splendid
,gift for any man or young
man: something he can have
for many, many months. See
our display of these. -
Belts, Buchlcv
0100, y2.CD, C
80-90 .