The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 16, 1923, Page 1, Image 1

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f " - CnVENTYJTinilD YEAR.
:.,v ;. .sale orecon; fetjDAy aiorninq; deceer uZtoiL' ;
k -v a i : i Erics Five cm..
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; V
War Law Violators Will Be
Released Csfcre Christ-
;:rni3l'li Leavenworth
Are Affected -t.
.Oflcfstis ! Condoned In
Any : Scabs Sines ; flo
Pardons Granted
. ,P?ef tor "amnesty -wolch'baa been
presented repeatedly, to three , a
jtloaal .administrations was grant
ed Ilrially today to President Cool
?ldge: In . commuUng the' sentences
j . of all. remaining imprisoned riola-
: tors or war laws...,
- ... ' The action of the president will
-''Si. ToriaC boit the . release te?ori!
Christmas of 31 now serring sen
tences In the federal prison at
- cf tlje espiona'rract ' TTwof Inese
aea we .coziYietea at nansas guy
ia 1119 aloni" With 24 other il.
' .leg'ed ;membera'of J the: t) Wj w,
Slae, otTthea" were""conVicted"in
Chicago together with William D.
T' (Els' Bill) Haywood, general sec,
Tctary treasurer of the I. W. W.1
4-nd. he others were found guilty
- - u sacramento m 1919.
- , 't Committee Reports. '
'r-'Mt. Coolidge acted upon receipt
; ", et a Vecommendation for amnesty
fro nit the special committee, he ap
, pointed sereral weeks ago to make
' A. disinterested study of the ques
I , tl; of clemency for war law riola-
t; r s. This committee was com-
jx'e4 of Newton D. Baker, secre
; tary of wars during tha war period;
- MijojvCeneral JamesQ.; Harhord
. TrlioaerTed brerseas as head of the
.-. scprice of supplies of the Amer-
- lean; army and Bishop Charles H.
Erenfc of the Episcopal church who
r was - thief of the army chaplain
s serrice during the war. -.
, ; The report of the special com
;". ml t tee was not made public buf
the YiThite House announcement of
i th 9 president's action said a ma-
- jority of the.. committee toembere
xarored amnesty.
Staid Flax Industry Is Stead
ily l Getting Nearer fo ;
j run uperauon
The first fcMjment of tow from
the.Rickreall warehouse has been
made,- and another 'shipment'" Is
ready. and a third nearly ready.'
' Part of the machinery of the
Istate, flax Industry is In opera,
'tidn at Rickreall, pending the fin
Uhlng of the new warehouhQ at
the penitentiary, outside the Vail,
"and the new machinery building
Inside i the. wan. About half the
eteel work for therwarehouse roof
Is, In 'place, and the timbers are
leing Jaauled for the roof of the
-machiier buildin. jiff-. J C ,
3Iahlnery Coming Over' r-"
As soon as the buildings at the
penitentiary are ready, the mach
inery at Rickreall will be mored
oyer, and otber machinery Install
. t J -sq that all the operations may
la carried on at thf penitentiary;
and tl.ere will be some operations.
t will! be a day and night job to
T'-i- irbe flax of 1923 out of the
ay; for; the crop of 1924; but
'C erintendent Robert Crawford
says it can and will "be done.. How
creri tbefe is surely no "time tor
Cday.'anjr where along the line.
-A cod dealof flax seed id al
ready on hand, baring been thresh
ed t Rickreall, and "aome of , It
wl'llb worked up as soon as the
vsrehduse roof Is on. There are
cri ers ca hand from the drug
trade, and consequent need tor
: i-te. .This should be by January
' 10. at the latest. S'.Sl. -'S:
: 4
; OKtGON; Rain west, probab
ly rain, or snow east portions
Cunday; moderate- to fresh
southerly winds.
' (Saturday)
I Uxim'im. temperature 48.
: . terr?rature 40.
t 1 . ' , urt-nro wsflttT ' ?
J ' I piact .
I i . - . - I V WOWHCt Hcumv. m,, tV :- ' ' ' I- ' . -
tesi TfsssssS ttn - hmls --
cwff justice' MC 'v T 77 15 etoicw ,
smn hs vrmr i (J 'JV Hefwts !,
FftrtHhuci RNt . I f Vfl tSL2rfi8H
' Thomas Allen McBride, chief justice of the' Ore
gon supreme court, has the frosts of some 78 win
ters resting on his locks. '" Counted in years he Is
the. oldest member of the bench. But Time, some
way, has nerer been able to make any impression
on the judge except to change the color of his hair
to an Intellectual white. As for his mind, his spirit fifth, Oregon district comprising Clackamas, :Wash
bnd his legs they haren't. slowed-down a bit. : The ington, Columbia. Clatsop. , Wasco and Crook coun-
""tq - uu iuicimuu-u ui uuuuu au ia lies, ana serrea iu .yeara in tnat capacity.' .Then -sUll
able to. cast a, wicked fish-hook : , . he was elected circuit judge ef the same district
Judge ;McErideVhas seen law in operation in and served 17 years. V i s -i'i;C
Oregon in about all lu Various phases'and methods in 1909 Judge McBride was appointed on the
both the laws that are printed in the statute supreme bench by Oorernor Benson, succeeding.'
books-and those that are Juat. sort of underatood. Justice Robert S. Bean, who is now federal iudge-
alL Before he was a lawyer,' even before he was of i 4 ; The:, venerable Jurist la "now serving hisifiith:
age, young McBride worked in the gold mines of term as chief justice of the Oregon supreme court,
eastern. Oregon, where law,, while not necessarily he and Justice Burnett, because of their seniority,
in printed form struck quickly and sharply against alternating In? that position. 3 j r'
the man who .violated, the. liberal ethics . of . the . ; The judge la socially inclined and his fraternal
earlier day. In those times the six-shooter might connections are with the Masons, the Shriners and
represent either law or lawlessness depending on the Elks. But he is also very much of a home
who could draw first As fOr the courts, it wasn't man. His home Is on farm In Columbia county.
Infrequent that a man was sentenced one day and: near St. Helens and he returns there from Salem
hanged the next. nearly every week-end. I e! 4 '
Perhaps it was the practical and expeditious He cornea of a family famous in Oregon and the
methods bf those times that developed in the future west. His father was a minister and i phyBiclaa
Chief Justice ap expeditious way In reaching the big "and was known , publicly all over the Ute.- He'
Idea In a supreme court opinion, for example. As the state as United States senator. He as George
the years went on the judge didn't fail to become " served as minister to the-Hawaiian islands by ap
modern, but he became modern in a sensible way. pointment of President Lincoln. f A brother served
His opinions , are something .inore .than disseru-. W. McBride. who also .served Oregon as speaker ,
ttona oa law; they have a literary keynote running of the, house of representatives and as secretary of
through them that is.not fictionJy.any means but statew.Another. brother,- John R McBride k was
that makes the document Interesting to most any chief justice of Idaho and a prominent lawyer of
y,2tK r tht state. Another brother is Dr. James McBride
Chief Justice McBride Is an Oregonian by na- of Pasadena. CaL .. . :
tlvity. 5 ,H ws? born in Yamhill county in 1847. Cbiefi Justice fkcBtide was married; February
and after he had received his common school edu- 7,M875. .to,Mary .,E. Merrill. His son George
cation he matriculated with McMinnville tfollege McBride Is ;aa . attorney tn Portland. A daughter,
recently rechristened Linfield. MiSs' May McBride, lives at home. ' usl"r.
Petition -for Membership to
aix! 1 ;n
nauonai urgamzauon
- Signed Here I
Petition for a Salem sector of
the .Reserve," Of fleers association
of the United Stats was signed by!
nearly 25 reserve officers of Mar- i
ion and. Polk, counties at a meet
ing held in the armory last night.
Col. Carle Abrams was elected
temporary president nd Captain
Allan Carson temporary secretary
treasurer. ;"- r .V-l.;V; :- i V
i Capt.i Arthur 5 tselirtger; AO.
ORC. secretary ' of the Oregon
chapter, addressed the meeting,
outlining the objects' of the asso
ciation. Addresses were made by
CoL F. J. Arnold, cavalry DOL.
AC of S. O-8. 96th division. Maj.
Oeorge W.; C Whiting, infantry,
DOL, (9 6th division ; Col. William
A. Aird, Infantry. ORC;' Lieut. vCoI.
Hartwell W. Palmcn cavalry OR
C :' LTeut. . Col.llleniry. C- R. Aiken,
field artillery, ORC. and Lieut.
Vere Painter, quartermaster corps
DOL, 96th division. Major Gjed
stedt of the adjutant general's of
fice, urged those present tor help
put' the organization across. -
The next meeting of the Salem
sector will be held, Monday, Jan
uary 14,i the hour and'toeeting
place to, be denounced; later. ij:
f' r ';.'
Volcott Buren Finishes. ,
At ' University in June
Eugene, Dec. 15. One of the 28
persons who will receive a degree
f f qm' the" CnrversTty bf Oregon In
'January,-12,; fs Wolcott; Buren
c! C ,r . Il5 will be jrranted a
' ' f V:- e:rartr.:tr.t
JUl&E T. A. licBRTOE
Principals' . AssbcMtToo 1 C I.
, Wars Upon the Cigarette
The 'Marlon County Principals'
association went on record Satur
day as favoring the proposed ac
tIonof Goyemor Walter M. Pierce
in his. campaign against cigarette
advertising, particularly By means
of the billboard. The secretary
was instructed, to write ; the gov
ernor, commending him upon'- his
stand.! F. E. Fagan of f Wood
burn presided.; Nearly 25 princi
pals were present. W- ift'-.
Intelligence tests were discussed
with Prof. D.. Hughes, Univer
sity of Oregon, speaking-upon the
subject In general.' A scheduled
discussion of athletics and of de
clamatory contests was postponed
until the next meeting.' The meet
ings, which are arranged so ag to
be "held at regular, intervals dur
ing the school .year," are' held every
nine weeks.
Will Telf What East f 1
i ..Thinks of Loganberries
II. H. Haynes. of the Salem Bak
Ing company, will tell the Cham
ber of Commerce what the east
thinks of the loganberry when he
speaks . at the regular- luncheon
Monday noon. By cooperating
with the loganberry growers last
August, the Chamber of Commerce
sent' M." Haynes east in an erfort
tp establish; a new mirket tor fro
zen loganberries. He made an ex
tensive trip talked to a great many
pie manufacturers and : business
concerns, .and will make a com
plete report of his investigations.
Though Marion county has more
acres In hops than In loganberries.
there are more growers interested
in the berriesj- they)arje.ln-smali!
:iertracts.,t.f)r.c,seht' there -'are
4231 seres jof lanLerrii inlh!3
cc :?V:t 7r0' or Zf) rcr:i
, . . .... ' ,. . .(
" Z. h -Vl i
For some years Mr. McBride taught ia. the
country schols of Oregon and in 1870 he w(t-id
mttted to the bar. First he practiced at Xa Fay
ette, Or., then went to St. Helens and -'then tto
Oregon City. . ! t;
In 1882 he was elected district attorney fnr- fho,
mm sale
lks o;j
Nearly Six Hundred Doitars
for Soldiers' M6nurnent
t 111 i. . nl.!
runu Mireaay nceivean
- Returns irn M11 rnlfltti or In trntn
..j. - . ' w- . mmm . . v h.
the recent tag day sale of the fea
lein War Mothers, fo ihe'iold'irs''
nio'unment fund; to go. . towards ?a
monument to be erected on the
court house grounds, i : -s,
The total so rar received Js
t.'84.40. aim - non ir iVrfi" ni
Mrs. Carl Chapter , turned tn'Ihe
largest Bums: Mrs. Alrfpn rnTlprt.
ed 3115 and Mrs. Chspjer, 33515;
iuc "luai tuiiicu iu 11 uui uipi f.iu-
ual tag sales was by Mybelle ijar
ker, $31.16. Those who, wdrked
hard . with, splendid succes I;ere
Mrs. Mark J5Vlff fr. "fteA triwl.
and, Mrs. J. A. Carson j Mrs-Sraah
mincer. Mrs. Joe. Martin,, Miss
Pauline Welch and Charles Kay
Bishop, f The last named Was the
only boy who volunteered, a'nd he
This' was much appreciated' by the
War Mothers, also tho; &ervce4 Of
members of the SalvatIA' Army,
who can always be counted" on. f
I- Frjn Outside &ints
The Salem total is nV jil
and outside towns $ 1 (J 3.0 9;..Tee
was a most generous rfesponse
front Sublimity - and But'tevflle.
Sublimity sent $ 1 0, at dT promised
more. But ierille sn'nt 1 1 ota ft:
mostly in SO cent collections anow-
people htere. Turner Wnt Sli,90.
There are only, partial 'reports
from several outside points, and
no reports at all as yet from 6th-
- The War Mothers expect to keerl
ioint. .till tere s"Wouh'. money
tf I y a"crc-;iatl3 t non
Far Vamer : Party ; of, 1773 Is
- Re-endcted in Old South
, . Meeting House
VBDSTPN. "Mass pep. 15ptn
Boston's old South, meeting house
frpm'wMb Iecemter. 16. 1773: a
band of colonists disguised aa Mo
hawks, went forth to the. famous
tea. party was re-enacted today In
commemoration of Us 150th annt
versary. . , s , 1
,y rThe Dra'matle association f' of
Boston college portrayed the' pour-;
ing,,of.the;.tea,on-i which thecol-.
pnists. refused." to ' "pay a..' tax,, into
Boston harbor the event that led
directly to the revolutionary war.'
Salem Principal Chosen . s r j
V Secretary of Association
.. . " i . ".
t. A LB AnV 6 r.l Dec.- 1 S-Schobt
superintendent." athletic coaches
high rchoOl ..principals, and. stud
ent" managers of seven Willamette
vaHey. " towns '. here todky for the
pUose" of J arranging , football
Schedules, the formation of, a dis
trict league and for discussing
the; athletic composition between
the valley schools in general... E.
A. Hudson, principal of. Albany
high", school, -was chosen as , the
t,0st chairman, of the association,'
which' was perfected at the. meet
ing. Principal , J. O. , Nelson o(
Salem was chosen secretary, ;: The
association went on record as fav-
or,ins a divIsiDU of .the state into
dutricts tor a .better organized
athletic ' program.
New Schedule irr Vogue This
Vwccn, III oioicomaii o
Greats Contest V ;: 4
Sh .(lif the Contest Editor.) t
This week We are going to ef-
f er to the contestants anew bonus'
offer . Every $1 S.O 6 worth of sul
scrlptlons ; turned in between the
dates of" December i7 and Decem
oer. 22nd, inclusive, you ; will j-e
elyeJiSO.OOO extra votes. It joq
can only secure a total of. 115.00
on subscriptions during this week
you. will have won the extra bonus
of ,15 0,0 votes., I If you can se
cure more than one club, by all
means' do so for the bonus of 15 0,
000 . vote's will. , be ; awarded .On
every clubf of, 115.00 you secure.
These bonus, .votes "are, in addition
to the regular 'schedule of votei
and do not interfere with them id
any. Way'..- They can consist of ne
subscriptions, or old, by carrier or
mail, -and may range, from ' one
month up. 1 Send or bring ail subt
dcriptions as you secure" them. Wf
aeep an "accurate record, and. wil
award you ;the.. bouiis on all the
1 1 5.00 clubs you secure. . r j
. I am . also otfering this "week
925.00 In gold in the city of Sa the conteEtant who turns in
the most money on subscriptions
f am ajso going to' give $25.00 in
gold to the contestant on the out
side territory" .of Salem, who se
cures ' -the ' .most ; subscriptions
These ""gold pieces; will mean -4
great deal ia you " during' the
Christmas 'Holidays. It will mean
Chrlstmasprese'nf.j tlia yod "didf
not expect to get and it may mean
mofa , to jyouV. Nowiet me . se4
what you can do' towards . win--ning
one of these extra bonus of
fers or, $23.00. in gold. " 2' I
' 'Mr." Harr, Plant of Salem, Ore
gon, holds the lead1 in" the "race for
the Champion. T Overland . Sedan
with a iotal of ,6H98p .votes. , , j
Mr. Plant started in the contest
qgite. ,tate Tand jt6day he bas
reached the - top notch. ; He asks
his' friends to heli) him during the
remainder of the contest- Mr
Radford Elyj boldS : second place.
Miss "Glenna Russell and ' Miss
HazeT, Peetz, both' ou the our side
territory, tie with a loUl of 61i,
97.0 votes. Miss Russell" and Miss
feet are.' near neighbors.; .Tfte
both afe very deserving candidate
IVUEnt, adf also Ask: thelf
friends to, help them. Airs.. Car)
Muller ls4 affdlBgrpne fat. ha
reached the six hundred and four
teepth thousand tnafk.;- She. is jtn
other wha decided late" in the con
tsfc"cC;wofkr4rid r today fwe find
her. among the. leaders.,; There are
many more In the' contest who' 1
ant, unable 'to talk abdut today!
and who have reached the six hun
dred, f nd twelve t,nousih'd mark
and are ok tha Honor Roil !
;;Kext,week ' wllf giro us a bettel
saowins pf au the candidates. Ix
the contest, ; Now you ire winnln
two good ptferai this week.- Let
me see hat you all can do and
jd q; n ol .walX' ii ntit, the, end : of" th4
week. to turn them in, but brlni
or teed" then to ir.- daily so tia't I
: : t . it . '
Nelson GivenPIace, on Rules
Corfifnittee and; Senate
Forces Plan Defeat of
Senator Cummins. .
Plan to Elect Democratic
Member if Other Mem- ,
bers Fail' of Election
... ;.t t . . .
WASHINGTON. ' Dec. '15.
House Insurgents wbnV the fight
today for place on the rules com
mittee which shapes, the legisla
tive program of Che house. , At the
same :' time senate1 insurgents
strengthened their lines to prevent
the" re-election " of Senator Cum
mins, Republican, Iowa, as chair
man af ' the Interstate , commerce
committee. ;;- v . -. . .s
By a 'vote of 193 to '2,- a Re
publican party conference approv
ed the assignment of Representa
tive Nelson, Wisconsin,' the Insurg
ent leaderto the rules committee
in place of Representative Tilson,
Connecticut, who withdrew volun-
tarlry in the' interest of harmony;
This dissipated any hopes of the
Democrats to increase their mem
bership on the' committee from
four to, five
The Republican conference ac
tion was. taken in the face pf a
threatened insurgent'- Democratic
coalition which might have cre
ated in the house Monday a situ
ation similar to that in -the sen
ate where there -ware .increasing
signs' of a' combined insurgent and
Democratic vote for the election
of Senator Smith, Democrat, South
Carolina, as head of the interstate
commerce committee.
-. - .. Aba ndon Caucus . -.. ' , .
' Convinced' thaf the-of gahlzatlOn
Republicans and insurgents stand
ing together will have the votes to
put through tho house Monday
the standing committee slates a -now-
drawn, ' Democratic leaders
having abandoned tbe party cauc
us which had beeh' called for Mon
day forenoon to consider jhe rule
committee question. Cnce the as
signments r are, ratified .:t by the
house the various, committee .wJl)
be able to function and Chairman
Green of -the - ways and meins
committee has sent out word thai
consideration Of i tax " reductlo--legislation
will begin next Tues
day. - F ,
SatisfiedT, that ' neither .of th
compromise v candidates they have
proposed for the chairmanship of
the interstate commerce commit
tee Senators Howell, Nebraska-,
and Couzens, Michigan- will irc-
celve the support of organization
Republicans, at least, some or jtne
insurgents are laying plans j to
throw their votes vonce more-to
Senator Smith." Some of them
say they will have, strength suf
ficient to elects the Democrat, bui
others mako' rfo prediction. ?
Rumors of further defections in
the Democratic ranks were current
during the brief session held' by
the senate today but these were
denied by a number ,of Democrats
who said that with, the exception
of Senator Bruce,Maryland, whc
voted last Tuediy ; for Senator
Cummins.; their lines would .re
main intact.
La Follet' Favorable
Election? of Senator - Smith,1 if
the "old guard refuses .to acdept
either Senator Howe'l er Couzens.
was endorsed today by Senator
La Follette of Wisconsin, the in
surgent leader, who declared In a
formal statement that this would
be a "clear-cut victory for the
Progressives; in the senate and In
the country.? V; -ry -
"' Senator La Follette' s'ntatement
was Issued (rem hit' home 'where
he is recovering from an attack
of grippe, and was the first public
fight since the senate deadlock
began last Monday.
" The Insurgents' plan as outlined
today Is to vote for Senator How
ell on the first ballot Monday
and then, if he fails to obtain a
majority,; to switch to Senator
Couzeds. Should,, healso , fail, to
gain sufficient support for elec
tion, some of the group at leas';
would tbrcv the(r'votesto' Sena
tor Smith, who received five votes
from Republican insurgents and
the two Farmer-Labor senators
from Minnesota last Wednesday
r-1 f-H-1 cf !-n ci hIlDt
Son ; of J Salem . Man Rode
v . Horses , to Victory Ttiat
'" Netted $444,125
NEW Y(3ivK." Dec. r15:. Eafle
Sande, Premief . Amerlcan Jockey,
established a new mpney winning
record' in. 1923.when he rode
horses - to victory that ' , netted
$444,125 tb his employers, accord
ing tb flgures'made Public today:
Sande accounted, for 39 impor
tant stake triumphs in the east
and middle west bat his most not
able victories were astride -Zv,
Rancocas stable three year old
crack. Sande vhad the mount on
Zev Jn allrbutjone of,' the .colt's
1923 performances, Including (the
$ 1 00.000 Internatioaaf.race - with
Papyrus and the Kentucky iJrby.
Sande and Zev met defeit twicer
In, the Preakness, andthe $50,000
championship stakes at Latonia,
All of Sande's winnings,? ow-
ever, were not' in the colors of ttie
Rancocas stable. ; He rode fb sev
eral other eastern owners. Includ
ing Rear-Admiral Carey , T. ;Gray
son,, whohe .coltf My Own,' the
jockey piloted to a number of vlct
torles. , '; . . 5 , i
' r (By tfae Associated fnu) .
VERA CRUZ, Dec. 15. Revol
utionary 1 forces according - to El
DIctamen are, In possession of P
ebla. and trains" already re run
ning between Puebla City and thli
port. The capture of Puebla wis
affected by forces nnder General
Antonio Villureal. ?
LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Dec. 15.
Two railroad englnemen were
killed and more than a score of
persons" were Injured when .Miss
ouri Pacific Trains No. 103 and
No. 106 crashed headon at Amboy
Switch, '40 miles north of hers
sh'ortly before '10 o'clock tonight:
- :
report was received here tonight
by -Joseph -JT. Tyman. general man
ager of the' Bethlehem" Shipbuild
ing corporation that his daughter,
Mrs. James L. Tatter sail, .was kill
ed at Santa Ana, Cal.T There were
no details.
Havana. Cuba. Dec. 15. Two
boats were reported to be in dis
tress In the Gulf of Mexico, about
100 miles south of Mobile, accord
's g to "wireless Information recelv
nl tonight,.' - w'-i i : . : .'
SUPERIOR. Wis.. Dec- 15.
William McCann. . sentenced to
erve a life term- at ne Wisconsin
leaitentlary at Waupun, for" kill
ing Frank Allen at Lemington on
ugust 6 . list, .was captured at
ouderayi5 Wis., tonight ' : '
. LEAVENWORTH, '.Kan.. Dec,
17. Benny F. Casey, ,who shot
rid. fatally injured D. -W-- Burns,
record clerk and parole officer at
the Mate c penitentiary, Friday,
while Casey and Charles O'Kelth
s'ere belna returned to the prison
at aLnslng, has been apprehended
at . Humphrey, Ark.,, a , short disr
tance from Alicia, Ark.
STUTTGART, Ark., Dec. ,15.
Elevens men. Including two: Jus
tices of the peace, were arrested
here late today on charges of riot
ing; assault and battery, malicious
mischief,, and. aggravated; assault
in , connection with a recent j at
tack upon the editors and tbe
plant of the Free Press, a local
weekly newspaper. All of 'the
men are prominent rice growers.
i; BOGOTA. Columbia.' Dec.." 15.
Many persons Jj ave been killed
and a targe number, Injured by an
earthquake which today, destroy
ed two small towns In tie region
of. Ipiales near - the Columbian-
Ecuadorian frontier.; :
LITTLE ROCK,' Ark. De. 15.
Several persons are reported to
have been injared in the collision
of .twotralns.lateton.Ight on .the
Missouri Pacific railway at - Am
boy switch several miles north of
Little Rock.. . '
me -
Dr. B. F. Pound says: , - -
- "Marion county needs a public health nurss, tr;o
necessary. It needs' to expend "more money for health
proportion to what it spends fpr highways.
The state of Pennsylvania's budget includes f
million doitars for "health and one million five hund
thousand for roads'; Mafion county is sr-tidin-r C---
on its five yeata and .nothing fcr health.
ul know the work of the Pennsylvania hc ith c.
which J. observed -when,! was in Harrisbur b?t A
That state known all over the country fcr Us r
health work." ::
vw i Dn Pound is 6ne of -a' number of Salem physi:!:.ri
specialists who have contributed their time without c.
at tho various health clinics conducted undrr t!ia ( " -of
the Ilsrioa County Health cr:?c:iticr. c
Meagre Informaticn Grci
. Irr, From Border Pcir.t:
Mexico Contain Litl!:
' formation
i- f
Statement Ir
ior Texas, Ci.
-) Esl
'If 14 -
. ; -si -1
1 1 i AtsodatM Tnt 1)
The meager reports on th?
VoVuiionary movement in lit
4ili or.t ,em receiTed by wa;
border Jporats contala Iitt! 3
latjlrig t& actual military cc
butjcoitinue totelI, accord;,
tlejr sourer, government or 1
luttonary of garrisons and '.
maintafnifii tlielr' allegiance to
government- oz.ct generals
Wdies br"froops',vJoining fc
with General Sanchez, the r
lutidnaryV leader.
rfionora Vnd Slnaloa are dec!
in an official message receive
San Antonio; ffora llexico Cit.
be still In the. hands of Ul
troops with General'. Angel FI
announcing' his loyalty to Pi
dent Obregon, '' The sar.'3j!:::
says that Thmplco also" ls"gua:
by loal troops. .
Romor Denied
:; A rumor - reaching El ra
the revolt of federal trcor :
CassaGrande3 state of CL!
hua the garrison comprlslzr
400 men, was denied ty L:
officials at Juarez.
j.UMi official ; statement ly
Jlexocaa xovernmcat lTr
Del Rio Texas, "repcrt3 tLit
cause of the 'advahse cZ"tzl
troops the insurrectionists
General Enriquez Estrada,
abandoning hhn.
Wan Is Sp'c
Can't Read er
' Mystery surrounds the Id:r.
of an jelderly man who walked
lo the police station Saturday ;
was held overnight for invest:
tion. He had last his speech,
apparently was unable either
read or write. Questions put
him by the police were answc
by & nod of the head. Dr. C.
Cashatt, city 'health officer,
amined the : nan,' but could 1
determine the cause of the I
of vocal powers, which he bellai
to be . recently, possibly within t
last 24 hours.
r The man appears to be a wc
ing man, about 50 years oil. r
though his personal effects, c
slating of a small bund'.?
clothes in a gunny sack.
Mew Load Ruling Bcccr,:.
Effective on Dcccrr.!:::
Beginning: next Saturday, I
cember 22, a new ruling will
into effect In the county gove
ing the' weight of loads which 1
be hauled on unpaved roads. '.
order by the county court
filed. i the county clerk's of::
yesterday. It will be in effect 1
til May 1.
USader the stafe law a weight
600 pounds to the Inch is pen
sable, but under the ruling by t
court a restriction of 350 pou:
to the inch is placed.
The order states in vehicles t!
have an entire tire width c!
Inches or more the concentr:
weight bearing1 on the surfacs
the highway at contact with
tread of the two wheels on an 1
shall not exceed the product cf
sum of the entire width , of
two wheels of such axis multi;
by 350., i