The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 18, 1923, Page 1, Image 1

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1 r
r.ALi, cnriQN, tu: :i)ay
pJ x
'. It has always L::n vtri 2
that when a tnn v. -. r 1: I
f .' v - -
r i-
cdlhe .eppeartd.
' ti: w
I il I turn , ., t .
m . r n
i k a I I i
" 'j Cr.!y
tl I ItW J
- i
C- . ? , fc '
c::l.i-?-:a city. c::.. ci;t,
17. (7 7 r I rr--3.) Ila
two larw i cd: j actually cccu-
! -7 i. I'.zrj, CLlahrma
I 1 !.3 t : - 1
I r
1 t
",It'"c:t d'"lnrh-
11 c-
.: . - t :
: l frccj
lion I.-.Ij
c:r. i;r la
FIHii Flnt "Furniture' T?Hntt ""I. IrJn TntTs-
faici:,- crc t.VIt:H Qis cr FIll-lLi Uxi
Im owiij xi 0 2 i-o
Li!:c!y Sin VrAlz Aro Tcldl Lcrb. ".
Fira frcr.i n'unlcnovh'oriifn that trolca cut a fcv n;iri
ctc3 tfcre noon ycctcrtliy ct the state penitentiary ,vip;d
rut tho inaia industries of the prisonthe flax plant and
tha furr-Itura factory vrith a total nt less ctin:ated at
"industrial building, cf six, units and all of, th3'.ccnr
t:::ts, indudin? CCD tens cf. flax stravr, a larrra Quantity cf
flax r :cd, c'd th3 flax and factory machinery U a total lcr3.
XL 3 fir 2 d:l ret rcch prircn prepcrty cutsida wa"3f
thcuh it started a crass fire that spread xver about 140
r crci t:t-.. ths priccn and
a cavariHT the fl'x aid partially' coverir the
. . , t .: t'. i1 1 .. 1 11. . 1.
taach:r"rr 17 rut ,zj,k,Vs)., unasr ins iaw t""ji
i-curo its LuilJIr, ed thi3 v. a3 unprotected.
ir.:-" trial tvl'.dlnj housins industries 1.-.. SCO.CCD
r-"'--ncnt D,CC3
tTJipment ' - 40.CC0
: f
A W tu M '
I "
:d I
er A. Eacon, .treas-
.:llat, "r. Nsllla
;:at, aad Lilllin
publicity . cialrmln
oressire VTojaaa"s
I rcratei, cf TcrtUr l,
' - "-.ta tut:rcul:ri3 tc
tzy, to.izzrect tta
sat recently istallsd
- :t froot t-at' ors;ai-
. 3 to the troadcastli
CV,', the- C- e'.t-
: . .::c::ar- : ' .'-.izti
;.-1 J with r . ir3
:3i:aciL - , 3
rc Ad-
tj tiavj -lioth!.
to D3 Willi r.!ovcir.;r.t
.: of Coiuia -3 bf
C. . t-i .1 crz3nI;2tion ere r.ot
If- favcr cf th3 recall cf. Go.cncr
. .r; s..i-:-2 to inror: .a'.::a
.i v ..3 l-ht to Caleu j
ly the knights cri::.-
; ;:; v- j i f-Id to have char; 3
cf i:
:3 for the cr
".I t tia state tou?.3 .th t '-. -I
.L.2f:.3 cut to the rz
" c ? - t'.Ua to have t:i: ' Z
, r v ;; f recall. - .
j C,.nr.;.f 1 .:rce eafi yci':r r
: 1 3 el:...:-; 1 t3 thj 1
;n dlrecte.
:lr.Et Llr-
n f 3 r-. II c:ctl;n.
. . - . j tl 3 r-.rr.ry:
-. :::;t r 3
, . f i ' , i I; a v, Hi a
' .1 I received' i
u Ng auk m iuariui
tne staio ccncai icr ine ieea;3
j.w,vyy 1
. . . . u. Av,VV
. . "i3,c:o
While there are . indications
that the fire. nay have teen cf an
l3e::ilary origin from the iaside,
Vardca Cralth docs net
v:zs from that cause. lie tillsves
it was caused from fpor.tar.3ous
coiabu&lio.T. . . ... ' ... " ".. ' 1 ' ? '
Governor I -" Is rer"rtei ;to
have said he vas three
t:..:c3 by t!;;":r.a Curay to be
on theJookout for a lire at tQe.
prisoa. .. . - . i -
IIurHf a to Prison
; With AdJuU: t General Thite,
the governor hurried to the prisma
and remalnd until the flames we're
under control. I?e issued a state
ment in which teBaid-he found
natters well "organized upon his
trrival at the prison. The '3ve,r
nor. declared e-iihatically that he
would rebuild the plants with flre-
. - f
The Einea Lr.le out about JO
nl-ute3 tdtore 12 o'clock Just 'tit
ter, the prisoners Lad been count
ed for lurch. They were Immed
iately locked la their cells, , and
about 100, men, many of them
trusties, were later freed to man
tLa fire L066, CuIIaLur&tiiis with
the Salsra fire department.
This was the third fire in the
flax riant. One In 1116 caused; a
loss of $20,000, and c:3 in 19J0
(Continue t en r : 3 8)
Convicts were gr:-'! rt";ved
dur!3. the fire when Cnr;?'!:cnp d from, tl 3 sric'-I. -7 t.iid
ir. LouIs the sawmill ' with
"Det.2 Esnicl3" under one arm
fcd "I "My" t:r.dcr .V..3 ether.
"E is a 1:11:3 spotted pis that
i3 l:lrj trair-I f or . the snnu'al
pt.:;ie::iiary si v. he was unin
jured, but Ei:i7 had tenia cf his
whialccrs sir. - .1. t
Eome cf the scenery "for the
tIii.itlary 'tic-, "Vt.rlv-Ul.i. of
1323" was tr.yed ly Ihe tiro.
.A cc-sv:rt r
r - r
t . was
.ft -..i-Jt
, jr.ade
. . -me
.. - tie
- the
- 1 r 1:,3 to
"ri: ,t I-..-.:, cr
1 f f t'..? c:.I r
'ere c
rrc , . .:cl to
.If 1 f. r f-r-
" 3
I cf
: 1 1:
j. - STATE F?J 311 FiitS-SiDIGHTS
Ccr:rd to Dct:rrr.:r,3
Tii- rf P' ! p i . ' ' ' ' - " - .,
Hurrdrj, ill, :o::rLE ; :
TO CERVE AS r:.L'.3n
, 4 - i I
in Funr2 Ccr. ctrii c n
GoVernor pierce announced r U
er the prison fire yesterday tl t
reconstruction work would tare o
begin Immediately and ex;rcc i
a determination to adopt a type tf
consrucUonj that woul4 redu 1
future fire .risks Jn Tiew. cf ti a
niint;r:of:the firea occurrlss la
the past few years. ' . . '
..The . eovernor named a toard
composed oinie hmb um
Elial and .the chief's of the Pprt-
iaca. lire curezu ana ub vtta-
Zl3 fir department to lnuira
the lire and report upon Its cause
and. also upon replacir j tte
burned buildings with a eafcr t?r e
O fb-illlcss and thus reiacs t. 3
fire; hazard. -The coventor fir.t
narried JIarry , Ilutton,
chief on the aboard, but because
Chief Hutton Is ill, named Ch!;f
Grill-fa cl "Cc'rf ;:::y.7 C:Tftcr
Pierce'ia better .ajpoiitlz tils
.arfl and fiefis! lis C-V.-2 Ii
as follows:.' -..
: Fires Are Ccklly '
"It appearjng ' that a seri. , jot
danzerous and costly., flrca " Lave
pesurrei amons the.cut-tsU-ir.-s
&t ti8 oregoa lata prisoa wltaia
the. past few . years, I am in-
Dressed with the desirability cf
taking such steps as may be neces
sary to reduce the -; future- fire
hazard to a minimum ia the. con
struction of permanent fireproof
buildings to replace those build
inss destroyed la a fire occur
rlcs this date. .
, "You are each; and severally ap
pointed a board to inaulre into
the clr'custances of Che fire occur
rias this date, for the.followins
purposes: '
"(a) Reporting npo nthe caus
es, or .probable causes, of the fire;
... "(b) "Recommending types, of
building ccastruction to be used
ia replacing the turned tuiliinss
eo as to minimize the future tire
rL'i within the pri-on ground.
- Safety IIe'-ho!j Errct?i
"It Is ray belief that": ia the
reconstruction of the yburned
undertaken without delay, the risk
f (Continued on page 2) .
flax outside the nrison walls and
that at Rickreall is fully protected,
warden Smith said. Insurance
has been taken out In sums of a
few thousand dollars at a time, as
last as the flax was received from
the growers. ...
The Sc.:thern Pacific switch cn
gin were dl:;atched by the" yard
mail : r, rr.d pullsd out a carload
of ( .1 and ar.cther of logs from
witLin the irison walls and well
la the darker zone. The cnslnes
wero cqa!".fJ' with fire-f.htlng
apparatus and after lea"Vir. the
vicinity of the tSaze succeeded in
putting out numerous fires along
tho railroad track.
::t f.r savir? the rrison
y v, ?.s Eivca ta Ji::imla Borg
v ! - kert a i.trcan of water
! i. :i tt root In U ite of In
1 t. r ir'. I. v- ere extin
i . 1 rsr' ::y 1 , th:y .fell by i:rc fighter.
t a : r-
fr: i a c
? 1
n rr
rc::e cf tLa ccOa:,: 3ti:
3 cn tho walls were e'.'. . :
rahist the glare tsst I ;" 1
t- :
P,; ? envia 1 - ; a t ''.
i . . j . ,;o. iia : .1 -. :: .
ar..i v"!"j nr-t pxprtir
-.1 t: ' 1 c 1 3 i t
3 v a
I at in tha Cxr 1 .
; Yesterday whea . lre makinsr its,l-.:cc:t at
tack on the pc.. cr l.ouse
one lone, prisoner, a man
without hope of the future
in this world, a life termer,
stowd -TfcXCiwliAjr Viith , "his
hose cf water' pouring
water so that every drop
tcld and the power plant
was saved.
Here 13 juet one thini to
do in such a caea and thst
i3 i-u3 a.r arden. Of c: rf 1
th 3 c I: z V ; r3 v,-i.l ' cc :n ; 11 : .1
if-Gsvcrner ri:re3 H:lcr.j
ta th3 Cetrt" 3 cf humanity
but 1:3 i3.-Lr:.v3 enough to
ta!:a th3 r:rp:::::LIIity.
: ' ..' 1 ar.d by to d
:.i r tcllinj what
-ul I.ava cena,
t T e:r-eon, av. life
Ila c"ht to b3
,.. ..
j j I t.. - 1 I I ft . . . ..
Flo Japanese Ft clief Forth
. coming From Willamette
.Chapter, Red Cross
Delay in whipping aa organiza
tion into shape to conduct
aija to, fill, the Marlon-Polk
county quota cf $ 10,0 50 for re-
irI.":l-for the Jajanese disaster
.flk6d or the" Willamette Chapter,
American Red - Cross, has result'
d . in the, abandoning of all ef
forts to fill this quota.
w Bel ley! nth t a., cam pal nof
any, kind .for this .would
be futile now that the public has
recovered from the first shock of
the news, the Salem chapter will
not attempt, to solicit funds for the
relief work'. A majority, of those
interested ana. Who: would ; have
headed committees ior .this . pur
pose, have , fiatly said the ; ni olay
was. responsible.. forthe failure to
subscribe to the quota, and that
the time 'was while the iron was
hot.. k ..u. .
Booth for Aid of State Fair
Will Be- Stationed at
Marion Hotel
Listing of rooms for visitors to
tha state fair will begin at 10
o'clock Friday morning at a spe
pfii hwiHi' tn y,n located at the
ilarion hotel'under the aupices of
tVa imtpl and th Chamber of
Commp.rca. Ilrs. Emma Jiurphy
Erown and her assistant, llargaret
Kihbe. who have had charge or
this work for the last two years.
will have charce agin this year
Rooms will be listed for three
days only,- and assignments will
be made R3 fast as possible, Mrs
Brown said yesterday. Though
the, rpffitratln will be for three
davs only. Friday. Saturday and
Sunday, the assignment of rooms
will' continue until the end ol the
til . - . s
Either Ilrs. Erowa or her assist
ant will te at the hotel frcm 10
o'clock in the mror.ings of regis
tration day3 until S o'clock ia the
afternoon. Those having rooms
available are urged to H3t thea'a
as t-riy s possible.
' ...... ." af . . . ff
t , W l. I 44 J
DAI.. Cr., C:pt. 17. The
f'.r.t tl;: ta tn done by a for
( 1 ill c: ;r.ty c::urr:I
irly t " ' 1 CJnp IS cf the
Ccll.3 :.t.ll I-'-eing company
st Vaii- : 3 c.:;;utcly d. trcy
t i. ' .
Li. Ul
Prcp:::d tr.v AVculi Fro-
n.wit Cvncrs Frcm alcv
ir.a Cindcrc, Dcnss Smcke
cr Coot to Co Emitted
COUNCIL .. . C.3
ta:;:i:.:a;i liceuSE
Upcn Cy A!Mrmwii
,TIie Uzz C--l:jzl td nuch ex
pected and tailed thout ordinanc;
to regulate c:Zi?3 came near
causlr z a srsill vhirlwirl of its
own ia the city council chamber
last night. The crdlzasca Intro
duced by. Alderman Pattoa wail
pbjected to by Alderman Dancy
when it came up for. passage to
second reading. Alderman Dancy
said that If it were passed all in
dustry would have to move out cf
Salem. -
Alderman Patton said that the
cinders were a nuisance and that
since so many objected something
must be done. Others cplaed that
If time enoush were given the
concerns responsible for the cin
ders the trouble would . be re
'1, -
llr. Patton insietsd "that- thoy
had hid time cnoui'i. llr. Vi.a
Patten fall that ta knew the
boiler far the Crra Pulp Fi
ner eomcanv . 0 days late ia
arriving and that the foundation
was ready and waiting for its ar
rival. Ila tali he. thought , tills
would perhaps remove -the di"i-
cultv. Tdr. Dancy . called upcn
Mr. 'Patton to use a little ' of tlj
tolerance oa the paper .company
whlta he had sl:ed to have ths
other c6nncllmea use on the hotel
keeper. ; ,.,
The ordinance provides that no
owner. Tcr.xaa.3.zr cf anj TaHding
rr Tr-'wl in the ooera
tion of any furnace or engine shall
be permitted to cause smoke pr
hoatalnins cinders or soot to be
emitted: froia its smokp stacks,
crorided thl3 soot. or cinders ia
terfsre3 -wita the health, of any
person or annoy the public. ;
Overcharges and grafting dur-
ins fair week ,k.ere hit in a reso
lution ...approved. ;by the council
last nigni, . ,iae, resoiuwua
introduced .by .Alderman t Sutr,
who said he. had personal knowl
edge of local restaurtnaa raising
their rprfces from 40 to. 75. cents
fnp f,ir veelt. which he contended
created a bad Impression with vts-
;rs. ti i . - i.. - j
The resolution provided that al
comDlaints . tf such .over charges
should be made to themayor who
mirrht anboint a committee to In
vestisate and the knowledge eo
gained may be used ia grantlrs
licenses in future. . uoteis, . res
taurants, eating and. rooming
houses taxlcabs and all others
who serve the public were listed
in. the resolution. ; j
. ' "Taxi rleet Comlrz. ' " .
. Notice that the taxi . problem
which has occupied a prominent
Dlace ia two regular taeetir3 cf
the council, and was the reason for
calling one special meeting would
ra-echo vet attain at the next
meetdnj was Xzvxrl Iart.nirht. ;N
Tte Red Tc? Taxi company .of
tkrtV:.drU r.:pre .-tel F. I.
Grosspeter, appeared before the
council seeking a solution to their
prchUi cf Idw to etner the city
ta ctcri3 a 'fl.-t cf tiii c-hs
fciirAar 'tj thwe-toV cpfcrated by
the comr- y-ia Portland.1
$ 0t&eii.''-" '
Tt wss : --c.l.d ty Aid: 1.1.2a
iToore than tl. le allowed to
'enior now I '"iay It's the 1C0
llcci'e fejj vlch v. c aid t3 -re-
fand:d to thc.u If they reiiln
fcr the rc:t c t:.3 yi vr. TL.'j
rul .d ct:t cf crd;r and Mr. Grc 3
f?tcr si'iin ;h-a cf tl advat-
- cf tl. 3 Ten ch',. j 3
referred lnei:.ntly to th3 :
6yi.;c:n i-"i 1 vllch '
v .1 f
3 Cf t
Go Up In L'mclir, L'.:
Fire, sweealn.7 ever ti.3.T I ; i
dcstrcyir.T at least CCD 1.
at CD !'-' -1 in cxttr.t ia c. ? .
tierj cf ihz city
8- -
l; ..a
eventually cl:l d-.-a Id a i
"I 1 ' v
A . 1,
the necessities of Japza
should b3 met. Th- -lv;.'-ticn
Array U ths cr.'y " (
cy ia k3ale.a 13 t.,..v. 1
ir.j for th3 relief. II 3
Army cf ccurza ..::.'.
1 ,n fr.- rc - - ,
! t ycu cr.n rive, a r:- I
c 1 ill Lb ; ivea fer cv.. .
! i. ..J .....) A V W ,
t y 1 - - ' - 'I - 7 "
"lied. ,:
j. ..3 -i. Civ. L . . . .
1 J s
C-ta every ddlar c.
tarcua . t.,3
A frr v.
do?- , -
' The . t: - harreet.
f- ri!l rnt 1 hr' 1 t. "
y:r c::ccpt 3 it 13 held i.i
cer-eetien rrith thc:3 r:'.!:! f
f"- '3
wants your he, T-it?, yc 1 j
to become a partner, ia rc-
lisvissr the suffered frcra 1
the world's rrreatcet dleae- '
ter. - , I
it 13 needed now, va ycu
help? - ,
..Although Jie v-3 fa. the ttr
from .Ca tar day tl0ht until Eanda;.
when the Amerfcan destrcytrs
went "ashore 10 days aso off th?
southern - Calllornlan coart, ll:.r
lanil Terklns. of Salem was res
cued and. suffered only from bruis
es .and exposure, according to in
formation received from .hin by
his mother, Idrs. V. II. Tz vers cf
alem. He Is a FHor f ct3 c-?
of the craft that went cn the
rocks. " :
f W ttrm "-"': '
i i I i r '
POHTLAI7D, Cre Cere. IV.'
the coming year were ar.r.e :r:ed :
Orcca Stats ccnfercne3 cf t! 3 Z"
Included in the assi; - ra i
church, Thcraea Ae!. 1; L
rcmbcrtcn. Vcet C-.:era, IV.-. A.
Ilev. S. Y. Ilall- Eu; er.?, Il-v. J". : .
C. C. Ccc Ccttc:3 Grcv?, ...... ... Astcria, r.ev. I O. '
Jeffrey.- a f I " '
T ,T , 1 ... f , ... 1 ... ,.
U.3Cr :
to the Cclar .!. . IUv;r c.
Or c ea cc -..... - j. 1...
'--. " " Tl -'- 1
A w fc...s Jb- tot- j, - - '
r.i. .r r-.-.'. . ; 1
. 8 C
1 1 .
r ,-. 3
1 . , :
1 'a .,
il b.... 1
t ,i i' "'
tzl. i .
fl: ,
to v.
start In 2
ila.! 3 I:
' -
3 L