The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 16, 1923, Page 9, Image 9

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Car Today Is Rebuilt" of 40
.Years' Experience in Build.
k ing Transportation ?
The Gardner Pour Is the rej
snit of 40 years of experience in
the building of personal transpor
tation. " Lessons learned by the
Gardner Motor company through
out these many years of careful
building . have . been ' used i to the
best advantage on the Gardner
vehicle of today - - --rr
Back in 1882 Russell E. Gard
ner, a young man then engaged
in the manufacture of carriage
spokes and wheels, decided' ;to
enter the vehicle business, " and
built the first banner buggy.
Sold at a low price made pos
sible by the best production and
merchandising methods, the Ban
ner baggy soon become world fa
mous; Prom the very start Ban
ner buggies were built with the
soundest of material and thd best
of ; workmanship.. " C' 1
"World's Largest Rugy Builders
In spite of the fact, that there
were already numbers of other
Inanufacturers in the buggy field.
t -ems
' 'Special pain tins effects real
ly Increase the pleasure of own
lng a, car so painted besides its'
increasing resale value '
We're prepared to repaint
your ear an original,- aristocra
tic; ' refined- color ' scheme or
a conventional one and do the
work well and economically. .; t.
219 State, Corner FronV
Phone 037 ? i i
EXTRA-HEAVY sidewalls, more
contribute to that superiority which
rpnables you to drive C-T-C . Cords
1 with lower inflation than , ordinary (
v cords. But ; better matenals ana'
compounding are there too. '
-"; Ask the first user you meet ; v
, . ' ' What he thinks of C-T-C Cords
We want you to place at least one C. T. C." Cord.. Tire on your car on
our highest personal recommendation. - This . remarkable - tire will
do the rest.. , : .,(-- . , ' ,y ' -.
v Columbia Tire Corporation
i-;..'. " " ' Factory Branch . '
477 Conrt Street.
Smith and WatkJns, Federal Tire Service; Tick Brothers; Ira
Jorgenscn; Other Dealers Throughout .the Country.
Gardner soon became leader of
them all the world's largest; ex
clusive .vehicle " builder. - Keen
competition forced , the Gardner
company'to devise - many short
cuts in production which could be
taken without In any way affect
ing the quality of their product.
This quality of finding the best
and most economical way of i do
ing everything " has characterized
the building of Gardner vehicles
since the manufacture of the first
Banner, buggy. j - -
: Came the time when the autc
mobile took its place among the
leading industries,! and a' certain
well known manufacturer of cars
of popular price, desiring distri
bution in the west and socthweefc;
asked - the ' Gardner . company to
manufacture ; and sell : their cr
from St. Louis, .using Gardner fac
tory, organization' and production
methods. r I -' "'-' l?T'Vl'.
Success From live Start
t The success of this project was
remarkable from the start. Calls
came from dealers all over the
country for the St. Louis built car.
It was recognized as the most
carefully built off this particular
make of car. S
Not only this, but the Gardner
company was producing , the ; car
for considerably less money than
any other plant making the same
automobile. " " y V"-
It was then a very natural step
for the Gardner company to turn
its splendid organization an..!
equipment to the manufacture of
a car bearing the' Gardner 'name.
The success of j this enterprise
has been phenomenal, and in a
Yew short years Gardner has tak
en its place as one of the leading
manufacturers of j popular priced
cars. !
Dried Fruit .Prices Due?
For Rise,- Says Expert
Dried fruit prices have hit the
bottom and an upward trend will
soon be 'noted, in the opinion of
J. M. Clifford, of the dried fruit
department"of the Oregon1 Grow
ers, who has made a study of con'
ditions. , . ; . , ;
The stock of hold-overs in the
larger sizes particularly is nearly
depleted,' he said. His prediction
for the future., is based upon, the
favorable . interest manifested by
foreign buyers who : are , reported
to be interested, and' the quantity
of large size prunes In both Ore
gon and California. The dried
product will demand , higher
prices,' he said. , ' . ..' ...
s J
Hay Wc97dmara's
Every motorist should form a
thorough acquaintance with the
operation of clutch mechanism
in his car. 'I There is a whole, lot
more to know . than just simply
pushing the . pedal down to shift
gears.' . . . . . ,
.The various clutch designs in
different makes of cars have their
own "peculiarities - and character
istics. In each make of car the
application ' and mounting varies
slightly or sufficiently so that no
one .specific set of rules will cov
er them all. It is therefore nec
essary-that every car owner study
the car instruction book on this
point during the first 200 miles
of service on the new car, and
consult tte' agents service experts.
on points bat are not clear in the
book. By starting out in this way
the life of the clutch is very often
doubled, while a. little neglect or
ignorance ofcorrect operation and
treatment, good clutches can be
destroyed; during the jfirst a 00
miles of service. f i f
The following points should be
remembered at all times:
1. Always make sure that ped
al does not make contact with
toe-board. The amount of clear
ance recommended at this point
varies slightly, in some makes
to 2 Inch ;is , called : for. This
means that the pedal will. travel
this distance from . toe-board be
fore Clutch starts to release.'
2. Frequently on new car a due
to initial wearing in of friction
surfaces, tipfclearance 1 taken
up ratldly In the first few hnccl-
red miles, or due to oversight In
I'm .
t' J'HE new Ford cars are now ready for your
inspection, introducing changes that im
prove the appearance of the various body types
and increases their comfort and utility.
! - ' , ' i ... 1 f . ' " .
They offer you not only economical and de
pendable transportation, but also-a more attract"
ive style and a greater share of motoring conven
ience, a combination that makes the outstanding
value of Ford cars more impressive than ever..
See them on display in our showrooms.
-. .
260 N. High St.
adjusting the pedals with proper
clearance, the pedal may rest on
the floor board. This condition
will , cause excessive slippage
which in turn will generate heat.
outcausing excessive . wear. -; I
have I known new clutches to , be
worn out on this account during
the . first few. hundred . miles of
service, necessitating new . fric
tion surfaces and other parts dam
aged by high temperatures. .
'. 3l Another cause for . failures
is loose body bolts, or toe-board
screws, this . condition sometimes
causes body or toe-board to shift
on' frame, thus making contact
with pedal holding it out slightly;
This trouble developes , on long
tours sometimes, now with a little
knowledge' of your clutch opera-;
tion and - pedal adjustments, you
can help yourself in a pinch."-'-,'
! 4. There are several differ
ent .types of dry and oil disc' clut
ches and some dry and oil - cone
clutches. This Is another very
good reason for, knowing what
your instruction book recommends
about your ; particular clutch. If
your clutch is designed to operate
dry and through misinformation
or guess on your part you use oil.
you are bound to experience trou
bled ; "j . v, ; .:. ..
j 5. As a result of wear, or oil
leaks from motor, and guess leaks
from transmission, dry, clutches
sometimes ' develop a chattering
of .grabby condition. Usually the
service - station or Instruction
book recommends a special treat
ment or wash, to remedy same,
or in the case - of oil clatcbee
overoiling as result of leakage
past rear main motor bearing, or
oil too heavy resulting' from leaks
u livers
Authorized Ford Dealer
-. ..... ' . '. t- ' i .... .
from transmission, often causes
slippage. Sometimes through
clutch oil .leaking out of clutch
housing, oil clutches chatter and
krab. The remedy for this should"
be sought through experts at rfer-
vlco station or consult your in
struction book.' Treat your clutch
always" as recommended by ser
vice' instruction book of car in
struction book. ; 1
P. Riding with .foot' on 'clutch
pedal is !bad practice except in
tongested traffic. The main tea
sons are that this puts a thrust
on clutch Telease bearings all the
time. This applies to practically
fill "carsand In some designs when
She clutch is released or held out
hls''puts an - end thrust on' the
iualn bearings or crankshaft and
tn 'the coarse' of time, will devel
op excessive and play In crank-'
shaft' Ihrust bearings. -'
'7. It is characteristic of some
Clutches to rattle' inore than oth
ers "with motor Idling or' when
4lutcht is held I out." Ordinarily
Oils condition does no harnT aside
from annoyances. However, can
lfe'elim mated in some cases' by ad-
tastment.' ! " -
18." Excessive' wear and ' slip
yige Often" developes from con
tinuous starting on high and sec
ond gear.4 In ' some cars - second
gear starts are 'not harmful with
light loads on paved roads. How
ever,, on hills, in sand, and soft
roads or . on level paved roads
with heavy loads always; start on
low gear to prolong life of clutch;
;f .9. Back lash noises sometimes
develop In - clutches' at very low
speed, after a great many miles of
sfcrylce, 'due to wear of : splines
and slots Incorporated in the me
cnanlsm.' This condition becomes
excessive' at times when motors
Anrt PctuirerProof Tires .
184 8. Coumercu
Phona 1349
run irregular through improper
adjustment of carburetor, leaky
valves and ? pistons or faulty- Ig
nition. In the' case of one plus
being faulty :a decided metallic
clatter or back 'lash noise -would
be heard in clutch, at real : low
speed. A' condition 1 of this kind
can only be' corrected by clean
ing the plug or correcting discrep
ancies in the motor.-1 have known
cases, however, where : sliopmen
who do not have a thorough un
derstanding of car performance
have attempted remedy oil the
trouble by working on the clutch.
One particular case that comes to
my mind was -at Oakland, Calif
ornia, ; several years ago. A' me
chanic had removed the clutcn a
third time and' gave up, when it
was only - necessary to change a
spark plug.
Last Week: Proceed Cautious
ly On . Strange Roads..
f Next jWeek: Adjusting Motor
.Valves. : ' ' .
i i ii . . ....I.. -. . t ' ' i i i ' m i i ii i ji i.i
w yffjrwwwrT wi wnni .m wiiuimhf mtT w iuipi n i man mm. j . i m . i'
' f f--' i tVifiriin n mmm II riintini'i-i 'I'Vin i L in i i r ' irr' T H-il., .1 , - - - n r r i i i
1 1 cri a To) Tn") MW w-
I :;;
U V , : , r.:"'
f. !! HI '-mi ri "J- II Ii"' r '--- -'" i i 1 1
Visiting and Local Members
.Getting Ready f o r
' Things, to Come . V
Visiting 'and' local members of
Les?SocIete; des 40 Hommes et 8
Chevaux , are, getting ready1 .for an
active winter, a meeting having
been set. for Monday night at the
armory while ' tentative plans ' for
a ceremonial to be held in Dallas
in! about two weeks have been re
ceived ; by ; Robin Day, chef de
While the "40 fi g'.' is' consid
ml i i i
II ' "Ion
ii j
A New Sedan and
I v x t ; ; tBiiiess -Goupe
THIS new Gardner Sedan and Business
Coupe embody that happy combination i
of abundant powers absence of vibration, flex- v
i ibility of performance, speed, economy,- and ,
genuine comfort those desirable 'a uahties .so .-
necessary to real satisfaction in closed cars, ';
' ' jet seldom found or even expected in cars . '
. , .selling at such moderate prices. '
Their unusualyalue can be fully appreciated '-
only by a point-for-point comparison with"
other closed cars at any price. This compaii
son we invite. -
F. W. Pettyjohn Co.
Full Stock of Parts and Repairs
ered the playground of the Ameri
can Legion., corresponding greatly
to the Mystic Shrine and the Do fe
lt les, still it has Us serious side.
The -"4 & 8" members are se
lected from those taking an ac
tive part and Interest in the Am
erican Legion and are pledged to
attend post meetings. Lack of
interest 1 In the legion -ultimately
results in a member being drop
ped f roni the playground order.
The order is not a clique nor does
it attempt to run or dictate to
the legion.- It works in tie clos
est, harmony 'with the legion, al
though .the most active members
are generally voyageers Is the
"40 & 8." ,', - ; -
A little tab. worn beneath the'
legion emblem, with a, "40" aboWt
a figure -8.rt appearing as a frac
tion. Is the insignia "of the orgaul-
zation. French overseas caps, a
bluish-gray-. In color, are worn at
all called meetings and ceremoni
als. ' ,) :
.7 i O
Columbia Tire Corporation SKT3
N , Open Evenings and Sundays ;