The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 16, 1923, Page 8, Image 8

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Incendiarism in State Due
Mainly to Over-Insur-
: ance, Says Moore
Fire Insurance companies are
severely criticised by Will ti.
11 oorer state fire marshal and In
surance copmissioncr, for alleged
over-Insurance,! In a statement
anent flTe prevention week. Over
GO per cent of the fire losses In
Oregon, - he believes, are of in
cendlary origin and most of these
due to over-Insurance.
More Business, Is Slomn .
From what I have been able
to learn," sayg Mr. Moore, "I am
of the opinion that the companies
are all the time urging their spe
cial agents to get more business.
The special agents are all ' the
time urging the local agents to
get more business, and the local
agent goes out and writes insur
ance upon anything. The Investi
gations which have been made by
my department ' and which have
been called to my attention verify
mis. . v
Mr. Moore cites . a number of
Oregon cases to support this coa
tention. . " , . ;
"The fire loss Jo Oregon, as In
South' DaVota, equals the amount
raised In taxes for state purposes
continues Mr. Moore. "The total
fire loss is in excess of 9,0 00,00 9.
This seemed i .appalling to mo
when I first became acquainted
with the facts, because the prop
erty which is burned Is that much
value gone forever
Moore expresses the belief that
Btrict inspection of all risks would
verjr materially reduce the firs
loss. - - 1 r
' y- y .: ' . i : .; : ' I . '..
Insurance Men Object
"But whenever I have talked to
Siptppint ;
; " Heater
This portable electric heater
provides instant direct
warmth ."whenever or wher
ever desired. '
Just "the : thing ",for use
when it , is not quite cold
enough' to operate "(the fur
nace. BlioWNELL
' - i-A'. Successor to
Welch Electric Co.
379 Slate , r- thone 953
the Insurance men about It," be
says, "they have : held up I their
hands in holy horror, and inform
ed me that the expense would be
so great that it could not pos
sibly be borne. ! ' But would it be
so expensive?! Jn Oregon last rear
the fire loss was $9,000,000. The
insurance companies paid In loss
es a little over $5,600,000. Hai
one-half of : this money, paid for
fire losses been paid for fire pre
vention, I firmly believe that
quite a little more than 50 per
cent of the tires could have besn
prevented, and with $2,800,000
for fire prevention a great work
could be done. : That would em
ploy 1,000 men In the state of
Oregon to inspect the fire risks.
A force of this kind could inspect
every ' risk Insured in the state
several tlme3 In a year, and by
so doing make over-Insurance im
possible. This ; would do-away
with most of the incendiary fires,
because there is nothing as in
flammable or combustible as au
insurance policy, unless it would
be two policies on the same risk
rubbing together. The moral risk
could also - Ue determined, CI re
prevention taught and the saving
in fire loss, would more than pay
the expense."':
Many Residence Transfers
Reported By Firm of
V Chiids & Bechtel
Judging from the number of
building ' permits taken out, and
real estate transfers for this time
of the year, real estate activity is
much better than for many years
past Evidence of the fact may be
3een by driving over the city. .
Many beautiful homes are un
der 'construction. -Many persons
have decided j to build this fall
and winter while prices of lots
and material are lower than they
are usually in the spring, and
while labor can be . obtained at
price that Is' fair both to labor
and the employer. . ;
There are many newcomers in
the city - and from all i reports
there will be many more this fall
and winter who will locate in or
near Salem. Many of the realtors
report that business In their line is
better than it has been in years
and picking up. . Chiids Sc. Bechtel
report of the following sales made
recently; ":: ' ' '", ..
Walter Thompson! residence at
1870 South i Church" street has
been purchased by T. R. Arthur
for a consideration of 12100.
Walter H. ' Smith suburban
home of - two acres ' was sold to
Wallace H. Lynn , who has been
touring , Southern California for
the past year and ; ; returned to
Salem to make his home. Price
paid was $3000. a-y ,yJyf a;
. The Terrell residence at 420.
North 'Twenty-fourth street . , was
purchased by George W. McCall
for. $2300. J
Viola Holman residence, 690
North Twentieth street, has- been
sold to Samuel Logne, who recent
ly arrived from Minnesota. : Price
paid was $2200. ',
II. E. Cadd well has purchased
from R. C. Hallberg, a new bun-
s , X
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. - r - - V? :
t J L
f j. V - - ' 2 A
f , v
ft - rttt rT'T"""" rr -triiimisw nirirTMiimmm-" sh--v - t y-.---.- 4- -lg Mm iln, , .. M,. . .v; j
" 11 -i
They must organize, or Join or-
ganizaiions aireaay run.mng. xae
independent grower' will on the
average pay dearly for his Inde
pendence. r He is . on ' the wrong
track. He merely announces by
his Independence his willingness
to allow the "other fellow" to fix
his prices. The "other fellow"
will ix them as low as possible,
in order, to make for himself as
much as possible. And he is not
to be blamed. The grower would
do the same thing, if the tables
were turned." Jf he would not, he
yrould starve to death.
: 'it.-,- - i mm
r.TJaee Is ah article In the Sat
urday Evening Post, giving the
record of our foreign missionaries
asfi boosters for American' trade
and i prestige. If you will read
that article, and then ' say yon do
'Battling Sikl," the dusky pugilist who created such a sensation
In Paris when he downed Georges Carpentier, has just arrived in
America. lie la probably looking for the "long green.
New Oak : Player piano.
. - ! piano sells ree-
ulafly for $495.
iWe will give
rolls and bench
and sacrifice
this week i for
t91S CIA dnnn
Vllr"f l2.E0 ner week.
X i , A real bargain.
See this. i : ;
893 8. Twelfth St. '
One Block North of Southern Pa-
cine Passenger Depot.
galow on South Twenty-third
street for a price of $3300
Howard C. Ackerman, salesman
at Marion Automobile company.
has 'purchased the Paxil Jerman
residence,' 1924 Academy street.
Price paid was $2100.
- Lester A. Wiles has purchased
a lot on North Twenty-first street
of W. II. Loose and will start Im
mediately to erect a new home.
The Arthur Edwards home at
1253 -Chemeketa street was sold
to George Gutekunst, recently
from the east, for a cash consid
eration of $5000.,
Harness Still Used in
Vaiiey, Says Mr. Shafer
Gasoline may have displaced
the horse as a means of "Joyrid
ing, but 'old Dobbin Is still hold
ing his own on the farm in com
petition with the tractor, in the
opinion of F. E Shafer, Salem
harness manufacturer. - .
Harness is demanded as much
for farm and logging camp teams
as ever,' he says, and the sale is as
great as ever. The greatest de
mand Is ! for harness for f heavy
teams. 'While nearly 400 sets of
team harness have been sold ! In
comparative recent i dates, only a
few calls for single sets are re
ported, t ': '
I More harness was sold this year
than last, Mr. Shafer said, though
there is practically no ' demand
for saddles. A majority of these
are sold for use by boys, he said
State fair" net week. ; . .
. The great crowds In autos will
bless Salem's wide streets.'
But even so the parking spaces
will be at a premium. T i
Do you remember, 40 yers
ago, and less, how-the horses got
scared at the bicycles an. ran
Now they are zoning tbe. skies
for the flivvers of the -air- mak-
i'i -IVIES'
' ... . . . . . . . . -
The Coal: Takes a new place as a garment of
ir I n.' In k-ecent years a great; change has
cr over the'eoat. A woman, no' longer -buys a
c t with lhe sinsrle idea of protection in mind.
II i? cs .inrortant a fashion garment as a dress,
a..:c.i .nave made this true are of Interest to
Our assortment of Coats embraces' every' type
from the simple motor models to the dressy after
noon Coats. ,
V , priced frojn :
$!1.75.0 $09.00
Ccir.nercial and Court Sts.
v .f.y ; 'yt'I
' ( - :--' !
If V
ing up an ozoning system, as it
were. ' '
A lady out in the country sends
word to the Slogan editor that he
is constantly telling people to
raise more produce; and 'asks
what they are to do with the stuff
when they cannot sell it. Well,
Salem is the best market In Ore
gon for all the products on which
our growers should specialize.
That is something. It is not yet
as good a market as it ought to
be; not as good as It will be. But
the growers themselves must help.
not believe in . foreign . mission
aries, you will need to have your
bead examined;, you are a candi
date for Dr. Steiner's bughouse.
y, ,- .;
' Continental Europe reports
heavy demand for American cur-
rencv. A similar demand has
been noted on the rialtos of Salem
and, other . American cities, and
even out in the: hop yards and on
a" the prune ranches. -
Soloist and teacher. Nine and a half years' study"and
teaching In Europe, twelve in Portland. Pupils holding
responsible positions in many parts of United States as
teachers and soloists Beginners accepted; coaching in
accompanying and ensemble. Hours hy appointment
only, at Marion Hotel.' Phone 2010, Wednesdays and
Saturdays. For reference ask any pupil. ?
' . ' '.''.. . -T
" - - - . . - -" - - ' ' ' ' ' -
The Merit of an Advertised Business
We have been asked by many of our customers and by many of the
profession why, we adopted a policy of advertising, when by so doing we
werie obliged to withdraw from the dental organization, n which all other
men of tne profession belonged. ' - , '
Here Is he Reason
We are not ashamed of our work, we know that it merits advertising
and we know that only work that does merit advertising can continue to
live under the high pressure of being continuously advertised. Our thou
sands of custoiners know that when we publish statements on our work,
that our firm must keep faith with the statement and they know that we
could not make such declarations about poor or inefficient service.
When people have good things, they "tell the world about them" and
when a person is skeptical of the quality, the efficiency, or the average
value' of an article or service they naturally do not herald the news world
wide. : : " .'
We stand back of every written word you read in our advertising, by ,
giving the service that merits what we claim for it. When you have
need for dental work, or when you are in doubt about the. health of your
teeth consult us, in our new home. We've moved to new and larger quar
ters, and are better equipped than ever to take care of your work.
, "Utterly Painless" ,
New Location Corner State and Commercial, Upstairs in Rooms Formerly
Occupied by the Chastain Clothing Co. Entrance on State St.
i.1 y l
It's Style and Value You Want in those New
Better Styles
Better Values
Better Service
yith Your Absolute; Satisfaction Guaranteed
' in Every Way.
you wilj. hnd Here one of4
Hundreds of New Pall Suits and O'Coats to Choose
from. Large Showing Popular, Prices
$25,00 to $37.50
Others $40, $45 and $50
Our time 'is yours We are always glad to
" , show you. :.
1 lie . ivilae
, 416 STATE, SALEM '
Wra. A. Zosel ,J Silverton. : Ellis E. ooley
. - . . . ; 4 - - - : .- ... , .....
kVN, ! f. Ill HY-"
W4 Wra 5
, . - I I
" - ' '!
The food we eat'
should V? of the beet.
Bread makes a tntzl
taste ewer good cr
of being5 disappcintcj
since your merchant
carries Anerro rlcur.
. .
It is so easy to ucs. A'
hot griddle; add vatcr
to the flour, stir v:z.
iidl ready loi-u:3.
Once for breakfast
means always.
,-r ir I ...
..Is a nourishing brealin
ast food for ycunj
and old. - Let the fir: t
.... . . ,.. ( . .
meal of the day be ths
best; therefore have
yojUr merchapt supply,
you thCherrp Rclhd
Tfiajt have made a
prppt poultry men,
eyiery day ii the year, .
aiust be made of whole-
spme grains, properly'
balanced. Tfye best
eeds are always car
ried by most feed deal-
ers. I ou wil una
S .... ; : ' " , v
Cherro feeds nearly ev-(
It's the amount of
milk or butter fat you,
receive for the amount
you invest. $Kerro'-Cow
Chb-W has proven to be
good investment
Leading stockmen are
using it exclusively. ,-
For fall seed we have1
a choice lot of Red CIo-
ver, Vetch, and Grey
seed . Oats; also fcest
varieties of Fall Wheat,1
all carefully cleaned
ready to sow.
Cherry CJity
Milling Co