The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 16, 1923, Page 7, Image 7

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astonishing person worth Aloee
study. At the Bllgh today only.
Four acts Vaudeville, and
Herbert Rawllnson In'
"Nobody's Bride."
Mrs Wallace Reld'a
"Human Wreckage
Rex Beach's "The Spoilers
Dorothy Dalton : In
Pola Negri In her second Amer
ican . made Paramount picture,
Tn Cneat, comes to the Oregon
theatre next Friday tor a 4 day
run. Jack Holt is featured as
leading man and Charles de Roche
beads a thoroughly artlatie sup
porting cast. This George Fltz
maarice production, la Intensely
dramatic and- brings MJss Negri
to the screen In a sympathetic
role, with a happy climax to the
story. - There are d&zzllng gowns
and ' beautiful ; and elaborate
scenes galore.. This Is the season's
best. Don't miss It. , t
When . Conrad Nagel appeared
one corning at the Hollywood,
Calif. .studia of Famous, Players
Laaky, he had' no' sooner, passed
through the 'gate than he started
6isroMns.v Off came his coat and
vest; then, his collar and tie; next
bis shirt, and finally his trousers..,-
, -,: - .
Then tho shouts of protest wre
Quieted, for it was seenv that he
was clad In a regulation track, suit
which he bad" worn under bis
'ciTies. "A hundred-yard grarel
. path, alongside the executive of t
lces served as a, eplsndld straight
away. As he got on his marks.
It was eyldent that be was no
noyice and his graceful, easy
stride proved definitely that he
knew what he was doing.
In his college days; Nagel1 was
an athlete He ran for Highland
. Park College oT Des Mojnes, Iowa,
and was a varsity man for four
years. r The climax of his cinder
' career came. In 1914, when he won
firsts In the hundred yard dash,
quarter mile and half mile In the
"Missouri Valley Conference meet.
Mr. : Nagel la featured with
Hope Hampton, NIta Naldl, Lew
; Cody and Allan Dwan's Paramount
production. "Lawful Larceny,'
which will be seen at the Oregon
1 theatre for three days beginning
f Tuesday, next. It Is said to be
1 a dramatic and appealing photo-
The character of Gale Brenon,
portrayed ; by Dorothy, - Dalton as
the star la the Paramount picture
"Fox Doand," which opens a three
days run at the Liberty theatre
strap, in middle; . lost between
' Turner and Stayton, between ; 5
and 6 p.. m. . Saturday 16th.
Leather tag . marked, 4 W. I
Straub. Eugene, Or. $S reward
- for return to Terminal hotel.
, Salem.
rnrAwaoi: ' Phone . 821. 'E. JL
Croisan. Salemr '
ished apartments; one on first
i floor. 292 N. Summer.
BARGAIN New five room bun
galow, modern' with basement,
furnace, fireplace; ca the cor
ner with two lots.' Price,. $4,-
750. - Some terms.
- - 275 State St.
FOR SALE 5-room modern bun
galow located at 1025 N. Ca?I
tol St Price. $6200; terms.
.p i '', t'. : 275 .Sate- St.
C-R002.I CUNGALOV with base-
i tnent
and- fireplace, garage.
Tri- 13000. Terms.
i. irnP9 on Garden Road, all
- .nitivstpd. will ' exchange for
in Salem. Price ,$2000
no ACRES of rood farm, land.
' located nine mHes east. This
Is your orportunlty to buy, and
; buy right. Price, $53 per acre
ed 4 blocks out. Price. $6500;
12000 down.- ; I
e-TtooJl comoletely modern bun
nlow on State St.- Price $6500
S2fi00 down.
7-ROOiI HOME on paved street;
modern tlurablns and nsnw
: small basement, east- .front
Price $3675. Terms.
tor WRITE Fire Insurance. -
nealtors. 275; Ctate St., U. S
:xr Bank 1 ' v : .
COME IN And let us tell you
about the one-half acre tracts
w hsv near the city for aeou
and S6$0, on terms or f&u
down and 110 Pr month.
i: . - j - 275 Stata Sti !
addition, on tbe corner. Price
275 State St.
5-ACRC with plenty of
bearing .fruit, one block from
car 11-s. . , nectrSclty acd
. nuablc?. . Price.-. .-.T00.
Terras. ' T ' ":
today Is one most unique in mo
tion pictures. '-.., . -,
Gale is the daughter of a rev
enue officer, living with her fath
er on a Florida orange planta
tion. Next door lives Roger Wain
right, a wealthy New' York man,
played by David Powell, who .has
bought this neighboring planta
tion for the purpose of being near
Gale, whom he loves.' 'Things
progress more or less smoothly
between the two until after a wild
night spent at a nearby inn. Wain
right finds himself a fugitive, ac
cused of the murder of Gale's fa
ther who had-conducted a raid on
the resort that evening. ,
But Gale believes in Roger, who
asserts his Innocence of the crlma
She aids him to escape, but later,
when she learns the tacts, she
gives chase and finds him In his
home. Of fleers" of - the law are
close behind, and the girl has to
rb some quick thinking; It Is a
ease of being loyal . to . her dead
father or protecting the man she
loves.- Choosing the latter. Gale
determines, to shield her sweet
heart. With the arrival of the
officers comes the : climax of the
production a climax that has
much, to do with ! making "Fog
Bound" a picture different from
anyt&lng you have yet seen.
This is an Irvin Willat produc
tion. Including in the east of sup
porting players Martha ; Mansfield
Maurice Costello and other prom
inent artists. . ; . . .
"The Spoilers," Jesse D. Hamp
ton's screen production - of Rex
Beach's celebrated i novel of t the
Klondike, which, was presented at
the Oregon theatre Friday, is an
immense picture. When Sellg
filmed this red-blooded romance
of Alaska's gold rush a decade ago
it was regarded as the greatest
ohotoplay ; of Its day. ' But this
1923 version is assuredly : one of
the most spectacular, and exciting
pictures ever made.
A remarkable east la seen in the
picture with Milton Sills as the
manly hero; Anna Q. Nllsson as
Cherry Malotte. the loyal dance
ball queen; Barbara Bedford a
pretty brunette a? Helen Chester,
the innocent heroine;. Noah Beery
as McNamara, the crooked but
courageous politician; Mitchell
Lewis as Marshal Voorhees, afraid
of no man ; that walked ; Robert
Edeson, as the rough-and:ready
Joe Dextry, mine owner and'ready
to face. death for his rights; Sam
de Grasse as the cowardly Judc
Stillman; Robert McKlra ka
Struve, the crooked lawyer; Fprd
Sterling; Rockllffe Fellowes, Loji
Ise Farenda, Gordon Russell, Wal
lace. McDonald and numerous, oth
er players well known for tbelr
ability to act Western roles.
It isn't this superb cast and its
skillful acting: which make "The
Spoilers" euch thrilling entertain
ment. If a the story. Rex Beach
described at first-hand the fever
ish fight for gold In the Klondike
when, the sands of the Yukon sud
denly turned yellow. His account
of how the miners were despoiled
of some of their richest properties
by corrupt politicians is an histor
ic event. Beach crammed bis dot
el with conflict, romance and sus
pense and this Director Lambert
Hlllyer has siillfully portrayed on
the EilversheeL '
The crashing .climax In ;"The
Spoilers' comes of course. In that
I :
Today and Tomorrow
Only Then Gone
Continuous Today
- ' . V..
: : 'iM-. "
' " ,. - 2 . V '.- -
r. . . , , .,. ,. . ' : . . ' ' i , ' '.
All : humanity should g i t e
thanks to Mrs. Wallace Reid for
giving to civilization her much
discussed anti-narcotic production
"Human Wreckage" ? which . was
shown for the first time to Salem
audiences Friday night at the
Grand theatre and which , will be
the attraction for four days only. :
- By .all odds tbe most predom
inate feature of "Human Wreck
age Is the sincerity of Mrs. Reid
This courageous little woman who
has lust come through an ordeal
of nerve shattering . terror has
begun an unremitting campaign
to check the swiftly spreading tide
of dope addiction which is gradu
ally encompassing -the entire
world.; "Human Wreckage", Is
merely her. first step. And It is a
step well taken. The photoplay
is not one of sordid tendencies. ' It
is entertainment. -powerful en
tertainment, perhapr-but how,
one asks, would it have been oth
erwise possible to drive home to
humanity the real story of drug
addiction? - ,
"Human Wreckage" is in na
sense biographical. It does ! not
depict the troubles of Mrs.- Reid or
the sufferings of her. lam en ted
husbandl It does not portray any
eide r of tbe ; all-too-well-known
Btory of , the, tragedy of .Wallace
Reid. -
The story has - to do with the
brave struggle of a famous attor
ney to fight off the dread habit
of addiction, an attorney who sue
cumbs to-the affliction and then.
after falling as low as human-mor
tal can fall, succeeds i by almost
superhuman efforts in ridding
bimself of tbe disease. As the at
epic fight in which Glennister and
McNamara - settle their scores.
Their . tussle is one of the very
best rough and ' tumble fights of
the screen. - It you enjoy a red
blooded exciting film; with a real
story, don't miss "The Spoilers."
.. 1 HING CHIN "The Man
with - the Double Brain" , has j re
turned to the. theatre with his
mathematical Marvels and feats
of ambidexterity, having been , re
engaged by the ' management - la
2 p. m. to 1 1 p. rn.
If yea live to be cne hundred years old
you'll never forget this gripping:, smashing,
thrilling production that has taken the en
tire nation by storm.
Mats, end Eves. ' ,
Lovrcr Floor ........... 50c
Dalccny-. . . . . . . ..... 35c
Kidii3 ........ 20c
torney, Alan McFarland, - James
Klrkwood achieves the : unques
tioned triumph of his brilliant
career. . It is safe to say that even
bis great characterisation of i.he
leading role In Channlng Pollock's
"The Fool," the reigning New
York ft age hit of the season, hard
ly inatah-a In. point of downright
artistry and power, his delineation
of the role of McFarland, tbe at
torney, in "Human Wreckage."
Scene upon scene reveals with
towering drama . the fight McFar
land makes to break himself of
the habit of addiction. His wife,
impersonated with exquisite path
os by Mrs. Reid, stands heroically
by his side throughout, succeeding
finally in 'rescuing bim from tbe
grip of the dread opiates that
were steadily sending him to .his
doom. - -' ?-! ' '
The performance of Bessie Love
aiso touches a lorty peak of ar
tistry. As tbe little addict moth
er. Miss Love reveals herself &3
a tragedienne of. terrific power
and has cast off, perhaps for good
the cloak of froth with. which she
has enveloped herself in many in
ferior roles In the past- Her play
Ing, 'Indeed. Is one of tbe 1 most
happy and significant -features of
this most unusual photoplay. "
Undoubtedly "Human Wreck
age will; achieve. Its purpose. It
will go rlngjng down the corridors
of time as a monumental warn
ing to generations of the future.
Congratulations may be showered
on all who took part, not forgett
ing Mr. C. Gardner Sullivan, who
wrote the human story, end M
John Griffith Wray,the director,
who gave it a compelling interpre
tation on the-screen. - - t
response to great popula demand.
Lee Is certainly a wonder, whose
performance has amazed and mys
tified audiences from Frisco -4o
Marfne., He performs all sorts of
dlfficujt unbelievable ttunts on
his 'huge blackboard, ' Workin at
; lightning- - Speed. ' Program sava
that bit of Orient has given sci
entific demonstrations : before
leading scientists of thecointry
and one can well believe that
eren tney were amazed He Is an
- CONTINUOUS TODAY . " 'N.:'' Today g ZR T
- ' "- '.ri-" . :
' : i . -.S '.-; X i : 4 . ... . - - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ",' ' ' ' '
Monday V-T- . ,'fftC '-v '11 :'. ' . . . r REGULAR
t "I - THE NEW SCREEN . VERSHMC OP ' t t .rV.'.'."TO 'tfVWv
HV. . ' 'FAMOUS NOVEL WITH ;. ' . '
Adults ..... . 35c.
Childs . . . . . ... 10c
Lcres 50c
of harmony will find to their lik
ing much . In this music of this
clever duo who sing, play the piano
and extract soothing strains from
the steel guitar, Miss Lillian is
an attractive young woman with
a fetching personality. - Her part
ner is notable for his artistic ren
ditions on the famous instrument
of . the Hawaiian Isles. At the
Bllgh today., " ; v
does a separate number in the act
and close with a dance 'Turkey
in the Straw." ; Act consists of
singing, comedy talking "'; and
d Vicing. The oldest man in this
act is 79 and the youngest is 75.
This , makes an average, for the
four, of 309. At the Bllgh today
only. : t .
ver - men doing snappy
songs and clever talking. "The
Boys from Dixie" have a vehicle
that serves' admirably for them
to display their versatility as
blackface comedians.- The idea is
original and shows a newness that
Is to say the least refreshing and
can be depended upon to 'create
laughter, and applause. At ,tb3
Illigh 'today only. i
-. .... '. .' 1
TENTED CITY. Sept. 14.
Claude Boone, ot Aumsville pitch
ed tent today . In bis old location
between the main entrance and
the depot, . -
The Wrights of Indianapolis
drove in today to remain until the
af ir closes. - They brought Hoos-
ler greetings. , . .
Mrs Hoffman, of Salem set up
camp today. J " "
The history of the J. T. Besk
with house will be of J interest. It
was built by the late Henry Ank
eny and George Glen In-1871 and
was used by the two families. It
had no floor, and the sides were
10 ' feet high. It , , stood about
where the . Judging arena now Is
and has been moved eight times
.When Henry Ankeny moved to
southern Oregin he gave his In
terest In the house to J. T. Beck
wltb if the latter would, move the
building which had . been ordered
moved by the board. Later. Md.
Beckwith. succeeded" to the Glen
half interest in the cottage. Mr.
Beckwith 7 came out to .Oregon
fromNew York in 1872 to make"
cheese .for Henry Ankeny. He
landed here with a wife and lit
In cash,. He worked for Mr. Ank
eny, four Jfeara .and the only money
passed l In the entire - four ,years
was about $ It. the amount r he
brought with him. It was while
working for Mr. Ankeny that Mr.
Beckwith; became possessor of the
camp cottage above mentioned.' As
the ends ot the boards Tested on
the ground and the ends were rot
ted, Mr. Beckwith cut off two feet
put In a floor and a foundation
leaving the house the present slse.
Mr! Beckwith for-87 years hand
led the hay and Straw at the barns
on the state fair grounds and nev
er a complaint registered.
. J. -T. JBeckwith was born In
Michigan. February 18, 1846. His
parents moved to New York when
he waa one year old. He died
nenar. Jefferson, April 22. 1923,
on the farm be had livetd for 49
imm m ' "m i ' i " . ummmmmuvm . n " " fi'ii. ji j i 4 : Lh ' VN
- - iLtM " aMMaMMMM,,"B",M
i u . I
'tAi"". " I .
Milton Sills. Anna Q. Nilsson and Wallace MacDonald '
b Jesse D. Hampton's Production of Rex Beach's
T H E S P O I L & R S ,
DiitrihuUd y GoJJwyn-Cosmoo?itan
SCOTT3 MlbLS. Ore., Sept. :15.
A surprise party was given on
Leo Hettwer, at - his home at
Crook el Finger Wednesday even
ing. About 40 neighbors and
friends were present. The even
ing was spent in playing games.
At a late hour Ice cream, cake and
watermelon were served.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Magee re
turned home Sunday from a few
days spent at Newport.
Mr. and Mrs. Almond Rich, who
were married in, June, returned
last week from a two month wed
ding trip In, the eastern states.
i - Mrs. Lena Bellinger la visiting
relatives and friends In Portland
and Lafayette, Ore; ; .
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Landwing
and family are visiting relatives
at Roaeburg. j . , :
i Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hogg and
l ; "I' i in
Die n8. '
Scott & Chaffln I
The Boys From
Dixie J
"Edmond and LiilianH in Musical Diversions
Herbert Rawlinson and Alice Lake
' " Other Features Too .1 ' ;
( 454 Ferry St.
- Evening
v Adults. ..50c
Childs .20c
Loses I ... . .". 75c
daughters visited ' , and Mrs.
John McKenzle near Monitor Sun-
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moore of
near Silverton visited Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Scott Tuesday; even
ing. . - '
Mr. and Mrs. Angeio Sernotti
and family of Crooked Finger are
moving to Portland
Miss Mat-ie Plas is visiting her
sister in Portland. 0
800 used Player piano, will fn
. elude new rolls
and bench. For
quick sale this
week $325. This
buy is ; worth
four investiga
tion. $10 sends
v . . H ? ; . tnis piano to
- your home
$2.50 per week -keeps it there.
SOS S. Twelfth St, : '
One Block North of Southern Pa
cific Passenger Depot.
Iling Chin"
Chlneset Mrvel
: - ..
BRIDE" " v'
: 1 : ;
11 - .; 1
, p Continuous . .
, ; ':'.. TODAY
Comes Mystery, Rcn12r.ce, 'Adwr.lurc r.
Ccbrful Incidents, Gri;rl- v illi 1-1:
Zipping: Along at a Swift Pace.
I rjEVcoRPonATio;:: I
i .
, The following Oregon concerns
filed articles of Incorporation Sat
urday with thetate corporation
department: .
The Electric corporation. Port
land; Incorporators, Rosa" Hart
ley, E. A. Clark. M. M. liatthiea
eon: capitalization, 125.000.
Kenton Lumber & Milling com
pany, Portland ; Incorporators, J .
K. Billing ten. J. !W, Richards. U.
R. Collinfi; capitaliEatlon, $5000.
Auto Freight Terminal com
pany, Portland; incorporators.
George V. Bishop, P. L. Wilkinson,-
William Jossy : capitalization,
s r rk
The most modern in-;
prbvement in refriger
ation. Ifeluinctor
A thing to marvel
A thins to buy
A thing you need
Ask About It.
1 - r
a i r-nrv
j s hSLss Lt ."- . - -