The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 16, 1923, Page 6, Image 6

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Thirty-Four From Salem
High School Enter Wil
lamette University
Only 65 of .he 179 members of
the June graduating class of the
Salem high school have' wuYdYawn
transcripts of credit for entrance,
Tm m Am jmmr PrMflH fa ,
rHM l.rl WMn4
I'll la la K4 aiu l4 mic
into colleges and universities this
fall, according to the records of
Principal J. P. Kelson. Although
this figure j is not complete as
others will probably enter before
the school .year starts. t is -sufr
ficient to indicate a decrease in
the percentage that., will . enter
schools of higher. learning.
. Of the 65 Btudents. 34, will en
ter Willamette. 13 will go' to OAC.
and 13 to the University of Ore
gon, ..... i , ; , ,
The list of those, who will enter
universities follows:
Wlihifaette nnJversity George
Adams, Uuskin Blatcbford Helen
Borchardt. Dorothy Brant JDayrl
Chapin. Edna Ellla.-Francls Kills
Mary Erlckson, Joy vHUhVEdrie
Houaley. Walter Hit f . Violet J udy.
Ruth' Kuhn, 1 Margaret V Leaven
worth, ' Ethel Lehman. Eiirabetb
Lenon, : Malcolm,. Medler,'Marion
Milley,-. George" Raoien, ? Eagenia
Savage, Helen Selig. Lola Taylor,
Ormal .Trick, HermJna Klaus, Eu
gene Cruthers, Hem Sun, John
Eaton, Margaret Stolz, .Lois '.Fel-
1 -t.,,.
if rl
so many; men of taste and
discrimination bring their
guests here to dine? It Is be-
cause -they like i the service
which is swift sad .silent,: the
cuisine which is uup
proached, the- qualityof the
food which Is hfgh, nd the
sanitary equipment for
which we are' famous. ,
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V "
- B v
r :
llfglll NOW . ., . . '
; To plan your holfday gifts: Sit
tings may again be made at the
Parker Studio any lime after
Tuesday. Adv.
Building Permit h lssu'etl - v
iBullding permits have been, Is
sued to L. C, Dennisou, one-story
dwelling,. 351 North , Cottage
$1200;, L.. A.'. Willis, alteration
ltd cost, $300, dwelling- at f,76
North Sixteenths $4000. r
Speeder. Is ArreKteU
Ersal : Wonderlyi 482 South
High " street was arrested Satur
day for speeding on North Corii
mercjaf. :,He was cited to appear
in police court Monday noon.
Laura Gifaht Cliurehill
Teacher of piano, phone 1709 J
-Adv. ....
Fot twenty-five r years, Wilhelniina, Queen of HollaBd, nas oc
cupied the throne.1 Many Americans of Dutch descent or extraction
will give voice to thir good will on September 6. - a .
Import Earwig Kratlicator
rA European ; parasite, which
fights .with earwigs , witb its; own
weapons, will be. shipped to Port
land by the United States bureau
entomology, according to a mes
sage received by H. C ;Atwell.
state board of horticulture com
missioner... He also recommended
an appropriation of $25,000 from
the city and $12,000 from the
county to combat the pert. '
ows, James Bennett, f Esther
Thompson, Dow Lovell.
University of Oregon - David
Adolph, Rex Adolph, Lenta Baum-
gartner,. Earl Douglas, Ruth Grif-
fifii, Florence Jones, Alice McKin-
non, Helen Pollock, Frank Rein
hart, Lewis West? ..Mary West,
Howard Post, Roy Okerberg. f
v Oregon Agrleoltnral college
Ruth Bartruff," Winston- Burris,
RubyDrager, Walter Fuhrer. Ber
nice Johnson, Prudence Patter
son, Russell Pratt, Alice ; Roth,
Waldo Smith, Willetta Welch,
Morris ; Clement, fClif ford Hulsey,
Helen Ramsden. i
North Pacific Dental college',
Portland Floyd Daugherty,
Chris Busch. r, : - . ;
Drake university, DesMoines,
Iowa' Marie Riley. '
North Illinois Teachers' college
-Leone Halt,-- . .v- c't ,
, V H ' " c ' ' x-
-m ft.
-r- ! -
ef e A f eLbvely New D resses
Coats, Suitg, Starts, Blouses,
Jufs, Gloves, Hose, Umbrellas
r Peppers; Will Be Wise to Make Their Select-,
adiiij Early in Order to Have Them Turned Out
Of the. Alteration Room on Time.
It h To Be An
JriiirabrdiEaary Weeks Selling
Price Are Very Attractive
iV' xcol Dresses
: A charming Pbiriet Twill
' navy; blue dfess with long
' vest6e of plaiij fiuvetyh,
)ihe ; large f sleeve, cuffs
and, a single ; Bit at bot
' tow of vestee embroi
dete in 'combination of
rread and antique gold
1 thread, , . Tied with nar
row girdle.
? . : Priced v-J o
. A cccta dress .of wool
J t . 2i . very effective
' w.Jzt ,i3 of 'combination
r;CcrdcoirpTeats; extrar
.itripes of self material, ;
over shoulder extend on
to bodice and are trim
- med with ball s buttons,
well shaped"; shoulders
and very .becoming ;
fir )
h r- 'z: 'lag .
Wool Dresses
This dress is of elegant
navy Poiret Twill fash
ioned on very becoming
straight lines accord eon
pleated - four Jter. apron
front with plain back
colored bead straps orna
ment, the sides of skirt
and medallion .on waist
and sleeves." 1
A complete line of wool
and silk dresses of un
i csual high class work
manship. Priced
As clever as it is sim-
pie is this navy serge
dress, loose accordeon :
pleats ornament ' front
md back of skirt. Sleeves
have trimming of black
silk military braidrfront
has pretty figured silk
vestee. ; You will get
full value from this dress
Priced $35.00
r - . -
Sllen Store, ,
4C3 State St. .
Portland Silk Shop,
3S3 Alder SU
Ward-Delmont School, Nash
ville, Tenn. DeTt Blattner.
Fire Out
Smoke all gone and business at
the Parker Studio Is again in pro
gress. Adv.
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Justice Brown KIwants fip'eak
T 4) t i . m
IQ "910 OIQ ARl ' ,usllCB weorge m. Brown, 01
Id I V.C I the Oregon supreme Court, will
speak to the Kiwanians at their
Tuesday luncheon at the Marion
hotel. 1 His subject is not announc
ed. Observance of Constitution
week will be made at the meeting,
with a patriotic program and spe
cial music of a patriotic nature.
marshal. .91800: police matron,
11200; .city health; officer, f 750;
sanitary . inspector (deputy health
officer) $1200; , city ; hall fuel,
$70, and maintenance of the
band, S 15 00. J,
ifawkfns A Robert ; .
Citr loans; lowesV rates. Adv.
v ; "
Willamette Student Arriving
Out-of-town students are begin
ning to arrive in' the city though
registration for the fall term at
Willamette university will not be
gin until Monday. Among
those who have returned are Ed
Guyens, sophomore, and Herbert
Castle, a freshman, from- Seattle;
Guy Lang, The ; Dalles; Thefma
Estes, White Salmon, and Haiel
and editor of the Collegian, has f Hinds, Kennewick, Wash., all o!
returned to Salem. He -wis ' ac-1 whom '-are back for their second
companied by Lloyd Brown who year. Nona Terrill, also of Ken
will enter the institution.' 5 Bewick, was expected- to arrive
Miss Helen Root, Bligh theater last night. Others are due to ir-
mnsician, is back f n the city after I "Ive over the week-end
" Col. E. Hofef is expected to re
turn today, from .Agate Beach,
where he has been spending the
past 10 days at' his summer home.
Earle Pearcy, of the Oregon
Growers, was called to Eugene
Saturday by business connected
with the association. . 1 v ?t5 -
Albert Geyer, Wertatchee, Wn,
a senior at Willamette university
Auotliei' "Home Burglarized--"kThafliis'home
"was entered Fri
day night but nothing taken, was
reported' to the police yesterday
by W. T.' Rfgdou. 29S North Win-
iter. Entrance' was gained
through a window,
Stolen Car ( lteeovered " '.',
An automoliile. 'owned by '..Ken
neth Scott,' Portland,- was found
yes te r day, ii jon i u g a t Nor t h S u n
mer and Union, The automobile
was I without any" gasoline in its
lank. ,- , , . ; , , . ; --
"Ueve Fee4le-Minded SjImoI
Glen Gray, :15, escaped from the
fefble-mia'tied school yesterday,
according to a report made to the
police. His home is in Portland.
Buggies Jg snpeilntendent ot- the
cascade yievr;; brcharda. - X
v JacUscbniseVifi? of 'Tilia
mobk "county, was Jn Salem Sat
urday. ' . -
- Sim PhilUps, who has been In
charge of the federal employment
aeMflv. leaven- tomorrow for a
fwp wjH'ks'j. vacation. v
G.4-H. - Dotson. engineer in
charge of the Sa'ntiani irrigation
DroJect. .soehr Saturday in Mill
city. .. r;
Mifs Esther Spitzbart haa re
turned to Mill City to resume her
duties' as "instructor in the high
school there, i;;, '
Dr. E,j 6 Stewart -was here yes
terday from Roseburg.
Arthur ..Benaon clerk of the
supreme con rt "-la- in Seattle oh
business. ' : : .
Sam - Kozer, , secretary of state.
was Jn Roseburg yesterday In
specting the-Old Soldiers' home.
Dwight Find ley,' Ted Emihel
and George OHiver have Just re
turned from a week's trip to the
TfllamOok; beaches..
Carl Iodell, graduate manager
of the OAC . Student Assembly,
was in Salem'last night.
O. M.- Nelson r well known Ore
gon sheep man, was In Snlem Sat-
uraay. ( v
The C. p. Barhyte family will
leave todayfor. Pqrtland and Sea
side. They will return Monday.
Mrs. Mary Fulkerson, ..county
superintendent ; of scbools, re
turned yesterday from Portland. "
Caryl Carson: left last night for
Iowa City," Iowa, where he will
take a" post-graduate course in "en
gineer lag. 4 He -was graduated
from Oregon Agricultural college
last June. !
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. : Bug
gies motored to Portland yester
day, to ' spend the '' week-end. Mr.
Bathing girt; climbed into the
ocean and couldn't come out until
after dark'. You see, she got Into
one of those rip tides. "
: '. t.,. - ' , '
. TroubTe Wfin ' near-beer Is- that
while , haa a' collar on it, it
hasn't a . cuff to 'its namef '.' ;
two weeks vacations ? si i
W. H. Stevens of Gervais was in
Salem yesterday. " - r --- .
Leone Butch of Mt. Angel was
In Salem Saturday.-
Will Receive Students
Frank E.
piano' and pipe ' organ.
147 N.-. Commercial St.
17091, Ady, ; ;
Churchill, teacher of
V Without the' na'e t dy tho'usand of
oien and Women have restored the origi
nal color of their hair, whether. blck,
brown or blond,, in s nfttnral. kirmless
and pleasant manner - with Nourishing m
rest tonic which- feeds and- nourishes the
hair, thus restoring it to its original vi
tality and color, tt unfailingly reraovee
dandraff, promotes hair growth, and pre
vents it falling. Cleanses the scalp. - One
bottle usually is" effective; As a dandraff
remover alone it is worth many times
the price asked. Be gray no longer. No
matter what yen 'have tried Try Nour
tshine. Price 1 1.25 per bottle, all dealeri,
including J. C. Perry, '.
Wourishine ilt Hot a Dye
How Many'as
Will -It fid
r . " ... i : mm ' :
GneM) the Number and Get
Harry W. Scott
"The Cycle Man"
lh &i. Coin'l St.
ltchsiwpre the first- Araerl-
cans" toTmAke home brew. The
man who put wood alcohol in his;
whs the last! 1
If the "Minute Men? bad been.,
women thejr would have been an
hour and a half
v-The only place they're wearing
hips this season is on the front;
end of a hooray!
Uneasy lies tae race that wears
frown I. , ...
Tlie Moct Nciir-
. isKlngr Dessert
. You Cacti Edt
ICE cream is known for
its Butritive qualities.
If. is" reasonably priced
135 N. Com'l Phona 197.
We have just recfeived . a carload - of finely
ground Lime Rock f br fertilizer and; can , take
care of your wants for fronrone sack to as much
as you want. Price reasonable.- Put it cri thi3
faU to get the best results. ; '
Fall Seeds
"We have a complete 'stock of alTkinds of-Seed.
Grain. Vetches, Clovers, Timothy and . Grass
Seeds , Seed Rye, Cheat Seed, .Etc.
All recleaned in first "class shape and 'sold at
reasonable prices. ,
e i
Phone 160. 251 Stale St. "Salehu Gi:
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preciation of Bishop Williarrf ll,
wasomger; ur. Mcuonaltl, on-i
ference superintendent; ; Rev.
George Chapman, pastor in Sa
lem, and Mrs. Chapman; Dr. J.E.
Shannon, general secretary- ot
evangelism; the presence of Mrs'.
Ward, returned missionary; to
China; Dr. H. Dixon Boughter,
president of Philomath college,
and to the progresaTof his $15,000
campaign; Rev. Frank B. Chtfrch
and Mrs. Delia Church! for-thei;
gift of $5,000 to memoralize the
new conservatory of music, at
Philomath; Rev. E. O. Shepherd,
secretary, and treasurer; of the
conference for the last five years;
Mr3. Shepherd tor her cooperation
and tp Dr. P. AT." Camp, general
secretary , of home -missions, fori
the appro priatione made in this'
board, especially that af $5450
at. this time, -The-resolutions, hi-j
bo .endorsed a perpetual warfare
against sin In government, social
life and in personal life, including
Sunday desecration, 'enforcement i
of prohibition and; all moral evils
of the day. : '' . -: ' -f ' ;,' f .
The services -for "today -ar ..
follows: Sunday school -at 10;
preaching at 11, by Bishop W. ij:
Washinger, lon the subject. "The
Hope of America." ? i Praise seri ,
vice at 3 in the afternoon; Chris-1
tlan Endeavor at 6 : 30 ;i preaching
at 7 : 2 0, by - Dr. Shannon
general secretary of evangelism
i ..-:..-. .vA-.viv . .. ;,- -iv; r.-.v. .:( yr- - - : ;-X ::-:-.';; .-iii-i-i-.:
--rmmm,Mm-- ' ' J
''-A ? -
!fc ) 'V-
l -m , J - V
f i-r ' ' t
i t.:: ' amwja
r - - - v ;
hi v p- . r
;,-. v x' m-r'-A.- . y&A-r ,
-,; Mrs. . Mary. Ellen.?Smitajh
first woman Cabinet Minister in
a British Parliament, She is
; the . Vancouver representative
In the British Columbia House
of ; Commons, and at one' tribe
was Minister wtfh tf prrtf o -
; Our showing of Good Dependable Heaters was never more
complete than now We have for your , inspection every
thing in the heater line from the best all cast square type
heaters to the inexpensive air-tights.
IWedgewood Ranges are made in all cast or steel, trimmed
irf white enamel Bodies finished in blue, gray or black.
Priced from $63.00 and up. 1 7
Rug Specials
Fine assortment to choose from.
9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rug
now :...........:$ 19.75
9x12 Axminster Rugs now 29.75
9x12 Wilton Rugs turn 74.50
9x12 French Wilton Rugs
now 108.00
Linoleum Specials
, In 6-ft. and 12-ft. Widths
Best Inlaid Linoleum ,
now per yard $2J25
Heavy Inlaid Linoleum
now per yard .......... .1... 1.62
Good Inlaid Linoleum
now per yard to 1.19
6-ft. Print Linoleum " "
' now per yard ::..:.......:J.' :89
'Hamilton BeacH
i- ElectricBweepers have all the
best qualities Tknown to electrical
engineers embjdie4 in' one sweep
er; if you' want quality buy the
Hamilton BeacK one demonstra
tion will prove its qualities.
Beautiful 3-Piece Living Room Suits
Cm, t
. Davenport, Chair and Rocker , in tapestry cover
"now C. ....!LLi:l.l..J$lZ8J0O
, Three-pieceJVel6uy Set in Rose4 or Taupe, extra
specihl" LiL ; ....... :..... 169.50
...Two-piece Mohair Set, now
. Velour Chairs and Rockers, extra special 32.00
Odd Davenports priced low, ;.-.
Are guaranteed to heat your home. The Western takes large" sticks of "wooddeliversithe lreat where you
want it and saves One-Third the fuel whichTa pipe furnace requires. Let us show ou "why you 'should install
a Western in your home. ' ' I : 1
Trade rin your
txeed goods as
pert payment
on new
C. S. H
Gbocl XSztd
v;Gp6ds at "
Vz Price t
to. the Provincial ..Parliament.