The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 16, 1923, Page 14, Image 14

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. i i. .. J, , . r. -i
Rer. J. R. Buck, patter. Hereafter,
trtil farther - not ire. there will be bat
t ja masses ea Sanday. First Bin at
8 e'rlerk and second aiaaa at 10 o'clock.
Rcoedittea follow last mass. Catechism
' r rsiluren not attending Academy on
featardaya eoatmencinir with -Saturday,
Oetaber . Sunday, October 7, hitch aiaaa
wtll beresamed at 10 td then benedic
tioniwil bo xiven in the eve-ins; at 7:30.
Preceding- benediction instrnrtions will
be- given conrerninr the Catholic faith and
will continue to new year at least. Any
questions concerning religion will be ans
wered if sent to the pastor.
first - Chnrca. 440 Ohemekets street
Sunday morning services at 11 o'clock.
' evening services at 8 o'clock, snbject of
lessoa sermon, "Ssbstanee." ; Bandar
school at 9:30 a. m. Wednesday even
ly, testimonial - meeting at 8 o'clock.
Heading room, 209 .Ussonie Temple opea
Tery day except holidays and Sundays
f mm 11:15 to 5:30 p. au. . All are cor
dially invited to oar aerrices and to oar
reading room
'Corner N. 17th and Court strata, B. X
Tulnum. minister. ' Bible school 8:45 a.
m. Let everybody tome that we may
' make proper adjustments for Promotion
l.-ay. Election of officers is at hand.
Nominations will be made today. Bally
Day is not far off. The morning service
wiil be ia charge of the Volunteer Band.
It la "Go-Awsy-To-College" Day. Those
going away to college will bring short
tsiks incident to college lifo Come hear
these yoang people, intermediate Kadee.
Tr 6 p.. ja. Senior Tp in ' Evangelistic
srvirs 8 p. as. Midweek service Thurs
day 8 . p. m. Brother Irvln Plummer,
leader. : We welcome all.
First Christian charch. Center and
JT'.jch street- J. J. K vans, minister, Visa
liettia-Mitchell, missiensry. "The Value
of the Individual" will bo the pastor's
morning topic; evening. "The Place of
tfce Cross.' the third ia the series on
fundamentals. Dr. Epley will' have
charge of the Bible school at 9:45. Aa
iaierestiog assembly program for yoang
and' old..
Center "8tret 'Methodist Episcopal
? rthf 13th and Center 'streets. O. 8.
Itueder, minister. ' --Sunday school 10
a, m. English and Gennaa class. 11
a. m. preaching by the pastor. The eon
greratioa ha decided e have English
services Baaday evenings hereafter.. Dr.
2'cCormiek of Kimball school of Theology
iil preach at 7:30. All are cordially
invited. . . ; ' ' . r - : .
Central Congregational Charch, Booth
19th atreet.. Baaday school and morning
worship st 10 a. m.-Special -violin solo
by Leonard Chadwirk. - Story sermon
by the- pastor. - Yoang pesples service
efr 6:30 p. m.- Presehing service at 7:30
p. m. Sermon, "To Him- That Hath
thall Be tiiven" is that fair! Midweek
service Thursdsy evening. Members of
the yoang people's society will come with
their hinches next' Thursdsy evening at
6i0O p.. ia. Supper and young people's
business meting before the prayer meet
ing service st 1:30 p. m,
- First Congregstional - charch. Liberty
sad Center etrets W. C. - Ksntner, min
ister. Sunday achool at 10 a. m. 11 a.
m. preaching by the pastor, sermon sub
jest: "Ia the Beginning God," 6:30 p.
n. -yoang peoples meeting. 7:30 p. as.
-tiss Frances Clapp returned from Japaa
where aha taught in the, "Doshisha" far
seven yeaxs.-wUl speak. She is aa- Ore
gon girl. She is. so interesting speaker
end everybody will be glad to hear her.
1'rayer meeting Thursday at t:30 p.nv
St. Paul's church, corner Charch sad
Chemeketa streets Her. H. D.-Chamber..
T"r. "The Charch of Worship.", 6er-
viees as follows: Holy Eucharist at 7:30
Corporste for the members of the Young
People' society. Breakfast following ser
vice ia 'Parish house. All young people
welcome. Chnrrh achool meeta in the
church at 9:45 for ahort service and re
tire to Parish hosso for lessons. St.
Paal'a Charch school uses the Chrisliaa
Nurture Series of lessoas which ia a grad
ed series of lessons and most interesting.
A class" for all children awaita those who
come and all children are invited. Morn
ing prayer will be aaid at 11 s. at. with
the Litany. The rector has decided, to
give a three minute , instruction each
Maadsy preceding the sermon. The ia
stractioa for Sander- will bo on the Name
of the Charch. "Protestant Episcopal."
The music is aader the direction of Mrs.
Ada Miller Harris with a fall Tested
choir. Misa Ines Chambers wilt accom
pany the mesie with the violin. The
young people's society will meet at 6:30
p.- m. All members are expected to be
present aa plans will bo arranged ior the
work of the winter. All other young
people are most earnestly invited. . , .
ty-still meet Thursday evening at 7:30
the: midweek devotional service, which
the pastor will lesd. - -.
Corner of X. Winter- and Market fits..
Rev. Mortimer C. Clarke,. pastor. Sunday
school 8:45, J. it. Clark, superintendent
Preaching hoars 1 1 and 7 :45. , Class meet
ing at 7:15. Prayer meeting at 7:45
each Thursdsy eveninr. I a the absence
ef the paator Mrs. Ethel H. Clarke will
prearn at the morning service, and Bar.
c. x. iong of Kansas City, ia the even
ing. All are cordially invited to all the
services. - ; . - ;
Scandiaaviaa M. E. Charch, 15th and
Mill streets. David C. , Haasel. pastor.
Sunday morning service 11 o'clock and
Sunday achool 12, Gust Anderson, snpt.
Epworth league 7:30 and evening ser
vice 8 p. m. Prayer meeting Thursday
evening 8 o'clock. Come to give and to
get a blessing, t
Jason Lee Memorial M. E. Phnrrh
corner North Winter a ad Jeffersoa Stt,
J noa. Acneeon. paator. Earl Officer, ia
charge of the Junior church. Regular
services will be held at this charch on the
coming Lords, day, and a hearty invita
tion is extended to the pablia to attend
any or all of the activities of the day.
Sunday achool will convene at 9:45 a. m.
with rlassea for all ares. A fine oppor
tunity ia offered to all to study the word
of God. Two services will be held at 11
e. m., Bev. Officer will preach to the
Juniors doam stairs. - Rev. .C. H. Brvaa,
will preach to. the adalta ia the auditor
ium. The Epworth League will meet at
6 p. m. for devotional meeting. Good
time assured. 6:30 a testimony and
praise service will be held. At 7 p. at
evangelistic service led by Rev. Bryaa.
Special music by the choir both morning
and evening, and a hearty welcome for
all. Mid week devotional meeting for
both Junior and Senior charch on Wed
nesday evening at 7:30 p. as. Welcome
te alL " ; . ' .
First : Methodist Episcopal Church
corner of State and Charch streets. Dr.
Blaine E. Kirkpatriek, minister. ' Clasa
meeting at 9:15 every Sunday morning.
Mr. George P. Litchfield, is the - class
leader. Sunday school at 9:45. Mr. H.
F. Shanks, superintendent : A most cor
dial invitation is extended to all not con
nected with other Sunday schools to af
filiate with this flourishing school. You'll
find it interesting and moat worthwhile.
Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Splend
id masie every 8uaday, with Prof. T. 8.
Roberts at the pipe organ andProf. W.
E. Hobson choir director. In the absence
of the pastor, who is attending .the An
nual Convention la Portland, Rev-. J. R.
Sassnett.-et Medford, will preach. All
are welcome The Epworth League meeta
at 6:30. Miss Irene Walker will mad the
Senior League. The evening worship will
be held at 7:80.' On Wednesdsy evening
at "1 :30 there -will be aa important meet
inr of the Sunday achool board, at the
church.' On Wednesdsy - afternoon, ' the
vsrious circles of the Ladies Aid Socie-
Christ Lutheran ' Church State and
18th streets, G. Koehler, pastor.; Sun
day school at 9:45 a. m. Divine service
in German at 10:30 a. m. Young peo
ple's meeting at 2:30 p. m topic: Re
ligion and Manners." - Evening service
in English at 7:30 p. m. Bible atudy and
prayer meeting on Thursday st 7:30 p.
m. i Yoa are cordially invited.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran -16th
and A streets. H. W. Cross, paator. At
9:30 a. m. Sunday school. (English) at
10:30 service (German) at 7.30 p. m.
Bible atudy, all English. A hesrty wel
come to all strangers and charchless.
Come, hear the gospel.
First Presbyterian Church -Ward Wil
lis Long, v minister. .Hundsy school at
9:45 a. m. Rev. Bruce J. Giffen, student
pastor at University of j Oregon - will
presch at' 11 o. m. and 8 p. m. Subjects:
"The Social Program of the Lord's
Prsyer and ? The ' Disappointment " ef
the World i With Christ." Christina En
deavor societies at 7 p. m. senior topic;
"The Drug Menace, Shristian Endeavor' a
Part in Its Obliteration' V Ralph Emmons
leader. Loraiae Fletcher wiil lead the
Advance Intermediate meeting and Pael
la ' Welch .the: -nltermediate. Church
prayer hour Thursday evening 8 p. av
Mr. C D. Childs' will have charge of the
service. - The Ladies Aid society will
hold the first meeting of the season ia
th ehaurch - parlors Friday, September
21. at 2:30 a. m. Hostesses for the
afternooa: Mesdames C 8. Waller, Philip
Gilbert, L. O. Altman, C. P. Biahop.
Chaa. W Brant, .Cordelia Hager, and J.
A.' Pooler. ',
First - United ' Brethren Corner 12th
and -Mission streets. Sunday achool 10
a. -m. Preaching ll a. m.. aubject, " 'The
Whole Armor." Evening service, preach
ing at 7:30, subject: "What is Mini"
You are invited. . C . W. Tibbet, pastor.
,.-m'; : ' ; ' - . - !
- BAZ.VAT0V ARMY . r : .
Salvation '-Army ' services. Holiness
meet ing 11 a. m. v A fall gospel - service
that will, be fall of interest. , Singing
and music appropriate for oceaaion. -bun-da?
school 2 p. m. Olssses for all ages
P.- L. 6:15 p. m. A,iine time with the
Ively herns singing by the children. Y.
yoang people. Battle for aouls, aa old
time Salvation Army rally -with aingiag,
solos, testimonies. A practical sermon
on "The Present Dday Evil." An : in
teresting .time for all who come, v -
; FRIES D 8 "
- Highland Friends Highlsnd avenue
sad kiorth Churdw L G. and Ida J. Lew.
. ministers. Bible achool At 10 a. m. Wal
ter - Stanton, superintendent - Preaehiag
services- at 11 a. m. and 7 :80 p. m. Mrs.
Carl Miller .from South : Salem ' Friends
will - have- eharge of - morning services.
Mrs. Mary-.Preaaall will preach in the
evening. , , .
The Spiritual Charch will hold ser
vices at-; 7:45, funday eveninr at 14SO
Broadway. -Subject: "Is Mediumship of
God er of the Devil." Rev. Anna Coaek
ey, pastor, all welcome, i : f : s ..i .
1 . 'IS I I
: A car that is noted for its used car value, is
simply , a car so well built that it gives good ierv-
Jce with little wear, over a lonj period of years -and
do you know - '
... - ' ' 1 ; ' '
$ii3 Lloxwell Hao the
Hjcjfrcct Rccale Value 7
o f All TJdTce Cara
6Q. B. Gingrich Motor do.
1 371 Court St.' ; Salem, Ore. Phone 633
...... .;. .. , . . i " ' I '. :. J '. ..
Tourins Now. CCSO at Salem
i Get a
At Factcry Prices
i - . I
U.zii u Sslsm
it-, j, ... s , 0..
8C3 N. Liberty Street
" insszosr , ' '
-Good Tidings Mission, 845 Court
street C. 8 Johnson, pastor.- Sunday
school at t p. m., preaching services 3
p. ss subject 'Ihe Tsstimoay ef JesusJ '
Preaching services 8 p. m. subject: "Qsr
meats of Bighteousness.' We believe
ia a fall goepeU We pray for the sick.
Miesioa opear every day. . Many coma ia
to pray had to be prayed for. Services
Wednesday; Thursday sad Saturday even,
iags. Ever body welcome, r.-
'y ift. T . !'v- . ' " " x " ' f i
- Charch of God 1846 H. Church street,
J. J. Oellespie, psstor. it W. Pbelps,
secretary . of the- foreign' Missionary
board from Andersoa, IndU, will be with
ns Saturday evening, Sept.. 15th 7:80
Missionary work. Corns and hear what
he baa to sy. gandsv school 10 a. m.
sad, will tai along the line of Foreign
Preaching service 11 a. ns., subject : Io
ia Wster." Baptisms! service at S:SO p.
m.7 near the play ground en 14th street.
the reopie of Uod seed to Be BaptUed
Young People's services 6:45 and preach
ing service at 7:30. Oar prayer meet-
ing Wednetasy evening is increasing
in numbers" and' is Spirituality. Come
and enjoy tin', services. , .
nonsESisoiv -
Far More Entries for State
Fair Event- This Year;
Jhan Ever Before '
The night horse show to be
held In connection with . the state
fair, on .the nights of September
24, 25. 26, 27, 28 and 29, should
be easily the largest and most sac -cessfal
erer held on the state fair
grounds. ' A. P. Fleming of Port
land is manager, and as such has
charge of the entries. It 18 now
planned to show 54, classes ; ot
harness, ' saddle and . jumping
horses daring the 'six. nights of
the show. The programs will yary
each evening, so that the various
horses will compete for the libe
ral prlae . money A In different
classes. k-h- - . ; ;t--rl
The Portland Hunt club horse:
have always beea rated as among
the .verr best hunter and jumping
types to be found anywhere in the
United i States, 'and the state fair
horse show will :thl year enter
the jumpers in a number of var
ted classes. . . : ' - ; I I
- " Cash Jrizcs t0f f ered J J
Nearly ..910,0P0 iias been offer
ed In prizes, and many improve
menta have been .added to the
stadium, where ,the horse show
are held.' a combination that : 1$
attracting a far,Jrger number iof
entries than ever before recorded
tor the nightly events. j r ,
The stadium has hereto fore been
divided between the horse show
quarters and those tor the mem
bers of the industrial clubs, as
well as setting aside much space
for overflow exhibits from the
other buildings. ! All this .? is
changed, however, this year,' and
tor the first time the big building
will be devoted exclusively :tp
What it . was . Intended horses.
Additional stall space has been
arranged, t many- improvements
Udded that will add to the com
fort;., and . .convenience of. both
horses and - their owners,' and
everything done to make
clian - and attractive. ' The stad
ium JsTthe very last word in Sh6w
buildings, with its ring-of 100
feet wide by 2O0f feet long, which
makes . it possible' to- show large
classes and -ample room for! the
driving and jumping competitions.
The seating, capacity of the. build
ing is such that vast- crowds can
be accommodated "with comfort,
and judging from the popularity
of .the night horse shows held in
connection with the' state fairs
that have gone before, this sea
son the nlght borso , show will
attract record crowds, ? 'i ; '
' t . . Music to be Feature
' The show will begin at ; 7:30
each evening, and the program,
which' Is always put on at the
etate -fair horse shows, with much
dash and enthusiasm, with no In
termission between classes, will be
over each night at 1 0 : 3 0. , As
heretofore, music will' be a feat
ure of these affairs.' '
Among the old prominent par
ticipants in the shows wjll be the
McCleares of Victoria, B. Cr Their
horses were here at the premier
horse show, and' have - come back
every year since, 'when they have
put on exhibitions marked . by
grace .and V brilliancy, i-; Oswald
West, for several years one of tbo
most interested exhibitors- in Sa
lem.' has already sent tour horses
to the capital city, and they "are
now being' ' worked out prepara
tory to - their activities the .latter
part of this month. . Jtoy Ii. Davis,
recently come to : - Oregon v : from
Kansas City,;Mo.. with a big string
of : both . show and" track 4 horses.5
and whb?has'just finished 'ShowH
ing at the horse show in Stockton.
Cal.till .arrive in Salem within
a few? days,4 to .begin" -. his final
wbrking out fof the night shows
Xorthwest Heponds.
Fleming has also been' attend
ing the Stockton shows, returning
to.! Portland thisweek. During
his stay in' California be gathered
much valuable Information con
cerning horse shows, many of
these ideas to be utilized In per
fecting the plans for the forth
coming Oregon show. Fleming is
gratified over the way folk ot the
northwest have responded to the
invitations t.o come to the state
fair show, and through' his un
tiring efforts practically all the
principal horsemen and women of
the northwest will either; enter
their mounts or will actively par
ticipate. Many of the horses to
be shown in Salem have previous
ly been shown in the fairs of Brit
ish .Columbia, and Washington.
If a hen laid bets instead of
eggs, the age of a chicken would
not be any more of a gamble than
It how Is! ; - ' "
. The Irish are great Inventors.
Pretty nearly everything carries
.the name of Pat. Pending! : . -
Home Refrigeration Plant Is
New arid Novef in its Oper
v atiori and Convenience .
A. I. Fraser. at 454 Ferry street
in' displaying one or the most un
usual and unique home refriger
ating plants for the home seen for
some time.
The plant operates automatical
ly makes' ice, and maintains ;- an
even temperature at all times In
the- home ice box, and is operated
it. is said at a cost not' exceeding
in this - country three cents -per
day. One of the unusual features
of the' plant is its compactness
and its high efficiency In deliver
ing the required service. - A solu
tion' of salt "water and sulphur
dioxide in certain7 mixtures is re
sponsible for its freezing qualities
and 'the plant getting its power
from" any-electric current r is at
tached to the light cord In a sim
pfe way. ! ." . ';
: . The Kelvlnator as the system Is
known is'one "of sciences advance
ments htnaHt Is" claimed by ' the
manufacturers will revolutionize
in a sh9rt:tMne'sthe principle 1 of
home refrigeration. (The' i entire
working la Wis based on a simple
chemical formula, and" the princi
ple of , temperature' as 'the1 latter
acts on the solutions, f ? 3
'Watch your step."
'Also your
-I .mathematical wbpduckfc?
mourned himself to death. He
was trying to . prove that, two
pecks make one bushel! -
The Papago Indians have only
19 words in their'.language. They
ought to be trained for the barber
business! - ; ": ' "
The price is so cheap that you can't afford to
be without a bicycle.- ' !
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medium sized cars, as well as on the f in
vest ,cars. v--Of ev'js.! importance is the
- feeling of security irhich comes with the
' knowledge of ridinff on tires, that are
dependable; thctL retain their , non-skid
qualities long ottex ordinary tires axe
rvorri smooth. t- '.."' ' 1 '
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f condition,' buying nothing' for it but ga saline and occasion-
nu,n 09 ail vaur lava ot uikinn uwuu mi m
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side wins, -together with th. nette
ry tape aa. Aaeaa tor att-chjRS.
roe pw-s. BsW......;.t.,l.
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Far furs Knmdutmr. .SISJO
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(M lac lire WM..,.
sr Kkl. per jar!....
r QVASTBai' pajs '
. . . ... ,' rar
im ...aclt woe. Pair
rer repairtnr holes, breaks or ripe
! rubber er mohair top, aide., back
eurtalns. .'., ","'
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Greetses ,
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sises and typea.
VCop-Spottcr" Mirrors
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