The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 16, 1923, Page 11, Image 11

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From Point of View of
Beauty Exposition Will7
Excel Al Before it
"'All building that has been done
on the state fair grounds this
year, and all repair work as well
as Improvements o : every kind
hare been added with the thought
uppermost of ultimate attracUye
ness. Visitors, from other' states
at past Oregon fairs f hare assert
ed that the one here; was among
the most notable from the point 1)1
beauty of all in the United States
and owing to the things that have
been ' done this year to heighten
this effect, officials are wonder
ing if the one for 1923 won't pos
sjbly be outstanding in this mat-f arouni each" of these, and the
ter ' v ; i nn,1 'M(m itlnwt fnr fl. xn1an
ous : state'lnstltutlons will show
displays that will be judged large
ly ?from the point of beauty. - ' '
Gronnda.Well Dreeed
The main grounds this year
will also do much to carry out
this scheme "of beautification. The
landscape -plan has been .worked
out In a particularly 'fine manner,
with the lawns extended, and - In
far better shape than ever be
fore." " ': . j r. I'; U:.'-' " , ' ;
, Splotches ' of color will alter
nate 'the " luxuriant evergreens
which are employed as base plant
ings about the various buildings.
Also dozens of big tubs, filled
with myriad blooms, will be pla
ced along the. broad walks of the
central plaza, ; where a V fountain
has been, added, : and will play
throughout each' day of the week.
; Tommy Luke of Portland, th?
new. superintendent, is directing
these activities, which center
around the Installation of a foun
tain, which Willi be the chief fea
ture, about which the displays
are grouped, the display tables ta
be rectangular' in their line-up this
year, rather " than square,, as .here
tofore. walks will be placed
; TERROR riRyr
Many of the departments, floral dial view from the balcony, a dis
t, textile and those of the rari-tinct Improvement. f
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- - - 1 'I.' -1.1 f'"& ..
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For a limited
will : give .
; ; VI-. 5 ; , 4'i.? i v
Recent price reduction pn Vacuum pup
Tires, pIufTthis FREE TUBE offer gives
opportunity for an approximate
Offer strictly Urnited-r-lBetter take
1 v advantage NOW :
. 30kSVi Cord $11,49
Farmers' Warehouse, Paul Traglio, Prop.
! Fair Grounds Store, Harry V. Poe, Prop.
i f
v.. .
llvered at SalemT and on" the se
dan; $975. , -
4 Willys Knights have reduced
their price .about $60 per car. : :
The factory has been able to
make these reductions, they ex
plain, on account of the Increased
demand for j their cars. I ,1'The
quality was never so high and the
price was 'never so low as now."
says George Vlck, sales manager
for Vick Brothers. : r m f
With' cars down to bedrock
prices "and ' gasoline coming do wn
to a more reasonable price, the
time has come' when it is cheaper
to ride than to walk.
Chevrolet Out Put Increases
Nearly 100 Per Cent
Over Last Year
Countess Marklevlcz. one '. ot Eamonn De VaJera's most loyal
adherents, who was greeted with a well aimed egg on threatening
to resume campaigb of violence In Ireland. " , V
t Among the ' principal exhibitors
there will be: -Martin & Forbes,
Holden's flower shop, Clark Bros.,
P. M. Young, Niklas Smith's flow
er shop, all of Portland, and num
erous other florists from other
sections of Oregon and Washing
ton. ' Among ' the Special 'prizes,
there will - be ' two for the , best
floral display from ! the 'gardns
of state Institutions, and ; in the
department the cups of Irwin Grif
f th, Gardner-KeeneJ Marion ho
tel, Pomeroy and H. C. Epley will
be competed for. f-,p
; Both an amateur and profes
sional dahlia show promises to
attract : much attention. Entries
close the , Sunday . preceding the
opening date. - The peony yaristy
will be shown Monday, the decor
ative variety on- Tuesday the
cactus variety on Wednesday, with
general ' collections,' all types and
varieties listed for Thursday. , ;
. 1 Among the largest prizes $125
first,. $501 second. and $25 .third
moneys, are offered for ' the cal
lection of greenhouse plants on
200 square feet Stock used being
that commonly spoken of as fol
iage "plants" and flowering pot
stuff. 3 Qaallty, variety and Ar
rangement to be considered.
1 Still another classification that
promises to arouse much keen riv
alry is that of porch boxes.
In Charge of .Textile'
In the textile department this
year, which is under the superln
tendency , of Mrs. Roy Fike J of
Portland, will be shown a .very
fine and comprehensive display of
needlework and art work In wool,
- w ...
7 A 17 ?m -0
(3 5 t
We Will Make an Announcement
I.' t
In; the Near Future '
Our Buyer "Struck it Rich." ,WKen you see the next
batch you'll think that this is a new-Ford agency instead
of the v " V' - ' ' " f "i.
Ferry and Commercial Sts. Open Evenings and Sundays ,
linens and silk. Two - classifica
tions of special interest are those
covering .the work of women over
60 and for girls' under 14. Other
divisions Include , hand sewing,
machine sewing, artistic silk em
broidery,, collection of needlework
by Oregon clubs, white embroid
ery, colored c cotton, embroidery
bead work, wool embroidery tatt
ing. crochet and knitting. -. .
The excellent exhibit of pic
tures and art i work In the art de
partment will also be particularly
notable and' worthwhile. Includ
ing as It will a large loan collec
tion from the American "Federa
tion of Arts, as well aa the work
of Oregon artists. J
Regardless of the fact that some
of the automobile factroles of the
country, are not releasing as many
cars this season as in previous
years. the reQnef al Motors com
pany have put on the market
nenarly one hundred per: ' cent
more Cheyroleta this year to date
than they did last year accoreing
t6 word received from G- L. New
ton local, agent for the Chevrolet..
This season ; car with many
new" features In body' and ' mech
anical construction ,has out'- dis
tanced itself In-point of sales and
in many parts of the country Is
taking the lead oyer all cars In its
class. . -
The September output from
statements coming from the fac
tory show .that If the present aver
age for the month is maintained
that there will be 2200 new Chev
rolet cars 'placed on the market
each working day of the month..
' !
iiiri i psTiocnrn
Local ' Maxwell Owner K Is
nigniyLmnusiasin; jxuuuu
t Service Given By; His Car
t .: u. , ...... ' '
The followln g articles of , incor
poration were filed yesterday with
the state corporation department:
- Northwestern Holding" company.
Portland; ; j. incorporators, H.-- B.
Leonard, ..Charles . TL Spackman,
Emma Stoneberg; capitalization,
$5,000. J - " "
, Associated 1 Hardware : company.
Ine.,';!Portland ; Incorporators, N.
P. Noren, tV. Klnxet 3 Salmon
son ; capitalisation, $ S 5 0 6. ;
Golden . Easle . Oil company.
Portland; Incorporators, - lUtlph
H. King. H. Borden -Wood, W.
taAtsr, Thompson; - capitalization,
$100,000. f rti-
The O. B. Gingrich .Motor Co.
I 271 Court St.
Gentlemen: r I c t . .
Ton know the old story of the
proud father, who .continually par
ades . the cute doings of his off
spring, before bis listeners.
- I am in hl class just this far:
I belive It was Pope who said,
"Why should the spirit of mortal
be proud" But Pope. was unf or
tunate in that he lived too soon
to drive a 1923 Good Maxwell.
I This effervescence is not be
cause I am a new driver and this
is my first car? IJve ' driven
bounced walked or crawled 16
years I've driven a number of var
ious makes and never been able
to recite anything like the follow
ing taken from a log book scrup
ulously kept since I drove her out
of your place, September IS, 1922.
i I ha-ve driven over four states-
Oregon, Washington, Idaho and
California, on all kinds of roads
and have made to date 32,075.5
miles and in that illstnce have
used 1335 gallons of gasoline
figure it out yourself, (23.28
miles to a gallon.) Have never
had her overhauled and my entire
expense for upkeep,' aside from
tires, gas, oil, has been less than
$1 per 1000 miles. And br the
way I still have my , two ? front
tires, one of which has never been
off the wheel.
f Now,; don't let Fisk get swelled
up over the record. for after run
ning just 1000 miles cut one of
my original rear tires in two and
put on another make which made
better than 29,000 miles if the
car not the tires. Let me sug
gest that - the expression, "The
Good Maxwell Is sure right."
will let you know when I finish
my tire milage.
Very sincerely,
- - Salem, Ore.
Local Dealers. Say it ' Is
uneapeno.niae inan.
i ii ui'ii 'ii r
vvaiK, w tin new. rnces
That the prices of automobile
is coming down is evidenced by
the announcement ; this week "of
a new reduced price list cowtias
Overland and Willys Knight cars,
I ; i
' '1
v i
'-'-r See the 'Foot' Expert .ThiWc:T""''t
Good physicians instinctively loolc for the'eausc of thepaticnf ill-
causes the callouses on your sole. Something causes jsyery foCf troUbli. ' '
Painful callouses, for instance, are caused by lowre4 4onih'thlan'Lrfo j
dieging down into the flesh jand pressing against sensitive nerves. jQji-raahionW;r"taes - --
of trimming with a blade, wearine stl .metal rJite adhesive pdVoi1cha'"i
. cannot cive permanent relief. They are temporary, make-hift methoos--ti eaacr t-e -
eirect and not correcting tne cause. . .But toaajcrtne Jiejrrsaj jnetnoo, the
prpvides not only ' instant but absolute penninent relief. How? . Simply nature's
way - -supporting the fallen, Jbones. ij ..theft jtormai . pononyfiiK all-leather Vixard
devices that, fit as Insoles in your shoea. So 'simple - that you wonder that it was pot
tiiK:f ,; ! - :j 'J-.
'" . " , -; ,. ....... , . . . . . - . - , )
Furthermore, to get complete relief the new way, you do not have to tacrifice the footwear .
that meetswith your tastes fuch as the even,in sJtppet.dancing m'py dress 'oirford or
other stylish footwear. 1 'v ,y ? ' J ' ""V - .'r
; Special Foot ServicolTib -Wccli
Just step in our Foot Relief DepartmentV Witfiout obligation or the slightest inconven- ' -
ience to you thd oot .relief. "expert .wUTi .adjust the featherlightdericea mv your thclw
Take a few steps no longw' do you feel the pain. You have relief and relle thjLt
is everlasting. I u,i'.i4:f;u;iv.;.ci...l'
' ' "326 Staie SU NaVTSMii&BJi' ' . !
" . t J" 1 j -! U . wil U t - - - - -. .
tf r-?n ,K.ur TfITw
. T ;. . ... ' w-
' ( , ....
. , .. . ,v - i -2t ' 1 r r" - . ,i..-.A a .....
New (uperSedan at Amazin
. Finished entirely in gleaming black, j With washable long-grain Spanish
upholstery. All the' famous WiUys-Knighl-Coup
advantages and excellences. By request of American business men finished lor
hard, constant service at a saving vividly v reflected in the price -P1450 t
. the iactoryl Singularly handsome; reflecting taste and stability. Doors both
I rum anu. rKU.r'tiJu ocui uunuini
s. o j n T 1 finished in rich blue and nickel, upholstered la
COUpe-beaan leJLUXefine Bak Fastex :Y doors V50
- front a7tx? regr the fine closedcar sennarton of the year. j:ZL?u
Kfejy, .MoffRu and Etger Sedaiis j
I . v With si nfw'Mr--,tflriffHT longer XmesVd comiort a convenience!
- ; Urjholsteredm Baker Fastex
"beauty and refinement "with !the vnondcrtxil peHormance oi the engine tKstt sprovC3 r
with use. fB L.. ' , - rxiMiMju 1
S .1'
New, Low Prices PslisK
r er v a vr-ra - iwsst wwf sn aaej
Cam.Tm4 S117t
U ftricc . K TiU. We nkiw ke Hc dMsase Hcr r r-ytfeyri s
' High Street at -Trade '
: t
1 i
The drop in Overlands amounts
to from $33 In the touring car
and roadster to $60 in the sedan
The new price now on the tour