The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 11, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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2. A. Erorkmnn.
Formerly of, Spokane. Wash.,
tut having spent the past year
ere, has purchased the De Luxe
t ;ta?l v147 Commercial from
. r - , - y- Mr Brckman has
tad 16 years experience In the
, hotograph work. also 3. years In
i .he moYie bnslnesa prior to com-
la here- He was with the Sa
, :em studio daring; the holiday sea-
I son last, year. . Later did the an-
I I naal work for the Laurel Wood
Academy. Adr
Caught in .Chicago
Lionel Hobson, who with three
other men escaped from the 'state
penitentiary brick yard tfuly 21
iy concealing themselves In a box
car. was apprehended In Chicago
Sunday, according- to a telegram
received by, prison of ficlals. Hob
son will be. returned to the Ore
gon Institution. He was commit
ted to the penitentiary from Mult
nomah county in September, l $2 2,
to serre a term of 10. years for
assault and robbery, while armed
with a dangerous weapon.
Does rtlM Interest Ton? " j
If y'n are looking for a job. or
It you need - to employ help, - use
the city free employment bureau
t the Y1XCJL AdT,. .
Car Shortage
The- Southern Paclff
according to a rert filed la the
omcc3 ct tne public Eerricacon-
mission, has a shortage of 102
cars. Lst week the- company re
ported a shortage of 400 cars.
Rate Increase Asked . .
. The Oregon-Idaho Power -company,
with headquarters at Boise
has filed with the public service
(Formerly Dr. Schenks)
. I 240 8. Cottage St. ; V; ;
PHONE -1182
. ... ... i
Fcr G!IJ3 TlJit Izzi
Blamoxul.-Watches, JeweSry
a&4 E-llTerware .
rLona 1ZZZ. CZzzit Oregon
commission application for a
slight Increase in rates. The Ore
gon-Idaho Power company oper
ates quite extensively in eastern
Oregon, and -furnishes power for
a number of laree irrigation dis
tricts east of the Cascade moun
tains, ij-. ' i-v,-- V :
I this, year Is regarded bf Mr.
Boardman to be one of the best
he has ever attended. Mr. Board-
man Is physical director at the
Salem YMCA.
Carload Kate Asked - f 7 7
The Oreson-Washineton Rail
road & "Navigation 'company has
filed with tho public senrice com
mission an annllcatlon to estab
lish carload rates on cement from
"B8i eastern ' Oregon.' to points
on IU lines and the Southern Pa
cific system south of; Portland.
based on a previously adopted
rate of 15 cents per 100 pounds
in lota of not less than 80.003
pounds. The public service com
mission has promised to give the
application consideration v within
the next ! few dars. accordlnr to
announcement made at the offices
of the commission.
City, and F,
Lowest rates. J. C. Seigmund.
Adr. ; :
Speeders Are Arrested
Speeders who will, appear in
justice, court are Edward Brode
gan and P. G. Andregg. They arc
expected to report today: Her
man Relifusa pleaded guilty to a
charge of speeding and was flne-1
$20 and costs by Judge P. J.
Kuntx Monday.
Dr. Findley Ro tartan Speaker-
Dr. M. C. Findley will speak
to the Rotarians at the luncheon
at the . Marlon hotel Wednesday
noon. As he has recently return
ed from Europe, and spent some
time In Vienna, it is expected hts
remarks will cover a portion of
his trip.
Workers How Lecture
George M- Altken. field safety
engineer) In. the Oregon and Co
lumbia basin division for the Na
tional Safety . council, gave a lec
ture at - the noon hour yesterday
to the workers of the paper mill
of the Oregon Pulp & Paper com
pany. . The lecture was Illustrated
by steroptleon. W. A. Marshall,
chairman of the state Industrial
accident commission, was present.
Day rp J Jt ' s
: 1TJ li JuSerty Ct.
Calsr;- Oregon
CAFiTAi: jui:::cp.
AU k!ss cf ; jnr.Tr and
nK p. 4.,. rS . ,s
Long Hemp Exhibited V I
: Hemp stalks 17 feet In height
are on exhibition at the state
prison. This was brought In from
the Lake Labish district, where
nearly 100 acres is - being ' bar
vested at present. The specimens
are said to be exceptionally high,
and are not of good quality for
manufacturing', rope. Other
bundles' displayed showed a much
finer grade of- plant, and were
from four to seveq feet "in height.
The difference In height iavsaH
to be due to the variance in soil
fertility and' to having planted
too. far apart, u n ¬
issued Building Penult .
" 1 A one-story " dwelling to cost
$3500 will be erected at 942
North Summer street ; by R. J.
Young, according to a bulldine;
permit issued by City Recorder
P.oulsen ; Monday. "
Will Name Grand Jurors
, Impaneling of a grand jury is
expected ' to be the chief : work
next Monday. The jury will be
gin Its investigations the follow
ing day, circuit court convening
Monday, September 17. At pres
ent there are 13 cases to be In
vestigated, and at least one will
be added, as Albert Preston, al
leged swindler, will be brought to
Salem for prosecution.'
See Tom and 9 tan-
Formerly with Harbison and
Cleveland, at corner of State and
Front. Adv. r V
Roof Blaze Calls Department
Fire which did little , damage to
a roof at Nineteenth and Center
streets shortly before 2 o'clock
yesterday-afternoon, called out the
fire department. No calls were
answered by the firemen Sunday.
For Rent, Three-Room Apartment
Cosily furnished. Corner Mill
and High streets. Phone 759.-
AdV. : ' ! r :
Will Teach in Prineville
Miss Helen Hardy, a graduate
of Willamette university with the
class of 1923, has left for Prine
ville where she will teach this
Hawkins St Roberts ;
City loans; lowest rates. Adv.
Cleaver, Visits Smld
State; Prohibition Commissioner
Cleaver yesterday visited at the
county jail Paul Smid who alleges
that Officer Cnlbertson, former
member of the state prohibition
squad, and Police Officer Amy of
Ncwberg pummeled him severely
when ; he was arrested several
weeks ago. Cleaver may recom
mend clemency for Smid, though
he believes thar Smid probably
provoked Culbertson's assault .up
on him.
Divorce Complaint "Filed -
Nellie Blixseth yesterday tiled
suit for divorce against Bert Blix
seth. The plaintiff charges de
sertion and asks the custody of
the . seven children.
Salt Is Filed
Talbot it Casey, Inc., filed 'suit
yesterday for the money - alleged
due on machinery sold Robert P.
Johnson. The amount is $ 4 1 0,
and the money or the machinery,
with $150 damages. Is asked.
Seftoa.Is Elected
. ' At a meeting of Capital Typo
graphical union No. 210 held Sat
urday afternoon, Fred C. ; Sefton
was elected delegate to represent
the union at the convention of
the State Federation of Labor to
he held In Astoria.
Dance ''':f," ; ; -y' 'f" '
; Armory 9:00 p. m. Tuesday,
Sefeutl 1,1 t glven;,by . Strollers
Seven Piece orchestra. . Featuring
Joe Pardee, i $1.10. Ladies free.
Adr. v
. The Original and Genuine Spin
al Adjustment Treatment. Skill
full, Painless Adjustment that
gets' .results.
Osteopathic Physician and
223 Oregon Bldg. - Salem.
sea XS. a VsUMat Bsax Baflalaa
TUmm ass - . nt M
OttsepsUic liiyticUa and fcarrssa
ISsetrenis XHsgaoils sad TrsstSMBS
CDs. Abssms aCathsd.)
Salem -. Oregon
i ( ' General DrLizj Dzibtxs
I crXIco llcurs frca 10 a. b. to 3 p. a. J
- 113 ' '
. Wm:E3C!cGs'd';:"
All Day.
7iir cp" - Wednesday, morning.'.. ;
rtill cf barr-ins'
New Rod Approved .
A half mile stretch of road be
tween Salem and Shaw on the
Macleay road will be built,' begin
ning within a few days. The road
will eliminate a bad hill eight
miles out of Salem. The new
road,' which will go through the D.
P. Junk farm and that of C. C.
Churchill, was approved by the
county court. Including this new
strip of road, only two miles will
remain ..unpayed A between j5alem
and Shaw and It' Is "planned 'to
complete the paving of the entire
road next year, according to mem"
bers of the couotr court
Attention Hop Pickers ;
f T. A. Llvesley and company
trucks leave corner 12th and
State ' street at 6 a. m. Corner
of : Commercial and State streets
at 6:10 a. m. Corner of Com
mercial and Miller at 6: IS a. m.
for the Holmes hop yard; v For
further, information and to regis
ter call office S81 o house
phones.- Adr.
Legionnaires Return, Ilome- . ,
t 'Rephrtin,g! i suCcesful state
convention of the American Le
gion at Seaside, George Griffin,
newly elected 1 vice commander;
Robin Day, Brazier : Small and
Karl Hinges have returned to Sa
lem. , Though T. not an accredited
delegate, Lloyd Rlgdon also at
tended the convention.
Mr. and Mrs.' Boardman Ret
i Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boardman
returned to Salem Sunday.; night
after attending the YMCA con
ference at Seabeck for two weeks,
after which they visited with
friends in Seattle and , Sedro
Wooley. The Seabeck conference
SELLWOOD At the home. 465
N. Front street, Sunday eve
; nlng. Sept. 9 th, Mrs. Laura
' Ann Sellwood, . wife of Jos. 'A.
Sellwood. 73, mother of William
H. end Harold E. Sellwood and
Mrs. Ethel E. : Adams of Portr
t land and Mrs. Lillian W. Henry
of Roseburg, also survived by
:. -one brother. Henry Ia. Earl of
, Turner. Mrs. Sellwood was'
pioneer of 1881. Funeral serv
ices will be held. Wednesday,
.Sept. 12th. at 2 o'clock, from
. St.' Paul's Eulscopal church.
I - Rev. H. D. Chambers. . Friends
If may - call at the residence to
i view the remains. Tuesday from
i : 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.. Wednesday
.'from 9 a. m. to 11 a. m. at the
If home mr at the church from
12:30 to 1:30, when the casket
t will 6e closed. Concluding serv.
! 5 ice at City View cemetery. Di
' rection of Rlgdon Son.
7ebb & Cloueh
Lesdis; Fcstral
DIrcclcrs V
Expert EnLIacra '
I Rigdon & Son's
i r:or.TUAnr
Divorce Sought
Hattie Pearl Hard man yester
day filed suit for divorce from
Joseph B. Hardman. 1 They were
married In 1898 and have five
children living, of whom three, are
minors. Desertion Is charged in
the complaint and the plaintiff
asks' the custody of the three
minor children. '
Finn! Accounts Filed "
Final accounts were filed yes
terday in the estates of Charles
W. Wester, Florence Wester, ad
ministrator; Charles L. Lampe, A.
O. Condlt administrator; Jane H
Elliott, A. N. Johnson, adminis
trator; Elizabeth' N. Read. Silas
W. Read, administrator; ' M. "J.
Howe, Olive Stege, administrator.
Electronic Reactions of Abrams
Dr. White, 506 TJ.'S. Bank bldg.
AdT. . 2
Appraisers Flic Report- ,
The appraisers for the estate of
James TV Walker yesterday filed
their report. They fixed the valu
ation of the property at $7981.
The appraisers were A. J. Condlt,
C. R. Porter and Frank Williams.
Valuation Fixed
The appraisers of the estate of
Josephine J. Jerman yesterday
filed their report. The personal
property was : valued at - $17,-
739.41, and the real property at
$31,424. The appraisers were H.
R. Crawford. W. S. Walker and
George H. Riches. ; j
Baptist Brotherhood to Meet
" The; Baptist Brotherhood will
meet at the church at 8:30 . this
evening, when -' supper will be
served, a small coverage charge
being made. The speaker of the
evening will be Dr. C. E. Powel
of Kimball college, ' who has
"chosen as his subject '"Present
World Conditions. An invitation
is extended any who desire to at
tend,' and these are asked to notify
the chairman of the service com
mittee,7 phone 970, not later than
noon today. : Persons not mem
bers of tne denomination are
Auto Accessory , Stol
Some time Saturday night
thieves stole a spotlight from his
automobile,; L. Lumford, 1780
Fairmount,. reported to the po
lice. -
Traffic Law Violator Arrested
J. T. Carroll, 256 State street
was arrested yesterday afternoon
by Officer Olson for, blocking an
alleyway between State and Ferry
streets with his automobile. , He
deposited $5 bail and . was cited
to appear in police; court this af
ternoon. - -"v' -' i
Woodbnm Attorney Arrested
; Virgil ; Massey, ' Woodburn at
torney, and W. O. Gorsllne, route
2. were : arrested for being dis
orderly yesterday. Both men were
released under $25 ball. Owing
to no . complaint . having been
handed Police Judge Pouleen, the
case was continued until today.
Massey desired to enter a plea of
not guilty. ,; " ' "
number Is less than ; observed - a
short time ago. The beginning
of the school year and the end of
the vacation period are given as
the reasons.
Son Is Bo
Mr. and Mrs. Ercel Kay are
receiving the congratulations of
their friends on the birth of a
son Monday morning. He will be
named for his grandfather, Thom
as B. Kay, Jr.
Bicycle Is Stolen
That his bicycle had been stolen
L. C. Demerest, 2190 Chemeketa
street, reported to the police yes
Governor to Speak
Governor Pierce will speak be
fore the Rotary club this' noon.
He will discuss the financial con
dition of the drainage and irriga
tion ' distracts of the state.
Eclipse Not Visible
The' 78-per-cent eclipse of the
sun yesterday, extending from
around noon until shortly after 1
o'clock, was not visible here be
cause of the cloudy atmosphere,
except for two very . short mo
ments about 12:30 o'clock when
the clouds swept away' from the
sun. The eclipse made very little
difference In the light. .
Hardware Men to Meet
The Willamette Valley Hard
ware and Implement Dealers' con
vention will be held at the Cham
ber of Commerce i on Thursday.
Sept. 20, beginning at '8 o'clock
In the morning and continuing
through the day. It is expected
that between : 50 and 75 dealers
will- be present. , A. R. Jamison
of McMlnnvIlle, who has Just re
turned from attending the nation
al meeting at Jamestown, Va.,
will be the: principal speaker,
Norris Ames, of Silverton. is
president of the association.";
Cherrians to Meet
The Cherrians will meet on
Tuesday evening at 6:30 around
the dinner table at the Chamber
of Commerce: for their regular
monthly meeting.
Americanization Class :
In anticipation of the naturali
sation day which will come early
in October, the Salem YMCA will
hold an Americanization class be
ginning next' Saturday night at
the YMCA building. C. A. Kells
will be in charge. The Instruc
tion Is for those men and women
who desire information which will
be helpful to them when seeking
citizenship.. The Instruction is
free and has been .given in a simi-
lar way lor some time ny tne locai
Invitations Sent
.More than 800 Invitations have
been" sent out to members and
frienda of the YMCA for the third
annual setting : np conference to
be held next Sunday aftemon
and evening at Wallace farm.
The plane and policies of the as
sociation for the coming year will
be discussed; Members will bring
their own lunches and the auxil
iary ot the association will serve
coffee. ; :: v: . .'
Ordered Co Leave Town
""When P. Russell," Portland, and
Archie Evans. Astoria, appeared
before Police 'Judge Poulsen yes
terday to answer to a charge of
being drunk, 'the pair were sen
tenced to leave' Salem immedi
ately. As far as can be learned,
the sentence was carried out.' The
two men were arrested Sunday af
ternoon ' and spent that night In
ail. -
Ball I Forfeited
v iRobertJ J. Crawford, . Portland,
failed to appear . in police : court
yesterday to answer to a ; charge
of speeding. He , waa arrested
Sunday morning and released on
$10 bail.
Stolen Automobile Recovered
Joyriders are believed guilty of
appropriating the automobile be
longing to A. La lack. 595 South
Twenty-second street, on Sunday
night. The car was found parked
on South Twenty-third street yes
terday morning by Officer Ed
wards. - , ... " ..
Another Home Burglarized
Although his home was entered
and thoroughly ransacked, noth
ing was missing. G. W. H Irons,
2417 Trade street, reported to the
police yesterday. The residence
was entered r some;5 time -Sunday
night. ' " ... . ,
String Quartet Coming
4The New York String quartet.
considered one of. the best cham
ber music organizations in Ameri
ca, will be. the special attraction
In connection with the first
Apollo club concert to be given
about the middle of November.
This quartet is endowed by the
Pulitzers and has a considerable
record for good string . music
throughout the country. This
will be the first appearance of
other than a vocalist or. pianist
with the Apollo club . for .a nam
ber of seasons. -
Two Fines Are Levied -
For having no muffler on his
automobile, R. .'. Neff contributed
$5 in police court Monday. How
&Td Smith, i 405 South: Twelfth
street, paid -a- fine , of 6 10 for
speeding- Sunday afternoon on
South Commercial between Oak
and Miller streets.
Week-End Accidents Reported
Accidents over 5 the - week-end
were; minor in nature and no in
juries are noted in the : reports
made to the police. Those re
porting accidents were E. E. Gil
lUn, 776 South Twelfth; W.
Suckau, Salem, and J. H. Goins
Albany; J. P. Luper. 1690 Mill,
who ? hit another car ' near Eola,
and by Mike U, Nelger, ruote 1
who. was struck by another car
whiles traveling along Riverside
drive...- v, .
Assault Charge Piled
Jane Doe Allen is made defend
ant. in an assault- and battery
charge filed In justice court yes
terday by the father of little Gene
vieve Karst. The woman slapped
his; child, the complaint states
Warrant for the arrest of the
Allen woman wilF be served to
day. .
Marriage UrniM Inaued ' ' ' '
i Gertrude Leone Hoppe and Ho-
bert E. Shad were granted a mar
riage license yesterday - They
will be married today, y ; '
Teurfet Traffic Light "
Tourist traffic has shown a de
cided slump, traffic officers say.
Though there are still many auto
mobiles' on the highways, ' the
Apply wt baking aeda or
household atntn onia,f flowed by
w f . CJ U L.,2
Harry Pinkerton of Dallas was
n the city yesterday. - ;
Col. E. Hofer. who la at his
summer home at Agate Beach, Is
expected to return to Salem about
September 15.: ' ' , .
S, M. Bassett of Gates was In
Salem yesterday. "
v Judge and Mrs. - W. M. Bushey
are home following two weeks at
Sodaville. '
Arthur Hobart and Dr. Merton
DeGuire of Silverton were in Sa
lem yesterday having just return
ed from a trip ; to Medford and
other southern .Oregon points.
Charles McAllister of Shaw was
in Salem Monday. 7 "
Custer E. Ross, , Silverton at
torney, wag in Salem yesterday
on business. T ;
Earl Pearcy of the ' Oregon
Growers left Monday for Corval
lis to look . over fruit , prospects.
He la - expected to return tomor
row. - t
hoping Jupiter Pluvlus will Te
main Inactive for a few weeks yet.
' Salem is going to be better
prepared and more dressed up
for the state fair then ever, be
fore. It Is to be hoped .that the
glad hand may be In evidence all
over the city, and the Itching palm
kept. , In the . background; :: or
thrumbs down Invoked against It
a a
There are a number of Jap-
Enjoying the cooler weather?
Nearly everybody, is; but there
will likely be many warm fall af
ternoons yet, though probably all
the' nights from now on . will be
cooL - .'. '.
The federal farm loan board
has included dried prunes on the
eligible list for loans. .Why not?
prunes are as good as! wheat; and
better. ' Raisins have also been
Included on this list.
S "W
Billy Sunday and Billy Bryan
were both In Los Angeles at the
same time last week; and the peo
ple down there were looking for
something extraordinary to hap
pen. I-'..'., .
Regular shipments of ore are
going from the Santiam ' district
to the 'Tacoma smelter. They
will increase constantly for- gen
erations.' There are mountains of
ore up there under the backbone
of the Cascades.' '
a "s "a
A returned missionary , from
South Africa , recently traveled
9000 miles In the. United States,
and saw. only three drunken men
and these three , were In San
Francisco on the Fourth of July.
It was a . great - change from the
time when this missionary was In
the United States before, in the
pre-Volstead days." I
A UttleV fog and : some heavy
dews will objectionable,
but the hop and br"ne men are
Salem Smoke SK&p
Next Door Bllgh 1 Hotel
Magazines, Films. Candles,
Cisars. Cigarettes, Soft Drinas.
We make the best Mlia snaae
in the City for 10c.
Yon Hay Die
But' '
If the proper and care
fulfilling of your doc
tor's prescription will
save your life i . f -
We Will Save It
f 175 N. Com! St,
anese people in and about talom.
They t produce over 1100,0 0 0
worth. Of celery annually' ia . t:. ;
Labish Meadows, beside? many
tons of , other vegetables. Tliy
have cleaning, establishments in
Salem, and there are same high
class ' cooks' among them. Natur
ally,, all these 'peopli; have rela
tives and friends iu the devastated
districts of Janan. and thev ere
worrying very much over t o
Question of their safety of milieu
so far they have heard nothing.
A . A A
fwT (nl
1 1
1 - 1
ii Li V- wJ
( Ml
puro cfiiclc end othor
indrcdEontG d? hiahzzt
But It is ho ogo f 0
mc!:c WuICLEVS 1C3
in quellty cod ihzn rczza
you in pcorxondUicn.
CO W3 PCt It fa t3 172.:-
mum mm,mA MffArf 1
tO I.SC? It C3C3
fcr yea.
r-llCCPS tcctb
white helps
- W-Vw l law rr.a
Tbey are cood fcr
vsloabla presents
-0 -
" i
Thic Week Only r
You cannot afford to miss this opportunity cf tuyir j
goods for less than manufacturers price, fcr v. 2 rr :
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rr . -
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Army overshoes, Reg. $3.85, special
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Np. 218 Regular Munson last Army Shoes, '
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Nos 88 Leather Puttee, Reg. $3.50, special $2.62
.. Athletic Union Suits, Re2.-49c, special ..C 7c
" - 25 cent redaction on practically every article I ; ?
store, including all cur shoes Compare cur r ri: 3
ether stores and you will fee ccavkiccdj '2.1J.
zr.o So. c-