The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 11, 1923, Page 3, Image 3

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. T - (
1 ' -AJ
By B ETTI KESSI. '.Pbone 1 06.'.
In ' the west 'ttlnr' r4 ho4
pavilion of the Educational build-
nKai tne state rail1 will be found,
the" booth and bazaar conducted
unaer tne auspices of the sUte
WCTU far the .benefit of the
Children,' Farm home.' The
, money from the sales will go in
to the general (arm home fund to
be used for furnishings and the
many necessities which the home
demands.1 .;:'' '
Members of the WCTU i and
friends of the farm hnmn : sra
asked" to contribute to the supply
or salable articles for, the bazaar.
All' donations can be left at the
WCTU rooms t Commercial and
Ferry streets; or -reported Xo Mrs.
J. J. Nunn. phone 60, and they
will- be called, fprv J J -v.-;s,
. i -
A party was riven -Safurdav
night at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
I. D. Bennett on route 9, honor
ing . l; frienda whose birthdays
occur., during the month of Sep
. teraber. ,, , ;x,A,
Among the guests were Mr. and
Mrs. George Martin, Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. Powers, Mrand Mrs.' Wil
liam Bouffleur. Mr.- and Mrs. I.
I. IIcAd amsr:Mr.' nd; Mrs;, t Carl
McAdima.tMra.' Ruth' Dennlson,
Mrs Ida ; Nilesi'-'Mrs." Mary Boyn
lonJ! Irs. Jennie Pope, Mrs. Anna
Simmons.' Mrs. Ida Newmyer.Mrs.
Lot! fee King. Miss Ruth McAdams,
Mia V Phoebe McAdams.' Miss
Marie Bennetts Mr.' -and Mrs. II.
C Bennett and two children, and
Mr; and Mrs I.;" D. Bennett.
.t. - it - r .':',."--V ; i
Mr. and Mrs; Harry M. Hawk-Ins'-
will leave Portland tonight
to pend the next three week in
NewvYorrk'. ..At Spokane they, will
meet Mr. and Mrs". R; "Rt Rodgers,
who. wirxiicbm pany them on the
entire trip. .They plan to-reach
Chicaco Sunday, and Tuesday
. they Tvill bd at-yd en Springs,
J where' the ineo will 'attend' " the
Mortgage Men's convention which
meets' September: 18, 19 :and 20.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins will spend
the remainder of their . vacation
In New York.
Mrs. U. O.' "Shipley will go to
Portland today to visit with her
sister' for the remainder of the
Iweek. V. .:.
Miss Mabel Creirhton. Mrs. Al
Jones and Crelghton Jones left
yesterday for Joseph where they
expect to remain for the next two
weeks. .
. ' Father T.' rV" : Keenan, accom
; panted' by his father, -Mr. Thomas
Keenaq of Portland, la on Jiis way
east for a twa month's .vacation
trip- Ilia . presents Itinerary. in
clndes - Omaha, , Chicago, South
Bend and Mendta, ;llV,;.He plans
to return by way of.Denrer, stop
ping off at Salt Lke and Jab An
geles before coming north.: "f 'V::
Judge P.'BT. D'Arey and hi Is-
ter, ".Teresa, attended the .picnic
of the'. Sons and Daughters ; o(
Oreson , Pioneers . at Peninsula
park in ; Portland Patadrday.
Judge p'Arcy Vespondedj to. Ihe
toast; TTha Pioneers.' '. t'J
Mrs. Vllliam Blackley and son
went to1 Jleglna; lastweek
to visit for the next two months
with Mr. and Mrs. , Taylor, Pt
r.ts of Mrs. BlacWey.r V,
"rfary Cusack of Portland, 1923
graduate .' In agriculture Tias ac
Cc pted " a position In the' Silyerton
Ljh school. . Besides teaching,
lllsd Cosack will supervlsa ;tha
school paper. Miss Cuslck'wai'i
member of, the Oregon Country
man staff, and day, editor of -the
O AC Dally" Barometer . while ' In
cc llese. She . majored In horti
culture and , took considerable
work In Industrial Journalism.
?rli :y v ::
jfifrs. L. P. Campbell and family
a-J Mrs. J. M. Devers and family
have-returned from three weeks
oftUag at, N&skowln; v :;r,;.sr-t -f -
? T.llllam - Darby and two
daughters of Fort Frances, Ont.,
are la Salem visiting at the home
of IZr. and Mrs. O. Mundt, par-
enta'otJfra.' Parby. rTvV K?
-:.:u:-;-:rr :-. ",?.':-:......:,.-. .
J Miss Mildred Imlah leaves to
CiJ for Pittsburgh where she will
be married , to- .Mr. XJecU Angle,
The; wedding will take place next
iturday, September. 15, at .- the
hone of .llx.'and Mrs. loylCrim;;
,;: ;C-:- .;
Mrs. T. A. I,lvesley and her
daughter Dorothy, went to Palo
tto yesterday, where. Miss, Dor
cthy .will Renter, 4 the ;Castme3
f -hool ,for girls. Mrs.NLivesley
rlars to visit with Mr. and.Mrs.
a,' G. Sargentr Ja; Can Francisco
far abouts 10 daya before J retnnt
Las "home.. .. , . .
'Miss Alice Welch went to Los
Anseles Sunday; where ahe.will
c i ter the ? librarian : tralnlag
raool for the winter.' .
Miss Agnes Bayne ha returned
ti ter desk in' the office of Gov
ernor Pierce' after" vacatkm of
t.rea weeks spent at Long Beach
ar.d other southern -California
cities She was accompanied by
hor sister. Mi, JIary Bayue. who
remained at Marysville. Cal
rhfre she will teach during the
;r. !ng school year. . .i
Swald WesCMV: OlcotCUpre
paring' to lave f or "Long Beach,
Cat, the, latter part of .this month
whjereL the ,Olcbtta:Lwill 1 make
their future home. . t .; ,
1 f .' - : ;
Mr. tnd MrsI Ereel Kay are re
ceiving congratulation's 'upon the
arrival of a 'son, born yesterday
morning. The boy will be called
Thomas B.' Kay. Jr. '; ' ' ?
t ;" ' f? - ; -
Miss ; . Florence Austin, the
charming daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.' J S. Austin of South West
street, and a "popular member pf
laist year's graduating class from
the Anaheim" high school will
leave' soon ,to take up her studies
at the University of .Southern Cal
ifornia, -where she will specialize
ia music '' Miss Austin' is' an ac
complished pianist and has won
a; number of laurels, fn. this' art.
She also displayed a great deal
of dramatic ability when she play
ed the; leading role ' In the 1923
senior class play. Anaheim Dally
Herald. : -.: .
Miss Austin is well known
among the younger set, having
spent the greater part or her life
in Salem. About four years ago
Mr. and Mrs: Austin went to Ana
heim, Cal., to make their home. '
: i ' v. - -r : .;.
Miss) Betty. Samuels, daughter
of Mr.: and .Mrs. D. Samuels of
this city, became the bride of Mr.
Sol. Rosenberg , of Long Beach,
Cal., at a, very pretty and Impres
sive ceremony .performed in Mc
Cornacfc hall at 5 o'clock Sunday,
the Rabbi A. L Rosencranz of
Portland officUting. . . .
To the strains of Mendelssohn's
wedding march, played .by. .Mrs.
Henry., HIatzen. the bridal party ;
entered the hall, meeting at the
altar where ' the marriage vows
were witnessed by over ,100 "rela
tives and friends.' This is report
ed to have been the first ortho
dox Jewish ' wedding ceremofiv
ever performed in Salem.
The bride was lovely in a gown
off white taffeta -and silverTlace.
She carried a bouquet, of bride's
rosea and lilies of the valley. Her
net veil was caught into a .simple
pand of orange blossoms. .Ia a
rose chiffon and silver dress, Mrs.
Florence Rosenberg appeared "as
maid of honor, .As . bridesmaids.
Miss . Gussy Brownstela- of Port
land ..wore a-, dress of gJ&Y lace
over . pink ; ; Mjsa Iolly. Samuels
wore , yellow ? georgette , . crepe f
Miss1 Annette Feldstein had a
dress of pink georgette, and Miss
Sara Solof wore orchid - taffetas.
Mr. Louis Solof acted" as best man.
Autumn ' blossoms,1' ferns ;and
palms decorated the hall for the
occasion. ; . w , ;
Immediately following the wed
ding supper, which was served at
6 T o'clock ' Mr. and' Mrs. Rosen
berg left: for a honeymoon in Se
attle and British Columbia. Later, ;
they will make 'their home in
Huntington, Cal., where Mr. Ros
enberg Is In buslnesswx; I
jMrs. Rosenberg is "a Salem girl.
a jgraduate of Salem high school
arid later attended college in Cali
fornia where she met Mr. Rosen
berg.' tG nests for the wedding were:
Mr. and MrsS. O. Abrams, 'Mrs.
H; .Rosenberg, Florence Rosen
berg," Long Beaeh, "Cal. ; Mr and
Mrs. Feldsteihlr.! and ;Mrs.N.
Dhrector, Mr. and Mrs: C.Brown
8teinr Mr. and Mrs, LIbman, ilr.
and Mrs. O. L. Sherman, Mr. and
Mrs. Shi Tirectori Mr. and Mrs.
W, L Brownsteln. , Mr. and Mrs.
N. Brownsteln of -'. Portland," Mr.
and Mrs.. Solof, x Mr, : and Mrs.
Theo Brenner, Portland,. Mr. and
Mrs. S. Safron, Mrs. Myers and
daughter, Portland. ' Mr and Mrs.
Cohen, Mr and Mrs.)' Halzmad.
Louis Solof, .Sam Solof,. William
Solof, Sarah Solof, Mollie Sam
uels, Mr. and Mrs. M. Steinbock,
Joy Turner," W. fi Moses,' ' I.
Bockman, Portland,- Gertrude Ro
sumny, Portland, Eva:XJbman,
ara , LIbman,'', Belle , libman', Mr.
presene,-2IrrJjJeSArtla: lhteresfed
In an oil station on South tJom-
merciai street. , The couple wiu
maker tbetr ; home" In Salem. ' I V
k ' . ' ' i . i i I f ; "
Mr. and Mrs.' Walter Kirk en
tertained at a dinner party last
night at their home on Mill street,
honoring Mr. ahd Mrs. Allan" Hop
kins who will leave the latter part
of the' week to make their home
in . Portland. , A most delightful
evening ; was - spent aroujnd ' the
daintily "appointed: table, which
was enhanced by an artistcally 'ar
ranged centerpiece of lavendar
and pink asters and lighted cau
dles. . .Covers were laid ! for Mr.
and Mrs. F. O. Myers, Mr. and
Mrs. R. J. Valiton, Dr. and Mrs.
William Mott, Mr. and Mrs, Allan
Ifopkins. and Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Kirk. ; .
In 'observance of the newly In
stituted national photograph week
Gdnnell & Robb offer an unusu
ally tine exhibit of western photo
graphy; -i'i r'.i-i::---
At the recent meeting of the
northwest- photographers in Vic
toria, B. C, the plan of traveling
exhibits was . adopted for the
northwest. : By this system the
best samples of ' portraiture and
photographic art are divided into
several exhibits-which are sent to
the numerous studios throughout
the northwest. - : , . . . . .
I According to a letter of recent
date v from .the - secretary . of . the
northwest photographers' organi
zation, the exhibit sent to Miss
TJunnell was the first - to "be se
lected, and contains some of the
choicest photographs id this sec
tion of the country. . , ; . . -v ; ; ;
Visitors are invited to come to.
the studio between the hours of
2 to 5 o'clock each - day of the
week, during which hours tea will
6e served 'to the guests. k
Shnsterowitz, Mr, and -Mrsl "Henry
E. Hlntzeri. 'Irs. - Walsh' and
daughter, : Harry" Capulto, all' of
Portland.';! il::-,: !.jt-j .
At the home of .the brldespar
ents, Mr." and Mrs. Will E. Purdy,
1550 Waller street. Miss -Qlive B.
Purdy- jbecame j the wife ". of - 'Mr,
Roland F. DeSart.' The ceremony
was read by Rev.; J. 3. Eyahs,' pas
tor of the First Christian church;
and only a small number bf; rel
atives and Immediate friends were
t j
- t
The Junior Guild of St. Paul's
Episcopal church will meet -" this
afterhobn at '2; 30 at the parish
house. -This is to be a most im
portant bnslness meeting and all
members are urged to be present.
In observance of the national
Constitutional day, next Monday,
the Daughters' of the American
Revolution will meet In the Cham
ber of Commecce room for a pa
triotic program: Governor Pierce
will speak on' the subject of the
constitution. Special 'music for
the occasion will ' be offered by
Miss : Ira Claire Love; violinist,
and Mr. Leon Jennison, who will
sing. , '
- -
The Marion Lawrence ' Bible
class of the First Methodst chucch
wflf meet ! to riteTbaikei: inuper
this evening at the home of Mrs.
M. C. Findley, 225: North Twen
tieth street; The membera will
come at 5 and' supper will be
served at "o'clock. New mem
bers of the church not affiliated
with any. other Sunday school class
are invited to come ' and get ac
quainted. - 1
The Daughters of Veterans will
meet tomorrow night at 8 o'clock
at he armory for, their first bus
iness meeting of the new club
The Sisterhood of Chadwlck
chapter of Eastern Star : will en-
Joy the ; regular monthly sccial
hour this afteri3on at 2 o'clock
at the Masonic lodge. Mrs. W. W.
Moore will have charge of the
hour, assisted by Mrs. J. E. Craw
ford, Mrs. F.'E. Loose, Mrs. E,
H. Kennedy, Mrs. Carl Pope, Mrs.
I. Donghton and Mrs. K S.
Krapps. " '
Miss Grace Elizabeth Smith will
be. hostess. to the AB chapter, of
JPEO sisterhood at her home thia
and Mrs. Kalorifuri, Mri arid Mrs.levening. ' ;The topic I of the pro-
Tf?" - t y have
-T3. C3-1
is a real bargain. It hat a low top
and taedium alirt. Made iadar
aLIe r'rJc cf white coutll: tlztt
! ? 4 to 3 5 mi coif enly S3XXJ.-
c - s s " i J N J tr. corMt, ;
i - s " -!t "-ri ' ' -
gram Is to be "Vacation Echoes,
. -1' .' ;.
The White Shrine of Jerusalem
will meet ' tonight at 8 a'clock In
Masonic hall, by .order ri the high
priestess. -. v, , ,
The WFMS- of the First Metho
dist .Episcopal, church wll. meet
at the. church parsonage tomor
tpyt k 2,: 3 0. ' Mrs.' A. LL Becken
dof, a' missionary just returned
from the Philippines, will speaa.:
and her mother, Mrs. . J. N. Scharf f
ibess for the new year will be out
lined, t An invitation Is given to
all the -women; of the church td
be present. '
- , ' i
Drua Peddlers Will fiovv
Be Grabbed By Off icsrs.
Last Monday due to turnovers
by. some of, the counties, the state
began to get 1U Ipart of the nar-:
cotie fund "provided for by ther
legislature of 1 Sf 23; with the if
suit that George Cleaver,-; state
prohibition commissioner, is now
able to enlarge his 'force and ; ge
on 'the trail of the trafficker in
drugs.: Although there have been
no f unda to use on this part of
the .work,, there already ;"bte
been six arrests' and' three ' convic
tions. Three cases are now pend
ing in Multnomah county, 'nrf of
them before the : federal ' grand
Jury. 4 - -
' r"
A gift of .' $100,000 has been
made to the Boy .Scouts, but the
nam a of.,' tla 'newTps.ermgav. who
cave the raoiey has to fsr been
concealed from tie rea.:s pub-
Liveslev Raiseis: Pickers
i t Of Hops to 70 Cents Box
1 BelleTing that thfel hop pick
ers hare not been making a much
mAMaa ' n li aw eriAriTfl ' IhA A. .
uiuv&v - as aa aaMwswf
f.ivesley yards have' announced
an advance of 1 6 cents a box for
atl " boos' nicked. Owing to J the
warm1 weather the pickers have
been unable' to glora as many
hODS as In other seasons, ; and In
order to encourage them the ad
vance was made, i ; t .
. t Reports have been received that
several of the "smaller yards have
paid 70 cents the entire season to
insure picking, have also been re
ceived, r- In one or two instances,
where the hops have been ex
tremely light .owing' to blight, as
high as 75 Cent ' box has been
paid by the yards; . "
: t . . ... ..'
Ka S red vkttt. Mckad
ChMt hT' .-. J'
Oaf hmy
..$11 & 1
J Mu. ...t km w1iaih,T1 And All
prieon ar gin'. P Jt?f2il" '
. , t coon , mnu. BUTTEKTAT
Crruer7 butter J
Botterf at;". 4elivd
Sins, per cwt
Mtandaraa 1 1
TnIIM . -S
Hwtj1 aena
11 Q U
Heca.' top 150-23S Iba few ---7t
Hfa. top, 25-ITS; wt : -fS.Sl
Ht. Wp,-S25-JS75, ewt 11
Light aowa cwt ; : : : 8-M
Rousa heay,- 0 W
Top veal, dreaae4
Tap eteera
Top Iambi
'Heavy lamba
.07 07 U
05 H .4
i f'Boadad" Braad 8aakla Valeaeiaa
l6taaa Urtwj.,:U-'.i- t-.95.SI
&60S id4 anailer -t
! ., ATTLX
I Cooking, Orefoa frown. 91.50 Q $2.09
QraTeDateioa per box l.V. i
, . . XEKOHB '
Leffinrwell EKE,, ll alaaa,' eaae t.3l
All' priee4 If ths doaai bmwAea.
Beeta. Carrott: -U...-Aa:1 i.
haHiihM. kit or round
'21 6 'a and larger ...
Orarvnateina, per box $1.50
'Brett,- Carrata and Onlona 50
Radiahee ad FaraleT ,
Tomatoei. borne grown, box
Head lettnee, - local, eratea
New potatoea, Jiew Oregon, ewt. $1-75
Bell peppera, per lb. r . 00
Onfoea.' Walla Walla outdoor, ewt 2.&0
SiraiBW aejaaeh-.... , , ,J-?5
Pumpkins, crated, lb.. , j...:03
Cabbage,- toeal, crated, lb. .,..... 03
iff . !-.--. PEACHSS
Elbertaa from Yakima' and Tb Bailee
Quoting: ' "
Per box , .9100
box let 5
10 box lota 90
25 -: or" more - .... ..S5
A lew-aworda .Ad ether variefaa
mar ; be . aailble at prevailiag markup.
Standard benoat -per box - ,.$2.5
j- 4 3PXsUJd8 v r '"-,.'.' . :
Per a baaket crate-.... ......'...I ...rfl.50
'Bungalow' ' Brand Tnrleck'a beat ,
Offering ; - : 1 -
1 Standard Crates
Ponr' aratea -. .
Plat Cratea
Yakima llockv Ford
eratea r,.-i tL 92.50
Yakima Borrell Oema the pink
meat variety, ataadard eratea92.T5
.1 t-,. , WATBBMSXOSS . '
Either long er xoond variety, per
ataadard etata r.u-.'J:.' .92.75
' pexsiav acsxoss
Crated, per lb. ..i. . ...... OS
Crated, p" V. ? , n -, .... ftg
. -! . , .s. .. yAHA HAS
Crated, per 1. . w
Crated,' par lb.
Bed Cord" fancy
Per lb. -l.'..... :...:..:
Seliinr today
re rial bx
fancy California OraTenataina:
125 larger -ut..2'..J.-..'-J. i.....
- - 150-188 . ,
Choice Oregon GraTeniteina:
. ' iso-iaa.. . ,.ri , ,
Oregon Oravanateiaa, faced aad filled,
per box ; . 1.9LSO
Cooking varieties, -Oregon - grown,
per boar'....,: $1.50 to 92.00
In apple boaea wt...- 91.50
- .: - - -" .. O RAPES ' "
Malagas 'in Inga, par lb. --- " , -,
Tokays, 4-beeket cratea i-w. s92.75
Thompson seedless, 4-basket eratea..1.00
Fer Jbv a-
Early blaeka, 192 eTop.
per 1-9 barrel bell. 95.50
Yakrma earroU par aack ....-92.2i
AH 'Sack Tegatallea-lo par lb. klgkd
wea daaired far' leaf ibssP aack laU. -'
New. beeta.- sea aaok ... , .-: 91
Yakima ratabagaa. per aack S2.M
f xaw- vegataktea -
Tematoea t ?-':-' ,
from The Dalles .and Roaeburg.
i-iayev Mxea :
Califemia, a- boxes
two layer boxes
Piekliar- catuBitteis
No. 1, email aiie. In boxea, lb.. 01
No. 2, mediant aita, per IK , oa
No. S, large or dill slse, per lb0S
Ca;-app!y U gradew iawacka at la
er lb. 'leaav -' . -
Neweetorjv per bnnch-ui-8S O 91.10
Oroen - bean a, per lb. :. 06
Oreen corn, doa. -.32 Q 29 H
Cabbage, local, crated, - lb.
Read lettuce, local, eratea 91-50 0 92.51
Egg pmnt, per lb. - - ' , ' in
Kew potatoea. New Oregeae, ewt. 91.71
Bell peppers, per lb , ,,,, , , 10
Green pea, home grova, per lb -0
'(xeambai: ,ii -r-j. 'v.
- The- Dallee. atddo ' ' - i
Onions. Walla Walla oatdoor ewt. 3.0
Parsley and m'm " ', j ", , , , .
"x;-t.i!i 1 Tatatnaa '
fakiaa aetted gems; -'par wt , ' ' 91 &o
Oregon : WhiUa, ' pay , ewt v w .i
f. - '., f nTfl'- i -'-' " ' '! -
PORTLAND, ' Sept. -10. Grain fatnret:
Wheat, blaestem and' heart, September
1.08 ; October 1.06 ; soft -white, western
white, September X07; "October 1.05;
bard winter, northern apring, red Walla,
September l.OSf October 1.02.
Oats 4- V s
Oats No. 2 white feed, September
92S.OO: October $27.00; No. 2 gray,
September 127.00; October 926.00. .v
ft Edey- v.Tf-
Barley No. 3, 46 poaad,- Sepiembe
92S.OO; . October-. tiajtOn-.j '.. - .
---' ' -. , Cora '
- Cwrn NaT eastern -yellow. shipment
September 37.50. October 1 3 7.8 5. -Mill
- ran September 22oO: Oetolxi
.... ' . , 1 , J 1 I 1 . j . , 1 .1 1 j ,1, ......III.,.. . I. I I , j i.
tTCOimJGllEEiri : JTAlilAIiS.-
. j . . - - - m .
r.,W-J. J."- -.' ae- '!.. "Winn' iA"J - t.. I.HI..J 1 ii.i a...i .m..MIm.m: - " " 1 1 11 " " 1 ' " "
S Jf: .:.-t:-;.i.rf:.' - X x- .-wit sttiafc Mlnnlinilii. n iw, r.iiywwawatww.- .v....a - 1 wimi!
t :. ft. .. a : -' : ' ' .: : .. . -s '.: : : " i::' . : ' T: J . . :: j. .. V " . . . :--r ,:; .: .v.- . . .
. -
- -
"r i
If i
.. ' i 5 i
' . '' H
.1 1-m 1 1 r-l 1 ' it 1
supplies . consigned to Ar.t'r!
Red Cross or regulirly autLu: '
representatives banJMng f r' 1
lief for earthfiualce suffer. .
'We 3oIn ia the dewe i:
funds txvaval'able wJthout '
and that relief eupplit s La 1. . v
forward without delay or u:
complication as ta cbar7.
.".We , wIH. cooperate , v It h :
Chambers 'of Commerce ; for U
purpose of giving prompt ftivi
so ' desirable in such an ei .
Father Appreciating
p:Qf " Ccnribulicn II:.
''-? Corf a is a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea, with the town of Corfu 4ts, its capital; .The island has
! - a strategic importance in being near the entrance to the Adriatic, and as such was a base for Allied
naval forces durinurthe-war. ; . . f . . - . ......... i ....-.-, ; ......
tl'.'J ffilll IW
Harvesters i Goin, Lightly
First Time Rain Is Not -li
- Wanted Now
Prune picking In the orchards
of the. Wiiamette Valley started
yesterday.' Ik is said the crop
will hare an unusually hJeh sugar
content and .' will i te nnusually
good' fruit. . :'
.The .pickers, are picking lightly
the Hrsf time ore 'and the lieaVy
picking is expected the last of the
week. This is done in anticipa
tion of continued' -good weather.
Rain " would nave a, . tendency - to
breakdown the limbs especially
in the'youhger orchards.
Mucli ot the crop has already
hflftn anld desblte do or market
conditions! The King's Food
iroaucis company p- eoaeu
building in The Dalles to care for
the large acreage ol prunes. which
it, has contracted for there. MI.
L. Fenton will be In charge.
A considerable part of the local
crop has been sold, -green . to the
canneries'for from $25 to 128 a
ton. Brown rot In, many of the
orchards Is expected to cut. down
the crop tannage but ; the ' eetl-
mated quantity to be harvested
has been ' placed M at 4 0,0 0 0,0 0 0
po'undsV Rain would cause much
damage to the croir just now.
Late Mrs. Sellwood
Was Oregon Pioneer
T' ' : iP.--.ii. ' i f f-f-j
1 The death of Mrs. Laura Ann
Sellwood, rwlfe, of Mr. Joseph A.
dellwood, removes another of the
pioneers of Salem! Mrs. Sellwood
wai horii In Hatley; Quebec, ' Feb
ruary '2 0, 1 8 S 0.' She came s to
Salem in December, 1861, -where
sW has made her home for 62
years." She' married Mr. Sellwood
52 years ago and was the mother
6f tlte 1 children. ... Frank, de
ceased. W. H. of Portland, Har
old E., c Portland,' Mrs. Ethel
Adams, ', Portland, tod Lillian W.
Ilenry of Ttoseburg.: She ' also
leaves a brother, Henry L. Earl
of Turnjer. " She was , a j devoted
member of th. Episcopal -'church
and' "occupied many . positions of
trust in the church. -
. ..The funeral will be, held from
St. Paul's church "Wednesday at
2 p.m. The . remalnsare ,at the
late home, 465" North Front
street, and .can le Tiewed by her
friends from 10 io 3 on Tuesday
and from 9 to 11 on Wednesday,
also at the' church on "Wednesday
from 12:30 to 1:30. The burial
will be at City View cemetery.
We presume the dime novel dis
appeared ! because ! it' could no
' longer be bought for 10 cents. "
' 1I0S ClKEiEll
Sum of $25,000 Subscribed
! and Supplies Will Be ; "
" Transported Tree. .
- The Southern Pacific company
feast subscribed the "sum of 21,b pb
toward the relief of tho sufferers
byT .earthquake in . Japaa. This
was- - announced - : by : ; 'William
Sproule, president of j the , South
ern Pacifio company, in the . fol
lowing statement:
- "I tam authqrlted to say that
the . Southern ' Pacific co'mpany
subscribes the sum of $2.5,000 to
ward heVellef of the sufferers iy
Earthquake' in Japan. ' One-half
of this f aunt will be 'disbursed . by
IpurKew. yypxM. ;offJcei' nA'! the
other Jtalf our San Fran
ilsca officer Jn jhe belief, that it
is better for the company to make
k general subscription rather than
nfidefrta'ke J to respond to local
calls " which in scattered amountai
would' 'scarcely7 be "worthy of the
purpose which Is 'to relieve human
suffering as promptly as possible
and human suffering ia not a
competitive Question in our busi
ness. We will also carry free of
charge .over our 'rails , food nd
" Representatives of ' the two
lem. newspapers cpor. orln
coniriDution box at TIit :
pay. for the funeral o." 1':.
McGrath, 14,-who was Itii! .1
tng'the. auto races L-'it.:-turned
orer $9.". 35 to the ft:;
mortuary "yesterday. P. M.
Grath. father of the boy. i
Jous ' to express his apprewi.
for the kindness of Salem pf
and ! for the floral oUerlzs
at the time of the fuaeral.
. " Mr. McGrath and another
about 6 . years old, were in
city yesterday from V.'i:'
hopyard, where he has bee: s
lug. The'-contribution cc ;
was net known by the' L r
father,' arid' he was deeply t
ed When hellearned f the 3
ment; as he Js.not bocr.'.if.
dqwed: with wealth. T!.r
contribution made at the ho- ;
the cemetery expeDses were
frayed " , ' ' '; . -' ..-
- -.1 "
t'.. -
1 i .
' Some day a Ef-niua will in v.
patent. roll, from which a I :
cannot skid anj ttt re vii; I. i
lions in it. :'r . t: ;
s-wur- n;r
" :- .'. t ....
7 ' J' ; :.
j ev a-NT aw
Mad tm Urwa i I .. -OiX
a . WWW. 'i ' J.'i-. -.; - -t i'-
.i. r . - . .
w j, '' f. f V va r. , .
. - " l r -r a r - .t-
. - . . .. 1 .. m ... , . 1
; i.i,,.''-"A'-GOOD cooatwhp only recently used Carnation, writes: : :?Tve '
r " ' X'nevef found ito
cal and convenient Pure Milk Service.
. 1 i' .
. t Forget your lormer ideas of canned, milk I Prove for yourav'f
that Carnation " is tHe onSy rnilk ybuneed" for dairy family use. -!
Rexx&Tzittl it isitynce as rich as whole milk because it contains '
' - twice the "proportion' of cream.' ' It is just" 1 00 per cent cows milk'
reduced to the consistency of cream. Nothing is added, not even
sugar. And nothing removed except a part of tne water which we
; evaporate ta reduce the hulk and give" you a doubly-rich milk ' in
-&hvAi jOur- sterilizing! (heating), 'process
f": . j keeps it pure and safe'-' ' "
. ' iTKe high cruality of Carnation is due to the . excellence of the fresh
- milk used .and. to 'the extreme)' care exercised in erery department of. tH . .
"'- xnoclera Carnation condenaeries.- . i - - ...
Use Carnation for every milk and cream purpose) - as whole milk, as
cream with coffee, cocoa! fruits and Cereals. Aak your ctocer to deliver a
supply today eind . convince yourself. wr; ?
- i -i -V
. a .i aC .V
2 t ' 1
J., Yr ' 'i ' : ,- j ..
Have You ltit4. j.ry Lf:--
' Laut week J concluded ry tf
of Jlome Cooking . Lec c j v
has' been iz?zxiz.z ws " V 1 .
taper?"1' -u .- ;.
tl tou failed to ret ml V n 1
and wish to" preserve thd t
will be glad to b--! a ce -of
these Home Coc';'.-j L-
you wiUiout cost. Any c I :
friends who are Interested 1 1 t
caa also 'receive a set t t c. . z
me a letter or post csri. ,
J an Btira if rem l-ra f ""
some of the sc":etl,j i- t '
sons you will Lave Ll I.
ueuoui wnicn- wia - prcva r
ttfyosv-la the attract! : t :
One IIue ire i Test" 1 I
which will bt tP't to i fir
there are a tauchi 1 rr r r i:
dlreettoaar for ' tiillr. i'au...
and tionrtshics c:rx , "
i Because Cf tls vtrv l-.r-i
Which milk rlar lit fftf'-rrr.
the need ef having a pvre r-; t
piy or a unirorm quaJity i4.i.
atallable, yon will f.J cr: :
ilEi,' recocuaended La tL: j :
aons..a most Talnatls a!i la
kltchea. ' -
- --P -. 2 : . -. -
The : unvarying ricinpsa. r--
lence, and purity of Camat'i :
make It dependatla Lr'et -:y i
and cream purpose la c...:. ;
lnt red lent apon which yoa c i
trays depend. It is 1C3 it
Inilk "fj-om contented cc3,M r ,
orated-to- abocf lll i i ci:
bulk but wita nol:.; cJ.Tc-i'f
notntnr removed ercrt izzt cf t
I Until the ci? n is c "A C
tion Mflk will Le e ? li ' t 't
because of 1U perfect t
win keep' for save: J :
ppenlcs.- Eecatisa cf tia r .
care used in every st-- cf I
Suction from the d .Iry ti t
it reaches von in a t :t 3 c f
which assarci yea tl3 L'. ...
Isf action ia its era.
If these lessons have fc-" " -
to USA this lilrin''T
nnderstandlcsly la yc r -
have mad a you f-r:'.r v.. ,
tJonal ways ta wL' ili v
variety to yota- ceilj, If";
that they lave teea t rtl. -
At ay tlrse rr4 f r
aboct ycrr cAl-? jr-"
which yea wi.i sjvl.-, I
to feel perfectly L te la v: .
Any help I tai lTj y ; .
- 1 sr - a
- - -. .
121.50. r , . ,: - '